The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 8, 1908 · Page 5
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 5

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 8, 1908
Page 5
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Hat Pins r made out of Real Roses Real Rose Hat Pins .It doc* not Mem po**lble, yet It I* true. •that these Hat Pin» ire made out of live rOM*,ind changed Into metal by • secret proceu. This discovery It without doubt one of the lost art* of the ancient Egyptians. They are the moat beautiful of all Hat Pins. No two are alike. Made In finishes to conform to the prevailing fashions In millinery. Six sizes • $1.50 $3.00, S2.CO $3.75 $4.50 Everybody Is ulklnu about them. Doa'x fall 10 come ID and see them. These are the genuine OELAMOTHE Real Rose Hat Pica. MAIL CRD1RS FILLED American Jewelry Co Solomon & Law. M.",'i .Mm tf.'i'h St. Safe Deposit Boxes — aliVMMlely snf'c — f/hfiip — ;i er, l( nj investment — worth llle l:i»'!;ey .•::{ HP- year. Bakersf je!d Abstract Company. GEO. HAY, Mgr. Chester Ave. and 19th St. Basement. SANTA CRUZ CALIFORNIA +• "The World's Most Beautiful Pisygreuid." rui!i s than any ether .-mi-. The IIIIKOUS Bis Trees. Scenic Mountains. Surf Bathing superb. Largest and most magnificent C'nMno and Nntatorlum. Climate without ac equal. "NEVER A DULL MOMENT MONEY SENT TO ALL PART!? OF THE WORLD. AVlii lie', i :• ; ;i reini!'.-:: •- (itlicr t'..v -i. (ire eor ii'.;: ' ])liil:<' i • " ' t'el'e.l ! V ; |. Kern i-i ' cliano'i' I..' : , - : ;v lo sellil rlurnpc or itries, you !!'• Heil til :•'.! I \<>* of. '.jlllk of • i_ pi n JOx- Kern City i<M^tfo<^<x><»tfC««a««(<: Fell Through Glass Door Unhurt Yi'-tii|-i|;iy Vi.! •••noon wllilt' d"s<'i'ii'ling I lie front steps nl' the Alicia apart IIHMII house \V. 1'. McConl stumbled, rollril ilmvn tin; steps, went straight through t.lie plali 1 glass in tile front door, anil landed on the si(li>\viilk outside. Tin 1 glass In tin: iloor was i'oin)i!i'ti'ly shattered, but Air. McCord came through without receiving so much as a scratch. •* »» STANDARD .GETS OIL ON SECTION I 3D IN MIDWAY FIELD Too Late For Classification FOR SALK! CHEAP—Eighty acres with wi'li live mill's southeast of Kern. IMU- paitlculars call at M stri-pt. Hnkersticld. 2417 30 NOTES AND PERSONALS. l Mr. and Mrs. .1. U Lewis returned from a short visit to Long Beach and Los Angeles this morning on No. 7. Mr. mid Mrs. H. M. Glllesple and daughter, Miss Irma Cook, have returned from their summer vacation spent In Los Angeles, Ocean Park, Catallna and Santa Barbara. -Mrs. If. Tangeman, who was taken suddenly ill Sunday, hus been removed to her mother's home in Mendola. Mrs. L. Sillier and son, Ed, have returned irom a visit with relatives in Dunsniuir. Mrs. M. II. Vv'im-eii returned last evening from Berkeley, whoiv she has been vbiting her son, Earl. \V. K. \\"hite i aim.' in from Mi-Kit- irii-k yesterday. j .