The Kansas City Kansas Globe from Kansas City, Kansas on July 17, 1908 · Page 7
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The Kansas City Kansas Globe from Kansas City, Kansas · Page 7

Kansas City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 17, 1908
Page 7
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!H2 SA38A8 CITY CASSIS GLOBE. tun iimmiwi niiiiiiiiiiin 'SSwi. ... iXi'iWi'.k..'" GLOBE WANTS Everybody Wants Something. If you can't find it in the columns below, all you have to do is to call Phone West 800 H . A. flcCrary Commission ,Co. Brokers. Stocks, Bonds, Grain, Provisions and , Cotton. 907 Baltimore Ave.. Kansas City, Mo. Double wire service. Quick executions. Both 'phones Main 4904. OPE CCPT A WORD classified H Id take lor lew than li Centt. Initial letters and fiurea coent uoai word. Advertiser should ram ember that letters directed to initials oalj r ielivered thrcutfi tie postofflee. If Initials are nsed their should be directed to the care of some person, Craa or postofflee box. f FOB EENT. WANTED. LADIES 18 TO $16 WEEKLY; FAS- cinating work spare time or steady; no publicity; no experience needed; particulars for stamp. Woman's Natl. Art Exchange, Denver, Col. Shinn-Moore Brokerage Co., Grain, Previsions, Stocks and Bonds. Private wires. Prompt service. Mail orders given careful attention. 671 Branders Bids., Omaha, Neb. MISCELLANEOUS. FOR RENT A BRAND NEW 6-ROOM '.house, 'strictly modern; shades and screens up;, gas fixtures ready to burn; instantaneous hot water heater; wired for electric lights. Just the place for Mr. and. Mrs. Newly wed. Price, $25 per month. Look at 406 Waverly ave. Thomas 11. Rowland, 4IS-19 Portsmouth bldg. SPECIAL NOTICE PREPARE FOR the next civil service examination. Call at the Kansas Commercial Col lege and learn full particulars a3 to time and place of examination. BURGLAR PROOF WINDOWS locked with one to six inch open ing, instantly attached; agents wanted everywhere. Particulars free. Address. Specialty Supply Co., Kansas City, Kas. FOR RENT 5-ROOAl COTTAGE AT 639 Freeman ave., $9 per month; gas in. Inquire at the cottage or at the city market. Geo. W. Mule owner. FOR RENT FIVE-ROOM HOUSE strictly modern, 915 Armstrong ave. Inquire 930 Harnett ave. Home phone 1321 W . FOR KENT NEW 6-ROOM, STRICT- lv modern flat. Address Ecker s drug store, 411 N. 6th st. 'Phone Home 101 W. FOR RENT OR 'SALE MODERN houae. 11th and Orville. Inquire W. 74. cithrr 'phone. FOR ' RENT 5-ROOM HOUSE. IN quire 91"i Armstrong. KELP WASTED. SALESMAN WANTED; BIG MONEY and absolute territory to handle; class A incandescent lamps. Address 4-11-41, Globe. LADIES $S TO $16 WEEKLY ; FAS-cinatin,; work; spare time or steady; no experience needed; no publicity; particulars for stamp. Woman's Nat'l Art Exchange, Denver. Col AGENTS WANTED 1GXJ0 CRAYON portraits, 40 cents; frames, 10 cents and up; sheet pictures, 1 cent each You can make 400 per cent profit or $36 per week. Catalogue and samples free. Frank W. Williams Company, 120S W. Taylor st., Chicago. 