The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on November 17, 1970 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 17, 1970
Page 2
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Page 2 THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE Tipton Doily Tribune .45? per week By carrier in city. BY MAIL: Tipton and adjacent Counties: 1 year 6 months ;.. 3 months... .... Subscription PAID IN ADVANCE - No mail subscription accepted where carrier delivery is maintained. $11.00 6.50 3.50 Member: UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL Entered as Second Class Matter October 4, 1895 at the Post Office in Tipton, Indiana, under the Act of Congress of March 3, 1897. i SECOND-CLASS POSTAGE PAID IN TIPTON, IND. PUBLISHED DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY BY TRIBUNE PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC. 221-22? E. Jefferson Street Tipton, Indiana 46072 Phone 675-2115 wn and 3 lie C ^loch une CHILDREN AND ACCIDENTS _ By R.D. Mdney PERHAPS WE ARE going "overboard" regarding the danger of children having accidents at this time of year.. .as winter closes in. . .some of school age, plus those not yet old enough to attend, but we don't, think so. After witnessing two incidents in the past three days, in which children, one of school age... and one not yet old. enough to attend, were almost involved, we have reached the conclusion that too much cannot be said of the matter. ACCIDENTS, as we all know,, or should surmise, are not only the leading cause of death of children, but disability, permanent or temporary. We have come to the conclusion after reading information on the 1 matter. DESPITE WHAT is done in the field of accident prevention, there has been an inability to reduce the number of childhood accidents and fatalities, in proportion. The terrible thing is that most of the accidents, which are taking the lives of youngsters, or injuring them, are the type which could be prevented. They occur because someone is CARELESS and NEGLIGENT. It. seems that the general public needs much more information directed at them. . .to help prevent accidents to children and adults alike. Most people perhaps, nave the idea that accidents to children, most of them, occur outside the home, but this is not true, according to statistics. Most do occur at home.. .and we presume are not publicized as much as those occuring outside the home.* One writer termed the American home *a hazard'in some cases. This perhaps is because he believed that most people now are leading what might be termed a 'roaming* existence. One hospital reported that three of every four childhood accidents occured at home. . CHILDREN, it may be pointed out, are naturally inquisitive. They learn by what we might term, trial and error. They explor. They do have a rather heavy EXPOSURE to potential hazards in the home. . .and this may be added to the miniature bathroom, drug stores in almost every home. HOWEVER, it seems that as the child grows older.. .some of the early 'exposures' are gone. He or she no longer toddles into trouble, learns either from experience or the constant effort by MOMMY.. .that"there are 'no-no's.. .and this helps. As the child grows a little older, home accidents are not as frequent . . .but there is still that high mortality rate as automobiles have that certain fascination for the teenager. WE DON'T WANT to appear MORBID at this stage of the game . . .but a little more friendly persuasion by parents, along with advise. . .might help reduce the number of children, both of school age, and younger, from disablement and death. We all no doubt.. .have become aware that we are living in an age of YOUTH POWER. Youth Power has taken a rather permanent place in our national scheme. Youth is more dependent upon youth, not adults. Students in higher education, mixed with some disgruntled hippies have brought trouble from Maine to California. Thankfully. . .the TROUBLEMAKERS are in the MINORITY. , The threat has even spread to high schools and sometimes even lower grades in some areas. The result, in most cases has been CONCESSIONS on the most part, when students demand, so let's hope it never reaches the point where there will be more CONCUSSIONS. It would seem, to our disgust, some college presidents and some high school principals., .would "rather switch than fight". j NOW. . .a great many good things nave come out of this trend,. whether we like to believe it or