Kentucky Reporter from Lexington, Kentucky on January 23, 1826 · 4
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Kentucky Reporter from Lexington, Kentucky · 4

Lexington, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Monday, January 23, 1826
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i :t, fl I :i ,1 ISOM THU CMARLESTON MERCURY. &cows f of 4 visit from El. ,A7eldolo.r, or &raft - ' , - Claus.' : ' - Twasthe night befere Christman when all duel the house, , 4 . ",' nal II creature was stirring, not even a mouse; The stockings were hung by the eliamey with is in hope that St. Nkhalas soon would be there. The children werenested all snug in their bads, While vision s of sugar-plums danced in their And Mamma in her 'kerchief, and I in my cap, ' Bad just settled our brains for a on winters . When out oh the lawn there arose such a clatter, !sprang from the bed to see what was the matter, Away to the window I fiew like a flash, Tore open the shutters, and threw up the sash, The moon on the breast of the new fallen snow, . , Gave the lustre of mid-day to objects below ; 1 When what to my wondering eyes should appear, I tint a miniature sleigh, and eight tiny rein-deer, With a little old driver, so lively and quick, I knew in a moment it mast be St. Nick. Nose rapid than eagles his coursers they came, And he whistled, and shouted and called them by name ; - . , "Now, Dasher! now, Dancer! now, Prancer! and Vixen. ' 0 On! Comet, on! Cupid, ea! Dunder and Blixen s , " To the top of to porch! to the top of the wall !, " Now dash away ! dpsh away ! dash away all," As dry leaves before the wild hurricane fly, , When they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky ; , - - So up to the house-top the coursers they dew, Virrth the day full of topand St. Nicholas too And then, in a -twinkling, I heard on the toot, The prancing and pawing of each little hoof; As I drew in my head, and was turning around, Down the tbismney St. Nicholas came with a s . bound. , Bo was dressed all in fur, from his bead to his foot, , . And his clothes were all tarnished w asheg zdi &ad soot ; ' , , A bundle of toys was flung on Ids le k, I And be look'd like a pedlar just (opening his 1 ' pack; Ws eyeshow they twinkled! hidimplen bow merry, , ' Mis cheeks were like roses is nose like a 1( cherry; ,, - ' nil droll little mouth was draiin up like (thew, . And the beard of his chin wSIS aS white as the snows - The stump of a pipe be bell tight in his teeth, ' s Aid the smoke it encirsted his head like a wreath.- Ile bad a broad face, ami a little round belly, , het shook, when be laughed, like a bowl full , of jelly, lie was chubby and plump, a eight jolly old elf, , And I laugh'd when !saw him, in spite of my' self; A wink of his eye, rind a twist of his head, Soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread ; lie stike not a word, but went strait to his And fill'd all the stockings; then turned, with a , - jerk, . Andlaying his Anger aside of his nose, - And giving a nod, up the chimney he rose, He sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a s , 'whistle, Antt away they all flew like the down of a - ss thistle : t - But I heard him exclaim, e're be drove out of , sight- !gloppy CArlittnost to all, and to all a good night." - Taint Sale. ugILL be exposed to Sale on Wednes. W V day the ist day of March next, for Gold if Silver, all the Personal and Real estate of Jacob Spears, decd. e onsisting as follows, viz The FARM whereon said Spears formerly ed,onthing elao acres fast !ate 'Lana, well improved, with good water and a growing crop of small grain, and a large portion of the land well set in grass; a further description , of the land is deemed unnecessary, as those , '"' wishing to purchase will examine for them-Ives. One fourth of the purchase money will be required in hand, the balance in three equal annual payments. A good and sufficient title will be made on the receipt of the last pay. Meat ALSO ' 10 MULES that will be two years old next spring, 30 MULES that will be one year old next spring. 30 HEIM or 11ORSES, Amongst which are some first rate brood mares, a first rate STUD HORSE, ifnot sooner dis. posed of; a good STOCK OF CATTLE, a. moug which are a number of MILCH COWS; good Stock of Sheep and flags, Household ,and Kitchea Furniture ' anti Farming Utensils; three WAGGONS and Gear, a good CAR. WAGE ; three Stills, a Boiler and Mash Tubs; some Spirits of different kinds Also many ether articles too numerous to mention. Twelve months credit will be given for till snms above five dollars, live dollars and under cash in band. Bond and approved security 'Will be required -of the purchaser. ' Sale to commence at 9 o'clock, and continue from day to day until all is sold, where due attendance will be given by - SOLOMON SPEARS, ISOM SPEA RS, ' , s ABRAHAM SPEARS, January 9, IC-'25-5ltds Executors. ! wi: I - - ettyttitmao etinto. fff. STORAGE AND ,COMiltiOrit011131totittoo. -IIIIIEsubscribers having associated them- selves under the firm of , JANUARY 4 IrLISTON, Offer their services to their friends and the public, as well in receiving and forwarding-goods and property of every description, as in the transaction of a general agency and coininission business. By their united exertions to please, and a close attention to business, they bore to promote the interest of those friends who may confide business to their care. THEY HAVE ON HAD t AN end ROLLED IRON, NEW OILLKANS bUGAR, by tbe Ifegabeild and DK 41. 