The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 12, 1952 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 12, 1952
Page 1
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS I VOL. X-LVIM—NO. 119 -f- V Blytheville Courier Mississippi Valley Lender Blytheville Daily News Blythevillc Heiald THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI 3-Inch Rain BLYTHEVII.LK, ARKANSAS, TL'lCSPAY. AUGUST 12, 11)52 SIXTEEN PAGES SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Drouth CRUISING DOWN FIEAIiN STUEET—Follow- ing heavy rains here last night and this morning, the 1100 block of Hearn Street flooded enough to allow neighborhood youngsters to float a flat-bottomed rowboat in the street, shown above while navigating the temporary waterway at mid-morning are (top to bottom) Bobby DeSha/x), Mary Jane Drake and Bruce Lynn DeShazo. Mary Jane is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Drijke, 1703 Hearn. and Hobby and Bruce. Lynn the sons of Mr. and Mrs, 1. L. DeSliazo. 1705 Hearn. The western por- lion of Hearn shown above was one of many city streets where high-standing water took most of Jhe morning to drain olf into overloaded sewers. "(Courier News Pholo) $5 Million' Fall General Over County Lightning Kills Nine Steers on Farm at Manila Although • liifhlning si D cl wind did damage in sonic areas, Mississippi Count y farmers got their §5,000,000 ruin" early today. Rain began falling in the Blytheville area at 3 a.m. today and some four hours later 11. E. Rlaylock, official weather observer, reported a measurement of ;).02 inches, breaking a drouth that had noon gripped the county since eariy June. Ohio to Get Atom Plant WASHINGTON (AP).—The Atomic Energy Commission announced today it will build a giant new atomic plant in southern Ohio to step up this nation's supply of strategic The Trcnk b "^°- Icatcd at the Trenk Firm fo Hove Company to Set Up At Dell Due to Air Base Reactivation The plant, which will coat $1,200.000,000, will be situated In Pike County, the Ohio River Valley, about, 20 mlle.5 north of Portsmouth. U-235 will be separated from uranium ore at the plant through the gaseous diffusion process. Highly fissionably U-235 is a key product In atomic bombs and in atomic engines. Part of Expansion The Ohio plant- is to be part of a ,. 3 billion dollar expansion progrum H^-iES*' approved by CongMaTlast rnon&&" j*fc'?ii• fc>p The commission^aid^lt wni-r^r^j^sK^'j ate go new community *fn cohhec- I building ikle Paint Company, lo- Blythcville Municipal I Airport, has ^completed planf to j move to Doll penning re-activation 1 of the former Armv air baw by the .-•^Force, Martain Trcnkli". owner. WeoHier tion with the Pike'County plant, as • Dell, it did at Oak Ridge. Tenn. '[lie can from HI tie lias rented a S'. T. Freeman m and feels that facilities there ' County Agent Keith Bilbrey valued the rain at 55.000,000. saying that it saved the county's soybean crop and was beneficia'l to practically all the county's cotton crop But there was bitter with the .sweets Lightning damage was reported from some areas. Mr. Bilbrcy stated that lightning struck a tree in a pasture at the farm of Harry Wright four miles southwest of Manila during the squall, killing nine young steers which had sought shelter under the tree. The telephone company here reported some damage to its lines and electricity in some sections of the city was off for a short while this morning. As usual in the case of heavy rams, II,,- city's storm severs were incapable nf handling the load. Many Ulythcville streets rr-scnl- lilcd Venetian canals early this inorninir as Ihc water overflowed rurhfngs and crept Info many yards.' But «.i a, whole the rain was extreme! tenen-al «.., the SySuflt* tills morning, the entire coujL., cfitted from the rain wiifi ",,„,„- tically every section reporting good hanrilc his firm's production ! rains. 1 And additional showers were fore- i gov-I «...