\lisn Anna Miller wfiit to Los An; geles Saiurdiiy uiMit and returned ; this morning on No. 7. .lanii s A. llernard and I'amily have returned from Uceiin Park, where they have been spending the summer. ; Word has been received from (.'has. ; Friend, who left a few days ago for San Jaclnto Hot Springs. He is said to have stood tho trip well and It Is '. hoped that be will soon be able to be ' around. I lee for sale at \YTntakers corner ! fruit store at reRuiu.' prices. tf i Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Tbiirlow, Mrs. J. j .1. Deuel and children and Mrs. Clinton Thurlow returned last night from Mt. Breekenridge. i NEW FALL SUITS AT ARDIZZI & CLCESE CO. Mrs. 11. A. Lord has returned from n visit In Hisbee, Arizona. | ! (F. \V. Croy and family returned | from San Francisco last night. I M. Rodgers came up from Los An- j gfles last, night and left for McKit- ' : trick early ibis morning. | : Mr. and Mrs. \V. 1'. McConl went to Ilanford yesterday afternoon. Fireman MeClellan and wife have moved here I rom Fresno and Mr. Ah • Oh llan will lake a run out of Kern, j Mis.- Nellie Faulkner has rt'sumt'i] \ her work in Mrs. Badger's millinery' parlors after her vacation. ] NEW FALL SUITS AT ARDIZZ 1 j & OLCESu CO. M:v and Mrs. S. F. Davis have gone t;i Shelliyville. Indiana, to visit Mr. li-.ivis' parents for a lew weeks and from there they will go to Lima. Ohio, where Mr. Davis has accepted a position with the American Kxpress Company. Mrs. Davis was formerly Miss Sue Haynes. Mr and Mrs. W. M. Wallace returned last, evening from Daunt, where they have been spending the summer. Lawyer Ellis returned from San .lose last night on No. 8. Ray Sicki.T, who has been working M ('ualhma for some time, returned hiipit- yesterday. K Cnhii left on No. S last night for Angeles and Santa Barbara to I,- gone about a week. .1. D. Arcina has returned to work in Estribou's meat market after a few weeks' vacation. TEA There's plenty of humbug in tea; not one ounce in a ton Schilling's Best. Vour grocrr rrturoi irw «OMJ il jou 4ta'l Nh» it; mt l>*> hint FOR SALE—A high grade Emerson piano, cheap. Enquire 1826 Truxtun avenue or phone Main 875. Mrs. G. H. Taylor. tf +. »• NOTICE. My wife, nianch Merchant!, having without cause left my bed and board, notiep is hereby given that I will not hereafter be responsible for debts contracted by her. JAMES MARCHAND. Bal;ersfleld, Cal., Sept. 8, 1908 PROUD DISTINCTION. dny dedleattjil to C. J. Plan*, rresident. t 9, tee, Cashier. For a Bad Case of Eczema on Child —Suffered for Three Months- Disease Reached a Fearful State — Pain and Itching were.Terrible, CURED AFTER OTHER PRESCRIPTIONS FAILED "When I was small I wns troubled •with eczema for aliout three month*. It wan all over my face and covered nearly all of my head." It, reached such a state that it was just a large scab all over, and the pain and itching were terrible. 1 doctored with an able physician for some time and was then advised by him to use the Cuticura Uemedies which I did and I was entirely cured. I have not been bothered with it since. I used Cutk'iira Sonp and Cuticura Ointment but do not know exactly how much was used to complete the cure. 1 can safely sty that Cuticura did a lot for me. MIBS Anatx'l Wilson, North Branch, Mich., Oct. 20, 19U7." ITCHiNGCURED With Cuticura Remedies in Three Days After Six Months of Suffering. "I eufferpd fully FIX months. The trouble licgnn on my arms in HitJe red pimples nncl it not lone U-fore :• •.•.•;-> ;,!! <:>\ T T;-.\- body, lunl.s, I'ati'. and lianas. Jv was so bad that 1 <•• 1 six month-, 1 did not p't a jr"od nit,- 1 .