6d. ed, and led NAILS le BRADS by the Keg GLASS WARS by the Bosoettorted $ by 10 and 1Obyi WINDOW GLASS - , COPYBE be the Hagar Barrel , 'YOUNG IlYSON TEA BIACREREL i513151-117y the Reg or Barrel WHITE LEAD, groinni in Oil aria dry PAINTERS' RED LEAD 'Writing and Wrapping PAPER, by the Bum POW DEN. by dar Keg , - 3KON Wing Sill lEitS RIDOLFS and WOVE WIRE ' LO(1WOOD and FUSIIC bPELLING BOOKS by the'Doim BED CORDSand PLOUGH LINES - TA IVO KOHL IdADDER by Die Eeg ALLU)I da - SALTS da CANDLES. by the sal corrom TARNS, emetett, by the Box. A:J of which they will sell low for Cash. 6r tarter for Feathtrs, hemp, Leaf Tobacco, Gift.- TA 1111:1 RIME 14ADDER by tbe Keg ALLU)I 1 - SALTS th , cANDLES. by the nal Corrom TARNS, mortegl, by the Box. A:j of which they will sell low for Cash. tarter for Feathers, limp, Leaf Tobacco, G- ang, Bees-Wax Le. - A. M. JANUARY, 1VM. 11USTON, Jr. ! Maystille, Sept 14, 1S25-28tt 1 -.71.,A1.,PJ,,r 011CIIMMINMIEN.ONOMMINI,, -.110!1 211tt Ctitirt p , DOCTOR , WI W. WIIITNET - FrERS his Services in the IL", Pructiae of Medicine and Surgery, to the citizens of Lesiii5ton and neighbourlood. His Shop la in Main-Street, oppo. site Mrs Keen' s Inn, where he will attend punctually to all calls. . , July 10, 1325'29.11 TRES'S" ZIVEDICINES JO NORTON ITIAS just received from the Ea.itward, an InNol Invoice of fresh Drugs aud Medicines which he offers for sale , . WHOLESALE ,AND RETAIL; together with a general assortment of Paints, Dye Stuffs, Patent Medicines, all of superior quality, Also Swaim's Panacea, Perfume. ry, Surgical Instruments, Medicine Chests, and Apothecary's NVare of all sizes, at his Drug and Chytnical Store, comae(' Main Mid Upper streets, south attic Court House. Lex, Nov. 14, 18-25. N. B. Country Physicians and Apothecas ry's orders, supplied at the shortest notice on the most reasonable terms. - - American Improved Family Medicine, Chemical Ittli-Disenteric. rirnis alkaline preparation rivals all others in the United A Stems, fur curing complaints caused by acidity in the alimentary card (s e Vought on bowel complaina.p. p. 36 66) and esteemed by all who USE it, in the treatment ot Dysem ta ry, aridity. tkaribtra, chol ie. cholera nimbus, cholava Swum sickness and pain in the stomach, vomiting, dye-penile. thrush, worms fite. Proved sueetwful. in practice of twelve years, cud particularly use' ul in families of young children, natters of vessels, forts prisons, factories, planters Ste. Preparttl with directions StmPrice Ss. lot g um 1 dol. fur 4 oz. libjil, ' Inchon Botanical .1.11e Drops, Warranted for curing the Fever sad Ague, being a certain and efficacious remedy. in every stage of intermitting fe- vers, and not filling to have the ilesittd elfeet. Price 1 dol. per bottle, sufiliciem to cure two or three children of the Agnes , Ldterafrom.Dr loseph 111ite, of Cherry Talley, and Dr. Alin &Elwood, of Rothester, New Torii, CHERRY VALLEY, July 11,1823, SIRI approve-of the view you have taken of bowel complaints generally. That a redundancy of acidity is a principal cause of our rummer diarrhea. is an opinion that I have long entertained. Alkalii s, variously combined, en the remedies that have sueceeded best, in such complaints. In great haste, yours respectfully, Dit J.G. Vaught. a. WHITE. ROCHESTER. IS Y. August 13, Hitt DEAR SIRI am tonvinced that the plan laid down in your work on bowel complaints, in general, bas hest rue. eteded in my practiee, and I have accuidingly adopted it. I am also sahsfied that your obwrvatioas on diet and ours. ing, if carefully adhered to, will knen very mueh the UMW her and variety of diseases with which children are daily attacked. I bow the honor to be, yours. Dr J. G. Vought. I. IL ELWOOD. FOR BALE BY - SAATERS 1.'S Co. Jtfo. 2, Chcalmide,who have also just Received, Swaim la celebrated Panacea, Considered by some eminent Physicians as a specific in Scrofula and mammas diseases generally. Rogers' Patent Pulmonic Diturgent, A valuable Medicine in Consumption, Coughs dm October it) 18154I - ' SANDERS dt CO'S iv RUG CHEMICAL . MICAL r D ... ESTABLISHMENT, For the Importation Sz JITanufacture olAttive and uridtillerated MEDICINES.' LAW NOTICE. zer's corner. No. 2, Cheapside, Lexington. , B. P. SANDERS II AITING Sold to Doctor J. LIVINGSTON MAXWELL, one half of the above establishment, takes this method of informing his friends and the public generally, that they have and will continue to keep on hand a general supply of Drugs, 'Medicines, Phorsroecatic Preparations, Chemical Reagents, Paints, DyeStufs, Stc. all of which will be sold at a