Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 30, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 30, 1895
Page 5
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^Responsibility! Which in your mind carries the most the button or the suspenders. We can furnish you very responsible suspenders at a very moderate cost. DEWENTER, The Hatter and Furnisher. Save This Coupon.... No extra charge for it, but it is valuable. It bares our names, and that will remind you of the necessity of a New Spring Suit. Present this coupon with a nominal sum of money at our store and we will make to your order the handsomest suit of clothes that ever adornedjour body. TUCKER & YOUNG, TH& FE/VRL STRBET TfllLORS. REAL ESTATE & INTELLIGENCE OFFICE. LOANS NEQOTIATED. GEO. W. HODBFER, <10 Browlwaj. Over Hank's Jewelry Store. CHAS. W. SeLEGUB, Watchmaker and Engraver, Comer window Johnston's Diw Store. Broad| wnj nnd Fourth streets. Formerly with J. D. Tailor. .All work warranted. GlTe him ii call. DAILY JOURNAL TUESDAY MORNING, AfiRIL 30. McKeen's Bte&m laundry—good work To Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Graffis. a I ion. See our much fought for silks at the | Trade Palace. Beauties! Dance with Logan Council No. 21 I Order of Chosen Friends, Wednesday (night. lur oape stock is still complete and Illy reduced in price—The Bee ve. Wrappers, waists, parasols and um Ibrellas. Prices always lowest at the | Trade Palace. Everything goes cheap from the I belt to the cheapest Bul» for the next |few day i—Harry Fracik. Mayor McKee yesterday ordered the (discharge of Ed Brlce wbo was looked I up Saturday night for drunkenness. That scro?ulous taint which has been Jin your blood for years, will be ex- Ipelled by taking Hood's Saraapai iilft, (the great blood purifier. Charles Dunkleberp will be married I Wednesday evening at Wea Plains, I near Lafayette, to Miss Anna ICrockett He leaves for there today. The Drum Corpe base ball team [played two games yesterday and won It wo victories. In the morning the •Drum Corps defeated the Mall Carriers Iby a score ol 12 to 7 and in the after I noon in a game of six innings de- Ifeated tbe Jlons, tho score being 32 to 110. Awarded | Hlf best Honors—World's Fair. •DR; I.!- It' 1C; BAKING POWKR MOST PERFECT MADE. jni Gtipt CnaniVTHtar Powder, fm __i Awmonfc, AhMKVyiy othtraduttwnt ^^40;WAM ; ;THi^$TANDARa-^^;5 A CHAIN OF FIFTEEN. A NebriMk* Editor «nd l>routh 8nf ferer Want* toBalie • Mortgage aC tbe Itate of • Dime Per Van, There Is a publisher at Cambridge Neb,, who has adopted the system o the young lady in Illinois for raising revenue. This publisher has a newspaper called the Kaleidoscope, and besides its adjustable machine made name, it is more or less in a comatose state because of an autumn style mortgage which cannot be made over for spring. The failure of tbe crops In Nebraska caused a minus feeling about the Income of the editor, and he has joined his neighbors in making a bid for assistance. Ho asks each publisher to send him ten cents, at the same time persuading the employes of the shop to do the same. The letter is to be endorsed and IB then to be passed to publisher No. 2 and BO on down the line until fifteen have signed and made the remittance, the letter being returned to the hungry editor with the fifteen ten cent pieces. The editor will in the meantime, try to hoi d<! own the mortgage and his publication and keep thejwolf from attaching his files and paste pot until the first lot of dimes reaches :hlm. Ha expects to realize at least $1,50 from each letter, and if be don't £ so much he will, he says, find himself short. There are great possibilities in the little plan, and if it had not been worked »y the alleged crippled girl in Caney, 111., there Is no reason why the Kaleidoscope man should not reap un told wealth from the "chains" he has sent out. Anything that will help a rural editor ID a western town, with a robust mortgage on his plant, is de» serving of the support of more fortunate publishers. Don't send old clothes, but dimes .