The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 22, 1908 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 22, 1908
Page 4
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THE BAKERgFIELD CALIPORNlAN TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 1908. For Infants and Children. CASTOR! The Kind You Have Always Bough? AVcgcfaWcPrcparationforAs- slmilntint? IhcTood nnilHc^ul ling the bloiiiiiLhs anil Bowels of Promotes TKgestioTvCheerfu]- ncss and Rcst.Contains neiUier Opium."Morphine nor Mineral. NOT NARCOTIC. A perfect Remedy for Cons lipa- lion, Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea Worms ,Convulsions,Fcvcrish- ncss and LOSS OF SLEEP. Thirty Years GASTORIA ADELINE GETS {WOODMEN 10 WELL NO, 6 S1RIVE FOR 1,000 : t IK- Aili'iiti c, •- been bronchi •v,i 114:, feet, in th. :•.' eii: last A BIG SUM FOR OIL MEN BLUE RIBBON LIVE STOCK SALE, TULARE, CAL. "Wednesday •'. • '.int: - Horse?. | Thursday evt. niim — .Jersey cattle, i Friday ev(-niiiu--Mol-te| n cattle. Sa;ur<!a;, ei> ;.;:,. - II- n-l'ord > attic. •10 DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. Oil ~. San 1 COFFEE Good grocers like Schilling's Best; for it makes good-will and not trouble ; in case of complaint, the money is ready. Your rreccr returns your money II 7*1 doo't ttctti »• D»T him. ' f T""Vv',', f Assessment (No: 7i levied \m the IMh ,|j(v of Atiiriist. UK'S the several amounts set opposite the names ot the respective shareholders. !'s fol- I'lwS.' \*() V,, A&,,.,.VV Ir'^ri^, Atkinson. .1. \V. ... m -,-'n '.rf:- Al n""\" V- W '••:'. ! ""' "-"P i.('H. A. A. *ift ",K(I -> r.o Bem-ie. (;,,„. i. .. :::I'H inn ";r,n <eclev Mrs Sarah ... 75 Id or, HVIIII. Mrs. Kate Kn Hou r'^\ Final payment from the As- <• snciated for the July delivery •:• of oil on the Independent con- * tract is expected today. The * amount all told is $190,000, * which is exclusive of the sales •:• of the Coalinga agency. The •:• northern Independents recelv- •'.• e ( | $80,000 for their July pro- * dtictlon, making $270,000 tie * net earnings of the combined •:• agencies for the month of July. * It Is expected that within a * few months the Associated will * be paying the Independent con- * tracts on the contract date In- •'.• stead of many weeks later as •:• is (lie present custom. The v sale of the new stock Issue 'twill enrich the 'company $2,- •:• 7r,n.iMMi, which will pay off the * •I- floating indebtedness amount- •:• v ing to $2,100.0(10 or more and v •I- it is predicted by well inform- v '•' e ( | oil ,, U ,H that within six v y months Associated stock will * v 1'" Commanding dividends. •:• Too Late*For Classification KOi;NI>--An iron gray horse wearini- nosebag and had rope around nei k wheu lasl seen. Owner may have the animal by enquiring for C. K Smith, Exchange Stables. 47 ' YY.ied'iif II of .vhicll «a> ad- ,,.er (li,r.... and :i. plans -A i re •: inembi i .-iii|! . arly part of '.v:ll Ve inailg- ;or its purpose odgi> member. Head Consul i "i' r.nal. '.vil! ' ' ' '.(to o[ien t!i' '•;•!, - .,VLli \ -I.. ' ' '' s "' '"' "' :-oim "kind will • : !lt which the. \Voodiei n will a-' pl;t i 1 -' friends to be in attendance,' in,,; :. an address Mr. Boak will explain '!:'• principals of Woodcraft and !!.• • :nii]ialgn will be i -.}. The team- '•' -"' iv(J IVn ' tlll ' ( ' t> j <ir innr w<-i ks ai.ii when the desired I result i.- accomi "-'••"' a monster log j n.:!;:,i! \viil s«--.'\, ;e initiate the new metiibers and n•• !'•"'" the occasion. The Woodmen an v.