The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 11, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 11, 1908
Page 7
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FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 1908. THE BAKERSPTET.T) f!AT,TRVHiVTAM NOTICE OF GUARDIAN'S SALE OF' REAL ESTATE AND PERSONAL PROPERTY. Notice Is hereby given that in pit-- Hiiati'-e of an order of the Supcrio Court of the County of Kern. State <.v California, nude on the first day M' Sepie-Mher. l!".s. in the matter of the e.-'t.itr and guardianship of noroili* M. Coffee, I, ininiii-. t;,, undersigned, t i" -u-inlian of the |x ,-nu and est n i:i .-."H minor, v, i!) sell al private s-:!' ' r > <!:• hiuht M bid.-lt.r. lor' < ,!sh, -o'-i *'''•" " ! 'he I'niied St-itc... an ' «uli- .i"'-i in c.,nflr::i:,'ioii b\ s-;.jd I--..iii rior (V 'i:'. "n "• ;:;•;.•:• TIuirs-1," . tin'' L'lt'n t!;^ 01 S..j,t.•'.!•-.. :•, Inns, all 111- riLht, ! ' r ;' •''"! fill' i' M in llle I'M ite ol said i:iii ; (>r, IM a;i •} to all (hose certain lots, !'•' ' •"• "•' ''••'•• el,-- u: land sliuaif. l.vni: and U-in.c i,, the County of Kern, ' and bounded and describe 1 -is ltd- | All that portion of the north half of: the northwest nuarter of section two' (J) In township thirty Cid) south, of ranee twenty-seven (27) east, Mount Hiablo Base and Meridian, and con- 1 lams sixty-live and two-thirds acres lying of Old River. Lots thirty CJO). thirty-one (31) and thirty-two (32) in block 512 "C" in the City of Bakersfleld. And also at the same time and place the following described personal property, to-wit: One slaughter house wagon, one country wagon, four delivery wagons, seven delivery horses, one ice wagon, one two-year old fllly, three sets double harness, one saddle horse, one tiafe, two ca°ii registers, office furniture, ten marble slabs, two counters, three ment blocks, one fish block, for counter stools, one track scale, one wall scale, one platform scale, two counter scales, two meat racks, two fish \iti\f--. one cold storage plant complete, one ten horse power motor, one enterprise- cVip-ier \o. ."], one silent cutter No. '.'7, one boss mixer. No. Vi. one \VaL-ner .--liiffei 1 No. 2. one \Vapn« r M-.ifiY" Xo. 1. ,,-ie !„,•] |, ; -,,w, s No. 3. two lard kettles, thirty-five feet 1 15-H! shafting, five pulleys, different sizes; about one hundred feet of three and four inch belting, one patent clutch, one-horse motor nnd belting. C'ilitu. fi-n an! two trimming tubs.'' The ;,b'-v,. v, ; _.., | ),,,:•.,,,„;,] |,,M|,. eiiy oi' sai-l nin^r consists of an i_qu:U iindivlde i o:ie-i\v< Itth interest in the fin?) of "Coffee & (ilenn," doing business as wholesale and retail butchers in the City of Unkersfield, State of California. Terms and conditions of sale: Cash gold coin of the United States, ten per cent at time of sale and balance .•upon confirmation thereof. Deed at expense of purchaser. Bids or offers may be made at any time after the first publication of this notice and before the making of the Kume. All bids or offers must be in writing and left at the office of J. W. P. Laird, attorney-at-law, in the courthouse in the City of Bakersfield, County aforesaid, or delivered to the undersigned personally. CHARITY F. COFFEE. Guardian of the person and estate of Dorothy M. Coffee, minor. Dated Sept. 8. 190S. 9.7 PARENT, A WORD WITH YOU LEGAL LEGAL. LEGAL, \\ i tireeV A! . > nu. since sillijecl \e,ir not chiiracter before wi.ilth NOTICE. W. A. Starr iris j>urch;;r-e(l the Eastside saloon and grocery store at 1.119-f.ll mh street, formerly conducted by Starr & Herring. Mr. Starr will assume full charge o f t j )P business on September is;, paying all bills and collecting ail o'.Ustanding accf-;t?. 34 A fcv (Santa Fe % W EXCURSIONS East ROUND TRIP RATES Atchison, Kas $ 60.00 Baltimore, Md 107.50 Boston, Mass 110.50 Chicago, III 72,50 Council Bluffs, Iowa ..... 