The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 11, 1952 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 11, 1952
Page 11
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* - FRIVOLOUS FILLY -*~ THEY MUST I'M ADUD, -TAKE CttR •STEED OPSTATe TO THORNY DOWM6 AND '. AtTGUST 11, MM - wiH. M.J., BT>7THEVTLLB (ARK.) COURTER PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 43 BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Representatives or the Stale of Arkansas and by tue Senate of the Slate of Arkansas, a Majority FALL PLANTING SEED HAIRY VETCH, SEED WHEAT, BARLEY FE& CUE AND CLOVERS NEW CROP SEED BLYTHEV1LLE SOYBEAN CORP. Phone 6856-6857 CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Sli« ip t« ,-!8 In. Corrugated Metal Culrerts film <p U 14 !•. A. H. WEBB AtUnutic ri.,d Cite, Concrete « Metal Sepllo Tinks Sewer Tile Bert Prices We D e iJY M Hlithw»i «1 at Stale Line Phone 8414 For a little thing: like your regular grease and oil change . . or [or a major engine overhaul, you'll find lhal T. I. Seay Motor Co. will give you service you'll like. If you don't like the service Tou're netting; now—change it! T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Ckryafer-PIrimtii Dwler 121 I. Mata rh.» jm of All tlie Members Elected to Each House. Agreeing Thereto: That the following is ncreby pro- Posed as an amendment to the Constitution of the State ot ArKamas, and upon being .submitted to the electors of the State lor approval or rejection at the next general election for Representatives and Senators, If a majority of the electors voting thereon, at such an election, adopt such amendmcnl, the same shall become a part of the Constitution of the Stale of Arkansas, to-wit: Amendment No. It) to the con- stitutfon of the State or Arkansas, adopted by the electors of this State at the General Election held and conducted on the 6th day of November. 1328, is hereby amended to read as follows: SECTION 1. It being most apparent that privately operated factories, industries and transportation facilities are necessary for the development of a community and for the welfare of Its inhabitants, an annual tax of not exceeding one per cent ot the assessed valuation of all taxable property witnln the cor- PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Rest Trices Kirby Drug Stores poiate boundaries thereof may be levied by cities of the first and sec- onrt ctass lor the purpose ol providing funde to be used for the acquisition ol sites within or without, such cities and for the construction of such sites ol buildings and other facilities, lor lease or sale, [or the Eiforesair] purposes, or for the amortization of bonds bearing interest st not more than four per cent per annurr. -isued for such purposes. SECTION 2. When petitioned by not. ID.SS than ten per cent, ol liic qualified electors residing therein the city Council or other governing body ol any sucn city shall call lor an election to be held not mure than ninety days thereafter lor the purpose of having the qualified electors vote in the oroposilion. SECTION 3, The General Afisem- bly shall enact such enabling legislation as shall be required to effectuate the purposes Hereof. APPROVED: March 20, 1951. Secretary of State C. G. HALL, Don't hide from the every min- ule need of insurance. Fire, Accident, burglary . . . every hnKard lhal may descend upon you at any hour of the day, can b« covered by insurance Protect what you have! (Proof Next Week) American Indians Were Not Horsemen Originally (from last week) The American Indians did nof have horses Ircfore the arrival of Europeans upon (hi.s continent, The first hnr.s<-s seen hy Indians wen- brought hy thn Span- tsh invaders of Mexiro. 1. "Nuggets of Knowledge-"— Gfvi, IV. Stimpson. •J G.^BOVBAKHEt GLENCO HOTEL BLDG. BLYTHEV1LLE, ARK.>O«t4360 I Can't Cry Now Addfe McElfrejh •. '«!. HU fc-ta. !