The Nationalist and Leinster Times from Carlow, Carlow, Ireland on January 15, 1887 · Page 1
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The Nationalist and Leinster Times from Carlow, Carlow, Ireland · Page 1

Carlow, Carlow, Ireland
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 15, 1887
Page 1
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. 1 MRS. BOWLING Beg; to announce to her Customers and llie general Fublic the ARRIVAL OF A LARGE ANT) WELL-ASSORTED STOCK OF DRAPERY GOODS Suitable for present and coming Season, comprising : . ALL THE LEADING STYLES IN DRESSES, Mantles, Furs, Millinery, Felt lints and Bonnets, Flowers, Feathers, Birds, Aigrettes, and Wings ; Hosiery and Gloves, Ladies' and Children s Underclothing, Corsets, hkirts, riain and Fancy Aprons, Baby Linen, Gent's Scarfs in great variety, Flannels and Calicoes, Blankets and Quilts. Special Lines in Ladies' Jackets, at 3s., worth 6s. Ladies' Ulsters, at 5s., worth Ss. A Splendid Lot of Cashmere, yard wide, at 6d. per yard. Shawls, 2 yards long, at is. 6d. each. I loine-spun Tweed for Dresses, at 3d. per yard. Also a Large Stock of Irish Friezes and Tweeds, from the best Irish and other makers, from is. 4d. per yard, up. Boys' Suits, from 2s. 6d., up. Dressmaking on the Premises. An Earhj Inspection Solicited. No. 4 Dublin Street. Important to "Wool Growers. joiin"bibby, WOOLLEN MANUFACTURER, REGENT STREET, BAGNALSTOWN, Green's Bridge Mills, Kilkenny, Will receive WOOL to be manufactured into Blankets, Flannels, Friezes, Double and Twisted Tweeds, and Stocking Yarns, ic.,-" nnd will also exchange for Wool any of the above Home-made Goods, guaranteed to . give satisfaction. PAINLESS DENTISTRY. REGULAR M-MONTHTLY ATTENDANCE. ATIIY : TUESDAYS Jan. 41 ami iS;, and twice every month at Miss Shannon' t General and Fancy Depot, Duke Street. CARLO IV: MONDA YSJan. yd and ijtn.and twice every month at Mrs. Walkers (tale Miss Armstrongs,) Draper, 49, Dublin-Street. Messrs. Davies, D.D.S,, SURGEON DENTISTS, 10, LOWER SACK VILLE-STREET, DUBLIN. Established 1852, BEG to notify to their numerous patients that one o( the Firm will attend' personally on the above date, and regularly twice ;very month. PA I N LESS D ENTISTR V. MESSRS. DA VI ES' system of Artificial Teeth, protected by her Majesty's Royal Letters Patent, surpasses all others for Economy, Durability, Mastication, Articulation, and Natural Appearance. Being indestiuctible, they never change culouror decay, and a written guarantee is given of the purity of the materials of every case made. They are worn with such ease and comfort, even over the most tender gums and sensitive stumps, that the wearer specdly forgets the deficiencies ol nature have been supplied by art. DECAYED TEETH rendered sound and useful with the White Adamantine Enamel. Kote : Inferior workmanship, and teeth made on base metals may be constructed at any price, and are dear at any cost. Messrs. Davies caution their patients against being led away by this class of advertisement, their own charges being based on the most moderate computation for high-class work and operations. NO CHARGE FOR CONSULTATION. FEES MODERATE. Constant attendance at their Residence. 