«..»..-, .11.c; mm additional showers were fore. built i fmt no worrt °" rtal<:s "V which ' cast for this area of the state to[ manufacturers are expected to move : d:!J - Tilfi Weather Bureau's forecast crl nn ' out of the bine arp.-i hn nriviort i,,.i i W:1S for * itlel .V scattered afternoon eminent communities as was The new plant will be located on ! out of the base area.'he added but i *?* -1°'! *'' del ^ sra %ed afternoon Arkansas forecast. Widely scat- j a 6,500-acre tract in a sprasely-set- Uairt he would It-ive ih,, irv",n,> — ! ° J evening thundershowcrs tered afternoon or early evening tied area of Pike Count- location as more numerous m the northern thundershowers more numerous in wnrrf nf tn» arv* ^ •', i soon as possible after 30 days, which K<>ct 'o» of (he state." High humidity northern section of the state. Hloh oecislon came, will be required to get everything ! will continue with ground los In .^,, with zround out ?" caa ° r thc official announce- ! set." I the early morning and winds light! sons at previous McMath " -' •••- ' - <-xcepl during the thundershov.'ers. I nt Prcscott ami Helena humidity will continue fog in the early morning, "winds light except during thundcrshowers. Missouri forecast: Partly cloudy tonight, cooler southeast aiid slisht- Jy warmer northwest portion; Wednesday partly cloudy and warmer with widely scattered showers or possibly thunder.showers, mostly west and north portions; low tonight in the 60s: high Wednesday near 85 northeast to 90-95 southwest. Minimum this morning--13. Maximum yesterday—92. Sunset today—6:51. Sunrise tomorroxv—5;l»>. Precipitation 24 hours to 7 a m — 3.02. Total precipitation since Jan 1 —25.26. . Mean temperature (midway between high and low>—82.5. Normal mean temperatures of August—80.2. This Date Last Vi-ar Minimum this morning—70. Maximum yesterday—88. Precipitation January 1 to this dale—30.27. Rain. Slows Voting in Blytheville; Total of 644 Ballots Cast by Noon *3£^ * wli ° u "-" c<l ° ut by ™» 1 ° «»t " tin " --'i-i •• '"hh'ii^ *III-V:II;^L IJ1 total vote than the one cast July 20. In addition to the was expected to bo done this after- COU " ly l ' BCCS ' hel " cd ^^ Prediction,, of McHath Claims Foe Preparing 'Alibi for Defeat' 'I Was Robbed/ Governor States Opponent to Claim By T.EON' HATCH LITTI.R ROCK Ifl'i \ sceinirMy- confiderii McMath said last night he was assured of a llmd term nomination as governor nt today's runoff Democratic primary and declared Unit opponent Francis Cherry already was "preparing nn alibi lor his coming defeat." 'Cherry. McMath added, "is siatin" no''- that all the election officials jfljSM&'ent people who arc going ••Motile election." VoSSW'wnor asserted Cherry wils-"Setting ready to say "I was robbed." McMath spoke over a statewide radio network, but only part of the 30-mlnute program was devoted to nient, Aides to usual in such raises j The Trenkle plant went into pro-i r-ofthf^^s^^i^" 011 " CTC -September, „«. J re.the commission disclosure ' a i!l B<">ied to produce from 14.000 lo 16.000 gallons of paint during an eight hour shift. i Approximately half the time was °^P'^ with Iranscribcd telephone reports from McMath leaders In various sections of (he slate and recorded comments made by per speeches why — .- ...~ Mc-Matii- Cherry gubernatorial race, voters loday also selected a'n at- lorncy-sjclieral. Democratic national coimnittticmnn and chief justice of the Supreme Court. Only county races were between Kenneth Sulcor of Joiner and Malcolm Griffin of Dell for stale representative and between I W, D. Cobb and Ben Shanks for coimty surveyor. Heaviest voting by noon was done , in the First and Second Wards. In each. 220 voters h a d gone (o (he polls by noon. Ill the First Ward, 139 had voted in the City nail polling place while 81 had cast their ballots in the box at Scay Motor Co. In Ward Two, election officials said 136 persons had voted by noon