Asheville Gazette-News from Asheville, North Carolina on January 7, 1911 · Page 12
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Asheville Gazette-News from Asheville, North Carolina · Page 12

Asheville, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 7, 1911
Page 12
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Amusements riial sfason and Iie is mire to t-o RrcrUil by a I'apaiity house. "The Whitfi Sister" is her hitct awl without a doubt tuT rratcst sihtcmi. J : p y j .. jy. fe M ST MERRY U, v Creature and III liaml Coining. New Tork Daily Telegram (Evening edition of the Xew York Herald) Creatore has captured musit -lovins New York. Only a glance is necessary to i-ouvinee an observer that New Yorkers are now music-mud. Other leaders have been well known for years, but I'reatore conquered in a night, and is now drawing throngs to every concert. When he appeared on the stage for his first concert, hi3 personality attracted attention at once. From the time he wrapped with his baton on the music stand and began to lead, the house was stilled. It appeared to the audience t: t the "man had hypnotic Influence over the Land. When the selection was completed with a crash of music that almost shook the roof, there were shrieks and cries of P.ravo! which showed that he had thrilled his audience Siive that first night Creatore has become a craze. Every night the place is crowded. The audience marvels at the music, and wonders at the remarkable pastures of the man i - .v. J. v.?'- , ., ' 'id i j Our House W. ( HALL, rrop. BLACK MOUNTAIN, If. O. Rate tl Pr dar LoctWJ at Unlo The Manor An EI CI. r SIT K IKS Attractive accommodation! fgf long or short stay. Cott for npijsskeeplng or In connection with The Uanor. Hotel Sterling CIXCIXXATI, OHIO. Sixtli, Mound aud Kcnyon Streets. Overlooking New Sinton Park. Every room outside with bath, or hot and cold water. Milk, cream, vegetables from our own farm. R. B. Mills, Prop... formerly of Hotel Bennett, Binghamton, N. T., and Grand Hotel, New Tork City. American Plans (2.00, J2.50, 3.00 and 13.50 per day. HOTEL SNT2LLA EBYSOX CITS. Headquarters lor traveling men and lumber nun. Rates tl er day. Special rates by the month. I-'ath room. Free sample room. Railroad e&itng house fronting Boutharu depot. Livery In connection. W W. UA'A WHCKMCK. Pm-e, PATTON HOUSE, Murphy, N. C. The best and moat reaaonable house In town good table, clesa beds and home cooking. Rate II per day. MBS. ROSA PATTON. COMMERCIAL TOURIST THE KENTUCK Y HOME HOTEL Endorsed by the T. P. A. anl U. C. T. Traveling Men. The best Sample Room in the town. Henderaonville, N. C. GLADSTONE HOTEL A&heville's New Ilotel. The only up-to-date European Ilotel in the city. Rates 50c, 7 5c, $1.00. Baths free. Cafe now open. Furnace heated. The commercial trade solicited. FRANK BLAKE, Manager. llRMtY . .s.WAOFS MAGXIFH T IMtOIH ( TIOV -THF. IK1!I!V WIIMV." A K11;l) WITH 4lt AM) OPKI1A OIM IIF.-TK AT Till: AMUTOIlllM. TCFSD.W. JAX. H. "THE MKP.ItY W IIOW." 5 Tuesday, Jun. 10. f m m Well Known I'lays and Stiirs In lie .M-en Here in the Near Future "The Merry Willow" Tuesday, Juniuiry 10. 'ii h;i- k ;m,i s t- IT tai n Mnart'v g; lhat t r-f ha v nui half i n joyed -in. an-! I iia: it will takt It is S( i ri cl that ; a It whiU- it w a another K" Hsi,; to r'ai; aJiir.ciat' its tine pninti. 'Ph.- sriitinicnt is, not mush. a.,.l th.' I'omedv Is ri-al fun not horse pley. and the dani iiiK is not onlv j i. e ei 1 i n 1 v fleir vouni? ladv as ,nn o!' niu th.' pr- at. t i-ianists that ha--, ever 1 to i visited this country. Columns of crit-!lv.i! icism could he printed in regard ,u ! hi Ii i a '.i.hi.j hushnnd. hi- himstl"! th- n t it-:. rhi'Ti- is a nweet-t in th- and an old mail wil.s t!i- ark niMTiii-r Th- The most beautiful, ' harming an I pitpiant love storv eer tr.1,1 iipim th:' Plaice Is in "The Mem Widow.' Ii tells a love story that is onsist-ni and entirely plausible, and ils mniMV is the prettiest music hit penm-d f..r a light opera, with its waltz, 'Villa, "Women." "Silly Cavalier " and "Maxims" heard in the settings where th-v belonK. thev are doubly attractive. There have been litcht operas hetnr-wlth beautiful music ami also tho.v plentifully sprinkled with fun. I.u "The Merry Widow' is uniiiue. What dlstlntdllshes it most from everything elae In Its style. It. Is simplv stuiinin. It goes with a vim that takes eer-body alnnK with it, and it has an el-gunce all its own. It's the kind of a performance that makes you want to ami "piritml but original and thus: skillful. There will l.e a splendid i hn rue am! a cast of principals tha. i aii hardly t- improved on. Kfdl.iw-mi,' li-s usual custom, Henry W. Sav-ai i. seiutlnc this season's "Merrv Widow" mi tour Headed by principal that lia.e appeared In New York and Chicago, among whom can be t'uund Tlv ii -mi' "s of fjerlrude H atchesici. Mabel Are)ln. Marie Jordan, (', r-'rude Cr hii. (i-nrse Da mere). Arthur Woolev. Harry It'irgess. William V. Strnnz ati'l I'. W. Shackelford A special orchestra of 18 selected muM- :ans will again be heard under the direction of Mr. Alfred Roth. Reserved seats now on sale nt Whit-loi k's, Phone '1, Prices 2".c In J flft. Mis. Dorothy Ixthhrldse. The first American tour of Miss Iethbrldge is establishing this ex- her wonderful playinh but sntlice to a.