The Kansas City Globe from Kansas City, Kansas on December 15, 1914 · Page 2
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The Kansas City Globe from Kansas City, Kansas · Page 2

Kansas City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 15, 1914
Page 2
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i'HE KANSAS CITY, GAZETTE GLOBE, THE KANSAS CITY Gazette Globe PUBLISHED DAILY & lEEKLY Corner Fifth Street and State Avenue KANSAS CITY, KANSAS, , BY . THE GAZETTE PUB. AND PTG. CO. Address AD Communications to Company. the Eastern Representatives GEO. B. DAVID CO., Inc. 171 Madison Ave. Telephone Madison Sq. 6322 NEW YORK CITY. The Official City Paper AN INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: CMail in Advance. Postage Prepaid. Daily, one year $3.00 Weekly, one year .25 Five Cents a Week By Carrier. Home, West 95. Bell, West 800 Entered as second-class matter at the poet office at Kansas City, Kansas, under tbe act of March 3, 1S79. r TUESDAY, DECEMBER 15, 1914. NO NEED FOR INVESTIGATION. President Wilson, is right in his estimate that this is no time for a noisy investigation of the nation's preparedness for war. There is now pending in congress a resolution, introduced by Representative Gardiner, calling for an inquiry, and at the recess session, he eupported it in a speech in which neutrality in the present war was not carefully respected. It will be up for consideration at the present session, and there is some danger in the discussion and still more in the inquiry, if it is ordered. But what will an investigation reveal that is not already known? Congressional inquiries are often unproductive cf desired results. They are apt to agitate and to leave the questions . considered precisely where they were at the beginning. Talk of war is the jvery thing that we do not want in this Jjountry at present, and the more quietly the things needed can be done, th better it will be. The administration has properly declared neutrality and is endeavoring to maintain it. It is. hoping, as a result of this, to assist in bringing about peace when the bei-ligereiats are weary of war. The country Itself is grateful for peace and is just on the verge of a great prosperity. Why should congress at such a critical tba, stir up a great hullabaloo about war which will net no greater knowledge of conditions than is now at hand for such as desire it? THIS WILL INTEREST STOMACH SUFFERERS. Says Indigestion Comes From An Excess of Hydrochloric Acid. A well-known authority states that stomach trouble and indigestion "s nearly always due to acidity acid stomach and not, as most folks believe, from a lack of digestive juices He states that an excess of hydrochloric acid in the stomach retards digestion and starts food fermentation, then our meals sour like garbage In a can, forming acrid fluids and gases which Inflate the stomach like r toy baloon. We then get that heavy, lumpy feeling in the chest, we eructate sour food, belch gas, or hav heartburn, flatulence, water-brash, or nausea. He tells us to lay aside all digestive aids and instead, get from any pharmacy four ounces of Jad Salts and take a tablespoonful in a glass of water before breakfast while it is effervescing, and furthermore, to continue thi3 for one week. While relier follows the first dose, it is important to neutralize the acidity, remove the gas-making mass, start the liver, stimulate the kidneys and thus promote a free flow of pure digestive juices. Jad Salts Is inexpensive and is made from the acid of grapes and lemon juice, combined with lithia and sodium phosphate. This harmless salts is used by thousand of people for stomach trouble with excellent re-cults. OLD-TIME COLD CURE I DRINK HOT TEA! I Get a small package of Hamburg Breast Tea, or as the German folks rail it. "Hamburger Brnst Thee," at any pharmacy. Take a tablespoonful of the tea, put a cup of boiling water upon it, pour through a sieve and drink a teacup full at any time during the day or before retiring. It is the most elective way to break a cold and cure grip, as it opens the pores of the skin, relieving congestion. Aim loosens the bowels, thus, breaking up a cold. Try it the next time you sutfer from a coIJ or the grip. It ia inexpensive ard entirely vegetable, therefore safe and harmless. ib mmm m W,ilG JOIS Huh Soresess from joints and muscles witli