The Evening Chronicle from Charlotte, North Carolina on October 21, 1911 · Page 9
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The Evening Chronicle from Charlotte, North Carolina · Page 9

Charlotte, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 21, 1911
Page 9
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... u i :y ; v ' . : , . tremeiy ex are sensitive to moisture. 4- Before the advent of Biscuit the who Uneeda only persons ever tasted fresh, crisp soda crackers were the people; in the bakeries. lie their trip bakery to your fron table; exposed to air and moisture-kept in grocers' boxes and finally in a paper bag on the shelf in your pantry. Qould they be the same as they were the day they were baked? Now that we have Uneeda Biscuit we hav e p e rf ect 1 y baked soda crackers perfectly kept. No can no con taminating influence s can affect their flavor their - -9 good ness is impris oned only to be uberated by you tor you when you open the package. Always in the moist ure proof package. Never sold in 5 cents a bulk. pacKag e. NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY est column.; The contest' begins with .the ; tooting ; of; Referee Barry's whistle at ' 3:3 0. The sadmtssion' is SO'ln-; dian men with an extra 2 5 for the Pfivlleg esbf ; sitting iuVegand- Stand, y -.''!. i, jC-vtS i'&f " 'if?.Ji heIJfciversity: camp last- night and -pitched their tents at the Selwyn. : The payidson squad will arrive at 1 p.. mi and will BtacK-away atthe Central WEST POINT AND ; TALE FOR TRY OUT By Associated Press. .By Associated esi:iyS:;f S'TilGa Tech , faces the Mercer Baptists here this afternoon s in whatsis : expected loyally to(;be;aam;away fQrf the former. - - Both teams', are reported ; to The - probable be - in , good condition. line-ups:. ;r -'fv . Georgia TecbT, Position ' wis'";!?3 vffc - Loeb. . - r - r s. Leuhrmann . Means, . i-T Elmer. , Sinclair . Sanches. . Black., . . Coleman . Cook . . , WEST. POINT, ;N.TM; Oct. 21A northeast rain storm this ' morning turning the footbak field into a quagmire Vhad no terrors for followers .of the game who came from , all direct tions to see the cadets meet Tale in what was generally regarded "the first big pig skin struggle of the season i, Both" teams have been training to-.wards to-day's contest and they were prepared for an ' hQur' roll ' in 5 the mud struggling over "aslipperly ball. West Point and Yale .have fought some -of the hardestv battles of the gridiron and Yale's victories have been fewer here than' on any foreign field. . In the past 1 1 years Yale has won but six games from the cadets Jooree. wnue three games have been ties and West Point has trounced the blue soundly ;on two accasions. notably last year when the score stood 9 to 3. v The accident to Littlejohn, the. fast right tackle on the cadet team inyes-terday'a practice was regretted as much by Tale as by the (soldiers, for it was hoped that the blue would have her football metle tested to the fullest extent in order, that' the weak 'points "might be found'before the two chompionship " games :Vn ex t month. Weymouth, a plebe,! took Littlejohn's place. -k : . Both teams began to-day's contest with neithers goal lines nor - their posts crossed or topped by an . opponent's ball. . The line-up was as follows: West Point. , Position ; Yale. Gillespie .j.. . . : ... . ... .Francis left end , ' Devore - . . . . . i '. ; - . Scully left tackle - ' Arnold "... . . . . . -Childs . - left guard center center, 1 ." " y ' . . - left ' guard: r right guard ..' . ( left .tackle - - t Af.'?"- VV-!" t "' - " -- right tackle Mercer i ;Grice left end ."Heinehan i Forrester . . . .Keller . .Jameson . .Striblinsr " ST , right end : ; . :. , ...... .-. . ... rZellars (cap J quarter back ; ', -. . ... , . . . McKnight left half back .v. : . . . i . . . Irwin right half back ' " ; Patterson (capt.') .v . . ; . . Quinii , full back " V." Houston Weymouth Hoge Hyatt .... Brown r Benedict Dean . . Tight guard right tackle right end ... . . . . quarter back - . f. . . ... left half . right half Ketcham . McDevitt , . .Perry . Avery . . . .Howe . . Rellly Spalding .Philbin full back Referee. David Li. Fultz. of Brown; umpire. Dr. Carl S. Williams, of Pennsylvania. BIG ELEVENS THAT MEET IN THE EAST ' .. ; - By Associated Press. BOSTON, Oct. 21. To-day's football schedule in the East follows: Harvard vs. Amherst at Cambridge. ,': Yale vs. Army at West Point. . Princeton vs. Navy at Annapolis, v Pennsylvania vs. Brown at hila-delphia. ' Cornell vs. Washington anl Jefferson at Ithaca-Dartmouth vs. Williams at Han-ver. . Carlisle vs. Pittsburg at Pittsburg. Syracuse vs. Lafayette at Syracuse. The first three games stand out as the most important of the season thus far. For all six teams Involved in this afternoon's contests mark a sharp departure in the schedule from practice games" to the genuine article. Side line experts