The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 17, 1908 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 17, 1908
Page 2
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-- !r " -i ' • :»•• r-. — .. . . "^jw»to«a;.*y4a^' *;«*-ftrtir. 'HE BAKER SFIELD CALIFORNIA THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 1908. Bakersfield Californian Kvi-ry Kvi-nint: but Sundays at <•.'•;; i 'oui;»y. ferred to, finds it easy to approv of )><>frh of fb'- fh'fnu'fors of Di'innerntie nominee. I n City and County f. .(it, Official Paper ft * fpii*s1nn of y r -ity he- and -Hr\ MI, the < I!M!I Enter,- Cnl . i (!. a V* ar in Ailv.mct • > * ALFRED HARRELL, Editor and 'S Mint 1 It'JI ' ;i||(l jf \vitll Jh;jt i '_:'"" t l< It'll In! 1 1 fi, f 9 TELEPHONES: office M T i n 31 ! • '' H -i • i \ t. rid !M».\v. t For Pr-?s'-ent. WILLIAM J. BRYAN FOP Vice President, JOHN W, KERN > - * i * , 1 I ' iiv in, Hv Ilil I'a •' Ml" Tiit'l ' I i |ol n ' ;i i M ; 1 '.. i\ r-- t ft" \\ . MMdnecj's ',| For Congressman—Eighth District W. C. SHEPPARD For Judge of the Superior Court, J. W. MAHON, For Assemblyman, 66th District, ROWEN IRWIN 'il \/.i 1 Irviin will IN [Y,-v : «i ( .nt nunlit to vi«'U' fhissitn- ,ii i'-n with interest, f Icjirst r\| XT) his c.'intliiliHt' to In* 'd. I)t-l)s has no hopes of wmimiL r . TlitTt't'on 1 tht'ir Mryiin «'?HI only .!» its hciiiL: inspiriMl hy a di»to SIM- 'I'a ft win. In othe I).-Irs' B. Berges & Company Wholesale e alers In Wi mes , Liqu ors A n Cigars The Cream Of All Goods Served In Sample Room {^notations And Samples Sent On Applicatlcr. pn- nl' \\ T h;il tlii-v PHONEr.;MAIN 237 !t>23 NINETEENTH STREET FOP Supervisors, First District, WM. HOUSER Fourth District, J. M. BUSH Fifth District, H. A. JASTRO won Is they arc ui<linir Tul't his rumf>;jii. r » just ». ly as though they took the stump for llilll. Jlinl sheets like the (ilohe iippi'irvntly in full iieconl with the work of hoth. SO ARE THEY ALL. Girl th en "Hoil* 1 " Rnnk was playing in mWroasPd to him In tho Institution west. -m "Tin- Time, the Place , formed his cue in the play. tlu- (Jirl" i-or.i;iany last Ei-ason • "Let m e taUs your temperature." one of first spe^rhcs in was spoken when the nurse, girl in (he play srfves him the following cue: "Lot me take yor.r temperature." 'I'he words are spoken as the old the nurse exclaimed. Then, to the astonishment of the physicians and everybody else present, the actor quickly answered: "Never mind, the landlord will tnko IT ILLUSTRATES. t I - « r Mul's in N. i ^;:\ • injp'inii' 1 • '1 hi-> p;irt\ ti n re\v;u'*is t t \v:tl » . . chili'- i JJOWcl 1 . (Saeriiniento Bee.) In his warm-hearted approval of Talt for President. Roosevelt says: "! hav*- naturally a pecnliiir interest in tlu' siicc*'.-,; of Mr. Taft, and in | sc*'i?nr iiirn hacKcii hy a majority in ' lioth lions* s of Contrress. which will .-npjio; i ills polii ies." iijitjorlu- in Connress ho Re- olicit s will not Ite ' :!' HIHS* tioli'-ies are •;.nl anv MM . ."