Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 13, 1891 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 13, 1891
Page 1
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YOI. IYI. LOGMSPOET, HDIASi, WEDNESDAY HOMHfr, MAY 13, 18:il DUNLAFS Celebrated Hats UNDER" ABLEST. Member of the Chilian Parliament Taken in Custody, He Is Held in Bonds of $15,000 on a Charge of Violating the Neutrality Laws—What He Says. FF and S BEST MADE, SPRINGSTYL Now on Sale D E W E N T E R, The Hatter. Spring Suiting", Spring Pants, Spring Overcoating The nicest, prettiest patterns ever shown ; j us t received at t JOS. S. CRAIG'S. WILL CURE WAR CLOUDS GATHER. WASHINGTON, May 13.—"Orders have been sent'.the Charleston and other United States vessels in Pacific waters to overtake and seize the' Itata wherever she may be found," said Mr. Raymond, private secretary to Secretary Tracy. "There are no further details which can be given to the press at this time and Secretary Tracy has decided that he will not talk at all upon the subject." • No further official information than this utterance of Mr. Raymond could be secured at the navy department SAK FBANCISCO, May 12.—Richard Trumbull, a member of the Chilian congress and- a partisan of the insurgent party, was arrested Monday nin-ht by the United States marshal for violating the neutrality laws, in connection with the shipment of arms and munitions of war on the schooner Robert and Minnie and on the steamer .Itata. His bail was fixed at $15,000, and he was released with John D. and Adolph Spreckles as sureties. Trumbull was arrested on board the Oakland ferryboat, and was on his way to Washington, to confer, it is reported, with the Chilian consul. He was at once taken to United States Marshal Long's office in this city and made acquainted with the charges against him. After his release he stated 'that he had expected to be arrested, but had made no attempt at concealment. "I don't worry about this at all," said Trumbull. "It is a mere formality'&'nd means nothing." "Will you make a fig-lit against the charge?" was asked. "A victorious one; depend on that. Still, as I say, it amounts to nothing. I have been shadowed for several days, and this event was deemed a foregone conclusion by my friends. I am an attorney myself, and have studiwi the neutrality laws. There is. nothing in them by which I can be held. The government of which I have the honor to be a high officer, respects the United States and would break none of its laws intentionally. We feel that we are in-tfhe right in what has been done, and would not do differently if we had it to do over -again." "What have you to say about the action of the Itata?" "Nothing. But I might add that there is a precedent for that action in the case of the steamer Scandinavia, which put out of the Mexican port of Santa Rosalia with the Mexican marshal aboard." "Is the Esmeralda acting of the Itata?" "That I do not know." Mr. Trunabull asserted that if the Esmeralda were acting as convoy, under no circumstances would she fire on the Charleston. It is stated that the cruiser Charleston is making- for Acapulco harftor, word having reached here that the Itata had gone there to rejoin the Chilian insurgent cruiser Esmeralda, which is said to be taking in coal at Acapulco. Los ANGELES, Cal., May 12.—Pilot Dill, Capt. O'Farrell' and the five seamen on board the Robert and Minnie, along with George A. Burt, the supercargo, were on Monday charged with violation of the neutrality laws. In the cases of O'Farrell, Dill and Eurt bail, was fixed at $5,000 each and in the case of the seamen .$2,500 each. The only one .who gave bail was Dill; the others are still in the hands of the United States marshal- as convoy CREAM OF THE SPECIALS. "Secretary Blaine. who is ill in New York, is said to' be improving rapidly. The 6-yeai--old son of John Eenner, of Wichita, Kan., was attacked by hoffs and killed. . Elijah Truarthar, of Elizabe'th, 111., was killed Sunday by falling- downstairs. He was aged 75. . The United States supreme court has declared valid the Pennsylvania law taxing 1 Pullman palace cars. D Snyder's planing mill at Weissport, Pa., was destroyed by an incendiary fire Monday. The loss is 580,000.' Gov. Peck, of Wisconsin, has