a small trial bottle of old St Jacobs Oil . Stop "dosing" Rheuiaatisni. It's pain only; not one case in fifty requires internal treatment Rub soothing, penetrating "St, Jacobs Oil right on the "tender spot," and by the time yon say Jack Robinson out comes the rheumatic pain. "St. Jacob's Oil" is a harmless rheumatism cure which never disappoints and doesn't burn fke skin. It takes nain. soreness and atitfnu from aching joints, muscles and bones; stops wiatica, lumbago, backache, neuralgia. , Limber up ! Get a 25 oent bottl of old-time, honest "St. Jacobs Oil" from any drug store, and in a moment youll be free frotn pains, acses and stiffness. ; Dou't ' suffer I Rub rheuma-. ti&n away. Personal Paragraphs A Collection of City News and Business Locals. " ": 'V Most of children love the old dolls. If dolly needs . repairing bring her to the hospital at 1408 Troup avenue, and have her broken parts renewed. The Parent-Teachers association will meet at 3 o'clock Friday at the Horace Mann school. The Garnett club will be entertained Wednesday by. Mrs. Harry De Wolf, 2814 Prospect avenue, Missouri side. Let us suggest a McDougall Kitchen Cabinet for mother or wife's Xmas gift. $1 down, $1 per week. Glanville Furniture Co. A new set of single harness was taken from the Pickwick stables Sunday night. Uhrlch Bros., who own the stables, have no idea who the thief may be. Repairs of all kind's for the doll at the Doll Hospital. 1408 Troup avenue. Detectives are at work on the house robbery of O. J. Brown, 708 North Tenth street Someone entered Brown's home Sunday and stole a quantity of jewelry and clothing. SENSIBLE GIFTS. Gifts of Furniture are appreciated and lasting gifts. Buy Now Pay Later. Glanville Furniture Co. The heating apparatus at the Kansas City, Kansas, high school, failed to work properly yesterday and several of the clases had to be dismissed. The woman with a littte ingenuity can fix the old doll up to be a delight to the small girl. Come out to the hospital, 1408 Troup, and get repairs. Some very pretty wigs at reasonable prices. Charles E. McDonald, a boiler maker for the Cudahy Packing Co., 44 years old, died yesterday at his home, 1236 Bunker avenue. He is survived by his wife and two children, Miss Nellie and Miss Ruth McDonald. The body will be taken to Garnett, Kas., forf burial. The children will enjoy a visit to Grossman's Toy Department. Frank Balcorotti, 68 years old, of Lexington. Mo., died .yesterday at St. Margaret's hospital. The body will be taken home for burial. Christmas Toys at one half prico at J. Palms. 20-19 North 13th street. A .small fire caused by a tallow candle which a plumber had placed on a sill under the floor while he thawed out a frozen water pipe, did about $5 damage to St. Thomas parochial school the Armourdale district yesterday nfteraoon. The children were notifien cf the fire but assured by their trackers that it was inconsequential. T)nid no attention. Furr make practical gifts. $5.95 to $no.'.o p",- ?rt Berk?on Rros.. 620 Minnesota Ave. R. J. DeLano, president of the Kansas City Alumni association, has named a committee to investigate conditions at Kansas University for the purpose cf harmonizing the feeling' existing between the students and the faculty and giving the alumni a voice in student and athletic events. The following will go to Lawr-nce socn: Dr. B. A. Poorman. W. H. H. Piatt, Fay Adams, George Bowles and Judge C?arence A. Burney. Cold weather has set in proper nov? and many horses can be seen standing in the streets shivering with cold, tho result of a careless driver having charge of the animal. O. K. Elder, Humane officer, issued orders yesterday that it would mean a police court fine to the driver unless the horse was blanketed and well shod. COMB SAGE TEA IN LIFELESS, GRAY HAIR Look Young T Common Garden Sage and Suiphur Darkens so Naturally Nobody Can Tell. Gran cmother kept her ha;r beautifully darkened, giessy and abundant wiiii a brew of Sage Tea and Sulphur. Whenevt r her hair fell out or took on that ri.Il, faded or streaked appear-urce. this" simple mixture was applied with wonderful effect! Ily asking at any drug store lor "Wveth's Sae and Sulphur Hair Remedy yoa' will get a large bottle of this o:a-time recipe, ready to use, for 50 cents. This simple mixture can be depended upon to restore natural color and 'beauty to the hair