-ry hopeful for an excellent roiit'^t with the desired results. The meeting last night, was well attended and much enthusiasm . was aroused. Women Meet Tonight. The Women of Woodcraft will enjoy a novel meeting tonight, the chief feature of which will be a banquet served by the "went aways" to the "stay a' homes." | Eagles Tomorrow Night. ! The Eagles will have a regular j meeting tomorrow nipht. The, first j dance of th new ?,-iison will take i ' plac, Thursday, i i Elks Next Tuesday. ; ' The fir.-t rr-i-'ular meetin!; i.i the ! Elks '.' f the ni w season will take ; plai e ii'-xt T-ies.iay uitlit. There will; lie Ir.itiiition and -' m rai business. ( Fast Horses for Coming Fair : ( : Jur. Jurm-nsfm. GustaT M.'.''l02 KK'i -Vjacjiiniler. \\ . A ~2 100 -N acbinder. Mrs. \V. A. 1~, o] Machinder. Mrs. A. i ... 7^ r,o . . Osborne. Dr. DnnH'1 K. . . 7H \\.ilker. David H ...... U FlOll mo . ...... .... An. I In accordance with law and an ''r "M h i' ' " anl - ot "iroctors mil. li- mi trie ISth dav ot August 1'iiix so !ii:inv shares ot each unreel of such >iock as rnav he necessnrv will be sold '.t mi! he iiiict|(,in in the oflico () f the * omtr.niv. .N.i i, (2 l.iiuuna street. San I • i-ancisfii. ( iillfni-nia. «m Saliinlnv, the COOLEST PLACE IN TOWN. Is the Pairn: rorr:n a.'jc oil under. tmr palms and drink a coolitg, re- ' freshing soda water and eat an Ice | ..• cream or ice. We so'.icu wholesale i ' Hi trade, both in creams and candles. | f '" I: nr Onr phone number is Main 1S3. 1426 ih di\ ot (ict(iln-.|-. I:MIS. at the dour >! K':.'jo o clock p. in., of said ,| ilv Io •M- sin-.l asxessinetit there ti :•)-.•. -tin. r wM.h costs of advertising . . xpenses ot the sale CAUL \V. .Mn.Ur U , .-. .. .\r. iiJ.L' Lami 'i. ( .-ililoniia. a street. iiv. , Saul Phone Main 257 BON BON Tour nriier v i r la. Fruit Ices .1 r <';mdy. SPECIAL FREE DELIVERY . d. tn. to f! [j. rn. T, C, COPPIN, Proo. ['•-.vile ,\: Hun MO\V have an invalid I •OIK h for iitnliulance work. tf i * .-, POLITICAL CARDS. FOR SUPERVISOR'. •••'«•>] aiiMnirice my candidacy ••e>eiit>n to the office of Supert' the F'-st Supervisorial nis- ^•:i,ii> t tn tt-p decision of the !: an nof-iTtntini; cnn"ent|nn. FOR RENT—Two newly furnished rooms for gentlemen. Call at M'7 -\1 strei.-t, Kern. 50 WANTED—Delivery man for Kern Hiver oil fields. Must be thoroughly familiar with this section; grocery experience preferred. Excellent position for right parly. Apply to Mr. Levy, store dept. Ki'dlick's. tf FOR SALK or will len, ;,: "n.^ona'hji terms, ranch of JH a'-i,, s . ji;, m|' ( .--t out on rnion ave. Kn<|ii'ire of ,j o liii Tyrer. _-,| \\"A.VTBD- Experienced salesladjTTor millinery department. Splendid position open for right party. Applv to Mrs. liarjion, Kedlick's Millinery Parlors. |f FOR SAI.K—Haner honey vinegar. guaranteed pure tin.let- pure food act. Don't bite on the wot,! pure on an article of food when not LMDII- anteed. there Is ilai.le to be a hook ' In it. I'hoije .Miiin 7ns. Kern Main Sl "- 50 FIRST GUILD MEETING. The ladies of St. Paul's Guild will meet in Guild hall tomorrow afternoon •it :; o'clock This being the first UK eting of ihe season a f-,:ll ;";,..']<!. iince is ilis'i-e! as they wish to ar- failL-e for the husifiess cf t> :( . ' N. VKTEKSEX. Oil Field Auto Buss WILL START SEPTEMBER 15th Leaves The Following Points Daily: HOCHHEIMER & CO Illinois Crude Oil Cc. Oil Center HOCHHEIMER 4 CO. Illinois Crude Oii Cc. Oil Center . 620a.m. H.~ CHHEIMER & CO. . . . 5:30p.m. 7 "S-s.-n. Illinois Crude Oil Co. ... 