The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 21, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
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Monday, September 21, 1908
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Vol. XX. BAKERSFIELD. CALIFORNIA, M »\!)AY. Sl'TKMKKl; -Jl. I'.uts No .44 ST. PETERSBURG IN TiP"? GRIP OF CHOLERA up Three Boys tern to dispense free food. In More Virulent Form. The situation assumes a graver aspect from the appearance today of a very virulent type of the disease In two cases, lu which death followed within fifteen minutes of the first symptoms. The numbe of cases has Increased In St. Petersburg. It is feared that the cholera will ST. PETERSBURG, Sept. 21.—St. Petersburg is lu the grasp of Asiatic cholera, which already has exceeded in .-severity and numbers the visitation ol 1S93. The disease Is increasing daily at uu alarming rate and uuless the authorities show in the future a much greater degree ot ability to cope with the situation than they have in the past, there Is every reason to 1'enr that It will get out of hand. The government's threat to apply the provisions of martial law has driven the municipality officials to bend all their energies to clearing the . _ . .. . city of the scourge. The aldermanlc companied by the greatest suffering, council today voted $250,000 to en- The Metropolitan of St. Petersburg large the hospital space, to purchase caused prayers for deliverance to be and distribute disinfectants, the sup-1 read throughout the diocese today, In ply of which In St. Petersburg Is well I which the pestilence is described as nigh exhausted, and to expedite the a punishment for the people's lawless interment* tPf bodies, which has been notoriously slow. .The dead houses re overcrowded and many corpses Ite unhurled. Under his authority, the prefect ot St. Petersburg, Oeueral Dracheffsky, • on Saturday prohibited the sale of liquor throughout the city, Including last another fortnight, being figured on the basis of former epidemics. AH varieties of Asiatic cholera have now developed here, there being numerous cases of the Algid type, which is ac ness. Conditions Are Appalling. Premier Stolypln has sharply reprimanded the municipal officials for the appalling conditions. At Obuchhoff hospital, which he visited on Saturday, he found that three bath rooms were doing service for three hundred the government vodka shops, untilj patients September 22d, and he has further! Practically nothing has been done ordered that thereafter the sale of, «P to the present to put the city's liquor shall be suspended at 2 p. m. j market places In a sanitary condition; on Saturday until 10-a. m. Monday.. tn ,e>' a, re Dlace s °, f Indescribable filth, This action has been taken In order wlth the atmosphere reeking with to diminish alcoholic excesses, which l011 ' odors - Ol »e hundred carloads ot very materially Increase the liability i lrult have 1)eu auctioned off and Two Visnlin yoitns,' men, Ray Town-i send and Clark Bequette. and a boy j uamed Wegster, tio.n Hanford. were! pretty badly used up by circus thugs i at Tulare 'lust nK'ht, and the hitter was robbed of n valir.ible gold watch. The boys had all boarded the train j here. Intending the ride down as far j as Bakerafleld. The circus hands en-1 couraged them in the Idea and helped j them as much as possible. Everything went all right for a ways, till. I when the train was nearing Tulare, a crowd of hard characters, who had been largely Instrumental in getting the boys on the train, attacked them, with the evident purpose of robbery. Both Townsend and Bequette managed to escape, but Webster was captured. The thugs relieved him of a gold watch he carried, and them threw him bodily oft the train. They were not traveling at a very high rate of speed, however, and the Webster boy sustained no serious injuries, though his fact was badly scratched. As soon as WebHter had been disposed of, the gang took after Townsend .and Bequette. The boys by this time had concluded they had seen all of circus Rate at $1.50 The -iipe'.'visors met today and in afirnr.laiii •• with the nnnouncemeir hereto: 1 .,;,, made fixed the state an-l count.. '.i\ rate at $1.50 on the him- 'lr«"l !'