The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 17, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
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Thursday, September 17, 1908
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Vol. XX. BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA. TIU'KSDAY. SEPTEMBKK 17. llios. \o. 41 RUFF'S UTTIIRNFYS IN-STANDARD CALLS IN 30 CENI RULl 0 rtl lUnllLIU 111 ,,,,, rnvTiurre r. en nirTFfl BY rHAMl IIIRY 111U I LlU U I UllflllU uUIl I SAN FRANCISCO. Sept. 17.—The •grand jury which hus been investigating the alleged attempt to bribe John M. Kelly, a prospective Juror in the Kuef case, now in progress in Judge Lawlor's court, today returned two indictments which were placed on the secret file of Judge Sturtevant's court. The names of the persons accused have not been made public, but it is known that two blanks against Frank, J. Murphy and A. S. Newburgh, two of Ruef's attorneys, were present ed to the grand jury yesterday by Dis- further Investigation of th e alleged attempt to bribe Joseph Kelly, one of the venlremen in the Ruef case, to render a verdict In favor of the defendant. It is now stated that Murpny has been absent from the proceedings in the Ruef case ever since Kelly made his declaration and Detective William Burns of the graft prosecution forces is said to have been seeking the attorney for the past two days. Murphy was not at home last night and Attorney A. S. Newburgh. ,with The Stand.'iM entered Into at Into the .:'• c ti"w contract with tho Midway pro- their pro.luet ducers at no cents. While it is an es- Injustice m trict Attorney Langdon. Bench war- whom Murphy is associated in the rants were issued by Judge Sturte- Rnef de f e nse, declares that he does vant. and ball was fixed at $5000 cash no( . Unow where nlg nssoc i a t e is. or $10,000 In bonds. At the time of tho expose, Murphy Attorney Newburgh was arrested • lntemlp ted the court proceedings to this afternoon and released on $5000 | gtato tnat he nad been indirectly ap-, cash bail. The sheriff's office states. proached wlt h an offer from Kelly It Is looking for Murphy and Betec-1 , hat tne latter wolll( , ,,. y to get on tne , tive Burns has practically admitted n ,, ef j ury am , wollk i wnrk fnr a V e,'- tablisho.i fact that the octopus has been paying this price .to certain Midway companies, a number of the organizations have been receiving but :!l) cents by the terms of the S.500,000 barrel contract entered into the 27th of May. 1907. But l<y the terms of the new iiKroement dating from August 1 and running for three years, all the companies will receive the half dollar price and will deliver to the corporation twice the amount contracted for in May one year ago. The Standard was induced to run Its pipe line into the Midway at the solicitation of the 150 cent companies who promised to contract for 3,500,000 barrels at that price. This was done before the price of oil began to climb. Later the Standard agreed to pay the companies who had refused to enter I contract. GO cent for This was of course on the first companies, who EMPIRE STATE GIVES BRYAN AN by acco|.-;nn the ?,() cent offer made the Mlil«a\ pipe line possible and the Standard which is said to have roe- ovnizod Mils injustice, has called in the old out contracts on Its own responsibility and has substituted the new no cent contracts which call for double th.' amount of oil remaining to be delivered on the old contract. The comiKinios that entered Into the 30 cent rout met are the Lockwood, Talara. Cressus. Safe, Hill & Barlow, Altoona. Midway, Parafflne, Sunset Coast, Mountain Girl and Mascot. Since then the Talara has passed into the hands of the Standard. It Is the opinion that 2,500,000 barrels of oil at least remains to be delivered on tho original contract, which will give tlui rels or more NKYV YORK, Sept. 17.