The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 9, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 9, 1908
Page 1
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Vol. XX. -BT BAKERSFIELD, KERN COUNTY, CALIFORNIA, WHON[.;'S[jAY'. SKi'TKMBKk !>. IMS. Xo. 33 DEMOCRATIC JLOST^PACK ARMORY LAST NIGHJ TELLING EXTRACTS FROM THE GREAT SPEECH OF THEODORE A. BELL THAT THRILLED AUDIENCE "The Vice Presidential office is an important one, for he who occupies It may be called upon to assume the duties of President. And who is Sherman? One of the big five that does the bidding in the House of Representatives of the corporate Interests. A willing worker with Cannon, and to the extent that it was Cannon himself who put his O. K. upon Sherman at Chicago by placing him In nomination." Replying to a statement made by Hearst that many years aggttfiryan said in Congress, that the : Nnoring men were "public beggars," Mr. Bell said: "I have not heard from Mr. Bryan on this subject. I do not need to. For I know It is a wilful), contemptible lie, and it was uttered by a political mountebank, the greatest hypocrite that the State of California has ever produced." "The Chronicle gives a column and a half of Its front page to Hearst's Labor Day speech, and it seems to me that he is one of the most valuable assets of the Republican party. Hearst's New York paper is mortgaged for $4,000,000 and before this campaign is over the name of the mort-' gagee will be disclosed. And I believe I can safely prophesy that when that disclosure comes It will be found that his name Is Edward H. Harriman." "Theodore Roosevelt I* one thing and the Republican organization is another. The Chicago platform is the party's contract with the people, and it contains nothing of Roosevelt's efforts to accomplish great reforms. The President may have nominated Taft, but the interests he has fought dictated the platform. Taft is the antithesis of Roosevelt. The : latter is aggressive and impulsive, sometimes right and sometimes wrong. The oth. er is an aristocrat by temperament." "It is not Roosevelt that the Democratic organization opposes, but an administration that has defeated Roosevelt's every effort. A reluctant Congress was ever against him, a Congress absolutely in control of the reactionaries. And it was these influences that wrote the platform at Chicago and that nominated Sherman for the Vice Presidency. Send back these tame Congressmen, leave them In po- session and what could Taft accomplish, however well meaning he might be?" i "You men who toil, it is for you to j say whether you will show your ap- 1 preciation of the party that has extended the hand of friendship to you. If you do not, if you fail to show by your votes that you are willing to stand firmly for the right, make no : mistake as to the result. The Repub- • lican party will say In the future, 'It i does not matter, we can get their j votes anyway.' And the things that you demand as your right will never I be considered." There have been more tumultuous t the effect that corporations will gain i •political meetings in Bakersfleld than ; great power, and corruption In high j the groat gathering which Theodore Hell addressed last ulght at Armory places will follow, endangering the republic. Not Bryan had given utter- Hull. There have been meetings at ance to this sentiment, but Abraham ; which there was more noisy demon- j Lincoln himself had spoken the pro- ( phetic words. ; According to Senator Beveridge .stratlon, at which the cheers were «:Uiser to the surface, when open en tlnislasm ran greater riot, but never IB the history of local political gatherings was there one that equaled that <r, last night In concentrated Interest, never before was there an audi- •ence that sat us one Individual, earnestly Intent on missing no word that loll from the lips of the speaker; that ifoinuinej all but motionless through •on>j and one-half hours of a calm but forceful exposition of the issues that make political •Division between men. And the platform attitude of this Nestor of California politics does