The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on November 16, 1970 · Page 9
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 9

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, November 16, 1970
Page 9
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/ MONDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 1970 THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE Page 9 TELL ME CLASSIFIED RATES 1 Insertion 5f per wore t Insertions 8? per word 5 insertions . 10 ? per word 4 insertions 12? per word 5. insertions 14? per word 6 insertions- IS? per word Minimum Charge $t.Z5 Charges are at a reduced cash rate and apply if the ad is paid within 10 days after the first Insertion. For Sale Service charge of 25? will- be added after too 10 day period. Advertisers should check their advertisements in the first issue in which they appear and report any error at once as no allowance can be made except for the first incorrect insertion. BLACK FACE LOCAL 20? per line LIGHT FACE LOCAL Memorian 15? per line Card of Thanks J2.QD Classified advertising - Call 675-2115 before 3 p.m. for Insertion 'next day. Saturday, call before 9 a.m. Cancellation- Preceding day. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY Calssifled per col. inch $1.00 1 inch daily per month $22.00 Each additional inch — $13.00 Rates Quoted Are. Local FOR SALE — Michigan Red Delicious apples. Bring container. 122 Poplar. 675-6724. C-42 FOR SALE --New 20 inch boy's bicycle. 675-2318. P-39 FOR SALE — Kempton Lions Club has used snow fence, 48 inch by 50 foot heavy duty 1/2 inch lath, $5 per roll. Call Kempton 947-2681 or pick up at Concord Woodwork Co. 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. week days only. C-38 FOR RENT — Nice 4 room modern house, new carpet and furnished. In Sharps ville. Prefer adult couple only. No pets. 963-5915. TF FOR RENT — Trailer. 1050 N. Main. Adults only, no pets. C-37 FOR RENT — Three room unfurnished apartment. Utilities furnished. Phone 675-. 4175. TF FOR RENT — One-half double. Dial 675-2458 after 6 p.m. C-TF TF FOR SALE — Dune Buggy. 675- FOR RENT — 6 room down- 6530. C-38 stairs unfurnished apartment. ' • Inquire 409 Oak. FOR SALE -- Two mud and snow tires and wheels. 80014. Good condition. Call after 4:00 o'clock, 675-6171. P-37 FOR SALE — A-l colored TV, 2 years old. Coopers Home Furnishings. 119-121 N. Main TF !'FOR.SALE -- Aluminumisidipg ' Storm windows-doors. Kobl- Vent Awnings. A. J. Butz 675-2646. ' C-TF FOR RENT ~ Extra nice 3 room unfurnished apartment. 619 N. Main. C-37 FOR RENT -- 3 bedroom house. References required. Call 675-4630. C-42 FOR RENT furnished 6812. - 3 room upstairs apartment. 675- C-TF Wanted Pets FOR SALE -- Seal-point Siamese male and female cats. 6 kittens. 6 weeks old, $50. 206 Illinois St., Arcadia. P-39 For Rent FOR RENT — Sleeping room. Call for detail. 675-4492. C-37 WANTED ~ Trash hauling, two times a month. Will clean out . attics and garages also. Call Jim Walker 675-2475 or 6757325. C-39 WANTED - Ride to Ball State University, starting -winter quarter. Ph. 347-3885. P-37 WANTED « Boys - Girls. Earn money selling our candy. Ph. 675-6557. P-40 FOR RENT — 3 room apart- WANTED — Housecleaning by ment. 675-4022. TF day or week. 963-2386. C-39 Miscellaneous APPLES, CIDER, POPCORN Pumpkins, Squash, Go'--ds, HAENLEN ORCHARD, E. of Greentown, follow V north. C -4v Wanted To Buy • WANTED TO BUY * WE NEED USED FURNITURE Top Dollar— Fast Pick-up 552-5315 EARLYWIME'S E. Edge, Tipton, Co. Farmers Needs FOR SALE — Two used 706 tractors, two used 350 tractors with loaders. Pring Implement. . C-38 FOR SALE — Used cornpick- ers, two row mounted. Ready for the field. From $300 up. Pring Implement. C-38 FOR SALE ~ JJD. 50 ft. elevator, 14 ft. corn drag with loader, N.I. 2 row picker. 