The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 16, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
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Wednesday, September 16, 1908
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Vol. XX. BAKKRSFIELD, CALIFORNIA. \VKDXKSIXAY. SKI'TKMHKR 1(5. 1WS. No. 40 Newell Disqualified in Slim Moore Case and a New Jury Must Be Selected A sensation was sprung In the court ;>l Justice Black this morning when that official ruled that Constable Newell was not qualified 'io summon a jury Tor the trial of W. A. Moore, proprietor of the Palace dance hall, who is accused of conducting a house of prostitution. The venire was immediately dismissed and tomorrow morning the defense and •*prosecution, probably by stipulation, will decide .upon an officer to secure the talesmen from whom the twelve jurors will finally be selected. W.hen the case was called at 10 o'clock and the names of the prospec Arranging for the Assessors which prevented with impartiality live jurymen and witnesses had been read, Attorney J. R. Dorsey, counsel for the defendant, served the justice and the prosecution with a written challenge. Dorsey then moved that on account of the bias and prejudice of D. B. Newell, the officer summoning I u nKtl ; the panel, and for the existence of a I""™ 1 ™ state of mind on the part of said summoning officer him from acting 'and without prejudice to the. substantial rights of tho defendant, the ven-1 ire be discharged. Dorsey argued his | contention at length and placed the | constable on the stand. Mr. Newell i testified that he wast the arresting of-1 fleer and that he has a fixed opinion j as to the guilt of the defendant because of what he had seen and heard , of the Palace dance hall and that evi- deuces-would 1 he required to remove his opinion. He stated that he had seen women dance in the hall and Makes Record I.JJ.MANS. Sept. Ifi.---Wilbur Wright: 'cii|)«t.'ci a!) K'lrOjiP.'.!! recnr !s with his i aeroplane it* field minif'ivers here' this mornin.sf. Mi* flight lasted :;:i, minutes and Is secoil Is. an.l this gives ; the Wright brothers the record inj.^ both hemispheres. , i'.,, The aeroplane circled the field Sit ait j u BY N, Y. DEMOCRATS Oi'HKSTER, Sept. 10.— Uenten | .liilius Hiiuser. •average height of Ki feet. Tnder t'.ie direction of the iiiasterftil Atnerici'ii, It was turne.1 and twisted nt will, the most wonderful ft is estimated that the machine covered a court-e of '26 miles, and the spectators displayed the greatest en thusiasm on the return. I'luindler was nominated ; nor by the Democratic con- •thi> afternoon, the notulna fl"ii lining made by acclamation, and an.i.l :i;ci(;b enthusiasm. There was, "Inn •)(,. matter come tu a 'esi, no n|.:i.i-rinn ro chandler. .iiilm A. Uix was named without op pn-irinn for lieutenant governor: nee- reian of state, ,). S. VVhulen: comp- triil'.-;, John H. McGlynn: treasurer Definite plans are being arranged i'oi the entertainment of the assessors of the state who meet here in convention on the 23d of this month. NEW YORK AND IW JERSEY DEMOCRHIS CHEER BRYAN R. Bryan Makes TafHustli i | CINCINNATI, Sopi. I'i.—Taf'. j western trip has been practically c ; ciileii iij' ni. He will probably beg I j September 23 and end at Chicago i ; October 7. He will make at least 01 ' important speech in the foliowli jstate-*: Wisconsin. Minnesota, Nor ! Makota, South pakota, Iowa, Nelm 1 Ku. anil possibly Colorado. Kansa | ; Missouri ami Illinois. Banking Laws Being Revised . SAN FRANCISCO. Sept. 15.—A ne MOW YORK. Sept. 16.