The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 19, 1908 · Page 5
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 5

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 19, 1908
Page 5
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Hat Pins made out of Real Roses Real Rose Hat Pins It doet not teem poalbte, yet it Ii tnie. itbat these Hat Pins are nude out of live ro»e*,atxi changed Into metal by • secret proem. This discovery Is without doubt one of the lost arts of the ancient Egyptians. They ire the most beautiful of all Hat Pins. No two are alike. Made In finishes to conform to the prevailing fashions In millinery. Six sizes • $1.50 $3.CO $2.00 $2.50 $3.75 $4.50 Everybody Is talking about them. Dofc't fail to come In and see them. These an the genuine DRLAMOTHE Real Rote Hat Pins. ___ ___ _______ ^_ _ MAIL ' ''" JOLLY TIME AT HIGH SCHOOL Last night was a banner nlphl at the high school rally in point of numbers and eiijoj ini'iit for all. 'I >: .-.tan ! he ; : in, Ihose of the Freshmen \vh.i weie not afraid of the | in!!:):' i.itin:; :!'ititui'e of the Sopho' more,;, and the threat:! passed at school, came along early to be on the ground first. Likewise the bolder Sophomorts soon put in an appear- :nci'. For the first time. In history 'lie Ki'cshmen were organized perhaps as well as the Sophs. So;neone started to tnab colors, and the fight was on. Kor fully a half hour good-natured initiating stunts went on, neither side gaining a decided advantage, and the battle ended with honors even. At about ',< o'clock the tables were set by white-aproned young tadles of the domestic science department, and Drury Wlenian Introduced Toastmaster W. W. Kaye. The toasts were lively, well-delivered speeches, oftentimes affording much laughter. Roy Pathe also well-rendered a solo. The gathering then repaired to the athletic room In the new building, where two hours of dancing was indulged In. Too Late For Classification Kern City YOUNG LADIES HAVE ORGANISED A CLUB. Tile young ladle,, of the M> Church have or.n.ini/.id a flu' ] they call the lioidcn Hour (';• 'object of thi cinli is to raise , with which to lienutify tlu> 'and with this alii) In view tin ! ladies expci t to work hard tii ing winter. They will n Saturday afternoon at ib'' the director, .Mrs. \V. K. The next meeting will day, the 20th, and the CITY BRIEFS iiurch mi- i i e.vcry home of .MeutK 1 !'. he beUl Patur- afternoon will be spent in sewing. Following are the ofljeers: President. Miss Frankie Heed, secretary, .Miss Vi-ra Hearhv; treasurer, Miss Ethel Belolt; chairman of decorating committee, Miss Bessie Hart; chairman of social committee, Miss Emellna Smith. A SURPRISE PARTY ON HER BIRTHDAY. STRAYED—Hop, 10 my place about a week ago; owner can have same by paying for this ari and damages. K. Kleisen, two miles and a half Kern Island road, west. R. F. Hox Ifi. In honor of her fifteenth birthday Miss Ada Woodruff was tendered a moi-.t delightful surprise party last evening at the home of Miss Gertrude Campbell, 5;5 K street, and a pleasant evening was passed In games and music.' Those present were Misses Verna Brown, Mildred Brown, Minerva Robinson. Eva Woodruff and Gertrude Campbell. IN THE HERN CHURCHES ON THE SABBATH. Another From Hi-fit ( tri!Veil a! ; with Tom Kelly. .,.1 .Moj.iv, \e--:< ;,i\ Mian in - i di: • i-,|- .lilct an.i i::,iit in Working Overt -me. (leers ai >• v. ml. n:. «\ cause </r tin- in..;,- :;M lial McK,r,:i ,:i,| appointment tin- i-i'.milai ,ire on the s A False ment was calli ! shortly after I" . box 4:1'at tin- i streets. The ai'i run through M;, llnd no signs n- been broken i-\i who wanted to s action. Inspecting Oil der, for the pa> manager for the ny of Florence. Mojave.—Constable :«• jail tills inornliiu who wa.