The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 14, 1908 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, September 14, 1908
Page 4
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THE BAKERSPIELD CALTPORNIAN MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 14,1008. Ferguson mmittees Named for Catholic Baz Novem Last s hall oiiiU-d the reports to ar- <> ! ' eiling in St. i ; r<mimittft .« a) Sunday in 1 - vious met. to • set in artive \vnrl. j for ;he r,ii..i,i-, u;i/ - )-. Forty ladles and t.ln-ir husbands pr» ,- 1 ur and much int» i n i st was Htt d in tin- affair, A final re- n i eivcvi and ar-cojitcd provides that the Catholic ladies will give their annual hull and a committee Callfornlan want ads. Best results. It is inten .-j*M Tor tnose who appro* was appointed with power to engage ihe hall and net a definite date, the sale of ticket^ for the same to begin Wednesday. The tiisc bazar will ho held beginning November Ifith, continuing for eight to ten days. Twelve booths were announced with the various heads and asHitants appointed. Socials and entertainments before and during the fall will be given from time to time, the proceeds of the same to be added to the bazaar fund in the end. The following ladies have^ been assigned to take charge of their respeo live booths and each head will select at tli"!! 1 ' • ; ' " afiaiu this year. Ho also ,p l ;- : -1 '•• d r ho ladies K ing the !.• --• y will reeoivo (lie. ifhet.. -:rhjints of this cjtv. Names, « i 1 . art t" t' (1 Kept in detail and flue en-ilii must be- given every Hitt ron M! S; (• r :i:<-t. mz.'ar. Tl'|' number nf men present "veiling (ansi'd much enthusiasm. their interest aids the ladles. - lh>> lri/;i,i! on eej'htin davs to date quality, for those gentlemen who* her assistants: Mrs. Krausse, Mrs. H. enjoy a thoroughly matured, rich old O. Davis, Mrs. Newhouae, Mrs. Corti, Hfelbling, Kentucky liquor— 1. W. HARPER wblak«v. Rnld bv Brtrr * W«JoheJt A Faithful Friend. "I have i;?fM rnamoenain'p Colic, tjholent and Diarrhoea Remedy since Jt was fir."! introduced to the puhnC in 3S7U. and have n*>ver found one in- ptance wlu-re a cure was not speedily effected by its use. I have been a commercial traveler for slirhteen years and never start out on a trip without m f;nMi'ul frl«»nd." H. S Nichols of OakliinO, Ind. Ttr. \Vtien a man h;ie a for 'h'rt-flve year hn knov/s it> value and is- coiupe tent, to s[.e;ik <;! it. For Kale by Bae; Bros.. p.ak'T-fH-M . K**rn Drue Co Mrs. P. Galtes, Mrs. Cbris Mrs. Moore, Miss De Gana, Mrs. E. L.. Willow, Mrs. Fry. Mrs. Fairchlld, Miss H. Hewett, Mrs. Jas. McGulre. Various sub-committees were appointed to take charge of several new venture's during the fall. The ladles present last evening were all very much interested as was manifestd by the speeches. Father Krund addressed the ladies, congratulating them on the larue attendance, and be announced by the table committees, good old-time dinners will bf. served and special menu cards wjft be gotten out lor these dinners. The) plans settled upon last evening call for a great amount of work, ln\ Father Frund says sixty ladies can accomplish the work which is to be divided and well systemlzed. Rev. Vaughn's Sunday Talk rules and regulations governing the He spoke ladies in past years, how they have accom manner of soliciting, etc. of the great work of th Despite the rather sensational announcement, there was hut a small attendance at the First Methodist Church last evening to listen to Rev. Edward Vaughn discuss civic matters based on the query ""Why a certain city and county have an unsavory reputation." The speaker dealt with the liquor traffic and referred to the recent local option petition, illustrating by a para hie in which he referred to a "King and his subjects." He accused "a certain" district attorney of having talk- i.l^hed HO much, and'prophesied that I ( '< ( °" I)0t|1 sideR of the question, and their manv non-Catholic