The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on November 12, 1970 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 12, 1970
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

Page 6 THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 1970 whatever your business NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING CAN RING DOORBELLS FOR YOU... ^ Tell them where... as well as what! Ring doorbells and cash register.bells, too. Do your selling here. It's a fact, newspaper advertising works harder for . you, turns "Immediate Seating" into "Reservations Advised." Let us show you how to pack customers in, whatever yor business. Call for details. Out of the Paper? Out of Mlndl Be Sure They Remember... Use Newspaper Advertising DAH Y TRIBIJIW JWAL 675-2115 TELWISION SCHEDULE FA, Nov. 13 WASHINGTON WINDOW 6:00 O (B) Dick Van Dyke O Early Keport O B '9 New* ' - (D Eytwrmeit News £0 (B) What's New 6:30 s^fi Daniel Boone Boone, wirli three friends who ore more hindrance than help, travels to New Orleans with, a necklace that will save an innocent man. O NBC New* O Big New* (Cont'd) CD ABC Newt £JD (B) Misterogers 7:00 O Daniel Boone (Cont'd) Q Early Report O CBS Newt CD Beet the Clack E3 (Bl Making Things Grow 7:30 O Petticoat Junction Kore puts herself in a foolish position when she becomes suspicious of her daughter's actions, O Thursday Movie "Harlow" (1965), with Carroll Baker and Peter Lawford. Drama based on story of screen star Jean Horlow. JtJ) Family Affair The Davis family must cope with a new-born infant when their house guest prematurely gives birth while her husband is away. CD htatt Lincoln Lincoln returns to Lakeview ' to help a former colleague, the town's only doctor, a widower with a r drinking problem. 23 Book Beat Repeat of Monday's program. 8:00 O Truth or Consequences O Movie (Cont'd) © •»'<"• Nabors Hour Kay Starr is Jim's special guest. CD Lincoln (Cont'd) £0 Washington In Review 8:30 O What's My Line O Movie (Cont'd) O Nabors (Cont'd) CD Bewitched By mistake, Samantho is zapped back to 17th Century Salem, Mass. S3 NET Playhouse "Making Money and 13 Other Very Short. Plays," vignettes by William Saroyan,' paired with "A Slight Accident." 9:00 O David Frost . Don Adams, Don Rlckles and Hal ' Frazier join Dovid. O Movie (Cont'd) O Thursday Night Movie "This Property Is Condemned" (1966), storring. Notalie Wood and Robert Redford. Story of a small town Southern beauty who longs to escape to the freedom of Dependable Ambulance Service a big city. CD Barefoot In Park Corie's man-hating .Aunt Violet PC'S d visit and stirs up trouble. SD (B> NET Playhouse (Cont'd) 9:30 © Frost (Cont'd) © Nancy Nancy and Adam, with help from. Uncle Everett, work out a scheme to insure privacy on their honeymoon. O Movie (Cont'd) . • • CD Odd Couple . Felix ask> Oscar to pose for a photo layout advertising a new men's cologne. ED (B) NET Playhouse (Cont'd) 10:00 © Frost (Cont'd) * O Dean Martin " . Dean's guests ore Tony Bennett, Gloria Loring, and Zero Mostel. O Movie (Cont'd) CD The Immortal Ben Richards is captured in a clever ploy by a beautiful girl and held prisoner on a jungle estate. ED Soul! Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee salute the writings of Langston Huges. 