2922383. C-37 Business Opportunity AN OHIO OIL CO. offers opportunity for high income PLUS regular cash, car and vacation bounses, abundant fringe benefits to mature man in Tipton area. Regardless of experience, air mail A. K. Read, Pres., American Lubricants Co., Box 696, Dayton, Ohio •45401. P-40 Services Roofing-Painting-Gutter Cleaning. Dan Purvis 675-6178. i. P-37 *• PORTABLE WELDING SERVICE Anywhere, anytime. Phone 947-3832. Tony Hancock. C-TF YOU saved and s>laved for waU to wall carpet. Keep it new with Blue Lustre. Rent electric shampooer, $1. Carney's Drug Store. C-42 FRONT-END ALIGNMENT ~ Smith Tire Servi.:?.. 115 N. Indep. St. Phone 675-6165. TF •SEPTIC TANK Cleaning. "Ray -T . mond Tragesser. Call 552-' 7162 or 675-2163. C-TF; COMMISSIONERS CLAIMS The Tipton Co. Commissioners will consider the following Election Claims at a special meeting NOT . 19, 1970. RipKirby ® Por John Prentice & Fred Dickenson Brick Bradford <D. By Paul Norris THEKE ARE B<Jil-PlNSS ON HORIZON....THA.T .WAY V. Eugene RiU, Set - Up 312.50 V. Eugene Ritz, Rest Mach „ 40.00, V. Eugene Riti, Elec Brd. Cam. Brd. , „ 165.00 William Rollings. Rest. Mach 40.00 William Rollings, Mileage Set-Dp™ 17.50 William Rollings. Elec. Brd. Cain. Brd „ . 165.00 Ross 11. HuBord, Member . Elec. Brd.. :_.„..._ 125.00 Pat McCormack, Asst. to Can?. Brd.. „ 25.00 Steve Peters, Stand by Rep„ 40.00 Compton L Son Inc., Elec Sttpp 33.26 Margaret A. Regnler, Asst. 33.26 ' ' 25.00 Francis B. Guenther, Absentee Voting Team .. 12.00 Virginia Baker, Same 27.50 Ann Doversberger, Same...... 26.40 Barbara Cox, Same 29.70 Lisle Jennings, Same.—.;..... .. 25.10 Zola M. Barrum, Same . 16.60 Dessle AUey, Same............. 2S.90 Linda Bunch, Same - 28.60 Meda P. Grlesel, Same........ . 24.80 Thelma Jarrett, Same. w ...... 24.00 Baiel D. West, Same ........... 24.00 Ethel A. Brown, Same.....„... 33.40 Frances A. Courtney, Same « 24.00 Josephine Paul, Same 24.00 Kathlrn Stockwell, Same ... 25.70 Dee HouTchurch, Same „ . 12.00 Mildred West, Same 12.00 Florence Rollings, Same _.„ 24.00 Marjorle J. Foster, Same..... 16.00 Cicero Twp. 1 E. L. Meloche Inspector.... 245.00 Cicero Twp. 2 Donald Blester Inspector^. 245.00 Cicero Twp. 3 George Ogden Inspector .... 263.00 Cicero Twp. 4 245.00' Cicero Twp. 5 Dorothy Ressler Inspector. " 245.00 Cicero Twp. 6 James E. Beeson Inspector - - 263.00 Jefferson 1 . Fred Rode Inspector 263.00 Jefferson 2 Jean Lemlnger Specter „«. 245.00 Liberty 1 Sue Henderson Inspector _ 245.00 Madison 1 : Oscar Stewart fcspecjr.... . 245.00 Madison 2 Wayne Castor Inspector „„ 245.00 Prairie 1 ' Dorothy Orr Inspector ...... 263.00 Wildcat 1 Lillian Dennis kispector^. 245.00 Walter U. Hogfaes Tipton County Auditor Harvest Home Dinner West Street Christian Church, 4-H Building, November 21, 1970. Serving 5:00 - 7:00 p 0 m. Adults $1.75, children 6-12, 756, preschoolers 35£ C-41 AUTO BODY HOW MUCH fOOD.RlR RNO Pt-R*30N COM9UMe PfljUV? of fooo, ocmvs 4 -lB $.0f WRT# HOW lowe DO P.ue -ifceee uve? Sines euRvive FROM RBOIITIOO «5 \Vl SUBSTRMC65 IN THE Y/OOD . HELP gfelgf PBCRVRVlDWS&l'Rf^CKl DOES efiirr wn-reR fRgKE? see! 1 sen* wr#* feezes "w" HOVJ DO&S-fUE MOST POY^PFUL 0OMB COMPRRf VJl <H. „ RW R^KRee HuRRicRVje.m