appointed Dr. frank J. Toussaint, of Milwaukee, state veterinary surgeon. Michigan fruit-growers have ascertained that the recent frosts did not damage the peach crop to any great extent. The condition of the wheat plant in Illinois is reported far above the aver,age, and an unusually heavy yield is predicted. , Nearly the entire town of Dworg, Austria, was destroyed by fire, and an old woman and three children lost their lives by suffocation. The jewelry and drug store of Hoi- brook Bros., at Dyersville, la., was entered by thieves on Sunday evening and S600 in cash stolen. Barley, oats, rye ana feeding stuffs throughout Hungary are in bad shape owing to the excessive hot weather. The wheat crop is a fair average, Thomas Saunclers, a farmer living near La Mars, la., shot his mother-in- law and then killed himself. The woman will recover. Saunders was insane. French and Belgian strikers are communicating by means of carrier pigeons, thus avoiding- the opening by the authorities of letters which otherwise they would send by post. Frank Rosenthal, a St. Louis ped- dier, reached Decatur, 111., penniless and minus his pack. He claims to have been robbed on the highway of §700 worth of jewelry and S95 in cash. At New York Monday the Millers' National association met in fifteenth annual convention. President James reported that the past year had been a prosperous one for the association. Rev. J. P. Morton, of the Methodist Episcopal church at Lake Charles, La., was run over on the Kansas City & Watldns railroad and instantly killed Monday. He went to Lake Charles from Michigan a few months ago. It is understood that the queen's proctor has failed to find grounds upon which to interfere in the O'Shea divorce case, and that the decree of divorce granted to Capt. O'Shea will be made absolute shortly, probably on. the 17th inst. ' T~~ Sliittury kynrhers. WALI.A. WALLA, Wash., May 12.— Eight more soldiers were arrested by the military authorities Monday night for complicity in the lynching' of Hunt This makes sixteen DOW in custody. FOLLMER, CLDGO A C MAKERS. An entire new line of Parasols and Silk Umbrellas, Prices range from 40 cents upwards. Also a lovely line of Blouses and Ladies Shirt Waists at -W^ THE JviAKKETS. Is all .that you need, when a perfectly plain proposition is- made to- you. Everyman wants to be convinced that he is right before he goes ahead and some^subjects will bear a good deal of discussion, but.the point'I want to emphasize doesn't call for any waste of words. The long and short of it is that my stock "of Summer Suitings is Superb, Some new thing's in light colored Suitings just in, Extreme good styles, See them. A Murd erer Caught After Ton Years. CINCINNATI, May 12.—A Weltort tO.) dispatch says: Ten years ago a brutal and cowardly murder occurred at Washington Furnace, near this city. Jake Seel and John Cary, two neighbors,' fell out about some trivial domestic matters, •when Seel, in 'a fit .of ang-er, dealt the blow which .killed John Gary; Seel left this place and every effort to locate him proved a failure. For ten years he has been a fugitive from justice. He was captured.the past week at the scene-of the murder and it now turns out that he has every year visited the place. He will at once be tried for murder. Grains, Provisions, Etc. CHICAGO May 12. .» FLOUR— Steady. Spring Wheat patents,S5.25 @6.00; bakers', $4.75@5.00: Winter Wheat Flour, S5.15@5.2J tor patents and $4.75©5.CO lor straights. WHEAT— Ruled' active. No. 2 cash and May, M'.01J4©1.04; July, 98c®$1.00;J. CORN— Fairly active and higher. No. 3 and No. 3, MJ4®G5o; No. 3 and No. 3 Yellow, 65® 65£o; May, 63Ji@637«'c; July, 5S@59Hc. OATS— Unsettled and firmer. No. 2, 49=!i© 60J(c; May, 49^050'ic; July, 4576<a4G«c. Samples firmer. No. 3, 4S@50o; No. 3 White, B0®52tio; No. 3, 60(351^e; No. 3 White, 51H @B3c. . HYE— Quiet and steafly. No. 2 cash, 85o; July delivery. 63@69c; and August. We; No. 2 oy sample, 8>©S(Jc; and No. S. 80@63c. BABLBY— Quiet. Sales by sample, 72@70e; for No. 3 and lower grades 63®70c; September, new No, 2, 70c bid. MESS FORK— Trading moderately active and prices ruled lower. Prices ranged at 511.25® 1I.37W for cash; S11.25@11.3T!