The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 17, 1908 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 17, 1908
Page 3
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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 1808. THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORN'IAN Fall in Line Many new mimes arc lieini: aili'ed 1" MM:- !|->1 "!' stilistaiil'ill. well pleased customers !iti(l are miaMimoMs in t heir expressions of hie-h praises for the •rnunl old firm. Sherman Clay & Co, Sin<v we nre in our new stmv in tin- new Fish Block, we carry such n Inrjre stock ntul such a grout vnriety, thiit anyone can find with us just the Piano they want, ami yon know the quality ni' our goods, since you have had the last forty-one years to study \is. Have, you heard anything hut good about us.' \V.> can arrange with you ahoiit the terms so as to meet your convenience. See our sweet Steinways; no other Piano likethom: then our Chase, Estoy, Emerson, Kurt/man, Sterliuir, and other Pianos, that have given entire satisfaction liH'e for many years. Our Player Pianos are also the host on the mar- ket. Come see them. Colonel Blood on Dogs and Horses the Election in Big Circus in Maine Sherman Clay & Co New Fish Block—1820 K Street Phone Main 602 C. E. KEY, Manager MAIL and EXPRESS OEDERS CAREFULLY ATTENED TO Office Phone Main 60 Works Phone, Main 163 BAKERSFIELD CLEANING AND DYING WORKS AND RENUVATORY Altering and Repairing Neatly Done. Goods called for and Delivered. Contracts taken. Office, 2027-2029 Chester Avenue. Works, Corner Eighth and L Streets, Bakersfleld. Cal. WELL BORERS •> BAKEKSFIELD EMPLOYMENT BUREAU When you want reliable help of •> any kind at QO cost to you call •» us up. We ilso supply Chinese •» and Japanesu help. Phone 313. 1219 19th St ALBERT WEEDALL, Prop. Hrst-class Nursery Stock. Trees, K. J. CURNOW, well borer (formerly of the firm of Cut-now & Keere* artesian and surface wells. Tanks built and put up. Address Bakersfield R. F. D. No. 2. Phone Farmers ISt. U COOLEST PLACE IN TOWN. Is the Paim; 101-0 atie sit under jur palms and drink a cooling, re freshing soda water and eat an Ice "ream or ice. We solicit wholesale •m.|o both In creams and candles Our phone number Is Main 1S3. 142r i Good For Biliousness. "T h o ni <• fe c tlon li K K e r s f i o m M ;-, i n P was certainly u 'I I s a p i> i ntinent t " in e. " sal,I roj. onellilood hack h i s plate ,i t the Southern iii-iii. and lit his a f t e i- li reakl'asl cigar. "I ain't seen notliin' so s urprlsin' since tho time Hlue .leans Williams get.s eleetel to t.'.e governor's job buck in Indkiuy when I was a Ilvin' in Lebanon. I dunno whatever them t'el'ers was a thinKin' about to so votin' tho Democrat ticket jest before we elects a President. It don't look right to me and it ain't right. i "tint I'm tliinkin' It ain't done as much harm to our party here in oil i Kern county as It might, .lest as soon as I hears the news. I looks up one o' | the fellers as does the writlli on nil, organ and I says to him. I s.i\s.l 'You tell Smithy.' I says, 'not to print • nothln' about the Maine election, in' our organ.' 1 say-;. 'It'll hurt the |t'i ty.' you tell him.' 1 says. 'You ke";> i: i out o' the paper.' I says. "'Hut it was all owln' to local U-j sues.' the feller tries to tell me. j "Local nothln.' .vi\s I. 'How air' you goln' to explain that vote for con-; gressmen,' I says. 'They wasn't notb- ] g r | no -. In' local about that.' 1 tells him. "V'-.s was the real thing,' I says, 'and I : noticeable fact in cornice". -he ''irons that man's t\vp> • IP!-- in the animal world, the :. ; '!ie jog, furnish a number i is which make the most dl;•• il to those who witness the. ti'l nwlftly-movlng entertain'•ii i he Bai-num and Bailey bill in he unfolded here on Sat- -••veral divisions tire given ov- rety to the horse, there being •ban twenty-two of the one : :ir,pl ten acts In which he is j '.;•• dominant feature. j • 'he dog is not featured to the ; •' is the equine, It is won- \ ii n\ often he fits In and adds \ ' fl'i'i'tiveiK'ss of the circus : in tirat to last he Is a fac i pining In for the opening ; •IP work with the elephants i i : taking part In tho hippo••.i .•.- with which the enormous i.'i:>'nt i-oiiii.