_. rv 'rHE house was old. the farm worked out, and until Katy Elmo bought the place three years ago both house and farm had been abandoned for years. Katy's friends said she was crazy to buy such a lonely old place and often during that first mad summer of sweeping scrubbing, painting, weed-pulling and flower- and shrub-coaxing she thought they must be right. j) But she loved it. She had loved it then, and she loved it now when the rambling familiar old house and the ramshackle barti out back were the only havens she knew from the storm that had broken with Chris's murder. The police hadn't called Chris's death murder. She didn't know wna; they did call it. Justifiable homicide, she supposed. In their official minds. Link Murphy's death was murder and Agnes Jerome's was murder. Ted had told hrr this, reluctantly. Ted had been there, at the Flore, where there \vas so much to point to Chris's guilt, nothing to substantiate Katy's faith in him and Ted's faith in his friend. Only Agnes Jerome, who knew ?ome1hin2 and who, somehow, had let the killer suspect that she knew, had called Chris's death murder. tt'as that why Johnny had come to sec Katy"* Because he knew, too because he also was afraid the mm-dcrer knew that he sus- .pccled? Btit why come to Katy? She got out of the car quickly and slammed the door hard, as if in that way she could keep the fear from following. "Johnny thinks I did it! He thinks 1 talked to Agnes first and then killed her! That's why he ran away—he's a f ra id — afraid of me!" The thoughts tumbled over one another, maddeningly. She walked to the house, trying to sort out of her vague apprehensions. The quiet was right; il was always quiet. The sunshine and the lengthening shadows- She looked around. Major. Where was Major? And Deputy Donnel], who Scott said would be here? She whistled for the dog and, when there was no answering glad bark, called sharply, "Major! Conic!" "That you. Miss Elmo?" Deputy Donnell, no doubt, Katy thought as she followed the shout around the house, • • • jf^T the corner she slopped. Peter Donnell, his dignity wearing thin with embarrassment rather than alarm, was at the barn door-—on the inside. Major sat straight-backed and tali as a proud Prussian general about 10 feet from his quarry. "Call off your dog. Miss Elmo." Kaly said "Come, Major. It's all right" and dropped a hand to the big German shepherd's head when he trotted to her. Donnell came out, brushing at his immaculate gray suit. "You should be a trainer, Miss Elmo." he almost grinned. "I've spent half the afternoon trying to lalk my way out ol there. He just fixed me wilh thai baleful look and dared me." "Major is fiercely protective." Donnrll was not as young as Scott and less inclined to Ijc chivalrous, lie fell in step beside her with a s>i; rp: "Thon w'w di In'; i* jifoUxt A^liiii Juuiiw La^l night?" A premature chill ol the evening crept into her bones. "Because be was in the house with me," Katy said. She seemed to remember him prowling uneasily from room to room, but they were actions that could have sprung from her own worried pacing up and down as .she waiter), counting the minutes until Agnes Jerome would come, "It's something to think about Miss Elmo." Deputy Peter Donnell warned. "What are you frying to say?" Donnell shrugged. "You shouldn't slay here alone." "The slicrilf doesn't think I'm in any danger. He doesn't even believe me." Katy didn't look at him. Lcdbctter didn't believe her Neither did Dove Argus, and somehow thot was more important. "Dave Deputy Argtis," she heard herself stammer the correction too quickly and flushed, "feels sorry for me." "Is that bad?" Amusement WM in the crisp, official tones. 'I suppose not Many a murder suspect would give her right arm for a sympathetic deputy sheriff.." • • • TJONI>JELL pushed his snappy gray fedora back with a flabbergasted thumb. "You arc. a cool one," he said, half admirinRly. "iVo wonder Dave holds out there's a long chance you're telling the truth. I almost believe you myself." For a long time after he had gone, K.ity pondered on lhal. Ccr- Ininly circumstance and suspicion overshadowed the "long chance" but they were doubts that would not have entered Dave Argus's mind were it not for Chris. Except for Chris and the rc- sullant clamor, not even Henry I.edbetler, wilh an eye on his own re-clcclion, would point a linger at Katy Elmo . . . not for the dealh of Agnes Jerome, of Mason Avenue, who could have l;cen miinlcred by so many for so many obvious reasons. Hut there was Chris and. with Chris, Link Murphy and Agnes .I<-romo, who had been (xjmim! here when she was killed. Katy siyhcd., .