The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 9, 1908 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 9, 1908
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMPER 9, 1908. THE BAKJSHSF1BLD CALIFORNIAN RESUME \Vo IUT soiling qtiitn a number of Pin'io.x sneo \v enables us to earn ore YOU cannoi nnr new store in Ihe new Fish IMimk ; '• such ;i lar^e stock, that in goinir through help finding just what you are looking for in way o price and terms. An illustration of this s n inno, v iauo m Rosewood Case, for Easy Payments This is one which was trailed in and is undoubtedly a goo fliauce for some one who wants a Pinno at an extra low price Our fine Steimvays, A. B, Chase, Estey, 1 mans, Sterlings and others nre unquestionably phiy of elegant Pianos ever shown in BnkersfieU tnersou o nn urtx is oiuo s<*<? us. he lady clerks will take your orde you wish. You must hear our wonderful ^^^^™^^^^^^™^^^^F^^™^^^M Sherman or sheet music i nvor Pianos. New Fish Block—1820 K Street Phone Main 602 KEY, Manag MAIL and EXPRESS ORDERS CAREFULLY ATTENED Office Phone Main 60 Works Phone, Main AND RENOVATORY Altering and Repairing Neatly Done. Goods called for and Delivered. Contracts taken. Office, 2027-2029 Chester Avenue. Works, Corner Eighth and L Streets, Bakersfleld, Cat. *•• *5* BAKEKSFIELD EMPLOYMENT BUREAU •** 4 -*• * * When you \vant reliable help of •! any kind at no cost to you cull IIB up. We ilso supply Chinese and Japanese help. Phone 313. 1219 19th St WELL 30EIJRS ** 4 4 t «£* *£* *£* •£• *£* »J* B. J. CURNOW, well borer (formerly of the firm of Curnow & Keere) artesian and surface wells. Tanks built and. put up. Address Bakersfield R. F. D. No. 2. Phone Farmers 181. tf CHESTER AVENUE NURSERY * + COOLEST PLACE IN TOWN. i Is the Parru; I-M. v anc an uuder jur palms and drink a , cooling, re freshing so/la water and eat an ICP cream or ice. We solicit wholesale •••Me hofrb in creamc and candle* Our pbone number Is Main 15*3. 142r ALBERT WEEDALU, Prop. First-class Nursery Stock, Trees, * Shrubba, Roses, Cut Flowers, FU.- * a! Designs. Orders promptly filled 4 Corner Sixth St. and Chester A*-«. 'Ph»ne, Main Good For Biliousness. CaHfornlan want aas. "I took two of Chamberlain' Stom- arh and Liver Tablets lat night, and 1 feel fifty per cent better than I have for weeks/ 1 says J. J. Firestone of Allosan, Mich. "They are certainly a fine article for hiliousnese." For «« * M «i* a < sflle by Baer Broa - Bakersfleld; Kern Best results. | nrnsr Co Kern Sarnp j es free . * 4 % ew irri Ider Get our new i r The Only Line to SIXTEENTH ANNUAL SESSION NATIONAL ation Conwess ALBUQUERQUE, NSW MEXICO September 29 to October 3, 1908 Round Trip Tickets on mile September 23 to 27, incl. .Limit Oct. «1, 1908 Many *id« tri-pa planned to inapw.t irri^atkm projects of sur- roundiug «ounfery. Make you Pullmuu rws«rvatious early. N. J. HUD»ON, Agent. Pbon« Main 40. (Continued- From Page 1.) raking their money to the banks of the new state, and only lately the Republicans of Kansas have endorsed the guarantee plan. Still Mr. Taft says it la \\rong In principle and not practical. The speaker, on the subject of post ». , ral savings banks asked why the par- tfce' ty in pnwor had not given these to the peopU-. They exist In all of tho nations of the world, and he drew the conclusion ihat they had, not been would see the power of the corporate about governmental evils, he was a demagogue, and yet now iu 1908, Mr. Tan uses the self same word Iu the self i-iime sense, and he praised Pres- '(U-nt Roosevelt fdr having sounded the olarm against the plutocrats, for having warned the people against evils of encroaching wealth. Mr. Boll said that, all must have observed in what an awkward position tho Republican P^Vty ts placed. The j brought into being here because of the plain people want something that the; antagonism to