^ Tho Erolitlon Of medicinal agents is gradually relegating the old-time herbs, pills, draughts and vegetable extracts to the rear and brlnpicg into general use the pleasant and effective liquid laxative, Syrup of Figs. To get the true remedy see that is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only. For sale by all loading druggists. Went Side Pleasure Club's Dnnee. Oae of tho most enjoyable dances. given recently was that of the West Side Pleasure club at G. A. R. hall. About sixty couples were in attendance and the young people all had a good time. There were twenty numbers on the program and the floor was well filled during each dance. Stien- ttart'a orchestra furnished excellent music. Fire «t Burlington. Fire, the origin of which is un« cnown, Sunday afternoon damaged the residence of B. W. Bryant at Burling ton to the extent of f 500. Tho loss is covered by insurance. The town people fought the fire valiantly. A M»efcl»l»l'» JBlnd There wai an accident at the Kin; Drill works yesterday morning, Wm. Jehrt, a machinist, having his right hand badly mashed in a • ' ''•''- ' " * A LONG AND HONORABLE CABREER. James GOBS, senior, is n*t only one of the oldest employes in the service of the Pennsylvania company but holds the distinction of having run the first locomotive on what is now the Richmond division of the Pan Handle. Mr. Goss came here in 1855 from Aurora and went to work on the new road then -under construction. The grading had been completed from here to Kokomo and a Hlnkley engine was sent here to do the track laying. The louomotive arrived on a canal ,boat and wooden rails were laid from the boat landing to the main track. At that time the yards and passenger station were located on the South Side and two bridges across Blddle's.Island connected that section with the main part of the town. Tbe iron rails were also shipped by the canal ronte and when everything was in readiness to 'lay track Mr. GOBS was given charge of the engine of tbe construction train He remained in this capacity until the road was completed as faj south as Anderson when on account of sickness he was compelled to return homo. He did not go back on the road but when he had recovered bis health was given a position as oar inspector and several years later as coach Inspector at the pas. passenger station which latter occupation he filled for more than thirty years. Last fall on account of advancing age and physical Infirmities he asked for less onerous duties and was assigned to a position of lamp trimmer, During his forty years of continuous service Mr. GOBS received no reprimand from any superior, never had his hours of labor reduced or pay out down or was laid ofl for neglecting his duties. He Is now nearly 76 years old but barring the results of several Injuries is as hale and hearty as many a younger man. Mr. GOBS has a fund of anecdotes and strange experiences connected with his early railroad career. Forty years ago the country about Anderson was simply a swamp and during the rainy season the newly laid track would on low ground be sometimes a foot or more under water. Construction work was necessarily flow and .the season being summer and the heat in the locomotive cab unbearable he sometimes would lie down under a shady tree and take a short nap When he awoke it was no uncommon thing to find himself surrounded by water snakes and other Blimey rep tiles wb.o had crawled out from a neighboring marsh. In fact this entire section of the country was BO VtH^a number of men who had come up from^e southern part of ths State to work on the new line had returned home after looking the situation over declaring that they would not live In such a country. The Peru & Indianapolis road, now the Michigan City division of the L. E. & W. bad just been completed from Indianapolis to Peru and used wooden rails covered with strips of iron. The grading amounted to next to nothing and when an engine got off the track, which by the way was a frequent occurrence, the engineer usually permitted his machine to run on the ties until she adjusted herself into her proper place. Modern railroad men will laugh at these puny railroads and their system, or rather lack of system of doing their work, but these roads were the predecessors of the great trunk lines that now carry annually millions of passengers and tons of freight over the prairies and through ;he forests of Indiana, and Mr. GOES »rldes himself on being one of the pioneers of the railway service. YTRECK AT KOUTS. -First section of Pan Handle freight ;raln No. 77 in charge of engineer ^has. Klosnne and conductor Thos. Hartsook met with a serious wreck at 4:30 Sunday morning at Kouts. For some reason Engineer Kloenne did not observe that tho interlocking switch was closed against him and he went over the derail switch with the engine and twelve cars. None of the • train, men were hurt but the damage to iroperty ifl said to be considerable. The summer through trains on the Vandalia will be put on Jute 10th it s stated. Harry Dalaney, master mechanic on he Monon. has resigned his position o go with another road. Steps will soon be taken to introduce he block signal system on the. Mich.. gan division of the Vandalla. Pan Handle blacksmith M. L. Bryant while dressing a tool