The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 17, 1908 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 17, 1908
Page 4
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THE BAKERSFIELD OAL1POBNIAN THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 1908. Thursday, Sept. 17 DEAh TO;/:-- ,;r'.;rT,).agen' :•- : car.,: i «.;-- bet, ter ever: Try Sorr.e! A t, .Y.eroney ' s . ine t r, a n WITT ORDERED I INTO CUSTODY •lames N. \Vi't, who -le I and killed H.'aU'i- i i'-'.'U near !(•:. l.-!m:'n some i '•;lie -111',- ,md wini w.i il'seqllent|\ ' :., M I'm 1 Diiir.ler, l,\ In-: ,-• ,'. M. Mil- : Rimils ami admitted to ball on $10,000 i-oiiiN.' wax tod.i,\ i>,d"nd n>'« actual i "!>i'>-!;. 1>\ .I'nUie M'lh'.n. 'I being ; -:.:!•"; ' iia' : ln I ;iil lia- nm be, n i>iv- 'li. Tlie bondsmen are K. l>. Mann, -'. K. l>ie;;,-n>nn and O. I-:. Clteos- !ir<iimh ,-i;n| ili<.si' homlsiiien ar<> con- ! -Idel'l'd ill*llfli''ie||l. ] — --•"•-»" A u-rlt M;IS been issued for \\tit, anil i Natalie—-Yes. he was paying alien- and he will be brought to the county I tion 1" her quite a long time. •.nut pending ine 1'nriher order of the > Efielle—Perhaps lie hadn't the mint. rcnir.ii.-e ti, jiropose. Articles Filed. : Xjitflll-.-oii. I .I'-.'t i ; j,,,xv. Perhaps J A ,., i( .|es of incorporation of the had the courage not to i,ro,,ose.- ( .,,,,,, stll . m <.„„„,.,„>-, ( . tlimylnK , tu , ; EII..L. .' :- infeji i'-1 for tyn'.-e who appre- jute (piality, for thnte r»'i;r'"n:en who a t'-ioro'ithly n;i, ( rich old Kentucky liquor—i \.'. HAKPKR Sold tiv Brl',7. * U'«ich«»lf- Svra.''iisc name to H. L. Craig Company has been tiled. Case Reset. The case of Miller & Lux vs. the | Associated Oil Company, has been reset for trial, the date being Oct. 8. Want* Jury Trial. I In the case of eWiland vs. Beckes, the plaintiff before .Imigo. Hennett today demanded a jury trial, and the case was continued until Sept. 22. TRYING TO BEAT RECORD OF THE WRIBHT BROTHERS. PARIS, Sept. IT.—At Isay today I.eon hadrange stayed aloft in hln [ aeroplane for thirty minutes and ) twenty seconds. He hopes to stir- j pass the records of the Wright brothers. Men's Suit Styles That Express the Trend of Fall t ashions are being shown a t Hochheimer's - • - cleverly designed clothes from America's best makers —the best of materials, the best tailoring, the swellest of patterns; everything to make Hochheimer clothes superior in every way. The fall styles are ready now—ready to look at, ready to try on and ready to wear away. Better come in at your earliest convenience a.nd see for yourself the season's most swagger creations. ACCUSED SLAYER OF LAD WILL BE CHARGED. I KERN RIVER MILLS FLOUR OLD RELIABLE Painters SNYDER & JACKSON Fainting in all branches. Interior Decorations a Specialty. CARRIAGE PAINTING SIGNS -loht! Rea. mime Keeper for ihe Alj brae Citn Cluii. who confessed to lh(" I killing of Carl Miller at Alviso Sohmh, 'will be formally chui-'e,; wi.b mr,: u-r this afternoon. COFFEE J Your grocer must sell j i oor coffee; \ve can't all be comfortable; but he needn't sell it to you. Your grcrtr return* vour mfincy it you doo'l Hk« Shilling's Ben. wt P>; him. • 4 A Faithful Frtend. "I have useu (..nainnertaln'a Colic, I1 cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy since j Mit " as first introduced to the pubnC In j *i is"'.' - n'd have Ti"v..