—When Bry- then with male companions depart .,„ ,, W oke tlii.s morning in his privau \Vashingtnn Park, on tlie New Jersey I side oi ,ln> Delaware river below for the upper portion of the'building, ral . \Veehawken it. was with the pros- .Philadelphia, he addressed more than but he stated that he could not slate' .... ..... .. .. from his own knowledge that tiie up- pect of an exceedingly busy du>. No ' in.ihni persons, his I less than fourteen speeches being 'cording him a great tor a house of assignation. Assistant District Attorney Irwtn, „,. .i,, t ,,, n-o u) Gi,i« ,,itli'<"' the prosecution, argued that if The special trip to the West bide oil the . mot ,J, n was Rrall ted it would he per portion ot the building was vised 8( .iiednled between now and sundown, speech i 'Tonight lie is to speak before the j ally, inti audience ovation. The platform contains a .strong hirsement of the Denver plat form Ili-Min and Kern. Tonight, the convention will he dressed by Win. .1. Bryun. Parker's Speech. Judge Parker In addressing t Invention declared that Sherman, publican candidate for vice president. Is the same Sherman who invade i Wall .street in isyti. when chairman of the congresslomH campaign committee, and sollclte'd political contributions, an-l "evidence Is not wanting of Ihe purpose of the Republican leader.-, to continue to secure funds for thn-e interested in either le^isldiInn or in the non-enforcement of the 1 i\v." The speaker quoted Taft as admit- i banking act. containing many radio ting that the majority of the .rusis '• changes from the present laws go I were formed under Republican rule, jerning banking in Calfornla. has be€| He recalled Iloosevelt's iuvll-itlon to j dtyfted by the special legislathl Harrimall to help raise campaign | committee appointed by the last lei funds In I'.HH and said tin- latter went ! islature to investigate hunks aol to New York and procured Si 1 !"'." 11 ". ; hanking IHWS of (he state, and a coDJ a quarter of a million of which was m lttet.' from the Hankers' Assoclatio^ scattered throughout the city for. TI, ( , , W() committees, which met. l| His iver an hour was eonllnu- rrupted by cheers and hand- Democratic State convention at Hoch-| da'pplna. A statement by him that nalds will be one of the features of the three days' stay of the officials, and a banquet at which Assessor J. j jY""",' ""(. M. Jameson will be host, Is being pro-1 {>',''*.,„ pared by F. W. Tegeler, and promises ' am( "'' Home unlqua features. ' Besides the assessors and the vis-'. trip ! impossible to summon H jury to try ester. In New Jersey. TRENTON". N. J.. Sept. 15.—Pour-' 1 bis nomination for a third time al'tur I two defe»ts, with no President to help him will) his patronage, was due to "practical" uses by "practical" men. Judge Parker declared that the election of Bryan and Kern would go far to bring about u cessation of con-up joint session yesterday in the harbtl commissioners' olllce In the Ferrl building, today continued the dlscu I sion of the proposed new measure | be said, "Every officer in ; i ng no t sn ot into Mr. Taft and the Re- > the growth of the ideas for which h« as much about tha j publican parly at every point he stop- 1 stood, provoked the wildest enthusl- ped, W. J. Bryan tonight In this city | asm. His every utterance almost was concluded a strenuous day of cam- j directde at Mr! Tal'i, whom he charg- in by the heads of the city government. county hall as Boone Newell.* e willing to go to trial by the sher- "After the the duty of on palgniug in New Jersey, following a j t »j v,-nu running on the few hours in Philadelphia, where iu i ('resident Rosevelt. front of a newspaper office and be- j Rnroute here Mr. Bryan vi-covd of constable is disqualfied. the duty ot f rtm t of a newspaper office and be-i Rnroute here Mr. Bryan spoke at n , : summoning a jury falls on the slier-| I0re an enthusiastic throng he ar•! Camden and Burlington to. great i iff and we will be satisfied to^accept a , u |gned the Republican organizations;; , TOWQ8 an d shook hands with many of that city and expressed his aorrow J hundred* of persons. i venire summoned by John Kelly. I believe in Sheriff Kelly's honesty for the people, who, he said, were i stitutlonal amendment to be voted on this fall providing tor a radical change in effect." I Mr Irwin i might, b suggested ...... -, %% in-iilllf;, iniu uciiiuuai |.»niiii\.o, lie , .. asserted that the Republican stand- ':,,,,,, ,! ,. thei :; r r--- p « m -" d -. th MV th »--» 4 - =iuasnate attacked T. ie Republican 1-ellerutlng his that Mr. Dupont as a was unfit to occupy lion In politlc.s.J'the earliest and