them of the banks and organization will not give them. In j banking intprests, in alliance with the California four-fifths of the party party in power. Humorously taking up the subject jof prosperity. Mr. Bell said U was j * 4 noi a 1'utror" in the campaign from thf Rfpublican standpoint, and then ! he entered into a discussion of the Ifc- bor question, stating briefly the purposes of i ho labor plank In the Democratic platform. It is not the purpose of the Democratic party to interfere with tht> proper power of the courts, but to prevent abuses that obtain under existing laws. And incidentally Mr. Bell WP the lie direct to the assertion of Hearst that Bryan ever said laboring men \verj» public beggars. In a dispassionate summing up, the speaker asked for the support of the noople for Bryan and Kern, and he predicted from his knowledge of the political situation that when the votes are counted they will have a greater majority than was given to Cleveland in 1892. i WrilU'r Fisher, who h;i.s returned from hU vacation, spent in the north. is preparing for the resuming of sewer building. Mr. Fisher is now marshal- Ing his construction force and within a week he expects to have the work i again under way. The workmen will bo started In at the Hewer farm where considerable pipe is yet. to be laid. , When work has once more bemun th" ; uncompleted part of the system will i be finished HH soon as possible. ! SIAfE FORTY THEODORE A. BELL. machine destroyed, and conditions iu California wer e typical of those existing the country over. Roosevelt is popular not for what he has done to bring about reforms, but for what he has tried to do.j But Roosevelt is not now running for the presidency. O. K.'d By Cannon. The speaker referred to the wide difference of opinion as to who nominated Taft, Roosevelt or the corporations, and he pointed out that in either event, the nomine was not the man for the people. Hfc could not expect to succeed when Roosevelt had failed, and it narneil by the tlons him SIGNER TRTOE 1 lie state tax rate, including the university tax, is 40 cents, as follows: tieiieral fund. 19.2 cents. School fund, ltf.,'1 cents. State hitfh school fund, '1.7 COIHH. Interest and sinking fund, 8 mills. Tills is the lowest tax rate, with one exception, that the people of California have ever received. It is the opinion of the Board of equalization that if the constitutional umumlment to be voted upon at the next general election is adopted and the continuance of the present system of taxation made possible that the tax rate will be cut down to 3ii'cents. In 190IJ-4 during the Pardee administration the combined rate for the two years was 109.6 cents. During the administration of (Governor Gage the rate was 109.9 cents. For tut first two years of Governor Uudd's administration the slate tax rate was 111.4 cents. A checking account with the First National Bank has BO many advantages that yon will find it a great aid in your financial affairs. If you have not already such an account with ns we shall be pleased to have yon open one and test it fo* yourself. ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN BAKERSFfELD OR KERN Corner 19th and H Street*. APPEARING OLD Ml m Bar to Profitable Employw A. F. Stoner, the well known BaU- ersfield merchant and one of the pioneers of the city, was appointed a city trustee, last night to fill the vacancy on the board which has existed since the resignation of George A. Tilton, corpora- j -several months ago, Mr. Stoner was s certainly the people do not want ; Placed in nomination by Trustee Mun. H is not what Roosevelt has | fcer and Mr. McDonald made the sec- accomplished that has commended i o»d. The two other trustees. Bailey him to the people, but what he ims i and St. Clair, also answered "aye" to tried to do, andwhen he has failed certainly Taft cannot