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The North American from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania • Page 2

The North American from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania • Page 2

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Laws of the United States. 15? Sixth Cortgrefs of the United States. At the First Seflion, beguft and held at the City of Philadelphia, in the State of Pennsylvania, 011 Monday, the second, of December, one" thousand leven hundred and ninety nine. AN ACT, altar tie form of certain oatbs and of- firmatians direeud to be taken the act entitled an act prtviding for thf sectnd ecrfsus, "or tnumfratian the inhabitants the Umittd States." BE it enacted tj tbe Senate and House of Representatives of tbe United States of America, in Congress assembled, That so much of the ftrlt l'eftion of the aft palled during the prrfent session of Congress, intituled an aft providing for the fecend census or enumeration of the inhabitants of tlie United S.tates," as relates to the form of the oaths or affirmations thereby direfted to be taken by the Marlhals, Secretaries and Affiftams therein mentioned refpeftively, ftiall be, and hereby is repealed, and that the said or affirmations (hall be in the following form that is to fay and Secretaries oath or affirmation in the form following A.B. Marlhalof the diftrift of (or the Secretary of the territory of as the cafe may be) do folemly. or affirm, that I will well and truly cause to be made 4nd perfeft enumeration and defcrijition of the persons rcGdeiit within my trift (or the territory ss the cafe may be) and will return the fame to the Sectetary Stite agreeably to thfc of an of Congreft intituled an providing for the fecooicenCus or of the inhabitants the United States according to the best my the oath or wffirmation in the form following A- B. do solemnly (or Jtffirm) that wi'l make a just perfeft -enumeration and of all persons resident within the division a Signed to me by the Marshall of the diftrift bf (or the Secretary of is the cafe nay be) and main due return thereof to fcid Marflul (or Secretary) agreeably to the of an aft of Congress intituled an aft providing for the fecood cr-nlas or enumeration ot' the inhabitants of the United States," according to the heft of my ability. THEODORE SEDGWICK, Speaker of tie House of Representatives. THOMAS JEFFERSON, Yiee-President tin United States ani Prtsificnl of the Approved, April Ij, 1800. JOHN ADAMS, fres idem of the United States. AN ACT, so continue in force "An act concerning certain Fisheries nf the Ur.ited und for the regulation and government nf the Fishermen employed therein endfor ether purposes as therein mentioned. BE it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, That the aftentituled An aft concerning cer-. filheries of the United States, and for the regulation and government of the filhermen employed therein," (hall be in force, and is hereby continued for the term of ten years, fiom the third day of March, one thoufaod right hundred, and until the end of the ftfllgfl of Congress next ensuing the expiration of that term, any thing in the ninth feftion of the said aft to the contraryheretf jiotwithlUnding. Sec. 2- And be it further enacted, That the additional allowances which were by the sixth feclion of the aft, intituled, An aft for railing a further sum of money for' the proteftion of the frontiers, and for other yurpofes therein and by the second feftion of the aft, entituled, An aft laying an additional duty on fait, and for other puipoftj," refpeftively granted to or vtffels, employed in the bank and other cod-fiffwriei, fliall be continued to the flrips and vessels, refpeftively, which (hall be so employed, in the terms and according- to the intent of the said firft mentioned aft, for and during the farther continuance thereof, as aforefaid Provided, that the laid allowances (hall not be underltood to be continued for a longer time than, the correspondent duties refpeftively, for which the said additional allowances were granted, (ball be payable. THEODORE SEDGWICK, Speaker of the House of Representatives. THOMAS JEFFERSON, Vice-President of tie United States anil President of tie Semite. I Approved, April 12th. 1 JOHN ADAMS, President tie United Statet. AH ACT, Jfjr the Relief of ike ation oflfrbkde Island College. BE it enacted by the Senate anil