most ; wll | ( , n wi n | )o introduced at the neJ ! session of the legislature. Judge • O. Slurvnnt, presiding judge of thl Superior Court of San Francisco, an I i Attorney General Webb took an a'" i tlvo part in the discussion. Tin- proposed new act divides bank! into four classes: Commercial. Indl jvidual bankers, savings banks an| 'trust companies. It provides for 'state banking department with a stall superintendent of banks to be a)| pointed by the governor at a salary <l tTr.mi. iu charge. A state banklnl fund is created, toward which evet| tmnU In California, national bat' excepted. shall pay $40 a year. more moiiev Is required to carry Q| important of all needed reforms Bryan Victor at ! "Democrat" 1 At Democrat Springs Monday night a rousing political meeting was held at the termination of which a straw .vote was taken. William Jennings 1 Bryan polled more than five times the . cities and against counties situated as is- Kern, and on this subject he fully set forth his views at the late banquet of the Board of Trade. It Is expected that members of the stale Board of Equalization and perhaps Governor Gillett will be tendance. In at- ./USTICE McFARLAND DIES FROM CANCER. SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 10. — Thomas K. McFarland. associate justice of the Supreme Court of California, died at 3:15 this morning at his home in this city after a long illness due to a cancerous growth In ;ils throat. For a long time he had not participated in the pro- ceedlngs of the court. Judge McFarland was born in Penns- ylvanla in 1828 and was electe-l to the Supreme Court In 1888. the new venire. In his address to the judge and his examination of the constable. Attorney Dorsey made frequent reference to the sensational raid on dance halls and to the secret organlza! ' (: n of citizens which plan-tied the crusade. Constable Newell denied that he had ev- • r had a conversation with mem- i bers of the organization in regard to the u a nee halls and he stated that the warrants of arrest had been given him bv justice Black. Following was the venire summoned bv Constable Newell: ! him an enthusiastic welcome. hands. . . Onlv an hour before his arrival In , Uryau s speech that stronghold of Republicanism, Mr. i covered much ot Bryan fired a broadside at Mr. Taft (n covered during the a statement in which he cited his record in several matters on which Mr. Taft had challenged him to declare himself. Cheers for Bryan. Mr. Bryan's reception In .Vew Jer- number given the Republican Presi- hiie department, the banks will be a dential nominee. The result was 32{sessedln proportion to (heir deposit! for Bryan and t! for Taft. John F. Stratum of the Edison Company presided at the meeting and in thin citv tonleht' aftp1 ' a '"'I'l'y talk Introduced Jean in tins city tomgui - „ ' . ....„,.<.„.. nf ,(.„ The state superintendent of bankl is given unusual powers in the e:| the same ground . Taylor was a demonstrative one. At NEW AD WRITER FOR REDLICK BROS. STORE. Fred Flsherlng, an experienced ad writer and window dresser from the j eatit, has arrived here and is In i Charge of that department at Redllck j Bros, store. The windows of the big store have already received the attention of Mr. Fisherlng and their ar- (!. W. Hill i' Viper F. A. Walters A, S. Goode . R. H. Ferguson I W. H. Robinson \ Chas. Church i Ctrant Brown J. W. Crosland F. W. Snyder D. T. NIghhert S. M. Morrison James Arp C, Wllkes Chas-. Metcalf W J. Heath h. Hlrshfehi nick Shackelford C. A. Barlow U P. St. Clalr Mel P. Smith F. E. Seagraves E. M. Evans C. C. Stockton C. W. Hartman W. I,. Hill M. A. Westgate Rob Blacker Tom Means O'Donnell Trial Commenced. This afternoon Justice Black continued the trial of Moore 'until October 6 The rival attorneys also decided upon Sheriff Kelly to summon tistic appearance tells Its own story the inn- and he will have a venire In of the decorator's handiwork. court on the date mimed. __' Autumn Styles in Men's New Fall Suits You'll n"i "iily .know but To Transfer the Hudnut Park Kyraml of Kern as the speaker of the levelling. Mr. Eyraiid occupied