-i sentenced ;.i> l,j .Indue <.'ol<- i -I diMinli i ':• e.ui- Tin' polic \i",liiiH' toda ' crowd in ti 'l not asd< for onal officer*, of. the Alarm. -Tbe fire ilepavt- out this morning I'clock by a call from Miior of lltth ,iiid Q Miatus made a quick crowded streets to .1 lire. Tin; box hud '.eiilly by some one ee the Fields.--.lames 55oe- t twenty year's fleld Florence Oil Com pa- Colorado, Is a late St. Barnabas Episcopal. Sunday school at 10 a. m.; evening fatrvlee at 7:30. Methodist Episcopal. °» Sunday school, 9:45.; reaching at "• Sunday wschool, 9:45 a. m. Preach_ 45 Ing at 11 a. ni. Epworth League, 7:30 "Y~"sATn 7 ~""YoTiiie' 1> - m ' ; P rfiBcnl "8 a t 8 p. m. C. F. Fv-Pi-esiilent riov.. i Heller, pastor-. LMi.M.Unt Chne. P u gr f m , s congregational Church. Sunday school, 10 a. m. Preaching at 1 la. m. Christian Endeavor. 7:30 p. m. Preaching at 8 p. m. O. Franklin Thayer, pastor. American Jewelry Co Solomon & Law. 14::n Nineteenth St. HORACE GRKK man. po west." land said. "Xo investment on earth Is so safe, so sure, so certain to enrich its owner as undeveloped realty. I always advise my young friends to place their savings in realty near some growing town, j There Is no such savings batik any-1* where." And no better town can be i ! found than Ilakersfleld. Let me | : show you some good buys. H. A. i I .Moore, roo mil, Hopkins bids. 45 i * arrival in Uakersneld. Mr. Boeder Is making an Inspection of the different oil fields of California, and he has just Inspected the CimllnKa fields and from, here wll Igo to Los Angeles and San Luis Obispo. His intention is to locate in California If conditions prove favorable. Fortunes in Oil.—.1. ,1. Mlley and A. B. Butler, both formerly of Fresno, and both well known here, are reported to have made fortunes in oil In Oklahoma. E. D. Buss Named.—At a meeting of the bankers of the San .loaqu,ln Valley held In Fresno yesterday, a clearing house committee for the valley was appointed, and 1C. 1.1. Huss of the First National Bank here, was named to represent Kern Comity on the committee. Dr. Schafer Wins—Mr. Schafer, Glass' speedy little sprinter, won a match race at Tulare yesterday at- teriAion. The purse was $100 and the distance three-eights of a mile, Hamilton's Watch this paper'for our Fall Opening Announcement of New York styles in Ladies', Misses' and Children's Ready-to-wear garments for fall. *£ Chester Ave. at 20th St. Byes examlnf.-d free. tf , Met Macmnrdo Is in from Midway. Superintendent Keith, one of the Standard executives In the Midway, Is In town today. j Henry Ach of San Francisco came I from the north en the Santa Ko this i morning. C. A. Newman, teacher of violin.' Phone Main 501. Producers Bank) building. , tf , Mrs. Win. Kelly arrived yesterday morning from Florence. Colorado, to join her huidian.l. who is employed in ih» oil ItehK i PAINT YOUR HOUSE < House painting IB my qpeetefe ty. I use nothing but toe b«*9 ma£eria)b, guarantee my work and charge reasonable prices I. O. MEREDITH, Contractor . . 211V » til Prime Main 17&. LICENSED TO WED. George H. Tlallaugh. aged 25, a native of Arkansas, was today licensed ; to wed Minnie Ualen Skaggs, a native of Kentucky, aged 21. noth are residents of Bakersfleld. NOTES AND PERSONALS. I Your Home Should Ba insured 'PI:.' 1 •!;.;<• tn tak>' <">r.1 ;i p"i:--v ;«. ri'.'ht im\v. Y"'i ii;:Yf no ijnsiran- 1,-.. t!. • V""" liiiust.' won't !..• }•'. ••;•-; l-.tiidil. 1: yen; liave nn insnr- ;;m-.- yi .,:• !