not encourage ttu: political enthusiast to noisy demonstrations. Filled with his subject, curtain of the justice of his position, ur. earnest advocate of the principles ol his party, Theodore Bell speaks right on, logically, driving home the truths as he sees them, impatient of the applause that interrupts, hurrying on with impetuosity from subject to subject, but always returning to clinch the central idea of a rounded argument that is followed step by step by his every hearer. This, in brief, was the history of iaat night's great political gathering, ami when at 1U o'clock, after an hour In : his Youngstown keynote speech, Bry- i an was a great moral teacher, a preacher whose place wus in the pul- , pit. He was too good a man to be i President. Yet all his opponents only | twelve years ago, were going up and '. down the land calling Bryan an anar-! DRAWS KNIFE IN ATTEMPTED RRYAN TAIKS I1F THF ATTACK ON A HUNG GIRL DBI SJiiJ SIAIt chist—a man too bad to be President.: did T. I-'. Ryan, who claims to be an oil fields employe, !.-> in jail and the police are looking for one John Doe, his companion, for an alleged attack made on Miss Marie Akllaz, a young . , , 0 jladv who was enroute from town to «-, M PaS » T I*? , g '»-•' Uo '»«-' witn lll>1 ' younger brother In Mere was the line ot division pass- j., , )UR ,, y Sumliiv night . T «™ n , n , ' According to the story of the girl In 1896 and 190(1 when Mr. Bryan i sm , alu , tlu> llttle bov , lvove ln froni arraigned •'plutocracy" for bringing | tuoir home _ a few mi! ;, s sollth of town (Continued on "pace tiiTeT,i e ? rl - v Sunday evening to make a pur- ' ~ '_^ ; at a drug store and when they turned around und started on their re- j turn they discovered that Ryan and his companion, in a buggy, were fol- Policeman Shot By Arrested Man «d to hire a buggy, which be was refused. Ryan represented himself us! an employe of the Bald Eugle lease, but no such person'by that name is known on that property. At the stable where he secured the buggy lie claimed to be working for the American Crude. He was Identified by Saville. il Burglar Still at Large. Oldhum's antiseptic barber shop was broken into from the rear Monday night and six razors stolen. The police have u description of the biirgiar but he has eluded their attempts to capture him. He is thought to huvt PEORIA, 111.. Sept. 9.—William Jen- left town. The same night tho fellow vast throng of people, delivered a forceful address on the "State and the Nation." He deprecated the Increasing assumption of authority over the action of state governments by the Federal courts, and he said the Democracy insists that Federal legislation be added to and not substituted for ! entered a Chinese restaurant and nfi- girl .'inii j er eating u meal attempted to leave hearing of the burglary, turned them and a half Bell brought ihvss to a of speaking. Mr. his forceful ad- close, the great audience that packed the Armory left the hall with regret after three rousing cheers for Bryan, Theodore Bell and the Democracy. it was nearly 8:30 when the Union Bund filed Into the hall, after a con•cert of a half hour In the open air. The streets were filled with people fiiroute to the hall, and the fireworks by" the officers, who had been advised LOS ANGELES, Sept. 9.—In a desperate shooting affray with two burglars on the street at It) o'clock this morning Captain Walter Auble of the lowing them. The two men passed the lay in wait for her near Sth street, j without paying. He was knocked When her buggy approached they ! down with a chair in the hands of the crossed the road but she drew to one | Celestial proprietor and badly cut side and continued on her way. with about the face. Four of the six razors the buggy following. She says that i have been recovered. They were sold one of the men. Ryan, drew a knife | around town and the purchasers upon !n his attempt to make her alight, whereupon she screamed for help. Robert Saville. who was In a cart nearby, heard the cries and with friends came to her assistance. The girl's would-be assailants then drove rapidly