New York Daily Herald from New York, New York on August 17, 1860 · 5
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New York Daily Herald from New York, New York · 5

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, August 17, 1860
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flaaly Book, tbls morning. At ?n>t it was supposed to be that of a muc who ft'11 overboard from the steamboat on Pun .Jay, but oo inquiry it was ascertained to be that of i auothir ptrnou tbao the one lout from the boat. We bare cot biea uble to get a dw?oripiion of the body. Nomination for Voagreit. UiLW'AlK*!, August 10 1&60. - 'Ibe bouglas Democratic Congressional Convention or Uic First district, nominated Jonathan E. Arnold for j Congresa to day Hcllaf for the Chrlttlau ia Syria. Botro.i, August 16,1*60. A o! merchaats and otUera was held In this i, City to day to take measures for the relief of tee Chris t.aas In Syria. A committee wai appointed to raise funds for the purpose. I Death of Hum. David Buell. 1 Trot, August 10, I860. I Him. D?yid Rueil, * distinguished ud veteran member ) of the bar or thla ctunty died this evening, aged reveaty[ flu years. Lau of the Steamer W. C. Young. ) NnrORii*3rs, August 16, 1840. , 2ke stesTi'* fa, C Younp, from Pensacola bound to ' Ship Island, was struck by a gale and totally wrooked. Seven U her crew perished. j, Mills Destroyed by Fire, fte< Philadelphia, August 10,1800. The iAgrange miltfajwar Bustleton, Pa., wore burned J this morning. About mil! were destroyed; load $80,000; tisured. Tm Cto was the work or an incendiary. Albert G. Stevens, watchman of the Olrard Bank, died I this ncoraing from the effects of a blow rccclvod on Situr* day night, when be was assaulted by throo persons, who searched him, supposing they would Cad the keys of the bank Fire lu lad lama polls IMUAAAJ'OLW. August 10, I860. The p'aci'.'g inili of Kayglow, Blair i; Co. wan destroyed by Arc lost night. I-oss tl'. COO to IIS,000; lLEUrcd?$4,UOO Supposed to have been the work of au incendiary. Mai Ueti. Uai.tihoks, August 16,1S00. Fluir quiet: Ohio ar.d B?*ad street (6 ?0. Wheat quiei reu ui 91 iwiti e-. wuik ti ou u *1 GVI luro firm: yellow 70c a 76c., wiiite 80c. a t^io. Provisions ac the ate buoyant: t>ax>n lO'^e. a 12'.{c. Other aitieloa vflctiaLged. Vi ti'-rkey tirm at 22c. a 22>ic. PiutADKi rim, August 16,1^60. Flour dull new supeiflue 56 50 Wheat tirm ?aiog 1.600 bushels red at $>1 CO a $1 33, Kentucky whifc- $1 6fl Corn deciiued ui 75-. u 7Cc. Provisions tirm: nu'x-i jtork SIP 75 biff tlC u $14 OU Whiskey steady at 21,'iO. a 22c. * OrtTAto, August 16?1 P. M. f lour steady and in fair demaiid. Wheat?Market for red winter opened with good drma-.d at former prices, but e.itwed dull and eavier: hiIi-w yesterday arurnoow 46,0C0 bushel* red winter at $1 09 a II OS1;, an t this morning 3 (>00 bushels ditto at (I in) '? a SI 10, 11 *.00 bushel? white Ohii at >1 10,'f. Oorti su ady and dull Bales 6 000 bushels prim" at 61u., i,000 buahtis at 60c Other articles nulet. <V>al freights firm lake trap >rte?7,600 bJls flour, 30 000 iiushols wheat. & 000 bushel* Canal c.ip jrU?400 b ?Ls. Hour, 64,000 bushels?* hest, 109,000 bus tic is 00111,11,000 boalieU vats. ft r'.uo, August 19?6 P. M Flour qu>t and unchanged H h<v?t opnned with Rood dtoi&ud, but ch*ed lot uctlrc and K-ss Qrai: sales &6COO bushels, at $1 00 a tl 10 for red Ohio, )1 10for . white do. Core h>mwi> : sales i.' .too busttete at AOo. a Pic. Oato ootnitiol at 2ft' Caoui frui^lits steady, at 47c. on flour, lfcSc i'Q wheat, and 12He <>u c >ru. I*kc iuv |K.rU?6,000 bbL?. flour, 3o,COO bushels wheat, 24 000 do. c m. Cai*al exports?2t/0 bbls. Hour, 8S.00O buih'-li wUat, 90,000 do. Cora. Ciac\(, >, August 1C?9 V. M Four quiet. Wheat firm, aud airauced >;o.: sales 7C.0C0 bifehtls, at 6114 c a 62'. for No. 2 spring- Corn dull, and lc a 2c l .wer salt* 46,000 bushels at 40a 42c. to More t >*ts steady at 19c Ke^lpts?2 000 ools. flou?, 162 OCt bushels ?t>*l, PI 0O0 rir oorn. Ship lacntt?2,900 bbIs liour, 192 00O bush<;!? wheat, 19,.*>00 ~fv" ** U 'i "*-? Cl|U? V*bUMJ(JU I'U New York ?j a ; 4 |?er com pre romtu. Oswrro, August Id? 6 P. M. Fiu.r dull, at $' a'i for extru plate and $t 7i lor favor 'to double extra ctty briui<i tVtjent in good dem ia l, iL.o2y for milling **!? (, 80,000 bushel* Chicago ?prtn^, Ho 2, to inlrt, U fl Ttonii very litUo ucw of any <t?*rriptt<n on the spot. l'o?n in good demand: sales 18 COO busbtle Toledo at 63c. Other grams mid. fr-!|(tit! firm, At 80c oo Hour, Oc. on wheat. 8?jc on corn to New York. lake Import.?18 ftOO inshem uf when!, 50 QL0 ?lc. cvrn ( < xportu?lij libln. flour, * 1 uitets *;,iat ao MX) do. corn. Cim ivjuti. An?u?t 18,1 HfiO. FI< rv*rhanged. Whiskey in good detiund at 17,','e. &Ji'f pork *1'.? M>. Ba?>n quiet and nothing doia~ *lt>cev m (tx-d dttuaud at 10 a 12 per coot. fighl e .ciuuigu co Nt? \o-? steady at per teat premium. N'tw Oku ash AaguM 16,1*00. Q'ttob l em. Pusar lira, at 8>?o. a 9o. fur fair to filly fair. l!i'i.v-<v dull at 'Ma. a iflic. Flour quiet, at 46 a M H> for noperfluo Pork tlrm at 9M. Tobacco Urm lujirU ., in kegi', 14c. Freight and cicbaugc uaoil U red. Oinirc U ?We are requested to >t*to that tbo an bounce tneL! of the engagement of Ibuiamo Cor Mai, Plfiior! Mu: lan. and Amodio, for tbo next tea ion at the Acadcmy ol Uijilc, I* premature. Negotiations are p-ud tog, howerrr, bet wen Mr Ptrakuacb and Um very popular UiJtiS abort: t-itned. Tut D"xva> Fcmvit i* Ifcwrox.?Tae BoarJ of Aiderenra ot fkato.. bavliig become suddenly moral. It appear*, cotill or would not see the propriety of granting a lic um K Uit managers of the flee can festival, thereby ilefr'.rlag itv cu..ios of tbe "Trimountaia City" aa op. portuait; t. r er.ociog tboir appreciation of Uic liirm, .ou cf Kavular Christianity practically developed, flueti a atatd was rather awiword for tboae who act aa pioaaera for tbe new faith, bat Uic agent for Nlxoi. and W.?xi '<v curtd Cix'Mk I'arW for tbo proput vd fa-tival, and will, at a early opportunity, announce the day of contest. Tbo Co'ootl la ob? of UiOM men who la erer adc<puUc to an MMTfMCy. N't* Bo * r*r Tktatiue ?Mr. C Eddy takes his ben<Mii at lh ? popular i?ta->ll?bm><at to night, ?o which osoaaion thrrr r>p*lai pierra, "Injpimar," '-The Maeaauro of Ulooco?" at J "I'aJdjr Carey" will be performed. AW C**rnir> Mt^irntsia havo ojiencd I bo French TLrvlrr, tw Broadway, and arc nightly TiaiV?d b) large, faahionabU aid delighted audience*. A variety of new and laughable arta will be given this ereolnf, it wliioli B ilj Btrch and laawortb will appear Ptnaaal Utelllftme. UL AI'.H-. of MwwtiJiHU, Capt. I.uigdoo, ot tbo atcagwL.p (rn.iT.?a?ajOapf IT-U*. ofthe skip Koutbampl- n; K T M"rr>rk, ?>f (J?Kia -o, aod J kendalJ. oT Washington, are atopptag at ttw *i<? Hpu. ? Ma or Wo?dr, of the I' 8. A.: Dr. Bell, of Vermont: Rev. J Todtf. <4 biwa: .1. H Q ilnun and family, of 7*>u.niaoa W. I'.u-ita?t?>a ai^ raially. of Cltarlcttoa, 8 C. .and.'. C. (uitxrtaou a?4 family, o< Inaiaei, wero ?mong tbe arrivals at the 1'irth Arroie nnlel y. at nlay C. T r?.| UaEl,ot .New V. rh T. Thayer, of Newport, R.I B. K Morgac and wife, of lli.ladelpliia. Unn? Kyle an<1 i'Corg* IV Fowls, both of \ irginia, D. U. Winters, of Ftigtac-1, at<d (Mnrge W Th.?teh"r, of St IocU, a-o tk'ppuif at the Clan mlun Hotel. Bor. I j n an Trcmaine, t5eneral Cooopcr and Pr J. He v nr.* b I", all of Albany ; Major strong, of A bland , Captain Ulena.of the C'n tee. Put? s navy , Or B-ickler, or Ba.t'.nwre: Ur I?utsiana , V. W u ?K r or Brldgr|?rt and ?-eor?> W Andereon, of Havanaab, Ja , arc tt.'f ping at tbr Si N'rbi'aa Hotel. B P.slh at* family, of Phlla-ielphla: CCairoil.of Haitimora. J A Wood, rt Br*t<o .1, l>. Jihaw, <if T'MI tieo. D. ftmle, t<f VtrgiaU an* .? Manning, of Troy, arc tipping at t'. ? Fferrtl lit use !