.." outside territory and $l.-."i on ,!!•,>,.. ,iy in Bakersfleld nnd Kern. :ii I raided by this rate wilt be " 1 as follows: i", county, .Iti; salary .21: .-«-'n lol. .11; hlsh school, .i>>; iciest, ,->o: bond redemption, irptta! building, .0;;r.: court "liiding. .05.5; road, .25; spe- '7; hospital, .07; forest (Ires, ? WILL PLANT BLACK RIVER thousand students sent to their homes. The department of war has opened stores to supply Immediate needs and army field kitchens have been dispatched to the poorer quar- RAPIDSPlAD OF CHOLERA Within the next six week* Kern Hlver is to be stocked with black bass and with sun fish both of which are evceiient food fish and as gamey as trout themselves. Two thousand of the black bass will be placed in the rived above the Galloway huadgati and as they Increase very rapidly, and are such thr\t these game birds will as they will be further protected for j thrive. Both deputies think that con- two years by county ordinance, resl- diilons h are Ideal and that the life they cared to, and Bequette leap-| ed from the t.uin, followed by Town-' . send. Bequetti; was the n.ore unfor-1 •™° J '" t ' tiinnte. His rlgiu knee was very | •- '• badly twisted nnd «everal of his fin- j ^ The ; gers on the l'*fi tinnd were bro'.'en i " Townsend stis'ai-ied a number of de; ;> scratches and sev""e brn'ses. As soon as ;io;,s'.l. i* the boys serii'- ed medical alt? itim> lor Rentiette nnd the threo rem;< i"--' in Tulare all dny, coming back to Vistula on the late Tii" Sta: Seller; bond house olal. . '03. The rate fixed for property inside of towns is the same as above except that tiie road fund of 25 cents Is eliminated. School tax rates In districts voting special taxes as follows: Bakersfleld, special tax, .18; Mojnve, .15; Fairfax, .10; Lone Tree, special tax. .2": Kosedale, .lif,; Old River. .10; Semi-Tropic, .ill; Vaughn, .15: Hock Pile. .r>. Additional rates fixed for districts havini! bonded indebtedness were: lone for black bass. Bakev.stteld. .27- Simmer no- Union] These flsh Increase with great ra ,p. Paleto, .15: Isabella, .-ini'l'llty and It is knuw/i that they ; ,, v I'rultvale, .10; Lone Tree, s° voracious that even the carp are ' ' ' ''driven from the waters they freqi iont. The black bass guards Its spawr^ and turkeys Into tie county from the Southwest. This experiment is being tried in San P<ernanllno county, but with what success is not yet known. A number of ti/rkeys were turned loose in the hills ot that region a year ago and it Is bol/eved that the conditions dents will after that tlm e have a fish supply at their doors and unlimited sport. This plan Is In acordance with one that has been under consideration for some months past. It being first suggested to the flsh commissioners by Deputy Alt TlbBet. As the resul^ of his representations, Ernest Schaeffle, head deputy, arrived here yesterday and spent the day with Deputy Tlbbet inspecting the river. They went as far up as the canyon and the visiting deputy pronounces the river an Ideal experiim ,-tvt will likewise be tried In this coi'.Mty. An Elk Park. Dep <uy Tlbbet also laid before the visit! ,ig'deputy a plan for an elk park In 1 the state 'sspil value per mile of the j declared to be as fixed