small advance, wholesale or retail. , They also have a General Assortment of Superior Surgical, Obstetrical, and anatomical IXSTRUMEATS, - Which they will sell at Philadelphia Retail Prices Amputating, Trepanning, Obstetrical, Couching and Extracting, and Plugging and Scaling Instruments, - May be procured for Single Operations by the Physi , Mans who do not wish to purchase. ' Pneumatic Lacteal Pump Is kept for the accommodation of the citizens of Lexington and its vicinity. Physicians' Preseriptions will be put up with nearness and neentscyst all hours At heretofore all Menet-emus, ing and Compounding of Medicines. together with the LSBORATORir GLATRILL, - Will be under the immediate soperintendince of ' MR ROBERT BEST, , Who is prepared to furnish at the denten notice, every kind of Chemical Preparation that may be ordered, to Analyze Ores Sm. DOCTOMS SANDERS & ITAXIATELL Are alio connected in the Practice of their PROFESSION, and may be found at the above establishment. Lexington, May 18,1825-20d , TO 11EV1 P . 1 lore . I 1 1 A FARM of about 200 ACRES, I Alf I TH about 75 Acres cleared Land, ! V V - the balance in good woodland pasture, with a very convenient Brick building sufficient for a lame family. Possessien given on a the first day of March net. 1 - W. MONTGOMERY. 4 ianuary 2, 1826-1 b --......-4-- ---... I COL. SOLOMON P. SHARP'S , 1 . ' ' ,- ''- CLIENTS :,' . ' A RE informed, that his executors Lave t 11. employed DANIEL MAYES, attorney at law, to dont the unfinished kusiness of Col. Sharp, in the several Courts holden in Frankfort and the tuljoining counties. Mr Mayes has taken possession of the room lately occupied by Col. Sharp in Frankfort as a law office; tl and will regularly attend to any business of a 1 professionalcharacter that may be confided to , c him.. ' It is his intention to resign his station 1: as a Representative, immediately on the rising of thc Legislature and to reside in Frankfort. II s . December 12, 1025-50 6m 11 JAMES SHANNON Late of Wheeling, Va. woad, practice Law in the Circuit and County Courts of Fayette, and the Cir cult Courts of Bourbon and Jessamine. All business entrusted to him will receive prompt attention. His Office is on short Street. Lex. Dec. 20, 1024, 5141 LOOK'a7 Til 1 1 The Benevotent 'nag be Rewarded with allundantlf-ealth bif tiie advance above Scheme Pike, or profits la un Nikki o richest, made in F. CANFIELD'S Otfice, LIS Broadway, lot thirty days Dam this date, ia the ' tr.NEVERSITIr LOTTERY, ' EIGHTH CLASS, Which is by Far:the most splendid Lottery in the United States. the Drawing of whib 11)11 be espeeted to take place in January ensuing, will be paid over at sn tarty pen nod to pmper persons tor the common relief of those who Marred by the calamitous fire. in this city, on the morn. ing of the this inst. PRICE OF TICKETS, ' FIFTY DOLLARS EACH, Shares in proportion; sod in smaller Lotterks at kas rich CAPITAL PRIZES,: , 3 Capitah of $ 100,000 each $300,000 3 , . do 50,000 do 150,000 , 1 do 40,000 do 40,000 1 do 30,000 do 30,000 2 do 25,000 do 50,000 4 do 20,000 do 80,000 10 do 10,000 do 100,000 20 do 5 000 - do 100,000 10 do 2,500 do 25,000 ' 10 do , 2,000 do 20,000 150 do -,, 1,000 do 150,000 ' 150 do - 500 do 75,4400 Now for sale, and may be had if applied fie in. medialcli at Foltune's limne, P. CAX.FIÉ LD'S - New-York State Lottery Otliee 139 Broadway, Where bare hero sold and paid Prices of 50,000 dollars SLOW, 20,000, ism0. 12600, 1000, S000, 3000, 2500, 3000, 1000, SOO he Ste. amounting to more than a MILLION OF DOLLARS. Which Office CYtt has been and will tontione to be true te its motto. Orders (post paid) eltdOeittg the cash or Prize 'rickets forearded, or men maikd withal thirty days, will of course also tonuibute to the aid of tbe sulleren. which orders. will in reticular, be thankfully received and promptly attended to, if addressed to P. FIELD, AiewTork. Price of rickets in the New York Literature Lamm to be drawn on the 4th of January, will be advanced to 53 Dollen each, Shares in proportion, OR the ina lest. Capi. tat Prizes thertin, 1 of $100,000: : 1 of $50,000 : 1 of 20,000, 1 of $10.000, and several of $2000, 151,000, 500, tko &to. ' roa SALE AS USUAL IT Dee. 19.-2 139 Broadway. FORTVNE'S IIOME II:BEVER! P, CANFIELD'S orrtoms, I39, Broadway, N. York; 129 Cheaunottret, Pbiladtlphia and 180 Market-street. laitimore, Illeoy hare been add and 1:etit, Prizes of 50,000, 25,000, 20,000, 15,000, 1150, 10,00,5000, 3000, 2500, 2000, 1040, 500 Le; La. Amounting to sore than aiLLIO.A. Of 1)01,1411S ! By Authority of the Sate of Maryland. UNIVERSITI LOTTERY, EIGlirit CLASS,611EW SERIE P. C.11.WIELD, Manager, CAPITAL PRIZE ,- The most brilliant Lottery ever adopted and drawn in the United States, and w9e1hythe immedi- ate attention 01 all LOTTERY VENDERS dr ADVEtTCRERS THEREIN: Granted by the General Aleemily of the state of Mary. land, for the bentfit of her 1 Weary It ttttttttttttt The ',mem adopted tor the approbatim ol,as will as in justice to her People. - Positively to be Dtawn on the fad of FRBROARY,1826, , ' OR SOOYER, . ' And if the ink of Tickets wii warrant k, the Drawing will take place timbre or about the FIRST OF JAI:WARY NEXT. . , i LINPAILIILLELED I TRULT GRAND AND SPLENDID SCHEME: , I PRIZE of S 100,000 is $100,060 1 ' . '; , 50,000 is 4 50,000 - 1 ,, , . - 40,000 is ' 40,000 1 25,000 is 25,000 ' I ,, 20,000 is 20,000 5 ,, 10 000 is 50,000 , , 10 5,000 is 50,000 44 1,000 Is ' 44,000 88 , ' t) ' i 500, s 44,000 176 . 