The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on November 20, 1970 · Page 3
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 3

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 20, 1970
Page 3
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1" HI DAY, NOVEMBER 20. 1970 Iii Okinawa THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE Page 3 L/Cpl. Gary J. Harpe is presently serving with the U.S. Marine Corp in Okinawa. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Hiley Harpe, 116 Walnut St., Tipton. Gary would like very much to hear from his friends. His ad dress is: L/Cpl. Gary J. Harpe, 2637857, H & S Sub. Unit #1 3/4, 3rd Mar. Div. FMF, FPO San Francisco, California 96602. •Special! Se erviceS V A series of special evangelistic services is now in progress at the Trinity Wesleyan Church, 403 North Independence Street. Reverend Claude O. Scott, of Marion is the engaged evangelist. A native of Michigan, Rev. Scott served as a pastor in the state of Ohio for a number of years before moving to Marion. His nightly messages to the local congregation have Ixjen most interesting arid challenging. \_ Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C.Ander­ son, also of Marion, are helping with the music. Mr. Anderson is song evangelist and soloist while Mrs. Anderson presides at the piano. Mrs. Ray Stone is the church organist. Services are each night at 7:30 and on Sunday morning, the worship service begins at 10:30. The special services will close Sunday night. A cordial welcome is extended to all. Standerford Class The Standerford Class will go to the County Home on Monday, November 23. Anyone needing transportation, please phone 6756480. Psi Iota Xi Sorority The Psi Iota Xi Sorority will meet on Tuesday at 8 p.m. at the West St Christian Church. Country Tops The Country Tops will'; meet on Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. in the GAR Room. Tike - MSD with Mad Matchinz Faces and Bands in Color CARAVELLE* by BULOVA r °>® SERIES Earl C. Rhodes, Jeweler you cfln CRRve ! n TURKey 1 Cut to joint etween thigh arid body Remove Leg and cutofFdarK meat. 2. Steady bird with forK in upper win<J MaKe IPUQ ait above wing into body frame. 3.BegihhaLP way up breast. Slice down to Cifc at wih£ SLfceP^Usfree.? 4 Continue... each cut at higher Every sLice Premium TurKey is juiqjand tender... it's deep-basted> A Colorful Cookie Tree Will Delight Small Fry It's not too early to think of Christmas for the 'small fry*. What will delight him, what will hold his interest, and what will help to keep him from tampering with the family tree. Why not a small tree of his own, trimmed with cookies, animal crackers, etc. Life is Worth Living Why Linger? He, that being often reproved hardenth his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed and that without remedy. (Proverbs 29:1) God, who knew that nature of man, planned a way of redemption that all might come under his grace and mercy to know the hope of eteral life. Christ was.made lower than the angels, crowned with glory and honor because of the suffering of death, so that by the grace of God he might taste death for everyone. Christ came . . . the answer to those awaiting a savior. He died for the sins of all mankind. He rose to seal the promise of hope of eternal life. At the portals lay the answer of salvation for all. There are no exclusions. Each individual has the opportunity to step out in faith, trusting 1" 'Jie Word of God, that life eternal is waiting DO TOO LOVE THAT OLD 'DILAPIDATED ICfealr orSofa WecaaflUtlt those who open the door of their hearts to the waiting savior. We know not what is in store for us as each tick of the clock is htard. The next instant, the next hour may be our last chance to turn to Christ in acceptance of all that is promised. Why must we linger, thinking we have days, perhaps years ahead to make our decision. There is no going back or stopping the clock ... there is no other way except through Christ that we may cross over the line to be reconciled to God. Why linger until we have reached the deadline of SOCIAL SCENE Sorores Fidae The regular meeting of Sorores Fidae Chapter was in the home of Mrs. Frank Keel on Wednesday evening. The Sorority creed was repeated in unison and the meeting