The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 11, 1952 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 11, 1952
Page 9
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'AUGUST 11, 1958 McMath-Cherry Battle Goes to Voters Tomorrow BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COUKIER KKW9 LITTLE ROCK (f, - UI1V BKme ., ^Math's battle for a Trum"',third term n-1-.-.-.Kr. "animation against a soft-spoken late-wide office goes before Ar- voters tomorrow in a nAi- [ J Primary. he has called 'the little man with a little mind." The governor also has Ignored this statement. Other state contests which will appear on tomorrow's ballot have been drowned out by the violent gubernatorial race. Rep.^Brooks Hays is opposed In the marginjath congressional district by a Lit- ctose 1 iw" t is'no Ptri i!,\ a t r L Jl "l M ' SayS l And offi " s of sta " Moi nev ^'•^is not Just an ordinary elec- general, supreme court chief Jus"„,' lice and Democratic National Comi.:s opponent, 43-year-old Cherry, mStteeman also are to be " s.iid "the rciil issue of this ] on. iinpai,»n i.s ihe personal inteuri-,« P"" s open al 8 a.m. and " of the man you want for gover- at 6:30 P in. CST This vitriolic word battle erupted 'm McM.-uh took to the sumip '» we»S;s ago in an attempt lo j -eat, the virtually unknown i '2rt v, \vho ha.s continued to wage i radio ••talkathon" campaign an-! .'ornv; oueslions from listeners j •"I'll cveryth'ng from his personal I •Progress" Cilcil Texorkano Bus Strike Continues By-The Associated Press Bus drivers for the Texarkana Bus Camn.inv continued their strike to^i^ (]<»njn<it thn firm a.s .sonic Missouri Man Added to FBI List William Martin One of Most-Wanted Men; Sought in Killing WASHINGTON IIP, _ will!,,,, Merle Martin. 42. of Jnplin Mo sought for Ihe killing of n Kansis deputy sheriff last June 23 was put on the FBI's list of "ten' most wanted men' Mondav The FBI described Martin as an expert housebreaker and car thief. It said he possibly is lieavih armed, and is believed to be travel' itiR with a woman companion retl- •oled j hair?d like himself. i Martin has an arrest record Missouri. Kansas, Illinois and Oklahoma dating back more thin 20 years. His fingerprints wore Jound on an automobile abandoned near Olathe. Kans.. on June y.l at the scene if a Run battle In which Deputy Sheriff Willard Carver <vi<; shot nnd killed. The deputy had been called bv a farmer who said someone trying to steal his (ruck. An alleged accomplice of M Ihh escapade. Charles Wjlfo PACE NINE ^"T^M SEACYCLE — Clement Nlcolleau, In the driver's sea! of t!> • water-liorne tandem, pedals down the Seine River, at Paris, with the aid of his "ratninnrati." a pair of floats which will support a bicycle or power cycle, friction from rear v.'hee) drives a pro- pslier which pushes Ihe craft along al a smart (even knots. m ? ll!st "there's much more | (this electioni than just the i tion of whether Sid Mrt nth's ! (•nominated - it's goim- o detei- l ' ' civ "" " P " riS ' Kcmsan Rests after 1,400 Mile ^1,1 Record Flight to Set Record ilfo.vl *•* McMath Soys He'll Appear Before Jury in Bishop Case LITTLE HOCK Wi - A Puinskt accused parties have been exon- Cirnnrt Jury foreman's disclosure j eralod " thai Gov. MM nth may be called.! Aslnnore added: ...... *•»„,,. „. u,e case last WPC) '' ""'^^"''"n-l "Mr. MMchcr has printed no In- i »'U «« SS ert until Aug. 28 (or "r »W"-">l-!formnllon that he ,i,d not obtain I '"" inquiry. Utah firing squad on Aug. n for the slsylng of two UUh ulnm reportedly has signed a notarized statement (hat he. paid $1,500 for a 90-day leave from an Arkansas prison. No record has been found al Ire furlough. The Gland Jury befran its Investigation of the case last week ly has Ihe a nor. val the RoviM'-iby proper, Independent Invesliga- j Schmclzer ss id McMalh might i lion.' Fletcher's I be asked lo appearln, in . discus his campaign °i"S lo to make > years." Cherry, agrees with McMalh on "s issue, but he has lies" ma ny of McMath's - l3!liiiT Ihe Kovcriiur pe Tl Ctrl " " "" ""'••-'• I Fillip, .a i-j fill-UHl Wichita ..-i.,- . , ! , BI sal<! Martin has served i pilot, was resting with relatives members of ?i? T f^ 1 ™" 1 ? »»*"/«« '" ftale and federal p,is- | Monday after his MOO mile IU,M =Tt Electric HaU^ra^Mo led wea'w^"' rece' I"™ 1 '"' <-°'-''™l-' from Wichita to Moulpoller for a Coach Fmnloves Union AFI, and car 'theft"^^^™^^^ " CO ' A """ from the Missouri State Peniten-| Farjs covmrt Ule dl5t;incc Sxt . Martin, once known as "the nil low case burelar" ' the next j voted Sunday to begin Ihe strike immediately in a waste dispute. Federal jiledialor C.'W. Thomo- .....i*> uij | i > u-.i in i*ix-iii«V4ij o. w. i noiiiD- ««"i vjui.c MHJ\\ ii as nip nil labeled ; soir said the union had reiected i Iow case burclar" because he usual- charges, the company's offer of a 5-cent | Iy took a nollow case from the home ^•sonaliy | hourly Increase retroactive to the i hc was riflj ne In which to carry fep of his statements was a "He." IAMB. 1 contract expiration date ^ '.ms sharply-worded exchange' ----•• j >ok place at Helena. Ark., when * IcMath walked unannounced into ne of Cherry's talkathon broad- .