The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 21, 1908 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, September 21, 1908
Page 8
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WE'LL SEND IT you be unalile to out send to us. \otir s will receive the. same prompt and careful attention. »s though you called at 'j**v store. No delay when yew telephone. Such orders we made up ami delivered •first—then; . \ no delay in telephone orders. HOME OF THE KODAK Baer' Leading Druggists. POLICE (Ml T/.-' ;.:;.ilar Putin•'.i and Sunday . ..i.iil-np <.. lie. pel.-'- department | .appeared before .luiU' Thomas this; morning ami it war- a very small i ..,u ,:,,,i i nnslderinu the fact that I .Satunlay was <.-lrrns .lay. j Tom Kelley's fair was very fa-i ' ailiiar to ilic jiiil^c .who only u few slays a no ({Mowed ill' 1 man to leave town and suspended a thirty days sen- |.enc.' a.^ loan as he remained away' li'om Itakcrslicld. \ "You remember my promise to . you?" inquired the jndijc. BETTE RGET A MOVE ON iff van want to know what kind of .:i',.rntMw A. H. IIKRRINUTON AV!\. Try our sprint? wairon har- we Imv them from .-jiiM up. k about horse collars, trv our face, 17 inch draft work 'Mdlar, the best to be had; we .guarantee a lit. Think uf it and us at-al I. ». B EPERRINOTON 1517 19th St. Reopened September 10, 1908 56MEN WEST I OTEL PIONEER HOTEL OF S. F. Coi. Powell and Kills Sts. San I'Vanclsco, ('ill FRED P. PLAGEMANN, 1'ropriefo'- N>\v It.iil linn. Kvory Modern t'oiu'cuienee. 1">n Room*. Oimosiic H;iilro,nl and .Steam- .shlp Ortlees. In (lie Heart of tile City. R.>i|ieeially convenient for men. es. I have been tliiukltig of It, I-. bu 1 this affair enuldn't be help- an.-we; oil the prisoner, juggling his hat "' i voiisiy. "Well, we never KO bac]< on a prom- is-',' ami Kcliey was lead off to jail to do thirty dfcys. -• •*• . JJN^' Tom I'ostei, a young Mexican lad' i laming ID be a blacksmith helper, was arrested In the tenderloin by Of- iicer lilenn tor vagrancy and under suspicion of being implicated In a number of small jobberies and bur- paries, Dili- o! whieh was the entrance ol a room in the Southern hotel while he was employed by the contractor on the building. Foster was Riven a suspended sentence of 90 ! days and ordered to be out of town by I (i o'clock this evening. j 1.. (!. Simpson, a young negro lad I who did not heed the warning of | Marshal McKamy to leave town and i was found several days later In the I Japanese pool hall, was the third one i to face the bar. I "I just came from San Francisco, i .ledge." I "Well, don't you think you'd better Igo back?" | "Yes. if yon say so." I "San Francisco or 9D days." i The colored boy thought San Fran- clsfo more to his liking and made a j hasty departure. j John Williams Hehring, mentally i j unbalanced and laboring under the de- j liision that he is a prze tighter, was \ fiiven a chance to go home to his ! folks In Los Angeles. Hearing, al- j though lie says he weight- but 102 j pounds, claims the credit of knocking j out a 1S'>-pound and 17n-pound oppo- I f nent In the same ring and says he | lias all kinds of hacking that he can | repeat the feat. He tried to tell the | judge that he was receiving two dol- I lars a 'lay to act as a pnrirhing bag j for a local pugilist, bu' the judge i could not satisfy himself that this was! a good means of orrupntion and the j unfortunate man was not allowed to! remain here- longer. l Rd Johnson, a husky negro who ! was arrested Saturday night by Of- ; i (leer Itovi-n for creating a dlturbance, : land upon heing searched was found to ! I be carrying a A- revolver and seven| teen shells, this afternoon plead guilty to the eharge of carrying concealed weapons and was fined $10, which he paid. Officers Rrlggs and Bowen lafit niglit raided the Dnnlap corral on K street and arresdptl three hoboes who wore found sleeping there. I - - -- •»»•»- - - j Miss Kthel Cross returned this! morning'from Indio after spemlinu the; past month visiting her .sister. Mrs. j Hill. ! JUST ARRIVED!!! They go to the Table Today: New Blue Serge Suits In present!nir this particular line to you it is our desire to acquaint you with the extraordinary nooii point.s <>F value and the exceedingly Imv figure ((noted below, on hiu'h class tailor- iutr. \Ve waul you? hiisincss and we know thai :' careful inspection of this line arid many others we offer will slimv y>,-i .iliiinly it is only the "Kedlick Way" we sell you today, knov.