The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 11, 1952 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 11, 1952
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

PAGE TEN _BI,YTHEVJU.K (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily 'rate per line per comocuilve J/iirrllcn; MFnlmiim rharp* jru- 1 time ncr line , ," !•,«. 2 timrs per line prr Any J?f 3 times per line IKT tiny . . 9c 6 limes per 1!n«* per flay Jc 12 limps prr tine per day . .V<Month prr line ...'...' *>0r Connl five «T<-MP»«> words to ih*- 11 n* 1 . Art orrten-rt for tlirpo or six tlmrs and ttopppd before expir.iUon will l"> eharxcci (or the mimhrr o[ times t Nr «d appeared and adjuslm^nts nf ('»)' made. mlttM by persons residing nuUhSr '">' the clly m'usi hr icronipnnieil hv <M".li. Rales may IIP easily Tic rnnipnterl fmrn Advert is) nt nrrfercd To K-rMont l.iW llir> one tU N*o rrsrmnrlMlitv Iff takm l<\t than ont inrorrccl In^'rtmn (if cliwifiprl ad. AJl a/it art- rr*ltlflnl In their i> class Lfkatjrm. S(A !<• And ivnp, Courier \>m rr^crs-fi iTif Hfihl lo or reject any *d. >4porfmenf /or fienf Plans-Estimates For ne»' comtrxictLou, rcmndplliiK or F H A OH Ci. I I.OAN3 .NO OBIJOATION Frank Wagner Kuikiers Stip]>ly Co. f--?4-tf For Sale, Misc. [.VMFIFR FOR RAI.K — [, 1 rn 1 I <> 4 . ; ;nuf u ,' 3217. i f>nby gin rut plfliio lo M.i^r-y-HYtrri'i Comhlii* <v1'*l ';it iv.n f-rinll cro;^. to;i inri- iir»'.'.l:i prlrc Sr^ Wnlfrr Si-nrs orth ot Jonf^horo £4 ck 11 iMi rrrrltfrrritor Phnnr fifths. MOXDAT, AUGUST 11, 1953 Light P n»'1 burgtar picxit vault tloors. F/elsht t\tf-? f-irn privat Ph. FB:R. S 'infvirnl ^!ifd ftprxrt nn Cherry. 5 rtitnn Jurml'hffl npt. Phone 357fi 3 room furn npt., nriv] Th. 70S7 nr 6016 4 room unfifrpi'-h^rt upr. bath. I'hojio «?•». . P, 11 lit in . 7 ll p 1 2 RosvJ 'Alnyb.irk emirs. 1 »nh W* ] v-'Hri tr>v; brvrX ] Him' m> U!.<1. 1 Ilo.-nl. I'll, fi7'J2 723 <' r -1H' iiULo Itvn. ! ij h p BlytliPYllte .or fiO. < > r >;;^USED~ COMBINES '«'» pK 15 If VOII llCCt! a yntllt ll?l'(l Fl'lf- ,. !th „.(,.. f' pnipcdcd coniliiiif: . . . sc<! us __ _ «7rkii . fj r ,t, from Miissi-y- "4" >miTirn~room.', prlyatr rnlinn''" Harris, Illlpnialioilill ll.'irvOR- a,ntl private bMh, Close In 4nt S, j l.,Un 1 Wmi-n -i-..l t'-ivn Franklin, ph. 40P7 eljtkHi 1 *- 1 - JOlltl U001 C. a.Ill L.IM-, ^^^^<-^^\ 61 IMPLEMENT 4 room iin(urnl<.hrrt npt. PiO Mllv. | \_\_J Phone CMS R I jit H i ' " '" '" I'hotu- 21 12 Tin tr LET'S GET CQUAINTED DRIVE m FOR THIS BARGAIN N'toc-ly fxirn. (Jownstnlrs dpi. l»rlv:itp $10. 100 W. Ky. «;.•. i>lc 12 2 rm. turn. npt.. vitllltlcs film f'oti- pl^ only, lira v.'. Ash. B4 i>fc 11 2 rm furn. «pt, v/llh iMtli UtlHtlcs paid. Ph. 42.S5. BB ck li 3 rm. unfurn npl pvl. baih. ivuto- znAtlc hoi a-ater hunter Ph. J,1?A 7ilR c?t 8 IE Modern 2 room fur. npt. Ph 2595 or 4585. 