r.t Blytheville Water Co and 84 at Gill Tontiac Co. A total of MO Ward Three voters lu:d cast their ballots at tlie West .End Fire Station by noon .and at Moore Brothers Hlorc, Pourtli Ward voters had cast 37 ballots. Twenty-seven persons had voted at the towiiahlj] box in t li e Cuurt Mouse !:;• rmoi'. '"his fcox was for u;:c liy persons" who reside in Ciuckasawba Township but outside the cily limits of Blytheville. Tabulation of Dip unofficial returns will be kept by the Courier News tonight after the polls close at fl:3D p.m. Station KLCN also \vi]| maintain a tabulation of the returns. Chancellor Drops 3 Political Bombs On Election Eve 'Steal' Charged; Affidavit Shows 'Question' Was Plant ny CAIII, DI-:i,i, JONESBORO, Ark. W, _ Francis Cherry, the softspokcn country judge who lias been a sin-p'risc throuehoiit Lhc 1052 Arkansas Democratic cnbcrnatorial campaign, kent gonii! right Up to today's run-off primary. fii succession and three different Arkansas cities yesterday a n d nsl niKhl, the 43-.vcar-old j ane .,- boi-o chnnccllor dropped these political bombs: 1. An accusation that his op- porcnt. Gov. sii! Mi-Math. Mould make an unsuccessful-effort to steal On Scicifii River Tlie plant site will lie between Mr. Bilbrey explained that be-! lne - v wer " Eoiiig to vote for the cause approximately 90 per cent of • Sovernor. thc county's soj'bl'an crop is of th ' Ogden variety ' See WEATIIEn 16 Wakefield on (he ScYo- to River. Exact boundaries will be determined after detailed engineering surveys, the commission advised Elston. Some 50 families will be relocated. Inside \ Today's Courier News ...Society. . .I'ajic 3. ...Giants sink deeper as Dodgers pull away....sports...['age 8. .. -Markets.. -I'a^c 16 ...1'ulHical organiialioiis have ?onil anil bar! poinls.. .editorials .. I'agc 6. •Jnncsboro .MLHI Ca One of the telephoned was from G Jonc.sboro, Cl declared: "Thc change in CraiKhead County and Jonesboro is hard to believe since the governor came here to speak last week. The people here feel like they must have someone •"••' "Ht,,R. ivc-iL»u!iai v^ommiuee with a program, someone on whom publican nominee for governor off Speck also predicted that Francis ""!?' *?" '"W"- cbelT S' (who c;,r- - defeat Gov. sid [' cd - the county b - v R b Arkansas in today's Speck Says He Still Expects Ike to Campaign in Arkansas DENVER «| _ Jeff speck. Re-[tional Committee. Benefit Rodeo Postponed Due ie telephoned reports „_ * 3arland Arrington of I / <-» U/-i, n herry's home city, who! ' O jKCf/fJ Many Sections Expect Records To Be Topped Today Marks End Of Line for r: *h«j McMafh or s,i - '" j UTTLE ROCK (AP)_Arkansas voters were turning out in near record numbers today to nnme a Democratic giibenuiiorml nominee despite murky skies that were (lumping ruin on scattered sections of tho state. • It's the end of the line for either Oov. Sid McMnth, seeking a third term, or Chancellor Francis Cherry. the mild mnnncYed country Judge from Jonesboro, who have waged the hottest runoff campaign tins state has seen in decades Voting in the capita! city ut 10 a. m. showed 4,181 votes cast as compared to about 4,000 at (he same time In the July 20 preferential primary. Polilically.inJnded Hot Springs has turned out i.soo votes by o n. m. us compared to 169 cast at 11 a. in. two weeks ago. Weather Clear in West Another populous section, Ft. Smith, reported clear and dry weather was bringing out the heaviest early balloting in its history Pine Bluff reported 2,823 votes had been cast by 10-30 a. m., almost double that of the same period on July 20.: Election officials (hern ware pre- clicUiig a new- record for Jefferson thc election -<•".— County, surpassing' the 10.SBO in An affidavit which he said , he I9 f Gubernatorial runoff be- I)i-ovcd McMath hlrnr-elf Injected a i I"'" 0 ". ,, nl .