60.00 Duluth, Minn 79.50 Houston, Texas 60.00 Kansas City, Mo 60.00 Leavenworth, Kas 60.00 Memphis, Tenn 67.50 Mineloa, Tex 60.00 Minneapolis, Minn 73.50 New Orleans, La 67.50 New York, N. Y 108.50 Omaha. Neb 60.00 Pacific Jjnc*.,:r. Li 60.00 Philadelphia, P 108.50 Sioux City, lev.a . 63.90 St. Joseph, Mo 60.00 St. Louis, Mo 67.50 St. Paul, Minn 73.50 Washington, D. C 107.50 On sale Pc|-. Limit Ad'MtioTiiil S:.le (l.-.ies, (o Kansas City only. Sept. ^",. lil, 25. Denver, ( on sale Colo. Sprjs. --t. 3, 4, PeuUlo. I 5. 14. IS. (Sept 21 to 27 to Denver only) Low rates to many other points. N. J. HUDSON. ACT. Phonfl Main 40. 1 want for your • ' would you • in ur-.-esi tie- answer this fur have ulvt'i) the iii Is it Is not character Should it not be the highest aim and ideal of every parent and every school to stamp upon the young nnd Impressionable heart of the child those things which yield love. Integrity, fine sense of honor, upright and downright Christian principles? Is this not first? Music is the character builder. It awakens the heart, conscience and slumbering man and womanhood. Character building is the "Diamond that scratches every other stone." Music—friend of pleasure, wisdom's aid. The Carrlere School of Music, season of 1908 and '09 will commence Monday, September 14, 1908. Pupils should enroll early. The success of the conservn- ory pupils will be a sufficient guarantee of the effectiveness of the methods used. For terms see M. CARRIERE, tf Director. PAYNE & SON Funeral Directors Embalmers Have removed to 1711 Nineteenth street, uext to Producers Bank. Phone Answered Day or Night OLD RELIABLE Painters SNYDER & JACKSON Painting in all branches. Interior Decorations a Specialty. CARRIAGE PAINTING SIGNS Phone Main 1138 1527 Wall St. Baker*fleld, Cat. NOTICE OP SALE OF REAL ESTATE. In the Superior Court of the County of Keru f.';ite of California. In iiie m.-iitr-r of the estate of KehfCPt: fJoode. deceased. Notice is hereby given, that in pursuance of an order of the Superior four;, ol !''•• Cimiiiy "I Kern. Stale of CVlifnrnla. inade oil tlie i;!Ib ii:\v of Au!i'i"t. I'.His, in the in,.tier "f the e^f.'i!.- i>[» i!i !>;•(•;' Conle. dece;-:--c:l, the itmlersiuiu'd. Ilie adniinisiruti ix of the s-ii I i ~*ati> will. "11 or after tile ll'th day of .September, );i:ix, sell, at private sale to the highest bidder for cash, lawful inoney of the I'niteil States, aii'l subject, to oonliniialliin )>y saiil Superior C'inirt, all the right, title, interest and estate of the said Rebecca (.iooile. at the time of her death and all the rii;ht, title and Interest that said estate has by operation of law, or otherwise acquired other than, or in addition to that of the said Rebecca Goode, at the time of her death, in or to all those certain lots, pieces or parcel? of land, situate, lylni? and being in the County of Kern, State of California, and bounded and particularly described as follows, to-wlt: lots ten and pleven of block four (4) of the Lowell Addition to the City of Bakersfield. Offers or bids will be received at the law office of C. L. Claflin, rooms 31 and ri2, Bank of Bakersfleld building, !D said City of Bakersfleld. Terms and conditions of sale: Cash, lawful inoney of the United States, ten per cent of the purchase price to be paid on the day of sale, balance on confirmation of sale by said Superior Court. Deed, at expense of purchaser. ELIZA DODGE, Administratrix of the estate of Re- lieccn Goode, deceased. S-26 SUMMONS. In the Superior Court of the County of Kern. St;:to of California. William C"i!ii)s. plaintiff: v<. The Sou'hern Pacific R.MIroad ConiKiuy, a the above named plaintiff, obtained a ducera* Savings Bank bulldlwg, -«twai | Jii'l-'irn* an 1 r?ecrc<? of foreclosure H and Nineteenth streets, Ba'keris(l<*S, «••'•' : • .""