111. AGENTS CAN MAKE $3 TO $25 A day; no experience needed; circu lars teach the business and our pat entcd goods do the rest; if making less than $100 per month, write ms. The West Coast Supply Co., Oakland, Cal. TREASURERSIIIP IS OFFERED BY a large manufacturing concern to right party who will invest $25,000 for additional working capital. Investment safe and very proftiable. General offices, New York. Address W. P. Hatch, Thoroughfare bldg., 57th st. and Broadway, New York. MANUFACTURING CO. (BUSINESS established over "0 years), producing goods sold in U. S. and foreign countries, will negotiate with reliable men to manage sales office and employ salespeople; $150 per month and extra commissions and expenses; requirements, good references, cash capital of $1,000, which is secure. State age and business experience. Frank W. Williams Co., Taylor and Campbell ave., Chicago, III. LEAVENWORTH SATS YES. Will Accept Proposition of Kansas 'City Brick Plant Promoters. Leavenworth, July 17. Three committeemen of the Greater Leavenworth club and four promoters of the Incipient brick syndicate visited the abandoned -Leavenworth paving brick plant yesterday. They found that no misrepresentations had been made to the Greater Leavenworth club Wednesday night regarding the condition of the machinery and structures. The committeemen, J. H. Johns, R. M. Ritchey mdV. A. Kelly, will hold a private conference with the -president. O. P, Lambert, and secretary, Fred Bolman, of the Greater Leavenworth clmb Saturday .'morning at 9 o'clock in R. M. RJtchey's office to determine the attitude of the club toward the proposition. - The committee will advise local investment to the extent of $25,000, or one-half of the capital stock' of $50,000, -which the Kansas City promoters ask as a premium for re-establishing the plant A. MAJESTIC REPAIRING, TUNING and polishing musical instruments; repair and polish furniture. S45 Minn. FOR SALS MISCELLANEOUS. OLD PAPERS FOR SALE AT THE Globe office, 5c per bunch. FOR SALE 5-ROOM COTTAGE BY owner. 1038 Ohio ave. Home 'phone 58 1 W. FOR SALE ONE EXTENSION TA- ble, new, $4.. Inquire 1848 Minne sota ave. FOR SALE 10-ROOM MODERN house, with 100 feet of ground; shade and fruit trees; easy terms. 628 Ohio ave. Both 'phone W. 99. Dr. C. M, Stemen. ANDREWS BROKERAGE CO., 814 Wall Street, Kansas City, 3Io. Grain, Provisions, Stocks and Bonds. Latest service in city. Home 'phone Main 6759. JAS. KARNOWSKI, Commission Merchant Grain and Stocks. Private wire to market centers. Over Williams' Hardware Store, Main Street, Seneca, Kas. E. H. STOCKTON WALL PAPER, PAINTS and GLASS Home 'Phone 1104 West. Southeast Cor. Sth and Minnesota Ave. Herbert E. Gooch Broker and Dealer in Grain, Provisions, Stocks and Bonds. Private wires to all markets. Room 205 Fraternity Building, Lincoln. Neb. F. H. W. Drummond. W. E. Jacobs. Drummond & Jacobs Brokers in Land, Grain, Investment Securities. Sheldon Block, Lincoln, Neb. Private wires. Phone Auto 1162. Correspondence .solicited. Frank Harrah Sf Co. COTTON, GRAIN, PROVISIONS AND STOCKS. City Hall Building, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Quick Service. Correspondence Solicited. DAILY MARKET REPORT WHEAT rather weak today, breaking about a cent and closing c below yesterday. No severe pressure on the market, however, owing to a fear of more northwest hot weather reports. Considerable new wheat coming on the western markets now. Liverpool closed strong. CORN still on its upward journey, the new September 'reaching 73c and closing very strong, c higher. The September option is still honeycombed with shorts, and until they get cut there isn't must chance for a sharp break. Oats dUil, V&c off. PROVISIONS not quite so active. Pork rose 15e, closing Tc up. Kansas City t.'t' ,0 2,000 "1,000 St Louis . . . . . . 6,000 1,000 . 2,000! Omaha ... 