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Santa Cruz Sentinel from Santa Cruz, California • Page 1

Santa Cruz Sentinel from Santa Cruz, California • Page 1

Santa Cruz, California
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Weather Report Temperature for 24-hour period ending at 5 p.m. yesterday, maximum 73, minimum 39. Monterey Bay Area Fog Sunday morning, increasing cloudiness Sunday afternoon. Probably some light rain late Sunday night and Mondey. Low Sunday 42 to 52, high 60 to 65.

Wind; becoming southerly 10 to 20 knots by late Sunday. Serving Santa Cruz County for More Than 100 Years SANTA CRUZ, CALIFORNIA SUNDAY MORNING, MARCH 29, 1964 108th Year-No. 75 Second Class Postage i Paid at Santa Cruz, California tA. Sunday and Dally wc Excepting Saturday FORTY PAGES mm urn (2 Twisted Remains Of Main Street l' "I'll 42 Aftershocks, Frigid Weather Slow Rescuers By Ward Sims Associated Press Writer Anchorage, Alaska (AP). One of history's mightiest earthquakes spread terrible devastation in Alaska, but the still-quivering, snowy ruins Saturday night yielded a surprisingly low toll of known dead.

The governor's office in unharmed Juneau, far to the south of the quake center, reported total deaths in America's largest state might not exceed 50. "Casualties are less than we ever dreamed they could be," said Secretary of State Hugh Wade. Authoritative figures were unlikely for several days. Anchorage, Seward, Valdez and a score of smaller communities on the Gulf of More 'Quake Pics On Page 12 Four Waves Leve Crescent City 1 r' -f 0 53', Anchorage This was the way the main street of Anchorage, Fourth avenue, appeared shortly after a major earthquake struck Friday. The main business area has been closed off and is patrolled by army troops.

(AP Wirephoto) syiiiiiininiiiiiiniiiniiiiiiiiiiniiiniiiiiim Airliner With 5 Onto Vesuvius Passengers On Italian Plane Alaska dug through frigid rubble and reeled apprehen sively from at least 42 aftershocks from the great cataclysm of 5:36 p.m., 10:36 p.m. (EST) Good Friday evening. President Johnson declared the state a major disaster area and pledged all federal government resources in providing aid. Gov. William Egan estimated the cost through the state at a conservative minimum of $250 million.

Anchorage, Alaska's largest city with a metropolitan area population of 100,000, suffered spectacular damage from the shock, but official death tallies 24 hours later ranged from 7 to 16. Hard-hit Seward, 60 miles southeast across the Kenai Peninsula, and Valdez, 150 miles south on Prince William Sound, counted three dead in each city, with 20 and 24 missing, respectively. Giant seismic sea waves generated by the quake smashed a half dozen smaller towns rimming the Gulf of Alaska to the south and on Kodiak Island to the southwest. Quake-caused tidal action was reported across the vast Pacific. At least 10 died and 15 were reported missing at Crescent City, more than 2000 miles south of the quake's epicenter.

One child drowned and three persons were missing when the waves caught a sleening family on a beach near Ore. The far-racing waves slashed at the Hawaiian Islands without major damage and finally spent themselves lapping Japan and Siberia. Saturday the series of aftershocks crested fear at the quake scene but raised no new sea waves. Troops patrolled a 30-block area of downtown Ancnorage through the day and night. No one was permitted to enter or leave the district after dark.

Valdez, a town of 1200, was completely evacuated during the day. Most drove their cars to a camp at Gulkana, 117 highway miles northeast. Fire destroyed the Valdez business district. Seward, where a great smoky fire from ruptured oil tanks burned all day, reported the fire was confined to the dock area. Markets opened briefly during the day, some selling groceries that the shock had left heaped in aisles.

There was a foot or two of snow on the ground throughout most of the area. Downtown Anchorage had four inches. Fire destroyed the Valdez business district and the waterfront facilities at Seward, including Standard Oil and Texaco storage tanks, which sent flames hundreds of feet and lit the night sky. First reports from Kodiak indicated much of the town was destroyed and 50 had been killed. But later, Adm.