•'»•• I :t': A. Howard, j California, on Saturday, the 22il rU,T M -' ' . Mi -ii i. .--. defendants, i of August, 1!»08. nf 10 o'clock a. m. U. | corporation. j Company. : Icifle !i:ij,. • corpora' io:: n a I i' • :•• tlV-leto Th- • lia -> n ihV H,I'. ill oth.•:• p i iny rlj.h', 'it 1 est in the :,, ; he complaint ownership IM- tiff'K title You are n an Dated. August 2C, 1908. ASSESSMENT NOTICE. Oakland Oil and Asphaltuni Coir- pany. Location of principal place of business, Oakland. California. Notice is hereby piven that at a regular ineetinp of the Board of Plrect- ors held on the i-lth day of August, 19f'S. an assessment of one and one- half cents per share was levied upon the subscribed capital stock of the corporation, payable immediately In United States urold coin to the secretary of said company, at its office, room 72, at 906 Broadway, In the City of Oakland, California. Any stock upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid on the 16th day of Sepi ember, ,1908, will be delinquent nnd advertised for sale at public auction, and unless payment is made before, will be sold on Saturday, the 10th day of October, 1908, to pay the delinquent assessment, together with the costs of advertising and expenses of sale. JOS. B. ENNIS, 8-27 Secretary. LEGAL Register, Register Register NOTIC5 TO VOTERS fjrsuant io secuon iO!>4 or the Political Code of the State of California, requiring a new and complete reg istration of the voters each even numbered year: Notice is hereto y:»cii *hnt all lunlifled electors of the County of Kern. State of California, desiring to •>ist their ballot at the conilns Piles!- ioii'nl Election to be held on Tuesday, !.t 3rd day of November, 390S, are -fnu'rod to hpve their enrolled i- I'.ie Grout Register of Kern County Hi nr before September 2Bnl, 1908, or , on lose your vote. Registration Clerss luive Deen appointed in each and every voting precinct in the county where you can register upon naklni; application; registration of voters may be entered at the office of the County Clerk in the Court House between the hours uf 8 a. m. and 5 p. m. rt-10 I. L. MILLER. COUB.I.V Clerk. PERSONAL PROPERTY Notice is hereby given that taxes 01 personal property are now due and payable and will be delinquent on Julj «st, 190S. A. WBABER. «-9 City Tax Collnctor ASSESSMENT NOTICE. NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. The Elk Horn Oil Company. Loca (ion of principal place of huBincRs, Sar Francisco, California. Location of works, Kern County, Cal Notice is hereby given that at a meeting of the Board of Directors held on the 8th day of August, 1908 an assessment, No. One, -of 6c per share, was levied upon the capital stock of the corporation, payable 1m mediately In United States Gold Cole '.o the secretary, at the office of the j company, No. 809 Pax-iflc Building ! San Francisco, California. Any stock upon which this assess ; ment shall remain unpaid on the 14tb I lay of September, 1908, will be dellu ! nient and advertise^ for sale at pub •'In auction; and unless payment if made before, will bo sold on Monday the 5th day of October, 1908, to paj i the delinquent assessment, together 1 '.vlth the costs of advertising and ex lenses of sale. By order of the Board of Directors ' T. O. MAY, Secretary. Office, No. 809 Pacific Building, Sao California. 