240 is 42,240 352 ,' - 100 is 35,200 5676 - 50 is 283,800 . 6,356 Prizes i 19,600 1.$ 784,240 13,254 Blanks Tickets. ',. 784,000 The Tickets io this Lottery are formed by the ternary combination ol SO numbers, from 1 to so inclusive, and to , determine the fate of all the Tickets therein, So numbers . as above, will severally be put into a wheel on the day el drawing, and sis of them &awn; and that Tieket hosing On it, as a combination, the lat, Id and 3d numbers -drawn I will be entitled to the Capital Prize of 100,000 Dollars; 4th, I St. , and 6111.50,000 Dollars ; ad 3.1 and lth 40,000 Doliari; lit Sd and Stb 2Spoo Dallars; ad, Sth and eith 10,000 Dol. Ian t lir, ad and 4th; 1st, 2d and th ; tit, 4t1. and Sib; ad, Sd and 6th; and 3d, 4th and Oth, will each be entitled to a PriZe 01 10,000 Dollars; the litt, ad inid oth ; the lot, Sd and 4b ; the lit, 3d and 6th; lit. 4th mid , Oth ; 1st, Rh and 6th; Id, Sd sad SIN ad, 4th and Stli ; 2d, ' Ith and 6th ; 3d, 4th and Sth ; 311, Sib it'd St, will etch be entitled too Prize of 5,000 DoLars, All these hay. jug en them two curdle drawn numbers, and them two the lit and ad drawn, wiU cub be entitled to a prize of 1 : l000 Dollars. MI those having on them the Sd and ttli,or Sib arid 616 drawn numbers, are each a prize of Soo Mi- bra. AU those baring on them, the lit and 3d; lit and 4thl lit and Stb; or lit nod Mb, will each be entitled to a prize of 140 t All those having on them any other TWO ot the drawn numbers, orb a prize cf100 bights: And those bovine on them hut ONE of the drawn numbers, each a prize of SO Dollaru PRESENT PRICE OF TICKETS Whole Tickets S60 00 Hakes, - $25 00 Quarters, - - 12 50 Eighths,, 6 56 I Sixteenth, - - 3 12 Thirty Sccondth 1 25 BT CERTHIGATE AS FOLLOWS: A Certificate of IT Whole Tickets ern be had for $595 00; do do Half do for S29750; do do Quarter do for 148 7$; do do Eighths of Tickets, for $7437; do do Sit teenths do $37 18; do do Thirly-secondths do forS 18 59. Which Certificates will entitle the purchasers or owners thereof to whistertr rize may be drawn by the original Tickets of like numbers over and above the sum of 300 Whirs, being t1i e. amount due thereon, void in lila propos, lion for allures old. respectively. Orders for Whole Tickets. Shares or Ctrtit irate, of do. received at P. CANFIELD'S Pennsy 'venni State Lottery Office, No. 129, Chesnzpstreet, one door below Fourth street, Philadelphia and at 180, Marketstreet, Baltimore. The Caah will be whined for all Prizes, sold as abote, as soon as drawn: also, at the Office of the sukscriber, No. 130, Broadway. The New York Literature Lottery, to be drawn on the Mb of January next contains one PRIZE of 100,000 Dollars, I of S0,000 Dollars; 1 of zo,o00 Dollen; 10,000 Dollars. Sow Dollars; 2,300 Dollars; 2000 Dollars, several of 1,001$ Dollars Ike. Puke of Tickets $ 50 tack, Shares and Cer Orates in proimrtiou. 07Copstal Prizes, its Whole 'Pekets, Sham or Certifi Niles of do. fur tale as usual at ' P. CdATIELD'S , New-York State Lottery Office, --ErCapital meson 'Whole 'rickets, Sham or Eertifi. tines of do. fur tak as usti.i at , ' P. CAIVTIELD'S - . , New-York State Lottery Office, - , Aro. 139, liroadway , Which Office ever has been. and will eontinoe to be ' TRUE TO ITS Atorro.,, Applications persanally,or by letter, postpaid, enelosing 1 the Cub, kw even a tingle Ticket or Shares in the 'those of in any Lottery before the public in any part of the U. States ' may be made at either of the Manager's Offices, Mere the Cash will, as Unita, be promptly pout, for Prizes Iat soon as drawn. MI of which applicatiten will be think. fully received, and respectfully as well as duly atteoded to, if addrested to your roust obedient and very bumble See. Ipant. - . P. CANTIELD, Lk cembe 14,182S-51 NEW-YORK. 1.'1V,'VAva tq,NK COTTON .11. A-. 11 4 ,-, , -i 100,000. lax. oec. ;v., 1.:4, OJAI A FEW Bales of Alabama Cotton of the taw A. first pick, for sale. 4 se lit. ALSO e, ' -FIFTH FROOF'A NO COMMON PROOF N: .. , 4 JOHN F. ANDERSON, ' I 'WHISKEY, of first quality, from the Union Millson tea- WILL practise Law in the Fayette V Courts. Office fir3t door below It Fra- amiable terms. ,er's corner. JOHN BRAND. , rezington,may 9, M5-19 I Lexington Nov. 10 11325--16tf. 1 (By Authority of the Leauture of Kenttaly.) CrastV litationtt Patti LOTTERY,. 7'ea1ls Class: :: :New Spies. IIIGIIES'r PRIZE. 10,00 L Al. PIKE, MANAGER. 