PORCE" J\r4V ....COMPRReD NJttW R MOOKT HURRICANE! BUT,IRE BOMB'S FALLOUT ViH\CH R6lU r IN MEWfcCES ALL PQgM^ OF LIFE* 33P on the lighter side By DICK WEST WASHINGTON (UPI) There are two commonplace but highly important functions in life that the average person simply is unable to perform well. One is choosing a spouse and the other is choosing a career. Precise statistics on the number of mismated couples and maladjusted workers are unavailable, but the figure obviously would run into the millions.. Until now there was not much a person making these deci .sions could do except muddle along on his or her own. Girls who should have married introverts married extroverts. Men who should have been engineers became lawyers. And so on. With the advent of the electronic computer, however, help is finally on the way. Wiping Out Whimsy Already a substantial number NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS OF ADDITIONAL APPROPRIATIONS Notice U harebj Una Ue> tuperer* of TIPTON comruNrrr SCHOOL CORPORATION. Tipton Comrr, fcdlui. Bat Urn proper lepl officer! of said mmldpellrr it tbelr replar meeUac piece at 1:00 pjk eo ttei IDs da? at RoremUr. 1>70 will caviller tae lol- lovtaf adaltkael ipproprUtloae wklck eeld officers consloer necessary to neettlia extraordinary smarteacy eztsOiic et tnls USM. GENERAL FUND PepU Tisasportirlno Operates of Plaala Capital Qgflay Fixed Cbaries „ TOTAL , I 1,400.00 MZ3 .00 29.000.00 J.tOO.OO 3,330.00 3.110.00 139.6(5.00 Ne*rL*6k£or Your Old Car Here's the place to come for an expert body job that will give your car "like-new" looks ... fast. See us for glass installation and radiator repair. HANKINS BODY SHOP 455 Sweetland Reduce tbe following approprlaUoos: • GENERAL FUND Health SantlcH„ I l.tpo.00 Community srtlrss 415.00 Capital OoUay. 720.00 Debt Serrice 300.00 Trautar TulUoe^ 1,73040 Tnrat. 3 3.SS.00 TOTAL ADDITIONAL APPROPRIATIONS, GENERAL FUND 3J4.300.00 CUMULATIVE BUILDING FUND Capital Outlay tl.100,000.00 Proleet I31M. ElsBentary- Mlddl* School Construction Taxpayers anpearto* at suck sanitisf aball nan n rift* to be hoard thereon. Tea additional ippropriarioDi as finally aaade will be automatically resarred k> tts State Board of Tax Commlaafcoors, which Board will sold a further heerlac wittla fiftsen days at nsCosnty - Aedltor's Offioa at Tlptoa Coeaty. aatlana, or at such other pUoa ax may be destfaatsd. At . each aaartaf lupayara ctjeetlnc tonnyaf sneh .iMiH^—i sppropriattona may ba haardaadtn- iarastad lupiyers may Inquire of a* County Andltor wha and when sack aaartaf wai'ba Gene Dorerxbarrxr, Presldeat Ray 1. Lewis, Secretary BOARD OF SCHOOL TRUSTEES TIPTON COIOfUNrrT SCHOOL CORPORATION • L-41 of privately owned computerized dating agencies are in operation, gradually bringing a measure. of order and stability into the chaotic matrimonial situation. Once they have reached their full potential, marriages will be formed on the basic of. scientific matchmaking rather than whimsy, impulse and blind chance. It is equally gratifying to note that the U.S. Labor Department currently is striving to perfect a manpower matching system in which computers will be used by employment agencies to find the right workers for the right jobs. If you ponder upon this arrangement for a moment, however, you will sense that something is amiss. Which it is. Joining Forces Basically, we have two go- betweens performing essentially NOTICE TO HEIRS. LEGATEES AND CREDITORS ESTATE OF Pa oil Glfford. Deceased No. 3210 In Tipton