• U I } M M * I * ^ I M f I I h ;i J lp;i ' "'" ""' , If thai major " ! ' tt 1lllll! imhliran. Tali's • •I' add tin- s-uiu.oiicd by i ;inv d'i'.dit • in any way i.i« in utiy way idi-uHfu-d -.viih flic vital «'" as rested mr n>". ' ' _ N; the ni;i*'ltiiM'. ]!' ever ih.Tt- v,-;^ ji »:!•• within a litjeal party M u.- ( s furnished liy the defeat -if .Mr. Mullins. Such ;m Mtn'onre )U ll)t' Infill parly under tin- < lion plan in [>ossil»le. The vr, and they such mi injustice. .no\vn as innnina- wmihi In- ini- !ia\-- ill* 1 pn\V- not s Hint is fiisv to fry "Imssisiu," hut the farts '^ The party ;d>les the wan ld\e Mr. Mulims is persona mm urata tn llu ween Ilnosevelt jsm and ('antnm J tln-rc i.~ UK ui<|e nulf which sep- aratt s ihr man who will from the man i L wlni will n'it ; tl\e doer from 'he n'ae. timiary; the one \vhn wants in see ! laws atrainst eriminal trusts en- i •il and fin* Mian \v)ir> wants those criminal trusts still to fatten and still' i tn prosper. ; !>• Ke|iuhlican ''andi'iah-s lor Con- j s. trom ."Joseph Q. Cannon down, practically pledged a tr/.'insr TtooHP- sin hv the Republican National V L plat form. And so, for that matter, is William Howard Tall himself. wifh (he ordinary travel over said road, Si-rond. That if from any cause Wild (ouuty roads, or any ot them, shall he damaged by the constructions of said crossings, the same shall be repaired by and at the expense of the said City of Los Angeles, and such damage shall in no case become a rharge upon the said County of Kern. Third. That if the said City of LOB Angeles shall fail, neglect or refuse to comply strictly with any of the PAINT INSURANCE IS MONEY WELL SPENT. Two < ( o«ts of paint, preferably Old Mission brand, will insure your buildings doon for ours, conditions hereinbefore expressed; such failure shall work an Immediate forfeiture of all rights hereby granted, and said County of Kern may, by its proper officers, remove any and oil structures placed in said county roads by said city, and the cost of BO removing the same shall he paid by said city. fourth. Tho Clerk of the Board of Supervisors shall certify to the passage of this ordinance and cause the same io be published in the Bakers- Reid Californian, a newspaper printed published and circulated in said county, and this ordinance shall take effect and be in force on and after the L'.lth day of September, 1908. j H. A. JASTRO, Chairman of the Hoard of Supervisors) i «(• Kern County California. 1 The foregoing ordinance was pass- and adopted hy the 7Joard of Supervisors of the County of Kern, man, impel sonated by Rook, is about everything I've got-anyway." State of California, this llth day of enter the hot«*l. Th.' old man a:i- ; When Hook explained that he was i September, 1908, by the following -*.v<':>: , ;ni iietor, and thai ho bad taken his ' vote, to-wit: "Never mind. Tin* landlord w.Il ; • in- on the impulse of t!ie monienf, th^ ( Ayes: Petersen, Brite, Woody, Cor- taiso everything 1'v »m aiiywa>." hospital poople joined him in a hearty'sett and .lastro. Ii happened that \vlirn ih» The