- n Bleep. I doctored for thn-e or i' ^c months nud spent at least twenty fiol- Jai8 trying to find a cure but in !n "f.nJd be found. Then 1 saw the Curif urn. Remedies adverti-od, and thenex! <iay 1 purchased some for seventy-five oeras at the druirKist'-". 1 used them ami I was relieved of the itchini; in three days, and 1 have never had a sign of any f-kin di'-'i'f.'-'" sirifo, Th' 1 Cuticura H< j niedics are tiie oniy renu'dies to use for i-kin clisi'a.-i's, they litive rured rue and tlit-y will cure others in the same wav. J. W. Bloom, U. 1!. Toloiirapher, Holloway, Mich., Nov. JO and Dec. 2U, IHOO." Cuticura Remedies ar? guaranteed absolutely pure under the United States Food ana Drups. Act. ("IIIIIIIUMC l-.\!frn:il nntl Trcntir.t lit for Kvcry lluini This Is tin- sort of "manly art as pnictlrcd in i day, in honor of th the dlgnlu of lahor; In the si-vinth Ketehell's mouth was bleari'il and sucking air like an oyster. Papko's lower Up and Jaw attick out like the lid on a camera. In the eighth Ketehell's smile became ghastly. The sweet corners of his j mouth that smiled so boyishly when he came Into the arena first, were curled up in a sick, Imploring; grin. Papke was now alive with ferocity to put his man out. Through the ninth and tenth both men rained dozens ol' blows more than half of which went wild. Ketcheli was fighting with hoth eyes shut. He was spattered with blood, which every time he clinched with Papke, covered the Thunderbolt with gore which made him look as though his red and white sash had j become woven all about his body. In j the tenth both men missed repeated- I ly. Kotchell's face was a blurred ] blotch like the butcher's meat on the; j block, in the eleventh the blood hi- j I gan pouring from his mouth in jets ! like water from a geyser. The gong i saved him just as he was knocked I through Hie ropes. Another minute I liuished him with Papke almost as I strong as whi'ii he entered the ring." j This sort 01 tiling is prohibited by 'law practically evi'rywh' • •• oTcept in California. That i.. the "in \vo have a monopoly of It. Is h not a ' proud distinction? ! PATENTS ! PATENTS— Hazn-a & Struts. ; • i Angeles Patent book frea THE NEW STORE. Drink "San Diego Beer"— The Beer of Quality. I I! 11 t • '. o'! .. • r ,i !,' - i • • • ; ! . t ^ !"-'•:. > n'l il ;:>'\ er i;" sa; i :ie.i \\ i 111 a 11 y o i i i < : I'l'iiple \vi; i en In 1 , ui-o'l In-i'i- -,i> this i- •':.•• n.'-' .'I ,;li ,.'i.; ;i i e always \\ > 11 pli-,i: erl \\-j:', • • IDC case always call,- .IT . :i til"! 1 . ^'oll can have ii i:i >-'i|ier pint "• ilU'i: I slxe.J illli! -'.'e'll lie i_hiil 'o r|i>||vev any amount you may 'iV'ler I'MVII a dozen hollies to a liairol. Ciet aciiiiaiuted with thin pood lieer b\ phoiiiim a trial order now. Fred Gunther Co. Wholesale Liquors Families Supplied 1511 Phone Eighteenth St. Main 99 No Bar Hayden Purchasing Bureau PJC-832-S3? Mr.n.ndnock Builc/irg 3an Franc ii'co. Cal. !s Kur- il) tU<f f pii'inpt an* nlion tin ;i in'''i''^- ale compensation. B. A. HAYDEN. M(jr. Formerly Hayden Furniture Co.. Bakersfield. Cal. B. A. Co., San Francisco. Cnl > PAINT VOUR HOUSE > House painting IB my special> ty. [ uso nothing i-ut the bor.t *• mnterlalb, guarantee my work •• :iud charge reasoUHOln nru'Hi* » I. D. MEREDITH, Contrnctor > 211V a bi Pnrr.e Main 172. Here Sells Lumber XVfter August 31st I will not be connected with the Union Limber Company, but will continue in the lumber business, with temporary offices In the Hopkins Building. Chas. A. Hare V •f NOTICE. \V -V Btarr li"S pur -h:. >.!