--- „., ,.„„. [away the loot, is bliie-eyrd "and'of Ned Stewart, representative of the ! medium build. He has bullet scars company, said the firm would make I °" tnc lcft a ™ *"<! leg and on no attempt to operate (he bus-"; | hls »*>dompn. during the strike. He said the! Martin was added to the 'most n roa- e sre. e said the to accept Cherry's standing | company's offer Is final and that witation to come and answer ueslions. The chancery judge noted the governor's claim tht herry would cease building rural The governor has accused Cherry ' leading a campaign of "vilifica- '" and calls it "the dirtiest ! nnpaign I've ever been in." i He has charged that Cherry re- "•rred "by innuendo" to a tragedy no additional conferences ^vith union officials are scheduled ,,. - , his personal Margaret Truman Visits Soviet Zone BERLIN IIP, - Margaret Truman rode through the Russian tone to .. - 'he fatal i Berlin Monday for a two-dnv visit looting of his father by Mrs. Me-i as part of her European tour ' Jalh prior to his first term as | Miss Truman arrived bv special jjovernor. The governor's wife was] train and was met al Ihe West . „,,,-„,! j- ., . . . 3 Cr i| n r aii r0 ad station by Ion American officials. Asked how she enjoyed her ride through the Soviet zone, she smiled and said: "It was all right." Oil Production at Record BAGHDAD, Iraq W)_The wanted" list as a replacement foi Gerhard A. Puff. »ho shot and kill. ed FBI Agent Joseph Brock in New- York City two weeks apo when 'agents captured him lo answer | resentativcs of the National \ I charges of bank robbery In Kau-lnauiics Association and the •day In 11 hours, 52 minutes and 30 seconds. The previous world's record was held by Albeit Reblllon tit France. \vhn covered 1,135 miles in his Minnicnp type plane last August. The Kansas flier used a Mocmpy "Mite" — a Wichita-built one- se:Uer with a Go-horsepower engine — on his record-breaking flight. He estimated his average speed at 116.6 miles an hour. Fan's' time was chcrkcrt by rep- rr eration Aeronaulique rnlernation- |eared on grounds of self delense. Cherry repeatedly has denied charge, refusing to answer ueslions from his "talkathon" iteners concerning McMath's per- mal Ii'- r---in": 'Machines" Charged .McMa... and C::erry have charg- •1 each other with machine sup- prt — McMath attacking Sen. _, ' -•"•' ••"' — L "? ir*q ifitl^McCletlan's open support of ' Pelrol(!u m Co. has announced that herry.\and Cherrv denouncing I Ior , the . ' Iirst tim e In history oil „= production of the two primary pro- ducinir regions hns exceeded one s recent endorse of the governor. ( 'State Issues involved in (he eani- ilgn Include a charge by the wernor that a "divorce raclcet" lerates in Cherry's home clian- •ry district. Cherry has replied liat he didn't handle any of the ftses mentioned, but not listed. W McMath and Ihe chancellor »,;ho did Is investigating. ,, •"[Cherry has pointed to McMath's jfus»l lo appear before Highway late highway department pro- 'tlures. The Commission charged department with "wasteful id extravagant procedures" (ind ,id persons doing business with department were solicite for 'cftfalh campaign contributions. fie governor has called the hear?s a "kangaroo court." The judge's charge that "auto- obile dealers have been shaken iwn for campaign contributions" • McMath aides has been ignored McMath. Bolh (he ASL's Labor's League r. Political Education and t ii e WO's Political Action Committee fii endorsed the governor's third rm bin. but Cherry says "1 think ie men rank and file unionists ill vote for me." McMath said > was "grateful for the suppnrt . I'm getting from all the work- K men of the state.' Judge Cherry charges that the cMath administration is run by rmer Gov. Homer Adkins. whom e million tons monthly. The record figure was reached during April. Read Courier News Classified Ads. Arkonsan Says Korean Casualties Stand Good Chance for Survival Little _._. mander of the DKable the second wepk of last June, there were 8(io casualties — more than double the previous highest lo.w.s in Korea." Mays, who recently returned from a tour of the