6:50p.m. ~ 2Cfi.i".. , I Center 7:00p,m. '10:— . t- THHEIMER &. CO. 11:00p.m. r ?:-3.-". ' ienter 12:10mdt v.OC-.-vi, Children. 6 to 12, HALF RATE C1.CC Found Tr -j — 75-. One Way. . ilop'-uns has •,( | ;ij . t |,,-'-!'ei'te I ).;. .,j r . ! jslri!,, ' J j Hllii;LMlii^—He ' IS. There ::|.. i -ily I t\Mi Ihillgs le|| |(i C()l))]llele. I " .-".:MS. \\'lrti are they" Snlt!i;iims--Ho|i|{|iis .s; )V ,s it'll be ~ !V;it i' lie can only make it stay up j and uii abe;i,|, -New York <;;ol>e. ' PMNT YOUR HOUSE • House painting Is my special• ty. I use nothing cut'tne bent i- mHteHHli,. iruarantee my work • nnd o.liaruu reasonnblf price* i D M6RED'' r >-' /-„„«,,„». » 21IV 0 bt. Pnrne Main 172. Get our new Irrigation folder Santa Fe The Only Line to I Get our new | irrigation foldei jj SIXTEENTH ANNUAL SESSION NATIONAL Irrigation Congress ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO September 29 to October 3, 1908 ""™- $34.10 Tii-.kets on sale September 23 to 27, incl. .Limit Oct. :',!, 100S Many side trips planned to inspect irriudtioti projects of sur- roiiiidintr country. Mnke you I'ullman respr,;;;',..i,* er,i ; y. N. J. HUDSON, Agent. Phone Main 40. Capital Paid Up, $100,000 Surplus, $25,000 A checKini,,' nccount with the First National H an j { h(u , so many advantages that yon will find it a ^reat aid' in your financial affairs. If yon have not ala>H.I» such an account with us VM whall be pleased to have vo-) opt n one and test it fo«- ' yourself. ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN BAKERSFIELD OR KERN tt'Tii || Tin- !as'e>t pacers on the Pacific Coast, baniim only Sir .lohn S and Moii,i \Vilkes. will prubalily Ije represented in l',;ikersfi(..|(| during ciiunty week. A tree.tor-all pice has i!"cide'i upon as tile feature hiii 1 e\ eir of the week, and William w|i.-n lie goes to Tulare tjmor- :ow. will endeavor to round up as c!a--y i! fieid of the *ide-wht.-<->rs as has been seen together at any ti:ne in any of the valley circuits, it is expected that .lonesa Basler, the present holder of the local track recoi 1. will be one of tl>' contestants, .lonesa (s now working at Tulare. bin will re. turn to Hakersfiel'.l. Other entrants will include Queen Derby, the wonderful pacing marc: Roy Athhy. a son ot Athoy. and many either ;:or'h- ern .-|i»(d burners. Several ot'ier i;u(> 1 pjirnes 1 - 1 vaci.-s are planned. A He< for all Kern | county trot is expect.-Mi m briim out Kiipstein's .Maud. Wood's Leader, and ' Male's Anita, all togetlKr lol 1 the first time. The runners will also lx j muUi , more in evidence, and HtHlnut paik ; will probably harbor more thoroiurli- breds during the wee.; of October I.'I than at any other time in it- history. I One afternoon of th;. 1 fair \vill t n .1- . ably bo set ;'side ..o'e'v lor air'iirl.t . motorc.\-i-!e. :,;i'i liicx .-le i ice-;. Yhi.. ;-• given lately 'iave ; -'-nvc 1 f\f edinvi • iiopular. and ':', is i:el' \.-! IN:' ,.:?".• ;\ , Oi' !;'e )l!'-e' • '11 !.e Seelll'i- 1. The bill" .-!bt:oa sale o! liorsi-^ cc- curs at Tulave tmii'in'o-v -li^.'it. aii.l | several local men will :-.t'-n I ;ni.-. to) purchase bluo '"d sio"k, also M ei.-ia ' the fair and uces in ',v -lav. i ATTORNEY SAYS SCHOOL MEN ARE RIGHT. Attorney Fred K. Horton, employed as special couns(d by the County Uonivl <>f Education in the case against Miss (.'aughlin, the late Soledad school teacher, has advised the board that it has the right to try the cause to determine whether the lady's certificate shall be revoked. In consequence of thlK opinion Mr. I'ortcr. will ;.