cost is very small. See ^ ns for colors and quantity. Estimates Pioneer Mercantile Co Phone Main 98, GUI Ichamblin SCKNK IN "TMK TIME, THK Pl.ACK AND THE GIH1.." actor was injured in Chicago, and was pellIM! to spend several weeks in a hospital, diat the first worrit h«< JK; He is now fully nrrovored and ays: None-. will be seen again this year in the, Absent: None. ame role when this play is produced I Witness my hand and the seal of * ri,e Opera House on Sept. 1M. the Board of Supervisors this llih HOLDS CLUB MUST ; »;. • > I tn rn . PROMOTION COMMITTEE WANTS PHOTOGRAHS. TAKE ,OU \ LICENSE. \Vntnra POLITICAL CARDS. (ia y of September, IPOS. (Seal.) I. L. MILLER, Clerk ot" the TUuu'd of Supervisors. 9-12 a he I •;• •;. I * v * •I'llX y. sitting in .ludpr- this afternoon overniU-o the is a ( ien;;i:-,M in the east by 11 demurrer of the California C'lnb in | ut-wspap*'!-^ and maua/.ines ior uond tnt . su j, ,, t - j lim es Cuzuer. om- of its _ •s, and that \vhi;-'i ('laces ;t ll run- : pln»t<i»;i'nphe of scene^ in Californa i jn i., n i,,. rSi lnr all injuncticm to compel [ O r ro-piection \-i.mmm:. tt* _* it \ *T W 4 Ij* ^-* ' *~ ;ik es \Vitll the tilH't tSSHe, alMl disposes ni' Ihe MU»'»»I inn i«t' r ,\is!s tlis. }\ »•! v and MM- California Promotion Com- M [ l( , ,. (l , lnl - s r>! }}• FOR SUPERVISOR. I herewith announce my candidacy the ofliccj ot Super of the F!-st Supervisorial Uis- io discontinue the -• i:>i;te.. in Sun Krancisto is neileavor- 1 (l , lnl - s ;i , IM( . ,.i nb hnus ,._ tr( . it( subject to th^ decision of the in-. »o fii! it, Tluu roirnnitre,. has re- ^ Thl , n);)jn J;nin , inv(l!vH)i ir , th( . s , IJt iii.^i.,1 rhe i-omnien-iiil and promo- , VV . IS ,| lt . Jlu , iH |i, m w !i»'i'aer nv not the les rhroimhont A LITTLE COMPLAINT. in:".-: '.nation tin tbe a)) As , Kei'ublk"-iu nominating convention. X. P. PETKHSCN. a s fi.r t ' n ^ that it Califoriiian want ads. J^st results. ORDINANCE NO, 92. K\'«Ml I ll' 1 CV (»!' 1 he He'. . • ellce ut' 1 he 1 '!'i let's pnlil i'-al. foi'l'illU' 1 lit' Mt'^li Mr. Unnsevelt ha- «> I." ' ^ I.os j j M •j ; * t * :' f . • i • - ( ' 1 in ;(; i r .\,.'.\ . -; k t .stir J V,'l?ll ! , Aii ui-itiuaiico ^rnn'iu^ , i' P E |ielleii 1 he ii!uivi«lM:i!- wi.o ha\ •• or cnninbute | RECORD YELLOWTAtL "!H- Cii> of Ltis Aimelr., to Miiv(i-i'm ;hem 10 their home [ CAUGHT AT SANTA MONICA. ! mjiintain and operas,- a railro'td i ai.-ross ( ertain county roads in SANTA MONICA, ?.pt. i 7.--\Vlmt | Conniy (i f Kern, Siwiy ot Caliioi ma. in he forwai'd i\e\V York en|lVi",;iinti t<. <fu h> i AN71PHL1GESTINE PvlADE i DOWN 0 NTHE DESERT. tr and itt 111*- Tlie C;-M that it was tht it, and tin- < >a rather \\varilv » i- andidlv ¥ • int: iiiiene j up iii-iir i .:<nc;:^ii li?fi,'.**i p v that ih' e H...T -- <nil > .... ' aimnlmestin vt- j ty is said to !io ttie largest yeffowtai' ''H- tluurd t»J Mip'-rvisors 01 me i ever caught in the waters of this bay County of Kern. d° ordain as follows: ; i \va- laKen this monrmr by Japanese I-irsi. That permission is tisbennen al 1*01-1 I.os AiaM'h s. It Was three feet lonir and w» pounds UTI 'i ;.. neop a OTIS IMPROVING. ,i<i););! the c 1 1 . . • : r ( on I'..! ill :- 1 ' •! v. HALTIMOKK, M.I , is rapbllv i---v(i\i-, .,,_ „,,,,,,.. the Jjo.