8-10 DOG LICENSE NOTICE. Notice in neieny jn^^n to an per ions o^ninK and keeping dogs, within h« limits of the CUv of Bakersfleld, (hat License Tacw lor the year 1908, irn now ready for delivery at the ofr Ico of the City Clerk, In the biHf«rneT)( >f Producers 9avlni>.p Brink buiMina I \nd on and after the 15»h day of Janu ' iry, I will proceed lo Impound all loi?8 found running on the street* •hru nre not wearing the license tag for the year 1908. Dated January 9. IXOfl. J. K, COX, Pouudmap'er. Burks Oii Company.—Location ni principal place of business, Onklant Ci'.'.;.\,ur';i. :.o":!tlon of property Kern county. California. Xotlc-e if hereby yiven, that at ; meeting c.f the directors, held on tlu ISth diiv of July, 1!K'S'. av, assessment (N'o. " i ot c^e cent per share was? levied upon the capital .stock of the- c.orpoiTituin. payi.bU- Immediately tc the secretary tjt !he office of the cor poration. room "d. IOCS Broadway Oakland, California. Any stock upon which this ;'Ssess7iK-nt shall remain unpaid on the 2fith day of August, 1908, will be delinquent and advertised for sale at public auction, and, unless payment is made before, will he Bold on the 14th day of September, 1908 to pay the delinquent assessment, to Kether v.-i;h costs of advertising and expenses of snle. A. A, SMITH, Secretary. Office. 10?s Broiidw'H.v, Oakland, C'al iforn'a, r.->cm 20. 7-26 POHTPONEMK.N'T. The date of (lie delinquency of the above assi ssrnent has been postponed until Thursday, September 10. 190S, and the day ol sale under said assessment has been postponed until Monday, September 28, lltos, at the same hour and place. By order of the Bo«rd of Directors. Datel August 2fi. 1(iOS. A. A. SMITH. Secretary Burks Oil Company. Office IcfiS Broadway, Oakland, Callfcrnla, rof'ui 20. POSTPONEMENT. The date of delinquency of the above assessment has been postponed until Tuesday. September 29, 1908; and the day of sale under said assessment bus beeif postponed until Monday. October 19, 1908. By order of the Board of Directors. Dated, Sept. £, 1908 A. A. SMITH, Secretary. Offic.. uifih Broadway) Oakland, Cal. ifornla, room 20, 9-9 \Yt-sterii Development corporation; The Pa' • i.,i nt Company. a ' ' nil otlii r !'"i ::- • i.'ii::iii:,' ;iny r!-!.: '.•• n. iir intt rri-t in il... 11. •,•. .il.i i in tl'o (":::• • '" n!; Intiff' 1 - owner, '.',!•, upon plaintiff's :;••• 'i i .u 1 s. ••t the PtMte of C.'ili'•!>•- • 'in-.; io the Southern P,i- 1 ''ompany. a corporation, Iii'iirovement Company, a 'he Western Develop•My. ii corporation: also 1-1 us unknown elaini-a-: ni". estate 1 , lien, or inter property described in dvers.e to plainiiff's "i- any cloud upon plain- i hereto, defendants. hereby required to appear action brought against you by iii. ila,- •! • >,"!'! Ii. urns, ' IllVee i did- ill. lie- •h said A'l;:ll>' !;;t:i' u 1 t! n< C the above named plaintiff, in the Su- jerior Court of the County of Kern, State of California, and to answer the Complaint filed therein, within ten days (exclusive of the day of service) after service on you of this summons, •f served within said county; if served elsewhere, within thirty days. The said action Is brought to determine n claim made by said defendants adversely to the plaintiff In and to that certain lo'. piece or parcel of land situate, lying and being in the Town of Mojave, County of Kern, State of California, and designated as Lot Number Nine (9) in Block One Hundred (100) of said Town according to the Map thereof, filed in the office of the County Recorder of said Kern County, on the Third day of March. 1905; to compel thi.' said defendants to produce their title, if any they have, to said premises, and that the same, and the pretended claim, right, title, interest, and i.