The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 17, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 17, 1908
Page 7
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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER if, 190 NOTICE OF QUARDIAN'8 SALE OF REAL ESTATE AND PERSONAL PROPERTY. LEGAL is hereby given that In t'«" nn r»'-d"r of th' 1 Superd Conr' of ;he County of Kern. Stale i . in-.ide on UK- first day < ( . i:«-v in the matter ol J ! 1 "" 1! ••• • l - ) ' 1 ,,(• j) n j< n t"• Register, Registe r LEGAL LEOAU NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL SCHOOL BONDS FOB SALE S* r ;\ t : i * i. Ci I 1 Tn ' n di-iii o;" i (•!• person and cr-i V ;;>;',<.;•, v. ill se!i al pi Kale - - i MOTICE TO VOTERS ol Oi In be CO.". Notice is e of ; . ni' th ESTATE. Suporlnr Court of tV.» of C'nMf cT the- H 01 !«• r of the of Supervisors of Ken) f'onniy, Calfornia, inado be '»!' t:Ivn. In u .1 M, •'cl \ ock Hoard at t:. :i. IU | bom; - t i .'ii ! dtirnl aifi. . t »'i ' * :u e Poin' f'itlif'or- r \\\* 1 I L - ' J t>!l .i i .t dn proposals will h.- office of the Clerk Supervisors oi' said ln>use. no to H' day ot Oct. .r ' of S • j 11 • i i > t > ~,' i -1. School Mi-'. 1 LCQAU UtOAIS all the above described property,. You nre hereby required to appear t hi an action brought, against, you hy i so much thereof aw may be the above n-mied plaintiff, In tin- 811- > to satisfy said judgment* with fefen * Court of tin- (Counts' of Kern, : esf and costs, to the highest and , [ ,1 •• t h i •\'-<- !'nit''i! Sniies. • . *' i ;,i,.; ion }>\ said Sni"-' • M ' • :•-••,- '<'u'!:>'i;i' . tbe J S'^i'-mh. •, all the m;;;.j Notice is here.,. ;;;,vn m ihf'.'<••-' in t !«> i...:!,•(((' of --ai i i'jnalih'cd electors of the in and 'o all those certain lots, ; ivem. Si.iie. o! California. c\ innii sued d. \ ,l,.v • i'. i ol' California, ami to ; Complain! fllod therein, within 1 1 • ' - * * ** a\ ; - i • ,'i;*'v»» Mil' , - • . . ' • O*l 1 \\iihln r. \vithi ::cf Ion i th for c oin of the- A .r. i 1 < MV,T*,' I 1:7'h, 1908; .1. \V, KKLLY. A l t ICE. , • i ; l ' ' • 'hat all County of part'eN o| land sitnati*. h • | cast th*-ir ballot at the com Iris Pdeai- and being in the County of Kern. 1 denfial Klection to be held on Tuesday. th*' ntlile,,- 1 . ii'- I. Ml* th* HMh day oi S"p'''nil"'r. private Mil* 1 to th' cash, lawful money of ;t I F •>. sell, at j St'i'« <•' id ider lor I W ith an i" I"nii"d i i and Iionndi'd an 1 dcM-rihcd s, to-wit : All tint portion of the north half of the northwest rjuarier of section two <1M in township thirty CJfH south, of range twenty-seven (27) east, Mount .Diablo Uaso and Meridian, and contains sixty-five and two-thirds acres, lying east of Old River. Lots thirty <:IO). thirty-one (Si) and ::nl day nl' November. r.'OS, arc to have their nainos onrolled of Kern County thirty-two 132) in block 512 "C" in the City of Bafcersfleld. And also at the aame time atid place ihe following described personal property, to-wlt: One slaughter house wagon, one country wagon, four delivery wagons, seven delivery horses, one ice wagon, one two-year old filly, three sets double harness, one saddle horse, one safe, two cash registers, office furniture, ten marble slabs, two counters, meal Hocks, one fish block, for one tracU scale, one nn ^-cnle. two on the Great on or before September j :;;rd, 1008, or you lose your vote. Registration • • 1 be 1 ;M States, and >nhject to conlirmatlon by said Superior Court, all the rl^ht. title. ,,„,;] p . lM Interest and estaf of Mu 1 said He- becca Uoode, at the time of her death and all the right, title and interest that said estate has by operation of law, or otherwise acquired other than. day from dlstrici, n V. i t 11 ..a 1 '- ^, i ••..' t' 11 1 f •. i • and in confni said board 1 bear in (••• rent pel' ;tlU- ' payable on t 'i»> :'.'