and is splendid for dandruff, dry, itchy scalp and falling hair. A well known downtown druggist says everybody uses Wyeth's Sage and Sclphur, 'because it darkens so naturally and evenly that nobody can tell it has been applied -it's so easy to use, : too. You simply dampen a sponge or soft brush and draw it through your hair,7 taking cne strand at a time. By morning the gray hair ditappearsj after another application or two, it i3 restored to its natural eoler end looks glossy, soft and abundant-. " ' " i blic Complied and Edited by Student ia Advanced Composition of the One Christmas Sermon Its Effect Many lessons of truth and purity are" learned fromgood books. If Use reader enjoys his story,-he lives in the story land; he breathes the same air and has the eauie experiences, in his way, as do th characters in the boot. Of all the books that I have read and of all the extracts from books, I think the description of David Rivers' Christmas sermon in "The Following of the Star," by Florence Barclay, is the most admirable. The setting of the. extract is in a village church in England. David Rivers, who had prepared his Christmas sermon, was doubtful whether it would please his congregation. The church was new to him and the people were strangers. In the village lived a stately young woman, Diana Rivers. Although a regular attendant, she seemed to go to church merely from force of habit. She neither stopped to analyze her deeds and thoughts, nor was she accustomed to take the sermon to heart. Sh nsarvriated with no one. As soon as the service was over she was gone.! 1x011 of the school yesterday. The On Christmas eve, just as David heatin- Plant was iing in regular Rivers began his sermon, Diana Riv- rder, but the fans could not get suffers took her seat in the congregation, , icient heat into the class room9 to near the front. As he preached of the ! make an headway against the cold gifts of God, frankincense and myrrh, iair wbich Orally poured into the the congregation was held spellbound. ' rooms thrOUSn tte sinSle windows. When the plate was passed for theev- Many ofthe classes were excused so ening offering, Diana Rivers gently that the PuPiIs miSht warm em-placed a piece of shining gold into it ?lves at the radiators in the halls, from her great store of wealth Not The coldest-rooms were 36, 35 B; a word was spoken during this time. U' S0: 5 and room 79' Room 79 was After the sermon, the people did not the coIdest. temperature of linger in the church, but hurried' each 42 deSrees above zero until about to his home. David Rivers returned to noon' Roam 79 3 the coldest be his study, a baffled man. He was dis- cause U on tb ird flr and con-heartened. He thought he had accom-1 sequeatly did not receive enough radi- plished nothing for his Master. ation- Tnere are to many radiators . , . . , , , . .... , 1 fed from the shaft which carries the But, unknowingly, he had ustilled . . . Ti . , . . , , , . i heat to room 79. It was not suffici- into me neart oi one me love oi yj-m. One soul, who had given the gold, de- a,-, , .. ., . . - cided to add the frankincense andj myrrh. As he sat at his desk count-! ing the offering and pondering over the strange events of the day, little did he think of winning the heart of the wonderful young woman for his Lord and his own life 'work. He knew the young woman only a one accustomed to taking her place in the congregation each evening. Not until Diana Rivers entered his study, introduced herself and told him of the consecration of herself and of her wealth to the Lord, did he know the power of his sermon. Thus ended his day of gloom and sadness; he had achieved one of life's greatest victories he had won a soul for Christ. L. V. F. RADIUM MADE TO ORDER. A Machine May" Produce the Priceless Cancer Cure. Just when all the large hospitals ot the world are striving to obtain as large an amount as possible of the immense valuable radium to treat cancer there has come the hope thnt an American machine may be developed to give out in large quantities rays j very similar to radium rays. This ma-' chine is a new X-ray apparatus which I many doctors and scientists say Is a great improvement over every prior j ! device for producing X-rays. j The principal trouble with X-rays has been that a tube giving them out ! might cne minute give out soft rays and the next minute