was conducted by Mrs. Ted Ehman, president. Roll call was taken and the secretary's report ready by Mrs. Louis Weber, secretary. Treasurer's report was givenby Mrs. Don Smith and accepted. Bills were presented and allowed. Quarters were paid, flower fund passed and fruit cake money turned in. A thank you note was read from Mrs. Rita McCreary, State President from Anderson. Sunshine Chairman, Mrs. Tom Mason reported Mrs. Clara Daugherty and Mrs. Lela Gerrard are both ill. Mrs. Helen Cook is still under a doctor's care and going into the' hospital for tests. Everyone was reminded to turn their gifts in for the Mental Health patients before December 1. Christmas party will be December 2 at Monte's Restaurant on St. Road 31. A car pool was made up and final arrangements for rides will be made next week. Social hour was spent playing bridge and prizes won by Mrs. Denzil Graff, Mrs. Smith and Miss Lela Coppock. Refreshments were served by the hostess Mrs. Keel. Rachel Circle The November meeting of the Rachel Circle of Kemp United Methodist Church was Monday night in the home of Mrs. Bess Wiggins with Mrs. Pauline Purvis as co-hostess. | Meeting opened with the group singing "Faith of Our Fathers" and Mrs. Wiggins read Psalm 100. Mrs. Lou Miller gave devotions using Psalm 65 and read an article on ''Thanksgiving". Mrs. Louise Sottong, program chairman, introduced Miss Dorothy Bunch who gave the lesson on the Psalms. She was assisted-by Mrs. Betty Meloche, Mrs. Elsie Jennings and Mrs. Lou Miller. Mrs. Bess Wiggins, Circle chairman, conducted the business meeting and treasurer's report was given and pledge cards were signed. Fourteen members answered roll call : and one guest, Mrs. Ralph Brown was present. , Announcements were made and meeting closed with the Circle benediction.. • ; Friendly Club Friendly Club met at the home of Ella Wilson Tuesday, November 17. Meeting was opened by vice president All members present repeated the Lord's Prayer in unison. A poem was read by the hostess entitled "Dad's Thanksgiving Lamp". Nine members were present. Christmas party will be at the Bowl-O-Drome December 15atl p.m. Next meeting at Ethel Benson, January 19. Business being concluded, by all repeating the Mizpah. Bingo was played with prizes going to Ruth, Olive and Nellie. Nellie received the napkin prize. Refreshments were served and the hostess was assisted by Olive, Lucy, and Ethel. Floral Society The Floral Society of the Hazel Dell ChurchmetWednesdayatthe home of Mrs. Richard Calvin, southeast of Windfall for an all- day meeting. A carry-in dinner was served at the noon hour with prayer offered by Mrs. Ralph Smith. Mrs. Calvin, president was in charge of the afternoon meeting which was opened with a song service. Mrs. Florence Graham gave devotions and followed with pray- Mabel Michel The Mabel Michel Circle of Kemp United Methodist Church were entertained with a dessert and meeting at the church Wed-: nesday. Mrs. Santfbrd Durham welcomed the members. Following the welcome, Mrs. Orel Barr gave devotions based on the 75th and 92nd Psalms. - She closed with a Thanksgiving poem and prayer. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Aldridge. sang a duet, "He Toucheth Me'? and Mr. Aldridge sang "Thanks Be To God". Mrs. Aldridge was the accompanist. Mrs. Paul C. Dawson gave the lesson. She compared life in 1764 the Gay Nineties and now. Followed by a brief history of the first Thanksgiving and the controversy of the establishing of a definite date for Thanksgiving. Poetry was used throughout the lesson" and closed with prayer. Secretary's and treasurer's reports followed. Members were reminded tobringarticlesforuse in a hospital in Africa. Miss Mabel Michel is stationed in this hospital. Gifts to be brought to the Christmas party. Betty Crocker coupons and luggage are to be saved to send to Baihor Home in Goshen. Anyone having any donations are to contact Mrs. Dawson. Christmas party was announced for December 16 at 7:30 p. m. at the church. A report on the pecan sale was given. Circle will •' make cookies. for shut-ins for a holiday gift. Hostesses for the afternoon were Mesdames Carl Aldridge, Harold Mott, Lucy McCorkle and Marie Angell. er. A miscellaneous program was presented with the members taking part. Roll