- that no artist oi' greater merit has ever appeared in this cit an I music lovers of nil classes should heir in mind the ilat- of her appear in. -here which is Thurndin, Januar, 1'.. U-st ion ti.e man'. .f the terfie!,!. W If. Sadler, Ralph U Sa mone, ,itid K. I. Walton, and others. Battery Paril Hotel l k ASHEVIUiE, Fw C. OTWH THROFGHOVT THE TR.UL Famous Everywhere. THE SWANNANOA STSICTLT BIQH GBAD1 Family and Transient Hotel Bates &50 a day and upward. FrankGLonghran, Owner and Prop. ilolin Mason in "The Wilchinu Jubn Masoh ud a 1'inii'ihs ' -i i. nt pl.i i rr.. w ill I.- f.--n ti The l.oltcrv Mini. What will probably pr.. mist diverting coined) will be - Tn lxdnry Man." the three act come.!, of liida John.-on Vnuni;, which n i for six months at the Hijon theater. N't w York. I 'nder the directum n' the Shuhi-rts the piny will b here in near future with tl" it-:j. inal New York fast. Te title conies from a situati-p : the play. Jack Wruht is a r-p..t;. r on A metrr politan paper. He t- , Hp on Wall street and borrows m im from Knx Payton, proprietor ..f t.;-paiier. promisinjt that if bis t:p f ,r.s he will make Rood by guimj '!,. paper one of the biggest s. ups has ever had. He x,r, :I;, . . and the Idea of the "m-oop" is t duct a lottery . the thief ,,; A in: iinri u rn r gustus Thom i . V i r hili Hu .r. s. l iiuisiv of i, ', pla. is th- fan-, -r.ilh ; New : "lie ' e;ir'S liniu! li:o k-tt Iheat- I fur the strani,'- llonr" of t X-it tile ..oon pr-senting Au-new 'ti. "The the drama treating pathic s a io . This .us playwright's en-mast, i pie. e. In re-York Ma. .t ovi r irrupted run at the created a demand piece in all parts of Vlolu Allen In "The WhiU- Sister." The announcement that Vlolu Allen is to lie seen here the latter part f the month In her latest suecrss, "The White Sister," is creating an unusual amount of Interest among theater goers. Miss Allen's appearance here will not only be the' dramatic. but also the social event of the theat- Hotel Kenmore WAYNKSVtLLK. If. 01 Opa Throughout th Ymt. tnUOTIiT HIGH CLASS BEKVICB ALWAYS. a H. and MItS. U W. KHIOHT. ih- world, and .lie Shiiberts have b nf.lii .1 to oririmze several eomp.ielas tn ippeir i-inniltaneously tnroughout the i mintrv The original organization will be th" one to hold forth here ami which, alter this tour, will he sent a'iroad. In idd'tion to the star the east tn-ludes George Huston, Frank L. Dcui, lielle Unwell llonn, Grace Reals, Natalie Jerome, Clinton Pre.,ton, Har ry West. Harry Leighton, W. K. Hat- f ',' J J AUDITORIUM Tuesday, Jan. 10 The Musical Sensation of All Nations Mr. Henry W. Savage's Splendid Production of The Merry Widow Music by Franz Lehar. A New ami Magnificent Production of the World's Most Famous Operetta, with the following Cast of Notable riayers: Gertrude IIutchinMon, George Da-mere, Mabel Arzelin, JTarry Burgess, Marie Jordan, Arthur Wooley, Gerlnwle Bryan, Win. V. Strunz, and n Superior 8ining Chorus. SpeciaJ 'Merry Widow' Orchestra. PRICES 25c, 50c, 75c, $1.00, $1.50 and $2.00. Reserved seats on Bale at Whit-lock's, Saturday, 9 a. m. Mail orders from out of the city must lie afVompamed by P. 0. or Express money order. THE BON AIR LEADING COMHZRCIAL AND TOURIST SOTIL 0! WAYNISVILL1, N. 0. j MSS. SALLIZ K. COEY. Proprietreu. Open tht Tear KotmcL "FE SAMPLE ROOMS' For Impromptu Invitations THE easiest way to get up an informal party, quickly, is by telephone. When any person, anywhere, is desired immediately, our universal telephone service demonstrates its great' usefulness. It is particularly valuable when called upon to satisfy emergency needs. Telephone invitations are not limited to a single neighborhood, but are made possible between friends in widely separated cities by means of the long distance system. Are you a subscriber? ASHEVILLE TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH CO. UNIVERSAL SERVICE. REASONABLE RATES. 19

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