away in the darkness down state leglslalon. There Is no twilight zone, said Mr. Bryan, between the nation and the state In which the exploiting Interests can take refuge from both. There IH no neutral ground where, beyond the jurisdiction of either sovereignty, the plunderers of the public can find a safe retreat. As long as a corporation confines Us activities to the state In which it was created, It la subject to ous devotion to the work entrusted U them, and those, unscrupulous "Napoleons of Finance" who use railroads us mere pawns In a great gambling game without regard to the rights of employes or to the interests of the patrons. It is in the interest of honest railroading und legitimate Investment that the Democratic party seeks to ascertain the present value of the railroad properties and to prevent for the future the watering of stock and the issue ol fictitious capitalization; und it is in the interest of both the railroads und the public that It seek* only such reductions in transportation rates as cuu be made without wage reduction, without deterioration In the servile and without injustice to legitimate investments. The Democratic party insists that In the matter of over to the police. i WHICH u \vti*-> nfuiuu, it m BUUJUL-I iu i >—--j —"• • — Arrested on Suspicion. .state regulation only; but as soon as regulation of ruilroads both the state C. H. Wltson and H. Bnnton, two jit invudes interstate commerce it be-1 governments and the Federal govern ' * ' recent uddltlons to the local "hop head" colony, from Los Angeles, won 1 anwsted last evening by Marshal Me- Sth street. She was accompanied the I Ktiniy while attempting to dispose of rest of the way home by Saville and a camera und ostrich feathers to wo- in the lower end of probably fatally wounded. Detective; Yesterday the girl appeared before comes amenable to Federal laws as well as to the laws of,the state which created It, and the laws of the states in which it does business. city police was shot three times and { his friends. Captain Flammer. who was with him, I Judge Thomas and swore to a war- escaped. One man, Fred Horning, the cbauf- ''cur. was captured, but the man who 'I 1 HIP shooting, Carl Sutherland, es- ; it' rape 1. The men hud been arrested .-« I t... H, committee, headed by Lou Davis, Jr., uii'l Leonard Duplup, awoke the echoes with cannon and bomb, und iit the heavens with rockets and Roman < undies. The hull was lasielully decorated tin:!, r the direction of Arthur Kergu- sun. A huge flag was stretched .icni.-s the rear of the stage, and there ,v ve icstooii;' 01 bunting that gyve the in?., ri'iiin a gala appearance. Every .-• in was i)crii),ieii and many were Banding about the sides atul In the i',ir of the liall when Kowen Jrwin, imintiaii of the evening, called the _:.;U assemblage to order. In a few •iiiproprhite words he introduced Mr. I'.cU and the leader was given an ovation when he a''° Be Mr. Bell expressed his gratlllcutlnn at again being in Bakersfleld where .lit had always been given u warm welcome, whether he came here politically or on a fraternal mission, and iiMticularly did he recall with pleasure tho meeting held bore In 1900. Lincoln Not Bryan. The speaker then plunged directly into a discussion of the Issues of the campaign. He would not say the ft-if of the nation depended upon the •onu-onie nf the campaign, but. it was patent that there were :,cme serious question;) confronting the people, the greatest of which arose from the fact 1h;.t power und wealth were centered in the few. He read an extract from a speech to of th'Mr intention to rob two houses. Th-'y were being taken to a car when Sui'ii i'!;:iul drew a pistol, shot Alible Auliue was formerly cine'.' LD'S AERCPLA"NE RGCCHO IS AGAIN ESTABLISHED. runt for the arrest of Ryan and Ills companion. Officer Goodull arrested the former lust night about t>:30 in front of the Q. T. suloon. The other iius not been seen since. Saville, who works at the Exchange stables, declares that Ryan came to ..1-; fVl.'ire Suil'la' :;!! '!' iind want- although Mr. McKumy has not seen | I'roteetloii of the public. HIP owner of the article, he Is sus-1 Our platform outlines the regulation plclous that the men now in cuslo ly I deemed necessary, and the regulation may know something of the Hipft.ii.s specifically set forth in order that There was a third member in the party, but lie managed to escape. The men have been hanging arrnin.i the tenderloin resorts since their arrival were marked as thieves. lodu> li\ Or circlet! th>'- ; eight liir.'