friends will I hf ' ™«?rred in uncomplimentary way to a certain boss." \\Then the Kcrmon was concluded. i Mr. Vaughn asked If anybody could ( snlve. the puz'/.le as to what city and ; county were meant, and several hands! went ii]), Slips of pap<T were pnsped ! around for J'ui'ther expression, but ' nobody took advantage of 'he opportunity. MATTRESSES! Ask For The " DIXIE' The Best For Comfort And Durability. At St.PaulsVestry Meets Toniaht \J There will he a meeting of the vestry of at. Haul's Parish this even at S o'clock in the (luild Hall to ar- r.iuire for the work of rhe year. Friday evening at 7:JJo the choir wilt meet in the (Juilil Hull to arrange K :»nd assemble the n"\v y#«ar'w work. Hev. Crabtree desires that all ibe old i members ho present and as many n*'W i wJll be made that evening. Doran York nave many new een summ win York Doran ULtVARD BEATS THE CIRCUS EAVORERS DYER & JONES MEETINGS OURS Auto mobiles NOTICE IMPORTANCE TO ILISTS AUTOMO f autonioltilo iund< 1 in i" price tires, lakm- etYei't eS|it. IV ou ai't hain tires at the old list you ;,re pnyiu^ too mu<-b. Call anil u'ct i;«'\v pruvs It lot of ,,i i)HV til'''-. 260 Main Phone and 9th Drury Erb Sessions of fne Kern County Christian Kndeavor rally were held at the Presbyterian Church in Hie afternoon and at the First Congregational Church in the evening yesterday. Thomas Hanney, OIK- of the officers of the state organization and president of the Riverside County <" . anv one had been fortwiiiu- K. H. Waterman of Fresno, who "ro ha\e been aloni: tr.e levee drove his \Vhiie steam car to victory \ \ leads to the base o!' tiif- in the re* ent races at Fresno, is con-i bluffs Saturday atternoon ahom 4 ducting a campaign for a boulevard have bht-;) !r*:.M' i d through Kern, Tulare and Fresno l :n a -ijsiit almost as sensational as Counties, so that through travelers the great "autos that pass in the air" I may not oiJy have a good road, but .-tutu which the facile penned press ' may pass through the best improved, a^r-nts of Barnum & Railey's curcus are : (.-ountry and have a scenic route the promising for Saturday next. .1. h.| entire distance. Hearth, a youns lady friend, am ids w'uterman's plan is M >avo The auto wen- the principals, and ib* ;vct 1 g ou thorn Pacific line at Famosa and may properly be terme-1 "a'lios t.i/.t i u Uj p ()rT ,.rville, Exeter. Lindsay, VI- imss in the water." , Ka »j q| oropi, Dinuha and Reedley; For while crossing the two bri,lv*-s ; r ; <> n v ,'* i -t ''• the ruilroad. He was the end of tn» vn-td. »»•»*» 'into lilt ' i,, f Oro the? Tulare County Board of Supervisors and found the hoard willing to do its part. He will ask the Fresno board to build a good road m>m Reedley and the Kern board to take care of its end of the line, and Belmo HAVANA CIGARS M hole i,j tr.e h'ru bridge, aivi aner a .iurd a'.tempt Mr. Dearth snrcer in turning the wheejn straight and venting an accident there, hut u yards "further ahead, on the second bridge, the auto again became unruly Union, gave die address in the evening and l»'d an informal discussion in the afternoon, relative to lo<-a] needs j an.I the amateur mahout, unable to and bow best to r.,eet them. i control it further, with his companion, At the afteriie* Cession Miss Mar-(auto an-1 all took a flying leap rhrousrh rU-t Buss and Miss Florence Houiihton !-T' !C *' i:ito the co!