-nii;; 1 >n v K'- • - 4 , ^ j ^ ' J I illlpMiVetl ill liealtl? ,- ;||C' ] inn i lit . - - -11 • : i .-:<"i:ins Ji! ich f'J.t-;'," - liinted to ihe dry 01' Ixw Angeles io onsinu't, maintain 'and operate a i •ochl track across cevii-iii eounty • s ;ii hti.d cuunf>, al tlie'pointij in I iiicinner toilowing, to-wit; Across that certain county road run- ' nint: aloi:Li the rau^e liiit- lie L ween ! :-s :;;: and :H Ka.-:(, M. the nominal ion oi all ihle a! 1.1 t'r'i. '.V;is e^eleated a' '' ijy of J.'*LMJI>II, \\'t lias hefi . al .er i if lale in coi, M : • -led toll .-. :nii! I It- thai is is i • \' Hi', REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. i u t. t • • in'l- ' M 11 1, \i 1 1 ' * t t * I J J • ' I I *i"; -i -•n't; ,.\i ni ' • 1 WlrV Inn i'iit * V o(i T t'i ii' it 1 and ce had «j ran Deeds. . i w i i • \ (led iiali .sell!)) )ja!l fjn.'tc' p r '»' i.oj 1 )h\vest i 'jr>. :\2-~'-\.'Ci riuhis and Oil Company. ! I;i rry W. Me«'U and wife to K. H norii) hail' of southwest ... r oi ( "X ' NCTICE. wife, 1'ianc'n M c.'Misc left n;v :•.!.". ;t:; f . lone,. \ : ; hereb iv«- that r.avr.c r.-f t renter line of suid crossing to be about l!3 ietit. son i IKM-i y from the north line of S*v. ^."., T. '-^ S., U. ;;;; K.. an.l Sec. ;;•», T. :;-J S,, H. :\-\ K., M. D. .M., said crossing io bt; a surface t so constructed as not to in- , with ordinary rravel over ? 1 out railed b MAI!^ Cal.. Se.-i S. i .1 V r * - t • ' L. EH! BILL! I TMe litliit. \V!iV j ; 11,11 i it ,;1trarl ;iren-i',.v when it uitiii'-- ;i ','«'Vrnn'V ' t*-. 11. Warden ami v, ;!e to l^jla V. <|ir,u tcr ol' ipiar- L 1 . \\ I'.i and onf-six- \\ater riwht Tunis ,, t(1 r i MVl . sl ,,,)an.-r ss ih:ii c^rtaiu couiry road run- 1 s to e, wa> of tbt Sontbern Jiailroat!, ihe center lii ; ..- or said intf to be abotit It'.i"' ieet w . along saiii road from the cast line ot A stands for afoi:;-.r -.../; ji >-T^jjds?) section iiii. T. Ii- S., U. U3 K., M. U, M., for bills, some nt' \vl.i-h ar-- old as the! said crossing to be under said county hills. IMeay.o (•all and pay <,n rhe Ifith I r<mil, and said cily tn construct a day, as that is what i[\t- 1 or.k f»r" rules ; goml and substantial bridge in said say. Our number U i!<:'.",. Square county road over said railroad cross Deal (Iroi cry. st : 'l alivr- ^\\*e are ! ing, in accordance with plans Mutre- waiting to itini io your iMltrer pa?e ( far thin day filed with nnd ap;iroved Main Phone BON SPECIAL DELIVERY FRE PPIN Any time you purchase 1he Cern River Mills brand of Flour rou can rely on the quality being *ight, For this is made possible scientific milling and the best 4 wheat is the only kind used. "When in need of flour .insist n getting the Kern River Mills >rand. The best Flour for the east money. Every sack guaranteed. DELONEGHA HOT SPRINGS. Moat remarkaTrife