•<• li >-eai'. 0,11 of ,ui fund of said School and ; ; ui •! i ' ' 1 i I • i • i i i •. i i • i i < , . j) 1 •; , t h d ' o' M: ', ;Uld des|;:li 'ii.'- <!'» in 15 r -aid Town M-p'of. tiled in t iie of!U'» - Uecorder of tl.-'d. Ca!ifnn,i:v i,' T ' r 1 t d M n-'.i i' i .•r th*- <'"'ir; Kern Count *, o; cor.nt of lloth day amounts net t t hi i,.i!i "s i.-3 f; fo Treasurer oi" .said Conn •<« liave been op- or in addition to that of the said He- pointed in each and every vot- becca Goodo, at the time of her death, ing precinct in the county where in or to all those certain lots, pieces you can register upon making appllca- or parcels of land, situate, lying and tion: registration of vot6rs may be en- being in the County of Kern, State of —•* _ . A— . . •- A • 1 ^^ K * <• _ _ * * ^ .bd- • b_ ~i» b_ k 1 */*. * k tered at the office of the County Clerk California, and bounded and partlcu- in the Court House between the hours Marly described as folltuvs, to-wit: lots of 8 a. m. and 5 p. m. ten and eleven of block four (4) of 6-10 I. L. MILLER, County Clerk. the Lowell Addition to the City of SCHOOL BONDS FOR SALE. Bakersfleld. Offers or bids will be received at By order of the uoani of Supervise the law office of C. L. Claflin, rooms ors'of Kern Countv, California, made 31 nnd :;2, Bank of Bakersfield build- ^ _ j- _ ^ 1 — ^^^^ A f^ 4 4 Sept. 1!*OS. sealed bids will be ing, in said City of Bakersfield. received at the office of the Clerk of Terms and conditions of sale: Cash, the Board of Supervisors of said Conn- 1 lawful money of the United States, fount*' »• SO: t" 1 i" nieaf racks, two aiie plant ( f If. ell r-ohl st 1- i horse power N-nr f ' o!:' \o. ."it. om- si- boss mixer. ,- Vo. L'. om N Krf.Jcs. Unrtv-tive 1'i-i-t ty, at the Court House, up to 10 o'clock a. m.. of the 10th day of October. 190S, for the purchase of twenty bonds of the denomination of $500.00 each, of Lone Tree School District of Kern County. Said bonds were issued by the said Ho-trd of Supervisors under and in accordance with the pro- ten per cent of the purchase price to be paid on the day of pale, balance on confirmation of pale by said Superior Court. Deed, at expense of V - ^^^^^. I- ^^H_^_ ~— — ^^f,^^^ t of tin 1 1 i - i coupons. Said bond- ;-n- to be iium'.ioro 1 eon seoutively i fo (i inclusive and an in numhei nv r Bond No i, Kive Hundnul Dollars, 2 years from date. Bond Nn - Kive Hundred Hollars. 3 years from date. Bond o. i t Kivo Hundred Dollars. 4 years from date. Bond No 4, Five Hundred 5 years from date. Bond Ffve Hundred Dollars, rospwtlvo Kban'boUl*'vs as Third day of March, P.'u;.; to Names No. N< the said defemlanis to produft- Cert. S title. If any they li.ive. to said j ^ !h a ^- premises, and that the and th And In accordance with UJT/ -, purchaser. ELIZA nODCJE. visions of sections isso and both imlMsiv.-. of the Political Code of the State oi C.-tJiiornia. and in cons'otv.un with an order of s-iid Hoard pass eel 1 15-ir. Mmninn. ilv*- pulleys, difTer<-n; ! Sept. lL\ I'.'ux. an 1 he:-r interest at \dniinistratrlx of the estate of lie- becca Gootle, deceased. Dated, August 20,. UH'IS. 6 years liom dale. Bond No. *'., Five Hundred Dollars, 7 years from date. Bids will he received for one or any larger number of said bonds. All bids must be equal in amount to the par value of the boids bid i'or, and accompanied b\ a ri-rttnod check, or cash deposit in tin ot ;>t [east ten per ASSESSMENT NOTICE. Oakland Oil and Asphaitmn -ro:.M cent of th* ,inio"nl r»f the birl, payable to the rb.iiriaan o!' the* Hoard of Sn.