2H ck I/ Pave* Monoy When You Buy _ Sell — Trailc Used Furniture GKIX HARRISON & SON FUUivrruuK c;o. ;i!7 W. Ash Ph. 2552 8-7 rk tl Modern npt. S moms tinrt tmh, nr^ 1? decorated, iiood furnLinrc. J.TIA oivU] rn*nt, Ph. ri573, F. SUnon. 9 21' ck ed. .^8 up por wock. Hodvooms ^4 up single. 1M \Vost Ash Ph. 2833. 8-4 rk UJ Scrv?ces EXPERT REFHIGKRATfO.V RKPAIR SERVICE TVr quick, fxprrt servlcr: on air conditioning refrigeration nm1 ajinllnncM . . . rail ftf)8fi or BOfi-1, BROFF BEFniCJEHATJON CO. 8|4 U Bob Malone. ph. 2771. 1\1 ck 8:17 Laundrj- in my horn*. Ph. fil47 7|15 pX K IS Rus Rnrt wall to wall curprt clean- Ing. Phone 2497. 730 pk 8.13 E. R. Al!ev— air rein tilt lonlnt; emtlon ff-rvlcr. ph. 2478, ]02 'F BOiirl. Blytnevlllo. Ar>t Watch and Jewelry Repair "PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second 10 jet « Jlnving & Hniilinjf T.S"aln^,'^.- S ,V P ^ l "kh"»"n* b m VI1L> S1X rnom ""»«» nc»f WMI RQS;. rucme S93R. 7 o i>k 9 o j \V B 1 k e r Park, cheap nl TYPEWRITERS EDWARDS CO. .-- nut riimir li« Plenty of Parking Space 113 W. Walnut l.tician Games Furniture Co. BOTH FOR During August WE HAVE IT! s. s. c. Jack Robinson Implement Co. Klytheville, Arkansas — Phone 2371 Help Wanted, Male WOULD YOU Uke to rrprr.sMit >is in MKsU*lji[il Con my? Thl* IB what you .Jo. Who 'A'anc L'jitormauoii about our Compim*!? ne-A- type ol Hospital or Medical Care Insmnnr* Writ* iheir application* for HO.SPITAMZATION-MEDICAL- SUROIfAL Or AOCIOKNT A- HKAI.TH INSURANCE Wanted Mnu to %-orJc 1» cotton pl» of/ice, xjwrlenre helpful, limply to Bo* XG % Wanted to Buy is supervisors then to stare WHAT YOU MUST UK Over 21 ftnrt hav« rar HIGHEST" PRICES! PAID For tin, wire and all kinds of scrap metal. Blytheville Iron & Metal Co. N'. IM'.viiy £ Moiillrie Drive Phone 89(J2 'I'lS ck If II ix THE i-noiiATE COURT FOR TIIF. (TIICKASAWIIA DISTRICT Th,.. „ w,,,,. you „,, l,mh.r Inf-.r- ' ^L™. "'""" ""'"''^fl^ nation -A-nip about yourself to Ba P* 2? 1 G. X AlKop -Suprrvlsor Pyramlri I.lfp ol Klines 406 napll.t Mc-cllrnl Arls Rids l.lule Ho<-n. ArVan^as i ••• 89 rk 12 OF MISSISRII'I COUNTY All KANSAS IN TIM'.' .WAITER OF THE EKTA'!'!'! OK: W. K. KVANS DKCKA.SKI) NOTICK r^nsl known address oil decedent.: Notre C«r|)pnUy HIHI Htinej-. Ph. 8327. PlslieiniPn! We havi> [lorVnir]!.' 5hrlrnp. Lutlroirs Mkl. 600 CriLrk R I ck 9 ! »o?k. c n TM pk 63'l: R R N(| j BlytHenlU.VATka'iras" id; n;ue of death: 17th day ol May. Personal POEMS wan The undersigned u-as nppoinled /idmjnf.s(ra!flr of Ihp p.sf.nle of the above-named decedent on the 8th dav of All^lst. 19M. AU P° r ™ lls having claims against 300 Broadway Phone 4453 Ultcd for musical KPUInz l">^"^~. uiiMii" Claims airainM Sen'<i"pqpins'lor tree ptarniniilor, Fl'"> i llle c -" t nt'' must, exhibit them