—Welcoming) Tuft is in the discussion of the trust crowds greet \Vm. J. Bryan today on question. He says that "Mr. Roosevelt his entrance to New York en route to! would compel the trusts to conduct Delaware, where he Is to speak this I their business in a lawful manner and afternoon and evening. The streets I secure the benefits of their operations, were jammed with people, and the enthusiasm was Injense thi ihe maintenance of the prosperity of foiintrv. of which they are an Im- From Delaware Bryan will return | imrtant pan: while Mr. Bryan would 'extirpate and destroy the entire business in or.ler to stamp out the evils which they have practiced." "In using this emphatic language Mr. Taft has rendered us a service :o New York tomorrow and he will address il mass meeting at Carnegie Hall tomorrow night. Bryan and National Chairman Mack will confer tomorrow on plans for the October.speakliiK tour which will car- hecauso he admits that the Republican, Standard 5,000,000 bar- by the recent contracts. that the other indictment is for him. Where is Murphy? SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 16.—Fore- diet In favor of Ruef if Murphy would pay him $1000. Assistant District At- Dr. Schafer Lost His Appendix I I torney Honey In reply said that, he man McFarland of the grand jury to- had in his pocket a statement from ! nipht Instructed tho district attorney's Kelly in which the latter declared that \ oflice to find Attorney Frank Murphy, | he had been approached by E. A. S. who is wanted in connection with the : Blake with an offer of money for his , _. I vote In favor of Ruef. Honey further | I said that Blake had been traced to the ••- •••• - . „ a ^.,. far I office of Henry Ach. chief rounsel for i morning Dr. A. r. bciidiei i Ruef; and he further stated that Kel-, ated upon for ^«> nl ly had been acting under the direction and late his aIf noon It Something of L S. Chanler WATER COMPANY FOR SECTION 25 til" Bakersfleld Sanatorium this l " ' - repor Iv had been actng "»er e recon of Detective Burns after the former ! ed that his ««Wltion «as er- had reported the attempted bribery \i and had endeavored to secure actual I payment of tho bribe. I San At a former session or the grand i Tho Twonty-Fve water lino has boon IJ" 1 ')' to_ Investigate the matter Blake Francisco, assisted by -Dr. and the physicians found that trouble was largely due , - rsanlzed to distribute to all of the was indicted and arrested at South companies operating on section 2~> in the Midway field. This Is in conjunction with the arrangements recently perfected with the Southern Pacific for water service in the Midway. A ITiOO barrel tank is being erected on the top of the "2.1" hill and from there tho,w!it»r to be used by the following companies will be distributed, the Twonty-Fve. Pierpont, Ptuafflno, Safe, Altoona-Midway, B. H. (,'.. \V. B. Moore and the New Richmond. One of tho two inch mains branching off from the main three- inch distributing line from the receiving tanks at siding No. 2, will empty into the big tank. Companies wliich will be supplied San Francisco. to'adhesions. The appendix was 1m- thls feature being bedded In fat, 1 most marked. Dr. Schafer has been troubled for Lewis Sluyvesant ('handler, nominated yesterday by the Democrats for governor of New York to make the ry the candidate through the middle parly does not intend to prevent west, possibly to the Pacific Coast, (trusts. It only proposes (o regulate ROCHESTER, N. Y., Sept. HI. —As j them'and if we run judge the future the culminating feature of the Demo-'by the past, that regulation will not crntlc state convention, which closed j be effective. If Mr. Roosevelt with alt today, there was a notable douioiu.tra- i his stronuosity. has not succeeded in lion'here tonight in honor of the par- j imprisoning n single trust magnate ty's standard bearer, W. ,I. Bryan, who . what can the complacent Mr. Taft ' reached the city shortly after 7 o'clock j hope to accomplish in the way of reg- I and addressed a mass meeting in Con-j illation? [volition hall and overflow gatherings j .. T | 1( . Democratic plan is to bring ! outside. i manufacturing and trading corpora- Presiding over the convention hall lions under the surveillance of the assemblage was Judge Alton B. Parker! general government where they roach tho presidential candidate four years j a point when- thojr control of busl- ago. who took advantage of the ooc.i:--! ness becomes a menace. The limit ifl Ion to make a personal pledge of his! tixed arbitrarily at in per cent, and earnest fealty to the national ticket.! --— — • AH Bryan and Judge Parker stood sl.lo : (Continued on Page Five.) bv side before tho great assemblage great which choked the hall to Its capacity. fight against Hughes, is the present | wm " e " , xuu " '.', in , 1-,t" n i nSMt^nont , i,:...i.,.. i..,..., ,>),„.,- tho cheering welled up In a doatenlng lieutenant governor, having been elected two a so. since