>t C L. H?fuemt?urg, of Itoneylvania: J. I.ireombc, of Wsthltgtott B * rteca, of Mar* land T W. Mitvliaii, it Cbi' wlu, t; C and J < Tr tt .r, of iHilo, are atop-ple| at the M? trofH itar, lloWl. C f hwall.of New, Capt D. TT i.mea aad Mr. I.. XI M?u-ih?ti, Votb t!.?* I'ntted t tat<^ urnt;. John IWrard ard lartv, of C\ba 0 MrKtncy of Miwaaippi; f. C Uaci. lnt atxl II. Mriltitloa. both of Baltimore, Ma rylaud. It J. p p-fblnr aod parly; John IV \ ab>urt aad J. M. all ol Ui'jiM J. Moor-and I W. Wkltmih, both ? l IruM. and Mr Iw aad party, of * -la?..,- at I. a I afartA (liillff Aaarrtraat rrgMrrt4 at It* bsnktiiir bom* rt V-??ra I*r. icjKO ., i-aria, r.-n?JuJy2* to Augurt 3. li*? ? Mr. H UU-oofc. Mr. Pit*. k/.Na Moure. Mr ltd Vr* t. II. Wc;W?,Xtar York Mr Ward and w.fe. F JUsict.i* Philadelphia, 1v P. fT.r.J, vlr^ttui Mr Allen A. C Mran Birbard, H o K. Krnip. Mi aCroM tfaMM . Drviitn, Mc? Vwki V. P. Mc< ?ir ly, I inrinm?: ' rt New \urk: N'?Uiati Tic mwm wvl wtfc. Br?? 170 pr UrnTi?r K tl .mal.ur* W. C Domtv at?r. In.riii.fU4i V n nndfTtbaia, New York; R Rt rMri*. MUlM Ctandor Kir n T? rt. ' Xa?r J*"1 *r* '* r TWn. Ncwurlan D. K I'. Mia*/, t. C .lobir o.Scr* h T n. M?n-I ih. Ml. more ? 8. 0raca?rrU>, Huato^ fw. F W ?>ad and 'Y"'* '*"*5 Vp* Vorfc- U I.t ?"? anM lady. rtlMe.phto: Mia miranfl. T t. Trieanfl, W U. Trucat... JJ-lLtotorw, Umuod I"xon Clw (nnatl; & ?. Mayer!. fSmbiajm; T.MmoatK?y liar**; a. W Koo dar Boyd. BkUiaMI*; I MarabaJI. Mobile; Richvd Maria rtiarB. SU*kW?U, Philadelphia. K. .1. John** V?? York M P Bacferttca, Brooklyn; ?<*>. f? I'tader fcnme M.lilkeo.P K- ttoddard, New Y?l<; J.Jim A. (?m, ]( W H'll?, Water* rd: W\a. H Ktogtar, MamtH-l Thorn. W Vat K?*ak, Maw Ycrl; J. H Tyler, alilp Hira m Tl. n?B. Jui^c Ik;oar. la roattoBtlof at hla homo U Olftoo, um Rarta:*!'.. Mr*. baa. <ialoca, Oau. Rareey am Pr. Wood. TT. p. a. are Id Waf-klagtoa. Senator 8iide*l la at tba Pwa<* Fprum. w ir ?.r*?*>i.r*je Whltr flalph 'r, Ylrflala OnarmodotT Ruchanu. . * * mandant oT U>? Wiahinjrt^ Nary Vard, la on a brlrf ti?.. ' < a rat. -?^r na Hi ?rW probaby be abraat not lonc'r tfciu t .ro wens. the gbeat easteei off to euiope. An AtUrhmtfel and KrlcMcLtttU Intereat Taken In toer L>c)?riurt?l'ht Eiette* m?-lit lilrd Oul-Tiuttblc on Uasnl?Ckptain Hnll luo 111 to take Coiuraai><t?*liip In t'harg* of Klr?t Officer Mmhln? t Bftne on Board?Th? Battery and the Wbarvck? FarciinltibuU from the ateuuitt*?Total Nawbtr of Vuitrn Uurlu^ H?r Stay?Ltat of P*?aengcra. Ai . Yesterday, ab announced, the Crf?vfaattTu look her de Imrtnro from our waters after a stay of nearly two oiutllLi. The Interest which her arriral excited and the manner In whieh that ink rest was exhibit'-d wll. be loaf remembered. Indeed, very krldom ba. e tlie peo pie turned out so generally, and very rarely have their ex ciUbihty been ao aroused, as ?n the oorasioa referred to On Thuisday morning, the -8th June, it was telegraphed that the Great Eastern had arrived at Sandy Ilook, aa>l almost instantaneously tied the tidings through this and the neighboring cities. II was also announce! that she would leave her auchorago below at three o'clock and steam up the harbor to the dock at the fool of liauiinoud street, which had been selected for her. From the moment tbat the fact, so long anxiously looked for, was made known, tot re was immediate preparation made to receive hsr with becoming edal. Exrun inn a tram*ra ?<>rA pnt rA*/U *inl people hatted to procarc places theroou. Fleets of yachts were manned, and small runftcU of .e?ao^tjgrlptiofi put in requisition, ud long before tho ime the waters of t&e harbor were oorcred with flotilla gay With tiagt aud slieawtrs. Every available spot from the Hatter; to Hammond Rtroet, on either side or the water was densely crowded with anxious siwcUtors, a:-, mbled to ga/e upon what hod been so often represented as one of the mechanical triumphs of the age, and to blend their greetings with the roar if canuou prepared to welcome the 8triingor. Tints was thn reception hastily got up which the Great Eastern met on her arrival. Cut tho people were not oontent at looking at her as she steamed to her dock, or gazing ujvin her vast and beautiful proportions as she lay at anchor there; but they thronjed day after day, at Uity cents a head, to visit aud e .tmino her, until the number v. ho had thus, Ui this city and (tut'-Ji: her excursions South, benn on board of her sn.ouiitMt to 175,000 people. Almost vieing with her triumphal entry on the 23th of Juno w?s her trip down the harbor on the occasion of her excursion to Cape M*y; but with that ended the palmy days of the Great Kastero. 6fo vilely and wretchedly managed was that allair that it may be said to hare scaled tl<e fate of the Great Eastern as an object of interest and attraction in the excursion line. Though some 1,800 persons went on tho excursion to Cape May. only somo one hundred ceald be Tiiund hardy enough to proceod with her on the trip to Noilolk and Annapolis, and most of these wore Southern resident* cu their return hc.-no. As an object or attrac. tion to visiters at her wharl", bowover, it was pretty evident from the number that crowdel on board on Wednesday last lb it she still excited a good deal of interest among the persons at a distance, and that as a spectacle he might take a ltttlo lunger. Dat tbe dayi of her triumph in th<> city were pmed, and she was withdrawn not a day too toon. She is no* gone, and will In a little time be as complctly forgotten as Tommy, the Utile .Japanese, and quicker bo than tho "Japs" as a body, for the Corporation had nothinu to do with ber visit, aud tb'-ro was nutbing lor tuem t j make out of her. Uut bow different was btr linai departure yretord.iy to her arrival. Then, as wc before remarked, tho pvplo ' made one ot their gtialc-t demon-tratioL-. aho cutere J our harbor amid the booming ot rannons, and with <liill cult) threaded her majestic way through the thousands of her pigmy kind, who aU'imed aud sailed around bar. The strains of numerous bands greeted b?r while deafen tng rhcerr. r< ouuded on ovary side from the miltitulo on laud and waler who had assembled to join in the oration to her. YcMtnlaj tbe scene cbiuijei, entirely changed, but in one respect. Tnj clement- as they have been Since she came here, were favorable, an 1 a clcudletii sky aud a warm nun poured a flood oi silvery light before her prow a.-' she lUmu'd aw.iy upon her roy age But the crowds of almirlng p.-<oplo were wauliug, the gay sUumcrs aud the s*ilt gilding yacht* an I the et thusiasm were ail mm est, ard nlmott as quietly and unostentatiously as one oi our bumble ooaatera did tho (' real EaSC-m steal over the waters, which but a short time brfore she walked so proudly But, perhaps, this U as It ought to be; at a!! event? it is tbe itie?itabl? oordufnon to ail city senruttions Oar mo tropolitans have a m<ist insatiable nu* tor ilia marvel lous, lor tbe nine days' wonder, ml an iacb senaAiion l>aMs ?jw>n the appetite, tliey muai be gorged villi some tbicg new and fresh. desires are uow llaed upun I the frinco ot Wales, and oven of o:m they will tire ;ui sooa as Mime, other novelty o?n bo proc :red. We regret to Stab , however, tu iU rooee to lb-' liroa i FMtern, tbal her gallant c >nin.audor, Captain tlsll, was ! too ill tu take command of h^r. We were not awaro of bis ilincss, aud the fact only came to our reporter's know I ledge on board the aleataer wmcb aoouipaulcd tbe lircut i K*?tern lowo IDs baroor, and winch bad bem ?-ng*ged 1 11v thai isitiMtimiva Lt 1.1Li' ihti ox '-urt ri mid thuir hii? gage on board. Ttie ititp ic " nl prem-iit In command of lirnt ofl!ccr llaohin, bat It It to be hoped tiiAt C'iplaiti LUl!'< !i:Ji:po*illun will be but tem|i irary.ind hat be will bo aMo to rntoN hu command Ul day or two. There wero oUinr maltera of a much lci?* crioaa nature. but nevertheless r ry unp'ea uit in riffsi t to tnn lioal departure of tl.c noblo v ?wl troa our port. ]t got rurwifvil abroad ji-?tor-u\y ui nllailiiiienl had bean iKiyil to ilrum the flnp, and that the ttierifl ha-l g-ne on l>?ard aud t-rve 1 tho ujm, ud In the exroutUMi of bia duty took |<o?co*siou of lh> vi*?ol S?i?e tnt rwl wii *n ( nar (tionea f?tt x Ui lb!