fighting area tn Korea, is here for the Disabled American Veterans 'national convention which opens today. CyCoiocystf. BE SURE you'o HOWL LOUDIY IF toU WERE DEPRIVED OF THE. BALLOT - SO MAKE USE OF IT/ iDon'l fail lo VOTE! It's 'your privitege and duly ss an American citizen. VOTE .tomorrow, August 12fh! fOITJEWflERS KULOCALPfQPlf 8V LOCAL PfOPtt GIFTS 114 W. MAIN . r . Mays, of onal com- Americati Veterans, says "to be killed in ihe Korean War you almost must be killed outright by Ihe shells that hit.s you — or you have a good chance of survival." He said in an interview yesterday that "with helicopters arid doctors attached io front line units,! .fan Official TA/nt-c the wounded G! in Korea usually! I, P . 1 ' ' hlnks is on an operating table within JO " a ''OO Too Poor to minules afler being hit," HIROSHIMA. Japan (^'—Japan's Mays said also "the Korean vet- finance minister thinks his coun- eran is the most under-appreciated ^ rv ™ tor) ponr to rearm, man who ever bore arms in defense I In a lecture In this atom-blasted of this nation. ; city last, nisht. Hayato Ikeda said "Everybody In the. slates," he ] the government should concentrate said, "seems lo think the- war "s ; on improving llvinc conditions ra- ovor—but believe me—it is not. m Uher than on tmiMiii" armed mi»ht Every Farmer Is Invited To See It In Action! THE MIRACLE JOHN DEERE 7 60' TRACTOR WILL BE TESTED TOMORROW AT ARMOREL! Tomorrow . . . »( the Armorpl Ball Park . . . you'll see (his tractor pull • 3-b(>l(om plow through ground thai hasn't been plowed in 6 years! We want to prove lo you that the revolutionary John i)eere "fifl" (which replaces the "A") can do ev- erylhing we have said i( can do. Come—bring a friend! MISSCO IMPLEMENT CO. South Hiwoy 61 Armorel Ball Park 2 p.m. Tuesday QUALITY* FARM ^EQUIPMENT records. cerlifie.s world flying anytime they ask me." The governor's remark came on the heels of Foreman J. ,J. Schrne]- 7'T's statement Saturday that McMath may be asked to discuss rommeiu.s he has made about the case din-inn his third term cam- pai(;n ppeche.s. Sclimelzpr's comments also drew (lie attention of a Little Rock newspaper. Harry Ashmarr, executive etiiior of the Arkansas Gazette, ye.sior- day took exception lo Schmehei's staiement concerning a column by John Fletcher appearing in a re- cenl issue of the paper. Astunon? said Fletcher had never stated or implied that (lie in- vestiRalion is over. Schmcl/er said Sattirclay lhal "il is unfortunate Vint a newspaper columnist has led Governor McMath to feel that our itwesti- Ration hns been concluded, that the issued a partial report lo remove ilm Bishop case from the polilical Bishop, now avvailiuu death by R President Tafl brought the first automobile to the White Hous» it was a While Steamer. Paul Chambers Carried 62 y 75 Counties in Last Week's Primary. And Led Nearest Opponent l!y 72,000 Moke it Unanimous on Tuesday for — PAUL CHAMBERS for National Commltlcrmnn —Political Adv. paid for by Paul Chambers LOOK! Who Is Supporting T. J. Gentry for Attorney General? The Arkansas Gaxefte of August 7 reported that h« If endorsed by tr* Political Action Committe« of CIO and by AFL't Labor League for Political Education. Thii wa* promoted by the bossei of the Teamsters' Union — represented by T. J, Gentry. That means that T. J. is the darling of labor BOSSES. IT DOES NOT MIAN that the ranK and file of labor endorses him, because the bossei cannot and do not control the' vote «f labor's rank and file— IT VOTES AS IT PLEASES, and ... LABOR'S RANK AND FILE FAVORS CUB BARTON tot ATTORNEY GENERAL WHAT ABOUT T. J. AND THE TEAMSTERS 1 UNION? Well, T. J. is ATTORNEY for fh« Teamttert' Union. Makei you wonder why he w»nf« f« «wifeh »• the Job of Attorney; th» Attorney General'i SaUiy ii only $6,000 • year. T. J. uirf in tht Arkinui G«ette he i. , 515,000 A YEAR MAN! Whcre'i tht otKtr $9,000 c«nlit ( from? Make No Mistake T. J. Gentry Is NOT RELATED to Leffol Gentry VOTERS of ARKANSAS--- Can > man wfioie experience it ipeclalix«d l»w practice in one field, bbof, be cap»hl« of r«»re*enting Arkansas in the broad field of Slate litijition? HE CANNOT. THE MAN WHO CAN AND WILL 15 CUB BARTON. Hi. record >i i practicing .tlorney !« on. of high attainment! in State, Federal and Suprem* Courti, Endorsed by two Chancery and two Circuit Judges and by all the lawyers of his home and adjoining judicial district, Clib Barton ii further enthviiai- tically acclaimed by an oyerwhelming majority of the itate'i legal profession. •— Play Safe -. ELECT GLIB BARTON your ATTORNEY GENERAL [«M toe k> Iroj MO.UJ, r«rt SaM, AI^UIMI

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