-: K-in Courn. The said pretended claim, right, title, interest, order of the Board of Director* ; and estate of said defendants, and on t jj e 25th day of June ,1DOS, ivo also all other persons unknown claim- Lharefl of each parcel of such sU«?* ing any right, title, estate, lien, or in- may be necessary will be sold »6 terest in the real property described Up auction nt the offlro of th» in the complaint, and hereinbefore do- pan y f n t r oom one, baneroeDt oC scribed, adversely to plaintiff's owner- ducers ' Savings Bank building, ship, or any cloud upon plaintiffs ti- H amj NJne teenth streets, Bafc< tie thereto, and each and all of them Ca nf orn i a on Saturday, the 2M1 In and to natd premises and every l f AugU8t 1908 , at 10 o'clock a, part thereof, may he ndjndgod nua tie- on j, ^ to p ay - - creed to he Invalid and void. assessment 'thereon, together That the said iK'fenflaiHs and each of them may be barred of and from all right, title, interest and estnte in and to the said premises, and "every part thereof; That ihe said plaintlff'K tide may be adjudged and decreed to be a good and valid one as against said defendants and ea<!i ot them, and all persons claiming und< r said defendants and each of ih*'i!;. •. • 1 lor si further relief as shall f .? pany. Location of principal jil;,c<' of J)oniJ perviso: - . •: check or .'<• case oi' •. • •vrv.Mii felted to ^ tid it' !»!•• liidder will I**' )' JMI ne 1 in erniltalde as i < luer and be just and native of tho case coa* of advertising and sale. A. T. UGHTNEK, Se€ Office, room one, basement ers Savings Bank building, conavr and Nineteenth streets, Cal. Date of puhlleation, Augi>e4 inns. POSTPONEMEN may M'mire, a- v ill by the v'owphii:.' bid. and be foi- 1«- Sidiool IHst! jet s fo pay I'or the I for costs of s\iii. fully appear and Hut to ret 1 *-1 !:»M'e about one hundred f°et of ' • • i * and four rlntc-h. (i the rate df six per rent per annum nn- j business, Oakland. California. inch belting, one patent til paid, interest payable on tlie :mth j Notice is hereby piven that at a ^~ *^ i . .• i . ^ *»*-*^.**^"fc? inotr:r ;'ud beltiuv. day oi' ;o.U *• i. ot oai ol'Juhir m* i etint. r of the Hoard of Direct- and from the Building Fund nf saidiorn held on the 1-Hh day of Rcliool District upon presentation and | l^os, an assessment of one and one- said r consists of an efjnil surrender to tie o said bids tor within fifteen days after he.:,:: nntifud of the acceptance of the bid. • ' <';,. n:;i. ol t!ie said pro- rpon posals said ho" 's \\iM be sold to the highest and h» ^ 'ddd une-tweli'tii interest in th" firm of "Coffee & Glenn," doing bus- as wholesale and retail butchers Count v of the i rite rest coupons. Said bonds an- to be numbered con- half cents per share was levied upon i r s ,, (() , mhli . • M , (l| the subscribed capital stock of the corporation, payable immediately in secmivelv 1 to 2n inclusive, an I are Tnited States coin to the secre in the City of Bakersfleld, State of: in number as iollows: California. Xos. 1 10 4. inclusive. Two Terms and conditions of sale: Cash. ! Thousand Hollars, to run il year.