The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 18, 1908 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 18, 1908
Page 8
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^ _ '• nV ^ fj FTP " , T- THE BAKBRSPIKLD CAUFOKNIAN FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 1908 Stalls '. I Jo " (V tiett an 11 Th( I' I ou. . ' I O:i , n • . .;;.. -; ;it Hmlimi 1'arU 1'or fit*' *t ;i;ttinn <>t' tho exhibition sO ( . ,1 . -,-s (luring i ounty lair Wi-.-.,, will !>*' Ii'iilt o;i ih" west lorfh from th* [t)''-.-fjji stalls • (U * * Y in 'in* ft ork wi H An h t- si- fMary ani )mi)J in i u til' 1 stalls. \ i; tirK gat i. ;ls \ <» \va.^ employed as ail lor tin- fair, tie will for the races, A \V. MacRae ooniinuf t" l>" in charge of tlio s and Rf-ucral secretary work. fifty i-ntricH, have been recelv- **/. in all, I'M -he early eloslnp events,. •rtistMl in < -oniu-cfion with the r three minifies of fhe circuit. of the fair being hold In . however, instead of Septem- >r- ,rtw was first a*lverllaeil. U will ho r> to notify all owners of tho in ditto. H is expected that entries will he lost for this in horses which have gone nre the opening of the sea- n, hut a good entry list should he Mined. (.'01 respondents Is now he- ;jfti f carried on with tlie entries. < itv Recorder \V. II. Thomas will b 'tune to act as ofHcjal starter for fall races Application for his U- ir-p was approved toil:iy hy the of« of the Hmlniit Ctiit). and this t be Issued very shortly by the \jit ;«n;\! Trotting Association. T I " The Men's Store " ft Where Things are Right" WANTED-Experienced saleslady wanted for millinery department. Apply to Miss B&rjoin, at Redlick'a Millinery Parlors. M MONEY BACK Redlick Standard IF NOT ENTIRELY SATISFACTORY The M;mdard of nil wool that this house nione lias iiiuri it» word mid doth for yours. "The Washington 1/me" eoines under this standard; the icreatest producer** of honest dothiuy; in Aiuer- iea. New arrivals showing the very biti'st conceptions HH to style and shades, styles that will please the mau who is most critical. i* siihmit this "Washington Line" of finely tailored clothes at price-, that will equally please for we place at your disposal tomorrow a very select showing of cassimeres and fancy worsteds. in the new ereens, browns arid other very desirable shades, at the one A pleasure to show you through, i MS WILL mm Many special things for men in * • our Premium Parlor Don't Forget. A pleasure come this "clothes shop"! the same attention whether you buy or not. r Mr.-. f -"i'tifjn (jf tho Hanium Bailey fjreatont Show on Earth ."v'.'li'U to arrive hero about H k iiniionxiw morning and it will .' unusual ; .t there is not a crowd of ':>« ti and hoys a I the unloading point ./? *w the wagonH and tlnata rolled iff ilu' card. Tho commissary depart. iK-nt will be the first to leave Visa (in .Mid will be on Us way hen* by 10 >'»'< lock t oni cii (. It will be up and 'M:ing hnriim-HH lit (i o'clock in the he threo other sections -.vt!l quickly follow and it ts expected that (ho en;ire show will be on the i of jungle animals will be by ft o'cjodi m the - us ni:uia^ers will morning the in getting up this strele pageant. U:e,i first that the big show has given in some years. Everything about It is ; spick and span and it ought to be j worth viewing. In line will be many richly carved floats representing Europe, Asia, Africa and America, One beautiful flout is called "The Age of Chivalry." The first hand wagon will have un enormous hitch of Norman horses, Kight and ten horse hitches ( wtl bf common and the parade will i loom up like a huge moving horse! Ono of the novelties will be a | id hand. Many of the dens! open to | view, making the display additional Too Late For Classification WiTH THE KOH SAKE—Good gentle mare, traveler; inquire