1 THE drawing will positively commence on the day of February 1320, or sooner if the sale of Tickets will justify. The Scheme is truly brilliant and worthy the attention of all Lottery venders or adventurers therein...4i purtinglarly deniands the patronage of the MAsoritc FRATERNI TT, in the State of Kentucky, as the proceeds of a few such Classes (if successfully terminated,) will enable the Building Committee to complete in a most superb manner their GR.YD OLISOXIC TEMPLE. - SPLENDID SCIITICE : I Prize of $ 10,000 Is $ 10,000 DOLLS. 5 : 1,000 " 5,000 Dollars. 10 " " 500 " 5,000 Dollars. 40 " 100 " 4,000 Dollars. 50 " 11 60 " 2,600 Dollars. 100 " " 20 " - - 2,000 Milani. ISO " " IS " 2,1:)0 Dollars. 10 " 40 " 50 II to 100 is 150 19 st 1960 19 91 " " 15 " 2,2:)0 " " 10 r 19,600 Dollars. 2:316 Prizes, amounting to 50,3L0 5,300 Tickets. making only about I and 1-4 Blanks to es Price. PRICE OF TICKETS, tor Ten or upwards, - 9 SO " Single Tickets, 10 00 " Half Tickets, 5 00 " quarter Tickets SO But will rise eta the drawing COMIOCOCCS This Lottery will be drawn upon the Old Plan ' because the Scheme being so large it is absolutely necessary that the drawings should be divided .9044 to give ruts, v ENT FOR TH E TICRVIS, and upon the combination system it is very difficult to get up a Class, without having it drawn all in one day. Therefore, there will be ten drawings200 numbers, anda corresponding number of Pri zes, will be drawn on the nine first days; on the 10th and hist day the balance of the Prizes will be drawn. A part of the Prizes will be disposed of as followsviz: be disposed of as followsviz: 1 The first drawn nnmher on each daysdral leg will be entitled to 500 dollars. The rive ONE THqUNAND dollar Prizes will , be depositedono on the 2nd, one On the 4th, one on the Gth, one on the 8th, and the other on the 9tliday's drawing. The Grand Capital Prize (410,000 Dollars will be deposited before the closing of the Wheels on the 9th day AU other prizes will be floating from the commencement of the drawing. Prizes subject to ; deduction of twenty per cent; and will be paid in thirty devs after the drawing is finished But if not .derminded: within twelvemonths after the drawing is coatpleted will be considered as donations. - Each of the hive Hundred Dollar prizes will 1 , be paid in part by Ten 'rickets, in present 1 classeach octliethieTliensaud Dollar Prizes, I in part by Twenty Ticketand the Ten I Thousmil Dollar Prize in part by 100 Tickets, all of which are sealed up and deposited in the U. S. Bank at Lexington. - KrOrders from any part of the United States enclosing the Cash or Prize Tickets, will receive the most prompt attehtion, if ad. dres3ed to JAMES M. PIKE, Lottery and Exchange Broker, Le xington or Louisville Ky. JANUARY 3, SOMME OF CLASS, NO. 3, LOUISVILLE nEALTH LOTTERY. MG HEST PRIZE 2000 . DOLLAIIS. 24 Numbers-4 Ballots to bc drrwn---all in a few minutes. 1 PRIZE OF 2,000 is ic 2,000 ?I II 500 " 500 si 500 " 500 I 11 )1 230 " 2B0 cm 79 11 i 7 ctuiwi t I - 20 20 80 769 11 I? )1 , 19 100 50 10 4 I 11 vs 71 It 11 11 I 8d4 PRIZES, , St0,120 1140 BLANKS, ! 2024 TICKETS, AT S5, $10,120 ! About One and a Fourth Blanks to a Prize The Tickets in this Lottery, are formed by i the ternary combination 0124 numbers, from I Ito 24, inclusive; and, to determine their fate, the twenty four numbers will severally he put lint a wheel on the day ofdrawing, from which TOUR ONLY Ivird, BE DRANVN. .1.131ES A HAZE 11,,ent. , Louistale, Nov. J. 1821 47 WU LIVET IMRE- HOUSE. rrHE Subscribers having united in car- IL rying on the Cabinet Business, under the firm of WILSO.V (S , Take this opportunity of informing the public, that they occupy the same stand for so many years in possession of Robert Wilson. His Shop has been rebuilt, and is well stocked with tools and workmen of the best kind. The firm has laid in an excellent stock of MAII0Go A NY, as well as every other material necessary for their business, and they can safely say, that they are prepared to execute with neatness and dispatch, any order in their line. Theky will in a short time, have a hire. assortment of SIDEBOARDS, BUREAUS, BEDSTEADS km finished, and will be glad to see their friends call and examine for themselves. ;Nlattrasses -Made at. the shortest notice, and in superior style. ' ROBERT IVILSON, - JOHN HENRY. Lexington, Sept. 1st, 1825-361f g 2,000 500 500 62,80 2000 1000 84)0 3010 211. TO LET, 4 plIE ROPE-WALK, DWELLING. I. HOUSE and appurtenances, in the vicinity of town, on the Pkubsell's road. Apply to J; JIAINIILION, Jan. 2, 1026.--I ' Xain Street. . . . . - -.C.... Ataa-Volagn ....-4,3t,a60.m.Manonsor-mal6.