-. Mold coin of the United States, ten j Honds Nos. r> to S. inclusive. Two per cent at time of sale and balance i Thousand Dollars, to run li' years. upon confirmation thereof. Deed at Honds Nos. li to 1'J. inclusive, two expense of purchaser. Thousands Dollars, to run i:i years. Bids or offers may be made at any Bonds NOP. 13 to Iff. Inclusive, Two time after the first publication of this notice and before the making of the Thousand Dollars, to run 14 years. Bonds Nos. 17 to 20, inclusive, Two same. All bids or offers must bo in j Thousand Dollars, to run 15 years. writing and left at the office of J. W. j Bids will be received for one or any P. Laird, attorney*at-)aw f in the court-! number of said bonds. All Id-Is must house in the City of Bakersfield, Coun-i be equal in amount to the par valm* tnry of said com pan;-, at its office. room 72, at 90fi Broadway, in the City of Oakland, California. Any stock upon which this assessment' shall remain unpaid on the 10th day of September, C90S. will be delinquent and advertised for sale at public auction, and unless payment is made before, will be sold on Saturday, the 10th day of October, li*OS, to pay ''or cash, in " ahove » ' s the all bid: . All bids or proposal:- an- to : .>- addre'-.ed to the Clerk of tlie Ho;-.rd of Supervisors of Kern County, California, and indorsed. "Proposals for Honds. provision.--. The in.... l •rl^ht to reject ;tMV tn 1 And if yon tile idiiintlff you are fail to •• o notified, tliat and answer, in lumeiu for N'ntlce is hereby o! Mie Hale of t !;e abo\ \\ '. llu i stork. Is hereby postponed untU ;urda.v» Sept. ; "'t l' |(i ' s . at the and place. By order of the board of A. T. any nionoy or d;.m;\ue^ demanded in the complaint a* ;' tract, or will a.r-ly u|to:i con- tit ibe court for any other ro'.ief demanded in the Complaint. \VifriosH my i Mid tbe seal of the said S Strtte of April. A. I). (Seal) Secretary of the »prinMflold Or) ( •'>*!•. County of Kern, this 10th day ot I. L. MI1.MCU. Clerk. By order of the Board of Super, is- By Ham Karris, Deputy Cleric, ors'of the Conutv of K. m. State of J. \V. V. Laird and Kowen Irwin. at* _ _^ j • ^ t\ California. If. A. JASTRO. Chairman. Attest: I. L. Miller. Clerk. tornes lor plaintiff. S-1S NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. the delinquent together tv aforesaid, or delivered to the un-'o!' rhe b* nds bid for, and accompanied ^ i dersisned personally. : by t i t.-,;iried chock oi cash deposit CHARITY F. COFFEE. iii the sum of ai least ton p-:- cent of (Guardian ol the person and estate of the ai.iount of flu* bid, payable to Dorothy .M. Coffee, minor. Dated Sept. 8. 1908. with the costs of advertising and ex penses of sale. H-27 JOS. E. EXNIS, Secretary. -1 PERSONAL PROPERTY Notice IB hereby given that taxes ot the Chairman of the snid Board ol' | personal property are now due and NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of CelimUi A. Kamllett, deceased. Notice is hereby given by the un, administrator of the estate of Cclinda A. Handletl, deceased, to the Mc'Klttrlck Oil Company, location ' of principal place of business, Bakersfield, California. Notice is hereby given that at a n/eeting of in Directors held on tho Office, room 1, basement, Savings i;ank BIdu. corner H IDth Btrrety. PakersJield, CuU POST VON EiMKNT Notice IH hereby piv**n (flat tfl^ <»f the sale of the above doltn stork IK herelty po^tponod nntf? urday, S^pt. MKh, at Ibe and place. Hy order of the board of A. T. M Secretary of the Sprinufiold office, room 1. basement. Pr Savings Bank Hldtc.. corner 19th stret'tH. Ualu-rsll^rd, Car. NOTICE TO CREDITORS^ In the Superior Court l nna for ,5th dny of August, 1908. an «s,e s s- • ^ •-—' ; ,;;•;, ment of