\pear in the Ijos Angeles Superior Court on the 25th inst. and attempt to have the injunction heretofore Issued dissolved. HORSE FALLS AND BRAKS CATTLEMAN'S LEG Phillip Kelly, ;> c ittleman >"> : i:n;j in the Cuyama country, was hroutrht in from McKiltrick last evenitm to the S'. Cl'iO' hosidta! for treatmen for a broken leg. His horse fell will him. . ravHiniri Ills left les; lielow the knee. He was talien to McKitrick ytjstenlay where Or Cook re luco'l the Craeiure and later in the day removed to town. Dr. Kellogg is in attendance. Boys' Suits $3.50 to $5.00 We've justly gained the reputation of | the best Boys' Store in Bakersfield—our boys' suits always stand the hard usage given them and never fail to give satisfaction. The growing boy naturally wants to romp and play rather roughly and, of course, his clothes have to be of a superior quality to stand the strain. We carry the famous Jane Hopkins' suits; the clothes that have been tried and proven true blue. One suit of these clothes will prove equal to all conditions and give you your money's worth in service. If that son of yours is needing clothes, we stand ready to outfit him with the best. Prices range from $2.50 to $5. Mothers' Friend waists, 50c. Boys' Caps, 25 c to $1. HAWKING MACHINES. Catarrh Sufferers Are Nothing BiT Hawking, Spitting and Blowing Machines, Says an Authority. EYES made to order. Patients desirlnn artificial eyes nia^e ftr them duplicating 'arm and color; please consult me before October 1st. DR. FOWLER, Room 6 Hopkins Building Is it possible that In these daya when cleanliness a"d sanitary reform is being preached in- the churches, .-'•linn!.- and (it public gatherings, that thousands of people will continue, to suffer from catarrh, when there Is an absolutely certain remedy always on hand. Hyornei (pronounced Hlgh-o-me) IB a pleasant, medicated and antiseptic air. Breathe it in and it will cure catarrh. It, will stop foul breath, watery eyes and crusts In the nose In a few days, "1 suffered from catarrh for two years; tried numeroUB remedies which failed; used one and one-half bottles of Hyome! and am entirely cured."— t'. N. hindsy, 407 East First Ave.. Mitchell, S. 'D. A complete Hymomel outfit, consisting of a strong, hard rubber pocket inhaler and a bottle of Hyornei, costs only $1, and extra bottles, if afler- wards needed, cost only fin cents each. Haer liros. sell it and guarantee i: to cio exactly as advertised. Hyomei also cures Asthma. Rron chills. Coughs, Colds and infants' C: Croup. * Your Daily bread should white, wholesome mul M u t r i ( i d u s. 'Hint's what it will In- if it's Hindi- from KERN RIVER MILLS FLOUR iliforniaii ads bring quick returns. PAYNE & SON Funeral Directors Embalrners Have removed to 1711 Nino- fepnth street, noxt to Pro- d\icors Bank. Phone Answered Day or Night MORLEY'S THEATRE Masonic Temple, 2007 Chester Avenue Admission lOc No Higher Continuous Performance 7:30 to 10:30 P. M. BOX OFFICE OPEN 7:15 to 9:15 STRICTLY HIGH CLASS MOVING PICTURES AND ILLUSTRATED SONGS; FUN AND AMUSEMENT FOR EVERYBODY. "A Corredy in Black R-ici White" "A Dozen Fresh Erjgs" Special Feature— "A GAMBLER'S FATE" "Headdress in Brittany." "Two Models" "Lady Killer Foiled" "Army Dogs" SONGS—"Would You Miss Me" by Request "Sweet Buch of Daisies" Entire cliiitmc of I'l-oprani Monday and Thursday nights, A surprise for our patrons every week. Matiot'e .Saturday and Sundav.

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