The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on November 12, 1970 · Page 5
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 5

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 12, 1970
Page 5
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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 1970 THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE .. HELEN HELP US! < -~ ~ -by Helen Bottel—Incapable of Love This column is for young people, their problems and pleasures their troubles and fun. As with the rest of Helen Help UsI, it wel comes laughs but -won't dodge a serious questionwith a brush-off, Send your teenage questions to YOUTH ASKED FOR IT, care of Helen Help Us! this newspaper. Dear Helen: What's wrong with me? I'm 15 and while I'm not bored of life, I get bored very easily with the opposite sex.- I date a guy about twice, and that's it, even if I've been crazy about him before he asked me out. They 're nice kids, but we run out of things to say, or I begin to see all their faults, or start gettingscared because they might get too serious. Am I incapable of love? — FICKLE IN A PICKLE Dear FIP: No, not incapable — just unready. You'd be surprised how many -fifteeners ask your question — for they're at a time in life when "getting" is more important than "keeping". This works for things as well as people. Remember the boots, record, maxi -coat, mini-bike you "just couldn't live without, "but once yours, they didn't seem all that great? Making the conquest is more fun than hanging on to him, at your age, for several reasons: 1. Familiarity breeds- contempt — or attempt. You discover he's not half so glamorous up close, when all he can talkt about is his car, or other dull stuff like former girlfriends, etc....Or else he wants to play "backseat baseball." 2. You aren't sure yet which type you like best, but the one you CAN'T get always seems better — until you get him. 3. Teen-agers must keep proving themselves. A new boy on the line is another popularity-point. Besides, it keeps life interesting. 4. Perhaps you're so unsure of your worth that if a boy tumbles, you subconsciously wonder, "If he likes ME, what's wrong with him?" and start looking for the defects. At any rate, FIP, consider yourself normal. Mid-15s don't stay with the same "partner long unless they're either very mature or afraid they can't find a replacement. ~ H. Dear Helen: Pm a young bride and Pm trying awfully hard to save money and be a good manager. Well, I see bargains at the stores, so I buy the marked-down items,=and then I find out too late after I check my bill at home, that they've charged me full price. I know. I should keep watch on the cash register, but sometimes Pm not that sharp. Another thing: Unless you ask, the checker often doesn't give you trading stamps, and again — I sometimes forget. Maybe if you print this, store managers will be more careful, We shouldn't have to watch them like a hawk in order to get our money's worth. — DUMB BRIDE Dear Bride: TJuely • printed, stores? — H. Now, how about taking copies around to the Dear Helen: This answers "Sorry Now" who says no girl should marry until later. I am 20, my husband 22. We met in high school and, although we weren't king and queen of the prom, we still ARE king and queen to each other. We've been married 1-1/2 years and are now expecting our first child. My husband holds a good full- time job and attends college in the evening. He'll receive his degree in 1972. I also have a full time job. We're happy, in love, proud of each other and we have no regrets. Marriage is what the two of you make it, no matter what the circumstances. ^"Sorry Now" may not have been old enough, but WE ARE J — HAPPINESS - This column is dedicated to family living, so if you're having kid trouble or just plain trouble, let Helen help YOU. She will also welcome your own amusing experiences. Address Helen Bottel in care of THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE. TELEVISION HIGHLIGHTS By United Press International . Friday Movie, CBS. "The Guns of Navarone." Rerun focusing on an Allied commando team's World War H raid on a German-held island in the Aegean Sea during a storm that wrecks their frail fishing vessel.. The High Chapparal, NBC. An embittered Apache chief undermines the efforts of a young warrior to make peace with the white man. Color. 6:30 p.m. CST. RIGHT BEHIND THE TRUCK... To bring you friendly greetings from your new community, along with useful gifts and information. Phone 675-4492 The Name jof the Game, NBC. After his life is threatened, a publisher visits four persons he once exposed. With Susan Saint James, Gene Barry, Burgess Meredith, Anne Baxter. Color. _ 7:30 p.m. CST. Love, American Style, ABC. Episodes concern parents who find in their son's fiancee's suitcase what appears to be marijuana and a fellow who, trying to Impress his girlfriend with a fur - coat, is taken for a lot of money for one that his wife gets. Color. 8:30 p.m. CST. Bracken's World, NBC. Janet Lelgt as an actress with a drinking problem. With Ida Lupine Color. 