The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on November 14, 1970 · Page 4
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 4

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 14, 1970
Page 4
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ATUKDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 1970 THE T7PTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE CLASSIFIED RATES 1 insertion 5? per word 2 Insertions 8f per word 3 insertions 10? per word 4 Insertions 12? per word 5. insertions 14? per word 6 insertions - 15? per word Minimum Charge |Y.2S Charges are at a reduced cash rate and apply if the ad is paid within 10 days after the first insertion. 1 Service charge of 25? will be added after the 10 day period. Advertisers should check their advertisements In the first issue in which they appear and report any error at once as no allowance can be. made except for the first Incorrect insertion. BLACK FACE LOCAL 20?p\rline LIGHT FACE LOCAL Memorian 15? per line Card of Thanks $2.00 Classified advertising - Call 675-2115 before 3 p.m. for insertion Inezt day. Saturday, call before 9 a.m. Cancellation- Preceding day. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY Calssified per col. inch $1.00 1 inch daily per month $22.00 Each additional inch — $13.00 Rates Quoted Are Local FOR SALE — Kempton Lions Club has used snow fence, 48 inch by 50 toot heavy duty 1/2 inch lath, $5 per roll. Call Kempton 947-2681 or pick up at Concord Woodwork Co. 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. week days only. C-38 FOR SALE — Dune Buggy. 6756530. C-38 FOR SALE — Two mud and snow tires and wheels. 80014. Good condition. Call after 4:00 o'clock, 675-6171. P-37 FOR SALE - A-l colored TV, 2 years old. Coopers Home Furnishings. 119-121 N. Main TF Used Cars FOR SALE — 1969 Dodge "Super-Bee", "383" cu. in., 4 speed trans., chrome-reverse wheels, air shocks. Goinginto service. $1900. 203 S. East St. after 5 p.m. P-36 FOR SALE — 1970 Honda 175cc motorcycle, real good condition. Call 675-6089 or 5525204. Can see at 1314 South N Street; Elwood. TF FOR RENT— Trailer. 1050 N. Main. Adults only, no pets. C-37 FOR RENT — 5 rooms modern home with garage in Hobbs. Couple or one child. Verv nice. 675-6017. C-36 FOR RENT — 5 room double. Gas heat, close to town. Call after 6 p.m. 675-4224. C-36 RENT a new Baldwin piano. Low as $3 per week. 675-6263. C-Thurs. thru Sat. iFOR RENT — Three room unfurnished apartment. Utilities furnished. Phone 6754175. TF FOR RENT — One-half double. Dial 675-2458 after 6 p.m. C-TF. FOR RENT — 6 room downstairs unfurnished apartment. Inquire 409 Oak. TF FOR RENT ~ Extra nice 3room unfurnished apartment. 619 N. Main. C-37 FOR RENT — 3 room upstairs furnished apartment. 6756812. C-TF Services Pets tor Sale FOR SALE Seal-point Siamese male and female cats. 6. kittens. 6 weeks old, $50. 206 Illinois St., Arcadia. P-39 Mobile Homes FOR SALE or RENT — 12x60 mobile home. 292-2464 or 675-6706. C-36 FOR SALE — A Super 8 Bell & Howell movie camera, case, screen, and Penncrest Super 8 movie projector, $100. Excellent condition. Call 6756567. P-36 FOR SALE — New 20 inch boy's bicycle. 675-2318. P-39 FOR SALE — Kenmore gas range with griddle. 336 Green St. 675-4476. P-36 FOR SALE — Aluminum siding • Storm windows-doors.' Kobl Vent Awnings. A. J. But? 675-2646. . C-T tor Rent FOR SALE: Philco Refrigerator Two door model- Excellent condition. $85 Dial 675-6390 DAILY CROSSWORD ACROSS 1. Prose narrative 5. Be proper to 10. Fanning implements 12. Expiate 13. Unassisted 14. Concise 15. Relie\*e of 16 .Doublet 18. Male ram 19. Salt ( FT.) 20. Make tawny 21. Yorkshire river 22. Evoked 24. Body joint 25. Mongrel 26. Bakery goody 27. Rouse 29. Impulsive; reckless 32. de Triomphe 33. Sesame . 34. Anthem contraction 35. Scrooge word 36. Old-time musical note 37." pro nobis" 38.EM) i40. Grape 42. Temptress 43. Choice 44. Like an inferior thespian 45. Forest creature DOWN 1. Meager 2. United by treaty 3. Amulet <3wds.) 4. Wheat bristle 5. Maestro's symbol 6. Summer, inToulori 7. Chinese restaurant item (2wds.) 8. Underwrite 9. Brave's domicile . aaaaa aaaao aas oma uuu 11. Bird dog 17. Thick roll 23. Prompt 24. Tyke 26. Gustatory sense '27."