dljlv Kiar MUSIC Masters. JH BMfon BUS . j icrified. lo (lie undersianrrl within """"" ""' - - monlliB troin the ilute of the NEW BEAUTY Special August Prices! $13.50 Wcjx and Polish $9.90 Coral Gloie --$22.50 SULLIVAN- CHEVROLET CO. SOI West Walnut — Phone 4578 Bnsto , Masj ' P" Private Rooms . Trade your old furniture r new. I will also buy your old furniture. Farmers tmiis i-.ffl Irnnl and hnck por^li i/jt ] .HP x j.M) n R frnH trcf.-, v l prnjie. rose | bu.she.s. 13000 Call 2-U8 Rftpr 5 p.m. 8 5 jik 12 For Kent I .a re* front room. Private entrance ILvkns roo'n and taltchrn privilf K.P. Modern. Coiiplp, Mint h* 1 sobfr ftnrt honest ^ blork Kro^crc 307 N First. Phnn^ -ffift?. a a p fc j/j Bedroom, [.ndlpi; only. Inquire Rl AOttlh npt . 10-1 S. fith nftei 5 6 p\ 13 Bfdroom, phonp 22«3. 35 i)h 12 Bedroom with pvt. b:\th. Ph. 253S. i o .r v*. i* 3 room house. Inquire 509 E Rosp for IIBW. I will also buv vnur I ~iu~Y-i ; »KvrrT^«^ri-rv*«i.vm>T^ ~ 1 nr ral1 W8lV S1 1>k u : t " ~ . , ,. ., tl • • j " l ^ IHKYU.LK KF, SI'KCIAIA. \^e. comfortable front bedroom )lf| lUnillni'C. ramilH'S tonilSj HOMKS. LOTS. HUSINF^SKS — * rm. Imusr. 4 imles out. tin Clvar i Conveniently located Ph 25]4 / ih.vvTi l.-.l-inr-n I., l\tn f., 11 w A N T K rt Hi ,t KMA KLNAN'CKll • l.afc* Itontt. Nd bath. |15 prr n»uitli I B H pk 9 2 -j <IU\M1, tl.SI.UlLC HI I 110 IIUl. [ HOMI-^. OKF1CK H'fH 1IKAUN' .ST.. f O. ! I'll. 11571 R 6 n ' . Formerly Arnold & Cainos. I'll. i;:if>7 .117 ck If For Sa/e, Real Estate "REALTEStAty Farms—City Property LOANS INSURANCF II Intcrcstfrt Sn Bnytng srllliiK _._... . . _ • 4 rofuii (Lirulslifd hons^ nnd bRlh 2 room house, litryp lot. clo-c to n,--*- ' WUn ^Irtsseif 1n jir>rrh SI3 Nonli Kh-tf hli;h Mlioot Will sftmfk-e UlLtU tirisli Klm-i IMionr 4(;r:t 8 2 rk'9 r-:M jtiltv. Afi-'.nir' IVvil. p,>,> ;,» ioi'2 ; • ..... Dixie Ave. Plume 'Wl^. «6 pk 111 I I diipl^jc 3 loom and bath apt with _ _. | e],.,-trie hot water lic^'-cr. PhoiiA a^a MotlCTIl 3 lil'lll'dOMI hullse & " r fi ~ 61 - ni> E Sytnnpote. B 2 rk t( 90;"i 1'L'can Ave, Hard- ! -*" 1 East, MumT .T^OS s(i."17"r-t m m^ Kal.'elcc, hot water heater.! — room holl5c Mo ^7n~^vlni;nc^: IWlril lai'l^e kll. 'Jhis hOllSe is ( l nn ^l lornllcn [., a. Thomp.^r,. o2l N in gooti condition. $1800 <-iish ' F - F " 1 .--'.- n '- pl l: 2 ! 54 '. ._ " 21 ck " "• ; " handle and assumption of ! e ,f r 'Sut in™!'WT»ii n 2T98' <1 ;'"o"k u _ ^ Nlt« t-oo! hedr 30[ W. A.Oi. Ph a adjoining hath 7-1W n* a 19 _______ ' - - »snlrm lo bflth fill W. 711 . 811 fi,,t p,, h ,ic,t,,m of thf* notl«. or w.'^^,,^™ aill>ohlt(!d ^r^r^st, -ii SSi^ ~ — •"•' * 3 r:'^ rst p " blislicd "H "•v5? Q ™- «^ r; O p.., 7 verified to the inulcrsigncd within AdmfnUtrVtnr S ' X l6 ' Inontlls oi 'he dato of (he 1214 CMctaawta Rt«cl " ^ ^^f"" ° f thta n0ti ™ «' Blytheville. Ark ' he> *'" be lorevcr b" 1 -" 11 «'«l pre- Filed Ihi-: 9lh clay of Aug., 1952. Elizabeth Blyth? Parker, Clerk Todd Harrison, attorney fur Ad- mini.itriitor. P^^^w'kSt.