10:30 O Local News O Dean Martin (Cont'd) O Movie (Cont'd/ CD Immortal (Cont'd) BD Soul (Cont'd) 11:00 ©(B) Movie Four "Trouble Along the Way" (1953), with John Wayne and Donna Reed. A' football coach's wife leaves him, and his hard-taught team wins the big game. O Final Report O Local News CD Eyewitness News 11:30 O <B) Movia (Cont'd) O Tonight Shaw O Menr Griffin CD Dick Caratt 12:30 O <•) T< MON-SAT. 9 to 9 SUNDAY Noon-6 P.M. jjanners variety stores Variety Selection • Discount Prices / TIPTON AND ALL . DANNERS STORES LIMITED QUANTITIES CHRISTMAS CARDS DOMINION • 50 Cards Per Box • Five Assorted Designs • Regularly $1.00 , PORTABLE • Powerful 100 Watt Motor • 3-Speed Control ' Open Center— Non Clog Beaters ' Regular $10.88 Value PANTY HOSE • Variety of Shades and Popular Sizes • Proportioned Fruit of the Loom Fit • Regularly: $1.49 - — - - - - - • - i~B~ir~ii—*~soinj~Lr\jnjn_r~u~i-ru~u~u SHOP DANNERS FOR DELICIOUS FRESH CANDY PLANTERS MIXED NUTS 3%-lb. Cans Buy New for the Holidays 'Save with this Lew Price ' A Regular $3.11 Value H *Cu U w> *-*C"*° PLANTERS . Mixed BRACH'S CHOCOLATE CHERRIES • Brach's Delicious 12-oi. Box of Morningside Cherries Choose from Milk or Dark Chocolate GOLD BAG CANDY • ) -Lb. Bag • Choose from Crunchy Nut Butter Chips, Creamy Drops, Juicy Caramels, Flippers and Two Types of Clusters • Regular 98c value 2 FOR 50 BATTERY CHARGER AND 1% 9 TESTER f • Stop Throwing Batteries Away • Easy to Use- All New Design • Great for Families with Several Battery Operated Toys • Regularly: $4.88 BLUE LUSTRE SHAMPOO 3*' Half Gallon SHAMP00ER RENTAL AVAILABLE SECRET SUPER SPRAY • The Family Deodorant • 7-oi. size • Regularly: $1.15 * BANKAMERICARD • • master charge • SATISFACTION GUARAN OR YOUR MONEY BACK n n tn n n CD o © n o ©. 6:30 To(3ay • ' Indiai»o S i--?risc S;ncs*er Pcrv^ctS** 13 a 7:00 7:30 .< jrtocn Karn-val a C3S News ;Co-n'd> Xnd^rgarten Collie 8:00 Karnival iCont'd) Today tCont'd) Captain Kangaroo College 'Cont'd^ . 8:30 Karnival ^Cont'd*)' T r lay 'Cont'd 1 ' (3. 1 I Lo»e Lucy 9:00 *"* (3).Tap,*.* T'i Virginia Graham T\ (B) Coffee Cup Th;«»-r "Jane Eyre" ?194*». »->h Joan ' Fontaine ond Orson Wei'es. An English orphan- girl lxxom»i Q governess in a Strang; household. 40 The Paul Dixon Show 9:30 © Jack LaLanne. Q Graham (Cont'd) O <B) Theater (Cont'd) • Paul Dixon (Cant'd) 10:00 ?3 V.:;/ Shaw DInoh Shore (B) Theater Xomd) £3 Paul Dixon (Con;'d> 10:30 Movie Game Concentrat-'cn f| Beverly Hiilbillics - m Thit Gil 11:00 © Girl Talk Century Sole O Family Affair . O Bewitched 11:30 O News ' Q Hollywood Squares © Love of Life CD Eyewitness News 12:00 © Chuckwagon Theater O Jeopardy O Where the Heart Is O 50-50 Club 12:30 O Chuckwagon (Cont'd) f3 J' m Gerard Show •© Search for Tomorrow CD 50-50 Club (Cont'd) 1:00 © (B) Hollywood Movia "The Damned Don't Cry" (1950), with Joan Crc-wford and David •Brian. A beautiful r and clever woman in all but love, rises from her lower middle class surroundings. • Q Jim ^Gerard (Cont'd) © Local News fQ 50-50 Club (Cont'd) 1:30 © IB) Movie (Cont'd) © Words and Music Q As World Turns' CD Let's Make*A Deal 2:00 © Movie (Cont'd) Q Days of Our Lives £9 Many Splendared Thing CD Newlywed Game 2:30 © (B) Movie (Cont'd) Hospital News WED., NOV. 11, 1970 ADMISSIONS: Ruth Stowers, Goldsmith; Thelma E. Padfield, Kokomo; Mark A. London, Keiri- pton; Leslie N. Ploughe, Atlanta; John S. Cripe, Kokomo; Nancy Stout, Sharpsville. DISMISSALS: Letha Plake, Tipton; Floyd Kinder, Arcadia; Genevieve Simmons, Elwood; William Milligan, Kokomo; Edith Alderson, Sharpsville; Michael. Rood, Sharpsville; Walter Cherry, Tipton; Julia Sharp, Tipton; Cathleen George, Tipton. AUTO BODY S/tecca£cdta NottrLookior Your Old Car Her*'a the place to come for an expert body job that will give your car "like-new" looks ... fast. See us for glass installation and radiator repair. BODY SHOP 455Svoetland By