>- '.ottnd one In-I ! i stance v.iiere a cu-e was not speedily j > ; Affected by its, use. 1 have been a ', ? commercial traveler Tor eighteen years j •J ; nnd never start, out -m a trip without j 5 I this, my faithful frl»nd," says H. S | I'rices ninjrc t'rorn .^I'l to $30—j||, ( ] ;i t every price ;i superior value awaits yon. Phono Ma.n 11» 15 27 W.1I 81. g 1 J^t^M a'« ^^SvS ! Bakerafleld, Cat. 0 ; y ,, ir j, ( , ] ;r!r)WS | ts valuf and Is conipe j C* ; tenr to spejik of it. For sale by liaoi ! i Bros,, liakerstb'! i; Krrn Dnisr C'o J ERNEST WHITE TAKES BRIDE 1 Notes and Personals L .!. I',. l-Yi'.'U, tht- miuiiiK man, is in this eit\. Oil Fields Entertainment.--Tonight ' s - '- - M ' I(U is ll " wn from San Fran " Oil Field Auto Buss WILL START SEPTEMBER 15th Leaves The Following Points Daily: HOCHHEIMER & CO Illinois Crude OM Cc. Oil Center . . . HOCHHEIMEK &. CO. Illinois Crude Oil Co. Oil Center ........ 7' ' HOCHHEIMER & CO. Illinois Crude Oil Co. Cil Cerfct?r hOCHHEIV.ER & CO. Center Fo'.:n;l E: 30p.m. G:50p.m. 7:00p.m. 11 :00p.m. 12:10mdt "hildren, 6 to 12, HALF RATE :••_; One Way. i at Associated Hall in ihe K> : field t)!li,' Ciotchett -vill giv< cisco for a few days. Mrs. M. 11. Murray and child return,. , . ,. '."." ."" 1l1 " ,-'• ' jular weekh I'jitertainm- nt. There will i''(1 from on extended northern visit inn ot relatives an I intimate Men.I:-. , ,-.., i.Miss liessie C'abhve.l] a:id li. K. Wniti I were married jit II n'<-lnf\-. this rniirn- I itip;. Uev. Kiluar K. Fujer peiiorm- | ed Ihe ceremony. l"li(;v, in;,' vvlilch a j wedding iuncetin .., .... |hiippy young couple then departed to I board the early afternoon train for Ix>s Angeles and other southern pninis on a short lioneymoon trip. The wedding occurred a; the home of the bride's parents. M nnd Mi's. several films of entertaining mov- , llli * morning. K iiiciure.s, lollowed by uaiiciug and I ! i« ' Ramirez" .'.;,'! l-i.-p hi,-- place,, Preparing For Circus—Officer Tom' ;v; '- street, open a 'l <\ny and all I gave at least four undesirable, and the j citizens rush orders to get without j ;-"'.! ; urday, Sept. 1 the city limits today. The policeman . sl/ed them up as petty crooks and I ! .Miss .loy Craii; nt'.n Mrs. .T. E. Eng"< turiied laM ni.ulu from their The shortcaks lialts a moment on its way; The watermelon hath a hcneewnrd trend; The cantaloupe, drops in, but not to stay— The prune alone is faithful to the end. -K.xchaii^.'. 0. A. Newman, teacher of violin. Phone Alain ,",ol. Prydnru's I'.;ini; CURE THE CAUSE. How to Remedy Much of the Suffering in Bakersfield. thieves who had planned to camp here, vacation spent in Santa Cruz ami San Half oj the sickness ami suffering ,n and reap a harvest on circus day. The Francisco. ] nakerstleld cornea from a weak stom- police are especially vigilant these j ('. A. Stre.lgat, of the San Fran- i ach. da; • -i a;id under on',.i.s :,uai Marshal Ueoi-fje Cablwall Mis- Ti'.-ta I .ut kin i -McKamy are ordering all suspicions and Ca KobhiM.n we,-,, t,,.. anendiUK ! characters from town. couple, lloth the bride .n, I the brirles- j Quietly Married—Miss Irene Bryan cisco Call's circulation department, isi Cure the cause by usitiK Mi-o-ua in town today from Fresno. I Stomach Tablets and lie well and Mrs. E. IMnUelspiel and Miss Sophie j happy. t', lay from I.