* rcanit of *urh a proc-W , Ing, Mul if, m l?od, under the akWvird cucumai utce, the ! VtMKl uoi.IU rail at the tiuu ampuletod. tan me i:i.?<uKl-TAtaLiiia^ ui.Mj in rcferenco tithe tait.r" IM- ?'tal.iuei,l, *c d-ire t'? Mate thai nj I |round ??; a> ton exl?.te4 In which thj ?h;p"f ft* agi sts ' *crr mera'y ltk>> i^h thay aero legally, liable. Tne difficulty ari" in u>?' ai of a cUiw prilcrrcJ by a Mr. Kf rt J V un:>. for >me n;ppt:cs fur,W>?v: |iw tc?ar*, tv\, O' 'h Miuzicn of Ike trip to Capo May, amounting to rVTO I }?>a tbl* an application mai made tn the 8upri??e C-wtrt for an attar): ni at i*au.i>t th'' ?hlp, wblb. on IB' bearing of lh'< . air, ?ar .ra'it d by Judg* ' it'..' t tan i. upon Una, '.be tV|?:t> .-'!? i 41 (Murphy i WvOl <U bjard aad lo. . poH>*aton; bat lubMqwuti} M<*r* '.rlnuell, Mlclurn *, On , egentafor the company. ?>t??r??1 Into a bond In the aum of (nCO. whxh, with payinrntuf Uk' blwrlTa loe*, released tb. viaael. But U*la waa not the only dilleully. A3 head steward <>\ ba<l aougbt to defraud hta crcd (<>i?, an lid ftimo otbt r petty orticer" of the'aae calibre attempt t luUr trirka upon other*, woo btd trout'd tnem ?n the .< oppo allie n that ihry were dooJmg wth hucrrt m~n -it ka*t wlilt ?i' n wh<>, in r?"CO({r.ll'oti of th W ar.1 ro^r toy vxt?*n?lcd lo IImui bore. Would have ilono something; to maatain the ih.'iractcr of their eoutitry, and wtrtild act atlernj?t in tm*t to t >etr big fb'ip to carry them brvimd Uie r urh of II l?u I'irf bad deaelfHl. Iioki<ie? thn al'af .nr-nt iaH?nd on the claim aalnl lb* aieward, there were up tar a.- of a dozca otb r cUirua azatiisl diir-reut petty ofllcert of the vaael. but tbi-ic waa oo> only other cano Ui v.h'c!i tU; nqrkvti party mtocced* d in o\err< arktac the agfieaenr Vruikee Ingenuity and iiucure waa''n<d tu l>" d uo for''by Fx.^ Ilab fraud and cunnicg In tblr lnatancr i clnlmnnt, arming bimj'If at the Liat m??s nt with an alU^brn rt agaiMt the perao* or property a( I*. J. Oi vcr. on^ of tho Dtifter steward.', boarded Um ve?*I, In company with a deieetlre ntBvar, aa ah" wn* going <l ,wn tlir Inrbor, and Inquired fer hi* man. but ho waf -"in ?jf Tbor- win no atixjctv fell, bowrrrr, for hM prtartire. aa ?r iMhorn. Ili.< plaiot .il in l! i ta ". I ? '. ' n < . I m u> ui-t nr in ihitit, I ma<1<.' l,tni~eir pirticuluriy ae^ialM/H with gf ntl? ism'i pcrfonaUttee, m?I Wo?? e*ai iljr wikto to put h>? hatijt u(? k them. TbU be Jrl ?It .?xil deUjr, anrf In b? tempore <t t.nj" th.? -% t (V'f?"i;iillj<*, to lk? ( n.(n;t,t of %&. rtMi-U!)- cale :fcu?:1, b it t."> Ulft entire attraction of U>? atid tv vrbieli (Hirer cu .'<1 barJly object, *ftc lr?Mftarrtd from t.10 big nteamii-r to the I ttle nU nmcf (1UI..11K Iwijr fhr bare i f? an 1 for the hooor of tbe thini-, trytoj to k<er< atonr* <te. Than tlx1 defaulter got a Rowland f>r bla Oliver wl/<- he. twleet prcu>1. The crcua of the IUM thai Ur "iher ru?he<1 to the reaeue of hi# prof -My jutl .o time to rccelrr ralutr cQphonioualy u?ile<i a "luoar'' from bis frtend the edivr of the '-fjuwle R< U to the <.rc?t U'\>. ra.'' who at ihe tnow-rt had ren- cl the deck of bia frioadiy ateamrr. TUera wen' dlrera other clatnaau t<4k?w?d th. ?***>< <to?n tt?. harbor, lint ?h ', n"( hi ii ( riicirruil mth th- mniut In rurli 'ae. mat" and prorMed fr.r .u? r*-r and p-otarty, w< ra rwdoeed lo the noreaaity 't m roly k?? king up tbe towe lag ablea of tbe it?ii?fr, and lodnlg ing la u t.aierer egpiri >?? l.ablt or tba fkney of tbo mo. , Bient a?rgea?ed agar-at their deth.-ittiig c entner- There ' ta qnite a <r?wd of thre?. pii m'HT', aiii upli. Mer re, a?1 riet'i^llera, rkl'ia* to a t'? oondd or a?d truatlng tiAl ira. TTj"?o were but aome of Uiu oontretomp" wbleJt alli lnJ the <l?|*rtii?o at the tireat Katern. We wilt bow hrieUy refer to tbe TWIt of tbo Mreat I'aMem, and it* rcauita aa a pwuntary apeculation. -tie arrlv-d here nn the 2$tb of June, after a paraag j of i-!"ren day*, baring left the Needlea at tea A M on the m?ra lag of tbe 17tb. .-Tio entered onr liarber amid nal ,oa of guca aad tbe cheering wclma^r of ?n I .mer e number of apeetatora who liaod a racy availablo rjwt ak-ng the harW, aad atteaded by a mtratia eonroy of of every deacrlptMM, gay wtUt lag* and ?tre%a?era. Sht retna.ned here at her doek, fHnt of fUnKarnid -?? -iik I'd r<Tronlt?? of tli>< Tow ilam o " ?a' rib wwt on b?r two otc?ir?iuM, Jiist da;*, "o Tu^Uy, U>? 34 of .Inly. ?bo wm opea*?t (tr tWkti, lh?prx* 11 ret flved for tbla prirll??go b?i?i o#* dollar. ThU > ' Igh chirfr tu Injur ng the *"'1 H?m ! fouoil *Wia*l>le to rwlat* the prior to lift, Thti 1 rr<hprt?on l???t ?ii iiiim xlUi? f l-cl, w)..cli hm n iho gwl tin WW qt vtwIW. fuhjo M to the m< kljr u;iy 1 of vUiitf*? ? Kir?t 8vp ?*?yg *.-7* i work '11 Third wrvk "2 M9 V>?wU. ?Mk .. 7C, Totol iTTtm ? ll In ftroOtau to farthor r*Oir to cirrv.?at. ikx tag hor two ajK jrvtoM. th* wmrh*1 m*rr r .a wh ft ? 'rrrytvng wnr rondooi^l on Uw OMMtor of tbo ctuur I ?:.r to liopo Ut\f W. In tfr.< ? o?ir V . T"n Oiurbrr pMy1* wQ? TH'trd &c? 4<rim: NEW YORK. HERALD JFI j thurt Kay at Anuapotui i* calculated at at?>ut 20,000. I' ** add Qfuree u> ib? dhoi'mt set forth ?tov?, and to Uie number a*t dowi as baring been op board Ute last thrne <uj? of her bu> tore, it will be men that aa aai.y as 176 000 pooplo bare Tiaiied the Ureal Ear tern, aud from thU it would appear clear i eiii'UKii lUai, bad mt- bom iu iropt r band* aud i aimui^ixi, biio would Uarc pioveU a ?r?Uia I .?.uecuution bere Yc?torday mom!op It woe tarn'** mpoee 't <tr?t lie could tUrl at the appmuU I time or tho appointed ? a) But at ttirco o'clock tlie chaucee were ia laror of getting wti. Mbo bad then all bar coal in, ai?d the principal |*rv of the |uiu<.'iitfri* wt re on l> >*rd rue Biuall su-uincr Inland vat char ered 17 bar consignees to convey the i?twriiger? uuJ tlieir lutfga^e from the dock to tlw fliip Of paabi'nifiTb. ?Lu taU* to England only a hundred??li flret claM, bowf>v> r, none other b*lng taken Tt? rbargo to lv.t;lan<l ia $130, while the cnarge to \hoae posset g r? Oounu to Iiallfax( where the will touch, is 126 each. Hue carrUre u'ithor ppecie or freight, with the exception ot such as hflarge to bor ptg?eng?r8. rrwiw ly ni tour o'rk>< k ahe bo*an to respond to tbe actiuo ol her engine, and to show that she wutimut to fcUit. Tb? fcw people present at the llatumoiul s-roet and noiRhbormc docks, not more tban 300 or 400 in all, bad a very Out) view oi her magntiioeut proportion* aa ahe began to roer round. At fcurtlnp, her bead was up Ibe river and her stem facing down tbe bay, but Gradually she roundod, and at the foot or i'Mial ul r<-ei bur prow poiDtcd iho *i) she waa to go. The Canard et-amera greeted ber with a few guts, to which uho replied with tour volleys fri.ra her quurter deck guns. There wtro only three steamers cuine oat to do her TLctf were the Armenia, tbe Ttgor and one othfr, together with the little l*lau<l Belie, chartered by Messrs, urbmell & Minium for tbe occasion A band of innate, on board the Amt-nia played a few tunei as aU-> ( teamed alongside the Ureal Eastern, and at parting, tb> people on board "cheered her on ber way." Her tlna departure, contrasted with ber reception, proseuted bu atorry aiuLt^so Cir as outward appearance* went; but nothing couloirs son tne interest and admiration a waken ed by tbe noble vi>sei herself ?? rhe steamed dowu the harbor on her return voyage arross tbe A limit ic. Wo wiah lier a sjxeiiy l.rmm to her voyage. Subjoined is tbe tut of passengers by tbe Great KasUrn ? <;eo- ithM A sou, tr o Bouaer. Mil. Oen. !tugi>he, W F. Halser, H. ' Owen, O. Manor, <?. M Vau **Hirer<T.??. A. w IMptnpson, J McNary, , J ?enb H:trsen M P ** J Wtijl, D*cl Oomtwfa, C. C. Trownndge A Wm. Nh.un>r, M^s. lady, Win. K outer, Mr M Renaoa, Mias Trowbridge, M. Mt ulove. rKa? Adams, Mrs. N Sp'utt, \V. i'. 