--. remaining in '<'••• air ">7 minutes. ".I second;-. b> official lime. The machine was im Id' pev- fect com vol. The aviator traveled from :'.>'< to I 1 * mile- ;MI hour. ALTON B. PARKER NOT WILLING TO BE GOVERNOR. Many Towns are i Sad Death of Still in Danger Mrs. Hailstone ment shall act up to, and yet within, their powers; for nothing else will restore the confidence and good will that ought to exist between the rail roads and the people. In dealing with manufacturing and trading corporations the Democratic party draws a distinction between those corporations — and they constitute the great majon Ky of all the manufacturing and trad- ,, . ing corporations—which are negaged our opponents may not be ab o to ,„ legitimate effort to supply what scare the public by predicting hurtful legislation. Our platform, unlike WASHINGTON, Sept. 9.—Judge Alton B. Parker said today he was not; wiling to run for governor 'Of New Yokr. lii'.'.I'T!;. £>•!•-. '.'. Al! '!a> ;. • 'M"<',!•- unii la-: iiigl'.i In- iln.'n!, ne i ••-.If :• -io/.-n o 1 ' t!:.' l-.r-<-i' o.wnj. oi> :'io iunm.-. Mor-' titan .< tip)i; re.-, idents having fought thu. :!:.m".-. all Slight. H'.i* mornim; the town is sale. Uovey. Aurora, Buhl and U'renslial! havp HIP sunn- story to tell. The wind I Is now dying down (Irand Marie Is ! shut of from communication c.\ce|ii j by boat. Fifty iriva! mll'i 1 - have bc-en ! sent to light the tire. Siloplies for I M'li people are on (In- •-<>•.uucr. GUARDS KILL AN ESCAPING CONVICT. FOLSOM. Sf|it. !».--Tn r o eonvlci.s. one named Banvtt. of San Krunci-ico. ;naile a boll break lor llbert\ iola>. ami wei,> fireil on by llit- guards crit w;i-i hi; und inst-intly Uil'.eci. Not Too Early To Pick Your Fall Suit ,tlli' v: : i Gans Starts The Fighting UlNli SIDK, Sun Francisco. Sept. '.<. ; -Hans and Nelson are fighting this | •afternoon i.'i' the lightweight chain- ] piniishlp u'. i be world. The contest !.- scheiiuU-d to go lorty-live round.-, and while but four rounds have passed (he lighting is coinpuiativly even and indications arc that tlie battle will not in- a sboi i one, Heforu eu- ihe ring Xelroti said he v*a-> tight alter the colored lirhlcr Mrs. I'. 1C. Hallsloue, who us Eliza\> Hi Crahaii. will be remembered by many old residents of tli<- coiinly, died ill Sun I'rancUco on Monday as the result ol an operation for appendicitis, performed last, Wednesday. Mrs, Hailstone was a slsler of Ki'ank. W. .1. ami Kimnen Ur:im''.n and was born in Havllah forty years ui;o. Slip resided in this county dnr Inn her girlhood and later made her home Hi Sun Jose, where she wua married to Dr. C. K. FfailstotiP. InlcrniPiii took place today In I'Yanclsco. Sail the Republican platform, suys what it means and means what it says. A distinction is drawn between I lie railroads and oilier corporations. Tlie | railroad, being a quasi-public corpora- 'lion and, us such, being permitted to' '.\ereise a part of Ihe .sovereignty of > ! Hie state, IK subject Io regulation at' , tlie bands of both the nation and the' ' ,-:ate. but ibis regulation is Intended, no- to cripple the railroads but to in- i .crease their elllcicncy The people at : !ar.;i' are as much Interested as thu' - locklnrtders in-' 1 in Ihe successful' operation of the railroads. Their own '. pecuniary interests as well as theif sense of justice would restrain them • irom doing anything that ' would Impair the road or reduce its efficiency. The traveling public is vitally Inter-: ested iii Hid payment of wages sulne- ! lent io command the most, intelligent service, for life as well ns property is in th Hie irnlw keep tlie track in repair. The Democratic party would distinguish between those railroad owners, directors and managers who, rec- the consumers need, and the very few corporation* which are seeking by conscienceless methods to take advantage of the public On the one hand, while on the other hand they bank- ruin competitors, oppress the producers or raw materials and deal arbitrarily with their employes. It endeavors io jiroi«Vt the Innocent cot" ponuions by visiting punishment upon llmsi' corporations \vhicli are guilty nf Infractions nf Hie moral and the .stat'ite liv-. Ili-ie, loo. mi!