call was answered with a Bible verse. The 'meeting was dismissed with prayer by Miss Dolly Gillspy. ~ There were ten members present, and a guest Mrs. Stephen Salsberry of Leisure. The next .meeting will be held Wednesday, ' December 16 at the home of Mrs. Irene Lott, A Christmas program will be presented in the afternoon and a gift exchange will also be held, i East Union . By Mrs. George Overdorf. * Mrs. Fred DeBar entered Tipton County Memorial Hospital this week and will undergo surgery. Mrs. Maggie Fox of Frankfort is visiting a few days with Mr. and Mrs. Phil Thompson andfam- ily. Sunday afternoon, they attended a pink and blue shower for Mrs. Lyle Thompson at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John McCory of Valley MiHs. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Rice moved last week to the home they recently purchased about 2-1/2 miles northwest of Tetersburg. Jackson Community The Jackson Community Club met at the Bowl-O-Drome for their November meeting. A noon meal was enjoyed by nine members. Grace was voiced by president Mattie Greathouse. Meeting was opened by singing "Count Your Blessing" led by Mae Edwards. Roll call was answered by each member telling something she was thankful for. There was election of officers for the new year. They will be as follows: president; Christine Sowders; vice president, Mary Cole; secretary, Olene Jackson; and treasurer, Mae Edwards. The club also set a date for their Christmas Bazaar .which will be December 5 at 111 West Jefferson St., Tipton and their annual Christmas dinner on December 12 in the home of Hazel Cheeke, route 3 Tipton. East Union Church Has Annual Meeting By Mrs. George Overdorf The annual business meeting of the East Union Christian Church was Monday evening at the church. Wade McCutchan, chairman of the official board, was in charge of the meeting, which was opened with prayer by the minister, James Curtis. Reports were given by Audley Quear, treasurer of the church; Mrs. Betty Pickard, treasurer of the Sunday School; Mrs. Earl Spurgeon vice president of the C. W. F.; and the minister. The proposed budget was approved. Following officers were elected: Elders, Phil Thompson and the soul? As we approach the day of Christ's birth, we give thanks to God for so great a love that He expressed for us through the giving of His Son. George Overdorf; Deacons, Gene Whisler, Alfred King, Wayne White, and Bob Calvin; Sunday School superintendent. Wade McCutchan; assistant, Lee Egler; S.S. Treasurer, Mrs. Wade Stone; assistant, Mrs. Kenneth -Partlow; SJS. Secretary, Mrs. Jack Harger; assistant, Mrs. Mabel Samuels; trustee, Jack Stewart; alternate, Gene Whisler; Song leader, Earl Spurgeon; assistant, Harry Hinkle; pianists and organist: Mrs. Bob Calvin, Mrs. John Samuels, Mrs. Lee Egler, Miss Nancy Overdorf and Mrs. George Overdorf. Refreshments of pie and coffee were served during the fellowship hour which followed. Coming Events FRIDAY ' Twilight Club - 6:30 p.m., Mrs. Charles Tidier, 443 N. Independence. Pitch-in supper. MONDAY: Monday Night Tops - 7:30 p.m., GAR Room Tipton Delphian Club - 2:15 p. m., Rolla L. Hobbs, 311 W. Washington St. Standerford Class to go to Co. Home. Call 675-6480 for ride TUESDAY Psi Iota Xi Sorority - 8 p.m„ West St Christian Church WEDNESDAY Country Tops - 9:30 a.m., GAR Room Keep clean tin- rollers from electric huir curling sets. Wash in warm."soapy water anil dry carefully iicforc replacing on th<- healing prongs. j HELEN HELP USf by Hel**n Bottel To Each His Own Parsimony Dear Helen: I am steamingl I just got home from a card party where my "friends" .made me look like a complete fool by telling everybody how I save and reuse, birthday candles and wrapping paper, and a few other things .that she thinks is chintzy. So of course everybody laughed and I could have gone through the floor j You see, these women are all "country club," and they looked at me as I were some kind of specimen. . i Well, I could have told THEM a few things: This fun-poking female makes her family use the same paper napkins twice, and I've seen her pour half an unused drink into a new glass when she's "mixing" out at the kitchen-bar. But when Tm furious I can never think of the right put-down. I • just sit there and try to smile