10 LOWER SACK VILLE-STREET, DUBLIN. Tainless Dentistry. Mr. MacDonnell,D.D.S.t SURGEON DENTIST, HENRY STREET, DUBLIN, 40. CelelirateJ Artificial Teeth, which have ob tained Six Prize Mutals. These Teeth cannot be equalled for Economy, Durability, and are perfect for Eating and Speaking, being so natural and lifelike in appearance as to defy detection by the closest observer. They are fixed by suction on a perfectly fainless system, and excell ail others for ease and comfort. Only the very best and purest materials used, of which guarantee will be given with every case. Single Tooth, 5s. ; A Set, 2. CA U Tl ON. My advertisements are surreptitiously attacked from selfish motives, and statements well knenvn to be false hinted at, simply because J supply First-class Work, made from the very best and urest materials, at half the usual fees charged by other Dentists. DECAYED TEETH Rendered perfectly sound and useful, with White Porcelain Enamel. Fee, 2s 6d each. Note Only one visit necessary for Country Patients who are thus afforded an opportunity of obtaining Artificial Teeth of the very best material, and First-class Workmanship, at far less cost than other Dentists charge for worthless and badly-fitting cues. All Consultations Free. Attendance 10 till 8 daily AT 40, HENRY-STREET, DUBLIN. money" THE UNION LOAN A. YD DISCOUNT HANK, 32 Lower Gardiner Street, Duulin. TMIIS nil BANK makes iirivate cash advances in nans of Ireland, from 10 to, to Tradesmen, Householders, Farmers and all others no hail or sureties required 011 special easy terms, for long or short periods, which Borrowers will find by reading Prospectus, to be had by applying either personally or by letter (stating amount required) to F. BANNISTER, Manager. E P P S ' S GRATEFUL COMFORTING. COCOA MONEY ADVANCED. ADVANCES made, without deduction, for long or short periods, in sums of 10 and upwards, oil Personal Security, Furniture, Shares, Trade and Farm Stock, Crops, &c., or any other available security, without removal. No sureties required. Letters of application immediately attended to. Easy repayment.) to suit borrowers. Apply, in strictest confidence, to W. WaUhe, 17, Hawkins Street, Dublin. NATIONAL LOAN OFFICE. MONEY Lent, upwards, to farmers, trades-men, householders, and others, on Promis sory Note alone, or on furniture, stock cattle, implements, without removal ; moderate interest easy repayments ; all transactions strictly confiden tial. R. Griffiths, Manager, 211 Great lirunswick- street, Dublin Important TO FARMERS, MERCHANTS & OTHERS. rpiIE BRUNSWICK Private Advance Office, l. 4. Great Brunswick Street, Dublin, lei money in all parts of Ireland to Farmers, Shopkeepers and others on their own signatures, without bail, for short or lone periods. Send or call for Form of Application, to D. LIGHT, Manager. Money Lent Daily. MONEY confidentially advanced from l$ to jfl.oooto Householders, Shopkeepers, Farmers, and all requiring Money on their own Signa ture, wkhout Bail, at a resonable percentage, for Jong or snort periods. m intormation gratis. Apply to W. Malone, 48, Middle Abbey-street, Dublin. Published at Carlow, Athy, Naas, Newbridge, Bagnalstown, Tullow, Borris, Vol. IV. No. 174. CORCORAN & CO.'S LEMONADE. Only Prize Medal Lemonade Soda Water Ginger Beer Champagne Cider Aromatic Ginger Ale Double Soda Water (Carbonated), . Manufactured by Steam Power. - o Prize Medal and Certificates of Merit, DUBLIN AND CORK EXHIBITIONS, 18821883. WORKS-24 WELLHsGTON SQUARE, CARLOW. (ESTABLISHED A.D. 1827.) REPORT From CHARLES A. CAMERON, M.D., Fellow anil Professor of Chemistry, Royal College of Surgeons", Medical Officer of Health for Dublin : " I have submitted to careful analysis specimens of the various JErated Beverages and '-Mineral Waters prepared by Messrs. Corcoran Co., Carlow. I have found ihem of excellent flavour, and their chemical