The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 18, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 18, 1908
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Vol. XX. BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA, FRIDAY. SEPTEMMEK 18. 1908 No. 42 Bryan on the Steel Trust \\'ILM IN'GTON, Del., Sept. 17.— Car- ryii.'g UU campaign into Delaware at- -t(;i a Jump over night and today of 500 miles from Rochester, N. Y., William J. Bryan, Democratic candidate for President, twice assailed the Republican party for being, as h« charged, in the grasp of the corporations and more particularly the steel trust, which he for the first time openly announced) was furnishing the funds lor the Republican party in the political contest now on, and also denounc- . eel the men, who, he said, it had been reported had Delaware, sold their suffrage in >Be first onslaught was delivered at •Harrington, a town of 2500 people, but whose population was augmented fcy thousands of others who had been attracted there by the presence of the Democratic leader. Tonight he re- HH'iited his utterances at Shell Pot park to a throng that taxed the juicily of the place. Wihile in his •city today, Bryan was the guest at dinner of Judge George Gray. Mr. Bryan will leave in the morning at 6:30 on his special over the Pennsyl vania for New York, reaching there about 9 o'clock. NEW YORK, Sept. 18.— Wm. J. Bryan spent the day in conference with Chuirrnan Mack and other leaders. To- iiigbt he will address a mass meeting at Carnegie Hall, for which elaborate preparations have ben made. HOW STANDARD OIL BOUGHT UP FORAKER He Couldn't Stand Strain 00!S OVER COLUMBUS, O., Sept. 17.-VTb.omas L. Hlsgen, candidate for President of the Independence party, and William R. Hearst, addressed a meeting ut Memorial hall tonight under the -auspices of the local organization of the party. Hearst read letters which he said had been written by John D. Archbold of the Standard Oil Company to Senator J. B. Foraker of Ohio, re- ierring to legislation Bending in- Congress and mentioning; two enclosures of checks, one for $15,000 and another for $14,500. In support of his assertion he said: "I am now going to read copies of letters written by John D.-Archbold, chief agent of the Standard Oil and personal representative of Rockefeller and Rogers. These letters have been given me by a gentleman who had Intimate associations with this giant of corruption, the Standard Oil, but in the matter, but I send this and will be glad to have a very frank talk with you when opportunity offers, If you so desire. I need scarcely again express our great gratification over .the favorable outcome of affairs. Yours very truly. '"JOHN D. ARCHBOLD.'" How Bills Are Decided Upon. "There! my friends. Is some documentary evidence of how bills are decided to be unwise and to be unconstitutional and some Intimation of the causes that lead to the defeat of such bills. "I will now read you the conclusion of a letter written by Mr. Sibley, who was a representative from Pennsylvania in the lower house of Congress. Mind you, a representative from Pennsylvania. But. tn fact he Is a representative of the Standard Oil Compa- tt ATERSINBURY, Eng., Sept. IS.— Major General Charles E. Luard, re- tln.'il, whose wife was mysteriously inn nil-red near London August 24th, committed suicide by throwing him- soli' iii front of a railroad train here ttnia\. Ht> left a letter to Colonel Wiirde. at whose home he was stop. pins. Haying such an awful accusation had been made against him he could not stand the strain. He had received letters charging him with the murder of his wife, who was found dead a few minutes after her husband left her to go on an errand. The Inquest j s not yet completed, but experts have testified that the bullets that killed the woman were not flred from any of the general's pistols. whose name I many not divulge, lest ny. The letter was written to Mr. he be subjected to the persecution of I Archbold and relates-how Mr. Sibley FALLS DEAD this monopoly. Archbold to Foraker. " '26 Broadway, N. Y., Mar. ft, 190'>. "'My Dear Senator:—I have your favor of last night with enclosure which latter with letter from Mr. Elliott commenting on same, I beg to 1 told Mr. Roosevelt that he should be careful how he offended the Standard Oil and that he could not afford to de nun. v;uuiiiit;uuuu uu suiliu, l ut?K 10 i , , , ~ , . .. . , ,.. send you herewith. Perhaps it would J told ^..President some Plain If un- be better to make a demonstration ^ at ?. ble tr . ut . h ., s f s to tne sft " at °. n p "' litically and that no man should win or deserve to win who depended upon THE EUROPEAN WHEAT CROP IS AGAIN SHORT. WASHINGTON. Sept. 18.—The European reports to the department of I agriculture say that the wheat harvest over the greater part of Europe is already completed. Prospects tiolnt to a smaller harvest than last _.. _ year in the United Kingdom, The pend merely upon the support of the! Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy people.. This is the conclusion of the j and Portugal. Eastward of these, letter: ' '•ountries a moderate increase In the " 'For the first time In my life i - vlf>l . d is expected. But while Russia Win. J. Mealy, who is charged with a threatened offense because of his threats with a revolver to regain the affections of his one time fiancee, who Is now Mrs. Mike Golden, appeared in court today for his examination, but on overtures of both the prosecution and defense the case was continued until after October 9. Heuly Is charged with following Mrs. Golden, net- Miss U. Dykstra, around the court house yard with a drawn revolver In his attempt to persuade her to cast off from Mike Golden, then on trial tor pet tit larceny and return to her first love. He Is out on ball. Will Defend Prevos. Although not quartered In an office and his shingle hanging out, Attorney Ruborson, a familiar figure around the justice court, bus taken another ejise to defend and will mipenr on tin- rec- onls as counHel for Mnrrlx 1'revos. whose examination for the burglary of Roy White's store, to take place" on the 23d of this month. Ruberson first appeared on record here at the trial of Mike Golden in Kern, when ho successfully fought the charge of pettit larceny placed against the young young railroad employe. against the whole bill, but certainly the ninth clause, to which Mr. Elliott refers, should be stricken out and the same is true of house bill No. 500. also introduced by Mr. Price, in relatien to foreign corporations In which the ' same objectionable clause occurs. " 'I am glad to hear that you think that the situation is fairly well in Very truly yours. •• 'JOHN D. ARCHBOLD; " | Encloses Check for $15,000. I " '"" probably will reap a slightly heavier crop of wheat than last year and materially larger rye crop, there Is no doubt that the results will be below us are this rabble, seekers after office .While aucending the few steps Into, his house in the Protrero. the name given the Mexican colony In the Borgwardt addition, Matias Camocho fell,; - . H on. Joseph B. Foraker. 1500 Six-1 O f"the"«reat "criminal trusts "' presumably from an attack of apo-1 tee nth street. Washington, D. C.-Dear ' -- B • crtm ! nal l - ru818 - piexy, and died a few minutes later, j senator: In accordance with our un! derstandlng 1 now beg to enclose you the rabble rather than upon the con-1 11 ' 1 *' average, even making liberal allowance for the report of spring wheat. This will consequently be the third year of serious shortage. STEAMER REPORTED TO HAVE BEEN LOST IS SAFE. VICTORIA, Sept. 8.—The steamer servatlve men of affairs. " 'I don't know he really liked all I said, but he thanked me with apparent heartiness. Anything you may desire here In my power please advise. Sincerely yours. '"JOSEPH C. SIBLEY.'" "You gentlemen, I, Mr. Hisgen, all of Must Register in 4 Days Now next, registration who do not enrol! On Wednesday closes and those their names by that time will not be 1 able to vote In November. A large number of certificates are being received dally now by Deputy Wtord was sent to Dr, C. A. Rogers, but when the physician arrived life had passed' from the old man's body. Camacho's daughter and another woman were with him when he was stricken and their accounts of the aged Mexican's actions have determined Dr. Rogers that apoplexy was a certificate of depot!' to your favor for $15,000. Kindly acknowledge the . Aeon, which left San Francisco July 6 I B . ede11 S , I " llh ,, nnd ln , ls expected tha cannot depend on us; they need the tor Samoa and Australia and was sup- '! le registration will at least equal serviceable citizens, these magnates posed to have been lost, is reported at lnut of two yeiu ' s B8 °| Christmas Island in mid-Paciflc. All I lu tno °" flel()8 of Kern Rlver D » ! l )Hearst here referred to a complaint : O n board are safe. uties Ham Fan-in anr M. P. Smith in contempt which had been filed by i '. J have been at work for several days, Former Attorney General E. S. Monet i sion to you. With kind regards, I am and many new names have been list in the Ohio Supreme Court alleging an ! very sincerely yours, attempt to Influence his action In a' suit against the Standard'OH Company and which complaint was dismissed by ! _*i'? 1l ,f-,, ls Judge Charles A. Schauck. Mr. Hearst I roncluae(1 '"JOHN D. ARCHBOLD. 1 " "Here Is another and final letter," 7~ - ~ " r • * l W.> J^Crtl Ol'IllUUI . nele 1M mill the cause of death. An inquest was another very objectionable bill. It is held at 3 o'clock this afternoon at | so outrageous as to be ridiculous, but the family residence by Coroner Me-' u needs to be looked after on1 I hope Qinu, and Dr. Rogers testified to that there will be no difficulty in killing effect. i it. Anxious to bear from you as to receipt and oblige. Very truly yours, '"JOHN D. ARtJIBOUV " "Another Objectionable Bill. „- ... '"26 Broadway, N. Y., Feb. 16. IHOO. | fololwed by reading the following let ( "' 2<J Broadway, N. Y., Mar. 2<». 'My Dear Sentaor:—Here is still ter which he aald had been written by i "' M - v D™' 1 Senator:—We n Comaeho was one of the oldest and bent known of the local Mexicans. He •was a highly respected man and bore an excellent reputation. He Is survived by three daughters. ••-ituatlon as a whole. Yours very '' . " 'JOHN D. ARCHBOLD. 