Huuse of Representatives of the United States Of America, in Congress assembled, That the accounting officers of the'Treafnry be, and they are hereby authorized and to and fettle the clainwof the corpofatibu of Rhode Island College; for fyt- the use, and occupation of the edifice of the College, and for injuries done to the fame From the tenth day of Deer hundred and fix, to the twentieth day of April, oivf thousand seven hundred and eighty, by the trcops of the United States and that the fuai winch may be found dtle to the said corporation, for damages done to, and occupation of the said edifice, aforeiaid, be them nut of any monies in the treasury nototherwile appropriated. THEODORE SEDGWICK, Speaker, of the Htuse of Representatives, THOMAS JEFFERSON, Vtce-Prfsident of the United and President oft be Senate, Approved, -April 16, jSoo. JOHN ADAMS, President of the United States. RESOLUTION Respecting the Copper Mines en the c-onih side of Lake Superior. tbt Senate and Houseof Representatives of tb United Stipes of in Congress the Pre fide nt of the United States be authorized to employ an agent, who shall be to coilecl all material inlormation relative to the copper mines, on the south fide of Lake Superior, and to ascertain whether the Indian title to such lands as might be required for the use of the United States, in cafe they should deem it expedient to work the laid mines, be yet subsisting, and if so, the terms on which the fame can be extinguiihed and that the said agent be to make report to the President in such time as the information he may colleft, may be laid before Congress, at their next session. THEODORE SEDGWICK, Speaker of the House of Representatives. THOMAS JEFFERSON, Vice- resident of tbe United States, and President of the Senate. Approved, April 16, 1800. JOHN ADAMS, President of tbe Vnited States. WASHINGTON LOTTERY, MVMIGR II List of Blanks and Prizes Drawing No. 104 380 10 378 935 1138 10 457 10 47 1 3031 to 035 io 184 306 698 19318 535 658 10 73? 832 10 20043 21219 877 to 22233 10 559 885 23413 5 12 4,037 10 443 10 SSS 815 10 24223 542 10 86 735 to 2-15 10 6 'S9 757 794 864 394 7999 8653 9092 10 10182 IO 26229 27665 850 28277 to 246 10 sh" 642 13 981 11524 J3033 IO 271 10 396 14087 42J 619 25 956 29122 660 811 589 30122 826 15138 la 31194 641 10 898 lo 32 22 10 4 8 75 860 10 16498 748 18201 081 10 319 10 3478 a 64 3S 2 57 904. 787 19310 3 6 THE UNDERSIGNED, HIS Swedifli Majesty's Consul General, and authorized to the Consular Bulmefs, for hit Majesty the King of Denmaak iu the United States of America, eliding at Philadelphia; Hereby gives public Notice, That id obedience to recent reoeived from his government, it it the duty of all Swedish and Danish vefTelo, their Tailing from any port in the said States, to call upon him or the Vice Coiiful in order to be granted fach Certificates for their Cargoes, which the eiigency of the (late of the Neutral Commerce the fejrer Decrees of the Belligerent render mdifprnfably ncceflary, and, that any after veflTels belonging to the nations, or navigating asider the protection of their flags, in emitting to tike such certificates, wMI pcrfonally It and retponfible for the conferences. RICHARD SODERSTROM Philadelphia, iSth December, 1799. Latest from Europe. LONDON February The Wig Club met yelterday. TJie mayor was iii the chair. Ms. observed, he continued of' opinion that retirement was the hit could purfne. His experience in the House of Commons day'before in d.i>«te on Buonaparte's overtures had All hU efforts had only obtained three votes io addition to tkol'e whs usually concurred with him. "No one said he, if the niinilter had adopted an and had opened "a negotiation with Buonaparte. the House of Cooimons would have giver ail lihahim'ous vote in his favor. All control ever minis- ters is gone, and nothing remains but to obey them. Whether they delire war or peace, Parliament blindly adopts theit opinions and all efforts to rtlifll them be He belteved-public opinion with him, said be lliould his country and whenever there was a chance of his doing good he fhpuld readily ceime forward; The duke of Norfolk gongrarplated the members, that.tho livery of Lon4on ip spite the' of tbe- ministry, had chosen the man of their own hearts as their mayor. Mr. EHkine (aid the-only part of the nation notjtariiifbwi the war waj tht navy that he was aU'old lailor; and he went to the House