succeed. Congress has been a reluctant body and out of sympathy with Roosevelt. It has obstructed his every effort, and roll cull. Mayor Bailey brought tho question up. stating that ho plans to go away soon again and he thought that the vacancy should be filled" so the board would not be reduced to the minimum working number during his absence. Mr. Munzer thought that the trustees »_T Cannon has O. K.'d every corporation measure that came before Congress, and stood against every reform, and Cannon rules absolutely in Congress j had juggled with the question of ap- along with the "big five" of which j poimnipnt long enough and he pro- Sherman is one. Elect Taft and send ! )>osed the name of Mr. Stoner, Mr. .McDonald, while not seconding the motion then, spoke in favor of Mr. Stoner's appointment. "Have you anv otnor names You cannot afford to grow oM. In these days of atrenuoua competition It la necessary to maintain, as long- as possible ones youthful appearance. It la Impossible to do this without retaining 1 a luxurious growth of hnlr. Tha presence of Dandruff Indicates the presence of a burrowing germ which, livea and thrives on the roots of the hair until It causes total baldness. Kewbro'a Herptclde Is ft" only known destroyer of (his pest. P- * H ia as effeo t/vo a.. It ]a delightful to use Horplclde makes an olpjnnt hair drew- Inff a* welt as Dandruff cure. Accept no substitute—there Is none. Bold fcy leading druggists. Send Wo. in atampa for sample to The Herptcide Co* Detroit. Miofc. Two Sizes. 50t and 11 J. A. HUGHES. Special Agent. A Faithful Frrend. "I have ueea imatnoemin'a Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy since It was flrat introduced to the public la 1872. and have never found one In* stance where a cure was not speedily effected by Us USR. I have been a commercial traveler for eighteen years and never start out on a trip without this, my faithful friend," says H. 3 Nichols of Oakland, Ind. Ter. When a mau has used a remedy for thirty-five year he knows Us valua and Is competent to speak of it. For sale by Baer Bros., Bakersfleld; K^rn Drug Co., Kern. • t DR. LUNG CHOW DUCK ON TONQ CO. DRUG STORE Cor. 19th and Q. Bakerafleld \ back these same Congressmen, and the reactionaries would be iu complete control. Mr. Bell pointed out that at Chicago every reform measure advocated by Roosevelt was rejected by the platform committee and by the convention, despite the efforts of the La Fol- lotto men. And the party must stand by Its platform wliich is a contract between the party and the v people. With Taft elected, arid even trying to have enacted an income tax law, campaign publicity, physical valuation of railroads, etc., the reactionaries headed by Cannon, would sit back and say, "It is not in the platform." Sherman, the Vice Presidential nominee, typifies everything that should be eliminated from American politics, and his nomination was O. K.'d by Mr. Cannon, whose right hand man he U In Congress. Mr. Bell showed that Beverldge's claims that a number of great laws are Republican measures are false, notably the Geary law and the Newlands act. and he traced the rate regulation bill through Congress Into a pigeon hole from which It was roa- cued only by Be\ Tlllman of South Carolina/ who came to the rescue at the rcqupst of his ancieut enemy, Mr. Rooseyelt. Bank Guarantees. On th* aunjeot of ba«k guarantees after the Oklahoma law, Mr. Bell was closely followed. Ho told of the success of the piun in tb« new fltate, showed how tho depositors lire, absolutely protected and told of tb« onllro confidence or the people in the banks. So true U this that tha citizens of Kaunas and Missouri a I'M DEMOCRAT would mayor. "We like to havt " asked yon thf Democrat Springs stage will leav» Arlington Hotel every Wednesday morning. The baths are unexcelled for rheumatism and kidney trouble by any