hard rays. Th? new apparatus gives the operator con- trol over the kind and the amount of rays produced. This machine is able to give very hcrt wave lengths. The short waves are used in treating can-1 cers. i Charles E. S. Phillips, a noted Brit- . i;h scientist, has expressed the hope ' that it will be possible to speed the apparatus until it will give rays that i are as short as the medium rays. At present he is trying to construct an mm THE GREAT SHIP 1 1 VfciiSs' Ssr. fed -, . : It V -.iV ft.,- - - -a I.nsth 300 Met: bmuitb 98 feet. 6 inchec; 510 ataterooma and parlor aeooeuBOdatiiut 100 pm. crralcr ia cost 4arger ia ait proporUon ncner ut au appoimmeat utaa an aSfamrr oa inland valmof the world. In serrica June Ijlh. MagaiTtcent Steamer "SEXAND3EE," "City of Erie" and "Cty ot Buffalo' Daily CLEVELAND and BUFFALO May 1st to Delist lirTe CVrrland , . 8:00 P.M. LeaTe BnGalo . - -8:00 P.M. Arrive ilcEklo 6:30 A.M. Arrive CJcrelind ' -J0A.M. N (Central Stxodard Time) . Ctmnertiona at BoCalo for Niagara Falls and all Eaatera and rnrnnn PoiBta. Railroad tickets rt toiinat Uetweea Ctevelasd and Buffalo are good for tea asportation ea oar steamers. Ask jour ticket agent for tickets via C & B. Line. . Write ns for handsome illustrated booklet free. THE CLEVELAND & BUFFALO TRANSIT CO, CleTeUad. O. DO YOUR OWN (Onyx" g t h Gives the BEST VALUE for Your Money-Erery Klsl frofli Cctttra to SiSd For Men. TTooea and CLUrem ' Any Color anrl rylc Froin Look for tho Trade Mark! Lord & Wholesale School News School is' apparatus that may tensed fortMs purpose. : In spite of the failures charged against radium for ther- treatment of cancer, the demand for-it ' cotrtrnues. To meet this demand 'Vadium- emanation" is being used. " This is a gaa given off by radinm. Tbe gas is sent abroad through the mails to physicians In tiny glass tubes. As 30Jn as possible the tubes are returnei. so that - any remaining amount may be extracted and used to help fill other tubes. Spring water has been made to absorb radium. It is taken as a drink, like water. The Radium Institute cf London has produced about 1,000 gallons in the past 12 months. It Is be-irg tried for various diseases, but its use is even more experimental than that of ordinary radium. HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING COLD. Classes Dismissed Yesterday in Some Rooms.': Forty-two degrees above zero in a clas3 room! Nice and warm? You think not? Well, this was the condi- ently heated until afternoon when the W IJ.V, a li W LW1 J II I. A kill L. L 111. . , Ml' J-" tnai ne aia not receive oraers to lire up until Monday morning, when the furnaces should have been kept going during Sunday night. The heating service is controlled by the Johnson Air and Diaphragm and Hot Air Service, which has generally given satisfaction. The cold spell yesterday also caused many absences, there being 94 punils absent and 67 tardy. NEW SYSTEM IN GRADES, TOO. ihe Long Period Plan Is Being Used . wjn Upper Grades. In the past year the grade schools of Kansas City, Kansas, have adopted the combined study and recitation system that is used at the high school. Thi? plan has not been fully inaugurated as yet, but is being tried in the higher grades. In some schools the pupils change rooms for studies while in othersAhe teachers go to the different classes and teach. STOP CATARRH! OPEN NOSTRILS AND HEAD Says Cream Applied in Nostrils Relieves Head-Colds at Once. If your nostrils are clogged and your ihead is stuffed and you can't breathe i freely because of a' cold or catarrh, just get 'a small bottle of Ely's Cream Balm at any drug store. Apply a tie of this fragarant. antiseptic cream into your nostrils and let it penetrate through every air passage of your head, soothing and healing the inflamed, swollen mucous membrane and you pet instant relief. ,Ah! how good it feels. Your nos- trlls are open, your head is clear, no more hawking, snuffing, blowing; no more' headache, dryness or struggling for breath. Ely's Cream Balm is just what sufferers from head colds and catarrh need. It's a delight. DAILY BETWEEN lurrALU in "SEEANDBEE" SHOPPING 25c to $5.C3 per palxws , Sold try All Good Deafer. Taylor XEW TORE r r. m -v- . Hosiery Tbe Sad Passing of ' the Ancient "Comic" Most anybody can be funny at times. The new PUCK is mere than funny it is clever. It is the ,C sorgo