of Commons the last night with Mr. Fox, he said. to himfejf, like old JaClt, I'll go any-where with my friend-" Sheridan said he did not yet despond like Mr. Fox; and. for this reaibn scad at- tended mere to Parliament. J'hc Turkish ambaftador, cenfined by tbe Mr. Sheridan the whole kingdom atc Direaorv, having been has could have heard the excellent argu ner.t of had conferences with the minister of "Foreign his honorsble friend (Mr. Fok) on Monday Affairs, and dined with Bnrmaaprte, who is as it. rnuft have convinced every im- mod aftive te bring about a peace with partial man, and he could deuy that he Porte. had just tor dilguft, in finding, it The treaty of defenfive alliance signed becould only persuade three members of the tween England and the Porte is the fame House of He wished the pub- as that between the latter and lie had heard that argument, which, with that fte promises ti continue the much truth, had stated this to-be a newsra France, even after the delivery in the war. Mr. Sheridan would not be Egypt. discouraged by the dil'parity of numbers in i Mamain, so Celebrated for the horrible afthe House ot Coir.mous, if iuch a as fjffination of the Princess has just that of ili iwnorable friend could be heard been We are ignorant of the moby the natlari at large. The public would 1 vts this new arrefl Clef du Cathen enforce his arguments. Mr. Sheridan did not wiili tndefpairof the fpiritand princi- Barrere, Carnot, Gachon, Simeon and plesef the country, and quoted the condua of Villsrct Joyeufe, are at perfeft liberty in the city of London, in their present France. chief in juftificstiori of his hopes. Gf n. A ngereau the French The public attention should be drawn to the armv i Holland. new war, in winch the people were to lpend The Oufrripci defYrt in various parts of their.blood at)d treasure to rellore the JJour- FreKh republic. bons, arid support their, sacred and iiiipre- Thirty Jacobins have been arretted in the fcriptible rights. What would be the far- Dutchy of Wertemhrrg, accused of attemplpril'c of the man whpfe memory the Society t0 rcvMntianize Suabia. commemorates III.) if he could Lord Minto is at the Hague, arranging look down snd lVe us fighting for tht inile- Suwurow the pay of 100,060 Ruffians ff alible rights of Bonrbms To that fa- to be fubfidieed by the English "'ho were may which wr nou jigbt to restore, we are to cc their march for tbe Rhine on for cur patjcwl debt. By reference 2c ao! ti 3611s 607 553 10 6 3 9SI 39153 194 591-10 6a 5 to them, may divide tlat debt into tvit February -re. parts tit Jir'st half was' contracted to dc- The French government lately applied stray the Bjvrbpns second half Us to tbe rH ffi, ni rf efting that for the fucontracted to restore ture Pruffisn Covjfnis in FrjfOee mighty be The to get into.the gallery of the denominated Commiflaries. The Prufiians Commons xo hrar. the late debate on the agreed to alter the term to agents of ComfubjeA. of; was unpirccdently great, roerce. The peopie affeo bid day light and con- Sundry inhabitants of the County of tinued tili opened. The gat- Longford have petitioned the Irilh Parlery woald not contain one sixth part of liament againft-the Union the candidates for feats. Many persons Some commotions have occurred in Swewere injured'in the croud. 1 den on account of the hig'i plice of bread Mr. Eox, in his speech on the late whiih by the milii ity. The tutes for pcjce, took occafiun 10 Ipeak distillation of brandy is prohibited, hjindfiyiie terms of the deeeafed It is said General Maitland has returned General Walhingtoo, from his million toi afccrtain the ftateof the 40402 881 10 862 42132 10 210 286 10 672 10 43276 50 443 10 Government has revoked the Quarantine order rrfpcAing veflels from New York and Philadelphia, i The pi ice'of bread continues to rife. The County of Down, has petitioned the Irifti Parliament against a Union. The! Roman Catholics, all over the Island are on the fame fide. The Brazil), (loop of war, has been wrecked and person on board, except 576 683 44168 723 10 746 615 1.0 46313 10 perished ine dratted from (hips which had been paid off, and had 50001. with them. 495 47300 to February 4. Letters from and Cracow (late that 6000 Ruffians are 00 their march to 574 838 935 48218 join Suwarrow 271 10 The Batavian Government, it 11 said, has Rationed cruizers at the mouths of her harbours to prevent vefiels departing for England with grtin. 