yesterday morning severely cut his left hand. Contrary to the predictions of Debi nd his followers, ~ the .old railroad irotherhoods are not greatly w«ak- ened by latt summer's strike. I* is true that lmm»dU»eljafier the tiWble "'" ; '""' v "' Not Cattle But Clothing! Another Great Slaughter it proposed We are dickering for a Thousand Suite and a Thousand Pairs of Pants. Wait 'till we get them. Then, ''On -With the Dance," yes. on with the Pants—Suits too because if our offer is accepted they won'i cost much more than ordinary Pants The less we teH you the more you will remember eo we will simply say WAIT. OTTO KRf\USk "OF COURSE." We will sandwitch in some great, good snaps in shops iteo Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! men's, lost peroeptably. in membership, but slnse then the Increase has been almost sufficient to cover all losses. It is reported that the annual report of the grand secretary of the O. E. C. will show a large Increase of membership since last year. Pan Handle fireman Wm Close who went with the steam shovel on the Little Miami division has returned to the city and Is again firing a road engine. Dr. Clsna, medical advisor of the Pennsylvania Voluntary Relief Aeso ciaiion at Chicago, is making a trip over the Pan Handle In the interest of the association. The Vandalia is having ballt in its Terre Haute shops a new pay oar also a new;:oombinatlon baggage car and day coach which latter will be used on the new summer trains of the Miohl gan division. Nlckleplate detectives have been working along tbe Wabash road in search of the parties that attempted to-wreck-"a train last--week near Dunfee station west of Fort Wayne They got as far west as Andrews and finding no clew returned. The officials of the Pennsylvania are so' well pleased with the results of their recent visit to Purdue university at Lafayette where they inspected the locomotive plant that they Intend to erect a similar device in the company's main shops at Alt oona. The local authorities have received a request to arrest James Miller a traveling freight sgent for the North ern Pacific railroad. He is In posses sion of letters, passes, and other documents that the company IB anxious to secure. The railroad officials claim that Instead of hustling for business he la on a protracted spree: He was last seen at Muccle when he took a train for Anderson but the officials of that city claim that he was not drunk but was attending to his duties. ADDITIONAL ITEMS. Waists, iVaista—The correct ones at the Trade Palace. Get your light weight underwear now at the Trade Palace. To Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Faucett of Chicago street, a daughter. Every one buys hose at tha Trade Palace. No wonder, such low prices. C. W. Traut, the grocer, has lately added to his equipment a new Mosler safe which is a beauty. A bunch of keys found In front of the Progrees clothing store Saturday evening can be had at this office. Only for a few days more at tbe Fashion store. Harry Frank prefers to sell cheap rather than to move. The Louisville national league base ball team and the Logansports will play at the driving park this afternoon. Siward Cunningham, superintendent of water works, Lafayette, was in the city yesterday visiting his cousin F. P. Rogers^ The demand for the city electric light continues. Over {fourteen hundred lights are now connected and the orders come in steadily. Mrs. Mary Kea of this city sustained" a loss Saturday by a frame dwelling at Camden, belonging to her, being damaged by fire. Charles Ruhl pleaded guilty in the circuit court yesterday to a charge of permitting minors to play pool and was fined $5 and.costs. : Charles Ray, the Third street saloonist was acquitted b/,a jury yesterday of ai.charjpsol! allowingmlnorii The case went to afternoon and the at 2 o'clock this liquor to a minor, the jury yesterday jury was still out morning. A. D. Potter, who it is alleged swindled a number of postmasters, including those at Logansport and Huntington, IB under arrest at Jack* son, Mich. Martin Walnlck of Adamsboro, who charges a man named Olives with assault and battery, was here yesterday for tbe purpose of securing a warrant for the letter's arrest. Judge D. P, Baldwin Is at Indian apolls engaged as counsel In a suit by H. E. Southwell against the Primler Steel Works of Chicago, to foreclose a mortgage for $80,000. A number of store windows and bar room mirrors were decorated yester< day with advertisements for Eddie Foy's "Off the Earth," by B. F. Marshall who is known as the lightning artist. Clarence Bennett and Oscar Mlohaelis, two promising professionals furnished the theatrical