The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 10, 1908 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 10, 1908
Page 8
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNUN THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 10. 1908. r TELEPHONES MAIN 39 and 86. Should you In 1 unable to .mi' nut send l'i us. Your nli'rs will receive tin.; same, TM[II|I( and careful atton- i ii iis though you called at 'in- sloiv. No iloliiy when "<>n tHepJiono. Such orders irr niiidc ii|) and delivered lirst. there i no delay in 'I'leplione orders. HOME OF THE KODAK Baer's Leading Druggists. Rctiardson Mineral Springs for Rheumatism, Stotu MI-II ;-.i:d Kidney Trouble. Ask your CM nds ahiwl them or write for book- Jet to J. H. Richardson, Chico, Cal. Johnathan Bush For Supervisor Reports of the most on.-onraglng kind come I nun the Fourth Supervls- oral dintrlet com'-ruing the candidacy of .1. M. Hush, the Democratic nominee. He i.s receiving assurances of support from every section of the district, and particularly Is he strong on ho West Side. .Mr. Bush impresses strangers as eminently the man for Supervisor and during the campaign he will endeavor to meet all of the voters and discuss with them the matters In which the i people are interested relative to that I office. Mr. Hush is a native Callfornlan In the prime of life. His parents came to California from the south, one In '49 and 'he other In '50, and were married In this state Mr. Bush was born In San Benito. In 186!) he moved to Los Angeles County and In 1889 he became a resident of Kern. For several years he was e.nsaced solely In farming and he still devotes a part of his time to his ranch in the Paleto district, though he is also engaged In the butcher business at Alarlcopa. Mr. Hush has been successful both as a farmer anil as a business man. H(> Is active and energetic and has an enviable reputation as an upright, man among all who know him. It Is characteristic of him that he says with reference to his candidacy, "I'll try to make a good supervisor." And when .Tohnathan Bush says that his friends say after him that Johnathan Bush will make a good supervisor. Notes and Personals GET READY GAME! ft doi-sn't matter what your game is—business or school work—you must realize the advantage of being well dresed. particularly in respect to the attitude of the people toward von. TRADING STAMPS Are you saving them? We have added several new and handsome premiums—Save your stamps. YOU DON'T NEED TO BE RICH To be well dressed, if you will buy your c Our Full styles are actual proof of thin fact, dress suit "we've (jot Vm" from $10 to $-'•">. Come iu and let us lit vou out. lierc. If you want a g business DON'T TAKE IT AS A JOKE wficii we sjiy that the more goods yi'ii buy here the better you are tin". It is ti serious fuel. For our hariH'SS will give greater satisfac- t'Y'n than the ordinary kind. Yon thus gt>t better value for your money; and that money goes so !iif in purchasing ^uods here that t'very pure.liiise means a snbstan- fcuil saving. See the point? A. B. HERRINQTON 1517 19th St. Mr. and Mrs. .1. E. England have returned from Santa Cruz. O. O. McKeynolds returned lust ev- enind from l,os Angeles. Rev. .1. Fred .lenkins of Lindsay is In town today. George Taylor, the well known traveling man. Is here on a regular trip. Frank O. Mnnzer left last night for I,OB Angeles. K. II. Lovcland just received a carload of fancy 4-ticr IK'llefH'iir apples Irom \Vatsnnville. Street Superintendent Joe Yaneey Jeft last, night for Phoenix, Arizona, on a business trip. C. (!. ffartwell went out to Marl- copa this morning. Or. Schiit'er will resume hU practice I Are You Proud of Your Boy ? Then do not deny him the advantage of looking just as well or a little better than any of his associates. Yon may not appreciate how mneli this will affect the formation of his character and his chances for success in life. Bring your boy in