-".aie of said defendants, and also all i/her persons unknown claiming any riuht, title, estate, Hen, or Interest in the real properly described In the complaint and hereinbefore described, adversely to plaintlft'B ownership, or any cloud ",pon ;•' 'stiff's tl tie thereto, and each nnd a,, .' them in and to said premises, and i ery part thereof, may be adju.lued nnd creed to be invalid and void. That the said d-.'fenilmiis an<i each of them may be barred of and from all right, title, interest and estate in and to the said premises, and every part thereof; That the said plaintiff's title may be adjudged nnd decreed to be a good and valid one as against said defend ants and each of them, and all persons claiming under said defendants and each of them, nnd for such ether nnd further relief us shall be just and equitable as the nature of the case may reouire. as \ v ili ivore fully appeal by the Oomphihi' on file herein, nnd to whlc 1 '. reference is here made and for costs of suit. And you are hereby notified, that if you fail to s-o appear nnd answer, the plaintiff may take judgment for any moin y or dama'/cs OemiMided in the complaint as ar:: uig I.I..LI contract, or will i;,i;ilv to the court for :iny other j^-.i'.-; <!• in tin- ( om- in'crest, costs, i-i was. on the ji'.tli M.V. reeofllec I'.'.i'k I I of said court. /- » i';ir..i.Hided I o sell t;.il! In'-;, pieces or pali 1 1 --''viti,. lying nnd 1 <-iu>.: in ; of Kern, Slate of!''orni,'., .•,::,i '•••:mdi 1 and describe.] a-- follow "The Pennsylvania Minim: Claim," .'•••ordjtig to noilce of location of said • Kiini. recorded Dec. Mil, I!"!", in Hook 21, at page 1M!, Minim.- I;. of Kern county. "The Tom Lane ,\ii;i in.' rinlm." according lo notice of lo- enlinn of claim, recorded .Ian. ISth, IV't, In Book 5. page 71, Mining Kec ords of Kern County. "The Little Mammoth Mining Claim," according to notice of location of claim, recorded Feb. 12th, IS!»5, in Book 5, page 298, Mining Records of Kern County. "Mammoth Mine," according to location notice, recorded .Ian. 18th, 1894, in Book 5, page 73, Mining Records of Kern County. "The Burdette Mine," according to location notice, recorded Jan. 9th, 18fi6, In Book 5, page 449, Mining Records of Kern county. That certain Mine Cite Location, located by H. M. Russell and O. Pooley, representing the Los Angeles Gold Mining Company, according to notice of location, recorded Aug. 18th, 1896, In Book 7, page 162, Mining Records of Kern county. All water rights acquired by notice of location made by II. M. Russell and O. Pooley. .for water rights in the Kern River. Public notice Is hereby given that on Thursday, the 24th day of Septem ber, A. D. llioS, at 2 o'clock, p. m.. of that day, in front of the court house door of the County of Kern. 1 will, in obedience to said order of sale and decree of foreclosure nnd sale, sell all the above described property, or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy said judgment, with Interest an:! costs., to the highest and best bidder, for gold coin of the United Slates. Dale-]. August 27th, 1908. J. W. KELLY. Sheriff. By T. A. Baker, Deputy. 8-27 NofTcE OF cos* salt 1 . day. to |-,ay then on, advertising T. LIGHT:-' ri>ei:i i ' , such together wlO unil expcnsce «*• • i s Savings 1'r.! n isd Nim it cnlh U.V" of fust Uii'S. dirt;, i-orn-?r s-r POSTPONEMENT. Notice Is hen by given that the date 1 t the sale of the above delinquent -lor!;. \ji hereby postponed until $?){..inlay, Sept. r,, I'.ius, at Hie same ha«r itl'l place. »By order of thr board of dlrecXou A. T. LIGHT-NCR. Secretary of the »prtngfield OR On., Office, room 1, basement, Produoeae Savings Bank Bldg, corner H anfi 19th streets, Uakerxfleld, Cal. POSTPONEMENT Notice Is hereby given that the date of the sale of the above stock is hereby postponed until unlay. Sept. 19th, at the same fcour and place. By order of the board of director* A. T. LIGHTNER, Secretary of tho SprlngfKtfd "On Cc,- offlce, room 1, basement, Frofluiwro Savings Bank Bldg.. corner H xtii 19th streets, BakerKfiold. Cal. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Notice is hereby given that 1 hhall apply to the State Board of Prison Directors to be paroled from Pan '.'ueiitln. EDWARD ERTLE, No. 22,2f.4. Date of first publication, August 29, 1908. 8-29 In the Superior Court i nnfl for (3w County of Kern. Slate of California. In the mutter of the etitiii/' of Ixxita, M. Dlnkelsplel, deceased. Notice Is hereby given by Hie rra- derslgned administrators, with the will annexed, of the est.-te of Louis M Dinkelspiel, deceased, lo the creditors, of, and all persons having claim: against the said deceased, lo oxhllis them with the' noccHHivry voucher* within ten mouths after (he first, publication ol this notice, at the office u* Fred E. Burton, rooms 2(K',, 204, Producers Havings Hank bulldim . in 0« City of Hakersfield. County of Kc.rc. St«le of California, the name being th* place for tin- transact ion of the IIUP- iness of said estate in said Kerc County. EUGENIE F. DINKELSPIEL, MELVILLE Ft'HTH, .\dmlnlfitrntofn with the will of the estiiHf of Louis; M. deceased. DalfiJ, Unl,crsflr!(i, !;. plemlici Tl, 9-3 Witness piy iiai"'; -aid Su/ierio. 1 i 'oui •State of C:-llfo; III > \p:-!l. A. 1 1. 1:-"S. (Sea!) I. L. Mid the seal of the I. County of Kern, , this li'th day of MILLER. Clerk. By Ham Karris, Deputy Clerk. J. W. P. Laird and Rowen Irwin, attorneys for plaintiff. VIS NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. McKlttrick Oil Company. Txx-atlon of principal place of business, Bakersfield, California. Notice is hereby meeting •e is hei g of tn given that at a Directors held on the 15th day of August, 1908, an assessment of two cents per share was levied upon the capital stock of the cor- poratlou, payable immediately In United States gold coin to the secretary of said corporation at the office of the company, room 307, Producers Savings Bank building, Bak- ersfleld. California. Any stoei; upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid on the 19th day of September, 1908, will be delinquent and advertised for sale at public auction and unless payment is made before, will be sold on the 10th day of October, 1908, to pay the de. linquen: assessment, together with cost of advertising and expenses of sale. By on'.er of the Board of Directors. C. BROW1ER, Secretary. Offlcp, room No,. 307, Producers Savings Bank building, corner Nintv teonth and H streets, Bakersfleld. Cal- (fornla. 8-17 NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Kqnalir. Oil Cc.pnijiny. Locution of j principal pl-,.f.. ,-,: business, San Fran-1 Cisco, (Miforni; . j Notice is iie.ieby given, that at u : meeting of the diiectors. held on the IMh day of August, liidS, an assess ment (No. 7) ( ,f one half of one cent per share was levied upon the capital stock of the corpoi.ition, payable immediately in I'nii"-! Siat"s gold coin, i to the secret;,,y, M the ofllce. of the I company. No. iMH Lamina street, San | Francisco, California. Any stock upon which thin assess-! ini'iit Hh.