two cents per share was lev Supervisors ot Kern Count y. Tin !check or will be returned In payable and will be delinquent on July Californian want ads. Best results. \ oa>" of rejection of hid. and be for- j 4.9 feited to -aid l.oue Tree School pis-j trk-t if the bidder neglects to pay /or j th«- JM»M Is ij»- Idds for wiMiin titteen j davs after belnu notllled of the accept-j «st, 1908. ereditors (if, and all persons having h,,^ unoT i t he capital stock of the cor-| UinJu-lsinrl elaims auainst said deceased, to ex- poratlon, payable immediately In ' ' hibtt them with the necessary vouch- United States pold coin to the RPC- ers, with In four months after the first rotary of said corporation at the of- In the matter of the estate of A. WEABEH. I publication of this not ire. to the sald|fl n o O f tlie company, room City Tax Collector, i administrator a t the offirp o f Mie Pub-1 dueers Savlnps Hank buildin - lir Administrator and Coroner of Kern rr O* Pro- Uak- ASSESSMENT NOTICE. Notice is beveliy u:tven ny t?»^> dersiLined adtninistratorn, with will annexed, ot the estiite of UinkclspUd. deceased, to the of. ON PAYNE era! Directors Embalm Pro «' I and 1" nold '•> 1 * i nn. * o>eiii:i^ of th- -''id ,\ ill be sol,! to i !M hi- 1 h'idders i'oi- cash, in ( r . L -rl ; <•< fo the :ibr»ve prn- • Burks Oil Company. — I .oca* ion " principal place of bnsine-^. Oakhm i CaiilorJiia Location ol :•:'';) ••• ".• Kern county. California. e is hereby :,-Jven. that ar ; of the directors. heM on and all persons baviny California. '. against the said deceased, K, Any stock ui>o n wnich this ass* ss- . tlM . m wlth t | 1( , T ,eressar> v<>; •r.t shall remain unpaid on the 15*thi wilntn i,. n tncnths ait»-r fhe (Irs? • l:iy of Rpptf-mbcr. 1!»MS. will bo do- i j i( , )(ii]M of tl ,u u,,ti,-e, ; t t the office and adv« rti^.ed for sale at ; ,.,,.,, (1 ; County at the Court H'Mise in tlu 'city of Hakerpneld. Kern County, California, the same brine: the place for (he transaction of the business i unguent and auv* nwa lor sate iu ; ^ n . (1 |,^ Honun. looms 'Jo:;. uOA. of the said estate in the said County public aiK-tirm and unless payment K* j t |, ]{ )k ,. H "savin;- 1 ; I;.inK imildirur. //t Kern. State of California I made before, will )>»•> sold on tho 10thj r i ?v O f' H:>'.;*'•!.('• Id. County of 1 vision- 'I"..-- sa : d M ) i u i il oi Supervi^- 1 ois )'» -• ' \ iiu t lie riiiht lo j ;»nd al! t-ids All bids ! dre--* ! t.' t!ie :'••.''•(•( ;iny to Ite ;id- Cb-rU of il',- 1 r.eard of ISth day of July, Hms, ;;. Administrator of \V. A. McC.INN. I day of October. thi> estate oi Ctlin-I iinqnent assessment, to pay the de- together with <Xo. 0* one cenr levied upon the capital .-tock of the A. Handlett. deceased. [cost of UakersfleM, S'-jiten/ner sale and c'xpenses of Ke:n < nia. f ': + ?m.->;i is Hy ors of (Seal) i Chains./. I paj'ald*' immediately re the secretary at the onV" of ihe cor- Uir! poratlon, room _<*, lut'.s Hroadway i Oakland, California. Any i-tock upon the Hoard of Snprrvis- which this ass<»s«men? remain CO:IM> i»i' !<"!•:;, ^:jte of unpaid on the liOth day of AiiRust, UMIS, will be delhuiucnt and advertlse-1 II. A. .iA.