R. E. Riera, commander of the Alaskan sea frontier with headquarters in Kodiak, said there had been no casualties. yards from shore when he was trying to beach the boat. Monnieh and Adams jumped overboard and yelled for help.

They were picked up by The Julian, a 20-foot outboard, owned and operated by Clifford Julian of Santa Clara. Neither man was injured in the mishap. The Big Boy 2 was purchased by Monnieh about four months ago from the Cottardo Stagnaro corpora; It was built some 15 years; ago at a cost of $35,000 and had been used for excursion trips on the bay and as a water taxi to take fishermen to fishing barges in the ocean. The first tidal wave surge to hit the harbor carried out the 35 by 10-foot floating dredge owned by the Edwards Equipment company of San Mateo. The dredge, which had been brought to the harbor for sand removal, completely disappeared.

Yesterday the Coast Guard Cutter Ewing of Monterey sighted 30 of the dredge's floats in the bay. The Coast Guard shot holes in the floats and sunk the navigation hazards. just a third of a mile away from tourist hotel, a restaurant and an observatory. No one in the group of buildings was hurt. Search parties toiling up the side of Mt.

Vesuvius sent back word that they had located the wreckage Easter morning about three hours after midnight. Aboard The plane, a turboprop four-engine Viscount on a flight from Rome, crashed on the lower reaches of the volcano on the side overlooking Naples. The airliner hit not far from where a road ends and a funicular rail line starts toward the top of the 4000 foot valcano. from honolulu to Los Angeles It was returning from Wake Island. Three Coast Guard cutters and two Navy ships were diverted to the area.

Coast Guard, Navy and Air Force sent planes. Travis Air Force Base, sent four Globemasters on a staggered basis so that at least one would always be over the area. Cars were flipped about like straws. Some were piled on each other. Others were hurled into and under buildings.

Harley Forkner, Del Norte County road commissioner, said it would take at least four days to clear the roads. National Guardsmen patrolled the wrecked area with carbines and arrested one man for looting. At 5 p.m. as fog rolled in and shrouded the scene of tragedy, a curfew was clamped. All persons were barred from the wrecked blocks.

The returned homeless huddled at a hall set up by the Red Cross. Dazed adults sought missing relatives. Sad-eyed children clutched their pets. Along U.S. 101, some of the buildings had the appearance of having been wrecked by explosions.

William Parker, city and county director of civil defense, said some of the victims were trapped in waterfront restaurants and bars. Seven others were reported flung into the bay from an overturned boat. Two bodies floated ashore and searchers grappled with hooks for others. One man clutched his home and watched the waters carry his wife away. Several bodies were seen float ing along swollen Elk Creek.

Red Cross Aids In Contacting 'Quake Victims People worried about relatives or friends in the quake and tidal wave disaster areas may contact the Rod Cross or ham radio operators for information. Ted Schipper, Santa Cruz Red Cross chapter chairman, said over 50 calls had been received by early yesterday afternoon. They are being processed through the national headquarters in Washington, DC. Schipper said inquiries are being taken at 423-33(i0, but requested only urgent requests be made. At Watsonville Mr.

and Mrs. Mclvin DcLauney, both ham radio operators, are funneling information to the disaster areas by radio code. They may be reached at 724 1484. They also asked that inquiries be held to relatives. where the tidal surge pushed water to the boardwalk steps and the Beach street seawall.

No damage was reported at the Municipal wharf. Sheriff's deputies warned people of the low-lying areas, mainly at Rio del Mar, to evacuate. I'ndersheriff Paul Tara said: "We advised the people to leave immediately as a personal safeguard to their families. They were all most cooperative." The downtown area of Capitola was also evacuated. At one time water surged in and over the Esplanade seawall, a not uncommon happening at high tides.

Police Lt. Dave Esty said when the water receded: "It looked like someone had pulled the plug out of the bottom of the bay." He said at the extreme low, you could walk two-thirds of the way out under the Capitola wharf without getting wet. By a quirk of timing, the high water hit the beaches at a time when they were virtually deserted. Even at the Boardwalk, the Cocoanut Grove dance had let out and relatively few people were in the area. Crescent City (fft.