by hoard of equalization. $21,•142, and for the purposes of taxation in school districts and road districts. the mileage was decreed to be the same as In former years. to cholera Infection and the general! warded to Warsaw, Vilna and other .spread of the disease. I towns - whicl ? th e cholera has not in- A beginning was made today when jj^f u^our^t very V g^af^a public schools were transformed into * «*? s < '^sburg ^woe^ly unsan" hospital wards A number of the , d th d d fl , * fl d grammar schools were closed and four her *' the cundlUo ns most suitable for its propagation. It first made Its appearance among the poorer people I herded in wretched tenements, but It is now spreading to the better j classes and it has«broken out In the j i barracks among the troops. ' j Advices from all parts of Russia | > show that the alarm Is very general I 'and that there is good reason for It. j At MOSCOW a quarantine has been es- i tablished at railway stations and pas-1 sengers are placed under the strictest j ! surveillance. Up to the present Mos; cow has been Immune. Twenty-nine j cases and six deaths were reported from Odessa on Saturday. The German authorities have taken precautions to prevent the disease from crossing the frontier. Austria one the same thing; Sweden Santn Felast nisl.t. An attempt will j at $2'U8:;.:;i be made to appirl-end the robbers. | In the county. but the task will h- Vlsalia Delta. niih The difficult one.— I rolling stock of the | is given at $liifj.!isn. The oiinta Fe trackage is assesse 1 | own way. Mr. Schaeflle says t ,h«t not only will the river be teeml ng with these flsh, but that they w /\\\ enter the larger canals, and that there will be excellent fishing in the I- vttrll uiund t n* region of the Clem Doherty plac.v,, and extending back toward Luca^ Creek. That was in the old times a favorite home of th*> elk and It la p.reposed to place a number ot young <>jfc with the cattle in that vicinity and again stock the range with the •Milmals. Mr. Schaeft 1 * will lay this plan before his superiors. Board Wins Second Round Roosevelt Urges Election of Another Standpat Congress , . „_ _„ .. .and the Callowuy during the season. mck-iRo oi the " ls o*H*cted that fish lar (flers w |ll be PiinimnCar C |)laced ln ttle Clinnls at the M«°™ n <} unman Car u>. heB(lgttte8 Hlu j tne habit' t Q ( the black buss are such that as , SO OB as the waters of the canals b" ^\\\ to subsl le, as for Instance at the poriod when the ditches are cleaned, tuey will hasten up stream and entei • the river uenin. Practically all of ^# streams of the j state have been s locked with black I bass during the pa s t. few years and in MANILA. Sept. I.'!.—Twenty-five tie-A- case.-; ol cholera were reported between S o'clock this inoruinn aii'1 2::iO this afternoon. The civil commission lias summoned a spec; ,I ;e - slon to deal with the epi.leniic. !s was decided to order 200 members of j the constabulary into the city to as-! si:; the health inspectors. Additional physicians nnd nurses have volnn- and members of Camp Lawton, i veterans of the Spanish-American war. volunteered In a body to act as health Inspectors. Alfred Wright, Jo- wupaa Hall and her infant are the on-, Iv -iiiterlciins stricken today. ! YA8HINOTON, Sept. 21.—The government wil use every effort to suppress cholera In the Philippines to prevent the spread In other places, (iovernor General Smith reports 35 cases to (i o'clock this afternoon. OYSTER BAY, Sept. 21.—President Roosevelt after two years of and failing to receive shrdlunpunpun pleading with a stand pat Cotmre.