(.111? the most clironic cases vield ""• d in blue. | and Morris Pope were married yes- , Ue.icli where they siient the summer., to Ml-o-nu. W. C. Worrell, connected Aliss Caldwell is one ut liakerst'ield's! terday afternoon and departed for , Tln-v will renmin several days to at-! with the ,I<altP /Shore Railroad for >«.r'.UKUV&n*"*,?i If you have entries to make, attend to it at once and where .stock and articles are entered, see to it that they arc en time- and at place for examination by committee. A. W. MAC RAE. rasr ! most eharmliiK f-'irls nnd ; 'luring her j liitm residence ben- has been very j popular in the liiL-h sei.o:,; aii.l yomm- er sociill set. ,i.. \\'h!:e is the son of Mr. and Mrs. R. .1. While and save I'm several years when jd'endinn the I'nited States naval ac-inl> my ai ATI- San KranclHco and Sacramento on a 'end to some business and i years, says: "Kor fifteen years I had TOURIST Automobiles . apolU has resided in thi- city siiic.- ( . r hf(() a |ilix . ul , j,, hjs „,..,,.,. wi;h , h j early childliood. he is ..i-.sislanj ' () i ,-esnlt tliat a cor. was Inuken. The id Cil> Hn^iueei- I5uthn-(r.ii at) 1 I.- i. | ,..,,. ...... ,,..., ; j,, ,,. H R ,, 1 .-,,.^ .Militia mini of sti rlini: wnrth i-il'l iibil-j .... .^-t-r. -it* The \ouir.; cn'.ij.le vjli make their home in tiiis <'ir>. win .-,- a ie-'Ui:i ol friends will wi-.-h t'.i-.:-i every haf/jd-j ness. trip. They will return soon to ntaUe.ihin continue to SHU Francisco. ! acute stomach (rouble and nothing their home here. i '""'•' Trustee Frank Mun/.er has re-j helped me. A friend recommended Mi- Stripped a Gear.—The bi- oil ! ""'""' tnim ''OsAngeles. o-na and two boxes entirely curml buss, whieh was placed in commission ; " * * * " ; me." earlier in the week is now laid up for j " f 'u!d).v, I need a pair ol shoes and! Cure the cause of your repairs. Yesterday inornin-.: the NOTICE. l-'aiher i siili'iuu!'. Is .^i)iiiK to hui' :, Napolonn. Naiioleon ( s\;-.; don't be too r»ii!.-h 1 aiu'i worth it W yourself, dad; n'L' News. A NOTICE OF IMPORTANCETO AUTOMOBILISTS A liirt-e reduction lias' been made in th.- prit I' nutomohile Ul'es, takille effect eS|i(. !, 1!H»S. ! t' vnii ;ir< i'iis ,IILT lil'es at the old vim lire ]i,iv!tie too mttcli. Call and ^i't "i'v\ in'ii-es. It I'liiitus a lot u)' i»i" p v ;• Y.".I it' you liuvi 1 to imv tires, I, K. .1. Hummel, of the County of! Alameda, State of California, the pros. | „..". " . ._,,,:„„ I ent o\vni r of the land hereinl-elow de. ! Ibis '!»'«>>n"M s( . 1 .ii,ert, do hereiiy K ive notlee that I I '"•' '' uia " • 'j will, on the 17th day ot Octoher, 19»8, ; n \ u-ell I !| !'l>l.v 'o the Register of the State! enraiiy.) "<-"• I j,. ul ,| omi-e. at Sacramento, Califor-! ilia, for a duplicate cevtiticuu- m'. pur-i fhiiKp, No. 1-1830, issued to Krneat ,1.1 ~ -^.