when Hearst, more than a year past, and has been Intending to submit to the knife tor several months, being only prevented calls on from doing so by the many his time. ^^^ BORRfllTMONEY TO BUY STOLEN EDDIE WHITE SIGNHRTO Eddie White today signed the ar tides for a fight with Joe Roilly lu | this city tho night of October If,. To- ( morrow the Maricopa flehter leaves i for the West Side to begin his train . Ing. He will work In Maricopa the | rest of this month nnd then finish up ! in this city in October. I The articles will be sent to Reilly! InFrosno tonight and from all reports j the Fresno scrapper Is more than] -,anxior.s to do the right thing. The ] tico Black this morning for the bur-, thu't vicinity comprise the third. All! Ia ,i s or- to make 133 pounds and have ; glary of Hoy White's store, and JUs ol the companies aie arranging for ] n^re- 1 i to post $100 as a forfeit, show- preliminary examination set lor Sop- the erection of big storage tanks all j j,,^ u, >j r good faith in the matter of. tembor 21!. His bail was placed at tho way from 500 to 1500 barrel capac-1 ,.,,';, r h I n<-- tho required weight limit. I $500, but he is unable to secure bonds- referee 1 '.noil. lighters I Prevos, In a statement to tho court, I denied committing the crime. He de- as the head of the ticket went down to defeat. He is a man of wealth with a fortune of $10,000,000. His career has been unusual for a favorite of fortune. He begun reading law at the age of II. ami finished his law- course at Cambridge university, Kn- Hlnnd. Following this he began a course in international law and juris- priJence. In the midst of this he was attracted by Lhe fight of the liberals, who were trying to elect Sir George IMewnes to parliament. ! tie jlimped into tho campaign, be! came the president of the student organization, the Cambridge unive'^h.' ( union, and a co-worker with John Redmond He was only 21 at this time, .studies and returned to shrdlupnm roar. Mr. Bryan acknowledged Judge Parker's pledge of his own support and the support of the "United Democracy of the Empire state" in words as gracious as those by which the pledge had been extended. Streets Crowded. down-town streets were thronged all evening long and the progres ofjoM Company in -h the candidate from-place to place WHS ! |.,, en selected made diflleull by the crowds which | ,(„, pressed about him. 25 NAMES NEW SUPERINTENDENT \Y. O. Clay, lor a number of years ,>ast superintendent of the Junction Kern River, baa I tho vacancy in suporintendency of the Twenty- ill Mlday. caused by tho resigna- Arriving hero shortly after 0 o'clock tion of Frank Folhor. who went with and met by thousands of persons, Democracy's loader was accorded un ovation. Along with him from Syracuse came the now Democratic nominee for governor of New York, l<ewln Stuyve- on Monday. the Standard. Mr. Clay Is a thorough oil man and the Twenty-Five Company considers Itself fortunate In securing his services. He will take charge Rant Chanlor. \V. A. Campbell, a brother of E. B. ,, The pricipal speech tonight was in Campbell of the King Refining Comand shortly afterward finished his lne convention hall, which was packed , mny , will be the now superlntondent by the other two-inch distributing Hues have also organized. The Mascot, Babcock, Petroleum, Cressus an 1 others are in one system, while the f'ysy, Mountain Girl and others in M. Provos was arraigned before Jus- itj. i Sam Ferguson Is named as The producers are of the opinion i wn | ? | ) u acceptable to both th-'t tho railroad water service will ! m)(l !ne | oea i ngn t fans. r ,-e the Midway problem and are Annway prouiem anu a •, j, ,„ , , n F ,, esno , uli , tor plenty of storage facll- „ " * „„„_ with Hehfelri t,, JACKIES SHOW THEIR DISAPPROVAL IN BAD WAY LONDON, Sept. 17.