-THO, for sale at public auction, find, unless UHh, 9-11 B nrdor of the Board of Directors. Office, room N'o, 307, Producera the Hoard oi .supervisors, i.. Millar. Clerk. . l»-Hi NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Kstate of Ralph IJower, dereased. . Sav | ngB Ilanli Il1in(llnpi rornpr Notice is hereby R!VPH by the> «n- tnpnfh and „ B . rcic . tBi Bakersfield. Gal- rfdcrned. administrator of the estate | f ___ !n Q1 p »...,, , , . ., i'Himiti. Q~it of Ralph Rowrr, deceased, to the creditors of. and all persons having State of Ciihiornm. H>e same belutj place for the transaction "f fhf- inesH of said estnte In said County. KITOKNIE F. ntNKnrK MKI.VILKR FPHT1I, Administrators with the will NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE. N * i payment is imul,- bofnr*. will l,«. «,M , „ , „ wm on tho 14th .by of fai-p^inl.*.-. laos. ( w , th , f to trnv the (lelinouetit ,'tf-^essinent, to . ... «f-_j*_.. _-,, (dalms a^ainpt said decewHod, to e\ . rn; i t!ni of i.i. . - hereby niven that the. d. Maxwell McNutt, trustee j ve ot H. A. Hayden, bank- sell, pursuant to an order( :«nd made on the I'd day ' ey. A. IX. 19nS, by Milton . referee In bankruptcy will) costs 01' advertising and of sale. A. A. SMITH. SHERIFF'S SALE. the necessary vouoh-1 ^ otl " ?, f Foreclosure Sflt c -No. 5719. months after the first I' , J?^! w \ !l !' mK A * " ! n (. . ilowavo et puijllcation of this noHr-e. fo (he said administrator at the office of the Pub. of the estule of Louis At. deceased. Dated, HaliersHeld, September 3, 9-3 ASSESSMENT NOTICE, TO NEW YORK THROUGH ifornia, room 20. ^*^ POSTPONEMENT. The date of the delir.'jur-ncy of »h* th- Oistrirt Court of the United ;,| )OV( . nssessment has l»-eii pos'j States tor rhe northern district of Cal- ; ,, nt s] Thursday, September isi, I ifornia, the real property hereinafter j an <i the day of sale under .-aid a> ment has been postponed until day, September £S, 1%S, at tlie- r; hour and place. \c Admlnlstnitor and Coroner of Kern y nt the Court House In the of PnkersfteM. Kern County, California, the same being the place County Ordor of sale and closurr- and P the transnction of the business (»f tlie said entfifo in tJie s-nl of Kern, State of California. W. A. McOlNN, Admlnirtlrator of tin- (-state of Kalph Hower, deceased. 1 Dated at HaluTsfleld. 10th, 100S. September 9-11 } ASSESSMENT NOTICE. Hy order of tbe Board of Hir—'orn. ; Kourth K xt( , n , ion \ Va trr Company. Location of principal place of bus!ness, Waaco, Kern county, California. Orange Groves of Southern California; Cotton Fields of Texas and Louis- •d, with the Improvements , i.i*donfilng to (he estate of said bankrupt, free and clear of any and all Hen or Hens, incumbrance or incumbrauofs, to the* UlKhost and ! best bidder therefor, upon the follow- int,' terms: and conditions. 1. Ali bids to be in writing, sealed, ami addressed to the said trustee at No llu Sutler street, Sun Kranci&co, Cal. 2. Each bid to he accompanied hy ! certified check for ten per cent (10%) j of th*:' amount of the bid. i tt f ^() 01Q \Slll 131, ItL'-i't-U iii. VV* .-,.->-» *«'-*•-* >T „. , B ~ v „ , - - — - - , t i »• \r*n\+'\ f *fit»i\.\' f ^.fiivjtrjMUL than 1'J o'clock noon of the L'oth day j and the day of sale under said a^v^s-, . Any Ht0 ck upon which tbiH assess Dared Auj,'Mwt, 2~>, 1IHKV A. A. SMITH Secretary Burks Oil f'ouipany. (ff!i^-" HMiK Hroadway, Oakifind, ( room 20. POSTPOXiEMENT. Notice is hereby ^Iven that at a meet in.^ of t be Bon rd of I >i red orn held on the ' day of August, 1«.