—— Cannonball" 28. Well- known peninsula 29. Wire measurement 30. Make effervescent 41. Ancient aauii naaaa ass oaa aaa aas QHU aua taauoaaH uauafc! uauaa HHUEIQ uaoaa EEJSJa Yeattrdty'* Aaawcr 31. Orison 33. Wee (colloq.) 39. Pro 1 2 5 4 • r- b 6 » 10 II. 1 li 15 1 14 •s *> n '» » * 20 m 2i 21 24 1 is Hi if P in 2ft 10 3l a. » m 34 3S m si S6 40 4| 4Z 4 .4 JT" DAILY CRYPTOQIJOTE—Here's how to work it: A X V D LB A A X R It LONGFELLOW One letter simply stands (or another. In this sample A ta used for the three L'«, X for the two O's, etc. Single letter*, apostrophes, the length and formation of the words arc all hints. Each day the code letters are different , A Cryptogram Quotation NBQZ IPKZC UPKHV N B Q YRCB VAZXTPV DZBO JITAI NBQZ IP K H IKV CB PECZYAKCP NBQ.—PH 1BJP Yesterday's Cryptoquote: EACH TEAR IT GROWS HARDER TO MAKE ENDS MEET—THE ENDS I REFER TO ARE HANDS AND FEET.—RICHARD ARMOUR Wanted FOR RENT — Upstairs unfurnished apartment. North Main St. Call 675-4845 after 6:00. • C 7 36 • FOR RENT — Sleeping room; Call for detail. 675-4492. C-37 FOR RENT — Nice 4 room ' modern house, new carpet and furnished. InSharpsville. Prefer adult couple only. No pets. 963-5915. TF FOR RENT — 3 room apartment. 675-4022. 5 TF FOR RENT « Extra modern 5 room double with old time charm. -675-4650 after 5. C-36 WANTED — Babysitter, in my home, 7 to 3:30. Must nave own transportation. Call after 4 p.m. 675-6967. P-36 WANTED — Ride to Ball State University, starting winter quarter. Ph. 947-3885. P-37 WANTED — Boys - Girls. Earn money selling our candy. Ph. 675-6557. P-40 WANTED — Housecleaning by day or week. 963-2386. C-39 Miscellaneous APPLES, CIDER, POPCORN -Pumpkins, Squash, Gourds,' HADiLEN ORCHARD, 2 mi. E. of Greentown, follow signs north. C-48 Wanted To Buy • WANTEDTO BUY* WE NEED USED FURNITURE Top Dollar— Fast Pick-up 552-5315 EARLYWINfS E. Edge, Tipton, Co. aVaVaVHaaVaVpaVapHMBaWI tarmers Needs FOR SALE — Two used 706 tractors, two used 350 tractors with loaders. Pring Implement. C-38 FOR SALE — Used cornpick- ers, two row mounted. Ready for the field. From $300 up. Pring Implement. C-38 FOR SALE « J.D. 50 ft elevator, 14 ft corn drag with loader, N.I. 2 row picker. 2922383. C-37 It's a Moving World! And we are here to serve its moving population. If you have just moved into a new-home,, call the Welcome Wagon hostess. PHONE Dial: 675-4492 Roofing-Painting-Gutter Cleaning. Dan Purvis 675-6178. P-37 PORTABLE WELDING SERVICE Anywhere, anytime. Phone' 947-3832. Tony Hancock. C-TF SUPER stuff, sure nuf! That's Blue Lustre for cleaning rugs and upholstery. Rent electric sharnpooer, $1. Carney's Drug Store. C-36 FRONT-END ALIGNMENT -V Smith Tire Servtos. 115 N. Indep. St. Phone 675-6165. TF. SEPTIC TANK Cleaning. - Raymond Tragesser. Call 5527162 or 675-2163. C-TF * Excelsior Class (Continued from page 3) Nash, Lillian Imbler, Blanche George, Edna Hawkins, Mary Leap, Ruth Hamilton, Nellie Buffer, Lottie Duncan, Ruth Price, Olive Foster, Nell Herron, Rev. Fred Mossburg, Jerry Mossburg,, Sabrina Mossburg and Carrie Thomas. Meeting was closed with pray-- er by Rev. Mossburg. , 0*2 COMMISSIONERS CLAIMS Tbe Tipton Co. Commissioners will coosld- " cr tbe following; Election Claims at i special meeting HOT. 19, 1970. v , V. Eugene R1U, Set - Up312.50 V. Eugene Ritt. Best. Uach_ 40.00 V. EugeneH1U, Elec. Brd. • . Canr.BnL. . 165.00:. :• William Rollings. Rest Macn 40.(10 William Rollings, Mileage . Set-Up _„ 17.50 William Rollings, Elec Brd. . . ,-.. ' Cam. Brd.. 165.00" Ross M Hafford, Member • • • '•'•' Elec Brd 125.00 Pat HcCormack, tsit. to .., Can». Brd_.^....„„_....„ 25.00 Stove-Petars, Standby Rep... > 40.00 •. Compton <t Son mc. Elec Uargaret A. Regiuer, Asst. to Camr. Brd^. 25,00 Francis B. Goentbsr, At>sen- ' 1-1 . tee Voting Team 12.00 Virginia Baker, Same 27.50 Ann Domrsoerger, Same 26.40 Barbara Coi, Same „„. 29.70 Elsie Jennings, Same....™... 25.10 Zola U. Bar ram, Same „.. U.ttf Dessle Allejr,Saine™.....„ 28.90 Linda Bunch, Same.„....„„... 28.60 UedaP.Cjles«l,Sanie_U 24.S0 Tnalma Jarrctt, Same„...„. - 24,00 ' Haxel D. West, Same; . 24,00,. Etbel A. Brcnm. Same U.40 Frances A. Courtney, Same „ 24.00/ Josephine Paul, Same„. .. 24.00 . Kathlyn Stockwell, Same 25.70 c Dee Boneychurcn, Same 12.00,. Illldred West, Same 12.00 Florence Rollings, Same 24.00 llarjorl* J. Foster, Same.