•,>< v.'ill lie c-iv -:'i 'i. ; i:(i you'll !i;i ve TODAY THERElslTlCAI, ESTATE— I •'• M. Hunter, formerly of the First ' In Bakersfield that can be bought | Bank of Kern, but now secretary of fora few hundred dollars that will be I the Provident Mutual Building and fore very long be worth a tew thou- i I-oan Association, came up from Los sand dollars. You can get some of i Angeles this morning. it. and now Is the time to act. Look! W. C. Burbee, the well known which the local horse negotiated in 35 1-2 seconds. NEW ENTERPRISE. Collided With Auto—Wnile alight- At the store,»711 1 street, Kern, I Ing from a street car at the circus | i> ( , K (,, inform the public of Kern and grounds this afternoon, Henry i surrounding country that I have add- George, an employe of the S. P. lease ' ( ,<j |,, nl y business a pood line of In the oil fields, jumped in front of I men's dress and working shoes, cord"Sheriff Kelly's auto, which was slow- | roy nulls, khaki pants, and a nice line at these: Southwest comer of H and IMh: southeast corner of 10th and H: southeast corner of ll'th and D; and other good buys. R. A. Moore, room 11, Hopkins bldg. 45 WANTED— A good ?'• ;'"'• d;,y. IM •"... P::ni<" M'lin I blacksmith, Morris, l:il wagea passenger brakeman, who has been running between Kern and Fresno for the past eight years, has disposed of all his property and will soon ly making its way Into the grounds, and was knocked down. A cut was indicted under George's right eye. The sheriff quickly drove the injured man to town, where his wound was treated by Dr. Rogers. It is not severe. Chinese Funeral Sunday—Tomorrow afternoon, Ong Dong, another of Chinatown's well known citizens, will be laid away with all of the ceremony of the Continental Jewelry Company's (Cleveland, Ohio) jewelry, consisting of rings for ladies and gentlemen, scarf and breast pins, belt buckles, ruff and collar buttons, and will sell to introduce these goods this week at manufacturer's price. Your patronage solicited. Clar's Store, 711 I street, Kern. Hayden Purchasing Bureau 830-832-834 Monadnock Building San Francisco, Cal. Merchandise of all kinds [•;«*•• chased for the consumer IB. tFi« San Francisco mark/el at whoj$*~ sale prices. Samples or photographs furnished and p quoted on request. Commissions for the transaction of hws- iness of every nature given' prompt attention for a, motl:»v- ute compensation. B. A. HAYPEN, MQI- Formerly Hayden Furnitire CV_ Bakersfield, Cal. B. A. Hayden Co., San Franclcco. Cal ^ ...... _ ................ leave for Los Angeles to take a run i Qn Vp O 'mp known to the Celestial. The ' on the main line between that point and Fresno. The Barnum & Bailey circus of eighty-three cars arrived in tills morning in four sections- leave late tonight for Santa HAKKRt'FIEU) EMPI.OYMKNT BUREAU—When you want reliable . ln-lp of any kind at no cost to yon ! It will require eight call us up. We also supply Chin-I the show out of town. (•-••' and .lapanesp help. IL'l'l) Iflth street. Phone 313. tf train town and will iiarbcira. U) Kike Babrsfieid Abstract Company. GEO. HAY, Mnr. Chester Ave. and~19th St. Easement. FURNITURE BOUGHT AND SOLD iNTKR-'. W'.mCKS. SIMPSON CO.. IM-.I K >!ri-i't. phone Main l;!4: ni.'w ••in-1 -»-,'-on 1 hand f'.irniliiri' bought ai!.l '••••dl:'s fiiiiiishe.l on e-'Hv i T isT : 11. ;:'•;!! s ; I'urnitui'i 1 ri'iiti'd iiidii !<!> : special m'aiiiti'ware an 1 AJichen i|i»-Tisils. L'.'c. tf 50c WM. NUSSER HAS VISIT FROM MOTHER. SANTA CRUZ CALIFORNIA *» "The World's Most Beautiful PIsygrouT-. 1 ." Mi:'- !..,;.:•'- ;n a few square irdi'-;- than any other hpoi. The l-.i.-.uus Bi.i; Trees. Scenic Mountains. Surf Bathing «u- perh. Lar?c-^t and most tnag- nifcent Casino and Natatorlum. Climate without nn equal. "NEVER A DULL MOMENT Mr-. XUSM r. mother of Win. Nusser, who is held In jail pending a trial for .-'m- too many marriages, stopped In Bakersfield today, enroute from Los Angeles to San Francisco, to visit her son. Nusser, is is understood, bus given his mother much trouble in his ..»i.i,-i lit. . 1,111 she clings to him still. di-.spite it all. WELL MANAGED AND DIRECTED. The Fir<* !';mk u!' Kern is a stroii},' ami f.iiliy:':"- baukinfr institution. It is managed lind dil'i-i'li .1 •<••• n:i;ii oi' lilis- iness ;,;•:!