Ber-n-rd, Shaw cf the peri-. cdical wcrld. TLire mystiU be a f r.v folks left v;ho e vent to a sidesplitting guffaw whsn two purple kids cut elf their orange father's blue whiskers and drape them on the chin of a pink rhinoceros to scare the false hair off a deaf old green grandmother. But in the minds of rr.cst intelligent readers the ir.fant safe-cracker who strolled all over a "comic" per 3 with a bucket of nitro glycerine hzs done his last "stunt". The neio FUCK is funny, with that admixture of cleverness which distinguishes the bon mot from the slapstick of the clown. PUCK'S stories are going the rounds of club and drawing-room because the best humorists in America are regular contributors to its pages. Its color pag" "urpass all others in this country for point and brilliancy. Sign here now. OVl'wi" K-.Ycrk Enclcssd find ona ioV-?,v (Cansdten $1.13, Foreign $1.26) for which send PUCK for three months to . Ont Year H AO Canadian ff jO Foreign SO CO CURBING RESOLUTION. Be It Resolved By the Board of Commissioners of the City cf Kansas City, Kansas. The petition required by law for such Improvement having been presented and ordered spread upon the journal, It is hereby declared necessary and ordered that Riverview avenue from Tenth street to Twelfth street in the City of Kansas City, Kansas, be curbed with artificial stone curbing so as to make a roadway in the center of said avenue, the width of twenty-four D j (24) feet, and that ?aid curbing done ! at te cost of the owners Gf the lit-jland 1Iable to special asesSments I therefor, and that sDecial assessments be levied for the cost thereof as provided y law. Adopted by the Board of Commissioners December 8, 1914. G. B. LITTLE, City Clerk. (First published December 9, 1914. 6-L) PAVING RESOLUTION. Be It Resolved By the Board of Commissioners of the City of Kansas City, Kansas The petition required by law for such improvement having been presented and ordered tpread upon tbe journal, it is hereby declared necessary and ordered that Riverview avenue from Tenth street to Twelfth street, in the City of Kansas City, Kas., be paved with No. 1 Vitrified Paving brick from Tenth street to Eleventh street and No. 1 Vertical Fiber Vitrified brick paving blocks from Eleventh street to Twelfth street for a width of twenty-four (24) feet on a four (4) inch concrete foundation, and that said pavement be constructed at the cost "of the owners of the land liable to special assessments for the cost thereof, and that special assessments be levied therefor as provided by law. Adopted by the Board of Commissioners December 8, 1914. G. B. LITTLE, City Clerk. (First published December 9, 1914. 6-t) PAVING RESOLUTION. Be It Resolved By the Board of Com. mlssioners of the City of Kansas City, Kansas. , The petition required by law for such improvement having been presented and ordered spread upon I the journal. It is hereby declared necessary and ordered that the east and west alley, in Block No. 3, Orrs Addition, from the west line of .the west N. and S. alley to the west line of the east N. and S, alley in said Block 3 in the City cf 'Kansas City, Kansas, be paved with Concrete Pavement for a width pfc, twenty (20) feet and that said pavement be constructed at ' the cost of the ' owners of the land, lia- a. A '?Aaf 1 afiafis a mn a vl JtflC.W cwt acoi09aUCUlS i.V1 jji t? COST. thereof, and. that special assessments he levied therefor as jrorided by law. Ttl AUDITORIUM He is Here "The St aoger" A Man Worth Knowing. s Mats. Sunday, Thursday, Salurday. NexW'The Prince Chap." ; CENTURY Sl,!e The HEART CHARMERS ,. With ZENOLA, The Girl With the Diamond Teeth ; . and . . ODIVIO," And Her. Twenty Swimming Girls. Next Week "The High Rollers." The day after Christmas the teacher met little James, who though only 6 years old is a boy of advanced ideas, and inquired: "Did you have a Santa Claus at you house, .dear?" "Yes," he replied. ' "You believe in Santa Claus, don't you. James?" "No," answerd the lad, "and I don't think sister does, but we did not want to disappoint mother." Kindly mention The Gazette Globe when trading with our advertisers. CLASSES IN BUSINESS EFFICIENCY For Clerks. Stenographers, Bookkeepers, Business Men etc. Monday, Wednesday ant F i Jay Evenings at 7 P. M. Also Penmanship and all Commercial Subjects Taught. Good Class. Get in Now. HUFF'S SCHOOL. SIXTH AND IMl KANSAS CITY. KANSAS For Expressman v. e. francis For Baggageman r.t. francis For Deliveryman FRANCIS BROS. EXPRESS EXPRESSMEN. BAGGAGEMEN. Successors to . THOMAS H. FRANCIS. HARRY THOMAS INTERSTATE PACKAGE DELIVERY. Packages to and from Kansas City, Wyandotte, Armourdale, Argentine, TELEPHONE HOME 252 WEST. 820 NEBRASKA AVE. KANSAS CITY, KAS. Kansas City. Armourdale. Wyandotte. Argentine. Adopted by the Board of Commis-Eioneds Dec. 10, 1914. G. B. LITTLE, City Clerk. (First published December 11, 1914. 