-.,a.,,,Abdillibilmit 4 COALMISSIOXER'S 44LE, Of Town Lots in Russellville, Kentucky, I N pursuance of Decree of the Circuit Court of the United States fur the District of West Tennessee, pronnunced on the 5th day of July, 1325, in a suit in thenceryi wheiein the President, Directors and Company of the Bank of the United States are complainants, and William Campbell is defendant, the sub' scribers (or one of them) appointed by the said court, commissioners to carry said decree into effect, will proceed On the 22d day of February, 18'26, lo the town of Kusseliville, Kentucky, to sell the several Lots and Premises in the said tie, cree mentioned, (or so Much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy the debt,interest and costs referred to in said decree) at public motion to ' the highest bidder, for current money of tlio United States, upon a credit of silt and twelve months in equal sumsthe sale will take place upon the premises in said town of Russellville, between the hours of 11 and 3 o'clock on the day aforesaid, and the purchaser or purchasers I will be required to give good and suilicient security for the purchase money, payable lu the : aforesaid enrreney The Property thus to be sold is the same which was mortgaged by the Idelendant, William Campbell, to the said the President, Directors and Company of the Bask of the United States, by- deed dated the 17th day of October, 1821, vet t A LOT OF GROUND in Russell, silk Kentucy, upon which there is a THREE STORY LIIIICK HOUSE, and bounded as followsbeginninrat the north east corner of a part (diet No.12, sold by lYilliam Vhitaker to John Roberts, and adjoining the public square of said town, running thence with said public square north 66 deg. cast 24 feet, south 24 deg east 40 fret, south 66 deg. west 2 feet, 'south 24 deg. east 15 feet, north 66 deg. east It feet, south 24 east 20 feet, south 68 deg. west 34 feet, nor tit 24 deg- west 73 feet to (lie begins fling. ONE OTHER LOT in said town of Russellville, whereon there is a large two story Brick Rouse and Brick Kitchitt, 'bounded as followsbeginning itt the north east corner Of the public square, being part of Lot No. 18, thence with the public squere north 24 dee. west 44 feet to a lot reserved by G W, & Whitaker, thence south 66 deg. west 88 feet to Thomas Patton's lot, thence with said Pattons lot ROlith 2'2 deg. east 2'2 feet to where it joins a lot sold" by 1 !annum and Patton, I thence north C6 deg. east 40 feet, thence tout!) 24 deg. east to se here it joists Main-cross at. thence north 66 deg. east 48 feet to the begin , Also, ONE OTHER LOT in said town of Russellville, whereon there is a large BRICK STABLE, and bounded as follows: , beginning at Amos Edwards's knee on the !oils ; ho square, running thence smith 24 deg seat 140 feet 6 inches, ,thence at ri,;ht nglt a south 66 deg. west 86 feet, thence north 24 deg. west 6 feet 3 inches, south 60 west 60 feet, north 2,1 west, Amos Edwards's line 34 feet 3 inches, thence -with Edwards's hue to the beginning. , jPoltri SNTBLRY aninor, lanuntv S. 186-2-40 Teather -Want ea. 11 WISH to employ as a Private Teacher in my family, a gentleman of liberel educe- I tion Application by letterer otherwise, will be promptly attended to. JAS. SHELBY. December 20, 1823-4'1 Lemin;ton fihot Store, (Corner of Main-Street and Jordan le Row.) HEAT 101ETCHER Ilas litetired Au Winter supply of best Philadelphia made OLUDIS00 I IitADIRS' str.C""solLhLtt:att boors dow doucro do Walking DOES Do do do do !Untie hole dw Drervertrutmg, Valeacia and Denmark Sato de. Gentkmtu'i Flue BOO I'S mod MONMOKS, Do do 111101x3 awl PUMP; Togmher with a gm large Stirritfilt a Slows Plm aml Chtidrea's Morocco surd Lestb,r BUOl a and MOMS. it al Poste Shoe BL-1 by the dozen of nee bor. Lexington, Deeemher lg-6 TilE ,SUBSCRIBER I ION TIN U ES to Manufacture and tat constantly for sale ow for unmh, an extensive agiortnwnt of 2111 A4sak., FOR SALK, Tin Plate, Iron Hire, and Sheet Iron. - Jr011.11.3X l'O h.TER. Lexington, April 25, 18'25-1111 Itist of Ilettexs1 It EMIL G in the PostOffice at Lao. caster Ky. on the 1st day ()fiat). 1826, if not taken out within three months, will be gent to the General Post-office es dead letter. Andt.,, Kennisly MAIM A thru John - Kirby Ann Miss Minn Anil Miss )(shindy Jowl Adams Walter - ft Lecher, P 3 Ballinger Achill'', Lytle John Burton Mirth" Miss M . Bustinic LAin , 31Kre D t & 8 JAR Midst Altrtd Bostick Z. D Mild Beni. Dryantilonsclite Musiticomdry Esther Plough Ali:shim Writ Nathishiel I itsilinger Banks Garrard Wows A or Arlo Id John IBarnes M 8 Min Bates tioimArey Itia run .1 (.; Mts. 2 C I Bradly James,seu. , B -st It re J Bsker A C Cecil Jamey t Collier Rotten Clark Sally Miss Clark Win ke CUlittl Cakb Collier Abu. COnn John T Casey Levy Courtney John D Doty I tt Dot) Aztriah Dtmny George Don Wm Dillard Allen B Denny Elisabeth Miss Duals James Ervin Elisabeth Sarab Fox Joseph Faulkner Thomas Fenton Thomas - G Orinstaff John Gibs Thomas GreenopJaines Gibson Wm Grant M H Hicks Henry Harman J Hill John - Hines Thomas Hender$01) ismea Itabrt MAMBO Robert Duteberson John Huffman Win Hing John Hudson Arazha Henry James Hall David Harris, Tore Hinde Elizabeth Miss Hann Rennaird , Hogan Elibu Bryant Jonadian Moutgomdry Estbet Plough Ali:anon Writ Natiostitel Wit Robett I May field Stithtrland 'tailings.' J ' . alliemis ilesther Banks Garrard 2 Masson Benjamin I Wows A or Arlold John - Miller Geurge ' Barnes M 8 Min M'Vaden Junes Bates iloimArey Jilt silly Joleph Barnes J t; Rtv 2 fit C M'Counald Thomas Bradi y James, nu. Moiler Win B,st F. fit J N Baker A Nicholdson James i C Noel