11 i?u!, Ker. l?r. Hiy, T. Benson, W. H. Hon laud, K O. Slltott, I i*. K. Air.lul !ol), W Fraeboru, <1 UkmmI*, R Wri*bt, Mlaa K. Harai >y, W. W. Fleming, i | Jo*. Thornton. Mim K. Ilanuu,. A. T. Master, J. F J< nes, MisoAaniai) Kta? nn.C Kdtn oris, A (iiles, Joseph M. Iteu.i h, T Whitney. ' J. M ivire, s. Hermann, O. W. F?rrt'l, K. Mune. Mrs. CaKsell, Mr* FerriU. B. W. Pje.elc. MissCatwell, Mm? de Cojus, J.J. Drift! , Mi 7 B.ti'tnan. J Hash. II K. Tread well, W. Pin-!. F. Hai*h, A. U. White. Rnet KotviHiwn. J Hell, | J. R Mtuturn, J. 1? O. Sct'nnderton.T. Dtx^r, J Ftalrit, Mrt Hehtmdert/in. rims tireen, VP Sii.ith. N I.. 8. !-'< htin.tarton.W. Hopper. O 1. Hiixht, Jo*n Mou'leh, Jose dw Aluagro, F. G Borers, Mis. J. O. .lohnitoa. A T Tallord, Capt. 1 homoson, Il?nry Mltcixill, b. Il?r.ann, K. R. Van NeFS, \\a. McKczle, t\ l'hilip'. Mr^. K Pnti r AehiM.t'ipt. Monte, J. B. npuriqm?t, i Duncan McCuli, Mr. Jones, S. R. AMiury, L Tom, Mr. T-ivlor, l'ei?r W tlean* A M Olbton, Mr. Kennedy. Wm. Taie< tt, Ji., Jno. Stuart. Mr. McKetuat. Jno W ffltli, M. 1L Tucter, W Tayk*. C. FbilUpn. The Chrlstlaa nsuaerti la Bjrrla* Tbe committee of gentlemen appointed at a recent I public meeting of Christian layman and ministers to dovioe the best means for the early relief of the unhappy purvtvurs of the brutal and atrocious persecutions In 8y- . rlu met at the rooms of the Tract Society, 160 Ntuuau street, at four o'clock yesterday afternoon. On motion, l'elotiah 1'crit. K-q., was unanimously called to the chair. The Rev. I?r. Damn opened the proceeding* with a brief but appropriate prayer. Mr. IIikax Kr.TCHr* drew attention to the fact that the proceedings under which the committee were acting was not attegruicr a commendable one. jie thought th ro j waa a necessity Tor a different kind of organization. He > had himself taken a great (teal of Intrroat in the yeir 1 1?87 lor the unfortunate Greeks, who*e voice of dLslros ' ba<l rcachcd ILL* country. TLo greatest inten-st was 1 at Uiit time diipiavcd on behalf of the Greeks. I; I did not appear to b.ra tbat this wan the case t with tbe Christian Syr laps, though theirs wis 1 a cute tbat ought to stir our very (onto. He did not think tbat any partial action clioald bo takon in this matter, bccauac the circutn tanc '3 concerned tho I wbolo Christian world. Tho Protestants Lad taken tho 1 I initiative, although their fellow religiout&ls had not suf fercd in any rom|>arigon with the Konian Catholics There 1 >hould, therefore, be a gcueral tnovmeut of Catholics and I'roteslauts, unites it wum exported that jsa.dlam-o wa-t oulj to be cent fur their own rui>sionarl<f to be t./tli ibun-d among l"ToU*tan?. Bui if they were to moTC on beivvlf ! flf crushed Christianity, then ail Christians ?lu>uld move I together. Ho doubted tht c.podicncy of their in set log ; limply a* ProU-staLts. Tho grivo events in Syria wero 1 interesting tho Rritixli nud t rench govern neiit*' and in a short ti i>e all the Christian uutiooa of the earth must . t?ko a |?rt in It. He thought that they, as a Christian ;>eo[)Ii , would not la; behind; but %u y mtnemeot asado I should be to alloid relief Vo lite suUerlng without distinction of creel. Kor bis part bo did not want to act as a i I'roteaunt only, but as a Christian, with ku Iwuian Catholic brethren. Tbe CHaiHWAv mid that they had met a tbe repreaentativeaot tbe various Piot<-stiuit ctiurctMs of Amcru-?,aud . >f course, I hey wre ready to co operate with ProtesUuta everywhere. But It Bopnared to him that they could not so ra.siiy co <>|H.TaU' with fVman Uatbotlc* lie would like to know U tb* y could CO operate with Cathollot? He d id nu'. thick tbat such a course wu feasible, and any attempt to brll'ff It a>v>ni wo-.ld be futile, aud only tend to defeat the object!' tbey had in view. He did not, In faet, opine Dial th; i'.uauui Catbo'uCA would bo willing to act with tt? m. Mr. Kmim Inquired of tb ? rbt.rmtn whether it wad contemplated to raise relief for the Protestants of fyna nunc. The rniik*a.m 8*.'l no *u< h thing wm intended. The ' fundi MM mM applied to the relief of the luAr- , ; loz, without distinction of n iiglou# creed*. Mr. KxTtut * agiin referred 10 the caae of the (Ire-It | *lrtigai.a, and soul that ibe action of the Amtncau p?; pie *1 that lline ftas geurr*'.. The Cilummax ?aiJ tliat was a very different ftl'air The ' fJrrt'k movement wan a national one. for anna, maritime*. I and men of war mt /"'Itcucd for Ibo "uccm of th'> I movemm. It ItTtltMl co <<ucrt;onof reunion at all, | and Un-refore everybody could act tojtethor It was then ' i re? k S'?iii.?l turk; now It w*a the Christian aga.osl the j bar bar tali. llr tui> ?. Wi?n?'N tUoagbt tbut every Christian | |b?iirt would be prom( ' 1 to a?e lt? best eitorts for tina an iioiatiou of tho conditt n of ttio survivor* of tbe Tarnlata baiti?i*m in fyria. Yet he did not Uulieve that it ' wa? poes.ble (or tbe Iloiaaa C-tilflice and Protestants to eoirahiuc tu tl>is movemibi. He never wnew litem to do ' mi in aii? movfcnuut durinz ihc last thirty year*, and if I ' Umtte wIh< had ?: tl <a work ou foot waiuxl for noioa with Human Catholic* 11. y wot:Id not rucceed. Ue be{ llercd h:m#?lf that it wa* against tholr 1 prinrtp'.c* to unite with i'rute?unw TUo c imm.tteo should uae Its exorttoue to raisu such funtU as could be got, to be rent on to Uie American muatjCarlcff and Coa I into in Hyrta, to be applied to the relief of ail who are in ] need. Th 't th? fund* ?< son! will tx In the bnnda of ro- j upont- U'.eCh'Uit lar men, I* but too well pr ven in the high > character ol fee American mlaa onarles and CjO?;IA. to ' ; which the chairman hud borne hit tnatimooy, and in : their .'elf-denytn# ejertion* which had evokod ao maty I pi si** on the other aide of tbe Atlantic lie Km. Un . m ma.U P. iniflf 'Ml I ho ' neee<mty lor art i vol/ following ?p -bo oTi-wnt. an the tuff rln -a of the poor Cy :an people wore arewlful to co?? (!?. He tllud-d ?I?d to the necessity for mrmortah*'a? the government to keep forco In U>e water* of the Mediterranean, Mt he regarded the pre MX) of AaxTtMui vhlpa In the Vaatm watcrt m> ? t*Jui*ry u.'*o- of cbocfclcg IwWm csre??e* t?ulo?t American cltl/in*. Tim fa t bad U'< o fra <iuetilly mndn evldcal, md tbr eovenmient *ho- Id t>-ar It 10 tnlnd, M nt tl.i- pft "-nt motnoot bo tlMl bot that there ww more than nt* Am rUan vrikaoi Is tV- UrU.tur raneao. Tbo riii'ttoi wealed tfeo nereaatr of Hfor*iiog tbe imbllc through channel U?) rotlid contribute u> the < fund for Uh r? Ik-I ? ! the destitute -j-riarva. Hr.OnM.'i IIm.iA\ raid that at uati.w any 1 lnoretncut fur the a d of tt?? n.i;. rer? tbouM be ma<lt to torordwuhthi tna?i!tr'<lc tf t"..' rttl'io. The Protestnot< iht tiid a i u lit Ui'.j laudato'.* strttam, and be bad i no doubt that tbo Homao Qilhohc* wou l uo Uie.r part, j The at hot < rit.iniof h.r"(?, Ichii f'raitor ind Ana trio. would do ni thev nrild Ijr their owa eoreligt<?>;ats, , while ItuMla would take care o th-?to who were toileri log and thivtn sltschsd to the Greek Church. iu<4. lad aud Aroer"a. * lib I . uw ar.d other I'rotertaats, I ?oi id not ho t>ft.x 'Vnrid In a*rlst:ng the pr>trcun?, b< lu red Uut it.. m<>0>7 C?i!acl?4 would be a,> pl < d m th< moet genera: irar.o? r. Mr A. Looru. wto baa r??5?titly returned Trom Pjr'V fare te*>- acronnt* oflbe auouert and M of the t^riaM an-i Mfc and the rnwal msoner j lb whifh I1h> Site. A half a piattrs't worth of bread oor e?i a wor'<ir-*o?- for briakftit, awl as much *>r t-up' per?the p-a??re tnng val>.e?l at Itoor eei.ta of Atnerkafl | rri'ri 6cj lie leil "VeqrtiUy *>ecr ui> i nh dat the \ery till!" or wh r? these ;?'- le rociil r*tat 11< t0< iehl Ciit wbrro om??