/;-• ,.•>•': ': 'iiir priio- ••::•:(•. ••: - i'. !' >anei<il nflVii's. Accounts, • ' /'. •.-' tn chec::, invited. Capital, sfv»(i,('l( 10.00. ^u.OOO.OO. r I P'--n». i-"»«iri«>nr Arthur 8. C.ites, Cashier. TEA Tea is not infallible; -i o n e y b a c k makes amends. We are not, in the least, uneasy about the money. Yc-ur prefer n tunit vcur mnney il you don't Hkt SchiHiDy '» Be»l . we puv liim. Hear Bryan ; .Miss .Marie Blniat. Mr. a: j Armstrong and lamlly, Mr. : |.l. W. Young and family. | .Mrs. E. A. Marriot. Mr. ami ;('. isipii.i;-- and daughtt-r, '':; i and Mrs. V. Uaiiihn and two '.Mr. and .Mis. i'lcndeiien au-i :, land .Miss Heulah .Sprague w, n vistors In town from .Mountain today. The latest in ladies belts, riand up at Ardizzi $ Olcese De partment Store. " S. Stephens of Oik-enter Is registered at the Metropole Hotel. Trainmaster Harry Kiuch of Mojava was in town today. ,1. ShelabiM-ger spent yesterday ill Fresno. Roadmaster Paul Ixirentzen of T<- bachapi is in town today and leaves tonight with the circus trains. NEW FALL SUITS A, AriDIZZI & OLCESE CO. Mrs. .1. LeMasters, formerly a resident of Kern, but now of Long Beach, | is visiting friends and relatives it) | Kern and the oil fields. I Mrs. L-. G. Bauer of Los Angeles is | the guest of Mrs. Will Luce, at her I home on Baker street. Mr. and Mrs. R. Luuceford will I spend Sunday in \Vasco. The latest in ladies' collars, 50 cents and up at Ardizzi & Oiccse Department Store. . Mrs. .1. Nelson went to Mojavi ye!-- terdav afternoon to stay over Sunday with friends. Mrs. Onus. Wliltuker and children have returned from the nioi:i:iaini-. where they have been spending tb« summer. NEW FALL SUlTo AT ARDIZZ' l& OLCESE CO. funeral wll,he held at 1 o'clock from the Twentieth street, joss house. Visalia is Poorer—What looked to be about $5niHi was stacked up on the counter of the Kern Valley Hank this morning by the treasurer of the Bar- nmn S- Bailey circus. Presumably it represented the p-.' i.l ill" show at Visalia, Notes and Personals NOTICE OF PAROLE. Notice is hereby given that t shall apply to the State Hoard of Prison i Directors to be paroled 1 from San Quentin. I . EDWARD ERTLE, No. 22.254. ! Hate of first publication, August 20, itins. 8--.I!! is in luuii iron* are in tmm I'Millp IllanUcnshlj - l.'u\ 1 ;mch. o Could and famll 1 Maricopa. ', .lohn Di' Ler leaves loiil.i;hl Vall'-y 10 visit, over S'nnday ivu!' liin {wife, who is recuperating Ii.n.'. r> re- i cent oi'eralion. I S. T. Patrick of Houston, Texas, came up from the south this morning. K. M. Spencer and wife are in town from Tehachapl. Mrs. Sair and daughter are down from Tehachapl for a day or two with friends and Incidentally to gee the circus. l-'i'i-d Snyder, Jr., is a Tehachapian in town tor the circus. E. A. McGoe, formerly in the newspaper business In this city, but now conducting ii job printing house in I o'- AngeioH, Is here for a few days visit. ••* | Dan ('happen or TC-.iachapi is here for the circus. Mr. Wm. .1. Ur>:'n rmiy lie- heard to speaU on the Issues of the day at DELONF.GHA HOT SPRINGS. Most remarltaWt mineral swings n California. An ausmme cure for KHEt'MATISM Forty-five miles from T5al<ersfleld In <l»rrn Nevada Mountains. Pine sum ner climate. (food accommodations. Terms reasonable. Stage leaves Bale- srsfleld Thursday mornlntrs between * and 9 o'clock from Arlington and Accidental hotels, and from Metropole In Kern. Returns Tuesdays. Ad- Iress, BARBEAU & ROQUETTE. •J Proprietors HIGH .SCHOOL FOOT BALL PLAYERS HAVE NEW PRACTICE GROUND r. Brower hat- grar.:eii !'