9 p.m. CST. LONDON (UPI>-A plan to run a special train from Manchester to London with go- go dancers, nonstop pop music and bars has been dropped. Famous For Chines* And CtntoncM Dinner Sarred All Hours AMERICAN FOOD Special Prices on Chinese, American Foods, home or parties. All orders freshly prepared. KOKOMO Monday to Thursday 227 N. Buckeye ' GL9-90M China Clipper Restaurant Television In Review By RICK DU BROW HOLLYWOOD (UPI)-Fred Astaire was the object of one of the most touching shows of audience affection in the history of television when he appeared on the ABC-TV Dick • Davett program that ended in the wee hours Wednesday morning. It was as though the spectators on hand wanted, most appropriately, to thank .Astaire ' in person for the decades of unparalleled danc- :ing, quiet elegance and sense of pleasurable uplift he has provided for theatregoers around the world. And fortunate was the televiewer who turned in Cavett and was party to the affectionate audience tribute. It started when Astaire entered at the beginning of the oO-minute outing, for which he was the sole guest. He was preceded by a film clip showing a dance routine from one of his old movies. And when he followed by walking on in person, there was thunderous applause that lasted so long that neither he nor Cavett could do anything but wait for it to subside. There then followed 90 1 minutes of show business that was pure electricity—a memorable broadcast, one for J the archives, in which Astaire sang wonderfully, hoofed equally well and chatted engagingly about his career, revealing, from a television viewpoint, something as moving as his performance: that extraordinary sense of decency and modest that has been part of his human appeal for air these years. That, of course, was the deep down reason for the audience affection on the Cavett show. And, finally, when the broadcast neared its end, and Astaire said good-night, the spectators rose in a standing ovation that was emotional, justified, highly satisfying and very touching. For viewers who have become hardened—but not sympathetic—to this publicity-crazy age in which small-talen oafs blow their own horns and bare their souls on talk show after talk show, Astaire's shy reactions to discussing himself were like warm brandy on a cold winter's night. Quite obviously, the cheering extended to the home audience. According to ABC, the Astaire appearance earned Hie highest spot overnight rating in the history of the Dick Cavett show. IWall Street Chatter NEW . YORK (UPI)- "The stock market is pretty well insured" to the effects of the General Motors strike, Standard & Poor's Corp. believes. The company feels the "basic trend of the stock market is upward" and believes that once thisj is apparent it will attract "arconsiderable reservoir of buying power that has been sidelined in the hope of another chance to buy cheaply." Now that the elections are out of the way, "there" is one less uncertainty overhanging the market," the Aelxander Hamilton Institute says. The insistute believes the "market could begin to see the light of day"" with a settlement of the GeneralMotors strike. the election returns "clearly" indicate that voters are "concerned oyer the administration's management of the national economy," Paine, Web-- ber, Jackson & Curtis says. The company says this has not been lost on the administration and it expects "the emphasis in economic policy to shift — from anti-inflation to anti-unemployment." Such policies, the' company believes, "will get the'' country moving again but the cost will be apparent in a resumtption ; of inflationary pressures." "The stock market has fluctuated within a restricted level for weeks ... and the tendency is to wait until SCIENCE TODAY By JOSEPH L. MYLER WASHINGTON (UPI) -The catfish that walks, a voracious foreigner from Afro - Asian climes, has invaded the waters of Southern United States and threatens the well being of true- blue American fishes as far west as Texas. That's only part of the story. According to the Smithsonian Institution, "tropical fishes and other aquatic animals or plants introduced here from other areas of the world are posing a serious threat to the American environment." sMany of these "exotic newcomers," a Smithsonian study ^ said, "were imported by aquarium dealers and then accidentally or del berately released" into local waters. earnings improve." International Statistical Bureau, Inc., says. The company says that although third quarter earnings were down "they do not show the same percentage of decrease as in the first and second quarters." NEW YORK (UPI)— The market is in a good technical position to extend the advance sparked by the tentative settlement of the auto strike and the cut-in the Federal Reserve Board, discount rate, according to E. F. Huttori 4 Co, The company said "the rally is not a flash in the pan because the market has been groping for good news all along." 