at 831 L st. OIL MEN show. LOST—A gold watch, open face, with > initials A. H. C., had fob. Lost on Kern Island road between Bakersfield and Fairvlew school house. Return to this office and receive re-1 ward. 11 j th;it him - semi outjly airractive and giving the parade, boy who is sure to line the small! curbs J WM- given. H will ' something with which to feed his inv ; promptly at 10 agination. Thirty elephants will be iMurh money has been spent certain to step over the sewer covers and three herds of camels will mean der along and smile contemptuously at the places where men congregate to assuage a thirst that they only mildly experience once in six weeks. Hundreds of male and female riders including all of the aristocrats of the circus, wll have place in the pageant. There will be lots of music, including a band of clowns who do not play HH well as they might, but who do well enough to suit the youngsters. WANTED—Several canvassers, ladies or gentlemen. Salary proposition. Call on J. R. Lloyd, piano department, with Haberfelde Furniture Co., between 4 and t» .p. m. 44 TELEPHONES MAIN 39 and 86, WE'LL SEND Should you he unable to i con)i* out .send to us. Your Borders will receive tho same ; prompt aiui careful ntten- though you called at our store. No delay when you telephone. Such orders arc made up and delivered first—there . ; no delay in telephone orders. HOME OF THE KODAK FOR SALE—Forty acres, under Stine canal, in alfalfa and rorn, 5-room house and good well. Team, harness, machinery and six head of cattle, all for $3000. Suiter & Co., 1920 I street. Main 1434. EMPLOYMNT AGENCIES JAPANESE AND CHINESE LABOR Bureau. fir%t class help furnished; male or female, for hotels, restaurants, housework, etc. Rnnch hands and laborers furnished on short notice, day or contract. A. S. Takay- amu, 2100 L st. Phone Main 1074. r. H. Hurrilck is in town. James Urlscoe has returned from a business trip to Visjdiu and Fresno. Harmcr Jones drove in from the Midway this morning in his father's big Win ton Six. T. H. Minor returned last evening from a trip to the West Side. J. I. W.agy of bos Angeles Is In town today. H. M. Storey of the Standard Oil Company, who has been here for several days past on an Inspection of the loc^l pipe lines of the company, has returned to the northern part of the state. A. H, Dixon and family have return- j from a vacation spent in the) southern part of the state. Dr. Long (Homoepath) Physician nnd Surgeon, electrical and X Ray traetment. Phone Main 144; Hopkins n. tf CHOLERA IN RUSSIA IS ON THE INCREASE. ST. PETERSBURG, Sflpt. i«—Three hundred and five cases and 155 deaths from Asiatic cholera have been report- ol fp" TT twenty-four hours ending tu noon toJuy. The municipal administrations are under fire from all sides for their criminal efficiency and for their failure to make adequate preparation for hospital, ambulance and sanitary services. NOTICE OF PAROLE. Notice is hereby given that I shall apply to the State Board of Prison Directors to be paroled from San Quentin, EDWARD ERTLE, No. 22,254. Date of first publication, August 29, 1908, 8-29 If you have not registered s!nc« January 1, you must do to If you want to vote at the November eleo tlon. See tho clt-rk's notice on pagu 7. 