-i^r '"»««**«>««•* »»• Tiiis notice first published thii the 11 day of August. Erma Webb, Administratrix of the Estatti. of James Alvin Weblj. Rfa', No. 2. Blytheville. Arkansai Holland and Taylor, »ttys., Ely- : theville, Arkansas. 1\ 'I'HE 1'ROnATE CO5IRT FOR Till' ( 'KASAWB.A IJISTRICT OF MlSSISSiri'I COUN'TY, AltKAN'SAS IN' 'I'lIK ilA'l'l'ER OP THE o^n.T^rr;^;;,,," p;r. I-BTA-IE OF JAMES ALVIN ------------------- ........ - ...... ----- ..... -- --------- -- Bedtoom convenlenl to balll. Prl- *«"• "'" l'"'srrpd. 601 *• n - 3' 1 ' R/cp r 5 p.m. Salesman Wanted .. - .. Inai) lialuncc ;<.(. $r>-2.r>i) ,,... Noble Gill Aqencv moiltl1 - i'"^p^io n j»iy 28Lh, Glcncoe KW K . Ph. CRi5 8 !' W " Cr lt '" vi " s tow "'- 30 ^ k ."] Mr- G.I. —I have a -I rm. , My modern R bodvooin |' l '- hllse ^ 'JS'tlir screened in! honiH, Jicnr Catholic school.; ! ' !u '' < l""'i'li, SO jial. lint \vnteri Has rental honsn on rear. Will trade for farm land. One six room house near BIG INCOME OPPORTUNITY RH1*hLe man over 30 wllh car lo represent liitfiiintlonallT rt-c:oRni:*ptl corn- pnnv rai^rt A-A1 D.i|) anrl Tirnelstrrct. For Rent or Lease FOR RENT OR LEASE lin isloi ot oils wild WEBB. DECEASED NOtlCl- OK AI'I'OINT.MF.NT OF ADMINISTRATRIX Last kuo'.vn of the decedent: RFD No. 2, Blytheville, Arkansas. Guarantor! pl«oo tunln-: nr.rl repair. Ct.1l 2071 day. jnj? i-lch'j 5 2« t[ 21) MINUTE PHOTOSTAT!!- SFRV- ICE. OSTEEXS STUDIO. Its W MAIN. H 4 ck tf ?2500.00. CEO. JI. 1.EK 120 \V. Main, Ph. fiflfit 72!) ck 8 12 JI'll |>;iy you (iivifieiuis in c.\lr;i >-iTvicc iiinl c\- Ira economy to li.-ivp your cnr farctl-for ;il Cliaioblin'.s. Kegnrdless of vvhiit kind of car you drive, you'll discover (hat riiamblin's conscientious sei vicpmen will save you money. \Vliy don'l you try us ne.\l time? Authorized |£S/ Service • 2 Big Lots at Railroad & Ash Streets. • CHAMBLIN SALES CO. * Your Friendly Studcbaker Dealor * R»itro«d ft Ash Call 6SS8 licnler. (Inse in on Vine Trice ^5l;.30. Closinx cost Son or rail JOHNNY MARR' Realtor 112 So. 2nd Phone -I Ml Rosklcnce Phone 2.^' . . It IjiiilH U^, Avi-r.i^i- . !li CKtO tr.iLul:i« vivrn In th M,>)IO <|iiu)Ulr'8. Previou v lialjle but tiol eNSfillllal This Is a h1« repeat Hut'- no wur eliori- i aee^ fir ronirols. A re^l h<*rurp opportn- nttv to *arn ^ suh^tantSa I Rfl 501-508; "r A -^lnr Rrcnunt nclvanrod o Income. Slrecl - ;svilf he fnr rrn( Sept. 1st. For ! "H n - '• -'Hoiinwrii. Hotel 1 infnrmiitmn ^n» jilMay nr Sunday. . Si»t- pk El Hubbanl Kiirnilurp Co. S 5 ck 95 For Sale \\ *-Il liuilt Innnp in chnior I' <( ;it i'pn on Knitu'nixL Di'ivo.. rrcfr th'ivr, P r U- c $7.."iOH. ^ I .