composition shows that they have been manufactured from, the best and purest materials. The water used in the preparation of these articles is of good quality, and free frem sewage matter, which is not always the case with water used in Mineral Water Manufactories." CHARLES A. CAMERON, M.D. IMPORTANT TO AGRICULTURISTS. THE BEST ANGLO-AMERICAN CHILLED PLOUGH EVER INTRODUCED. THOMAS RICHARDS, 3IAKKET CliOSS, CARLOW, Regs to call the attention of Agriculturists to his Large Stock of Food-preparing Machines and Agricultural Implements, comprising Ilornshy's Anglo-American Chilled Ploughs. I loward's Do Do Avery's American Do Single-action Turnip Pulpers and Slicers. Double-action Do Do Oat and Maize Bruisers. Horse Clippers from 3s. each, up, LARGE STOCK OF GALVANIZED ROOFING IRON. A PATENT NOISELESS FAN. In this New Machine the use of belts or bands are entirely avoided, it being driven by a simple device which causes the Fan to run perfectly silent a want long felt. SvT The Acme Harrow, Clod Crusher and Leveller, is the greatest boon ever offered to the Irish Farmer. Anyone wishing to test the value of this machine can have it at a trilling cost, to show its great superiority over other harrows. It will work or. any soil. Repairs of all kinds of Food-preparing Machines executed at the lowest price and with the least possible delay. Wearing parts of all sorts supplied on the shortest notice. FEEDING STUFFS. Having purchased a Large Stock of Oil Cake, Cotton Cake, and Linseed Meal, for Cash at very low prices, owing to the great depression in trade I am enabled to sell these articles much cheaper than they have ever been hitherto sold. Quality guaranteed. T. R. is confident that, by purchasing none but First-class Goods, and direct from the very best manufacturers, for Cash, to be in a position to supply the public with Best Goods at the Lowest Prices. THOMAS RICHARDS, IIOUSEFURNISHING IRONMONGER AND IMPLEMENT AGENT, Market Cross, Carlow. Hay Spice ! Hay Spice ! ! Hay Spice ! ! ! Sweeten, Flavour, ami Improve your Hay, by using ALLEN'S J JAY gPICE JRISTI j.ANUFACTURE. The Oldest Established, Strongest, and most Pungent Hay Spice in the Market. MALLEN'SMY SPICE Sweetens, Flavours, and Restores Rain-damaged, Course, or Inferior ITay, no matter how niucn u lias ueen damaged by bad weather. SAMPLES FREE ON HUSH M ANUF ACTUEE. Strongest, Most Effective, and Best Non-Poisonous Sheep Dip in the Irish Market. Irish Farmers, Encourage Irish Industry. Insist on having Irish Manufactured Goods when they answer your purpose better 'JLAJLyxnnss,& (JREAT improvement n Butter Colour. superior to any will not colour the Milk, " is perfectly free Irish butter Colouring will give a nicer and other colouring. Ask for Mallen's Patent Irish Butter Colour, AND REFUSE ALL OTHERS. Z TRADE I EXCELSIOR MARK M ALLEN'S EXCELSIOR CALF MEAL Milk for rearing young Calves. The only Full particulars on application to the Irish Manufacturers, Dublin Cattle Spice Company, MANUFACTURING CHEMISTS, 3, JERVIS STREET, AND 89, UPPER DORSET STREET, DUBLIN, Awarded Prize Medals. E. GRANT, PLUMBER, GASFITTER, BELLHANGER, &c, The Gas Works, Athy. All Materials for above kept in Stock. Prices moderate. ' Orders in Town and Country promptly attended to, AND CARLOW,; Awarded, Cork Exhibition, 1883. THE ACME HARROW, Pulveriser, Clod Crusher & Leveller (Performing the three operations at one time). Chaff Cutters. Fan Rellows. Acme, Zig-Zag, and Chain Harrows. Healing and Cooking Stoves. Open and Close Ranges. Fire Grates, &c. JVo neks should be made without it, APPLICATION. SHEEP DIP. Mallen's Non-Poisonous Sheep Dip. than the foreign goods. Ask for SHEEP idip. BUTTER COLOURING. Mallen's improved Patent Irish Butter other Butter Colour in the market. It from either taste or smell." One Bottle of more uniform tint than two bottles of any CALF REARING. MALLEN'S EXCELSIOR CALF MEAL. the mircst, richest, and most nutritious substitute for true preventative of scour. ROAD FROM RATHVILLY to HACKETS- TOWN. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the above Road has been RE-OPENED for Traffic, at Neill's Hill. E. T. QUILTON, County Surveyor. Carlow, 13th December, 1886, 1 1 LKINSTER SATURDAY, JAN. 15, 1887. (n RICHARDSON BROTHERS & CO., BELFAST, DUBLIN, CORIv", GAL'WAY, AND SLTGO, OFFER THEIR CELEBRATED SPECIAL MANURES, Bone Compound, Bone Manure, and Superphosphate, ALL IRISH MANUFACTURED, AND ANALYSES GUARANTEED. TRADE MARK Tr. b. c Richardson's Dissolved Peruvian Guano, Guaranteed 8 per cent. Ammonia (fixed). ,, 20 per cent. 1'itosrii atk. ,, . 2.4cr cent. iNsoiJfyin.K Do. Fine, Dry, and Powdery. jSealed Hags 1 J cwt. Also RAW PERUVIAN GUANO as imported. Analyses and terms on application. Russian find American Linseed Cuke, Linseed Meal, Cotton Cuke and Meal. IMTORTANTbWCE O to SSSm w wis BpiKi 3i Our Stock of Implements consists of- CIIAIN, IIAliROWS.. Howard's Anglo-American Chilled Plough. Avery's' ' ' . .' ' Do. Ilornshy's ';-: Do. The Hanlon Speedy Plongh. The Graham Champion" Do. The Acme Pulverising Clod-crtisliing and t it:...- Tr.r.-....k jjbveiiui jjiiEjura. v Wearing Parts keptvn'tbik for all classes of Small Special Seed Potatoes. All bought direct from the Growers, specially selected, ami warranted trne to name and quality. The following is a list of varieties kept in stock Bog-grown Flounders. Magnum Bonnms. Myat's Ash-leaf Kidneys. Dalmahoys. Early American Roses. Early White Downs. 2T CHAMPION'S ! A Large Quantity, Imported Imported BLACK TARTARY OATS (Hallet's Feeding Best English Oil Cake. Cotton do. Russian do. ,, Linseed Meal Having purchased the above Feeding Stuffs for proju. -All guaranteed 10 oe oj me very oesi jimurj. A Now, Large, and Well-selected Stock of HOUSE-FURNISHING AND GENERAL IRONMONGERY GOODS, Which will be Sold at considerably Reduced Prices. PETER BELTON cfc 6 and 147 TULLOW STREET, CARLOW. I Ay- SPECIAL William Prescott, Steam Dye Works, 8 Lower Abbey St., Dublin. Works 83 Talbot Street, DUBLIN. The Largest and Best Fitted-up Dye Works in this country. The Largest Variety in At the Most Moderate Prices for Cash ! OUR BOOTS By the best known Makers (sale of which is confined w THE BEST IS In nothing is this more true than in Boots and Disouut for Cash. NO SECOND PRICE. HAT, CAP, HOSIERY, GLOVE, SHIRT, COLLAR, & SCARF WAREHOUSE, 9 Dublin-st, T 135 For Twentt-Skvkn Years largely used, with best possible results. See Reports. QUALITIES AND PRICES UNEQUALLED. Produces Splendid Crops. Larj;e Sales everywhere Testimonials on application. Special Terms to the Trade. each. ZIG-ZAG II ARROWS. Turnip Slieers, single action, do. Do. Pulpers, T'inger-bit Cutters Double-action do. Oat Mills. Chaff Cutters. Fan lii-llows. Machinery, and Repairs done on the premiees at a Cost. Red Bog Kemps. Sutton's Early Regents. Schoolmasters. CHAMPIONS ! ! Direct from Forfarshire. Pedigree) ; Imported SPRING VETCHES. Stuffs. Excelsior Calf Meal. Imperial Calf Food. Lactina. Ilestoriue. Cash we intend selling Mem at tne lowest scale oj CO., NOTICE. any Provincial Town, of AND SHOES to us in County