'f Ann ounces i GLEANING AND DYEING i Leading Druggists. .. ichardson Mineral Springs Unexcelled for Uheumutlnm. Stomach and .Kidney Ttvmhle. Ask your trlendfi about thorn or write, for book *»l to J. H. Richardson, Chico, Cat. Whole Body Raw with Eczema Life was Intolerable—Was Even Incased in Plaster—Discharged from Hospitals as Hopeless, SUFFERED 14*YEARS CURED BY CUriCURA " From tho ape of three month* until fliteeu y«ara old, my Htm Owwi'ti lift* wa.s matio intolerable by eczema in its worst form. H*j wiw all right until a red rash broke oi»r on his (Y,rt>- htnui, but wo wore not alarmed at flrst. Very soon, however, rush bogau to I over hi.s head niul shoulilora, nnd it- mused him great ,, . . cllv:n:.:-t. I took him to a doctor and tried half a dozen other treatments, till with the same result: no improvement at all. Tim KrActually spread until nonrly ;<>rv part of hits butty was quite raw, e iiaa to strap him down in bod, for he i^r.l t^ioiir himself dreadfully in hw Kit-cp, 1'1 K » a^ouy he went WMUitoboyi.nd words, No wo would rear him. Tin* d'M'(..r, u v ,v,.y ( .i,. Vl i r niun. pronon UK* cav i[.,|M'l,'ss: at li-aM, he m'n ;;n)y h-.p,» was t j m , j,,, m j K i,t, lived I,.jit: enmiujn. uulKrow it t-i extent. \\-,. | i;l ,| hit,) in hospitals fmir tunes and he was prufn-uiiri'd »>ne of (lie WMI ,i cast's, if nut Uu» worst, ndinii ic*l. From each he was ills d a^ ini.-urabl.>; in fact under the sur<vssi\v (\-^\ Ai oiu' lios|ntii! tlu-y im-used him' ii\ er'. and (his seetnt'd (.. ag^rft\'n(e s..reneHrf terribly. H,. looked V j I'M-My thai no ttne UUi»d t«i K" »»eur him aiid iiis life wax a burden tn him, ELECTRIC AND FRENCH CLEAN- ing anil pressing Works, I9i:» K st.. Phone Main 435; suits cleaned and pressed. $1.50. Prompt service. Suits called for and delivered. Oberlander & OberlanJer, props. HARNESS OIL HARNESS OIL—for harness, carriages, buggies, etc. W. H, Wickham's Improved Water Proof Oil is the best. For sale by W. Moyle, 1713 Chester ave. Phone Main 1291. HOUSE CONTRACTOR MAKE YOUR RENT PAY FOR YOUR home. Modern up-to-date cottages, $1200 and up; easy terms; monthly payments. Plans and estimates furnished. A. E. Morgan, 909 I. street, Bakersfleld. Phone Main 706. * Aft ~ 4* E. H. LOVELAND ------- -- - - — — Wholesale Produce Merchant Hay, Grain, Potatoes, Beans, Eggs, and all farm products. HAVANA CIGARS NEW kind TH URSDAY, Winter A Cordial tended to Millinery Opening SEPTEMBER 17th. nvitation lltob i Present Att ra tho\ight Get our new ) Get aur new irriciation foidei Fall Clothing For Men Young Men an The Only Line to SIXTEENTH ANNUAL SESSION NATIONAL DON'T TAKE IT AS A JOKE when we .say th«t ihi» yon Iniy hciv the off. It is a serious ftu't. l\^v i t ;,i* harness Avill givo ^ivator satisfao- tion than tho ordinary kind. You Dum get better valuo for your aioney; aiul that money goes so far in purchaswg gootls'hero that *very purchase means a substantial saving. See the poiutf 4. B. HEEEINGTON Th Vills ii;>i. having a Mr". lal "nlharbour Jun. I'J, IU07, mat \ •-: d hi- it nnyv I., , v tt n K lmii K ('aml)le\volt . ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO September 29 to Octobe: 3, 1908 1517 19th ft i'-n^. Jun. I'J. IU07," S*'fid to ih-arest tlepot for froe ruff. cura Hook on Treatnimtof Hkiii Di.sea.ea. n*n!tLS U i ra .JI <tm< U lM ^ IV8ll! '* tln> w ..rid' fif i*P i^"' 1 '; 1 '': 7 ', h;i r ll ' rt|in ^'^ • I'ftrM.:.. u wi ii B i*Wf .•*"»"•»«* It Vowiw,4 ro.. HvrtiUy; ^>.Atrca. 1*01)011, Ltd.. C'liiieiowii t-to • i' s / Potter I/rug * ctein. Gifp^lKiKiil, »iiSL A<i i BORN. KEYS—tu Bakerafleld, September 17, 1907, to Mr. and Mrs. JoaUeva Key», a son* Round Trip 34.! Tickets on sale September 23 t .Limit Got. :J1, 1008 - r -- ._..,-*. . v ,_f +_ v , • f I t •* 1-' V/ l^ Many side trips planned to inspect irr -ution projects of sur- oimdmg country. Make you Pullman reservations early. V ^m ^bVb^^h.^Hh —>- —_ — . N. J. p hone Main SUITS, OVERCOATS * HATS AND FURNISHINGS n her*- in ^ueh variety lliat yoji will find it d^eidedly to ymtr inten^t to <?r>me and .set* the display. Do that as early as you fan. and be sure t«. look ut.'thc splendid vahu's on-I [iiiiidsoine models of 11 COLLEGIAN "SUITS They niv America's highest urade—up to *;jn : d.>n-n to $10— with an exeoptiMnal srr<>n- assort- at ifiir*.

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