-"if'it dn\vn, -"? H) niont hly. f v H. 'JS2L 8 S rk J2 Business Opportunities | • MI'Y Vni'R FUTURE"--Fnr n mm- i 1 !; rnrii' .\; v <"^pj' of our rllro'-t m v of t",-.:'. .r; <nr >,>lr 1n I T ? A -.v ntfl M''H-'V! f? ,P,- ,\?SOC]ATKS. ]OO \V. Mna:••"* ;-: . rhir.-^o i. H1. F 11 pk u Female Help Wanted *\ pk 13 ml sivlc. • •n ll.-l . ;^. Blvthcvlllr. B ^ pk 11 Help Wanted llf \V-M[ 1 t;i,> 1 T-ir: Ito t >M. \V WHm-n^. 111. 8 ti , .. Farm Loans Wanted Funi I.o^n- Wiinioil U> n:f lu.v, r.'pit-M'iii.r.lvi'- for MlirAl I UK 1NSrH\MK CO Call 4353 K'ir Coniplt'lc InftininiT Protection W. 1. Pollard A^ronc ri:t»np(l GI.FNTOF HOTKI. BtTU.DTNO !2-( W A*h St. tosf A Found ,cid Holt. ; CT, I. Vacsni l;r,:i FT '^r-^ , n ri "T- 3 - ^ <1 ; 001 ' 11 1irim '' vt.'-'miiis ri'v Hml'! ^0 arir? 5 in1i;s wcsl OJ Blvtlirvill" Fvi rn ^VH^I S.l'Vt p. Komp \Vhisonlmni. Hoaftov Phone « 10!) Days or Nights FOR SALE ulv , Lnrh. pl.tin nr men force H. Also Concrele Bnililinf BIncks cheap- r than [umhrr for barns, chicken houses, pump house*, tenant h mut v ton! shrds. We deHYCr. Call mn (nr (re* fstimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. rhonr 601 Pictures Of Your Vacation t,Q' RENT A CAMERA All Tvpes of Cameras and Suppllpi at E^rncj'i Barney's Drug CA.VKKA IIKAIiqilAKTKKS ;OOS W. Main rii«ui ?.617 Television & Radios REPAIRED Any Make or Model Set 1 DAY SERVICE FREE PICKUP & DELIVERY SERVICE 24 HOURS A DAY Day Phone: 2642 Night; 8858 No Exfr* Charge For Night Calls FRED CALLIHAN RADIO SERVICE 110 S. 1st Ulytheville the Peach Crop Is Short! *~ „ It's Now Ha If Gathered We now have Freestone Peaches Wholesale or Retail BLYTHEVILLE CURB MARKET Alain Street JllyUvcville FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Sell That Staff" Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant—Promised Land Come to East Main For TheTruckDealYouWant 1918 FOKI) ir' 2 -T(iii I.WK Truck with new bed, ne»- (ires, neic jiainl.. .now only 1!>IB CHKVROI.KT 1 "/,-Ton Truck with bed 2-speed axle, 825x20 tires.. .just ' 1i)l8 CJ.MC 2-Ton Truck with 2-spee,! axle. Hood tires. Save now al Homer-Wilson .'. . 1950 STUDKHAKKK Vi-Ton l'ick,,,,_ ;ul ,, n . 5 u.siially clean, cil.v truck. Now only insn niKVKOI.KT 2-Ton S\VI! Truck— ll, e truck is nice and sii's Hie price! J91S MACK 2-Ton I,\VI! Trtick—good tires- new painl. Look twice al this price mid FOR!) [i-T..n Pickup— for (lie Imy of your life conic N"0\V lo Hornef-\Vil?on . 195 15 ? 445 inn CHKVKOI.KT '/z-Ton Truck—for n Mi s it's R dandy. Come lo East Main in Klyllievirie 191!) CHEVKOLKT 1 !i-Ton Truck-brand S new hed, good I i res.. .clean everywhere ...' HORNER-WlLSON EAST MAIN Rocket Oldsmohile — CMC Trucks Plum* 2056 Used Car Lot — Phone (ilol ,

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