*<iK. an assesHinent of one dollar i»er share was levied upon the subscribed cajjiml ; slock of tlie corporation, payable im- The date of delinquwy of "» (1 ' moaiately in Vnlted States ^old coin above asKessment has been postp<ii»ed ( tn ( lio secretary of said company ; until Tuesday. September 21*. WS; ; jts ofllco, Wanco, California. of October, IMS. ment has l,ee n postponed until Mon- nient Hhall remain unpaid on S FOUP AND CNF-HAuF JOYOUS DAYS CN THE OCEAN THIP. 4. The trustee reserves the right . day, October If*, 1908. to reject any and all hids. | Hy order of the Hoard of Inre<?o:-« 5. Sale subject to confirmation by j Dated, Sept. 8, 1908. the court, and to be for cash United i A. A. SMITH, S*?rrr-tary. States pold coin, upon confirmation ! Office H"jx Hroj'dwny, f»ak'and. Cal of October, i .i , Ifrvtwttn v-y^rt*-* 1 ! OA fi-M MMllTlt <l rtorfcL ber 30. 1008, will be delimjm-ut and advertised for sale at public auction, ami unless payment is made before, will bo sold on Tuesday, the 20th day to pay tlie ree ot tore Under and by virtue of an order of sale and deer* e of foreclosure and Hale, Issued om of (he Superior Court of the Hald County of Kern, of the State of California, on tbe liGih day of August, A. D. 1KO.S, In (he above on- j tilled action, wherein H. M. Russell. 'the above named plaintiff, obtained a Judgment and decree of foreclosure and sale against Frank A. Howard. Marion C. Howard, et als, defendants, on tbe 2lHIi day of August, A. D. for the Hum of twelve thousand three hundred elKhty-four <$12.:iX4.0li) dollars In United States gold coin, bo* sides interest, costs, etc., which said decree was, on the 26th day of August A. I). 1908, recorded in Judgment Rook 11 of said court, at page am commanded to well all thone certain lots, pieces or parcels of land situate, lying and being in said County of Kern, State of California, and hounded and described as follows: "The Pennsylvania Mining Claim," accordl/iK to notice of location of said claim, recorded Dec. Hth, 1900, in Hook 2i, at page ISfi, Mining Records of Kern rourity. "The Tom Lane Mining Claim," according to notice of location of claim, recorded .Ian. 18th. 1«!»4, In Hook f>, page 71, Mining Uec- Name of corporation in full, Eagle Oil Company. location principal place of buRlneBB, Baa cisco, Calif. Notice is hereby given, that aft t» meeting of the directorH held OB 24th day t>t August, A. I). 1908, an seRKment of ton cents (lOc) per Auy shaXJ wan levied upon l\\v stock of the corporation, payable mediately to William l-an^-e, . retary at room 2 ,No. 720 Snn Francisco, California upon which this asHesKKK main unpaid on the LTith day of 5 tember, A. D. 3908, will be and advertised for Bale at public tion, and unless payment to tnatfe fore, will be ftold on the ICth d*y October, A. D. 1908, to pay tho llnquent assessment, together costs of advortlfliotf and expenses. safe. WILLIAM UANOB, Room 2, No. 120 Bush Francisco, Calif. street; £ 8-2® NOTICE OF MEETINGS, 'tint t b ELEGANTLY EQUIPPED 8TEAMER8 NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT, principal Oil Con •>>'.• Li- ASK /XMV the court. ; ifornia, room 20. Bids will be opened and referred ! to Ou- court for confirmation, on the ; SIM h day or October, 1008, at the hour! of two 'i?i j). m., at tho oillce of Milton .1. Ciift-n, KH<I.. referee in bankruptcy, in th<' United States Postofflco I and Court House building. Seventh and Miss inn streets, Han Francisco, Cal. 7, iirf-d. instrument M!' mh>, Mb- por sharr . was ]( , vi( , ([ I1|l(i:i Ml( strai f ") tjtl'% and othei • at i-xi^-i^e <jf purchaser. ijuent nRHOHsmcMir together with Hie of .'tdverfifiittK .'iii'! e.ypouser of Al-FHKU B. JORDAN, ords of "The County. Little Mammoth Mining Claim," accoriiinK (o notice of locu Notice Is hereby annual meeting of th of the named, canal compafties for tho purpose of • • »i an SUMMONS. In the Superior Court of tbe County tion of claim, 1895, in Book fi, ordH of Kern Countv. recorded Feb. 12th, •iKcj iMtX, Mining Hoc- given, t of the dln-eion- l'"ld day of August, lltns. an (N'o. 7i of on<* half ef m ;( cation i i 'PI,,. IS'Jl, In Hook a Th<- tcllowins is a di'scriptlon of stock of the corporation. mediatel in 1'ni't \ suit. "The Bnrdtttto Mine," according to ]> i( . location notice, M-corded .Tan. Oth, a t!i f«'i*i M *J north lo l>e sold: n block 274 (formerly block 1 WHKl) in the Citv of L r »M.l to the secretary, uf 'he •»!!