£ for May; $11.50® 11.77)4 for July, and $11.75® 12.05 for September. LABD— Market moderately active and prices lower. Quotations ranged at $0.37^06.40 for cash; $8.3?!4@6.40 for May; $6.5714©6.62H for July, and Kl.Si'/jQG.S"^ for September. . BUTTER— Creamery, 20@2-lo; Dairy, ia@22e; Packing Stock. 6®18c. Pora/TKY— Live Chickens, 9Ji@10c per Ib. ; Live Turkeys, 7@9o per Ib. ; Live Ducks, 9® 9«c per Ib.; Live Geese, S3.00@-i.00 per floz. OILS— Wisconsin Prime White, 8c;. Water White, 8«c: Michigan Prime White, O^c; Water' White, I0!,sc; Indiana Prime White, Sac; Water White, lOc; Headlight, 175 test, 9140; Gasoline, 87 dog's, 14C; 74 deg's, 9cj Naphtha, 63 cleg's, 7!4C. LIQUOES— Distiiled Spirits ruled firm at $1.17 per gaL for finished goods. Always Here With the largest stock, lowest prices, most reliable, best watch work done in the city. Try my rainbow pebble spectacles the only perfect lens made. 41O Broadway. D. A, HA UK. THe Jeweler and Optician. Sure Death! To Cockroaches, Rats, Mice, and Bedbugs. FISHER'S LIGHTNING EXTERMINATOR. at Ben Fisher's Drug Store, 311 Fourth St. • BuenOH Ayres Insolvent. ; ^ LONDON, May 12.—A. dispatch from Buenos Ayres says that city is practically insolvent. The government em- ployes have not been paid for many weeks' and there is_nqw due to .them nearly $1,000,000 in salaries and wages. The municipality is unable to collect taxes v because the people have no money, and :the little cash in, the city treasury is needed for absolute necessities. The customs receipts also show a decrease of nearly one-half. ATLANTA, Ga., May 12.—The Atlanta Journal to-day publishes a letter from Gen. Palmer, pi Illinois, in which ,he states emphatically that he is not a candidate for-vice president or, pr»si- dcnt, and that a political dissertatiojn from him would be very much, like an impertinence." - . : " .- YORK, May IB. WHEAT— No. 2 red quiet, SSOKo up, steady. May, $1.13®T.12ii; June, Sl.OSJj; July, $1.07® 1.07X; August, '81.03K®1.04J4; September, $1.02K@1.03K ; October, $1.03^; December, 11.03 15-19®1.04i/J ; May (1892),"-»l,07 / W1.0S; 1 i. CORK— No. a firm Ho up, quiet. No. 2, 80® 82e; steamer mixed, none hero. OATS— Quiet, firmer. Western. 55®70a PROVISIONS— Beef— Dull, firm; oxtrn. mess, t9.50@10.00; family, Ull.50iS12.75. Pork— Steady, quiet; new mess, $13.50@14.35; old mess, $11.75 @]2,25: extra prime, $11.75@18.23. Lard— Quiet, weak; steam-rendered, S0.72M- ., ; CLEVK&AKD,. O., May 12. PETHOLKUM— Quiet; standard white, 1 110 dejj. 62*c; 74 gasoline, Sy,c; 88 gasoline, 12o; 68 naphtha, 6!£c. Live Stock. . CHICAGO, May la. CATTLE— Market active. Quotations ranged lit B.75®B.SO for- choice -.to fancy shipping Steers; Sn.00@5.70 for good to choice do; M.30@4,90 for common to fair do: 83.50®4.25 for butchers' Steers; 12,60(33.50 for Stookers; J3.00 9S.S5 for Texans; $3.40@4.SO f or Feeder« ; 11.50® tOO for Cows; $l.toa3.50 for Bulls,- and JS.BO® 4.60 for Veal Calvos. HOGS— Market active. Sales ranged at $3.00 @14.60 for Pigs :$4.55@4.90 for light; W.45O4.70 for rough packing; Z4.BOSK-90 for 'mixed, and K7BO5.0S for heaVy packing and shipping lot V FACIAL BLEMISHES, The Iftrgeit cstdk!l»htJiflJt ID the wnrM for the U«*t- mratof the iklli null iCi,|p,»«(itr)4, lUOlot, Wfl.rU, lUTIer- IUQBI hair, birthmark*, Hioih, freckles, plan p let. •wnnk- tai, red note, red T«lui, oily ikfn, *cne, blackheadi, mrlnrV itch, «»r», plUlDgi. powjar m»rk«, fs.ul»l Jeyelopment, etc. Co mill union Free, "t afflc* or by /•tier- 128-pttgO Book on ail SUn R'tdSciilp Aflfec- liuDi pud their Treximtmt >cnl (»«»lnd) far JOc. ' JOHX H. Woodbury's Facial Soap For the Skin sod Scalp. Prepared by a Dermatologist with 30 y«arr experience. Highly indorsed by the medical profession,- unequaled ag a reme4rfor BC»WheBd,oil -•-•• - ' p«rm»t«Jogi«t, 1*5 W. 4««I St., N.TT. City. For Sale by Ben Fisher, Druggist, worms, ugly complexion, otc. lndicp#as- , able us A'teilet *rticta, and a ittro pr«T«nt< ivoof alldiBoasOs.of the Bldn and ocalp. At Dtu£Bi*t*or by mail, Price 5Oo* - JOHNSTON BROS. " TJie Corner Drug Store." Johnston Bros, have removed to the Gor. of 4th and Broadway^ (Strecker Building,) A Full and Complete Line of DRUGS ON HAND PRESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY COMPOUNDED.

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