Longford Cecil Jamey 2 0 Collie, Robert Manion Daniel Clark Sally Min Onslot Mr sin AL T Harrita Clark Win he Ice P CUlittl Cakb ' Pollatd John 2 Collier Abu. Perkins James - COnn John T PArrtiv W li I Casey Levy Pulling H ti Counnty John Pontoon Mr D kiiiis Absalom Doty I fit i lt, Doty Az niah Ryston W . Denny George 11 Rothuitt Mary Miss Dun Wm Reynolds Messrs Dillard Allen B Rainey John Denny Elicabeth Miss 8 Wells James . Sneed Aka ander E .Strapson John Ervin Elizabeth & Sarah Steward Rich L . F Simpson George gt Elijah Fox Joseph Stephens Zachtianon Faulkner Thomas Smith Austin Fenton Thomea Smith Samuel - G Sidtbotom Margaret Min Brinstaff John Smith Betsy Miss Gibs Thomas button John , tirrenupJainea Sonde A G i b so n Wm 2 . Simpson Win Grant M V I T . 14 Thompson Wm . licks Henry Terri! Htnry Harman J Turpin Fanny Miss Hill John - - werur Philip lines Thomat ., Trotter Joseph liemlevson JIIITIel Bohrt Terrill Oliver . 111111filin Itollett . . Terrill John Elutcherson John V Johnes 'Wm Jrnninr, Aks A 2 Lo Juhnei nstord ' - K Kyle Joseph Vice Winston William. Elijah Ware Henry Warren Win West &mot Woods Wm Werril Amos Wright Snann Wermoth l'hadiout Wa)land Wm Sterling 1Vherlet Wm 1Vrig1it Alex I I k0.11., SALE -,' S. VALVABLE 'EEAL ETtATE, rp 11E Inbseriber offers for sale the following real estate, viz The LOT ou which he now resides, in Short-street, fronting tl, Public Square, having thereon besides a con. venient and commodious dwelling, an exten. sive and Valuable Bakery, Stables, Out-houses &e. ke. ' ' The corner LOT in Market &Third streets. fronting the University,' having thereon sin' extensive, commodious anti valuable Soap and Cumhe c ilein'rni Factory. ' T in Short T & Jefferson-streets ! 95 feet by 199. - The corner LOT in third and Itenry.streett adjoining the residence of the Revd. Jana, Fishback, and containing about 9i acres. The TWO LOTS adjoining John L. Mar. tin Esq.; the one containing about 13, the ett.. er 10 acres. One molivided Third, Part of the Lexington STEAM MILL, and of the property and land (hereunto appertaining. All or any part of the above real estate will be sold at a very reduced price and upon tla, most reasonable terms to suit purchasers Most of the above property is of such a thaw. ter that its advantages and value elm only 14: 1 ascertained by a personal inspection. 1 property can he viewed and the terms al ?ale ' known, if immediate application is made t, the subscriber. THOMAS TIBBATTS, Lexington, May 30'22tf . TO IIIITI , . . ';'1,-. Tilt 'Mansion 'Roust, r ES Tag TOWM Or IIKAPIKIPORT, Seat (1 Government for kentuckg. FirtIN sery extensive Hotel, now and L for the last seven years, . in the occupa, tion of Col Richard Taylor, is offered for rent. 1 , This is one of the largest establishments in the 1 Western country, and Laving lately been put i in good repair, IS in every respect fitted fur 1-comfortable acoommodations on the most et. ! !tensive scale, having numerous chambers, ex. !tensive dining, ball and other rooms, in all !I more than seventy ' The Stables arc in good order, and sufficient tocontain 100 horses and has all other requisite buildings fur kielb an !eetablisliment . This tend ie very eligibly I situated, being nt the C0111(1 of Illontin goery k : St. Clair streets, binding on the former about NO feet, and on tho latter 96 feet; is wales! tablished, and has a largOruu of cu4oin. Possession will be gift on the 1st d ay of January nest. ' For terms, which will be advantageous to the renter, apply to . . M T. SCOTT, Aeni. Bk. V. S. Or al Me Offire Bank U. S. haingion. October 31, 167,5,-41tf Yor Salo' - virE,, the undersigned, Commissioners l appointed by the Lincoln Circuit 1I Court, to make bale of certain lands belong. I nig to the heir of the late Jonathan Reed, , will, on the third MONDAY in FEBRUARY, IA Iff,le, nt the bite re .ideloce of said Jonathan 1 ! Reed de'd, offer, at imblic rale, to the highest . hi lifer, the billowing tracts of land, to.wit; !The home plantation of the kte Jonathan IiReed, eontaining about three hundred and eighty items, one Isla hundred and fifty acres, one of ono hundred and twenty one acres and l seventy.three OW, one of eighty-two item, land Lmt, ol fifteen anti a half acres, all of which if land is situated in Lincoln County, and with-. i in three miles of Danville, except the tract of sit hundred awl fifty acres, which ia situated within abont font tulles of Stanford. About one !Hill of the first mentioned tract is cleared and la a high state of cultivation and improve. , ment, the soil first rate, VW'S excellent, tilebse ' abundant, tin dwelling house, kitchen and maids' houses, comfortable; and the other . buildings, consisting of a good horse.mill, barns, Stables, g mnories, Six . .tze . are limbably , more ettensive, and s aluable than are to be foutul on ODS ether farm in the country ; on this tract there is an extensive and valuable orchard. It is to be understood, that Au the sale of this tenet, one acre, including the , fatally burying grom d id, with the right egrees !and regress, for the purpose of interment, will I be reserved The third mentioned Intel of !land ic of excellent quality, well tilibered, a. !bout sixty acre, of cleared with iniprovements ',Initial to the size of the tract. Also, tit the !,1 game time and plaee, will be sold, two tracts, li . . gaunt, d in Casey County,one containing one 1! hundred and twenty-two acres, the other one 'hundred acres. Tbe said tracts will be sold eepartitely in the order in which they are Oa med above, upon the following terms and con. diti,ms, to wit. 