\ hi frit fr>m this cnnutry, tbo AriTtceo CnntuL* W tiifi.oinr 'i thrt.M bo vrmUlf I In apfmtn |-*?l ft*n?itt<<* i<m tbo "pol, Tor II* iti?trlhuti?n inj I-. id< nrrc'?!t:?a of Um am. (Mrs wors ft number , of rmlnfit Ararri-an nnd Fc-'iah jentlem^n In B*yroit i and Mi -r who w-'itd & glad to *14 tb? m:aak?n- ; i nee. Md to ifle- the nuar >11 Uw inlerevl in their power 1 TU; TunUa weru nul to be a.wlied In ?v tartan maonr 1 br.l were tn <l;?trlbutod imonf tbo des?tt?i*e ?d4 I (tarring, w b< " er Cbrittloua, DrMM sr ttn?sa!a*n. I fx. A. l*K<ih, I ?i , tM nprolotod Trsnsur t byarelft I Ml.OB. nod nt br?t '.oclined, but afterwnrH n>osrnt<>d >0 Ki On mrtsm of Mr. Htium Km-nr*, It was reeolrol j ' tbit fundi be roller ted for the r"lwf of tbn destitute and starring victims of the tnte war In Hyrta, ncd that tije wm? be sent to the AaMrtcnn missionary and onft nls In that amntry, under tbe superT k?oa of thlsosssm il*' " Pr. IUit.d r?d <ui addr<? to the pnbtlo on tbe .?>rrMn ir.i^airr", which van adopted, with the reservnlKta Ui*t It be referred to a tub committee ?f two to V" abbrctiftt< d Mi am Hcwo Md W'Baton be is* appointed tuofc commit ton. It waa Aim tWit otir IWNrw eltinens be retpsot fyiiy and earnestly IotMH to ssad find* ImirediMely to Wbj A. Hnr.ih, An., Treasurer of Um onsr^itte*, ?t M I Front street, Mew York. On motion It ?U rrwelred that uwoa'w the Trea srer i ta in posm* km of MOO that ha iv.i the eanp a* lactriotod Tbe ronaaHtm then ndv?nmed to asst nt the nw t j-ia-e at the ?am? h?ir o?'n? 'r?*ay tIDAY, AUGUST 17 13G0. Public (barltita ud Correction. Thl* Board met yesterday afternoon. The weekly statement ahows that the aumotr o' mmates in tho iiiht.tutiona at the close of last week * tu. 7,680, being a (locreaaa of 34 on the number ol the ??ik previous. The Dumber discharged daring ths mkfw 1,812?SPSwere sent to Blackwell's Ulacd State I?r iton, and 47 had died Toe report of the Committee o the Whole show* that the matter ol the burglar, Henry H?wks, being d:HChargiu , from the City Priaon in Qve ilayt-, by hia er.n man of the same name, impriaoned for uitoxlcsU on na> been under in*e?ti|satlo?, ana measure* taaeu to prevent the occurrence ot similar miHtakt s in ruture. ah the rr*a whose ofleiice waa intoxication made uo coicplaiut at l' the length ol bis Imprisonment, It i? e7idcut that the plan waa prearranged by the two The iMsuiug of tioketa to visit the City Prison li to ceaso at one o'clock daily. The following snow* the number o which those who were acnt as vagrants to Blackwell'i IsUui'.t had bc?>c prev loualy committed ? 1st Ume...... 18 10th time...... 13 21st time.... 1 Al ? 2PS 11 Ji " 3 24th '.... 3 3d " 02 12th " 4 :.0Hi " .... 11 4ih " 32 18th " 2 Sf'ih " .... 1 6ih " 12 14th " 7 40'u 8 om - low " ...... i sum .... a 7th ? 3 101 h " 1 60th " .... 6 8lii " 2 19th " 6 t?lh " & i?ih " 14 XOU1....68S Males 247?Female* Cv'5 At a meeting of the Medical Board held on the Tlh, Doctors raylor, Mo it and Sayre were apjioiuteJ a tVmmltlee of Insjiection, umlor the rulun uj;d rcgulal oua revised and Adopted by the Commissioner];. Cm tue tih at a special meeting a motion was pawn pr^hthitlcjr the u?c of chloroform aa an anaesthetic In future by anv of the bouse statt, unices in presence of the visiting physician* and surgeons. A contract bus b?n made with James Murphy A; Co., for the sum of $2 800, to furnish ann put up complptu a steam boiler to Bie<l the hospital requir^mft.t* of water and boat. The pru|>oHiii6u of Veil* Campbell tufutusti and pltt up tlie fteaiu pipes, tie., for the beating ?rrange meiits lor Si . 160 #? , accepted. ... Th* subject ol feta.iies committed to tho penitentiary having children with lias been referred ! > the Superintendent of Outdoor Pour, to make auih diipositieu I of the children as the case- require. Messrs. R" o<* r* aud Auehinuty, architects of (he > workhouse, having been instructed to prcparo speciloa tiocs tor improving and ptrfecting the healing apparatus, ; tlelr rt[>orl has been sent to several competent tlruia for estimate. A competent person has been detailed to cirnine the wood work at the lo-'^e buildiug or the Lunatic Auyl im, which U found to be very much decayed Triolein l.ittu , Et\| , h;ia been uppoiuted arcb'.Uct for the ext ni.on o! the building to form a part of the Lunatic \sjrlem. The architects at Kamiall's Island have been luMrule'i to luruirh tbe cent, I), t'. M B Weeks, tUMH, and tms Vaiidervoort, carpenter, with plana for tne prose Jutiou of tlio erect: >n and extern? .on of buildings The O mmissioners having reason to believe that individuals, as well us counties, towns and cities, are lu the MHliM or mbi Dg Um t tawl bit) i, < .< U tm<l dumb, with othir paupers, t^t>n this county ior support, ailuue in their rt port to the lact that they have ottered through the Diedinm of the daily papers, a reward ?>f ff-0 f<>r such cvldenfo as Mill lead to the detection of such partus. Commissioner Pin. oflpred a re*o'c,itton that a warrant ne iwoien (in ine.uxnpiroiier lor vxa.uug lur ouiidui?, ua (or $2f\C00 fur genera! purposes. The Beard adjourned to ibmi on Thursday, the CO!h of August. Police Intelligence. Sn?xn:\<i Aituat ix w Foi'ktkk.yih Wamp.? half pact niae o'clock last evening. ag ofllcer l*ett?ra?n. of the Fourteenth ward, wa.? posing down tlie Bowery on duty, be dlm>re:ed a man lvlog upon the sMowsl* in front of So. 282>,' Bowery, kept by Jimmy llassey, the l^cglUh pugilist Finding that tlio man was lnto.vcutCd, ho viok about to convey him to tbn station house, whec Mass- y, wbo w?* slaudiug in the doorway of hi* s*l?>a, commenced to abuse the olUcer. The policeman tor t tu-j lime paid nc> atteutiou to Hiuisey, but finally the latter'i iut-rfneiice with Patterson hi the perform Mice of his duty compelled the officer to arrest him as ho did so, WaMwy Jumped away from the oliieer and ran into bla iw!oou, and, seiKtug a pistol, Ilrc4 twice at the <<Uic?r, buth balls fortunately striking the sidewalk M*-S''y then placed the pistol at the breaat of the o'Ucer and snapped it, but could not get it to go oil. Tue uoum* soon brought to the assistance of the oiheer pol.ccm&n Kariey ai.d faiiOrord. both ot whom proceeded to arrest lUasey. In the attempt Ifotaoy made a desperate reniatuure in the struggle Massey . ot bold of the pistol again and Ored two mote shots, o?e tukog effect in the right thigh of hts own leg, and the other lodging In Uio wall, roe oitirer Anally dealt him a powerlui blew on the bead, which friled bitn to tlrn ground, lie tu then conveyed to the Foerteenth werd ntnHon hmiar, where th ball was ci tr acted from hie les by I* futnam The wouul will, no doubt, "'toabln him for life. The bar tcuicr of HUsacy was k..'u arrested and locked up. Ax Aiitoi.n Ilvai k Ph ki-ocxet ?Serah Kogarty wa3 brought be.iore AlUt-imau Urwly, at the JtHereon Markol Police Court, on charge of stealing a pockeibook contain- 1 nig *"!>, from Henry StelHng, gru.^r) uua, of No. 247 | West Twenty fifth street. The complainant allege* that . Sumh came Into b - store uudur the pr^lewe of making I Sumo purchases, when she suddenly li-esart very aH'-?? IK nate, ana. mrowinjr nor arm* arounn nut? roc or * dn>, i a'>btr?ct?-rt the much coveted wallet. Wlicu arrested tbo . prtanner had the identical pocketbook in her poa?e*alou, ' hut notwltbrtanding thii, she bad the impudence lo | |i!i ad not guilty. and say* (be e.rpecta lo be acquitted j vbcu the tafce ccmti up fur trial. lUTtirK Scanoor* ?I leas la iltzgerald wu found in fotacw-ion of a<|uanlity of ecgarn, and falling to give a **Usf.ictory account ol the manner In wblcb be procured tbo hnurW, be wa* committed l* prim on ana pic Ion of | Uroriijr. It ia Fuppaaod the property wan atolea from | the fctore of Adam Cartridge, No COS Wext street. Jivniiut BiKCi-AKa ?Foor boy*, varying from 12 lo , 15 year a uf age, uamed Michacl Donnell. Robert fox, Jeremiah Murphy and Mathew Brennan, were taken Into c klody by policemen Colo and Uaker, o( the Fifth frcciBct,oa rbarg" of having burglariously entered the atore ; of l?"J>old Wol'e, 39 Llfcpenard street, and (tenting therofr >m a lot of Uad pipe. Tht |*>lice dmcovcrod the jurer,. i* a* they were about lcannsf the premtac*. and ar- [ r i < ?