This wrecked Pacific Coast logging and fishing seaport counted at least 10 dead and 15 missing Saturday, victims of four tidal waves flung inland by a violent earthquake in Alaska. The seablows between 10 p.m. Friday until just after midnight devastated 29 blocks of stores and houses of this northern California town 340 miles north of San Francisco. More than 300 buildings were flattened or knocked askew. Property damages were estimated in the millions of dollars, perhaps in excess of $30 million.

The town's 3000 residents fled but belatedly. Although two radio stations broadcast warnings, residents were deceived by the first two light waves. Then two mammoth waves struck. Some witnesses said these waves were up to 15 feet high Powerful suction as great masses of water receded did the big damage. Short rircuited wires set Texaco and Union Oil gasoline storage tanks ablaze near the waterfront.

One went up with a roar. Towering flames shot Into the night sky. They still burned long after daylight. Along Front street bordering the harbor, stores crumbled and bits of their wreckage floated out to sea. Tidal waves washed masses of mud and rock four blocks inland.

Houses were washed complete ly off their foundations. Trees were uprooted. Asphalt topping on streets was sheared off. Streets and U.S. Highway 101 were clogged with llotsam, bushes and tree limbs.

Fear gripped the fleeing pop ulace. One man, Oren Magruder, died of a heart attack. There were reports of at least three cases of premature births at Seaside Hospital. Two married couples were among the identified dead. They were Mr.

and Mrs. Earl Edwards and Mr. and Mrs. William Claw-son. Another victim was identified only as "Frenchie." Bodies recovered included those of two children, Bonita and William Wright.

Henry Newman, a civil defense official, lost his television repair shop. His wife lost a dress shop and health food store. The force of the water was awesome. Houses were tossed out onto highways. It is assumed that the dredge sunk immediately and may have caused the break in the bottom of the Big Boy 2.

Port Director Ralph Ring said several successive surges came into the harbor, at times causing the water level to rise to 10 feet above sea level. When the waves receded, the harbor was dry and boats were resting on the sand. Damage in the harbor was slight, An auxiliary platform was broken up, a small boat overturned and several were scratched when jostled by the swirling water. "We're in very, very good shape," Ring said yesterday after a survey of the harbor. As a precaution against possible disaster, city police cleared the beach area and blocked off Beach street traffic.

Some motel balconies were covered with spectators who headed to the area and surrounding cliffs to watch the action. Skip Littlelield of Santa Cruz Seaside company said there was no damage to the Boardwalk, Military Charter Plane Lost In Pacific; Nine Men Aboard 1 News In Brier E2 Celebrate Easter Thorughout World New York UP). Christians by the millions around the world will observe Easter Sunday in a theme of ecumenical good will. Pope Paul VI extended a Roman Catholic "well-wishing Easter salute to the Oriental churches" and "greetings and peace to all the Anglican churches." Catholic and Protestants alike will flock to churches to observe the resurrection of Christ. Great Bells Of Jerusalem Ring Out Jerusalem, Jordan Uft.

The great bells of Jerusalem pealed forth the joyous tidings of Christ's Resurrection this Eastern Sunday morning and pilgrims from around the globe bowed to pray within the Holy City's walls. In chill, starlit darkness before down, armed Arab troops on the massive battlements overlooking no-man's land in Israel raised their heads at the sound of the bells and pilgrims sang hymns by flickering torchlight beneath the Mount of Olives. Man Held In Double Murder Las Vegas, (PI. A California mother and daughter Were found shot to death Saturday on a blacktop road about 10 miles southwest of Las Vegas, and sheriff's officers held an Oregon man for questioning in the case. Booked for investigation of homicide was Roy Warren Osborn, 36, of Portland.

Officers said he denied everything. Found dead on State Highway 16 were Inez Mulloy, about 50, and her daughter, Norma, 22, both of 428 W. Van Camp San Gabriel. Each had been shot through the head. Sheriff's Capt.

William O'Reilly said the mother's blood-. Spattered car was spotted about midnight by a downtown parking attendant. In it were Osborn's duffle bag, a 38-caliber gun and a bullet hole. Klamath River Wave Kills Two Klamath, Calif. UP).