-o and failing to receive relief for the people on lines laid down by him, has written an interesting letter to Wm. B. McKlnley, chairman of the Republican congressional committee, urging the election of .mother Congress ot the same kind. He advises the'elec- In the famous case of the County Board of Education vs. the Soledad school ma-am, Miss Catherine Caugo- Uu, whose certificate the board would revoke for alleged unprofessional conduct, the board won round two when Miss Caitghlin on Saturday filed her school report which she had refused to make out, and turned over the register and the key to the school houie. The teacher had heretofore declined to make the report. The board is cited to show cause In the Superior Court of Ixis Ange- the country about Rtockton and south. i es on the 25th why It should not be the fishing durin , the season furnish- j permanently enjoined from Interferes much sport t o residents. Kern isj mg with the lady's certificate, and to- S the last of the i jrinclpal streams to re-i ,| a y the school men employed Attor- Fred K, Borton as special counsel celve the atte atfon of the fish com- i countries have declared a i tion of Taft nnd a Congress that r.nara'.itine against Russia and fr'':\n<e is ready to meet any exlgen- rj . t:i:it may arise. 11 \i.!i\l. OF MRS. A, G. SPURLIN tional committee, of which Mr. Hitch- 1 missioners. F T om here Mr. Schaeflle ; to ' sf)p j usl wnere they stand on legal cock is chairman, are endeavoring to j goes to Inyo county, where he expects propositions. secure the active co-operation on the 1 lo lillie su ''' s lookiiiK to the stocking ; » . » stump of Senators and Congressmen, | of the stre;> ,nis there with trout. party leaders and independent citl- 1 w lid Turkeys Also. x.?ns' generally. I most heartily Jion In: Deputies Schaeffle and Tlbbet urging the importance of such co-op- ! discussed the plan of bringing wild eratlon. I hope that every disinterest- ' --------- — -- — - ~~ ' "support him" and he says the election should be no partisan matter. After reviewing his own admlnis-1 tration, Mr. Roosevelt says: "To fail to elect Mr. Taft would be a calamity to the country, and it ed private citizen, whose sole^concern in politic!) is to have the right kind | of man carry out the right kind off policy, will join In backing up your committee as well as the national committee In this movement. , No service is as effective, as viil- i liable, as the disinterested services Kiven in such manner by men whose concern is for the triumph of the prln would be folly, while electing him.-yet clp , pg in which they bel | PVf> nnd , „„. at the same time to elect a Congress | , )ea , wi(h fll , tne s ' trength there Is In The funeral of Mrs. A. G. Spurlln was held late yesterday nfternoor from the chapel of Payne & Son. Rev, L. C. Smith of the Baptist church officiated at the services In which a choir from the Baptist Church contributed the music. Interment was In Union Cemetery. The pall bearers were H, Michael, A. F. Waters, Amos Weller, Frank Northway, Wiley Smith anJ W. T. Allen. hostile to him, a Congress which under the Influence of partisan leadership would be certain to thwart and baffle him on every possible occasion. To elect Mr. Taft, and at the same time to elect a Congress pledged to support him, Is the only way In which to' perpetrate the policy of the government as now carried on. I feel that all the aid that can be given to this policy by every good citizen should be given; -for this is far more than a merely partisan matter. "Both your committee and the na- Men's New Fall Hat Styles .Styles .Mil! equally ji* lliu' hill ;i* Si e ol 11 illev're ill 'li'St III I 1 THE TOGGERRY LOWELL A BLOOM. GRAND LODGE OF I. O. O. F, DENVER, Colo.. Sept. 21.