(1 irrigating water ga\-e "K-hoes from the State Endeuv- N'i^ht feet below. The auto lande or Convention." held in Sacramento, right sid- up in the ditch botton: at: In the evoning Mr, (famil uav address on "Soul Wanning:." slims \v» i" 1 w. !i Mttemli <i a;n tercet manifested. an The set in- although Mr. Dearth and bis compnicm were thoroughly wet, they manage.i to climb out in saftey. Their escajt** trom COFI'Kli Schilling's Hrstisabusi* ness-like naine; you know ^ what it nuvms; and it means what you want. Your tirocer return;, vour nu.ncv ifvcu don't e it: wn pity *i»i, Mr. \Vm. J. Hi, u Mi ;iy t.c heard to speak on the issues nf the day nt Muiurv \v;,s a niiraculoiis one cons l| ml t- ej'iug t i f e distance of the tall heavy machine. Mr. Dearth was pelled to walk, his clothes wri wet, about 21 mile to phone word for help to the Bakerslleld garage. The young lady was removed to her home and today begun her week's work showing no ill effects of her trying experience. The auto was hoisted t from its position in the ditch bottom ; | yesterday morning and atte'- a slight overhauling will he as good as H ever was. Mr. Dearth is the brunt of considerable joshing from his friends on account of his circus stunt proclivity. then all will be complete, It has been found practically impossible to maintain a good road across the Cross Creek country, between CJoshen and Traver, and the only way is to go around it either by Hanford or by Porterville and Visalia. The mountain view and orange groves are In favor of the Porterville way, hut which course will eventually be adopted will probably be determined largely by the efforts of the people of Hanford and Vtsalia. The NEW kind Nieder-iur's Kun-,:;',ue More. street. Come in i>im n.-nr linh rfi* -^ JL OU i • ".;,rt \\iii n\\\- arid Fairh;in PIANOb! i Quality of tone is v.-r in a piano. You voltimlnouH tone, ve.lop into U tin paru . the case with m;',nv et" b anos, that are now country. \\V ask >m Willow Furniture r,,. soft sweet tone of th< Fremont Pianos. r n new to a great manv built, by good, reliable fru-tot u pressly for the Southern Music Co., who has exrlush the Pacific Co;<s(, who li,i strict economy in the sal- '\\o pianos to make thorn a word with many. You will tin •'*' un-1 $KMI. Our i, Ired oiul, s Classification DEMOCRAT Democrat Springs stage will leav» Arlington Hotel every Wednesda? morning. Tho baths are unexcelled for rheumatism and kidney trouble by any and all skin diseases. Tb* only hot mud baths In Kern Countr Hotel largest and best accomodatlous of any resort <n Kern County. Fin* camping grounds and planty of Hhade. " PIONEER HOTEL MORLEY THEATRE Masonic Temple, 2007 Chester Avenue tlH HOILKKS FOR SAKE—One 21. h. boiler in A No. 1 whapo, $175; on h. i). boiler, first class shape KMI. O. S. Mickey. 1520 21st'HI. lili Continuous Performan , I! 1' 1 are ex- ntrol - i \ old ,u FOR, SALE—One quarto-" hlocli, at conif-r o;' ^.ith and Pino iU*ndi"l ^it«- for a home; can lie \\-,\ \ i»artl> on ti';v.i<. I'vico $1 lf><»—only a trifle ov-; $s,5i» JKM' front to-it. H. (i. i' r.-.-uns, 1707 Chester BOX OFFICE OPEN 7:15 to 9:15 Higher tit' r- <;odle\ nill',ei : KKNT—Kurni^hod i.oufc in Kern: cen;vitl huM has ^u.r.l yard, I.urn, ami c'uic.kc-i hoUHe. Also good 5 room houso on North Chester avenue. Suiter & Co., lirju i stroel, Main H::-J. STRICTLY HIGH CLASS MOVING PICTURES AND ILLUSTRATED SONGS; FUN AND AMUSEMENT FOR EVERYBODY. "The Dumb Witness" "Sampson and Delilah" (special feature) "Hapless Hubby" "Freedom For All" Kilt ire "Jim Is Fond of Garlic" "The Daughter's Honesty" "A Good Dinner, Badly Digested" SONGS—"What Will Your Answer Be" "Golden West Girl." Willow Kurniurro *'o 1 at LMir. «; - ( - r {'} !V ('O.. , ( . vm i a v' * - » i line dl>:»l:i:. t stocl, o* tin 'urniture. Kurnitun- •an b^ aienta. *. lest Uj> to ilii us well ari itianti/ bought on wasy nionihlv j>uy- tf Tin-: wixnsofi BMPLOY.\I.KNT of- Hce. Hep of oil Kinds lurniehed. \Vonion I'specially. l!U!» K street, Phono Mitin Ml. H. H. Wilson. -1't • ohnii«r<> <ii' Program Monday and Thursdny nights. A tn-priso for our patrons evory week. ^lutint'e Saturday and Sunday. I- »loo.| Itnuu' in t!n ! ein'A ii'i foot conier v?th sh.-ide an 1 fruit: only terms. H (i, l J -'r«MUS, lTt'7 Or RngH FehiensRn. licensed optlo ian; office Morrow-Klmball drug «lor* Eyes oxaminf-d froe. have make entnes you ten once stock and articles are entere . examination that they and place for tim are MAO RAE committee

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