(X» «e ConUuucxi) 1:00 1:25 7:30 1:55 8:00 8:30 8:00 9:30 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:45 11:00 11:30 11:45 12:00 12:15 12:30 1:00 1:30 2:00 3:00 3:15 3:30 4:00 4:05 4:30 4:45 5:00 5:15 5:55 5:30 5:45 6:00 1:00 1:31) 8:00 8:45 0:00 10:00 10:30 10:40 11:10 11:40 11:45 Today News Today News Prologue to Puturt Breakfast Party Fashion show ' Strike It Rich Storyland Love of Life Search for Tomorrow Morning Meditation Film Featurette Garry Moore Guiding Light News Farm News Homemakeis Program Bfg Payoff Johnny Duean Manhattan Matinoa Hawkins Falls Gabby Hayes Howdy Doody News Berl Olswanger Industry on Parade Memphis Art Academy Film Featurette News Weatherman Liberace News Caravan Midwestern Hayritie Boss Lnrty Circle Theatre Amateur Hour Miss Citizens Committee Summer Theatre I've Got A Secret News Panlomine Quiz City Hospital News Sign Off PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 41 BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Representatives of the State of Arkansas and by the Senate, n majority of All the Members Kiected to Each House Agreeing Therclo: That the following Is hereby proposed as an amendment to the Constitution of the State ol Arkansas, and upon bfiiiK submitted to the electors of the State for approval or rejection at the next general election for Representatives and Senators, if a majority ot the electors voting thereon In such election adO[)t such amendment, the same shall become a part of the Constitution of the state of Arkansas to wit: SECTION 1. That the Constitution of the State of Arkansas be amended modifying Section 19 of Article 7 and Section 3 of Amendment No. 24 of said Constitution so as to provide for the election of a County Clerk In all of the said counties of the State, as follows: "The provisions for the eleclion of a County Clerk upon a population basis are hereby abolished and there may be elected a County Clerk in like manner as a Circuit Clerk and in such cases, the County Clerk may be es ollicio Clerk of the Pro- bale Court of such county until otherwise provided by the General Assembly." This Amendment shall be In full force and effect upon and after Its adoption, APPROVED March 20, 1951. Secretary of Slate C. G. HALL Political Announcements Subject to Preferenlial Election AUK. 12 1(152 Fot Stale Itepresonlafive KENNETH S. SU1.CER For Post No. 1 PA'<ffB Bl/HTTOT OUT OUR WAY FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS IT'SMV FAVORITE TVPS306RAM TCO--IT RUNS A WHOUE HOUR/ I DON'T WANT TO TILL AFTER. TH PROGRAM TIME RIGHT MOW THB'LI .__ THAT TROUSSEWJ AISC& I Benefit by Reading and Using Courier N«wi Classified Adj *° get back into that e°°d old school aga.n—evory class is so interesting with differint boys to pick from!" I I* Pei,VHTI|f...BIKBJWC!WMT HOULI7 TUB' CD IP THEy FOUND « E , FEOM ANOTHER MOKLD, Television- Tonire, Tomorrow WMCT. Memphis. Channel 4 MONDAY NIGHT, AUG. 11 6:00 6:30 1:00 7:30 8:30 8:00 9:25 9:30 10:00 10:45 11:00 11:15 11:25 Masquerade Parts- Howard Barlow Arthur Murray Robert Montgomery Who Said That Slim Rhodes News Strike It Rich Wrestling News Film Featurette N'ews Sign Off LISTEN TO THK.. ONLY 60 PERCENT OF THE PEOPLE BOTHER TO rt -i VOTE! VOT.1NG- SHOULD BE COMPULSORY I'M f^rOINO TO .WRITE MV GOOD POR YOU, DEAR' EVERYONE SHOULD BE , A3 INTERESTED AND r^- WELL-INFORMED AS YOU ARE! , I'LL TUESDAY, AUGUST 12, 1952 YOU FIXEC7 Hlv\ UP FOK KEEPS, -*XJ CLUM 5Y FOOL.' LETS GET TO 9LA7ES OUT OP H£2E /VJ[7 FINS' SOU AN ALBI. SOWEONB'S CQMIKJft/ •JOU CWO MMCE MEW OWES THE BILLY, AREN'T VOU SMMIT EUOUGM ' ...T "-~, A / ityu VK.N mi\M= wuw U^fc&...TH£: ,^-^?^ I KINO POLICE DOM-r WvVE TO HAUL THERE,,.VOU HAVE BILLY'S (! «M5T6R..\TO SEE VOU'RE HE^DEO FOR TI16 M-L FIXEP UR CATtivT'suf i «W PWT VOUR BEDIItoe.MJP- MOMM! OH. U WILL BE OU6STIOWIUG EVERY SC REFORWWORV, IF YOU KEEP RUN- PlCKIM' FKIEUDS FORME MIMG WITH TW T0U6M CROYJD2I I SHOULDN'T HAVB / BUT WHHRt'D I BE, HAD PUSHED THATSENICI HE TROWED ON MYH OVEEBOARD UN- \ DOWN VA1ERE HE 15 TIL T'O LEARNED HOW TO CONTROL WELL, LOOK \ PEACE Y/HO'G HERE...) EFFt'MOl TH' GENIE! /I COME IN VA^AS5^ MATTER, / WO...1 v/AS OlDJUH FALL OFF! THRO/^N OFF.., YOUH CARPET? '\ BODILY.' THIS ARABIAN NIGHTMARE.' ?-VOVV(.^'. W OOOR \ XitV-V,.^ OYtKs (\V4-V-iW « WrVSTVV. Wt

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