-- inir you'll he hack ac'iiin.. Those Hlne Serye Suits came late, shortauc •> makers, not our loss: al all events they instruct, the suits. "Do not; return them al this late urine." \Ve kept them all and imw make tin price to you ... Those ordinarily $lM.<>(( Mil's are all that can he aecumpliyh. oil iu clothes nuikiu<r, advanced in style, classy in tailoring, the rich dark hlue shade, all combine in inaUiui: (hem just riirht: and the price, well that's your siiviuir. Not" the make of 'em. the se! of 'em. mid the tit of 'em—if you are wise, and we think you aiv — your next suit will lie a suit of hlue front Hecllick's. cloth by !hc I us to Uiv. ale; make the $15 Men's Trousers Today, Monday and Tuesday we sell these "Wernermade" troti-ers at the figure below. Th»>re are Fine \Y"iMeds. Fancy Cassimeres and many other v.ilendid cloths space does not allmv us to enumerate. What we wish to impress upon you is rhc fact that every pair is right, money baek if they're not. These &5.00 Trousers command our satisfaction as honest y;<'ods and with lhi> we present them to you. &4 Of Specially Price,!, pair . «» «PJL»OU Men's Hat Special The men's $'2.50 ITais enter into stronvr competition with the clothinj,' department for your business today, and it is well worth your consideration to see the reason why. The Hat Man says to the adman. ''I'll do the business on these stroutr values," and without a single question he will do what he says. Kvery $'J..')i) Man's Hat in the new shapes, including the more staple styles . . . -C'l Ofl WANTED Delivery Man For Kern River Oil Fields Must be thoroughly familiar with this section-grocery experience Preferred--Excellent position. Apply to Mr Levy, Sup't The same attention whether you buy or not The men appreciate The "Redlick Way" E-RU-SA: The Only Lawful PILE CURE • Because it does not contain narcotics, mercury, cocaine, lead or tny ['oisnnoii'-: and injurious drujjs. Because K-HU-SA CURES PlLJ'iH. I'. S. Dispensatory recommends every ingredient, of K-Kf'-S'A. Ih-tiu- laws make "false or mis-lending statements" a tntai-. All old or narcotic pile medicines affect the brain and spin- i! marrow, produce constipation, never cure and arc therefore il- varul K-UU-SA is mil tor sale at opium joints. ', Berkeley, ('al., July H. 1HOS. Dr. L. <l,i'iffin, Dear Doctor: We certainly can NOT couscien- / pm'.nnimend or leirally sell cocaine, <M'<rol, lead, mercurial or rvju'colVc I'll*' inciiicines except upon prescriptions. Yours truly, WuHcr & DcMcrritt, 1'nivei-Kity 1'harmacv. U. L. Reed. R. .1. Taylor ih'iwiHutes in Pharmacy. 'My (lnif?ffists of highest stundiug sell and endorse E-Rl'-SA. CITYBRIEFS Attractive Offerings i -IN Fall Clothing For Men and Young Men SUITS, OVERCOATS HATS AND FURNISHINGS are shoxvn liere in such variety that you will liud it decidedly to yiiur interest to come and sec the •tr-phiy. Do that as eafly as you e.lll, alrl he Sllfe to In.ik ;|| till) ••i'lc'id: i values and !ia 'id-ome "COLLEGIAN" SUITS 'l'!i'\' are America's !.';!_dic-,t ';i-!. le :>;> l,> if'lJO; down * > Aid N\i'!t an ex'i'eptioiial si :•••:•.'