declared this morning that any one of three games was likely to go either way although Harvard had little fear of being pressed hard. Yale advanced on West Point for the annual contest with a determination to .wipe out the defeat of last year, but the army coaches declared that the bull dog would, need considerably more offensive power and resource than she had at this time. last year to penetrate the army, defense. Both elevens have heretofore . shown a defense more, than adequate to cope with any opposing attack. On the other hand neither team has its VANDERBILT i AND CENTRAL KENTUCKY By Associated Press. NASHVILLE, Tenn.. Oct, 21. The 'football elevens "of.:- Vanderbilt . and Central University,' of Danville, iKy., meet here this afternoon. The Kentucky boys have been here since yesterday, -afternoon , and are said to be in ' fine condition. The . game gives promise of belng: the hardest Vanderbilt has encountered so' far'.- this season, v ; .' ! - " ; ', 1 ' : V - " ,;y The weather is cloudy and: copl.' ' Line-up;: Vanderbilt.' Position K. Morrison . . -i left end Freeland ...... . . . . ; . left tackle Metzger or C. Brown.. ... left guard Morgan . . . . . . . . -. . . . 1 - t,'.-v " center '.' Covington or Huffman ..-. right guard T. Brown . . . . . . . . J right tackle E. Brown . . . .i . . . . right end R. Morrison . .... . quarter Hardage . .. . . .. ... left half . back Collins right half back Sikes . . . full back Cen. Uni . . Shultz . . Ramsey .Caldwell . Lee .Andrews . .. .Wingo . .Walker . . . Clark .Coleman . . . Pigeon . McClure SOUTHERN FOOTBALL 1 I GAMES TO-DAY. At Athens: University of Georgia vs Sewanee. At Atlanta: Georgia Tech vs. Mercer. At charlotte: University of North Carolina vs.y Davidson. At Birmingham :"Howard vs. Clem-son. ' ' : At Baton Rouge: L. S. U. vs. Mississippi College.' -j - At New Orleans: Tulane vs. State Normal. At Columbiar University of South Carolina vs. University of Florida. A. tNashville: Vanderbilt vs. Central of Kentucky. ' At Knoxville: University of Tennessee vs. Maryville. At Dallas: Auburn vs. Texas A. & M. ' ' " CLARK GRIFFITH HAS" MANY GOOD CHANCES. m NEW YORK, Oct. 2 l.--The future begins to look rosy for Clark Griffith, manager .of the Cincinnati National League baseball team August Her mann, owner of the Cincinnati club. offense matured to any extent as i yet , hag about concluded to reconsider his and the Indications were that alert ness and quickness in benefitting by opponents mistakes would be points of importance. . " ' i The navy eleven has been progressing with fewer ups ' and downs than have been experienced at Princeton and the Tigers faced to-day's cattle with apprehension. -' . Pennsylvania' has " been through more hard knocks than Brown. The latter team : rarely is at its best against Pennsylvania and, the - Quakers have beaten Brown teams which later Improved vastly" and thereby caused, regreat at Brown that the team could not have played the seme brand of football against the. Quakers. . " : - . TO-DAY'S FOOTBALL I CAROLINA AND DAVIDSON WILL . MEET TO-DAY covers of the toters of the pig skin will have their only- chance of - the season to witness a' contest, of the yarBity class this afternoon when the tw o leading college teams of the State meet on the Latta Park grid-iron. These teams are Davidson and Carolina, two professed; rivals of the strongest order on the athletic field. The game is expected to be one of e rarest order,5 as the heavier Car olina boys hid themselves to the local battle grounds last year pent up jwitb over-confidence and were consequently licked by the lighter "electric machine" from the Presbyterian stronghold. , v California is as heavy fhi hut it la whispered about av .AnflriAnftA" did not make the ' center team this year, so to speak: David-, McCullom . -. : GA. UNIVERSITY , ANTTSEWANEE By Associated Pres. ; ATHENS. Ga., Oct. 21J To-day's clash, between the University of Georgia eleven and Sewanee will mean the elimination of one or the other from the championship race and a snappy contest is looked for. 'The Sewanee line-up averages about 167 pounds In weight while the Georgia average Is 165 pounds. . V The line-up is as follows: Sewanee . Position Georgia Gillem: . . . .' . .' V. . . ; . . Tuck -y:: right end y'--?