Carlow), every pair Stamped and arrameci. , CHEAPEST. Shoes. Goods marked in plain figures a liberal Tullow-st, Carlow. and Maryboro'. REGISTERED FOR T3RICE lid. TRANSMISSION ABROAD. -- ROYAL NATIONAL EISTEDDFOD OF WALES. NOTHING SUCCEEDS LIKE SUCCESS. Fruit ! Fruit ! Fruit ! KITZl'ATItrCK The Wholesale FITZPATRTCK I'TI'Zl'ATRIC'Iv Fruit Merchant. FITZI'ATIiK'K 1-Tl'Zl'ATKICK The Commission FITZl'A'l'UICK FITZPATRIOK Auenl. FITZl'ATHIOK FITZI'ATRICK Looks aflcr his FITZPATRICK FiTZl'ATKlOK own business FITZPATIUCK FITZI'ATRICK personally. FITZI'ATRICK FITZPATRICK Employs no tra- FITZI'ATRICK FITZPATRICK veiling ayenls, so FITZI'ATRICK FITZI'ATRICK by this means FITZI'ATRICK FITZI'ATRICK can sell cheaper. FI TZPATRICK FITZPATRICK Can buy riKht,so FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK by this means FITZI'ATRICK FITZPATRICKsell right. Ships FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK only sound .shin's FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK guaranteed ; FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK has been brought FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK up in the Fiuit & FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK Vegetable Line : FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK Life-long ex- FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK perience. FITZI'ATRICK FITZPATRICK Serves more FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK people in Wales FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK than anv other FI TZPATRICK FITZI'ATRICK firm in Liverpool. FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK Servesevei ybody I TTZPATRICK FITZPATRICK and anybody at FI TZPATRICK FITZPATRICK wholesale prices. FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK Keeps all sorts FITZI'ATRICK l'11.l'AIKILK Ol Knul C of English & FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK Foreign Fruits. FITZPATRICK The FI TZPATRICK Great Onion FITZPATRICK Salesman. FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK FITZPATRICK FITZI'ATRICK WRITE FOR PRICE LISTS. JOHN FITZPATRICK, Whoi.ksai.k Market, CAZNEAU STRKF.T, LIVERPOOL. N. H. Money Orders must in all cases accompany orders from strangers, or good references, to avoid any delay. Please name this paper. SACKS! SACKS TT 200,000 P. EST DO U B LE-'T WILLED SACKS to be Lent on Hire At One Halfpenny per Sack per Week, or Sold cheap. Liberal Discount to parties Hiring large quantities. 2'AA RICK, now ready; , )VV made from best Navy Sail Cloth. To he Sold cheap or Hired out at reasonable terms. Price Lists on application. 2,500 1,000 WINNOWI NO SI I EETS to be Sold cheap or Lent on Hire. WOOL OR PACKS FOR SALE LENT ON HIRE. Large Stock of New and Second-hand Sacks and Farmers' Sacks, Coal Hags, Lime Rags, Twine, Millers' Sacks, Cart Covers, Dray Covers, Machine Covers, &c, to be sold cheap. APPLY TO KSOGH and CO., HIRED SACK CONTRACTORS, 13 GEOROE S-QUAV, DUBLIN'. P.S. We allow a Liberal Discount to Parties liuying or I firing in quantity, and it would be to their advantage to call to the above address before Purchasing or Hiring elsewhere. T. BYIiNE & SON, AHTY, Have always on hand a Large Stock of Timber, Iron, Coal, Slates, Tiles, &c; Hardware, Brushes, Oroceries, &c, &c, of the best quality, which they Sell at the Lowest Prices. Lenister Street, Atiiy. The Star KEYLESS WATCHES. WAS A WARDED TO THE Star Keyless Watches. VLL these Watches are strictly made on the Interchangeable System, and any part may be had that will thoroughly lit in its place should any, through accident or carelessness, have been broken, or be out of order. 