4,000 1,000 500. St Joseph 5,000 500 'Hogs .steady; cattle slow; sheep steady. TODAY'S BAXGE OF VALVES. Kansas Board KANSAS CITY Low. 8S S3 Is 87 S7V4 74 71 54 50 41 Vs July Sept Dec SSJ.4 Corn July 74 Sept 72 Dec 55 OaU July 50 Sept 41 Dec 42&- 42- Pork-July 16 05 16 OS Sept 16 25 16 Oct 16 25 16 07 Lard July 9 40 9 40 Sept 9 52 0 47 Oct 9 62 9 57 Ribs-July '. of Trade. DELIVERY. Today. Yes. SS-i S7-SS S5-2 &5 S7-94 SS- 74 74 71- 71 Yz r r - i 50 5014 41- 41" 42 42 Kansas City Hog 3Iarkct. Over 6,000 hogs today and prices opened 5c to 10c up, closing ' with half the advance lost. Heavy, $6.65 to $6.80; mixed, $6.55 to $6.70; light, $6.50 to $6,70. Top price was $6.80 and the bulk sold at $6.55 to $6.70. Chicago had 16,000, with 13,000 ex pected Saturday. 'Prices there steady and provisions firm. 16 05 1617 16 20 9 40 9 52 9 62 15 95 16 10 16 15 9 27 9 47 9 55 S77 E. E. Guillot COTTON GRAIN PROVISIONS and STOCKS Trivate Wires. Unexcelled Service. Ardmore, Oklahoma Strictly commission business. Tel. 488 John E. Gall, Grain, Provision and Stock ' Broker. 110 West Sixth Street, Topeka, Kansas. The oldest established broker in Kansas. Money to Loan on W tcbes, Diamonds and Jewelry. D. FINKEL STEIN, Jeweler and Broker iv Central Ave. EAKSAS CITY, KS. Notice to Pensioners! Pension vouchers executed. 15c, Aug. 4th, 190S, at 647 Sandmw ave., Kansas City, Kansas. We pay all postage. Papers made out without mistakes. I have an experienced clerk. You don't have to climb no golden staira to get ns. We are on the ground floor. W. S. Chapman & Co. 647 Sandusky Ave., Kansas City, Kansas. ASDERSO'S TURKO EUSSIAX BATHS, a wonderful combination, as name Implied, followed by stirring, osteopathic treatment, if desired, of special benefit to rheumatics and paralytica. 6T Ann ave., Kansas City, Kansas. Beil 'phone 23 4S. - CORKESrOSDEXTS WASTED. The Globe would like to secure a correspondent in each of the folow- ing towns or neighborhoods: TVol-cott, Pomeroy, Piper, Bonner Springs (cltj), IdwardsTille, Muncle. Morris. May wood, Yance, Turner, Kearman, Argentine and Bosedale. Stamps and stationery furnished. Also copy of The Daily Globe free to correspondents. How much . people enjoy their tongues! Scwcll Sleuman Broker. 1 Grain, Provisions and Stocks. 664 Brander"s Building, Omaha, Neb. Private wires. Unexcelled service. Home 'phone Main 52S. GEO. W. LITUCK, JLTT0BEY AXD COUNSELOR AT LAW. Office 650 Minnesota Ave. Residence 'phone, Home 70 West. Office "phone, Home 71 West. Always the best the market affords at, moderate prices. Bishop's Restaurant &41 Minnesota Avenue, Kansas City, Kansas. One real high grat cafe. H. J. PAWLEY, Grain, Provisions and Stocks. Rooms 8 and 9 Kansas Board of Trade Building, .541 , Minnesota -Ave, Kansas City, Kansas. . Bell 'Phone West 2952. " When in the city make my offices your headquarters. Quick service. Immediate settlements. John W. Perry. James G. Perry. PERRY & PERRY, Attorneys-at-Law, 648 Minnesota ave., Kansas City, Kas. Home "Faone 329 West. ' . - Res. phbne, Bell . 2S94' West Sept 9 00-02 8 95-97. 9 00 8 95 Oct 9 07-10 9 02 9 07 9 05. CHICAGO DELIVERY. Wheat July 91 90 90 91 Sept 91 90 '90 91 Dec 93 92- 92-93 93- Corn July 76 75 7G 75 Sept 76 75 764 75 Dec 62 61 62 62 Oats. July 51 .50 51 50 Sept 43 42 43 43 Dec 43- 43 43- 43 Pork-July 16 15 16 15 16 15 16 05 Sept 16 35 1615-1716 27 16 20 Oct 16 35 1617 16 30 16 25 Lard July 9 45 9 '45 9 45 9 32. Sept ' 9 57- -9 52 9 57 9 52 Oct 9 67 9 62 9 67 9 60-Ribs v ff' July . . 