„„ 16.00 Cicero twf. 1 ' '' E. U Uelocae Inspector ; 245.00 Cicero Twp. 2 Donald Blester Inspector.. 245.00 Cicero Twp. S George Ogden Inspector _.. 263.00 Cicero Twp. 4 Don Burkct Inspector...... . 245,00 Cicero Twp. 5 . "'. • Dorothy Ressler Inspector. ' 245,00 Cicero Two. 6 James E. Beeson Inspector 263.00 Jefferson 1 Fred Rode Inspector. - 263.00 , Jefferson 2 Jean Leinlnger Specter „„ 245.00 ' Liberty 1 Sue Henderson Inspector— 245.00, Uadlson 1 Oscar Stewart nspector__ 245.00 Uadlson 2 Wayne Castor Inspector 245.00., Prairie 1 Dorothy Orr Inspector...... 263.00'. Wildcat 1 Lillian Dennis bspector„ 245.00 Walter 11. Hugbes Tipton County Auditor L-56 C-36 * Student Reports (Continued from page one) , prison in Madrid. With the aid of a letter written by Edward Milburn, American vice consul, Mike was able to arrange a visit to a prison outside Madrid. To the young researchers* surprise, the prison warden gave permission not only to tour all of the cell areas and work shops . of the prison but to speak with each of three Americans who were incarcarated there at the time. Before leaving, Huffman was also permitted to take pictures of the prison area, a privilege which had earlier been . denied a major news gathering agency. "Spanish law is quite different from the American system," Huffman reported.. | While the American prisoners were well treated, Mike learned that they would all be required to serve six years and one day for violating the Spanish laws pertaining. to selling of drugs. . Huffman said one of the American prisoners—the one which the attorney sought permission to represent in court—was awaiting the six-year-and-one-day. sentence. "He had no illusions and no hope. of escaping the penalty," Huffman recalled. "While American lawyers can defend an American prisoner in a Spanish court, there is no hope of intervention from the Embassy. And the term of imprisonment starts the day the judge im-; poses the sentence, not from the time of arrest." The Ball State student learned that Spanish courts were presided over solely-by a judge. There is no jury and the decision of the judge is final. In cases where a foreigner cannot speak the Spanish Iangri; age, an interpreter is permitted. The prison which Huffman visited was very clean. However, the warden told the American student that reform was not a part of the prison system, .that only detention was the purpose. However, prisoners could work if they so desired. There were facilities for TV repairs, a boat shop, a steel working department a print shop and basket weaving shop. Prison workers can earn from $11 to $14 per month. Al- NOTICE TO BIDDERS On December 14, 1970 at 7:30 p.m. (EST), in the Cily Court Room, the City of Tipton will ' receive sealed bids for the furnishing of th£ ' following, to be supplied during the year 1971;- SUPPLIES 1. Gasoline (a) Regular (92 octane or better) (b) Premium Diesel Fuel. Lubricating Oils' (a) Regular (b) Premium Tires and Tubes.'Ior: (a) Cars (b) Trucks (c) Equipment Anti-Freeze (a) Permanent Type - , Batteries * Permission Needed (Continued from page one) come in to their County ASCS Office to get written authorization before removing commodit- so included was a TV program which taught Spanish — the only educational facility provided in the prison, Huffman learned. The American prisoner were permitted a certain amount of reading material, which was provided by the American Embassy. However, all letters written by prisoners are censored. The Milton student was one of 45 Ball State students who went to Europe that summer under auspices of the'Ball State department of foreign language. Once in Europe, 15 of the group elected to study in Germany, 15 is France and 15 others in Spain. During the first five weeks, thVstudents studied at the Insti- tuto'de Cultura Hispanica in Madrid. Also included were sightseeing trips to points of interest in the Madrid area. It was during a two-week period of independent study that each of the students became involved in a project of his own. Huffman, of course, did his "thing" on drugs and prison life. "I plan to work for the U.S. Government after graduating from Ball State," Huffman