• assort . in. nt al *!.". Big Enrollment—The enrollment in the public, schools of the city today IB 711, which is an increase of 50 over the same week last year. Mrs T. A. Metcalf HI—Mrs. T. A. Metcalt is very IU at her home on Dracena street. Miss Metcalf Is tern- I porarlly out of her school room, and I her place is being supplied by Mrs. H. L. Packard. i Returned From Tahoe—City Super- ' intendent Nelson and County Super- j Intendent Stockton'returned Saturday) night from Taboo,, where they attend- j ed the convention of school men. i A snow storm visited, that section | j while the convention was in progress j and added to the attractions of tnoun-' 1 tains and lake. j Chinaman is Buried—Ong Dong, the Chinese resident who died last week. • Notes and Personals Miss Dora Neil and Alex Selltz are! among the arrivals at the Arlington, i C. A. Newman, teacher of violin, j Phone Main 501. Producers Bank j building. tf ] Mrs. Maven Stafford, proprietor of- the Kernvllle Hotel, is in town for a I few days. | Dr. Kcss Fehiensen, licensed optician; office Morrow-Kimball drug ator* Eyes exarnlntd free. U Miss Katie Brady and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Flight from South Fork arei visiting friends in town. i N. .1. Williams and tamily of Walk-, ers Uasln are stopping at liie South-j eru. j Mr. \Vm. J. Brjan may be heard to speak on the Issues of the day at Niederaur's Furniture Store, 140S 19th street. Come in umi Hour mm O. S. HlcUoy leaves this evening for the north. i- ,, ,, i . i , r , i tl 'IP 'o ''"' monnialns, where thei- vis- Is, street joss house and high In the; iu , (1 ,. 0 ]., t(V( , s ' sacred councils of the tongs, which, Ml . .;„,, j, rt , F NV \\vb.,ter have tact mad,. his tuueru! an elaborate ' ,,,, uvnoil froln ., ,,.,,, )n s ,, n ,,,. jone altliougli he was m.i a man of Mrs . P . ,.. „,„„.', ,, r ,.,,„.,„„ u ,„ I much wealth, ihe iinamt .-.•remoulos |Viki>ixlield today ' wliU'h w.-iv with In 'pr.'l.onjj ( liomoepath i Phvslcian trout ot the joss hon#- abo'i: noon : .,,,i .5,11^0011, electrical mil X Has PAY UST TO LEON BAKER The remains of Leon A. Baker j were laid away Saturday afternoon. The funeral was held from the undertaking parlors of Dlxon &. Sons and was attended by many friends of the family and the Eagles. There were numerous floral offerings. Rev. Edgar R. Fuller conducted the services and the choir of' the Congregational Church rendered the music. The pall bearers were close friends of the deceased and were George Bnmdage, Wright Jewett, Phil and Tom Klipstein, Earl Russell and Vic Bowers. Among the relatives present were Mrs. A. R. Walters and Mrs. Baker, who arrived from the south with the body yesterday morning. + .» C. E, Anderson and family have moved from this city to the West Shore lease In the oil fields. W. 0. W. State Organizer P. T. Gilroy amJ Head Manager Thos. Robinson, will be with us next Monday ulgbi, Sept. 21st. All niemuers requested to be present. 3t T. P. BURKE.-Clerk. Richardson Mineral Springs Unexcelled for Rheumatism, Stomach acd Kidney Trouble. Ask your friends about them or write for book let to J. H. Richardson, Chico, Cal. E. H. LOVELAND - «fr Wholesale Produce Merchant •> Hay, Grain, Potatoes, Beaaa, •{• Eggs, and all farm products. * , were viewed by 1 while M'i Dies in sun ill Alii- : •'Wd of i:-aetn,eiit. 1'lione Main ill; iiniiUins bu'.MIn-'. tf !'"' I'harl.'s IX Fowler, Mountain VI'-w's mayor. Is in town today. Mr. and Mrs. A. \Veill and Miss Irma Well; have returned from San A,i, .,in)iii 7.. Francisco, t.-i.'itu with a i Miss lilanche Welll is vlsltltis • i: " ' ' : "' 'friends in San Diego. \j _ r* -. ' llivuiia tii OUU 1-^IUft.J. Young Couple Marry-r,, or« H. | it y<»i nni- e not reglsto-ed sine• , '•in'.'''', "<" ! ,"' 1 , ii;; ' ',"" '" " ltLl Fe -January 1, you must do =o if you M'I'^ \'i.,,,''"' 'r, a "".''' ly ; ' "'" : :il>on to :'•<*«»' 'o vote nt the Xov<"iibe r o'leo m 1 .?., " , ,, •" !1 '"' : . "' :"' stloe •'- >B - See tll(; ckl ' k ' s » ()t1 ^ '•' Pn?" . make j ; jf have | Colon.:'! J. II. Huberson has .•;'.;'..:.! jlils las\ otllce at 1SIO 1> street, room t. Stevens 1905 Chester Avenue DR. LUNG CHOW DUCK ON TONG CO. DRUG STORE Cor. 19th and Q. Bakertfleld. THE UNION HORSESHOEING SHOP Has Moved to the Union Stables Corner 21st and K Sts. Will 'tomorrow and following days have on display a complete and varied stock of hats and hair goods Steve ns 1905 Chester Avenue

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