—As a mark of disapproval for being called out at night to repeat evolutions that were Improperly performed In the day time the crew of the cruiser Gibraltar while on the way to Australia destroyed all the gun sights on board. All privileges of the crew have been suspended mi- * til the culprits have boon dis- * covered. * * * ln ! u conversation with Rehfeld today put at rest the rumor that he is hog fat. Reilly offered to make 128 pounds but 133 was the weight finally agreed upon. ged 50 cents to buy food in order to leave town. Prevos said he had no money, but borrowed 50 cents from Tom Owens to give to the young fel- { ^turtles and returned to America to be' gin "(he' practice of law In New York. ! His first case was in the Tombs | court, the assigned case of a man who | bad no money to pay attorney's fees. ! Chanlor fought it to the highest courts ' eventually won. These cases became a specialty with him. In fact, they won him the title of tho "philanthropic millionaire." Ho defended scores of penniless wretches. If the man could pay he took a fee. In this manner he attracted the attention of the political managers, ever alert for a man with a pull, for Chanler was gradually manufacturing u pull. He began to appear upon the stump in the city campaigns, and in his own town, Red Hook, took a hand to the doors, with several thousands j ot tne junction, n tho oiitsldf •tiuablo to gain admit o tance. Mr. Bryan was accorded a grout demonstration. Taft and His Scares. Reverting to his prepared s|>o< c|i upon the topic. "Mr. Taft and His Scares," Mr. Bryan said: "Mt. Taft confesses that his atvt- menta arc not convincing when he at- temp's to introduce scares and to threaten the public with disaster If he Is not elected. The threat Is always an admission that argument, and persuasion have not been effective. Measured by this tost, Mr. Tuft has already abandoned hope of convincing the public of the righteousness of his posl- 1 The Twenty-Fvo hns much new ! work it: contemplation and within a few weeks, ns soon as the water anxiety subsides, expects to have another well completed and two strings In operation. Well No. 4 which was down 290 when the water supply went Hat will be recommended Immediately ind wells 5 and fi started. A NEWliDWAY OIL COMPANY low. DENSE FOG CAUSES CHICAGO ACCIDENTS. I CHICAGO, Serf. 17—A fog of intense density early today was repon- I slble for three railroad accidents, re- I suiting In two deaths and Injuries to j a score of people. There were also street crossing and many other accidents. Street traffic was almost entirely suspended during the semi darkness. * You're a pretty good plug," was lu the local elections. He was twice u Let „„ uke up the Bubjects wlth elected to the board of supervisors, and became an aggressive opponent of the Illegal fee system which was being taken advantage of by the county officers. the manner in which tho mendicant , incidentally he was Influential in the expressed his gratification and taking | el(>ctlon of nlg brother, William Astor three rings and a pair of cuff buttons Chanler, to Congress, and another brother, Robert Chanler, as sheriff of Dutchess county. The feature of these fights was that the Chanlers put up ......... _ i the bulk of their campaign funds, ask- Prevos said he had been^ in town JI)K no f avors | )U t accepting such con from his pocket gave them to Prevos. according to the story of the prisoner. He has no witnesses to prove his statements. about a month and davs of the time. worked twenty Autumn Styles in Men's New Fall Suits You' voitr inc-a von only know but i hut yon are dress host lit' stylo and Int lies ill 1 .' tho liesl -, will permit, if nir clotlios hero. thai best, ou M rea sure. - Ilio i'iiiiinsi t'at liost |e' il) l'«al,''f-'iield, lIKule Ui* bv the best !•! THE TOGGERY lOWltL * •U09M REPUBLICANS NAME THEIR SUPERIOR JUDGES. SAN FRANCISCO. Sept. IT.—The Republican county convention last tributions as wore offered. They wrest- oil the county government from the Republicans in three decisive campaigns. | Meantime, Ohanlor wnf giving his lime as largely as possible to his practice in the Now York courts. He won reputation of being a good lawyer, night placed the following In noiiilna-i (hough,,!! Is probable that ho has Col tion: For superior judges, full toiius. |,, ( .|,.,| | t .ss In fees than any attorney John Hunt, tieor-to Sturtcvunt. •I"'"> i of hia prominence In the city. Ho Van Nostr-ind. (,'avroll Cook; slmrt i..,.^ ,„,, o f p O |i(( f . s ( n a \ tt y Kt . wa y nn- j lerai, Isador <jo!.l"ii. Hunt. S'.nni--,in ),!.•, iiouiliiutiun UIRIII tho Male lick vant tttvl Cook ar.. in-ot-i-ut lii'.-'.mi ; ." j,., w j ln Hearst. ents. The nub fuht of tlie ron\eti-i ('haiilei- t-esldi>s ii|)on a lar.KO esialo. Ll:i " Hnl>lo,y, at Rod Hool;. Is marrlcil, ami Carroll Conk, ill 1 ouln-Roosovoi' fold's ihrowiiu: tiv-ir stvPimth for .lu.' Iii-.nno. the 0- ,r cr.ltif- <".!!! l!il-|t'' MIVI pl-C.