—The delegates to the sovereign grand lodge i of Odd Fellows are meeting here today were escorted tills morning by th" military ovsjanlfc-.nlrm of the oril"i- to the auditorium -.viiere they weive welcome..1 by, Governor Huehtel, Mayor i Spear anil the grand olllfers of Colo- I rrtilo. Grand Si:e K S. Conwa.v of llliiuil.s respoudi'd. ! TO WELCOME FLEET. 1 I'ONOl.rU'. ?'•><>< 2l.--.\ineri'-;,n j Consul Gfiiera! Mil!' :' arrived from I Vokohama says the Atlai'tic licet will 'lie wclcoMH-1 at V'liicohama iiy sixteen .I'.tpatiese l>aM lestii;.-. coinuviii'le 1 Ii; Aomii'ai To:,n. FIVE MILLION DOLLAR FIRE. 1'AUIS, Si'lll. '.'I. A treat Hie lii>t .nh:hl destroy eil ii. ci-nlral telephone billhiing. It was at !;i~! I'epotreil thit ilie j/.);,!oilice was iiiiiie'd, iuit this wa.s a l:;Ut:<ke. The hj^s i- $."(,OlM).ilnii. BETTER WAGES. WASHINGTON, U. C. Sept. L'l.~-An lil- ''"Use from !")ii cents to Cil cent.s an lii.iii in the pay oi 1 Linotype mi'l M.I I'" 1 ' 1 '' Olierjilor-i Will go illtO effect MUffDERER KILLED FAMILY. MEN'S CLUB TO MEET TONIGHT r, was n Tile lie i •i'l . -I- AII .:!' •IV tO kill JoSel'h el family, In .Hist his home. . n oui of l),"-| liii' lilinn was bad! 1 '"•"ii warned l,\ Tile members of th j St. I'.'tul's Episcopal i suir.e flielr iiifetini;s '• Onali i Hall. Rev (. ne.j an Interesting ' ;>ai; ui whicli will i ' :'.!••• ourrc-ncy f|ii eui'eil the proa'ise ; :-.jit-al<er.-i to pnrticij J sioii .Mi't-tlngs will I : .i!i •! \ ;,!s hereaft".'. ! INTEREST IN THE COMING 1 IRRIGATION CONGRESS. ti.-entii Naiional Irrinutior, ( '"i and International Kxposition, S- bei- 2H- October 1". •,- 'li, ; huve her ot' reservations i<y di/lcuatt loil^lr.i's. Ordinarily, uiily :.'!'• prominent In the c aitsi- .'.:' i .•• tion ;>y irrigation en.':.,: ; '••• itdsaiiLX-, but. this yea;- ;:.,i;w \s h j fv have attended th' '.-oiigri'js have writte me to such men to give support. - « . » Fair Circuit Announcement The Fresno Republican ro.a>a« the following announcements: The Central California circuit of agricultural fairs and speed programs liefilu at Tulare City tomorrow; and wi'.! continue during the week. This fair is open to the four ifwmtles of Fresno, Kern. Kings and Tufla,re. In aililltlon to the usual exhibits of ag- i (culture, horticulture, viticulture, dairy products and live stock it will include a poultry show and a "blue on live stock sale," , Til-; second fair of the Nerlps bnfjlns ' Agricultural Park In Fi'chuo, Monay. September 28th, a lid closes Satir<lay. October 3d. This fair wil! be open to the world, and the rist or nanldnd." It will Include an educa "tial <lepartment, a don show nnd a .'"i:ify uxhiLIt, In addtion to the us: :! fair features and speed events. Thi; third, and last fair of the rlr- l '.it. levins 'at. Hakcrsileld on Mon i.iy. Oetobi.'i 1 12th, nnd will continue l'irlni; thi' week, This fitlr promises ., ii» the i?roate«t event of the kind •'•'•r held in Kern County. In addition to ihose circuit fairs the -Mni.siaus coiinty fair opens at Mo(i -to next Wednesday, Septemhi"' • •''•. i".<l c' IIH (lie I'ullosslnw S.i' BEFRIENDS MAN ID ISJODDED ITrank E. Gerdes, a stationery en- $l)ieer who has been working In and abound Bakersfleld for some time imst, was robbed Saturday night by a man named Howard Morris, ' whom Gerdes had shared his room with. Morris waft down on his luck and without ftinds and Gerdes, taking pity on him, offered to share his bed. Some time during the night Morris made way with $20, a union card, and receipts for d.ues In both the Odd Fellows and Knights of Pythias lodges. Gerdes awoke about S o'clock Sunday morning and discovered that the man he had befriended hud disappeared. A little later he discovered his loss. A WIUTUJU has been Issued for Morris. but there appears to be little chance of ui'lirttllt'Uiliug him. Stole a Hat, H. Morris appeared before Justice Black this afternoon swearing to :i complaint for petit larreny iigiiinst j one .John Doe. whom .Morris claims I stole bi.'j lint, valued Ht $2. in the Q. T. j saloon last, night . | Justice Court Note.s. ; The picllii)iii;ir> of Hilda .Smith for J uit with a deadiy weapon is se!' : lomorrort- morning at U> o'clock! .