and let us show you how stylish he will look in one of our finely tailored, perfect lit- ting "Best Ever" Suits. If your boy is unusually hard on hi.s clothes, you will find that he will have some trouble in breaking through the double seat and knees of the "Best Ever" trousers. The wire sewed buttons, and taped seams of these trousers will save you much troublesome mending. Washington . fashioned Apparel TM •MMMTO* Ml ' §W MM j THE EDUCATOR SHOE for school and rough and ready wear. They are the kind that last. 20; office, Oil Exchange tf on a short G. M. CLUTTER Proprietor THE EAGLE BAR Grant Kier, Mgr. 2134 Suiter street, opp. Alcazar Theater and Commandery Hall, Near Stelner San Francisco on Sept. building. William I-iUtz Is away business trip. Dr. Ross FehiensRR. licensed Ian: office Movrow-Klmball drug stora Eyes examined free tf Attorney II. I.. Packard returned to Ijos Angeles last night for further medical treatment. The attorney, though he has made marked Improvement In the last few weeks, Is still far from well. "Young man," said the stern parent, "have you any Idea of the value of a loilar?" "Certainly," answered the gilded youth. "At the club a dollar represents one white chip."—Washington HEAVY VOWS NELSON BEAT GANS IN 2151 KORNS? A serious subject invites your attention find is constantly r<unindin>i yon of itself. KOHNKFAVU will put nn end to Korns. It is e'liiiraMteetl. Try it, ;md ii' it. fails us it will nut —-o.ome to our stot'i 1 iiiul got your Money Back. the bottle. Jack—In the Oriental world a girl never sees her Intended husband until she la n&rrled to him. Flossy—How odd! In this part of the world she seldom sees him afterward.—Ally Sloper's. • .» COFFEE The goodness of everything else at breakfast depends on the coffee. You* |r<n«i niunn *•« MMI U rou iu't Ilk* Schllltaf '• Bert'. w« par Mm. From appearances it Is doubtful whether Flynn and Battling Johnson will flght here in October. Since forwarding the articles of agreement to the fighters, the local management has heard nothing from them. Press reports tell of the efforts being made to match both Flynn and Johnson with rival heavyweights in Los Angeles for the latter part of this month and the first of next and this fact seems to tell that the match proposed for here for fair week has fallen through. Mauro Herrera, who has just returned from Los Angeles, Is very anxious to know tht status of. affairs, for if Fylnn and Johnson db not come here he will stage a fight between Mike Kutchos, the little Greek who has won fame In the south, and Young Mcdovern. a tough little scrapper near the top of his division. Mauro premises a number of other bouts, one of which will probably be a battle royal. He has not decided yet to promote the fight and is waiting a few days to get definite Information from First Bunko Man—The people "The kind your grandfather used." around here are all wise to my game. and ne was O f rare judgment. Profit tollo™"" 1 Faker ~ What are you g ° ing by his experience ana use Old I. W. °First Bunko Man—Seek greener Harper whiakey. Sola ay Brit?. * fields.—Kansas City Times. Welcnelt tt ^ i the proposed Johnson-Flynn go, fore perfecting arrangements. be- Dr. Long (Homoepath) Physician and Surgeon, electrical and X Ray traetment. building. Phone Main 144; Hopkins tf Of Drug Stores Bakersiield's Finest CASTORIA The Kind You »»ave Always Bought, imd which has foeea. in use fov ovi* 3O years, has borno the signature of ami has boeiiinadu uiulor liis per- so»«l 8iiporvlsi.ui sih.-o Its infancy. Allownooneloaoecueyimiu till.