world by Logansport. will participate in the performance by the Elks' minstrels, May 23d. The entertainment of the Juniors and Seniors of the high echool, pro viously mentioned In the Journal, will be in the form of a banquet at the home of Kobt Carroll, Thirteenth and North streets, Friday evening. Thirty members of division No. 26, Uniform Rank. Knights of Pythias went to Indianapolis last night in charge of Capt. Sohaefer and •» 111 participate in the parade today. The supreme officers are In session at In dlanapolia. Great hosiery sale now at the Trade Palace. Misses hose 5 cents a pair, gent's half hose for three days, 9 pairs for 5 cents; a tan and black cheaper than washing. Don't miss this sale, then say we don't have what we advertise. Come now. Manager Patterson yesterday received word that quite a party from Marlon, headed by Father Wlechman. an uncle of Frederick and Marie Murphy, were coming over to see the Murphy's present Pygmalion and Galatea at the opera bouse Wednesday night. The Christian Endeavorers. Miss Lillle. Putnam, who was a delegate to the district Christian Endeavor convention held at Wloamac Thursday and Friday of last week, gave a very interesting report of the proceedings at the meeting ol the Christian Endeavor Society of the First Presbyterian church Sunday evening Among the Logansport Eadeavorers who participated In the convention were: Miss Ethel Pryor, who conducted devotional exercises; Miss Edna Stevens, who sang a solo and Kevp. Putnam and Wellborn, who m»de addresses. Tbe CJOHlnK Meet in r, The closing.meeting of the special services at the Christian church conducted by Dr. Lucas of Indianapolis, was held last night. The eloquent clergman preached nn able eermea to a large congregation. The meetings were very successful and Dr. Lucas' visit will long be remembered. Fire persons were baptized at tbe closing service. *me Seeker*' KxeantaB to Mlehl- gu folmtii, Tl» V»4*U» l*lmf. On May 7, 1895, Vandalia Line will •ell to various polnti In Michigan, excursion ticket i at one fare for the round trip. For full particular! call on any yandaUaLia* ageat, or address AHtSKKKTS. D O LAN'S OPKHA HOUSE. S, B. Patterson, Manager. Wednesday, May 1st Grand Benefit to (§) (§) Manager Pattersoc -BY- Frederir and Marie Murphy! 'Supported by Members at -.tfce> Julia Marlowe Co. PresenUnc Pygmalion and Using as a Curtain Balser thST. Clever Comedy. A BED OF ROSES Advance sale of teats open* Sear- Jar at Johnston'* Drug Stoie. PRICES—75c, OOc and 23o. BIG WHEELMEN'S MEET Fnrnl»hON Rider* for the Pern DemondiraUoo. Sixty.eigbt wheelmen left Logann. port Sunday morning for Peru to attend the wheelman's demonstration it that place. It was one of the largest meets ever held by wheelmen In Shte State, and it Is eald that 750 whoete were stacked at one time in the court house yard at Peru. The largest doU egatlon was furnished by Watewk, there being 111 wheelmen from that city present. Converse, Marion, North Manchester, Kokomo and otter places were represented. Om the return trip Charles Ferguson, and Boss Penn of the Logansport party collided and both wheels wore badly damaged. The wheel ol Fred Rauch was broken six miles out ani he bad to return to Peru for repairs, Matt Obeochaln led the party into La- gansport making the distance dt twenty miles In 79 minutes. A meet will be held at Marlon Maf 19th, and it Is expected there 'wlll.be.* large attendance from hero. 1U Free. Those who have used Dr. King's Uew Discovery know Its value, and thoa* who have not, have now the opportunity to try it free. Call on the advertised "druggist and get a trial bottle free. Send your name and address'tc. H. E. Bucklen & Co., Chicago, and g«ft a sample box of Dr. King's New Life, pills free, as well as a copy of Guide to Health and Household Instructor- free. All of which ia guaranteed to do you good and cost nothing. F« sale at B. F. Keeping's drug etor«. The local newspaper mea 1 er meeting yesterday afternoon tc arrange for the ladiana Editorial Association meeting here June 13 and it. The various committees reported, an£ it is evident that tbe meeting will be a grand success. She Bnintd Her Heiitb »t School. Sad, but needles*. With proper care ao-3 ibe use of ZovPbora, at needed period*, her splendid intellect might now , bo supported by perfect physic*! power* and graces. Sold *j B. F. KeesLingr and Coulson &Co. ' l>r. Drlvar t« Leetue Here. Rev. Dr. J. M. Driver of M»rl«c will lecture at the Broadway U.K. church, M»y 21, under tbe aospletsOt the .Ladies Aid Society of the churok. .See'- OUT..T8*w ; !. .ewpetii^-Bow.Al^jjf ;>; : JmM : M$ij^^

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