••! t!\^ r.nv.tside saloon and m-oo'tv stoiv>. .tit • i'i-t',11 l!Uh Ktrt'el, foru.erlv y.uvtuct- ...i l.y Starr & UerrinK. Mr. Starr wltt • .;'••><• !•:!! charge of th^ luisim»sa ..n Septemher 1st. paying nil I'ills ivntl cclli'ctint; !'.!! uutstandint; aci-' — ..t.i AT SAN FRANCIkUO DISCRIMINATING LADIES. Enjoy t'Klnir Horiilrlde on A ecu-J at c ll» Dliitlnctlvene». | Tho Indies who have used Vpwbrn 1 Uerpicide speak of It In the lil<ih«-- terms, for Its quick effect In <-!• arv I: the scalp of dandruff nnd r.lFn tV<r 1>- o o-llcnce as a pcneral •inlr-ilri-s'fii.i.' maVes the scalp ft-el fresh unil it :•.!' i> tlu-.t Itching which dar.ilriilT w:;i ...-•• Newbro's Hcrplclilc f-fffrt'.volv ••'.!-. dnrnlruft. ns It rlostrny«! tho f'M'i i',; causes It. The came perm c:;r,--i"- M'',I- fall out. and later baldness; !n It. 1 . 1 r- ! Hprplcide stotis f^lllnp hnlr ;m<' r>: nvt. baldness. It ia nlH'i ;.:: l.... • '..: . <••: Inp, for it lends an nristorrntlc ch::rin 'o j Iho hair that ir. ci^.^ 1 >^-'. '•'•'•• ''^ br lending- druErfil.'ts. Send l:V. ia stii:rr'9 for sample to The HerpU'idu Co.. Dn- troit. Jllch. Two Sizes, rir. and S1 -T. A. HUGHES. Snrcial A«rent. MORAN-ATTELL LABOR DAY, Sept. 7, 1908. $11.90 SantaFe ROUND NELSON-GANS ADMISSION DAY Sept. 9, 1908. Tickets on sale Sept. 5 to 9. Limit Sept. 10, 1908. CALL ON N. J. HUDSON, Agent. (jf r Innint <• i.'. cur:i li' lit <.'»0i- I uli'il I'.::-. -'.V !•<•: Si lit llir.inclii. tit ll.t- Cue. , Mil* I'r.ip"., Hnpli.n. M uirM.-nlt'il l-'r.'i-. I'utlcurn U nil] Ailu 1 !^ rj.'ir i t(. I'iialiw llFi 1 si in. Mil Ill-Ill Ihl- Skit:, i II ;- .ir in thr Iiinn i-: i I, i •< ifiie i - I Ml'In I'l." 1 .'-.- -.f.i Kli.ull rli!. Pntli'3- lir^i: A I'l.uu. »R r-i. «L:L Lnst»*c». WILL HOLD MEETING OF ESCHOLTZIA CLUB There will be a meeting tomorrow eveninK in the K. of P. hall of the ICscholtzIa Division Ladles Auxiliary O. U. C. The ladies will set the date for their masquerade ball an .1 complete. arrangements. TRUSTEES TO MEET. The Board of City Tru^ u< s will hold an adjourned meeting toniuht for the purpose of flxint; the tax ];;'.'••. ---- .< « » BORN. SILVER— In Kern City, September «. 1S08, to Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Silver, a son. _ _ __ Admission Day (September 9, 1908.) and Labor Day (September 7, 1908.) < 'i•I'-iii-iitioMs nt ilifiYrent puiiils on this will be vt-r\ low 1'ii-; yi'.if. 'I'iicsf low 1'aros will he in i-U'eet lictween all slat,.'::s in i 'alifuniin. Tickets on sale Sept. 5 to 9, inclusive. Return Lmit Sept. 10, 1908. WANT TO TELL YOU ABOUT THE RATES N. J, HUDSON, Agent Pbcne Main 40 What Are You Worth From Your Neck Up? The salaried men are not those who depend upon their hands, but those who have trained brains. The business of TheJ|International Correspondence School Is to Raise Men's Salaries If you are interested in bettering your condition, see the Special Representative in charge of the Window] Display in Hughes' Drug Store September 5th to 12th We can qualify you along any line and will be glad to explain our work to you. Students Work OR Exhibit Special Discount During Display

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