< <! ihi m on the ipot. Juattce Kelly commute 1 the lads for trial. las Latk AafArtt AXD Koi. >wv at tot Unos Raci C'tRit:?Bryan Reillv, a roung man about 20 years of : a$e, waa taken into custody by pU.ceman l?oa, of the I !'! vt uth precinct. on charge of being concerned la Uio bt1 deadly aatault and robbery upon John Holland, of Jain..k-a, 1.1, Tbo aflkir happened m the I'aion Kaoe ( r a , n t;.e 2d ;r?t, on wmrL occasion Vtr Ilnlluod waa *n ba?tly beaten that he waa rendered iuaeuaible. lie baa renamed unconscious erer *inije, and bi* friend* are api,i i heMlre that d?atb nil ratue hetcre many days, i R? illy waa handed over to tbo a'.lboritlen of (Jueeno couu- ! ty for trial. Look OtT roK ri<*m?KFT*?K? Mr. Jatree Marp'iy, of I No 3t Orchard street, wae a'.tecemg a political mcc' iti the IViv, cry, on Wednesday night, tome expert re- | l.ered b'm of a golJ watch, valued at 1100. A young i uian, named Joeeph .A b rani*. who waa kuaj>.cto<ialy near i Mr. Murphy when the valuable wa* abstracted, waa ar I ii>trrt 'in charge of br U?* the thief, lad on b^ing brought ' |i.To** Just,re steer? lie waa committed ft-r ev aim nation j Tim <*? <?** .?John (>ou;herte, a verdant Iriatunan. [ waa torttir?*ri to part with IV rciterday upon w <rtliU*a tceority, by a fellow named Gerrge ^har.;Lnewiy The httcr borrowed tbo ??aer from Doegberty, and gave h m a $100 blil ihi the City Truat and Hacking Coaapaay aaooiiat<ral It a'--oat nerd:?aa to say that tbo collateral wa* worth!**, and tliat poor ftntghcrty waa awtr.dted out of hla * ' i'ol'. -emao <iat?der, of the emigrant rqoad, arrtatel bt-n'thv?sy and liad h,m locked Mp for caaaiinaiiott. Axrrmrv .' Ijthat ? B> tween acven and elftt o clock Wi iot: day f vculng a SAlIor .me-1 Ch-v.Uarainer, grit into a quarrel in allqiior ttore, at tbe comer of Mad :-oo ?trirt. near Oieauiit, whea be > *tat> in tl< left i p;dr. Tfco per not. who lii icte?l thr wound immediately fed, nod ?^ibk unknown nncceeded in making h;? <4i.?S e li e .fi.urod tr-m ?t? conveycd ti the NVw Yi>r'? B<#l'ital. where tl<? wound *? f Ji l Dot to Ik of a >. rlonn nature. Pmwioai or Oh.?vd Iu;<-?vi.?A cob>r?<l firl, tuiucd J3lou IHrnay, formerly Id the omp'oytneot of !*ul Hrimc", of No. J Uatharina rtreet, war arretted r.n bu.rl of ir. of the mooUi^ton boat- W< <1- evlay, cn Mwp'eloa o' (teallng 1100 In' a?h nnd ?D0 worth t>f we .r ng apjart. ir ttn Ler Wkt'- rri'.f'l?yer. The prl* ?rr denied a!l Lnow't'r* of tl.o wttervalxM-u of the *to on property, Lut wui comtullW-d fur examination nevcrtbeioa*. w?.. ( it ilirf-An (>ollxii>*^ JacV*oo, of l-.e Tweetjflrft j-reelect, war patrolling bin b?-?t 'u Ft .rth ar*oi.e, near Thirty-flfth atroet, "t. Tutt'Uy n!;ht tr d w?r?-e<l a m m. named ITojtwr Wh'oen, ly r# upon/he s.dewV ad profuarly frotr a wounu la Ui? thigh Tbe . In lured am. rtrntfe t< sat, retuaed te teii how * c what Banner h? wa* eot Me w?? taken t Bt'Vt * l>ital and pl*<?! cader the car"- of the hoav rnrzevo and c\rn tbrr* ho j*r?i?t^I :n k'-ej.the af>?!r a itr'ct i ore*. _ - ? , ? t Military bittlilfiM*. ItartTIl KCIKTKT0>l. Buttorileld appear* to be <*ete?rn tad a. t u-aii>? ti n r*rir v Mi* iw. irui, u omr j a vivuw; puan * 10 the Hnl dl\Wo?. litfjirif frvm t!i? ealeryrlM ?4 rf?(rT?lltjr lie has tftopteytd ?'.aoo be ?i*-ce U?t to tba G>Ikd' If jr. TUo lart new fMlura irst toted by Um C"VmoI ol \t>o T?nink ref kKioot U ftrvTicfi o( Mornlr*-Inlbt Tho I llr*t <lriil to<* plaro f* Um vab 'eat , Um tioopa *>rm g (Hi Wa?hio?t?n ?imve at ^uirkr to o'clock. Ttv-rn I w"D about >>rlj- Oto Ib Mt--o<)&cre It *the mt<<?tkoa of | I j? <o!oo?! to h*T?, later tn Uk> araeoe Ihe entire ref Imoot partlcli*iW. TV* JriM* *rf fete!/ rtlmtory C. .-vu rf "Hnavim.?A r re^jr >im be?a mt.*i . from CMcafO Maouoriiijt thai a HLr.d Aro-rteau < ymn?* : tl?- iVirnaaaeat will he held In tbat rlty dnrlac Um fwk, . c<iMoaio?o.!?f Janaary 7, IMl.aad mvN'.ng all mawU i of Uio l'n.ted Water and <'vumia to I* prvvul oo the orc*i *.too. <* Uotuand dollan la gold will be distribute 1 'a i pri>y? aa ft>Uowi ?'Twu hnadreil <V>)Ura " to U?c beet gonet-J tymnacto," two hnnlred dollara " to the itroefit | I man ,*' twohitdred doi'ani " to tb? b-?t >nb'aai.?? -4 tSf-e or met" men m reaping, poeturtaf," hr ; Me bin ' dred d<?ll%ra " to tbe f??lrconer of .ae in.le oa the rlr ei.lar trark," and ffty .io.a.a ?*.. "to tbt i-ial |< *Xrj irtera. rMpertlrely, on I be hor' -natal bar, nr. the de>l riii.t. un tbe parailfl!, oo tbe trapere xai .tajr r na, w 'b 'be floret, aa 1 w!t>? tbe Coroner* laqvtiti. M Win trnvn i? nn Twi.W: sWMS Waio ?Tbe iaq?est is tte case of Mary Hall<an, vbo died at Hellenic Hospital from tlie effect of ! ? otivtd ai the bJuidfe of her bukbaud, on tUu ui#Ut of the Mb Uikt., u previous y publi*ht.d, til held yceleriay by , Coroner ticbirmer Tbe evidence elicited did not potl- < tlveJy tmpu-aie iue prisoner, but from the ture of the assault, ami tbe ikdntniors of tbe accused made to Se'Muriby.ol iu? Tvn-nt* second precinct po'ioe, tbj "rj ^ l' t little difficulty In bringing in * verdict uf , Itumy. The prl*uBt-r, m ni? exam.nation, stated that h't name WW Martin llalitcan, that bo was thirty-eight | y?arh <.f a#e, acJ war a i?\We of Ireland In rvfereuoe to tbe char ye preferred agalna) him he bald?"I never ra.*e<1 a deadly to niy wife, a weapon of any i kind 1 osrer Ux* in my hauti ? The Coroner committed c bui 10 the Tomb* U' await the at ttou of the Grand Jury. > atat, Fat.1 too* A Wtstow?Coror.?r t-chirmer vu t cotifled yesterday 10 fcolu an Inquest at Nu. ?79 West j r. g&ircniii sireei, upcc me oouy u ualnarine H'mith. | aged seventy seven years, who died from the elects of 1 i Injuries accideut*I',y kc?!v?1 b; Call.og Crvm a third i fetor/ wl&duir. PMwvsia Cibtaltt ?Thomas k, Elliot, a lad about : ?isvsn years old, residing witb bU par wits M No. 4M Washington street, was fouud drownei at the tout o[ ' Matt* Mrwi [lecraaed, it appeard, to playing in a j tmai; beat witb a companion about bib own age, when be ' lout bis balsnee, aud falling overboard ?iia drowned. Coroner .&?< ;.man h< Id ati inquest upon the body, when j the July reuileieJ a vwdlct or accidental death. Attathiurnt Agaiatt the Great Eastern. ! SLTKKME COrP.T?-CHAMBERS. Keforc Ben. Jrdge Sutherland. Ar rat 10?R't*rt F. vs. Th? On-cU Kaxtr"T\ &?am\ip, Ktr Tac'c'e, tfe ?The plaint if ap. pltsd for an attachment acaiust the Great Kastern, for the sum of $275. for supplies furnished tc "that vessel. The Oo-.rt granted the attachmerit, and th? rronste- ship taken possession of by the Sheriff A bond wan subsequently given by the ! consiguoes to satisfy all claims that way be presouiod ; against her, and she.v <t> therefore permitted to proceed on her vojage. " . A warrant was issued from the United States Oi-trie*. . Attorney's <>tlir. for the arrest of a passenger on board the threat fcastern, who Is charged with smuggling 1 Drawing* of tii* Uci?Hitrt Stat* Luttt- ! rlee.?WOOD, rDDT * CO , M.-uikep:-* or the D'UWAHC, alSTPC** AM> HISSOCR1 ?T*T? 1/VmXTW. Iiiuwji'r-Kmi Cun No V.', acm-t Hi 18U) 67, 37. 28, 3?, 54. 60. 17. 74. S. 68, 27. 13. Dri-iWARX?No. Xt>. A'ucpm 10. Isio 3!>, 58, 46, 8, 23. 72. 3o. 74. 68, 26. 6. 42, 17. Circular* arm free of cb*r??< by Mtdreeninft eitbor to WOOD KI>OT A O., Wllmlojrton, Delaware, 0/ to WOOD. BODY A CO.. St. Uoula, Hieaoort. Drawings of Franc#, Broad beats A Co.'a Delaware 1 otterle*:? fci"*sat Cooutt?IPS. Acco?T IS, 1W. 66, 44, 18, 84, 61. 67, 21, lti. 60, 14. 28, 6!*. CoKauUMTcu Close 141, Aucjusr 16. 1!MU. 19. 2, 8. 6?. 72, 62, ?, 60, 53, 4, 73, 6. Ran ukoaiiukn rs a co., Manager*. Wilmington Delaware. Official Drawln||i of Hod gee. Davis dt CO.'S Couetudatrd Lotteru * of (letrula:? Cu?v 410, A cot'? I 15, 1S40. 7, #3, 8, 11, 67, 2J, 7ft, 20. 31. 61. 40, 61. HODWKS, DA\ Us A CO.. Mhimicra. Uncoil, Get cgia. Ko)'al Havana Loiltiy.