-tll remain unpaid on the 21st day of September. l!iOR, will bi> delinquent and advert iked for Hale al public auction, and. unless payment IH made- before, will be sold on Saturday. October in. Kti'S, to ]ny the de llnquent iissc-^-riie'it. together wilh costs of advertising and expenses ol sale. By order of the Board of Dlrectore. CARi. W. MI'ULLKR. NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Emerald Oil Company, n corporation, principal place of business, 1HK! Chester avenue. Bakersfleld, Kern County, California. Notice is hereby given tljiit at a | meting of the directors, held on the I inth d«y of August, |(»OR, an jiysesK- ] ment (No. 2.) of one cent del per share was levied upon the capital stock of the corporal Ion, payable- im,"" " " led NOTICE OF RE-SALE OF THE LANDS HEREINAFTER DESCRIBED, SUBJECT TO A CERTAIN LEASE NOTICE TO CREDITORS TO PWt SENT CLAIMS AGAINST THE E* TATE OF MAGNUS PETERSON DECEASED, TO ADMINISTRATOR. In the Superior Court of M of California, In and for the d Kern. John H. Little, plaintiff, vs. The Indiana Oil Company, (a corporation i. lefendant. Notice is hereby given that in pur- -u;:nee of an order of the Superior Court of the Count)- of Kern. Stale of California, made on the third day of AIHMI.--I, I'.'uS. in the above entitled action, the undersigned. II. I. Latham, ll:e iiuly appointed and acting ancillary receiver of the above mimed (le- fendant, the Indiana fill Company, a corporation, was directed to re-adver- M'-e for s;i]e the real estate described herein, and said receiver was author- 1 to sell the same at. private sale to the highest bidder, for cash, gold coin of the United States and subject confirmation by said Superior Court, all of the right, title and Inter* est of the above named defendant ii) nd to the following describe'.! oil lands situated In the State of California, County of Kern, and described as follows, to-wlt: The southwest quarter of the southeast quarter of the Houllieasi quarter of section thirty (, n ,0) ( township twenty-eight (281 south, range twenty-eight ast, Mt. Diablo base and meridian. subject to the provisions of n certain ^-ssim-nt of ten rent* (H>c) per lease made by the Indiana Oil Com-1 W - 1S |,. v ied upon ibe c i.iny, a corporation, to .1. r. Lm-ey , ot . u ()f tne oorporatlon payabl , oi Hnkersfleld, Kern Comity, Califrtr- niedlatf'ly to William Lunge. Jr., retary at room 2 ,No, 120 Tush San Francisco, California Any upon which this aFsewm.' nt shaD main unpaid on the 2r,th day of temuer, A. D. 1908, will te and advertised for pale at public HB»- tlon, and unless payment IB made to» fore, will be sold on the I5tb In the Superior Court of the of Kern. State of California. In the matter of the estate of tins Peterson, deceased. • Notice in hereby given by the I signed administrator of the estatft I Magnus Petrrson, di i-caKcd, to < I creditors of. and nil persons ! claims against the said decease, to (exhibit then) wilh the neeftesaa^ vouchers within four months after rt»», first publication ef tlili' notice to <Jft* si(d n'lmlnlF'wfnr a< hip office it tog- court house, in the city of Hakt'rsfi«W Count) of Kern, State of CalifoiK 1 **,, the Kiime being the pifice for tJwt transaction of business- of said eetaw In said Kern County. Dated August C, 3908. W. A. McOlNTJ. Public Administrator of Kern Coui«tr_ and Administrator of the Estate *tt Magnus Peterson, deceased, Thomas Scott, attorney for admtatfe trator. • . ASSESSMENT Name of icbrpbralion In full, BtflC Eagle Oil Company. Location «f: principal place of business, Ban V*rM» cisco, Calif. Notice is hereby given, tliat «£ <e meeting of the directors held OK VBw •J4th day of August, A. 1). 1908, taim- v.'hlcii said lease was thereafter duly assigned nnd transferred by the said J. R Lucoy to Henry S. Bridge of San Francisco, California, which said lease was recorded April "0, 1!MU, in Book 14 of Leases, page 0.1. Kern County Records, California. That 11. I. Latham, ancillary receiver of the Indiana Oil Company, a corporation, will, on the 15th day of September, 1908, at tin; hour of 1 o'clock p. in., offer the land hereluue- lore described at private sale, subject lo the lease above mentioned, at the law office of Thomas Scott, rooms two ,ind four, over thf Bunk of