}<•*• company, N'o, t'-'t'J i-':-i-«- IHT- (• ,. FninclKco, California. Any Mock upon which thN ;i •firdlng * f > Ihi* map of ' nmnr shaH remain unpaid on ih» (v c- in' !\« rn Coun* i day of September. U'"s, \vill In- filfl in (be orflc-e of limpmnt nnd advertiy*^! for sai-- • ol' K'-rn County, |Mil/!ic auclioii, and, unJ*'S K paymci MCI No-. • rr J'.iti, !'M^- Tn- mad' 1 In-fore, will improvements tbore. day, Oct(d>er sold to on of Kern, Stale of William ColliiiH, plaintiff; vs Souibern Pacillc Itallr* corporation; \\'este; n Comjtany, a corpomtiim. Tin ciflc Impro\emciit ("t-mpaii;. corporation; al.-o nil <if JK-T sons unkown chiimim.- any tiUe, estate, lien, or inti-if-t in ih»- i"' i ul proper! y dos^ril-eii m the com- j'laint advers" to plaiijiin"- ownership, i M''"'»K Company. a< or any cloud upon pl.-i.MitTY ritio of location, t'fcorde,! 'hereto, dcfcrulauts. Tl\<> pi-ofde of tbe s"i, lliil Heli't UlTclitK; to tbe » lilc UaUro:id f'ompMny. a - ^; [."n ;• Mon, '/. :i Mine," ncoording to lo- i p 0 ( notice, recurded .Ian. directors and the transaction other business an may !>e fan* the meeting, will b«> heJi/ at olllco of said C<nii|)any, Kerf) I .and C'otupany'K efl'K e biiffdtoj?, nor of Unit and M MMC!H, California, at tlie date*-' and hour's opposite their re-^petiive names: Kern Hiver (\ Htul ;i, Mfnin r; Lal<( ai j p. m. ni Co., Oct. r at 2 p. rn. ,1,-imes (^ Dlxon C.jial Co a h %, in Hook •», p.u-c U!i, Mining Hec- ordH of Kern coun!:. Dial eertain Mine HN Location, lo- by M. M. Hu'-r<- the LC.' ;ni>l O. Pooley. liu^ to notice ,T TJi on. th M- I be We-.ti ; it I >t'Vt-!op- oJlir pa: i- «iJ:( v H nijiy lie bnd nf thf luturncys for t-, Mi-s:-rH. Ji-llett .V Meycrstelu, i a HanU buii'liiiK, 11" Sutler Si,, coi,ts of adv.'/tlsinu and i""Ut Company, a corpm ;iil o; her pfrsouH dnk ri^bt, titb\ Hht itc, in tin 1 real pi'oi»*"'i San FniMM.sco ('al, Secretary Kquali'v Of! ('..njp-n,-. 'he conndainl arlve-" MAXM^Wj McNUTT, ' Office:—No. H-12 Laguna sOeet, S;m (nvnerwJ)ip, or any Ho 9-14 * Trustee. Francisco, California. Uiff's title tliereto, >!e; t:i : iu Hook' "> rail for* • °' Kern county. p tl . ' All \\ ;iti-f rij-hf M ;e 'i i: " yea 1 inn made by ! I I'ooJi v, for ualer lilNf'f, • noflcr- M \\f-\> • 1C.:: \Iinirii; Hfconls b\ ' nattce •;ell and in the at n p, Pioneer Canal Co , Orf. .'J It, in. Joyce Canal Co . G< t. r., a. m. I'lijMkfd.t ranal Co , Of! II a. in. Anderson Canal <'o , O< ! II a. m. •n:i Vista Canal » P. m. '•s Canal ('o . o< ( •. f V. i. i! • L Y at . a, m l!y order of the IJ:Ktr'! of CAUL \V. Ml KLLK1 S(-cretary Kquali'v Of! Citiup. on; ii i / );jijuJn" , on Thursday, the L'lrli v-n that i f of Seplem ,i Canal Co , (> i Canal Co., fit 3: HHJ.S, iti; in ' r ' her, A. I>. liMiS. at - o'c.... k. p. m.. of in .that day, in ftonf of th*- c</urf liouse :. !.vi'V* ! door of ihe County of K*-rn, I will, In n plain- I obedience to Haul order of Kale and decree of tori-cloy u re, utui aulo, «cll ! See. h> ahove. named Kern Couui> Land (Vs Otfic»0tiUtt'i. corner 19tb and 11 . Calif. -v

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