'rhe purchase money to be gold or silver, and divided into seven equal parts, for the payment of each of which, the purchaser it; to execute it bond with At pproved security, payable to the heirs of said Jonathan Reed, respectively entitled to the mine. TIIIIT Sevenths of the purchase Monti is to paid in two years from the dny of sale without interest ; the remaining four SCSetitilS of the purchase money to be paid in Instalments as 1 foliows, One seventh the first day of October , It29, one seventh the first day of october IBA !one seventh the 144 tiny of October 1631, the ; remeining seventh made ',flyable the first of October 1632. The four last payments will be subject, to interest to he annuity paid, from k after the 1st day of Oct 1927. Thelitio will be made meal the hst pestilent, with general warranty At to the title to those land,,, there is not the smallest dispute. Those lands will be shown by the subieribers at any time, or by the temints st ho are now in possession, or by !Mr. William Ball, to tiny pceson -wishing to purchase llt (ELIA M Mil J.ER, cover,. 301 IN Gill:EN, Dile. 7th 1825-50.12mi - latINV oNOtets - Efti LESLiE C0.1111.5 a NFORMS client R; that bits Office kept open 41oring his occasional absenctv and Mr J.J. COLEMAN i4 MithOtlied to trans act all kindi of !nisi miss. Leinclon Ky. An cost MI ISrni. IL ALLEN attorne-y at Ilam9 IIILLSBOI1OUGH 01110, WILL practise Law in Highland,. Adams, Brown, Clermont, Fayette and Clinton Counties; and will attend to every description of buisness for non.residents, in those counties I or in other parts ofttlo Etate of Ohio. Feb. 21, 7-12un STATE OF KENTUCKY, Jeysetonine Circuit Cmirt,Ortoher Term 1825. Thomas Ws hou's heirs and representativesComplainants Against Charlet smith's heirs and representonites and othersDer 1 lemla nts. IN t'llANCE it Y. 111-lis day came the complainants by their counsel, ted ' thedelcsalents, Abijah Smith, Joel kisydon and PstI WY hie wile. Sall Y Smith, E Mims Clarkson. Elijah S. Cbrk' son. John Forsythe and Mill), his wile Charles Allen and Patsey his wife, not basing! entend the4 appearance in this suit according to law and the rules of this met And it , appearing to the satisfaction oldie court. that they. the i said defendants are not inhabitants of this commonwealth, ! therefore on motion of the complainants, it is considered ' and ordered by the court, that Unit., the allies-said slnent !defends's. do app ease. here on or before the first dsy of the . next April term of this toort, and insaer the complois. ant's bill of reviver fik-d in this cause. the sewel Ih1111 , be taken foe confessed egatiet them. ill, niVit! Is .furthei: . . . . orderell, that a envy nr itot order b; ioretted io!or - D. L, McKEE. I autbori;ed newspapa publiihell in Ohs commouweallb fog January 9,1826.-2.3t two calentit r months in succesAingh 4 A copyTests, DANL. IL PEWS, elk, ' 1 ' . ESEAA'LL EA:',1:E'' , , - . , , , . CO , .., ..., . , a ,, , , , , , i f L3 . ---------------- ------:- ----- M1810XER'S 18 :1,41,z . Ifti 1 rr IA 11, V Al 11 )1., El t h Of l'own Lots in Russellville, Kentucky, "rfr e s Rewarded wit 44 : , ' 4,7t.S .:Ile tith . ' ' 't,,.'l ,. 4 ,,,, 4:,,..- N pursuance of a Decree of the Circuit tiorme Pries, Or profits ' Ate. "XX' z 4504 'IL:,ilt I r . . . . s trr' ..',I.,,..11... 11 t.... . i A.', .rit , di. . ICO ,7') Court of the Muted States fur the District ,, " . , . .i,4 . - , , 44IS 011.N , ,!yliSr ' 111 ) A - . r , toe - 1 a 4, . . -,!"411- V . V ti' 1 '-T21', ,'.: 7), A . -4' - ' I t P.J., : ,t4,it It-'7.,Z ,r r t;4t::4;:: Iii . le ZLIi),0- (.1.t '''-' tirl ' ' V f:VA2d ' , ' - ,-),:ir.k tl jeks.,4 r k. ,, ,i-s :3,,, 14, ; -.. ,?1, 4,,:.-4 . t-1,,,,.. ,47,frOViit 1' '' , ' '3" '446, lv ' 14,4;',.1 ' ,' -1-,e---,.,-;-,,,. --.4,,c,,,A,,.... i . 4 ' A ! 1 , ' ' 'A sl A ,.' I E , 1 ' ' A. c t ' t . B , , i . - . , , ,, 0 ! zl '''..'i , I , , I I ! t; 1,-.i .. - . - , - - - - t t , I 1 t hi. k 4 , - , r t , ralraltimodo'1116""1"-"r-"""",.."-"-""'"" , ellyttittnao etinto.- --,., LI I I i I a, I 1 . F r A t, sir. In ,I 71 i! yv 1 . .1 - Az t', ' It 1 . V ,V4 t , . ,. ' I I A , .4 . . .., , , i.. t'- 4' ' 4' ?.. s 1 I! I i, ;,) . ,,, ...; x s. January, 1925 L ; 4 1 - ' , ' ' , f 1, 1,4 , '; - - Wed, by the Box. , IlAsuAN No otItt. sell low for Cash. - Irevrr A wslrtv,,,.. attentIon. ce on ort ,trect I Lex. Dec. 20. 1024. LI-if . 1$', .IVIV,V,V,',NIA1,y),I,VV,kq,,A4 , $ 0. $1

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