Circuit Court, January Term, 1970 • Notice is hereby, given that Helen P. Roe as adminstratlx of said estate, has filed her account and vouchers inflnalsettlementofsaid estate, and bar petition praying the Court to allow said account and order distribution of said estate, and that the same will come up for bearing and action In said Court on the 3rd day of December 9:30 a.m„ 1970 In the courthouse in Tiptoo,. mdiana, at which time all heirs, legatees and creditors of said estate are required- to appear and show cause, if any there be, why said account and vouchers should not be allowed, and distribution of me estate be made as prayed for lnsaidpetltioo; and all the heirs, devisees, and legatees of said decedent and said estate, and all others Interested, are hereby required to appear at said rime and place and make proof of their heirship or claim to any part of said estate. Ross M. Hufford Clerk Circuit Court Tipton, Indiana Stanley U. Herbert, Attorney L-57 P-37-43 RIGHT BEHIND THE TRUCK... To bring you friendly greetings from your new community, along with useful gifts nnd information. Phone $75-4492 the same service. Which is inefficient and wasteful. One matching system should do both. Here, for example, are an e m p 1 o y e r's requirements: "Have opening for honest, ambitious young bachelor with at least 10 years experience as door-to-door tent peg salesman. Must have own car. College degree. Willing to work nights, Minimum starting pay bat good opportunity for advancement." Here are a job-seeker's qualifications: "Honest, ambitious young bachelor with 10 years experience seeks position as door-to-door tent peg salesman. Has own car. College graduate. Willing to work nights. Will accept minimum starting pay if job offers good opportunity for advancement." And here are another job- seeker's qualifications: "Middle-aged, self-educated widow with large family to support seeks well-paying job as fashion model within walking distance of home. Daylight hours only," Any properly functioning matching system would find both applicants unsuited for the job but ideal mates for each other. MAR LAND HEARING SET WASHINGTON (UPI) -The Senate • Labor and Public- Welfare Committee has set Nov. 19 for a hearing on the controversial nomination of Sidney P. Marland as U.S. education commissioner. Marland, . former Pittsburgh school superintendent, is opposed by the AFL-CIO because of his past views on teachers' unions. A KING-LY GESTURE HOUSTON (UPI)— Mrs. C. E. King told members of the C. E. King High School band she would donate $1,000 for their trip to the Rose Bowl Parade if they spend Saturday picking up litter on C. E. King Parkway. NEW. .. biggest feedmaker built! Gehl leads again. Big, new 120-bu. Mix-All combines "biggest-of-all" capacity plus Gehl's commercial-quality grind and mix ability. One demonstration will prove the 115MX can help you manage more livestock. Here's why: • Exclusive hay feeder smoothly feeds bale slices to the mill. - • 120-bu. mixing tank, plus new 21 -in. mill increase feedmaking capacity 40%. • 66 thin cutting hammers—more per sq. ft, of screen area than other mills. • 10-foot, high pivot (46") auger unloads feed where you need it These and many other features put the giant 115MX way ahead of competition. More farmers — 35,000 of them — own Mix-Alls than any other make. Mtke us Prove it with a Demonstration! I ADIEU'S SEEDS. INC. Sharpsvilie. Ind. HYUUDS "11 Phone 963-5397

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