-Kot, 18,011, 2.3Nf. 2 :k?. 23.S71 Is.a 17. dren I lie five Capital 1'n/ri lu dr*iv lux ui Auifua) 4, 1M0 Clrcul>r? eent fre<- bjr addressing R. Ch.hIio, t>- K.ciinUfc- p'tet*. Nf-w Inrk. SIX Fine Shli ta for $N. MOODY'S sh-rt HhnuriM^Tr:-, 26i iSrca Ivvay. ] Brooklyn Photograph*.?Miniature, Cabinet, i?; ctm. ai d lilt -i t'UAK II. \V1LUAMm>K, fchUbUW I 51. Garni)'a Gallery, 1 ! "or broadwav. Piiotrgraiili*. t\. retype*. ] Miniatures lu OU, auc l?^t < r."tot > pes. Fails' Photographic Gallery (l.ate ?>t * !S<>.1 Hri Aft .vnjr,. j? until- t t ti-fc ..ret artis-a i.i p?ch ?tppKrtrarnt. it. that their l-<: rca mataU'-o well known superiority. Conorntfateil Meary Power and l.lttle'e. t re-.. i-rinuu i.. .1 <tem>e rulic L-vic.rt ?fall fK.i\ ;* ? auii' cni.iJl <'brMla?s | hi yhrd by H<>uMKS. Tweu?yfinJ lteads UJiialrulvtl fur 91 Uwller>. 3S* Hiu.uiw?y. Wbttltt A Wllion'i KchIkr Nn< hln?, oflice aui *y. W. V. Grover 4b Baktr't Cdelirktcd .%wt<flrH hewing Mo'hWMfi. ttte b'-nt in nw for ftn'ly 'owing ItfS HroaUwaj, Kcw York, and IKI Kt.iton atreet, Kr. -k.1 Tn. All Rent* paid for Mewing Madilati la m> list PVKCHASE OKK OF TliiTri T ri'B tTKP Kl RKAg. Anil Tt.y tor it in Week!. ira > ill*. Ak'?d!? wuuUhI. Oibcc idZ ?iro..'!?*>, iteojd door above mm n? atoact. Heritng'a Patrai ( hamplon Klre antl MreUr Safes. 351 H;i .<l?rn>,c ruer Muiray stiert, New Yor?. Ntclnway & son*' 0\eratri><iK tiaud aGtl ?<(M ire Put) '* ire warrants'! for Qve yeaii. WRtvrooats ">i and M WaLltri llrrel. To hunt hern and H nttrn Nirrhanti. Atenta wanted. Apply at the Kurt ku hewtu* Machine uOoa. 4M Broadway. __ Ho< Air Karaace* and Portable Heater.?The Ixat ?nU t hmpeat lUkJiTl.KTT * LKflLIY. %*> Broadway. Champion llelt lllngt?A Ka< Mmlle of ! , tkr CliiBi t a It*-!:, s.itne a* ?<>m by ll< euxu au l McfVtiaid lor e, wbo.ej?ale and ri-tkil, I.. JaMKS K ant,hk> | I TKK h:i'!a<1 rtn* Jf w>-irr, 1*7 fe. "*dway. N. Y. Batchelor'a Hair Dye ia the Heat In th? wo. Id Mare sold and Apflteu Inappropriate prl tie room*, at iVe wlx Urtory, It Hnud atn?i. Cllrebnfth'a lllnalva Wlt.-A nonltjr. i Partlrr* nn?i? nable: no turning up behind. Wt Broadway, j aext to A. T. Bu-wana. Crtoiadoro'a Hair Of*, Wlfi and fmipeea. Ike beat In the world, wholesale and retail, and tk* 4>e prUalely applied No 6 Aao.r House. Nr. Andrew Held, Wi) llroadwa)-, einp'.o?ed for ttrer yea-a 'imr eity ph> at an ?i) eriae of W?, for rineworm ? ?> hi" < hlliirt- * lie?rt?. wltbmr benrill^jet till ?m'K .. Il/.i i IMU *riH l)n,lnnf>nt a pieleeura Trawri ?Dr. March t untlnnu to Apply ht? rm tlcaJ ( i.nlnii wtik mfi m u> the !re*ua*r' r* llx-nla Inian fen XhmiMer Hrncri huxoeiulr>n IU-, u?n *.lk r'aallp ht<< kin/rn, Helta j; Trr?-?* and all app'laneea Hi tiled A ;adj in " iMlur"' In fttfewkl 'V partmest. So. 3 ^ r%rj lUffl. Aalot Mju-t, opj. - la fanl rbuftth. ItML Kiur*? Bumla Faat Norwich, I* T..00 Thursday, Aucual Id, t?> the Ker. C. MkM, Mr I nm W. of Nrw York, to IILm HI ?*y A. Rv: 1, of tlx former pla<-e 8rrt?*?Ki hu j.?Al (?.>?? 1, ivTrnn;',i i! Turadair. Julv81,Mr litof thie rlty, to Mjw Sot'nu Rno. Die*. tkiuat.?On W Jm wJujf eo.tif, Au^.t 1 i, \i Bikdi, a Um 09Ui year of Lie a*<v TL? friend ami r*Ut!Tri of the Kmily are reepa tfully inrite.l to attend hi* frneral. from hi* lat* re* Men re, N'?.. Sit I'nurth atreet. Waf-Jt ;gtor. tqliar*, tbM /Kn-l/'j). Anfi'tt IT, at 4 o'clock P. M , without further Uiv.tattoa lUrcr * ?In Hr"?kl) n, on Wed** Any taornlif August It, C*ltoi >> II., wife of I red'k B Bart ?. iu><! <l? .*til? r of A. P K Mo?re of I'btMetphla, la tV IMifc year i>f Li r ?3t>. BrrKta ?< "o WVdrjfs?:ay. Aog> t ki, 1/HTt Waitw, I , Infant ?>a W arid tiniiri B- .*!!&.agM Tmoath* I and IS daj i. The friend* ami rr'.a\v?-? of the taraU} arc r-tp ciCl 'y Invited to atti'ud tb< f jscrat, from tV n rider re of h? parent*. No 2M l.igMH ar?nue, th. i (Fridaf ) ?flwn, at car o'rlork. Her remataa wlii be taken to i'Wiadcipli'.a for i?w>r- 1 Mat. C. AUK ? At H'.ateo on Tcetday, An;? 111 I KiAXi ahoh, only daujj'itcr if #r. J. 0. Clark, i^t?l 8 years, 11 n>- ut* ? and 17 da.' Ihe nlai.TiHi an i friend* of ?h' fam ly are rrepeetftal.y f tavlted to atVn 1 the f- ral, a n- t'-e, fnni , V* iT?-!<!?>nee af b<*r pari-itr. i<?f fVloryrill*', tiila fil day 1 alt* rr^oou at taro o r:<?k 1t.. t-,, .^,4.. v,, , < in f>, . n J -cjib a&d I*! * C.*ia;>b*lf. 6 ; oar* .ittd It n 'irtti Tji tr -B'l* iif lb?' family an- In' ml t<> alWud'j 1 neral. ttoli (frlday i afU>rrio<'?, M l?*lf p*?l two ! |H4 Wrat Forty third Mr<<-t Thur*<l?y a<? ? H,? ? .am I. , d%.igh*(f nf (i W ud Hrir tttA P. Child, ajr-1 t ye*.-, i Hi' tilta tLit 19 4aya. TV r?l?t t? \n 1 fT'wada ^rc I. U ij' V thf fnarral. < a Saturday illi'tin o, al Imp o rlork, fiooi (bo pf h'r par? aU, cutnir yf ' '*' * > V'l K'ot art-ant*, Ftft Br ?klj? rmniN -On Tbirsdi;. Aujr'ft Hrt M\?tCun us, in ?V> alth year ut h< r ?*e, ilw a *: on b ? j ?mf I u.rcw Tli* friMilii ud rrlat tm uf IU? famiiy ar. rt*|->i.Uijr iBTlW<l Uia?l?nd thr fiinrral. rrwt IL?" r??r|i|?cci <' 'iff ?? ia taw, J. d Hall, Mndsmi arrrno, Br* \yr, w lb oat fnrth'-r mAtra, ?a ?tM inlaj aft?Tt. o?, *1 (?iix ocbrautt ?ta Brook iy a, tm Yr.-ir?.lay ?? \acfnt M , danfhtcr J t?>awi Daolly. tba rauttTM and frlenda ?1 t'*> %rr tr* t' 1 V> att'lM thr f?iD?ral from t?r r< d'ncr ot her mthor, UT A>t<J)?l ilrwl, Ihh (f rl iAj; aflorbnon, at it,ma ?<>e TViraday. Augii*t li a.U r a arrw 111 ar??. tfcc l*k>T**ar?a cj n ?jwU> to'I Patrick ?:or?<y, *fi tj'ii a>> I ttoaUia Th? fri'Wla aad Mtna.thuv^ rf Ik" nwru'y arc I*. Ti*truV.f l6flt*d X? atlM'ltfca 'cr'?ai, at tw( ?> (?*, from tb?'rrat<t?.<? o4 param, frrt? ?. * cl ?tr<d, ?>-V%r*tD Fir?t t.ud Hecnwd am * Hiu ? In t*? rity, n Th- rarta, trrr -if. Aa*"?t 16. !*> ? It, ?<>n of 0?oife C. v>4 Harr" t K P*r hi *iti? and Tt Jaja Tb? ntac'ta ? < ?b. iBJO ly ara ir.< >t*d u> atU? I tl^. fnn? rat ln?n Ma fnh??'? roai'i'Ti'*, J?" W'lt Twootiath %W.M, Ihia (( ri'lajr) ?rUft.<?<f>, at twoo'clnf*. iiium-la W ?t b(-?t/;r, on n?dr?ad?? Jtnr 1 1.*>, A J?' mh?*, ?a of th' K-r C P lac?? , |i f>. 1%.! frlrnitf of the (Holly an> tor ted atvanit the (i" 5 nera i tbls <Tr day) afteroocn, 11 four 0 clock ; ? IWri cburch Westchester. Kc>dikM ?On Tburaday, AUfU I OOQauB ) Buuiaku K kixfi-kK, agrd MJ years Tbe rtUUrvu uiJ friends of the family, and New Vrt Sandy Book pilots, are respectfully Inrlted to attond ,'tmeral, from his late residsoce, 191 South Fi tb etreri ixi*tter of Hovt-oth street, Brooklyn, fc. D., ou Sua day alien '>00, at three o'clock. Mai-hmth ?In Brooklyn,on Thursday momtnf, Atigmt 10, at u " residence of his son, 1'eler C. Mathews, John VUthkwh, Id I he 8Mb year of big a <e, rcoidi'i* wlil be conveyed to L'aioorllie, th.s (Frtla>) niorni^g. by the Harlem 8 16 train. Mahov?Ou Thursday, August 10, Joict L. ( ibe 66ih year of flit age. Notice of funeral 4o-morrow. (iwt>m?Suddenly, at Irvingtcn, H. T., oo Tburadiy, tugust 18, Dxnsi. 8 (?Wi >, aged l> Jim* and 4 mouth*, mly s?d of I). 8 and A no-- if. Owens. The frletTds of the ramlly re invited te attend the fu i?-ral, at Irvlugton, on Haturilay ateixoon, at five o clurtt. >aln leave Chamber* mrwl relu'nini? ftrom Tarry .own at 8,.where the remain* wul be interred Kahitt ?On rhursday, Ajki>I M. after a short I'm#**, Ions IUhitt, a native of Mount Temple o?unt/, Weatxteatb, Inland, agcu 48 yrar?. Tno friendg of the ramlly are rfOJef'ed lo attead tbe rum ml tlni (Kr?ia>) afternoon, at two o'clock, from hi* late reeioence, comer of Van Brunt aad Delaraa air rati, South Bruuklyn, without further nolle*. Ruwkt. _At Mount I'rospect, leulni Park, on We* neaday, August 15, Aij^k l?t i.ucy, the only child of Alexander and Annie Kenwick, aura 14 month*. Ru;-s--<>u WcdncRUv, ah <i:si 15, U**i?A, wLle ef Charles Ki*s, aged US yean. The relatives and frienda of the family ar? respectful^ Invited to attend the funeral, from her la*e residence, Ninety acoand wtreet and I.Rlith avenue, 1MB (l>r?dar> alteraoon, at three o'clock, without turtbe/ invitation. Her remains will be taken to Trinity Cemetery for lotarbh"l - j' (hi Monday morning, August 1?, flaitaiMT ' W., Son of Lew it T. SUansbery, aged ao j eara, ? rnontta and lifl day*. The relatives and friends of the family are reepectrjiv Invited to attend the f jneraJ. from tue real lent* of Ma grandfather, Jamea Htaasbcrv, No l'JJ S\>at K ,i.u<-oU? street, this (Friday) afternoon, at two oYlock, w.itioo* further Invitation. Si-ixkk?Co Wednesday moruiae, August 15, in ttM C2d year of hit> n?e, Jon.