1 " Another fop $14,500. John D. Archbold to Senator Foraker: Influence the Judiciary •"2(5 Broadway, N. Y.. Deo. IS. 1902. " 'My Dear Senator:—You of course know of Judge Burkett's candidacy for re-election to the Supreme Court bench of Ohio. We understand that his re-election to the position would be in the line of usage as followed In "Y r 'i will see, gentlemen, that these such cases In Ohio and we feel very Miss Helen La Berge went to IAJS Angeles last night to be gone for BPV- • era! days. Mrs. M. Cesmat has returned from 1 <>•- Angeles, where she left her sou 'Chrrles at St. Vincents college. letter* n-e not read at random, but tr.e h'i-e a natural sequence. Here i= the next: " '1!6 Broadway. N. Y., Apr. 17, 1900. '"My Dear Senator:—I enclose you n certificate of deposit to your favor of $14,500. We are greatly at a loss strongly that his eminent qualifications and great integrity entitle him to this further recognition. " 'We most earnestly hope that you agree with this view and will favor and aid his re-election. Mr. Rogers joins me most heartily in this expres- are Hur- prl.sed beyond measure fo learn that Smith W. Bennett, brother In law of R S. Monett, recently attorney general of Ohio, Is In the nice for the attorney generalship of Ohio on the Republican ticket. " 'Bennett was associated with Monett In the case against us in Ohio and I would like to tell you something of our experiences and Impressions of the man gained in that case. If von know him at all I am sure you will agree that his candidacy ought not to be seriously considered from any point of view. I would esteem it a favor to have a line from you on the subject. "'JOHN D. ARCHBOLD.'" I ed. Deputies have also been appointed on many of the leases so that all will have an opportunity to register. The returns from the west side continue to show a heavy registration. At McKittrick the Increase is already :>00 pe-r cent, anil It IH thought there will bo 100 more nil men to add to the roll. In other precincts In the county, no great difference Is anticipated as com From present belief, James Wit: who shot and killed Bradford Pec near Mojave in August, and was pj leased 011 $10,000 ball only to be o derej Into custody again yesterda by an order of Judge Mahon, is no under arrest In the desert town an will arrive here tomorrow morning. In response to telegraphic nstru tons, forwarded to the Randsburg de utios. District Attorney Laird recel ed an answer today inquiring it tl prisoner could give bonds. The dl j trtct attorney replied in the negatlv This word from the desert conrlnc< \ the local authorities that the prlsont I Is under arrest and will be here soo'l NEW MISTS WILL BE RANG 11 The test car for tho new 1909 mo I i-ltt of the Tourist automobile arrivj I here yesterday. The car is iu chart) of H. C. Green, an expert mechanici and he is giving it a thorough try-oin | The new mode! is a radical chan{ I fruin the ola style of car, both in a pearance und construction. The ci Is of the four cylinder, thirty hors power type, but is low und rang It has an especially big wheel has lOfi inches, for the size of the ca The car Is built both for llghtneil and strength and the result la en I neiuly satisfactory. The springs an exceptionally strong although th? I give the appearance of being a trifl light The tonneau is short btl roomy, while the hood and radiate! ar t » of the new design, giving ttl whole a most attractive appearanc [ The new model when It leaves the fal tor> will be slightly different from tt.I tost car, as many Improvements havi already been decided upon, Thej] will be a difference in the final cO!| struction of the body and also a lon'J er wheel base ant 1 other least I changes which will increase the car] beauty and durability. The car has been on exhibition il the Bakersfleld garage and has r| celved much favorable comment. pared with years ago. the registration of two BICYCLE RIDERS MUST CONFORM TO ORDINANCE. Recorder Thomas serves notice that all bicycle riders who are H rested for not conforming to the ordinance with refernce to the bells and lights will be fined In future. No excuses will be accepted In extenuation of the of. fense. CALIFORNIA MERCHANT WHO DISCLAIMED BEING OEAI CHICAGO, Sept. IX. _ At- , tempts to settle the estate of John P. Wollensake, a wealthy hardware merchant, who for years was believed to be dead, revealed the fact that he is uilve and. has amassed another fortune in a small town In California, where he kept hA» Identity a secret, from relatives and friends. The proceedings were stopped by an affidavit stating that Wollensake rostdea out of the state. 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The flq Is due at Manila on October 2d or Admiral Sperry sent a warm »" of thanks to Premier " — health anH - .. ^uaken, wlsftj mo- .. ..roipnt-lty to tne . cf .-wealth, u satistiei dividna Mirny Styles. '.' •if la.t The i fancy !i (mis fifi ih. -in decidedly different seasons th lift's II II! I. for the tall the pn.-kcts re more s. t!n : Ihiiv ami lli •inieil mi. T liMI.S are these slainint; \vil li i'l:iliorule. inoiv lull ••oat is a Irilli- imtlnm^ of sol • materials an- .lark l» Our by tin- ymi lmy ai and salisl'ai It's 1 line and \Ve'|v ; llli .-1 |io;m!iii' I'nlufs sll ill e\ cry iv "f the i-oimt -! v are mail.- \i-ry MI it •. 'in.'ilily •''<• thinking of yum- n..\' I'llNISed ti. In- of assist: ost styli-sh and must !"• n yol| THE Copyright. 190«. by L, ADLER, BROS. & CO. TOGGERY tOWELU A •COO* All well dressed men buy their suits and furnishings here. We please everybody. When yo'i want tli" lies! your money ran buy I'H -nil- (niiit- to 'Til. 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