while I smolder and shake like a volcano inside. Next time we're all together, Pd love to clobber her with these cheap tricks of hers, but Helen, I won'tPll begin to think how mean Pd sound. What's wrong with a woman who simmers but can't boil over? ~ TO BE A CATI Dear TBAC: You're more "feeling" than feline, that's all. And that isn't badl The world has too many card-party cats already. '' Pll bet those women laughedmorewith,thanatyou « for we all have bur own pet parsimonious habits, and when we hear about others, we RELATE! What's mine? ~ Rinsing out the "empty" catsup bottle with vinegar then adding the remains to my salad dressing — which saves maybe half a cent, but makes me feel terribly worthy. ......And I know a woman who tears facial tissues in half, and another one who cuts up junk mail letters to make note pads. Really, all these things are SMART, no matter what your income. — H. Dear Helen: . My father is a menace to thehighway! He's 70, has poor reflexes but a.heavy foot, and a heart condition. I know that someday soon he'll have an accident, a killer. Yet he brags about fooling the license examiner. Would I be a traitor if I had a talk with the people down at the ^-Motor Vehicles Bureau? — SCARED DAUGHTER : Dear Daughter: No! You might be a lifesaver. Do it now! ~ H. Dear Helen: I enjoyed those "Ten Commandments for Drivers." Thought you might enjoy having ttiis to add to your highways and byways file: - HYMNS TO SING WHILE YOU DRIVE At 55 miles per hour: "Highways are Happy Ways." At 65 miles per hour: "Im But a'Stranger Here: Heaven is My Home." 'Nearer My God To Thee." "When the Roll is Called Up Yonder, Pll At 75 miles per hour: At 80 miles per hour: Be There." At 90 miles per hour: At 100 miles per hour: "Lord, I'm Coming Home." "Farewell to" Thee." Amen. — N. K. This column is dedicated to family living, so if you're having kid trouble or just plain trouble, let Helen help YOU. She will also welcome your own amusing experiences. Address Helen Bottel in care of THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE. Basics to Health Today Seventh-day Adventists tie health closely to spiritual matters. This belief has led them to establish a full-blown medical university, a worldwide chain'of mission hospitals, the 5-day Plan to Stop Smoking, and other health services. Every Saturday through December at 9:30 the church is studying and discussing basics to health as.relations to the Christian life. The public is invited. As early as 1867 Seventy-day Adventist leaders were talking about the close relation of mental and physical health — a revolutionary theory in post-civil war days. Six basic principles essential to good mental and physical health are found in the Bible. (1) Cheerfulness; (2) Obedience to the rules of healthful living; (3) Obedience to God's rules for relating to Him and one's fellowmen; (4) Confidence in God, which gives inner peace; (5) A close connection with power of God through prayer; (6) Acceptance of God's forgiveness with resulting relief from guilt feelings. TIPTON TRIBUNE® FAMILY AFFAIR \&<i Vl Phone-675-2115 The dark film on aluminum ,>ans can lie removed l»y filling the pan wild hot water anil a couple of tablespoons of cream of tartar. I Soil alioul 10 minutes, then wash and scour in hot soapy water. Rinse in clear water anil ilry. . Greasy, grimy work clothes or grease spots on resin-treateil. cottons can he trealeil with hair shampoo or heavy duly liquid cleaner before washing. Kult the liquid into the fabric anil let it stand for 15 minutes before loading in the washer. -lltoMvante ERY •75 -40M Add luxury To Your Home MIRRORS, MIRRORS ENHANCE ALL WALLS MIRRORS Framtd eVtlnframed Place in layaway now for the Holiday Season while the selection is great K0K0M0 GLASS SHOP, INC. 32* S. Union "Wat Point for Safe" Jrtt Off-StrMf P«rfcl *e OM»M.TH»JJ 0 Pfc .45f-i0a> WE ARE SERVING THANKSGIVING DINNER SUNDAY • ROAST TURKEY OYSTER DRESSING • BAKED HAM WITH PINEAPPLE SAUCE CRANBERRY SAUCE • BAKED STEAK WITH MUSHROOM SAUCE ALL THE TRIMMINGS MICHIGAN TOWN HOUSE M.CHIGANTOWN Serving Dinner Each Sunday 11 A.M. — 8 P.M. For Your '. Dining Pleasure Organ Music FARMERS LOAN & TRUST COMPANY 110 E. Jeff. St. Tipton, Indiana

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