-' i. Gailor. Stoneyi Holt.. right tacklft right guard son is ar bit heavier, and under , the excellent gruelling , of Coach Halliday this year has again turned out its characteristic fast team, . In the lineup this year are seen the faces of three t Charlotte boys, Pharr, Howell and Alexander, which adds quite an amount of local interest to the game. Carolina also has three ' Queen , City representatives, . TUietC ? Chamber and RitcV and their presence on the Carolina line-up of ; ball toters has as much : wenght: in the local , Jnter- Dnly One "BROMO dUININZ," that U LaxaBve v Bromo Qoinino dves a Cold in Ore Day. 2 Days left guard Parish . : s- - left tackle v McClannahah. . ..... ' left end Swain . . -- ijv quarter ' back , sxheimer v . j .? . . , right half back Eckert . . fib rlb': left half .. back Meyers.. .... ... full back . .Maddox .Peacock .Covington . . . .Lucas . ; ; Harrell . . Conklin ..Woodruff .Malone , .Bowden .Mcwhorter decision to let Griffith out and In the meantime .several other openings are offering themselves to the latter. The most enticing of these Is a. chance to buy a half interest in the Providence Eastern League 'club and take the management of that team Itis said also that the St. Louis Americans, are . ready to sign him. . - ' - " 31S.TryonsLt ' f ; i CHICAGO- CUBS ARE GOING AFTER SOME -PITCHING STAFF By Associated Press. , CHICAGO, Oct. " 21. The Chicago National League club . management nas already started in to rehabilitate its pitching -staff for 1912. r It is understood that left hah ded twirlers will be in greater f aver next season ; with-', the -Cubs,-., and following up this idea Manager Chance yester day, purchased Walter Nagel, a big left hander, from the Newark Eastern League club; ' ; i , In ' addition to Nagel, who is the first ' southpaw'' ; signed: since .the banishment ; of Jack Pfeister, the Cubs have added" Jake 'Northrop, of the Reading TriXState Club, a big right hander said to be one of the real "flndds" of the year. All told the pitching staff now assembled consisted of 15 men and others may be signed before the team embarks next spring for the training camp FLORIDA MEETS SOUTH CAROLINA '.- By' Associated Press. . ' , COLUMBIA,. S. C, Oct. 21. The first, football game of the season on Davis Field and the first appearance in this State of a Florida- eleven will take place this afternoon - when the University Qf South Carolina " meets the University of FloridaT . The line-up: ' Carolina. Position. Florida. Watson , . ...... . . .V. . Shorter center - v Woodrow . . . . .... left end 'Williams . . . left tackle Porter .... . . . . . .-. left guard aring .... . . w. right end Girardeau 'Viniklea ., Whitner -Wrightson Oglesby . . Paul . . right, tackle right guard quarter back right half left half ' full back . Swanson Coarsey Lawler ' . . . .Buie . Bullock Hancock Shackleford . .Taylor " ' ' " ; - . . . -Davis . Tenny Washington Star. v "You say Mr. Flubson has great executive ability?" "Yes," replied tho cynical office-holder. - "What ..makes you think so?? "Because he manages to do any kind of real work. - CASCARETES CURE A BILIOUS ATTACK Gently but Thoroughly Cleanse : and i Regulate' Your . Liver, ' Stomach and Bowels and Yon Feel Great by Morning. You're bilious, you have a throbbing sensation in your head, a bad taste in your mouth, your eyes burn, your skin lis yellow, with ' dark rings under.- your eyes; your lips are parched. No wonder you feel ugly, mean and ill tempered. : Your system is full of bile not properly passed off, and what you ;need is a cleansing up inside. Don't continue being a bilious nuisance to yourself : and those who love you, and don't resort to harsh physic that irritate and injure. Remember that every disorder of the stomach, liver and intestines canbe quickly cured by morning with gentle, thorough Cascarets they work while you sleep. A 10-cent box from ydur druggist will , keep . you and the entire famify feeling good for months. Children love to take Cascarets, because they ... taste good and never gripe or siken. o . ; Apply .'to the lad'.e. The : pet the babies, the Little U JHLave Arrived, The Chronicle is pleased to announce this Evening the arriyal of another shipment of 500 Sets of the Pre- mium Dishes DELIVERIES WILL' MADE MOMDAY BE ot -:-.-W-.., -lift -vu r V ' ... : V - K.' i:'. ' 1 St S Miss Mildred Sherman and Lord Camoys, who are to be married in New York City in December .5. Miss Sherman met Lord Camoys ' at the ,!; wedding of LadyDecies, where she- was bridesmaid and Lord Camoys one. of the ushers. . . - '. .-" "' "- ; ' in At m .liii - - - : ' V :. y- . v V f f. V" 'iv y'-'-yv y& 'yy f mm Now would be a good, time for, us to put in a new Coal Heater, Hot Blast or Jewel Base Burner for you. Don't wait until the frost; catenas you. vLet -' us have the pleasure of showing you our Jewels and triple-flue Elipse Base Burners. They : ;are;.;:;'" made just right. -. : , 'VSiV HOT BLAST v r The most TV&ivflerf ill , ; HotBlasttSmDke (bisinning ; Air-TiKt Sitove oivtheKdrket KeepFire24Hour. ! ' Haivdsome and Durable- v ' ; Possibly: You Need a if so, remember we are sole, agents for the "Prog- ? y . fess'Mine. And Progress "-is' the1 right name for, j we have made greater progress with these ranges, v in the last few years th an any other- line v on., the ' inarket. They save time in cooking, they save fuel, - they save ,you at least . 20 per 'cent on, the, purchase' ; price-f-about all you could askfor, . . . ; ; ; y 1 4 r

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