-ellt ill' '•'•'•'•• bolll. INTER-PARLIAMENTARY UN. ION FOR UNIVERSAL PEACE. BKHI.IN". ri.'lit. V:. -At the opi-niii-! nf t|,o ititor-parltunientary union, con-I ; veiled to discuss the best methods tn ; •preserve peai-o in !he world l-y ari>!-j trailon. tlie \vel.i.niiiis.: speech w-is i made li\- I'rltKM Von lieulnw. -A!I. ! .-.!in!:.. in Frnii'-! 1 .. and said tl'.a 1 '''•' ' UL'ro.'il in rosai-'l '<> the ob.ieci '" •attained. Ki'i'i es.-niative Iti'h.'i: i Bartholdt, pi-jioliloiit nf tho Arnenrv i'^roup of delega'es. was elect.•"- -• I resident of th-> union. children. He.' has never gone for suclciy to any proiionnceil de- ee. allhoiigh. as a ;;reat-nroat-KrniHl "• of lohn Jiicob Aslor, ami with i- William Astor the rei-ot;tii/,oi| dli-r of the inner circle in Now i-i'.. ilio oppori unity has always been '" "e liljii ,ndepeiiilcnil\ wealthy. 'i.ivo enjoxeil ; , |i|,. o' i,i|,. . : ,n : Invvt;, in 1 he liei-n >o in which he has been dealing. "On the labor question ho declares that our demands for a trial by Jury in Cases of indirect contempt Is the most Insidious attack on the judicial system In the history of tho country. According to Mr. Taft It would very much Impair, the administration of justice He seeniB to forget that tho _very. reform which we endorse was endorsed by the United States senate twelve years ago, and that It was supported by such Republicans as Senator Slier nian of Ohio, Senator Allleon, Senator Hale of Maine, Senator Hawley of Connecticut, Senator Morrlll of V'er ment and Senator Knute Nelson of Minnesota. It Is not attacking the courts to remove abuses that have grown up under existing methods f of procedure. His logic, if it were sound In cases of Indirect contempt, would eliminate the jury entirely. The criminal judge does ngl Feel that his dignity Is assailed when the. accused Is given a trial by jury; the common law judge duos not feel that It Is a reflection on him for! a parly (o a suit to insist upon trial by' jury; why should it seem mich an mi-' lawful lhinn for a Jury trial to bo' Hi-anted in a case of Indirect cmi-, tempt'.' "In disciisi-ln!; tho guaranty of haul;) deposits, lie betrays the s^ ey tn Hilhstiluto gloom.v :'or loa.-ou and ai'Kunient " 'if the proposals u ore A new Midway company has been formed, called the B. H. and C. Company. The organizers are C. A. Barlow, W. H. Hill and C. L. Claflln and they have bought tho twenty acres, tho south half of the southwest quarto'- of the northwest quarter of section 25, formerly he,kt by tho Hall and Barlow Company, und will begin the development of lh<3 property at once. The new company will be In on the Standard's new contract. » CERTIFICATES OF NOMINATION ARa FILED. Attorney Foster, secretary of the late Democratic convention, filed the certificates of nomination today with, the county clerk, as required by law. KIMG OF TESTIMONY IN THE LABOR CASE. \\ i I:: The B.I TAFT IS GOING TO WRITE SOME SPEECHE 1 : • M'.-ii'imis sp.-ii! him. Taft has ,1. id n his i line iai' of niimeroiis Kp S. M IT.- With .i.-s itinerary bofor. i.|o,l upon now devo- . ly tn tho propitratloi " i lie.- fop delivery if WELL KNOWN ARTIST KILLED. CiHCAflO. .So;!. IT. --Harry O. l^an- dors, an artist, well known as a painter of Irish scenes, died today as a re I suit of injuries from being run over I by a Dearborn avenue sightseeing au' Umiobile. BATTLESHIP FLEET LEAVES AUSTRALIA TOMORROW. \ !.I!AX\ , .VMM raiia Se;.t. !7 -Tb'- \niericaii li.ililesln(i li«-ot leave.-, lieie ".lunrrnw !!i,-teai| ol Ki.hiy, a- original!', iilaiiiied, for .Manilla, where it is il'ie on the second or thin! of-October. I'tomier l)e:iliin siiue of (Joodwlll tuit-Lil Sperrj, !• "Th. • M.ilici' - ll'Cllti,' li iiiilJi.iu lirofllali! •uity 1'!: iiilt he iiM't'lnol..-. lhe iact (hat inn 1 l! .il responslbilll v nil the |iarl nf tin- li.nil: would compel a strict.';- stii"-rvi.-i •'. lit a cordial IIIOK- j and a bettor logulallon. ml farewell tn Ad-| The Trusts. The tliir.l scare pruueulud by Mi You Need Your Head r:• ,r -.olios IB not In • • v, 11! i; or enjoy- i .n.i:ni afford! to 'i n-e of it for ; • :.:n- headaches. '• ;'.-; lliev start / D S HEADACHE • ' .iFERS i he promptly 1 1 •'. 11.:. : ;i' pressure on t h' • • - ' hat c.itt --.• the pain. 1 - - o h 1 M !; i i •• r a t: 11; 11 a u' •" :v.i| the money If the roiii- ,.:- to •,•;%•,• entire satisfai'- THE KODAK STORE. .1. A. H UK lies Ti-.e Leading Prescription Druggist. Phones Main 64 and 74.

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