The first tidal wave that roared up the Klamath river just after midnight Saturday morning swept two Air Force sergeants off their feet and carried one out to sea. Sgts. Donald McClure, 33, and Robert Harrington were fishing for eel at the mouth of the Klamath when the huge wave took them off their feet at 12:09 a.m. and carried them upriver. Fire Levels Coast Lumber Mill The main mill at the Ocean View Lumber company, about three miles north of the Santa Cruz San Mateo county line the Ocenn Shore highway, was leveled by fire last night, according to the Belmont station of the state dvision of forestry.

The fire was reported at 7:30 o'clock. A forestry spokesman said some machinery was saved. He added that there was no threat to surrounding property. Mopping up was expected to continue through the night, the forestry officers said. Crashes Seven American Naples, Italy UP) An Italian airliner crashed on Mt.

Vesuvius in a driving rainstorm Saturday night killing 45 persons, including 7 Americans. Officials of Alitalia Airline said Sunday there were victims from five countries in the Easter eve tragedy. They listed them as 18 from France, 8 from Italy, 6 from Switerland and an Englishwoman as well as the Americans. The 5 crew members were all Italians. The plane, a four-engine turbo-prop Viscount, was coming in for a landing at Naples' Cap-odichino Airport 90 minutes before midnight when it rammed into the side of tlie famous vol cano and burst into flames.

The passenger manifest listed among the Americans aboard a Maj. Lawrence Mancini of Brooklyn; his wife, Fay, and 2 children, Jill, a girl and Steven, a boy. The other Americans were listed as a Lt. Robert I. Adkison and a Mr.

J. ii. Mcraaaen, Doth ot New York, and Thomas Vendur of Norfolk, Va. There were no ad dresses. The plane was on the last leg of a flight that originated in Tu rin in north Italy when it crashed into Vesuvius.

It smashed into the mountain Goldwater Speech Here Cancelled Senator Barry Goldwater has cancelled his Riverside hotel speech set for tomorrow night because of the death of his brother-in-law, who lived in Chicago. The death caused cancellation of all Santa Cruz and Monterey county appearances. He is to resume his campaign Tuesday at San Francisco where a $100 dinner is set at the Sheraton Palace hotel. QUAKE BEATS BOMB Washington Pi. The Alaska onHhmiako ro1a.rl 1(1 millinn limes more energy than the atomic bomb which destroyed Hiroshima near the end of World War II, the Coast and Geodetic Survey said Saturday.

a Wave Damage Light In SC County San Francisco UP) A military charter plane with nine men aboard vanished over the Pacific Ocean Saturday. A weak signal from a Gibson Girl type of portable transmitter was heard nine hours after the four-engine DC4 asked for ditching instructions at 5:55 a.m. Search planes and ships dispatched to the area 1000 miles southwest of San Francisco were instructed to keep up the hunt through the night. The Federal Aviation Agency listed the propeller-driven ship as definitely down on its flight Inside Today Page Amusements 27 Auto News 11 Bridge Column 24 Classified Section 29-33 Comics 28 Editorial Features 35 Family Interest Section 21-24 Junior Editor 28 Mostly About People 2 School News 14 Sports 17-19 Television, Radio Programs Vital Statistics 34 Guaranteed Paid Circulation of the Sentinel, Friday was 17,676 The County seat Oally read by more than 50.000. Every edition presents oers ana sellers Classified ana dis- olay advertising news ot the atea.

By Ron Reeves Other than the loss of a floating dredge from the Santa Cruz Small Craft harbor and the sinking of the 38-foot boat, Santa Cruz county emerged nearly unscathed after yesterday morning's tic'al surge. Because of the Easter holidays, all law enforcement agencies had extra men on duty and their planned coordination in case of tourist problems was turned to seaside evacuation and protection measures. In a dramatic rescue Frank Monnieh of 1520 Escalona drive and his Santa Cruz passenger, Jim Adams, were pulled from the bay after Monnich's Big Boy 2 broke up under him. Like many owners of the 250 boats in the harbor, Monnieh headed for open sea when the tidal wave alert was He said he felt the bottom hit something on the way out, but didn't think it was too serious. When he was about a half mile offshore, he realized the boat was in trouble and it disintegrated about 200 4.

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