479 10 756 la 49197 Barthelemy arrived at Paris Feb. and next day waited on the Consuls, Sic. 306 647 10 682 10 844 914 993 Gouftitu.tion is confirmed to the new French. The French Journals fay that a quarrel has taken plate Mr. tjhe British Mir.iftt-r, and the Commander of tht Awftrian troops near Tofcaity. The cause, the difcanding of armed peasants which Mr. W. Gen. Mack is to have a command on the Rhine. Suwarrow is to be commander in chief of.thr Grand. Armiesof Germany. India inform that the British expedition against Manilla, which was given' ujfon'tTie war with now be resumed. It is said Mr. Pitt, has a financial projett in view, which is grounded on the new territorial in India. Arrangements for ah expedition to Britanny are nearly matured, Abtrcrrvm bie is to command the Ruffian troog, were in HollaJid, and a reinforcement are to be employed, The crew composed of fel- February 8. February 9 papers of Feb. 6, contain a letter from Gen. Brilne, announcing that Gen. had defeated the Chouans and that Gearys fufferetf much. Private letters fay that the were superior to Hatry's troups, Jnd that the latter was An repoi tedbetween Brum and the Chouan W.ct are nieptiowed- The Adrian Klenau been to 'giv? up certain advantages he recently gained In Italy reinforcements not arriving feaffcnably and the French being' ftsperinr ill numbers. The army of Italy has msde an attempt at Novi, which was not attended with furcefs. Maffena has taken the conifnand of that irmy. All the positions of it are to be chatted. The General it at Genoa. The French still occupy tlie Reviere of th Port Maurier, Gnrilles, the diflii of La Pievrc, Loine and La' Pietra, and "The space between Final and Genoa is likewise occupied by a strong cordon of French troops. A letter from Turin relates that a young soldier, who was about to be puriilht-d for infuborclir.ation said, he was the foil of Louis XVI. and had escaped through the favour of his Governor, Simon. He has much the appearance of the Bourbons, but has codfefled, that he told this story to avoid punilhment, being for of a watchmaker at Paris he, however, again told the story, and has, in coniequence, been arretted. A meafore is in contemplation to raise two hundred millions by civic gifts. All those prrfons who have robbed the reptibircf or gained money by dishonest numceuvres are to contribute half the money foatquired, under pain of being considered dilapidates, and denounced before the military commifSoners. Royalists forces in the Provinces of France, and thai he confirms the llatement of the faccefs of the republican gen. Bi une and generally that the condition of those Royalifti.was unpromising It is said Dumourier is Peterfcurg and is tQ have a command pn the Rhi' e. The Channel fleet ef 22 fail of the line, has failed, under the command of Admi Gardner. February it. It is said the Archduke has detached troops for an expedition against the fobth of Frasce and that the French army under Moreau is preparing to cross the Rhine at Old Brifac Kchll and CalTell. The parliament of Ireland have decided in flavor of the Union, 158 to 116 -r-abfent members only. The presence. of the military alone prevented the Dublin populace from committing excesses. The north of Ireland is in such a (late, that an ilitary escort is thought nrceffary to the travelling of perfonk of ctninenfle, The PalUs, French frigate, of 44 gnus, has been taken by the Loire, English, in company with two which firft engaged tier. She was from St. Maloea for Bred, with ft or 8 and (tramen for the fleet. This is the firft time of her being at sea. She had 50 killed and 20 wounded. The loft of the Loire was inconsiderable. February 12. A meeting of the Livery of London was to be held about the nineteenth of February, to conGdtr of a petition for peace. County in Ireland has petitioned agaiolt an union and twelve persons, bur geffes of Belfaft have petitioned in favour of an union. The county of Tipperary has petitioned agaiaft an union. The Pallas, French frigate, captured, was bound 10 the Weft Indies, and not to Bred and failed in company with two cor vettcs and three Aore (hipi In many parts of England, 111 confequente of the high.price of pravifions, hive aflsmbled, seized such they could fad or obtained by so and fold thea in the market at old pricct. Botfly has arrived at DUBLIN, January 30. corporation of Dublin has