commented. "This was a most interesting experience." A 1967 graduate of Lincoln High School, Cambridge City, Ind., Mike is the son of Mr, and Mrs. William Huffman, Milton. He is a second quarter sophomore at Ball State. NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING . BOARD OF ZONING APPEALS, VARIANCE Notice Is hereby given that the. Board of Zoning Appeals of Tipton County, Indiana on the 19th day of November, 1970 at 7:00 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time) in Planning Com- • mission office in the County Court House at Tipton, Indiana will hold a public bearing on a variance from the provisions of the .Zoning Ordinance, as provided by the Zoning Ordinance. The variance involves the following.consideration: ' <~ The appellant, N. Jane Tyner requests a variance so that she can locate a 12* by 44' mobile home having 528 square feet of floor space on a lot in Goldsmith. The ordinance . requires 720 square feet of floor space. Legal description: Lot six (6) in Hiram and Mary Fulkerson Addition to the town of Goldsmith, Indianaj being part of tbe northeast quarter. Ci) of Section 2, Township 21 North, Range 3 East, Jefferson Township, Tipton County, Iodiana containing six-tenths (.6) of an acre, more or less. The appellant. Mission Services Association requests a variance for a nonprofit organization for the purpose of a clearnlng house . tor distribution of religious news and information for Christian.Churches- and. Church of Christ. Legal description:' The south halt of eleven and seven-tenth's (li-7-10) acres of even width off of the entire west end of the south half of the southwest quarter of Section 10, Township 22 north. Range 3 east in Tipton County, Indiana. 0 Written suggestions or objections relative '.to this appeal, or variance, maybe filed with the Board of Zoning Appeals at, or before, . said meeting, and will beheardat tbe time and place specified. Said hearing may be continued from time to time as may be necessary. Interested persons desiring to present their views upon this case, either in writing or verbally, will be given the opportunity to be heard at the above mentioned time and place. Ralph Wilburn BOARD OF ZONING APPEALS ,Tipton County, Indiana 2. 3. 5. 6. MATERIALS 1. All grades of liquid asphalts, emulsions, and tar, per gallon: (a) To be furnished and applied at any sits in Tipton. 2. Crushed stone of mineral aggregate, all sizes. Class A or B, per ton: (a) To be furnished and loaded by vendor at his yard or plant. (b) To be funished, delivered, and tailgated at any site in Tipton. (e) To be furnished, delivered, spread with mechanical spreader, and rolled at any site in Tipton. 3. Bituminous Coated Aggregate, per ton: (a) To be furnished and loaded by vendor at his yard or plant, using either Kb. 9 or. 12 aggregate. (b) To be furnished and laid, including rolling, and camphBleij finished at any site In Tipton. 4. Bituminous Concrete (AH) binder course: per ton, and Bituminous Concrete (AH) . surface course, type B and C per too: (a) To be furnished and loaded by vendor at his yard or plant. ^ <b) To be furnished and laid, Including all priming, rolling, and completely finished at any site in Tipton. 5. Ready-Mix Concrete, all mixes, furnished " and delivered at any site in Tipton. 6. Cement, til types, per 100 lb. or per bag. A .deposit of 125.00 shall be required of all bidders, or a bid bond of such amount. All bids roust be accompanied' by a non- collusion affidavit. The City of Tlptoo re-, serves the right to reject any and all bids,' and to waive any Irregularity In the bidding. CAROL G. LORD Clerk-Treasurer City of Tipton, Indiana L-55 C-36-42 EdMelocn* "The MONEY man" JleavJt & Bat 112 N. Main AIL PURPOSE MONt-Y SERVICE If you have any need for MONEY feelfr«eto come to us. We consider it 1 a privilege to serve you. LOANS 'The Loan Company that g«nt to know, their customers k appreciates their business." 