1 have 20 years' practical experience in Watchmaking and can say with the greatest confidence that the Star Keyless Watches are the best I have seen at the price, and can highly recommend them to Farmers, 'Tradesmen, or any person in need of a good timekeeper, at a small cost. J 1 ENRY L.EE. Nickel Case, Crystal Glass Dome 0 17 6 Ditto, Metal Dome ... 1 0 0 Ditto, Four Holes Jewelled 1 7 C Ditto, Eigh t Holes Jewelled 1 15 0 Ladies' Nickel Keyless, from ... 10 0 A LARGE STOCK TO SELECT FROM. HENEY LEE, WATCHMAKER AND JEWELLER, REGENT STREET, BAGNALSTOWN. American Chlhxs, " SPAIN'S " PATENT. The best low - priced Churns in existence ; easy to clean. May be ordered of Ironmongers, &c. Importers JNO. C. PARKES & SONS, Coombe Dublin. Kuptures ! Ruptures ! ! "HODGES Sei.f-Adjostiso Automatic TRUSS," Soft Rubber Shell is the most perfect we ever examined. Medical Press and Circular, Oct. 21, 1 885. " Hodge's Patent Truss is the most comfortable and effective truss, it gives an elastic pressure. possessing a very great advantage. It adapts itsell readily to the movements of the body." Lancet, uctoor 3, IS05. "VERY ingenious and successful truss." British Medical Journal, May 23, 1885. " WITHOUT enlarging the opening as conical pads are apt to do, while its resiliency ensures the pau Kecking us place wunniu exerting injurious pressure." Medical Times, October 10, 1885. " Possess decided advantage both in efficiency and comfort over all others with which we are acquainted." Liverpool Medical Journal, fauuary 7. 1886. 'A very ingenious truss." Edinburgh Medical Journal, February 1st, 1006. Description, a Stamped Addressed Envelope, HODGE & CO., &rmj? Crass SJatuxs, I 327, OXFORD STREET, LONDON, Factory j8, James Street, W. PROVISIONS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. Best Value in Irish and American Flour. Pest Value in Oat and Indian Meal. Best Value in Bran and Pollard. Best Value in Barley Meal. Best Value in Irish Bacon and Hams, all brands. Best Value in American Bacon. Best Value in Irish and American Heads. TO HE HAD AT WH ELAN'S GROCERY, PROVISION & CORN STORKS PLOUGH HOTEL, And 82, TULLOW STREET, CARLOW. Coal of all descriptions in Stock. Sacks on Hire. TIIIC c ARLOW M EDICAL H A ll. D. J- M'CRATH, L P.SJ , 2, DUBLIN STREET, CARLOW, I PRESCRIPTIONS Compounded with the most scrupulous care and exactness. None but the purest and best Diugs used in their preparation. Orders by post or rail promptly attended to. Burrin-street Mills. GRINDING FOR FARMERS & TRADERS Executed in Rest. Manner will Dispatch, A XI) N" MODERATE TEHMH. CRUSHED INDIAN CORN FOR HOI AND CATTLE FEEDING On Sale. An Immense ijnanlity of EMPTY SACKS OX HIKE SE Stained -Glass Windows. tainting, decora 7 inc, and tiling of churches Executed in 'Town or Country. Designs and Estimates 1'hke. The highest testimonials for capacity and the best woik promptly executed. Charges reasonable. WILLIAM MART IX, I' A I NT INC. CO N I R ACT R , 13 STEPHEN'S GREKN NORTH, DUBLIN. T. IVfGUINNESS, Pawnbroker & General Outfitter, NEWBRIDGE, )EGS to inform liis numeroug Friend ) and the I'ublic, that his Ready-Made Ic-partment will be found replete with Goods of the LATLST STYLE and FASHION, to suit every man's money. Having purchased direct from Leading Manufacturers, he is able to oner t th LOWEST I'OSSIliLE PRICES. Home Manufactured BOOTS and SHOES only kept in Stock. Agent for J. Winstaslkv, Dublin. HOME MANUFACTURE LOOTS AND SHOES, AT "l l I K Ol. I) ESTABLISHED Leather Warehouse, DUKE STREET, ATIIY. CHRISTOPHER TININ1INS CONTINUES to Manufacture all clussesol Ladies', Gentlemen's, and Children's BOOTS and SHOES ol sup. iior quality and workmanship, and at prices to compete with imported work. The Railway Parcels Office. 