and all skin diseases. Th* or)y hot mud baths In Kern Countr Hotel largest and best accomodatlom of any resort In Kern County. Fine camping grounds and planty o* Californtan want ads. Best results. prospntlnu: mimes f * * * * * * * * * 4* E. H. LOVELAND Wholesale Produce Merchant Hay, Grain, Potatoes, Beans, *J* Eggs, and all farm products. for months, but they havo nil boon r ¥^ ^ • T«- ^¥ \ 0DC82C8»m00C83C^^ ft Everything»-When Traveling Our Superbly Equipped Overland Limited ViA The Great Salt Lake Cut Off And Union Pacific YOUR COMFORT AND QUICK SERVICE ASSURED. THANKFUL THEY WERE SAVt-0 FROM DEATH down," spoke up St. Clair. Mr. St. Clair said that C. L. Taylor, whom he proposed previously, would make a good official. "Who have you got, Johnny?" asked Mr. McDonald. "I proposed Ben Frye, but ho was turned dowu." Mr. Bally then put Mr, Frye's name up for consideration. "Between Mr. Frye and Mr. Stoner I most certainly prefer Mr. Stoner and If there are no other nominations, I second the motion of Mr. Munzer th'.it Mr, Stoner be appointed to All the vacancy on the board/' The vote carried unanimously. Trustee St. Clair then left the meeting, whtie the three remaining trustees paid a number of bills that have been aanjrtng over for many meetings past Char leg Meroney was appointed expert to report on the city book*. His salary was placed at $5 per day. The tax rat* for the comlai? yfuir was made $1.30 for every |JOO valuation. Tho apportionments wore UK follows; General fund, 00 couta; Ktrett. 00 <-'*<uu; library. 5» ct?nts;flr<* lx|nd, 6 cents, K<*wr«*r bond 25 cents, making it tof;il of $!.„,'. Th** salary warrants for tli^ month of Autfuvt wan* ordered ]»uUI. Thw Kularifttf du« the trustee*** fur aervk'v an tho board of •qualt/.atioD luvt | war* alrto nvtkM'u 1 iui'1. ' hoard ducldeU to uwurd hub jjoHc« officer, r«.siyu* J, u full :!M>nih't> ualttrj. Crain rehii^nod on Aiitfiitit. 17lb t und ut lime hail an .ijjjjlu'iiilou l>*funi the board Tor ^ v;i- in for which the board allow* both UtxMutta *ud polU-o otli('i»rrf u hal"! month'* pat. in tlow of the bwrtag pn»Ylou»ly ratul* uppn \ Tor bin vacation tho salary U« ' would hat9 dnxwn dirtiiy Uitt ritoMttou httu. of uppolntm»ut aw pollcw was approTud. i'ity Cl«rk. Uiditu«r, City Attorn«jr City Martihul MHvun.T. Tiff Sii!,n*rtuUjnd*'nt Yum-ey and t-'>''" <*lil<>V fjundluch were t!'c ritr or- *m '.uni'H pro^^ul. oHiwr than 'h M; i'ovn* trufit^i'. \\i wcr« no roni'iM, 1 tdoMs or ^u raKWd i<* Uq«or Ji- pendabte Good* at Well I Sure And New Arriva f oods Trimmi Neckwe Ores e new ress are atest weaves 081 popular colors. The assorts very newest styles i qually pretty are the new trimmings we're new displaying. •Puriieulapty »maft aud attraetivo will you ttrid our now fall stylos in oocfcwear and we're sure tho styles wilt pVoase aod iot*mjst you. Phones—Dry Goods, 142 Hardware, 224, GroccricB, 142 1418-1422 Nineteenth Street The Southern Bakerafielcl's Leading Hoto* , -. -. V ^ CuJsrne, Service Unwxcellod u,< Pacfic Co. By tin* stivn#t>i ;;r; i n-Jjability of nu well made ham---^ man.' p« o-,! > • should h t ? that h,t\" fXpcn't-rK't-a r if away accldon 1 - V<>u aiv Hiit't harm a.s Ion;; a,-< a hurru?ws from our sup':!!* sfork dnvs.sns We Iiavc tin- lii*osC and atyU*s in all UliulH of IiKht and heavy hnrneKs, lap rob*.*» iind horst; goods generally. PIONKER HARNESS SHOP MATTSON BROS. Main 1144 1821 Chester Av« NOTICE. My WI'IP. Hiandi Man-han-l, Aithout vatistj loft tny U'd and hoard, . is horeby given (hat I will not tor ii»; rt'Hponsiblo [or debta foutractcii by hor. JAMES MARrHAND. Bakersfl-Md, cal.. Sept. 8, W8. 42 CROfcS Night Phono It IB intend^] for tlicmd who elate quality, for those gentlemen who •"iloy a thoroughly matured, rich olo Kentuokr Mqaor—i. w. HARPER whUk«y. Sold br Bnu 4 We Btreet

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