- platform is Hpeeillr and no one can use Its lunuiiuge to irlghteii any business man whose transactions are fair ami whose income is honestly earned. .Mi one 'iin ciintrast the plain, straightforward lU'cIaratlon.i of our parly with the vague and ambiguous utterances of the Republican leaders and tin.' Republican euiultilaty without recognizing that our appeal is to the judgment, and goo ( ] sense of the voters who desire Justice for themselves THE Adler Bros. 4 Co. jppenheirner & Co. ;senwald & Weil TOGGERY « (LOOM ut the .start and it wan lion of bow long i.!an.-This the Dane at'emui" \ciciuii met him mo and took the honors io'.i, sending Nt Meedlns. Cans i- is in grand •vor trained itHp In his i They weighed 1 Minn i aisi'd tin- <i' STEAMER WRECKED BUT ALL PASSENGEr.S SAVED. •:• SAN FRANCISCO. Sept. ».- - * •'.• The steamer lx>hnu arrived •!• v from Alaska tcftlay and reports v •:• the total loss of the American * •:• sill]) l.ticile, which was ilriven * •I- ashore at Nimhagak, Bristol •:• •:• Hay. A hundred and sixty- * •:• eight men were aboard, but. all •!• v.i-re .,,'ivi'il. Tin- cargo o!' sal- •',•:• mini was a total loss. •:• ONE VICTIM OF FIRE AND MANY NARROW ESCAPES. Mi-Henry was burned to dea'h, two omen seriously Injured ami several "HiPi'H more or less burned this morn- ;.r-C in a fire that (luntroye,! tin- build- :'iu; of the Philadelphia i'ri'!;"t Cluli lie, , . . . — • •' ••«.••- -.-- .1.. ... j • i.i i iv, v. i u i ktiviuacTiv^B the hands ol tliooe who operate , ull , | nsjs , ,, pOn j, |jjt | w helng done by '•nlns. giiurd the^swltches and others. Our party, if entrusted with the power, will remedy the abuses which have grown up under Republican rule, am! yet rouioily those abuses with due regard to constitutional Urn- their obligation to the pulv J Hat ions und without injury to any le- earn their salaries by congclentl- : gitltnate Imsiness Interest. H • coiner bleeding, (Ian-- all the ad\ antagt'. mi-.-ting the ebon\ liue-l fiirh 1 '• In Hn- Nelson ' am.' back like a flash and .('TV mute, center of ihe ilng. 'I'lieyjwh.i.'l-: hinds had n margin the better of the sec- [ several twl and Hie Uatie .iram-d uftei 1 iiis man ond round, while the third and fourth I noiinre thi with blouj In bis eye. Uaiis, how- ' were comparatively even. j Sunday, BAIL PLAYERS TO PRACTICE SUNDAY Claylon Orseu, manager of the Chi- I , ;1! :i» I adieu 1 llasehall Dub. will ar- ! ilve herp loiiierrow or Fiday to com-j plete arrangements for the game to be iilayeii in thiv; city a week from nejit I Sundiiy. The aggregation will travel j down the valley, playing at Frenno. I Visalia und Hakersflclii. and from all i ucfOiintK tnuch intere.-i will bo taken j In tho games. I Hehfold. who U bandiiiiK lh(- ! local managerial d tiiirtineiit of the has made .•ii-i-iii-'emenis fiir I'url; nun a -iDi-dal car 'i lat'S'' ilttC'll- wn v.,; i;iialn til.- icnm and '-•' announce--- iinl t ry-oir " i' be ha .- liall pl.-ivi-' ''O wan; '•• .osllion ui 1 '- ••.,'.•.I to .in; ml match th. ahilltv v i'i; .••'-. Tin-I-.- ••: JlUlcb v-.-w • terial in tow u and iirov t; e all!.' to pi. U the hi -'•> .-W eoii:(<r>. I'.- v.'il: IiiH e • field Hiund-liVn io i-i-'-y Antrand, who in to do tbc has noi yet received a hat- ; Uriiwn has ):i.-> eyes on | .•Irlers and will probably an- | team after Hie tryont j Let Us Do Your Kodak Work tu f P.- .•-'Oil': 1C- \' icatioa, or plu'p;- THE KODAK STORE. J. A. HugluM The Leading Prescription Drugglsti Phones Main 64 and 74.

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