1 Walston & Co., assessing the market's initial surge Wednesday, said It was an emotional rally and, lacking strong follow- through at the close, could attract profit taking in the next day or so and possibly kill off a chance for the Dow Jones industrial average to launch a successful drive to the 800 area. Standard & Poor's said the market probably will lean to the plus side over the near term because "in view of what -we have seen recently the G.M. -settlement could lead to an improvement in business in the first half." Others were Introduced on purpose by federal or state agencies "for food, sport fishing, or forage." These newcomers have often proved so tough and competitive that native species have suffered. In short, the study said, the invaders "contaminate the natural environment as severely as a dangerous chemical released in water or air." The study was prepared by Ernest A. Lachner of the Sjithsonian's National Museum of Natural History, C. Richard Robins of the University, of Miami, and Walter R. Courted ay Jr. of Florida Atlantic University. Florida, because of its mild climate, has been most liable to invasion by tropical foreigners.. The authors estimated that more than 1,000 species of tropical fishes are on sale in this country. Of these 25 species ,now thrive on their own in UA waters. The "most serious potential pest" among aquarium escapees, accordingto the study, is the Afro-Asian catfish which can breathe on land as well as in water. The walking catfish "can move considerable distances, over land, especially on damp or rainy nights, and easily occupy new water systems." Because of its "voracious food habits," the end result is "more originally to $15 Women's Better Dresses Many, many styles and colors to choose from. All reduced from our regular stock of better dress. Now is the time to save dollars on these dresses. Sizes for Misses, Jr. and Half Size. Hurry in and save! originallyto $4.98 Piece Goods Clean up 50 yd 2 22 yd 3 33 yd Mostly reduced from the stock or our better piece goods. Bonded, knits and regular finish. Now is the time, to buy when these out standing values are priced so low. Don't miss out on these buys! originally to $6.98 Men's Sport Shirts NOW 7.JS Mostly reduced from stock in knits and regular finish. Many styles and colors to choose from. Short and long sleeves, Flalds, Solids and Others. Men's sizes of S-M-L-XL. Buy now and av/*! 116-118 So. Main Tipton, Ind. ennetf* OPEN Mon - Thur 9:5:30 Frl - Sat 9-9 Livestock INDIANAPOLIS (UPI) Livestock: Hoge 3,900; barrows and gilts 25-75, mostly 50 lower; I and 2, 195-230 lb 17.00-17.25; 1 to 3, 190-235 lb 16.50-17.00; 235-260 lb 15.75-16.50; 2 and 3, 240-270 lb 15.25-16;25; 2 to 4, 235-275 lb 15.00-16.00; 3 and 4, 250-285 lb 14.50-15.50; sows 50-75, instance 1.00 lower; 1 to 3, 280-500 lb 12.75-13.50; 2 and 3, 450-600 lb 12.50-13.00; boars 10.50-12.50. walking catfish." "It appears likely," The Smithsonian said, "that it will inevitably spread through the Everglades, northward in the Gulf Coast states, and westward to Texas" . to the detriment, of American fishes unable to cope with it. Another imported "Pest" (if it gets away and establishes residence^ is the Piranha, the South American fish which devours whatever flesh, including human, it can get its teeth in. The study wound up with a recommendation that no fishes or other aquatic organisms be imported except under federal license and with "safeguards against accidental releases." Page 5 Cattle 11000; calves 10; steers and heifers steady to25 lower; cows steady; bulls steady to weak; vealers scarce; choice steers 28.00-29.25; good an choice 27.00-28.00; good 26.2527.25; standard and low good- 24.50-26.50; choice heifers 26.2527.00; good and choice 25.50: 26.25; good 25.00-25.75; standard and low good 24.00-25.00; utility and commercial cows 17.0019.00; high dressing utility 19.50-20.00; cutter 16.00-18.0 canner 14.00-16.00; utility and commercial bulls 22.50-25.00. FILM FANS MISLED IPSWICH, England (UPI)When a newspaper advertised a one-night charity benefit showing of "The Lust of the World," there was a, rush for ticmets. The film was about wild life nature conservation. "We were inundated with ticket requests •from people who obviously thought it was an entirely different film," said Norman Hudston of the Suffolk Trust for Nature Conservation. K of C THANKSGIVING EUCHRE PARTY November 15,1970 7:00 p.m. TIPTON ARMORY 10TURKEYS If there is a better value than the Penney jacket, it's the Penney jacket on sale. 15% off all men's jackets thru Saturday only. Sale 18 Reg. 22.00. Men's plaid rancher jacket of 100% cotton corduroy. Lined with warm • acrylic/polyester pile, with cotton back. In pecan, pine or brass. Sizes S-M-L-XL 70 Sale16 10 Reg. 18.98. Men's plaid shirt jacket of reprocessed wool/wool/nylon. Acrylic pile! cotton backed liping. Sale 24 Reg. 29.00. Men's warm plaid coat of wool/reprocessed wool/reprocessed unknown fibers. Warm pile lining of Orion* acrylic/cotton backed. 60 enneifs 16-118 SO. Main St., TIptOn, Ihd. OPEN: Moc - Thur 9-5:30 Frl - Sat 9-9

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