-s to a close. f 'he things performed by -••i are wonderful. There Is a ••:' eight fox terriers which - attached to their necks play !.i-: Hose of Summer" to the :>,it'.imont of the band. Two •n- a big and the other a little :•!••• made up to look like ele- anil hurlesriue the acts of the phants. A clown leads a ralte niw ilog around, the arena h.r.vsei- stout enough to hold •shin It is a certainty that If dpi--' possessed a sense of hu- s si,rry looking mongrel has it d.nip'e. Other clowns make ui» us to look like horses so that they have people In 1-1 ti. \\hetiier they are seeing! l-.'M-sos or dogs. Tho dog that p tear the seat out of the breeches | s there and the the laughter the harder he t'i wnrk. The star of all the dogs is a biir shaggy fellow brought from normally by Herr Wulff. He. works ir. .'inijutu-tion with a pony and a donkey both almost of his size. They si.p'iii tii have :i bullv time. The pony nets In a swing, the donkey out "The Merry Widow" waltz on a hurdy-gurdy while the dog swings tho pony. Finally the dog gets I'ellow. pliant real e;. <i* a \ with .. a bat'. ever :. mor t!! In ahm little ; rieVel : doubt mi dm" tries ' clown' louder seems astride th of the donkey and drives him out purty well HkeiTeil,' I says. 'I s.--n this thiiiR li.ippen bei'ore,' I tells 'You tell Smithy Colonel Bloo.l m>.-. to cut out that Maine election com-1 plete.'I says. 'Fert;it It.' I tells him. I GOMPERS ENDORSED "And," continued the Colonel, "as I BY LABOR PARTY, he handed a quarter to the Jap. 'I see | SAN FRANCISCO. Sept. Hi.—A re.s- Smlthy done it all right, all ritiht Our organ n.'Ver had .1 word about i and fellers as is a readin it for t',:. "I took two of Chatuberlaln' Stem- Shrubbs, Roses, Cut Flowers. Flf .'• +]„,.„ nnfl i,i v er Tablets lat night, and al Designs. Orders promptly filled * i j f p Pl flfty ppr oent better than I have Corner Sixth St. and Chester A* 'Ph»ne, Main 745 Callfornlan want arts Best for weeks." says J. J. Firestone of Allenan. Mich. "They are certainly j a fine article for billoiisnese " For j sale by Bner Bros., Bakersfleld: Kern ! Oruir Co.. Kern. Snmples freo • olutii/u endorsiim the "coui^e. policy mill :iction of President Siiiniiel Gom- liei'.s ; ;s ! tli. executive council of tile Ainerirjin Federation of l,;iln>r in pointing ,jut to the wui;e e.iniers of news'll never know they WAS an election in Maine. Them is purty eond meanin' fellers that gits out our par-i our country the proper course for them ty paper. If I tell 'em what to I'.P) ' ro pursue at the coming general electing most generally comes throiuh I tion." ' adopted at the State Labor jest as 1 says. I overheard two fellers j party convention as a compromise a talkin' today and one of 'em says, Maine elec- Get our new Irrigation folder 01 IT San taFe The Only Line to Get our new irrigation foldei 'Wlia 'd you think o' tin- lion?' he says. 'Maine election?' say.-;' the other feller '1 ain't ever heard the\ was any election in Maine. I ain't seen notliin' about it in Smithy's p;;-, per.' he says. "But I got to he ploughlu' aiuiiL: They's a heap o' things as needs look- in' after and it's a keepin' me purt\ liusy, bavin' nobody to help me. 1 ' got applntments today with Smithy! •md Fred M,iuii«MI and Kveixtr St.! flair and Jedge Fllac!; and some more j of our fellers, uid 1 reckon if I'm a goln' lo give 'em all their Instruf.-) lions they ain't iiiurb time left to !>«• | dallyln' around talkin' to reporters. I I'm a goln' on now, and if you -see] Fred Mannell you tell him I'm a feelin j encouraged about his fight. 1 had my | mornln's mornin' with a feller while I ago as is wlllin' to see Perkins elect- j ed senator again. i between the resolution endorsing !>r>an and omitting all mention '>: tai- Commoner from tti cplat- form usually heals ail family dif- said the old-fashioned phll- SIXTEENTH ANNUAL SESSION NATIONAL Irrigation Congress ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO September 29 to October 3, 1908 $34.10 Round Trip Tickets on sale September 2:5 to 27, iucl. .Limit Oct. :M. 190S Many side trips planned to inspect irritriition ju-ojects of sur- roundiiifj; country. Make you I'ullinau reservations early. N. J. HUDSON, Agent. Phone Main 40. "Death erelH'es, isopher. "Yes." replied tile shrewd observer, but usually the reading of the will eparates them again."