BakerKfiehl corner of Twentieth street and Chester avenue, In the City of Bakersfleld, County of Kern, Slate of California, the ten/if ;md conditions of sale, cash, gold coin of the- I'nlted States, ten per •em of tl.e purchase, money to be paid o said receiver, balance on confirmation, bids in writing for said land will be ;i'ceiveil lieteitif,(-for(- at the K!Hted. time and place* Deed at the ex- tely In lawful money of (he Knit-1 pense of purchaser. S'atea. to the secretary at the of-j For further particulars purchasers of the company, Bakersfiehi. C;:! ';,i-e referred to the filed In the Any stock upon which this assess j above entitled action, ment shall remain unpaid on the Krln . H. I. LATHAM, .lay of September, 1flO«, will in- delin-; Ancillary Receiver of the Indiana Oil nuen' and advertised for sale :.i puM Company, n coriiorntioii. lie auction nnd unless pauninl i-j' Scotl, Attorney loi made before will be sold on the .'I'llh j Bal.ersiii Id, California. lay dl September, lilOS, at the ofllce of | —the company at 2 o'clock p. m io payj S-priiiKfield Oil Company, location (.•f principal place of hiiBiness, Bakers* field, California. Notice*—There Is delinquent upon the, following described stock on account of uhset-smiTit loviod on the SHERIFF'S SALE. Notice of Foreclosure Bale—No. !>719. H M JitiK.<•'(')I vs. Frank A. How.inl, M.-ii-inn C. Howard et. nls, defciMl,,al'-. Order of tale ami decree ot lore- closure iirid S.-lle. '' I'mler and bv virtue of an onlrr of sal' and deene of foreclimure and .-'• 'e Issiip.l ri'it of the Snnerior Court erf Uio said County of Kern, of the ih" delinquent assessment, neither with the cost of advertising and expenses of hale. l!y order of the lioartl of Directors. 1-11 T. M. YOl'NC,, Sety ^5th day amounts of .lune, 1908, the several net (,|mnlto the names of the e shiirejioldors as follows: No. No. Cert. Shrs. Amt. 0. OaJli ............. 12 8000 And In accordance with law and an order of the Board of Directors made on th(^ 2!Hh rtay of Juno ,1908, BO many shuriw i-r each parcel of ouch stock «••• October, A. D. 1908, to pay the together at llnquent asBessment, co«t 8 of advertising sale. WILLIAM LANGB, JH. Room 2, No. 120 Bush street Francisco, Calif. NOTICE OF MEETINGS! 1liH Notice IK hereliy given annual meellngM of the ^ of (he Kever.-il caiiuJ couipnnies iiuined, for the purpose of elertins directors and the tmiiHaction of -UMA oilier business UK may \ >t - brought ij*. fore the meeting, will be held a •**» office of said Company, Kern Vc/tit,-/ Land Company's offirl- luiililuifi. Kit* ner of 19th nnd H utt-cels, Hakrirh'i'.). California, ut the dates nnil hom.c Kt opposite their re>-,|ie«itive iniHfMK Korn River Canal anil Img;. ay Co.; Oct. ;:. KIOS, at 2 |i, I'u fiooHo Lake Canal (S. , Oil f> ';'" H j. at 2 p. in. •lames <t Dixon Canal C<< (,<c , 1008, at :i p. m. Pioneer Cnnnl Co, I'HI. r,, f'-ri-.. is :! |i- m. Joyce Cnniil Co, ('t-|. r>, |!i(U, r :V :i- 111. Plllii);ell. CjinjiJ (',, , tut fc. 'I'liiJ. 1 I 1 II. in. Anderson Canal Cn (XI I, ISfll. 'J. 1 I (i. in. Vit-l.-i C.iii -I <•(. . Secretary Equality (Jil Conip "iv Slat.: ol' California, on the 26th (Jay of may U) necessary will bo sold at pub- Kein Couutv Land <Wn Ofliw FHrttk' —Xt ^^ IL4D l-.ucirunri ak*>Af>^ (J<i n A 11 •> \\ -.. t A I > 1 fi/tt in *Ii.^ >•. l.n«n ^,.. t... ...>.»<•<. i*. .. * * K ^ ,,./» _ M j«_ . ' ' ^.S.. .... Offlc*:— No. .642 Lagiiau street, Sa* Fr««aU«o, OaUfornJa. August. A. D. 1&08, In the above on action, wb«reta K. M. Ilv»»e«ll, lie auctiun ut the offlco of U«e company, at room one, basemoot of Pro- <>rt. 2, I'll*. Hi '•< C , Oct. 7. IHOS, ttt "t <; MI'N'/Ki, and H ntrct.'K Brfi.

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