8 82 Sept 9 05-07 9 00-02 9 05 9 00 Oct 912-15 9 07 912 910 Kansas City Cash Market. Wheat Xo. 2 hard, 93c$1.00; Xo. 3 hard, 9296c; No. 4 hard, SS 94c; 'Xo. 2 red, S990c; No. 3 red, 8SS9c; No. 4 red, 84 86c. Corn No. 2 mixed, 75 76c nominal; No. 3 mixed, 757c nominal; Xo. 2 yellow, 75c nominal; No. 3 yellow, 7475c nominal; No. 2 white ,Slc nominal; No. 3 white, S0c nominal. Oats No. 2 mixed, 5354c Xo. 3 mixed, 5152c nominal; Xo. 2 white, 5556c; No. 3 white, 55 55c. Movement of Grain. Northwest wheat receipts, 210 cars; week ago. 175; year ago, 245. Chicago grain receipts: Wieat, 150 cars; corn, 140; oats, 72. Kansas City receipts: Wheat, 200 cars; corn, 10; oats, 1. Receipts of Live Stock Today. Hogs. Cattle. Sheep Chicago....- 16,000 j2,Q0O 7,000 Kansas Board of Trade tNotes. Liverpool wheat closed d up; corn d up. Western wheat receipts piling up now, and mostly new wheat, too. Wheat weak and corn and pro visions firm. Corn again made another high rec ord.' September corn at 76c looks awful high. French crop reports unfavorable. Wheat crop may Te below last year. Abundant rains in India and crop prospect' good. Missouri corn made wonderful sel now and not many bad fields, se Inow and not many bad fields. Argentina crop weather favorable. Wheat shipments this week lightest for a long period. Old wheat "in northwest farmers' hands, S millions, against 14 anil- lions a year ago. NEW YORK STOCK MARKET. New York, July 17, 3 p. m. Stock market dull, but strong, today, clos ing about the same or a trifle higher than yesterday, tout with a very firm undertone. Many stocks early fell a small fraction, R, I. preferred , but later the whole line advanced, with Sugar, Locomotive, Mop. and B. R. T. in the lead, about 1 each. C. F. I., X. P., U. P., St. Paul, Reading and Sseel rose about each. Fair bank statement expected. The big cash loss will be more apparent than real. o MEETS WITH FAVOR The Candidacy of William Morrow for Clerk of District Court Arousing Much 'Eriendly Comment. Councilman William Morrow is making excellent progress in his cam paign for the Republican nomination for clerk of the district court. Mr, Morrow has lived in Kansas City, Kansas, for many years and has ac quired a great many friends, polit ical and otherwise, who respect him for his excellent traits of heart and mind. Since his advent into the city coun cil Mr. Morrow has always raised his voice against anything that savored of extravagance. His vote on every ques tion has been Tight and in line with the best interests of his constituents and the people of the entire city. He is the author of several excellent ordinances; among others, the milk in spection and fire escape measures. Mr. Morrow is making an active canvass for the office which he seeks and is meeting with much encourage ment. It i,s admitted on every side that his years of service with the Ar mours in a clerical capacity have well fitted him for the position of clerk of the court. o AFTER 13 YEARS. dom'pfobablytlm' firsrof next week. Frbn in-vestigatloni niade in regard to the killing by those who became interested in the case after Finch had been convicted and sent to the penitentiary, it is believed "that Finch Is innocent. He was convicted on the testimony of notorious characters. The principal witness against him was Bert Dickson, who after the murder was arrested in Miami county for stealing and with a woman with whom he had 'been living turned state's evidence, claiming at the same time that he knew who murdered Frank Swat-ford at Fort Scott o " "DRY" TICKET IS NAMED Eugene W. Chafin, a Chicago Attor- ney, Presidential Nominee. Columbus, O., July 17. With little of the ostentation that characterized the