6t.) Hay, Gain, Mill Feed & Coal RETAILED AT WHOLESALE PRICES. L. C. Worth Commission Co 3rd. &0sajeAve. We have purchased the business of John Comfort, at 31-33 Kansas Ave., which we will conduct in conjunction with our present business. PHONES. Home M. 1671 Bell, W. 958 Home, M. 3600 SUPERIOR CLEANING & DYEING CO., NEW LOCATION. 911 NORTH SIXTH STREET. MAKES CHEAP UGHT AN 80 CANDLE POWER GAS LIGHT COSTS LESS THAN ONE-FOURTH CENT PER HOUR. ! WYAHDOTTE COUNTY GAS CO. THE KANSAS CITY WESTERN -RAILWAY COMPANY KANSAS CITY LEAVENWORTH Car every hour. Get Round Trip Tickets at Ticket Offices, Fourth and State or Chelsea Park. KANSAS C.TY-WESTERN RY. CO J. W. RICHARDSON, Gen, SupL SUPERIOR CLEANING & DYEING CO., , NEW LOCATION. 911 NORTH SIXTH STREET. PROFESSIONAL CARDS dward C. Little ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR Bell 66 W. H. 500 V. PEOPLES NATL BANK BUILDING Rooms 1, 2, 3, F.Railsback LAWYER. Rooms 1, 2 and 3. PEOPLES NATL BANK BUILDING. Bell phone West 66. 1 Home phone West 500. I KANSAS CITY, KANSAS. LET OUR AUTO CALL FOR YOUR CLEANING. ... ' ' SUPERIOR CLEANING & DYEING CO, NEW LOCATION, 911 NORTH SIXTH STREET. Gazette Globe, 5 cents a weet CENT GAS Marcus Loews Mt'nee - .Tod., ...2P ,VL To wh 7 . M. ,nd 9. P. M KITTY FRAI7CIS ra-d CO P Y 6 OTHER BIG ACTS 6 Malt. rOaaJISc. te. ftj- f 5-25 e ' " UViiir "ttf AVflMI AT FRANK L. TALBOT& HIPPODROME aw w vii wvi ics- iivn vi uiv wvasvi- "A liiG'rfl liT BtHEia" The Greatest. Singing Tabloid In Vau devillel THE EIGHT 2ANZI BARS, THE MUSICAL LUNDS, YEOMAN, PECK AND BUTLER. BRENNAN AND CARR, THE BRENNANS, THE METROPOLE FOUR", RICHARD REEVES. . SKATING RAINBOW RINK Every Afternoon and Night. Monday and Friday Nights Skates and Admission rREE to Ladies. 1 DELIVERY MEN. WANT COLUMN Ads inserted ia this column or ONE CENT A V( ORO for the first insertion with a minimum of 25 cents, and one-half cent per word for each subsequent insertion with a minimum ot 15 cents. Initial words and letters count as one word. belt, Buy, Kent or Exchange FOR SALE, BARGAIN. CORNER property, heart of city, el egant location for business house and lodge hall. Call Gazette Globe for particulars. SUPERIOR CLEANERS & DYERS, 911 NORTH SIXTH STREET. BOTH PHONES WEST 998. FEMALE HELP. WANTED Agents, men or women, to distribute sample advertising goods in the homes, cities and country territory; no selling or canvassing; $15 weekly; experience not required; send 30 cents for $2 outfit and samples with instructions for starting work at once. Louis Miles, 173 North Limestone, Lexixngton, Kentucky. MALE HELP. WANTED MEN TO LEARN THE BARBER TRADE. The World needs more barbers than any other tradesmen. Unlimited term' Tools included. Board if desired. Wages while learning. Distant applicants write, MOLER BARBER COLLEGE, Kansas City, Mo. WOMEN to sew at home, all mater ial furnished and, delivered prepaid to your door. We want reliable work ers; to such-wo offer good money; stead work; no canvassing; send stamped envelope for prices we pay. Universal Co., Desfc C. Walnut St, Philadelphia, Pa, MONEY TO LOAN. SHARP &. SHARP, have plenty of money to loan on good real estate se curity. Peoples National Bank Bldg., Seventh and Minnesota avenue, Kansas City, Kas. ROOM AND BOARD. 630 NEBRASKA AVE. A very de-sirable room with excellent meals, fur. nace heat; suitable for couple; close to car line. Bell West 3537. BIODGETTS FOB SALE 13 RENTAL UST 4 Rooms " 1730 Greeley ............ . . . . . . .$8 1605 No. 13th .. ............... $10 5 Rooms 319 Thorp, modern $17.50 2053-No. 7th,. modern ......$20.00 6 Rooms : 13th and Garfield, modern v.. .$27.50 1336 Waverly, modern ........$25 Will build you a home on terms to suiL ' ' ' - - - ' ' s . WM. BLODGETr, Real Estate Rentals .Insurance Both Phones. .. . - Ctitttj-Ci;- s

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