the platform lor a good length of time. a number of the stage were members of the sttae Democratic com mittee, including Chairman James It the lln There were vocal selections by Ar thur Tunnell and Leo Holman. Tin Nueeut The meeting was intense- ! latter has organized a "Horseshoe ly enthusiastic and contained many i Quartette" which volunteered several Oemoeratc who had been opposed to musical selections. Del Hill deliver d the closing address, following which Bryan in his former campaigns. Bryan left on u train for Rochester, traveling via Jersey City, where he will make a brief stop In the morning. Taft's Views. refreshments were served. Following are the late arrivals "at the Springs: J. F. Stratton and wife, W. L. Hill, H. A. Martin and wife, John Reed, Richard Johnson, Roscoe Scrlbner, J. Reed, D. F. Knowles aminntion of banks to ascertain thei| actual condition. The legislative committee is corl posed of Senators John H. Curtln. l| I. Wolfe nnd Frank W. Leavltt ar Assemblymen P. A. Stanton, C. Fisher and A. P. Ctitten. The banS were represented by J. M. Honderaoi] Sacramento:!. A. Moulton and Love] White. San Francisco; J. Y. Ecelestotj Oakland: J. M. Satorl. IMS Angele ami Klllott McAllister, representlo inland banks. The discussion today developed sharp conflict of Interests betwcel slate and national banks. The ne act proposes to give the state banlj Ing officials power to regulate a banks. "The national banks." sail ' OCl lUllvi . O. S\vyu, U. » • *VI*WW ICO. ••-•• - .-.-• . Referring to General Taft again A if red gerton Bert Marllan, R. Mcln-1 Bank Commissioner Shearer to th 1 '' J " '" '*" committee, "are absolutely Indeped dent of the state and defy Itfl reguld tlons. They may invest-the money 01 and his own record, Bryan, in thl | OBn j. Milton P Mortenaon L Ho-1 committee, "are absolutely Indepen course of his speech SHi.l: ' ' ' _.••__ ..... . ...- ..^.^ - . ... ... —.J 'On the railroad question he hasioinglc, John Hart, T. Herrlngton, W. The_ trustees of^ the Hwdnut Park | expressed himself as strongly asljn. stoner, Herman Fussell, Frank . .» r, i !.•.„„ .. ... .. . ' Dtilley, John Nelll, J, A. Cochran, J. Association will meet at E. L. Fos ter's office tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock. At that time steps will be taken looking to the transfer of the Hudnut Park to the Agricultural Association. A force of men will be put to work on Monday morning building sheds to house the stock for the fair. style re (In- permit, it' In-st Volt V el<i that hesl I, 1ni!l 111. •t 11- I rat mil I I the THE TOGGERY hOWILl « II.OOM have. He has said, and the President has also said that government ownership will follow If the railroads prevent regulation. I have said the same thing. I do not desire government ownership. I hope that the railroads will permit regulation. Our po. sltlon only differs in that he has m«re. faith that I have In the willingness of the railroads to be regulated, n c oTT , D "He spends some time on the mon- THOMAS SCOTT, JR-| e> . question. The money question has , , ! been taken out of politics because the Thomas Scon. Jr.. was yes,e,-.ho -, „ Hcte(1 dlgtovury of BoW Ua8 giv . admitted to practice In the Appellnte \ n ^ lnrrease whu . h was Demanded Court The young attorney will iiave Hepubllcan party as well as hta offlcB In the Hank of HakHrsfl-I. ; ,,» , ; n ( , mO( . ra ,i P party . building In rooms adjoining those of | J ,. Mr Taff cannot es(iapo fr(jn , th() his father, Thomas Scott ,^Sr. ; is8U(>s wl ,| ne denn(l MK , K) sltlon on ** *~' ~ 'the tariff question; on the labor ques- ( APPELLATE H. Kendall, B. K. Jones, Vlvan, Sixte Chabre, Emlle Joseph Cheval Her, Mrs. O. T. Klncade and family, M. Darnell, C. Colwell. MAKE NOTEWORTHY TRIP IN THE HIGH SIERRAS. SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. \~,. --A par- tlon; on the railroad question, and the questions thllt lire piv>.ei|ted III this ompalgn? He will not be per- ty of San Franciscans, consistlns ot ; mlttoil to run away from them. Paul Shoup, assistant general pussi-n- Ker agent of the Southern Paellle, Artists \V. H. Hull and dllliei: Ha- Mi-ll and Frederick Shoiip. Imve M- turned from a \;n atiim trip "i •<'•• u>uiil interi.'st in the liif- r h S^si.i- Fnim Yls;ili;i tbi'X pits^-'d Mi: '':-!i "U he prefers rather than me rs to delve into the past the great forest near Roann u;j die middle fork of iln- aci-ohr. ihe Cn-at l>ivld- thmii Itlver (iinyou and i he smith the Kaweah to the summit i mountains, l.'