—Detroit Free bride's father give her "Did away?" "No. old slu sir; when was he he wan asked 'how lied like a gentleman." — Houston I'ost. Is Everything -When Traveling USE •i Our Superbly Equipped Overland Limited The Great Salt Lake Cut Off And Union Pacific YODK COMFORT AND QUICK SERVICE ASSURED. Southern Pacfic Co. FOR SEP1,26 Mike Kutchos and Young McCiovern who are to tight before Mauro Herrera's Ciub in the t'nion Theater Saturday night. September 26th, are in Bakersfield today and will meet late this afternoon to sign articles for ttu- fight. j The boys will fight at H." pour, i ., weigh in at ft o'clock, and will po.-' a | small forfiet as a guaranty to '.',, ' ' the weight. Kutehos needs no :iiiro*iii :a-a the local !Uht fidlo-iVp'-.-s an.! h • v. popular liubtei % !iei i- durini; Hi- and spring -.nonths. Since -:>••: Los Angele> i>' rapidl> wnri,"'i woy to the ton :-.!!'! is liii«' re.;,. 1 !• tile best drav. itu; card ill ll:>- X '('llv amolii; ihe li!t!.- men M. i..O | is a ;;oi. i \\',\\f' -copper. •!•- i '£ i memorable b-i' t e- w-i > « 11!. XjCoulan of <'liii-,ii;<. in l.'.s , \\\n> ]• '5 . winter lor tie 1 li'intumw e|:;ip: . X i Piouslllp. •> llil'li lie lo-i M X : and Kiitcho.- bin i- n;et oin-i- l>p.;. •• y i fore Tom Mci'it,>- >'- t 'nib ,m> ten fast ippilliil- a\vardei|. SIIIP- y anxious to ->ii ' ' i jumped ai the c I Herrera i> ' j Johnnie Ale.\aii S i gro tinhiev. n • v j Alexander i.- an 9 i Austin again, b'! ;j; will mil fjfjh- IP O I'' Young Mm '.; gp"•'••' «l"l ''"I"" 1 V i or Sine i.' 1 5 i Kid Hns>, .' ' |5 i templai in 1 .: a '; i'.;.n li«- Mi' • :. " i!. t;-.;bi.nv and llerii-i.i ' • i.:.- '"••• w ill In- .iiii. laml thl.-i sen;. i"i h! tifteen voiir.n . • Hill. -lit. Ill- l ,1. -i ' 'llilplote V, ill ('..I. si -t ul one |.-n i null'': allali ' litiei ;. roiitid no. and Mi" m.iln bout of tv.en- l> rillllld.. helWeell KlltcllOS .lllll M" Liovi'rn, The last two named boys will begin work Immediately. Mctiovern will go into training at the Club saloon, while Kutcbos will work at the Bowling Alley. KORNS? A serious subject invites your atten- tion and is constant- ly reniiniliiii.' yon <>!' itself. KOHNKKWi; will put nn end to Koi'ns. It is guaranteed. T!\\' it. and if it fails as it will not - collie til 1)111' Store ami get your Money Back. '2~>c. the bottle. THE NEW STORE. learn How Good OIF 75c Claret is b) Ordering a Gallon Tomorrow The lies! and mil;, way to really appreciate this claret is in try il. People who tnsle this wine enjoy its flavor ami alwaysTe- nrilcr. This 7.")c claret is a wine of high favor and is the liest for the money sold anywhere. Fred GuntherCo. Wholesale Liquors Families Supplied 1511 Phone Eighteenth St. Main 99 No Bar Calirornlan want ada. Beat results. Capital Paid Up, $100,000 Surplus, $25,000 Rational IBank BAKERSFIELD A chectdng account with the First National Bank hai BO many advantages that you will find it a great aid in your financial affairs. If you have not already Btich an account with us we shall be pleased to have you open one and test it fo p yourself. ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN BAKERSFIELD OR KERN Comer 19th and H Streets. Dependable Goods at Weld's Our New Fall Neckwear, Belts and Trimmings Are Recieving Lots of Attention and Admiration Little accessories such as neckwear, holts and trimmings play cpiito an important part in the fashion world of today. The season's styles in these are heautiful and we're .glad to tell you how complete, and thoroughly up-to-date our assortment is 1 . Call and inspect them—we're sure you'll admire and be most interested. Phones—Dry Goods, 142 Hardware, 224. Groceries, 142 1418-1422 Nineteenth Street The Southern Bakersfleld's Leading Hotel Cuisine, Service Unexcelled DIXON SON 'Uc.lertakerri, Funerftl. Directory Successors to Morton A Connolly. Itfdy AttflUdifli 1414 idtll It EED OBOM AMBULANCE. Phone, Night or Dftj, Main ft. The Poultry and Egg Exchange THRON8EN & 8TALLARD, Props. Highest Price paid for Poultry and Eggs. Prompt Delivery In Bat* ersfleld and Kern. Phone Main 593. 2115 Q Street Of Drug' Stores Bakersfield's Finest Over I he Tehachapi By Daylight! MI. .\' t'.ves A DELIGTFUr, TRIP USE THIS TRAIN Southern Pacific Co.

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