-^ -. _ j Hummel, daied April 2i", tlifid, on lo- A Trnvelinq t/ian's E"oerience. I-cut ion No. 4r>on^VlsaHa Land District,.! ' for (ill of section 30. Twp. 20 S., R. I expenence on 22 E., .M. I). M., In the County of j N H R train Kern, State of California, containing from IVndietrn i,, |,e Crande. Ore.," i G40 acres. writes Sum A. c,:nlier. a well Unowii Date of first publication, Sept. 1C, traveling man. ••( \v;is in the smoU- j 1908. iuu de|Kirt!iie!it with soino other •••"•• trnvelini; tnr n when on,, of them went DEVIOCRPT SPRINGS. Jon' into the coin h and c'imc hack Democrat Springs stage -vil) )eav« Arlington Hotel every Wednesday mornltiE. The baths are unexcelled for rheumatism and kidney trouble by any ami all skin diseases. Tb« or'y hot mud baths in Kern Count;' I a new hat." i 1UU) t,,, we ll and happy. "There you RO again, going to ex-i If the stomach is wenk nnd you itremes. \\"hy don't you he careful and I have indigestion, flatulence, dizziness. I Ue,-|, i n t| u - middle \vith e\|ietises?" headache, etc.. get a .Mi-cent box of < 1 "\Vell-er-I was just about to say All-o-uu from Haer liros. They give f I also want a belt with a gold buck- > an absolute guarantee \ n refund the -New York (ilobe. money unless Ml-o-na i ures. * j and said. 'There is a woman pick nil mi I went em. tonm! her very ill with. to deat'.i in the ear.' I at once got n;i and went out. found her very 111 wit'.i er;uu)i enHe; i,e;' hands &'"' j in-tns wi re drawn up MI you could not utt'iiiL'hti u them, ami with a death lilie look en her lie-e. Two or thrt-e hulk's were worU'.ng \\1ih her and i-jvini; her whisl.i'.v i went to my suit cii.«e and put in.' biittU' of Cham- bcrliiln' ('i)lir. ciiiiji'ra an! Diarrhoea Hemc'dy 11 never tray Bakersfield Auto Supply Co. 19th and G St. E J. Erb. Phone Main 1260 W. E. Drury without It). i :;t n double • i the class, • and stirred :ru! qi:ifi' a '"! me give i. ,j. I i-oiild -•I'.nla, and I" | run to the water > nil,, dose of the mi'dii iiie : poured seme «ater iii'n it with ;i ; > tc'i!: then time to the III !ies I. il to !u r. :.".: I s-t i-e, :it c.!u-e s-i " tl'.e ei'Vct wltli he", riildiins: h.T ! iweniy mil i-tes I save do>'.e. llv ' ti!i: ( - Wi into I..- ('•:•;.!,i;e. v V, ;• - : •h ' ;:-i ; .n. I i.'.:U-e the h" '.-.;: ! '" '"• UM- ! ir !"••• - ' <-,ll.! !• ' M'.-'led tli.'ie the irnin van i:r sl:i> \v:'s nil rl'.-li'. riii.l I received ihe tl-:uiks of ever-,- r-i.sseni;er in tho car." p'^r snip by !'aer Pros,, Hul;ersflcM; Kirn rnig Co., Kern. * Hotel largest and I "^ a of any resort 'n Kt-in ''outity, Fint camping grrc-inds "ni'l planty o< shade. U Cnllfornlau want ik-st results I •"• - 1 " '~ 1 -- 1 ' ' ~"~" --.r_T _ — ™_-- •••-...-- \vere '.":••: to 'i iiOttlO tO EYES iv,a-j<- to crctcr. P,-.! efits desiring r.rtifi- (.-.«.! eyt'S onrlc fer thsm ^ur: • • ^:', tfn-j' fci'.-n r.r.i\ c:, k : . ..-((.'.T::e cyil^nlt n-.» ;.-~f"!--' Cct-Jber lit. DR. FOWLER, Room Hopkins Building MORLEY'S THEATRE Masonic Temple, 2007 Chester Avenue Admission lOc Continuous Performance 7:30 to 10:30 P. M. BOX OFFICE OPEN 7:15 to 9:15 Nfl HigHeP STRICTLY HIGH CLASS MOVING PICTURES AND ILLUSTRATED SONGS; FUN AND AMUSEMENT FOR EVERYBODY. "The Dumb Witness" "ji m | 6 Fond of Garlic" "Sampson and Delilah" (special "Ths Dauahter's Honesty" feature) "A Good Dinner, Badly Digested" "Hapless Hubby" SONGS—"What Will Your Answer "Freedom For All" Be" "Golden West Girl." Kutii'e eliniie-e of IV(ij_'runi .Monday find Thursday imchts. A •-iirin-ise for our 'nitrons every week. Matinee- Saturday and Honest values are ever wedded with truthful words. We can save you money if you buy our assortment, pots, pans, kettles, woodenware at 25c. Let us asslts you. Winters, Bridges, Simpson Compay.

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