Republican and Democratic na- toinal conventions,, at Chicago and Denver, the Prohtbitionists yesterday afternoon chose their ticket by naming Eugene W. Chafin of Chicago for the presidency and Prof. Aaron S. Watkins for his running mate. Mr. Chafin was chosen on the third ballot, after showing little strength on the first, and received & total of 636 votes. His strongest competitor was Rev. William B. Palmore, who declined the place. Carrie NatUm, the -invincible Carrie, butted into the convention Just before the nominations were closed. North Carolina had. been called by the clerk and that state yielded to the District of Columbia. Carrie walked to the platform and in a long, tiresome speech said the candidate for the presidency should be a man who did not use tobacco. "Who is he? Name him," came from all parts of the convention. Then Car rie forgot who her candidate was and stuttered an unseeming thing for her to do. . A rap of the gavel brought her speech to a close without a nominee. Eugene W. Chafin, who leads the Prohibitionist party this year, is an attorney residing in Chicago. He 4s a native of Waukesha county, Wis., and for some years practiced law there. He was at one time candidate for governor of Wisconsin on the Prohibitionist ticket and was this year'placed in the running for the same position in Illinois by the Prohibitionists of that state. o In spite of the frightful manner in which they are imposed upon, women live longer than men. TYPEWRITERS ifOit liEJNT. SAVE PKltfCiPAL AND INTEREST by rentals a typewriter. When it Is worn cut it i? ours. In the meantime we have kept It in remir tvj. out charge co yon. Rental is our- especial business, and we will glWyou service to mtrit your continuous patronage. , v TYPEWRITER -RENTAL & REPAIR TtntK 'r"n rrt a a 1?tt "VXT o.v -1 & a r v. out ASOCMED ADVERTISING CLVRS OFMERIC4G0NVENIICN ffiwsAscirr WG.2k27.2s. 908, The Kansas City Kansas Globe 5 X WEEK C. E. YAX DUSEX & CO. Grain, Provisions, Stocks, Bonds and VAHlUn. Private wires. First class service. 100 W. 9th st. Kansas City, Mo. nORSE CLIPPIXG. Tel. 659 West. To have your horses clipped or call at 444 Minnesota Ave. Good work guaranteed. The Only Daily Newspaper in the City ,'1 Murderer Serving Life Sentence Given His Freedom by Gov. Hoch. Topeka, July 17. George W. Finch, who was convicted of murder in the first degree for the killing of Frank Swafford at Fort Scott in 18&5 and sentenced for life in the penitentiary, will be pardoned. The pardon papers were signed yesterday by Governor Hoch and Finch will be given his free- H. A. McCRARY. A. G. FULLERTON. The McCrary-FulIerton Co. COMMISSION BROKERS STOCKS, BONDS, GRAIN, PROVISIONS and COTTON Room 101 New York Life Bldg., (Bank Floor; Kansas City, flo. Prompt attention given out of town order. Both Phones, 5569 Hain. If order given 'phone charges free. typewriter use and better service from the always expects more :on jwriter He m At trian rrom any other wntma machine. ll nas reason to, a ngnt to. and we want him to Remington Typewriter Company New York and Everywhere 105 West Ninth Street' Kansas City, Mo. PIUII5) n Lp 541 AND 543 HINNESOTA AVENUE KANSAS CITY, KANSAS ii ii ii ii i i t'GHA i i DEALERS IN GRAIN PROVISIONS STOCKS BONDS Consignments of Cash (Train Solicited. Write for our Market Reviews Iembers of Kansas Boardof Trade of Kansas City, Kansas. . . -f' ' Ask Your Grocer for TWENHOFE L'S PURE The B. C. Twenhofel Hfg, Co., Kansas City, Kas.

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