not. When, some grievences are 'aired*. . .and things are .'talked over', many times GOOD has come out of the troubled area. Now we also hear condemnation on both sides of the 'age fence*. Adults are critical of the youth, youth is critical of the adults. "They just don't understand us", is the cry of some youth. Some adults don't try. . .but most can blame themselves for allowing the youth to reach the STAGE. . .where everyone over THIRTY is HYPOCRITICAL. THERE ARE TOO MANY 'in' groups. ... too. few 'get with it* groups,, maybe. Perhaps this is because the youths who are wanting to get ahead, are too busy trying to get ahead, to arm themselves against the 'idlers* who would both separate them from their parents and any person or persons in authority! ONE THING SEEMS CERTAIN, Youth Power is evident in the market place. The 'dollar power*, is there.. .and is being sought by both the merchant and the dope pusher 1 High powered living surrounds the teenager every place he or she looks. Maybe it overwhelms them, to an extent; but it also tells them that THEIR MONEY and THEIR IDEAS are being taken seriously. Like DENNIS THE MENACE in one pic we saw.. .having dinner at a restaurant with his folks. The waitress, after taking the orders of father and mother, asked Dennis what he would have. "Hamburger, french fries and chocolate milk," he replied. "HE'LL HAVE roast beef, carrots, peas and sweet milk", said mother. WHEN THE ORDER arrived, Dennis had hamburger, french fries, and chocolate milk. "GEE, said Dennis; *<she thinks I'm reall" DOES THAT 'Ught you up* a'little? Should. We need to be firm with the children, but at the same time, see the fact that they are being 'showered' with attention from businessmen ...etc. BE A REAL MOM AND DAD, don't put your head in the sand and pretend Jr. or Sis are not there. It is up to you to establish the RIGHT DEPORTMENT at the RIGHT TIME, with the RIGHT MANNER I Warn [SCHEDULE TUESDAY, -NOVEMBER 17, 1970 . 6:00 O (B) Dick Van Dyke O Early Report O Big New* CD Eyewitness News. CD (B). What's New 6:30 O Daniel Boone Boone attempts to prevent a war « with the Indians when three settlers break a treat/ with the Cf^rokees. O NBC News O Big News (Cont'd) CD ABC News ED IB) Misterogers 7:00 O Daniel Boone (Cont'd) O Early Report O CBS News CO Beat the Clock €Q(B) Big Red Football Saturday's game ot Northwestern. 7:30 O Petticoat Junction Uncle Joe spreads the word of Betty Jo's marriage before Steve osks her. O Von Kaotts Don's guests are Andy Griffith and Jo Ann Pflug. Q Beverly Hillbillies Granny is convinced that her whole family is going to the frogs when Jed ond Jethro decide to join Elly May arid Mark in the sport of scuba diving. CO Mod Squad The squad investigates the mysterious death of a soldier who fails to return from Vietnam. CD (B) Football (Cont'd) 8:00 O Truth or Consoquenccs <J Don Kaotts (Cont 'd) O Green Acres Oliver is faced with two crises in the form of Lisa's (earning to drjve and having to harvest his apple crop before it spoils. CO Mod Squad (Cont'd) €H (B) Forsyte Saga Repeat of Sunday's program. . 8:30 Q What's My Line Q Julia Corey develops severe rejection symptoms when he believes thot Steve is a rival for his mother's affections.' O Hee Haw Chorley Pride and Suscn Roye join the Hee Haw clan... © Movie of the Week "The Over-The-Hill Gang. Rides Again" (TV Movie), starring Fred Astaire, Walter Brennan and Chill Wills os three retired Texas Rangers who ore joined by their old comrades-in-arms in a foray against crime in the old West. E3 (B) Forsyte (Cont'd) 9:00 O David Frost Carl Reiner, Barbara Rush Ond The Grass Roots join David. Q Hall of Fame "Homlet" starring Richard Chamberlain in the title role. Sir Michael Redgrave as Pofonius ond Margaret Leighton os Gertrude in Shakespeare's play about the young Danish prince who ( plans to avenge the murder of his father. O Hee Haw (Cont 'd) CO Movio (Cont 'd) S3 The Advocates A debate on the report of the President's Commission on Obscenity and Pornography. 9:30 O Frost (Cont'd) O Fame (Cont'd) O To Rome With love A former college roommate of Mike's persuades him to moonlight as the manager of o nightclub. CO Movie (Cont'd) CD Advocates (Cont'd) 10:00 O Frost (Cont'd) Q Fame (Cont'd) O 30 Minutes CD Marcus Welby, M.D. Dr.'Welby-discovers thar 0 young girl has leprosy just bef -Te she Is about to merry, CD San Francisco Mis 10:30 O Local News Q Fame (Cont'd) O News Special (B Marcus Welby (Cont'd) CD San Francisco (Cont'd' 11:00 O (B) Movie Four . "Captain Horatio Hornblower" (1951), with Gregory Peck and. Virginia Mayo. Story of a British sea captain during the Napoleonic Wars. O Final Report ' O Local News CO Eyewitness News . 