* M Smew, eldest aoo of tha late Rev. Ichttbod S Spenser. The friends of the fami'y are respectfully Inritod to at truu iuc luunai, iruw iuc nnucuco ui uis iu?inrr , mn Pineapple atri-ct. Brooklyn, *t three o'clock this (Friday) iftcruouo. Sunn.?On Wednesday, August IS.^Catiujum >*rw, ?ge<l 77 years. The relative* and friends of the aie respectliiflr invited to attend the funeral, from her late nsldwice, '?T% West higliteeuth street, tlilb (Friday) aJteinoou, at tar* o'clock. Tin-** ?On W'(Mlno?<lay, August 15, Oiokob I.rrmx, sou oi ?re?i?rk>k P. and datut A. l'appvo, aged 2 jrwm and 7 months. The relatives and friends ol the family arc ruspeolftiar Invited lo attend the Mineral, this ( aftaruOM, *4 halt past two o'clock, from tau residence <n b;| parents, 878 West eighteenth ?ir?-?t Tm-uahi ? On Touri-dsj , Augual 10, SLi uakd Jaui, on of lli'iry uud Kosc Tepgurt, aged 1 yew, 7 awutlM and 10 dajs. The remain* will bo removed for interment to Calvary Cemetery, from tbo residence of hi* jiarests, No W)t^ Second avenue, on Saturday afternoon, at two o'clock. Wiuti'*?tHi Thursday, August 10, CiUR:m W Wioik, sou (f George and Margaret Weeks, aged 11 mouth* >*4 11 lays. The friends and relatives are requested to attend the funeral, this (Friday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from Us parents' residence, corner of Socth Kighth and Wa<di:j^ ton streets, Jersey City. Wuitv..?At Flushiug, I. I , on W< dnesday, Ai.?cst It, Jons W WBirt, in the 47th year of hid t^e lhe funeral will take (Ware intra the t tmbicg boat, MtonuiajU't slip, this (Friday) morning, at nine o'clock. His remains wlil be con-eyed to New Vork Bay Om?terf Tor Interment Whitsoril.?-In N'ew, S. J., on Wedncsdsf. August 1;>, Xwits Adams, only daughter of Oeorge aad [.tally E. Wh.tsuore, sgea 1 year anil - months. UkNi> WANTKI>-1N KVKRV Uir* AND TllWS IX llix Vlilted SlalM. for tlis sala of Thorley's Fond fur Uu Lie. i>sin.i orti A f*om Kuplnnrt, and liberid tnrms awinlod. Depot 21 Broadway, New York. AT WHOI.K8AUC.-HeA A RH FROM |l TO fill CAM buyers ars?Qered great Inducements.' O. CDEKKH. 17 Broad?*r. ATfJ-KHOEK AND CAITKKM AT JONI3}', it A 3 V 12 Ann street, a new sjle, and ivairauledu; el e par feet satisfaction. ACKKAT BKDCCTTCN IN DOC BMC Tflft K A P KKW in* M lilnns Ilwll pi we Jor si .1y day*, hi tim wtioia sale rooms of the Union tewtng !U.k. hi tie Company. S2 mid M Jobti street AOENOINK IIAIH BF.STORATIVK TWENTY nr? thousand |(ni? s< '.d In oae year. The iaun< n>? sa.e ?a)4 popularity of WOOD'S Hair K'-storatlve bu r?i se<t every eluirls'ioi in tlie country to vn Into the msnnlaeture i.' mm sort o: prep.'tni lon forthe hnlr If you w?m a g.-n ,n? Ithir restorative, buy Prof. o. j. Mood's iii* article, at hi> rumsa cl over four hundra.! thousand dollars, has linen In tn sirred lt.ta every psrt ul the l'nl"ii, mid now, sfier a (e?l of more ttiaa seven ynnrs. the verdict has been pmuonneted iinsn. uoi.dy by the iv hole eoyle in us fsvor. Twenty are thousand rmssthn-e uilli imssli hundred thousand hr'silea -toil la u?? ysnr. strouiter evidence of Uu rentoraUve propertus rs? N produced" liepot No. 4U llroadwsy, and sold by ali T "WiSs BRYANT'S LNRIVAL1.KH KTOMA?'H BfTTKRX. DKrOT NO. SSOl'TH Wn.I.IAU HTREET, W. Y. 1>A>K OF TlIK RKPt'BLIC, It Sr.w Tor*, AuiruS If I 4P. I'r. Von Mrtch-taker treated me rordearnes* ver. ?'<>v^ssfully and s-itiafaetorlly. My bearing v*s restored i? d na tUmes ss ( ' rt ns evi-r. and I add my testimony In bis f, <? . O. P I \?AR, I'resldent of th? Hank of the K?i.'iblle. A1.1. l'KRM ?NH WHO 11 AYR FAll.KO TO OKT ( I Rin KI.SKWIIK.HK, 8BOUI.D AT ON't'K caix ON OR. VON MOSCHZISKKR, 0<;i'CJ.IST ANf ACRIVT. W HO WIU. RIWTOBK T11KIR IIKARIKiI WITH HIS hKWUK i.ovaavtro KAlt VAPORIZKB, Wlliril RKKTORKii TlIK Hh AI'.IMW ik thk mont OBSTINATE CA PUN, a.VP WOW TlIK NOIMl UI THK It KAlt. wnrtwvr* t??v* ?wi kdstorko to RBAaisa siro ".rjm. okh(tk ii? Cl.fNTOIX PI.ack, KIUHT1I stkf'ft. CVtRDIAL COttKAC HITTKRS IMMROtATKI.T RIB) lieves 1'lsrh.ea, agoe an?* ^ I nia'ailacks. H htkfn FK1.I>, sole lmp<irter, M' N i-k.i New York, sod far sale by all ircgflo.s, aars i.;d gi-<-e? < t. CORNS, nrvi- NO IN V KKTK1) NaHA BN1.AR4MD Joints, and si * oi ih? ' ot . ?*t w4'><v ?nh? li.convenieu in tbe ,..i.enL bj l>r /.a IiaIMS. rtiuyai 4-btr 'prdtst, 7 ?' oadaay Uefrrt u> t'.,... Afe* ae4 surassa of the city. / 1UKAPlr~T liNhllRlT.i'l'" IN *11R irnitt.n V W? ?r? u<? i'? n*. I, : *? *.(?<!* #.< : ? ?*?*<! Inihf | 'iMi "u >11 ?t qir r n'mnt lien i t.. ttr* lnihelw?iinir.n>r, U'i m; i<?. /U* Pf'Kif Hare detle* t!i?t ? rlii Any out ?h t t.i , .r ! H returned to caU *r d ?? ! ir b'ms^?r. We t-tc it* be?l R?fe for tJ.r ], ?? mt. HTEAK.N* .? ?t MtVIff, 535 Hroain*. cortrr of Worth ?;ree!, ffp? V' rk. CRIROMNK HTF.KKK?WANTED IMMPI ATTXt, four lotia of Skirt Ftcel Ho I", or won'' roni-al lor % pouuda per day for slit; d?/? cnterrd or i.nrn-. i r, ' I. M \r. RTKKX, or l.lhrr?.. El noticiono dk mkva tokk, TBI. popular si-anikn akikicak rim HAKPROOK OF NKWH AN1?"THAI>E. rM Or* EPA Mill AHFRJOAN vtmrKRO. PCRIWMJFD TIIIM NORMNIi, \Vis ?* iMTKMrrixo LKrritn* ?no* MADRID. PARIS, PANAMA AJ?I> WAWIfKUTi *ti. f?>W* FROM CV It A. MKMU* \ KMKXVKLA, fJNOIVA, *r. Till xkxr i'hkhen ' r<> *Wi TOVR Ht'AMAil FRUNI* Cmr* !*." <>? it 24 Ash ?t rnf gMMV EJWTIHDAT. KAl iJkH AliUH a nkw wtkkm ~-ronr r\r*n li'mttratrJ t.? the h*i? id Vr.i York, cm r?Vife4te. bj iv be*. In K .mj< arvt Ain< rt??. Pnt/'UNd ?! I; i>i Ki t, dl}. IMU< ? fTlHKK iR' td. <.r* ft tnpj nn4 remd I Ttai .? ?n r.(l'.n? ae; . * e rr ?> ? t>' * . a^ R> "1UX Wtl.H IIIMKIW, GAS nxtvWHi J fv.U'RKV. II ,fi*m 'bi.'Wl. T* Hra rVi, &r ti (i>r pn*. xet r? . i .a* to fuah? ( ur <?*. ?' '?b wij !-? ??1 HWTT I A1MR-T ftr.l UIEAi'KXt In *e?r V< rlt. W. J. f iMlLBY ? O. So ?1 HKTFAP. ? * CO.. ? VTKNT HOT . tKKKFT* - Rtrt K. I>> A J *1 III. t I'.UiT l-OWI'H, aj;i> \ KMMt>' i mtropwi Thr fi'il/ irrljr rellabV arlirie i?i ? u nainat* bfi b-i fx <*i*m b'f? garden a?wu, rftt? fte>: ml? e. Ir/iiw 'pal dip**, 1W lhm*V' R-UI Uf ftll drurj;l??a. CT>' ?Jnui HROIXK ctTKAJIKI) in KIUTII H?CRK <.* r <rh?w and ? "! Ml*? l? ? !?. Wooe t?a* *in?V? iaeert PeM.-w ?/ i?ud rftiw,1. Il ll< *? Oor'r* ? Uk?u ir> ate*# b< 14JO, atai>rn?K? and r?a?lr. hj^r ho jra rtea-ad la o?? b' 7. A liplv U> t. illOfWS, rtlnelpaj ileixA, *W Biaad w?; under H*. ffltbolM Hoy-1. _ _______ r#lia THIRD iDlilVN roll At'U'MT f Si?i% raMtjr of to* om.T orrtviAi. Aau.wa* ai'tire ?Jt VKIT1I1 UTATBi AND TTIK CAN\U.V H?ft.\tNe!' itnvln* Al'ri.Hfl \K MAIV*AY <M7UML Wr c tuudir A*l Ui" aab'laL.ri U>l hclffM " U?* "]> /? the inT?ll'a( v altc bjr 'be pi.hHo.jloo <J thia work Tho nun' ,K Ik Jim l > < ail *^rvn>f! laul Uia i.rV rum Ui(4 r*ifch? Ri v* O 1? ?Ul U? tailMUl/ mm "* wwiU W?mil ttat Um r??w*j *rrn?* r it vii< I riW'l HVM?? an*! th? < kuwUa (** ? U*?r i. 4 )H tmt? no) rf< imlM) *bd suppx* NpvltK ?* <JuVfc> M iBetei or^.in, md ikat fww* ?n>t'-? 4 U??e nklf. mil t/tr? Umin?ti ?.? fot wurdtxl to lb' lu. FHAi-n ?< oRHi.\??. frtiilpn! N. T. 0?,.V?i R R. JV.HR THOMPSON. IV.I P^umlTmn A ( ul.-?U ? IL HWIlKi. SU>AN, Prut Iti: '-- H?*i- R K. J. n. Bl'f K J .BY Frf*. * T . -I N?v. n. >r * a. * M. r> l-TOR>r.*4. l"k . , ?M B-.J* < ? ? wm it. OHtofcw ift-ti 'Ut. | J. t*. JIROORM. 1-rwrf MM.Ma R It&SJs'oLv s \T |l . in. Kn.! .JtttoMh.'W *''.! * * I i' V' "K.Vre* T. rf. iu<><- Md RtHw. ?u? R R A0r* n> #>#rr V-?*. n. ?r?,r.Tt)i? % ?x>.. i?<ibii*M?. ?U Mi ??? Rr^l*??.

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