mineral springs California. An ausouuc cure for RHEUMATISM Forty-five miles from TJalvorsfteld III Nevada Mountains. Firm WITH climate. Cood ncconunodaticuH. Perms reasonablo. Sta^e loaves rsfiel-1 Thursday mornings b 1* o'clock from Arlington ami >ccldental hotels, and from &Ietropolo n Kern. Returns Tuesdays. Ad- ARBEAU & ROQUETTK. PropriotnrB lOOQOQOOCtOO PREPARING MEDICINES and settle IT IS SIGNIFICANT. \Vl\ether \\\ I! i i s j , been friMnit'iilly nutd« is 1 t'ne or \ M V Kailfence—Uarn « * not that tlu- San •4 *• •*•- Haiiiem-e tat the suniier ta- I'liep-'s mi autivmobile luirn HUe mad Must a' it oe j Killed it cow tew be rrmvm' n N and lli;.: '. poration bidding. .: ••-. '- ni »' ;it l'-a>t a ehine type mul i;s ut in inti'ivst. tlMU 1 . sijrnitieunt its issue fact there!' ire not lacking If \vha1 nifiny ni' its I';I[MTS MIX'S ir|' it e\|U'i l Ssi'»IlN al'e In this >M»II- a^r in ;i re- it t tent ion hy hnt it tt|inon * n '>(' liryini. .ittflltitMl lllUt ol' Hit at hM»y: Uryan »n«l It h«K IHlt both Hearst itiui |)-i's an- bitterly attacking tlie M.-di-irrafi^ n<nni~ net-, though it is |..,irnt that. iu-- cepting tlu'ir view- with rHerencc to the old parties ; ml their e\- j»n>sml opinion of t'xisiiuy: roinli- lions, Bryan, from their IH.UH ut view, ought to be less objection* nbti- than Tuft. But, for the mi- sun Hint must be plain 1<> all. iltese t\vo speakers havi- only harsh words i'ur Hryan and praise for TwtX and it i« IV>K --vfMo thai Olobe in the ; v. a-t. ;••.'- You adache? Sick PtulacU. Chas a 'j'l^e or a ' by said Hoard of Supervisors, c, Ti 1 i-Hts & ^ Across that certain county road 42 i running: along the easf line of riec. 27, T. 112 S.. H. 33 K.. M. I). M.. tho renter lino of said crossing to he i about 7"» feet youth from the north lino of said section '-'". T. 32 S., H. a j E., M. D. M., said crossing to bo a surface crossing, and so constructed ns not to interfere with tho ordinary travel over said road. [ Across that certain county road t 1 running along tho east line of Section ' 111 and lib, T. 32 S., U. 33 E., M. U. M., the center line of said crossing to be ! about at tho north line of said Sec-; lion 28, T. 32 H., R. 33 E., M. IX M., said erosing to oo a surr.ue ind so constructed :»s :; it u» i ^ 1 medicines from doctors' linns is not onlv our most • important work, hut if is «ilsf> Ihe work \ve like best to do, We take a professional pride in this work and and jrive it our unstinted endeavor. "Will you trust your prescription in onr care? BAKERSFItlD DRUG CO. Kahler Bros, PHONE MAIN 42 Corner 19th 6, I Citi, E. H. WHITE Heal Estate Insurance Notary Public. Publisher "Daily Report" ! Kern County Records. Money to loan on good Security. Sole Agent Royal Insurance Company, a "Dollar for Dollar Company, with "D-*l- lara left. 1803'Chester Avenue 9 J Phone Main 90S THE UNION HORSESHOEING SHOP Has Moved to the Union Stables Corner 21st and K Sts, DR. LUNG CHOW DUCK ON TONG CO, DRUG STORE COP. 1ftn ana Q. Main

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