unaai- moufly refolvrd topetitron parliament against an The people of Dublin are to meet to-morrow to adopt the fame Limerick and Downpattick, hare also petitioned again It the Union. February 8. In confluence of violence offered to the members of parliament, who are in favonr of a union, a troop of hotfe has been ftati. oned iu the» by the parliament hottfe and a party of Cavalry has also bpen stationed in Sackville street. The anti unioa members, it is thought, will make this mitter the fubjeft of a motion. No theatre was evermore- crowded; than the hoafe of commons last night. The rose about one o'clock thiiday. The avenues were filled by the populace- Mr. Martin's coach was broken to pieces by thim, and be narrowly escaped. Other union members were aiTailed. A military body was called and major Swan discharged a pistol among the people but aftc rwartis obliged to flee. Varney Darby, Efiq. and. major Rogers, are ordered to the bar of the to for an isterference with military foTce to prevent the people of Bar from holding a meeting iocoufider of.the m.ion. To mar.y other refpefffu) triiutcs of applaufi of the life, 'taints a. virtuei of our Wajk- 0 ington it it with pk-fure we aid the Jollzwing, the pathetic ejfujion of one erf thi Frinth'flators. Hot. ont. Gaz. legislative body. 13 Phuuafc, jsutiary In foecking of General W-fhington, Felix Faulcon said. This is not the moment to retrace in thin hall all that that great man has done for the freedom of America the number and importance of his warlike explots the generous with which animated the French who fought under him and the lublime aft by which he did eternal honnour to his memory, When, after having contributed so much to give fre: dom to his country, he laid down volunarify the fapreme pawer to hide his glery iu the obfeurlty of private life. Malice and mean jea'ou have to fprcad a deadly vdnora over (o great a life but tlieir perfidiom insinuations are loft io the universal fuffrages of his grateful fellow-patriots, and of all the free men in the univerfc. Yet he is no more, the hero whose eulogium affords pleasure to great minds who has doubly merited the civic palm. aa a warrior and at a citizen who combined eveiy virtue with every talent; who, after having begun and fuppsrted the revolution by his abilities his valour and viitue, knew how to termi it by the moderation aa well as the wisdom of his counf who has done aiore yet render his couDtrymea free, who has rendered them happy. Oh Legators feel you not your fouls at rhcfe i.hiftrinub recalleftioirs, which, by a privilege wdrthy to be envied, are with nothing to be regretted, and create none but sweet and elevated emotims you not desire that this ibune, I v. here we are forbidden to mix our voices in Ie illative fliotsid at lead lcrve to (hjw the of our gratitude, our veneration, of our unanimous sorrow Do sou not feel the rieceflity of joining our portion of funeral ora fe to that which all free people will address to the manes of the magnanimous Washington and wc owe him ttill more particularly, we among whom, tlw- trample of the American volution sowed the feeds of the desire ps independence He movsd, that tbe fliowld oh the 28th Ffimaire (the anniversary of the day of the General's death) make a speech in honor of the bere whose loss every one deplores. FOR BRISTOL, THE SHIP JmWk MANCHESTER, INTENDED to return ao early Fail ih.p—w ill tike freight if applied for immediately Thomas Murgalroji IS" Sous, 35, April 17 CHINA GOODS. Imported in the ship Jean Daniel sen rammander, from Cfintoii, AND FOR SALE, By JAMbS LATIMER, jr. Nankeens, white ani yellow Black, blue and colored Ltoceftrings Black and colored Sattint Mazarine 1 lue do. Sattin Stripe Dove colored Shawls Black and colored TaiFcUae Canton Cloth imperial, Hjrfon, Young VTftftl of the firft Hyfoo and Souchong April 8 LANCASTER STAGES. THE Proprietors otthc Philadelphia and Laocafter line Stages DISPATCH, return their grateful thanks to their friends and the public in general, for the past favors they have inform them that in addition to the regular tljty are provided with amd careful driers, to go through between the City and Borough is two day s. Those who prefer this mode of travelling can be accommodated at the Stage office, fipn of United States Eagle, Market Philadelphia. Slough, Davfningt Ot. Nov. JB. -f dlOt.

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