|o|V Jll.lne Illiccu. j CliMlle.- Hoy lod:iy plead miill.\ to i :,:i im; and was IIIH'il $10. j FIFTY DOLLAR BET • j MAUt ON OLD MISSOURI.; 11LBUR WRIGHT BREAKS RECORD •:• M3MANS, Prance, Sept fti. 4 •:• —Wilbur Wright, the Amerl- •> * can aeroplanlst, and brother •> + of Orvllle Wright, foday broke * * the world's record by remain* «t» * Ing In the uir with his ship for * •;• one hour, thirty-one minutes 4" * and twenty-five seconds. + GITYfiSTEFS MEET TONIGHT The city trustees will moot tonight. Front present indications a full mem* bershlp will be present, the first time In many months. There are a number of Important matters to receive consideration. The' transfer of the liquor license of Swell. zor & Dillon, former proprietors of the Opera Cafe, will be presented and action will probably be taken in tlie matter of the salary warrant ft ex-oiik-er Bob Crain. An award on the contract of Glasw & Fisher for sewer construction will also receive attention. lo '.m, KIN' BRYA, 1 ourne SPEAKS AT BUFFALO THIS EVENING. llli U or for UK- afterward : ''••• '-heap I'ani'.i.i. :;p s to ill,. H. •|lle,j forests, i!i.'lie reclamation liiiliwi'st, and tlie , ni which Max F; '•irsainlnejly. For. I'ound-trlp tickets at tolier "1, whlcli will akin? u .• i a iv. Kltm- f.'i'iinty fa!' 1 rd "tl Monday, Ocloin out nine d'lrinij lie tielMdi. a ii'.ultry yh"- "' ial fimtiires. - .-ilat" I''al'!Mers' Ih- will lie held on Ha' ,T [J.ivi-i. Yolo Coilll 'th an.' )'"!i of Octnli nlllle f I' ITCHCOCK WILL e»OT RETIRE FROM CHAIRVAN'iHIP ! writes :irnlllK. ALBANY, Sept. 21.—W. J. who was the guest of David B. Hill iasc night, left today for Buffalo, when? he speaks tonight. I. .-'ell! c': v, a.-; to I i i|"i.o-e : ,• • <'.-• Ht-nubllc 'H N ili.i'.i Ii I l!ie |ihice L'h ill to .-••-. give an abuti-|a'or Cn,:;-- i.- denied. Tiift. ir- dance of time tor tourists to take any _ Imsy writir.^ :-|)eei'hes. says be ha.s no or all of these side trips. It will be i criticism to make of Hitchcock. an opportunity for seeing the wonders Koruker lias notified the committ> that he speeches. of the mountains the railroads. seldom offered by will make no political men are luckier than othfTs. hi now Tom Owens thinks his in the ascendancy. He met j Tllton the oilier day and they politics its two good fellows i • :-<• tunes. Tom sprung a joke cfl'ei t that Missouri would go rii . (ii'Oixi- nuid no. They ..: it and to .- i-llle tile II f- ,1 . ail r le-ll are likely lo tie ..» ,• \S ]'.\e: ell *"n coin of the ill the issi|i-. N'n\ ; , r the Hi'llio- li-elin^ sol": V I'H' tile Repllbll- il ,.a > i I] :^ 1 I ' il .1 lue to take he;.. "I ili'i. i.ii'Av that 111 all owens, "I over ,1. a lead pip. .; Tillon evi FR, f* SON HAVE SOLD GROCERY STORE. Ki v <>. .-'oil have Hold tiu'lr Knirery .-to:-' : . lo ate,| at. the corner of Chester avenue and ICighth street, to Mr. Harvey KaiinniiKe of Paso Hohles. Mr. Uannnage took charge of the store to-j day. i Mr. Fry will Htill have charge of the. wood yard. / You Need Your Head "- id not. in 1: or enjoy' afford! to -•' of It for huadaches. they start A. D. S. HEADACHE WAFERS. tops .',' i'hi'vlna ' ii ' - that i .i is :-ol.l m. fiind th" II tails to ui . promptly ;' 11 "' on i In- ji iin. '.•;iarantce :' the ri'in- .-ali-'.fa' 1 - THE KODAK STORE. J. .y HiiKhes The Leading Prescription Druggist. Phones Main 64 and 74.

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