675-4433 ies which are under loan. They must obtain this authorization whether they are planning to use the commodity themselves or sell it" He said that producers wanting to remove the commodity for their own use are required first to repay the price-support loan. Price-support loans on commodities released for sale must be repaid within 15 days from the date of the authorization to remove the commodity from the bin. Retherford pointed out that before farm-stored commodities which are under price-support loan can be authorized for removal from the bin, the buyer selected by the producer must be named and other conditions met. "We try to notify producers of these regulations when they get their price-support, loans," he said, "but anyone wanting to know further details or information may call or come in to the County ASCS Office of any time.' GMC and UAW DETROIT (UPI>- Highligtts of the proposed new three-year contract between General Motors Corp. and the United Auto Workers: - Wages — Immediate increase of 49 to 61 cents an hour. Assembly and basic production workers, who now receive base rates ranging from $3.50 to $3.83, will receive a raise of 50 cents : an hour. Three per cent raises in the second and third years of the pact. Cost-of-Living — Removal of the ceiling on cost-of-living wage increases, with pay raised one cent for every 0.4 per cent increase in the consumer price index. Adjustments will be made quarterly, beginning Dec. 6.1971. "Thirty Out" Retirement- Employes with 30 years of service may retire on a $500 monthly pension at age 58 beginning Oct. 1, 1971. Payments will be •reduced 8 per cent for each year the retiree's age is under' 58. the age limitation is lowered tp 56 on Oct. 1, 1972. Benefits/ {reduced, at age 62 when Sociitj Security' payments" begin. Page 5 * Six Pilots Die (Continued from page one) Day of Glendale, Ariz., Lt. James J. Connell of Wilmington, Del., and Maj. Ben Marksbury Pollard, of Colorado Springs, Colo. The committee released 335 names of American POWs in June. Mrs. Weiss said Driday the North Vietnamese "never - told the Committee of Liaison that this is a final list. There may be more." The Pentagon has listed Fellowes, Day and Connell as presumed captured and Pollard as missing in action. The six dead men were listed by the Pentagon as presumed captured. Mrs. Weiss refused to reveal the names of the six, but said the State and Justice Departments have been notified and the families will be informed. * Positions (Continued from page one) Indiana. The commissioner pointed out that the prior knowledge of double-entry bookkeeping and a general understanding of Indiana's income tax, sales tax, and intangibles tax laws is desirable. Only applicants 21 years of age and over will be considered for these positions. The salary range of Auditors is from $7,920 to $13,920 per year depending upon experience. . Mr. Mathis stressed that political activity is not a prerequisite toward being accepted for employment in the Division of Audit Application forms and additional information may be obtained from any one of the 12 field offices located throughout the State or by writing to Mr. Howard L. Johnson, Audit Administrator, Box #1575, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204. All applications must be received by the Department of Revenue on or before November 27, 1970, to receive consideration. NIXON TO RETREAT . THURMONT, Md. (UP1>- President Nixon is spending the weekend . at his Camp David mountain retreat with First Lady Pat NLxon and his daughter Tricia.^ They flew to the retreat Friday and - plan to return to Washington Sunday. ion Service FARM SALES, KSTATF, RKAL ESTATE AUCTION HOUSEHOLD MISC. CONTACT THE ACTION AUCTIONEER! Hmh Robinson Tipton 675-1806 Atlanta 292-2371 JUNIOR'S "66" SERVICE TIRES t BATTERIES * Tune up * Brake Service * Washing * Lubrication * Wheel Balancing DIAL 675-2540 AS W.Jefferson" Tipton IMPORTANT NOTICE Peoples Loan & Credit Company have combined their Loan accounts with: Leaved & Bates Loan Co. 112 N. Main Street Phone 675-4433 We ask that all our,customers stop in the Leavell & Bates office to get acquainted as soon as possible. We want to thank our customers for your loan business and ask you to continue your business with Leavell & Bates. .-'••" V They are also a locally owned company that started business in Tipton in 1905. Their manager Ed Meloche has fifteen years experience and am sure he will be happy to meet you. Thank you again! O.D. Adams Peoples Loan & Credit Co.

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