11:30 O (B> Movie Four (Cont'd) O Tonight O Merv Griffin ' ' CO Olck Covert 6:30 1*^ Today In Indiana fi) Sunrise Semester CO Perspective 13 7:00 O (B) Panorama O Today O CBS News CD Safety Corner 7:30 Q Kortoon Karnival Q Today (Cont'd) O CBS News (Cont'd) CO Kindergarten College 8:00 O Karnival (Cont'd) Q Today (Cont'd) 93 Captain. Kangaroo CD College (Cont'd) 8:30 O Karnival (Cont'd) O Today (Cont'd) O Copt. Kangaroo (Cont'd) CO 181 1 Love Lucy 9:00 O (B) Topper 0 Virginia Graham O Coffee Cup Theater "My Gal Sal" (1942), with Ritu Hayworth ond Victor Mature. Song writer Poul Dresser's love for a musical star of the Gay Nineties.' CO Foul Dixon Show . 9:30 O Jack LaLanne O Graham. (Cont'd) O Theater (Cont'd) CO Foul Dixon (Cont'd) . '..:'[,; ;io:oo ( O Lucy ^how O Dinah's Place O Theoter (Cont'd) CO Paul Dixon (Cont'd) 10:30 O Movie Game O Concentration — O Beverly Hillbillies CO Thot Girl 11:00 Q Girl Tolk O Century Sate Q Family Affair CO Bewitched 11:30 O News O Hollywood Squares O Love of Life CO Eyewitness News PANCAKE and SAUSAGE SUPPER Fri., Nov. 20 5 - 7:30 p.m. Lutheran School Adults $1.25 Children 600 All you can eat! 12:00 f3 Chuckwagon Theoter ' Q Jeopardy O Where the Heort Is © 50-50 Club 12:30 O Chuckwogon (Cont'd) -CJ Jim Gerard O Search for Tomorrow SB 50-SO Club (Cont'd) 1:00 CI Hollywood Movie . "Aaron Slick from Punk in Crick". (1952), with Alan Young and Dinah Shore. A city slicker is out to gyp a poor young widow. O Jim Gerard (Cont'd) O Local News CO SO-50 Club (Cont'd) ' . 1:30 O. Movie (Cont'd) 0 Words and^Music O As World Turns CO Make A Deal 2:00 O Movie (Cont'd) j O Days of Our Lives O Many Splendered Thing CO Newlywed Game 2:30 O Movie (Cont'd) < O The Doctors O The Guiding Light CO Dating Game . 3:00 O Gourmet O Another World O Secret Storm CO General Hospital 3:30 O (B) Dennis the Menace Q Bright Promise O edge of Night ; CO One Lifo to Livo 4:00 O Popcye and Jania O Another World O Gomer Pyla CO Dark Shadows 4:30 O Popeye (Cont'd) O Mike Douglas O Early Show "Thunder" Bay" (1953), with James Stewart and Joanne Dai. Oil drillers fight sabotage of shrimp fishermen off' Louisiana's coast. CO Big Valley 63 Sesame Street 5:00 O- Flintstones SAN BERNADINO, CALIF.:, While some unfortunate dwellings in the San Bernadino Mountains fire were leveled by- the inferno others were left standing. Containment is close for the 51,000-acre brush and timber fire. Gov. Ronald Reagan November .'14, declared San Bernadino County a disaster area. . UPITELEPHOTO Hospital News ADMISSIONS: Beverly J. McFarland, Tipton; Olive M. Bauer, Tipton; B. Franklin Davis, Kokomo; Sandra Henry, Kokomo; Mildred Perciyal, Tipton; Charles House, Arcadia; James P. Graf, Anderson. DISMISSALS: James Peace, Sharpsville; John Cripe, Kokomo; William Hancock, Tipton; Marlene Green & Infant, Tipton; Diana Duncan & ilnfant, Tipton; Beatrice Cripe, Tipton; Catherine Mock, Tipton; Gary Anderson, Tipton. ! FROGS DIE WASHINGTON (UPP - Two .bullfrogs orbiting the earth since last Monday died Sunday, three, days after the space agency had successfully completed its experiment with them. The frogs were used in an attempt to understand and control motion sickness which has afflicted some astronauts • during weightlessness. The frogs were chosen because their inner ear—where motion sickness originates— is very similar to man's. O M'ka Douglas (Cont'd) O Early Shaw (Cont'd) CO Volley (Cont'd) 63 Sesame (Cont'd) 5:30 O (B) Addams Family O Mik« Douglas (Cont'd) O Early Shaw (Cont'd) CO Dragnet ED (B) Misterogers' correction CARROLL'S will be open Tuesday evening from 7 to ? The opening time' for 'Midnight Madness* was given at 9 p.nrj. in Monday's ad„ Rip Kirby ® By John Prentice & Fred Dickenson AN OCPREVOLVER ROARS AGAItf... ANP AN UJVGUJPEP CRAFT CJRO.ES WJIPLY... t POPEYE ® By Bud Sagendorf FREE! 1 for any or [LETTERS FROM GIRLf —SANTA • .• • • ii Here is all you do. Choose from severai different types'of letters. Then address it to your girl of boy, drop it in our special MAIL BOX. We will have it postmarked from SANTA CLAUS, Ind. Your child will receive envelopes furnished FREEI STOP IN AT FARMERS LOAN & TRUST COMPANY Your Friendly Bank" Tipton, Ind.

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