•»• high school football pia.vers permission <o use the vacant lot on I r street between ITIh iin.l Iflth streets, for a practice | ground, and beginning Monday the- football squad will do its training! there. i This is welcome news to Coach j Grifllih. :vho found Recreation Park and back a trifle hard on the boys. The new practice grounds are within easy reach of the school house and will be; one of the means of enthusing the high school students a KH they can at- in a body hereafter. The Winter — Elevation 3200 — SumrwBf All the Year Round Resort C alifornia Hot Springs TULARE COUNTY. CALIFORNfXi. Fast Becoming the Moct Health and Pleasure RtEori in the State. ('luiracli-'.'isti'^ -- A fun fK'U'i. hot bath--, biir trci»s. di lightful v ; A- niate. food hunting and ttsr.rnf*. beaiitiful scenery, daily in. ill autt teie|ihone. Wnters highly minerall/ed. for bathing and drlnKliiK. mid sess diuretic, tonic, alterative laxative properties. For further Information «r reservations, address CALIFORNIA HOT SPRINGS Hot Springs, Tulare County Health Enjoyment best tar tend practlei Niedi'i-uiir's i' r urniture Store,"l408'l9tbit rooters club also will find the new ar- reet. Come in and near nira ! rangenient F. c. Rlploy of the Santa Fe inter- a distinct advantage. came up from Angeles this Speak DEMOCRAT SPr.lNGS. Democrat Springs stAgd will leav» Dr. Long (Homoepntn.i Physician i Arlington Hotel every Wednesday and Surgeon, electrical and X liny morning. The baths for rheumatism by any and all G. M. CLUTTER Proprietor THE EAGLE BAR Grant Kier, Mgr. 2134 Sutter street, -opp. Alcazar Theater and Commandery Hall. Near Stelner San Francisco Phone Main 144; Hopkins ol ! ' Wouldn't you like to hear the Democratic candidate himself tell you just what his views are on the trusts, the l.iriff, labor and other ihnportunt questions of the diiy? He does just that on the Victor Come in and hear him. Taft Records to arrive soon N ^ PHILIP W. n lEDERAUK FURNITURE 1408-10 Nineteenth Street, Telephone Main 173. Traveling Enginere R. S. Ooblt Los Angeles came to town today. K. S. Oraham has returned from Tulare, after spending the past five or six months there. Keorge Keena expects to leave within. a I'ew days for San Francisco. I.. Quimer returned last riiply from a vacation spent In Santa Cruz and Sun Jose. Ice for sale at Wnitaker'a corner fruit «to'" tt recm:. pri( <>«. i' F. L. McCaffrey, who has been visiting the division amounting hurem 1 for the past week, left last night for Los Angeles. REGISTER, REGISTER! The marshal's office will be open until 9 p tn. on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Sept. 21st. 22d and 2?.d. All those who have not registered hud better get busy. 4« C. I J . UAIXiRR. Mni-slui). traetinent. building. «f .1. r. Sperry, the Coallnga oil man, Is in town today for a trip to the West Side fields. Dr. Hoss Fehiensen, licensed optician; office Morrow-Klmball drugstore arp and kidney" troubl? skin diseases. Tin only hot mud baths In Kern Count" Hotel largest and best accomodatlo-j« of any resort In Kern County. Fin? camping grounds and planty of Spend September at— CASTl.E CRAGS FARM Near Mount Shasta Comfortable .log cabins co.uivf>e<l with hot and cold water and shower baths. Home cooking. Wonderful Bcencry. Fishing, bunting, riding. Rates $2.50 per day, American plan. Weekly and monthly dl&counts. For full Informal!** and reservation address. F. W. BERGMAN, Manager P. O. Dunsmulr, With J. W. Brockman Real Estate and Insurance lynn 25, Guiles Ulock Phone Main 232 nakersneld. Cnl You are Cordially Invited to Atttend Our Fall and Winter Millinery Opening, Monday, September 21st, and Following Days R. A. M30*E Real Estate and Insxirance Room 11, Hopkins Bldg Phone Main 433 Bakenflelo A MA UTHAT KEEPS GOOD HORSBlffl diui'l want to spoil iln n .,1 I ri- k hie, own life by hai "'" with ,-:ii inferior IIU'il*- ol '-I ih'KH. It pa>s I" IHI.V a ('<"• wi:cn --iiij Inn . lor It alway is Vid! iir u'-aririK well durability aid make call at PIONEER HARNESS MATT80N BROS. Phone Mai» HM 'fl< For

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