NORMAN KEMPSTER KEY BBCAYNE, Fla. (UPI) —Backstairs at the Florida White House: President Nixon wants last week's congressional election to be considered a major victory for his policies and the Republican party. He has gone to great pains to say how happy , he is with the outcome of the mid-term voting. But election returns from areas where the economic slump has bit hardest are causing distress among White House political strategists. Nixon's efforts to woo blue collar workers into a new Republican coalition foundered as unemployment rose to 5.6 per cent, the highest mark in almost seven years. The law-and-order theme which Nixon political advisers thought would appeal to hard hats apparently was less compelling than the old fashioned, economic issues. California is a case in point. Nowhere else was the law-and- order issue drawn more dramatically. Nixon's motorcade was . attacked in San Jose, Calif, by rock and bottle throwing militants less than a week before the election. • But when the votes' were counted, Republican Gov. Ronald Reagan, who had been a prohibitive favorite for reelection, won by a smaller majority than Democratic Rep. John V. Tunney, who unseated Sen. George Murphy. The Tunney-Murphy race had been rated as a toss-up. There seems little doubt that the economic issue was crucial in California where unemployment is running more than a percentage point above the national average. Nixon's economic " game plan" calls.for a gradual pickup in the economy, beginning early next year. The key political question is whether the upturn will be strong enough . to produce full employment before the 1972 election. The President has available the economic tools to' assure a © The Doctors © The Guiding Light (D Doting Game 3:00 Gourmet Q Another World O Secret Storm (£) General Hospital 3:30 © (B) Dennis the Menace f3 Bright Promise © Edge Of Night CD ° ne Life To Live 4:00 © Popeye and Janie © Another World Q Gamer Pyla CD Dork Shadows 4:30 © Popeye (Cont'd' Q Mike Douglas O Early Show "For Love of Money" (1963), with Kirk Douglas' and Mitzi Saynor. A wealry widow hires a handsome attorney to act as matchmaker for her three dau^h. ters. 7 CD B>9 Valley 23 Sesame Street 5:00 © Skippy, Bush Kangaroo . fj Mika Douglas (Cont'd) © Early Shaw (Cont'd) ©.Valley (Cont'd) fTSi Sesame (Cont'd) 5:30 © (B) Addams Family Q Mike Douglas (Cont'd' © JEorly Show (Cont'd) CD Dragnet GD Misterogers rapid comeback in the economy. But if he uses them to stimulate economic activity, he will run the risk of reheating inflation which is just beginning to show some signs of cooling. This delemma which faces the administration's political and economic policy makers: If the economy is stimulated to much now, the administration could, lose the battle against, inflation but if it is stimulated 'too^iittle, Nixon could lose the next election. OXFORD, England (UPI)-A 15 -year-old London boy who was reading fluently at age 2 has entered Oxford University to study for a math degree. The provost of Oriel College, J.C. Turpin, said the boy, John Nunn, is the youngest student at Oxford he could remember. a at Your Friendly Bank FARMERS LOAN & TRUST COMPANY : 110 E, Jeff. St, ,:' Tipton, Indiana MINE'S SPECIALS 2 piece Gold TRADITIONAL LIVINGROOM SUITE Now $189 SAVE s 50 2 piece modern, burnt orange LIVINGROOM SUITE Now $239 SAVE s 90 3 piece Spanish LIVINGROOM SUITE Sofa, Mr. & Mrs. Chairs Now $349 SAVE *129 2 piece Italian Provincial LIVINGROOM SUITE Now $259 SAVE s 89 LIVINGROOM SUITE 3 pc. 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