.'iim fi-ei abov -If the Ki-a. Hele .-'hnllp monftmeiii, and a number a'.i'.e phoingrnjih- u,-iv t.r, en. ',:. c-e.-sliiii, |.ii,|y Friiikliii p.i.-.-. '-I: pass, and Klix.abi.-ih !>a,->s \v>-n- cr. tlie highest being I'l.'JI'! feet lii- pas:;. v.hii ii .,:. thai Ivl "THE TIME, THE PLACE AND THE GIRL." COM : NG \\'llen lln- cu: • :.!: .lie.- ii.. i- ' .• . t ;iei',l lll»l|s<- i IU 'i , i ll! .M >,, • •''. .ll ^ ( Sept. I 1 Itli. ""I'll" '[' :••••. tie- I'l.ic.- . . i I|M I iirl". I):" >!;-' ' ;.'.ieiii)ii''-n-i;i . . ! ce^st'lll IIIII-I< .'! pl.'i'. <":i 'll<- 'i:iv «iii i" i .-.ceil. Tl\e company IK headed by .luhu i !•:. VOIIIIK as "Ha|i|iy" .lobn Hicks. ! Tin 1 tiook and lyiU .- are by ,lo.~.. K. I Howard. The scen-.^ of tho play ar- laid In the mountains of VlrglnUi. will h« explain the Benguct e- : railroad in tlie Philippines and the i!- pi-rpeiual fianchls(> Uiat lu> wanted i.i t'l-'eu npnii the Filipinos with a -h '"!!i '* r' U'lariuitt i 1 nf U'leiniie tn the -", '-nrpnra 1 :'!!-.. securing tin- franchises? Ii, Will h • explain his record nn tin- la::. .bur nues'loii and hi> si'enee nn the .1? laillT i|!-..-'iii;i and !|i.- ii'iisl i|iiestinn ..• diiriiig h:.- official servlee in Wnshlrih . i i tun?" i .. . . -*_,.«. .- MEXICANS TORTURE : AN AGED PROSECTOR. .' lii.--News mining camp ..f a most das- .ted hy uii- '!;.- victim. !iim sudden.,- • Well, n .! t dark .-.! lilm and engaged escaped. bound just lie- him. Id- was already hungry, not having had supper after bis day's work. Fortun- aiely be was able to again release himself after a time and escape to Kelvlu aud give tbu alarm. MORNING PAPER HASN'T HEARD FROM MAINE YET. •'.• Observent readers have not •'•• •'.• failed to note that the morning •!• •'.• paper has not hoard from •!• •:• Mnine yet, or hearing, It has * •;• perhaps not hu.l space to i>riut <• •:• Ihe news. •:• •I- The Malm 1 election is always •> | •!• • considered a most Important * j v political event in presidential •:• •;• years, and every paper in the •;• i •:• 'country features the result. •'.• ! •;• And this year they, all did, as •;• •;• usual—all but one. HAYES IS RENOMINATEO OVER MARSHALL HALE. SAX FRANCISCO, Sept. 1'..—Tho Republican convention of tin? Fifth Congressional district tnniuht renomi- nated 1C. A. Have- nf Han Jose. The vnte stond -I',', for Hayes a- a.'.aiiisi :', 1 lur Marshall Hale. Hid. \V ilsh's dls- ; at mil ' a II and i' nuld Itave|e<-ii tile;. -.-. mi!.! li.-tv.- l.ill. ii|li-IJnos,'Ve',l !--. 'I'll- I.lricolij. •used Mils eveiiui-: H.I'. '.ii' llaye- t h •• ' ip JH i-j - io'i • . lie .'"I),.!, savings accounts as they pleast while the state banks must put depod Its In only such Investments as thl state dictates. The national bank! thus draw from Ihe state Institution/ In I.os Angeles a combination of ten i national banks absolutely .dictate tl the state banks through the clearlnj house. Furthermore, the national haul! examiner has Issued orders foi them to draw all funds out of statj banks. We demand that the national banks doing a savings business bq subject to the same rules as the state banks, so as to put the mon an equal! j Ity." 1 Senator F \V. I,envltt oT Oakland ; took the sahie vlewjind urged siiper-| ! vision of all savlt'n.s"*ai'counts. i-II ayi lieeli cant with Republicans l" r Kmisevell men i deellllllg In -llji; wa.-. Ion -'mug vol. having -* * '• MUCH ACTIVITY ."<T THE "AIR GROUNDS You Need Your Head D. £ HEADACHE :. \FEDS PI-' THE WEATHER. SAN FHANCISl.'O, riept. \n.- Southern California: <'loi»dy tonight wl'h nbuwers, cloudy Thursday. THE KODAK STORE. .i .v. Hughes The Leading Prescription Druggist. Phones Main 64 and 74.

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