^ r Oovc 'uor Ben Laney personal Irn^cdv into (he bitter campaign to "play on the sympathy - " > lrimar > 1 ' is >» majority Arkansas, sa.vs he still looks f or f C li'e r"r "y will defca Oeti. Dvvight D. Eisenhower to! McMath of ArkaAsa<5 in lort-iv'i' — •"!"•" . campaign in Arkansas in his bid i run-off Democratic primirv SDCC* i S "- P ''' SC WhC " CraiBhc:1<i County's for the presidency. wll , tacc thc W in,,er in he Novein ""'I,' 5 ™''"<L d '" Speck made the statement after her election ' uil - J " »Iceman -Sc, he and other Southern <jiinnnrfr.rc --i-i, , ' Others who of Eisenhower hat! conferred wMh ' can wii^tV "° SS W '" V McMnth : McMalh in thcir |^,eri^ prpsidculiii1 Cruiilidale; ^;; )0 ^ k - cJ ««™" 1 «- 1 ^^^iS,^::L^; ' mnl^hnr/^'r'' 11^' £° u ! cln } dlscllss ' s i'^k was accompanied to Den •. bar ,^o,, L"!?. °S! cF t c 'rr'!'°" ? r '; y Vcrrn s Tin ^ H °< stu t , K art r-isenhoivcr director of the state's Eisrnhmi-pi s McM,, (I , |,'i n of the voters." 3. Appearance on Cherry's statewide broadcast in Jonesboro last nicht of the three candidates who were eliminated from the eover- rir's race in thc preferential primary to urRo their supporters to vnlc for the judge. U.S. Rep. lioyd Tiicl-.ctt. Little R.-ck Attorney Jack Holt arid Ally. Cirri. Ike Murry marched onto the , vofs Ma^c ;tt, f( p.m fnur hours af1<T i "", ," ' Cherry had .started hi, fj-ho'.r " «-I "'cotU*" 1 * lion eve talkalhon. election. Appearance Is First Their appearance — before estimated by Police chief and McMath. More than l.loo Fayelteville voters had tiinicd out by H a. in a slightly heavier vote than two weeks ago. Rain at Blytheville and Jonesboro was holding down balloting- 410 in Blytheville at 10:45 a :n Jonesboro 1.283 at 11 a. m. North Little Rock reported heavier voting, some n.s much .13 double that of t\vr> weeks ago. Hot Spring County had 1 960 ' The two performances of thc Welch Brothers' Western Roclco scheduler! for tonight and tomorrow nifihi, were postponed late this, me morning because of the inclement \ crowd . "' " >an '" ""> " reviou3 Other points reporting: Hope, a little lighter voting; See KI.KCTIOX on Page 16 J- made pn almost impossible but that he pirin= to bring the thow back to Biythe- vilie next week. Mr. Welch stated that plans now urc for thc rodeo to show hero A'l" 1!) and 20 if Mils ran Ijc arrnnijcd/ "The rain this morning made r.o- Mis- i ni-Ju's performance impossible and EiiBcnc Flccman of -Manili •w-7<«^^ Rufrefd of Bpntonyinc. Dr. A. S, that it wou,d be wiser to p^pn ^ATHt^r'^wsr:,,: 1 * 111 '' s! '°^ ai ^ Mr In the run-off Said Holt: "Wr're all Jiere in thc Intcrc-t of «ixjcl Kovcrnmcnt. . . It is more important that we have a change in thc shite administration than' that I or any olhcr one man be elected i Hy their vote, the pcuplc o[ Ar- ' K;U!.S:IS have chosen Francis Clinrv lo make Ihis change." Murry declared that the i--sue lo be dr-cidcd in loday'.s election t< ncy and Sre h? girl w(xi has a way with her uwaliy has a man \viih her, foo. o/ BVD Bargains- Blytheville Value Days move in(o the third lap of the program r^irow under the sponsorship o( the -Merchant's Division of the Chamber of Commerce. BVIJ official, today said a , 1Vn clown w,H be on hand ton.oirow at,, rno.-i, ;o give- ball.xms t o youngsters «c«,;n- panied by Value Day shopp-i- Some special bargains to keep an «•« on aurinj (cmorrow's .vile art Lhc four pictured above. In Picture Xo 1, cii^tonifis lout ovi-r outfidc white o.iinl, Tc-ui.!. ir |y w.7.1 pt-r gallwi, which will ,-dl lon.oin,-,v al «S2.i (J , .- Ra [] on ir] |,, ls of rivCc wlth „ $7.95 binsh given free with each pun hase. Picture No. 1 shows iridescent creamer end pitcher sols «h'.cl, will ictail at 39 cents tomorrow only. Toniouw only also Is the day to bu;,- women's nylon psnt],>j. s-hown In picture No. 3, for 59 ccnls-n regular si value. Radios, beinj inspected In Picture No. 4. will sell at 30 per cent oft tomorrow In on* local store. (Courier Xcw.s l'liolos>

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