-*. All CountortVits, Imitations anil <k Just-as-^iinii" are but I'lvperinuMits that tritlo with and s'mlanifcr tlur health of haunts ami Childrou—Kxpcrionco a;;iun>t Kxperituout* What is CASTORIA Castoria is a harmless substitute! fur Castor Gil, Pare* gorlc, l>ri>i»s and Snothlnj;' Syrups, ft j, s l'!eu>;uit. It contains lu-Khor Opiiuu, Morphiito nor other Xtrootit? substance. |(.s a(?o is its jjiiarautuo. It ilcstrovs \Vitrins anil allays l^everihlincss. It cures Dhirrliu-u ;inil Wind Colic. It relieves TVothhif? Troubles, curi-s i.'iiii-.tij>ati<m and Flatulency. It assimilates th«» Toixl, ri-M-ulute-. tlic &toiti:'.ch and llowols, yiviuy; hoaltliy and natural -U-ei*. Tho C'luldrcii's 1'aiuK-ca- The Sf'Uhor's l'i it-mi, «iENUINE CASTORIA ALWAY' Bears the Signature of SAN* FRANCISCO, Sept. 0— Bat| tling Nelson clinched his claim to the j light-weight pugilistic championship! by defeating Joe Uaus for the second i time at Colma arena this afternoon. The fight ended in the twenty-first I round when Gans, beaten down by a ! succession of blows from his sturdy I conqueror, failed to get upon his feet within the count of ten. The veteran colored fighter was severely punished but the champion, too ,has the marks of battle. From the first clang of the gong to the last moment Nelson forced the fighting, never giving ground and gradually battering down his older and .ess vigorous opponent. Gans succumbed In the twenty-first round after being most unmercifully trounced by the lad from Hegeswlch. Nelson In this round rained In right and lelt smashes to the jaw and body of Gans and soon beat him into a helpless state. Gans sank to the floor and the referee began to count. Mechanically the defeated man watched Referee EM- dl Smith wave his hands, apparently too far gone to hear him count. The count of ten was tolled off and It was then that Gans, ashen pale, his face terribly cut and with his eyes glassy, sought to rise. He realized, however, that It was too late and feebly muttered: "I have positively fought my last battle." The flght was most spectacular, and at no time did It appear as if Cans had a chance to win. Time and again he would shoot wicked punches to the Battler's face and body but the latter never for an Instant wavered. From the tap of the initial gong Nelson was on top of his man, lashing out with right and left to the stomach and head and jaw, giving the colored man no opportunity to rest. When Gans was seen In his dress- i Ing room, his face presented a terri- I ble picture. His right eye was cios- fed, the left partially so; his lips and nose were badly lacerated and his face puffed out like an Inflated balloon. He mumbled out the following statement: "I made one fislit too many. Nelson !s a tonsil boy mid heat me fairly. I will n»v"r flg'hi again. 1 will return to B ; il!!nii)i- t > immediately and attend j interests there. This is arewi-11, but In dead ear- PADEREWSKI'S CHOICE OF PIANOS IS THE WEBER DYER & JONES Attractive Offering's Fall Clothing For Men and Young Men to my h»tci noi -i i'ntii nest." NOTICE. i» •.;••. I'.iu'.vh Marehaml, having i .1 :>•• ii-ft my bed and board, i, lii-r-' 1 y ulvo]) that 1 will not V'"i'iinn.-Uhlc for debts .1.01 K,-: MAHCHAND. -•;•' ;. o'.. .-•.•:•!. H. ions. 42 .UTIONS IN MEMORY OF MRS, M. E. McLEOD. ... v''-:"'.iir I;,"-' i'.i'j; of (lie local T. V , h°M . "-ii-i'diiy, the fol- r.'-io'.Mii.iu.-' v. .'iv adopted: wi^ht.- (.'mil lias removed from -! inn' be'.nve.l sister and co- Mr,- M. K. M.-l.eod, .i'il, th:\t we exiend our heart-i •.'in'.liy to !'.!•• bereaved re!a- The Kind You Have Always Bought In U83 For Over 30 Years, TMI etHTAu* eaMMN«. IT Mumuv STiiirr, new yo«» em. -il, that a copy of these be th>? daily press and to the : Pvt'- isent , ! famll> ! Res. :.eil. that a ropy of these be ' spread upon the minutes. By order o f the Women's Christian Temperance Union. MRS. HENDERSON, Preattent. MRS. MADDUX. Vice President. MRS. GREGORY, Secretary. V •IN- SUITS, OVERCOATS HATS AND FURNISHINGS are shown lief" i that you will thin your interest To <• display. Do Hint can. iiml he stir.- splendid v;ili]i-s models Hi' variety ,..liy to -•>":• the as yon M th-:> "COLLEGIAN" SUITS They ar.'' irrade—n|> t > witli an I'Xi---' inent at .•flo. S.WISEKOPF

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