0N N the 1st December, and until lurtlier nonce, above Office will be Open for the RECEIPT and DELIVERY of Parcels, at LUUM 1 LAr. (nearly opposite the Court House), CARLOW. Orders for the Collection and Delivery of Goods, Parcels, &c, will be promptly attended to. Floats, Vans, and Drays for Hire. J. WALLIS & SONS, Carriers, Railway Agents, and Furniture Van Proprietors, 33 BACHELORS' WALK, DUBLIN. Carlow Agent THOMAS LA LOR. 2S11 Nov., 1885. THE NATIONALIST, AND LEINSTER TIMES. F 1 ice Three-1 lal fpence. Branch OJicesAthy, Newbridge, and Naas. THE BEST PAPER IN THE PROVINCE roit 3V ion AN UNRIVA LLED A I) I 'ER TISING MEDIUM, For it is read by all classes for its Accurate ami Impartial Reports, And its Independent Comments on all subjects of public interest. Post Free For 2s. ter Quarter. SUBSCRIPTION RATE, IN ADVANCE. Yearly, by post, Half yearly, ,, ... Quarterly, ,, ... 4s. 2S. PUBLISHERS' NOTICE. Copies of the paper (price I Jd.) may be had at the following agents: Athy Mrs. Noud. Mr. M. Kennedy. EagenalstownMi Fitzputrick. Ballon Mr. Brien. Carlow Mrs. Conlan, Dublin-street Mrs. Duggan, Tullow-streit. Mis Hoi-y, TuUow-stred. Casilecomer Mr. Holohaii. Clonegull Mr. D. Donohoe. Kildare Mr. John. Heff'ernan. Leighli abridge Mr. Ihecn. Jhtcketstou n Mr. Thorn is Shannon. Castledermot Mr. A yl mer. Borris Mr. James Flood. Tullow Mr. Laurence Doyle. Newbridge Mrs. Nolan. Myshal Mr. James O'Neill RathvillyMr. Lawson. Graiguenamana M r. Hayden. Kilguiggan Mr.Kirwin. Ballylinan Miss. Boicen. ADVERTISEMENTS. The Nationalist, from its extensive circulation in Carlow, Kildare, Queens County, Wicklow, and Wexford, will be found an unrivalled medium of advertising. Special rates for continuous advertisements, on most moderate terms. Short advertisements, wanted, notices, &c, will be inserted, prepaid, at Is. for each insertion of not more than 20 words, 3d. for every six additional words. The Proprietor will not hold himself responsible for any error or misprint in any Advertisement ordered in this Journal ; but he will, in every case iu which an error or omission may occur, refund the sum paid or insert it on any other date selected by the Advertiser. JOB PRINTING. Job Printing of every description can be done at the office of the Nationalist, Rrown-street, Carlow. The Proprietor begs to inform his friends and the public, that having secured most r.ueciive Machinery and a Splendid Assortment of Type he can undertake on most moderate terms, combine, with neatness and despaicn, an ouieis .or ici, hand bills, circulars, business cards, bill heads. memorandums, law lorms, laoeis, noie iieaumgN namphlets, rentals, catalogues, programmes, cours- ing, Hum, anu bic v,. mortuary cards, shop bills, &c. Letters intended to be private should be marked as such on the envelope, olhenfisc they may be opened iu the absence of the gentlemen to whom they are attdressed. Stamps should not be sent in larger amounts than iwo-and-sixpence. Cheques and Post Ojffice Ordert to be made payable to Mr P. J. Cos LAN. -prieloi. All business communications should be addrtsmi to The Manager. Communications intended Jot insertion shiuld U addressed to the Editor

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