The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on November 11, 1970 · Page 8
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 8

Tipton, Indiana
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Wednesday, November 11, 1970
Page 8
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 1970 THE TIPTON (INDIANA).DAILY TRIBUNE Tipton Daily Tribune By carrier in city ...45$ per week BY MAIL: Tipton and adjacent Counties: lyear 6 months ;.. 6 « 50 3 months 3,50 Subscription PAID IN ADVANCE - No mail subscription accepted where carrier delivery is maintained. '- Member: UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL Entered as Second Class Matter October 4, 1895 at the Post Office in Tipton, Indiana, under the Act of Congress of March 3, 1897. SECOND-CLASS POSTAGE PAID IN TIPTON, IND. PUBLISHED DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY BY TRIBUNE PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC. 221-22$ E. Jefferson Street Tipton, Indiana 46072 Phone 675-2115 iv n and ine By R.D. tfaney CHARLES de GAULLE No matter how one felt about the late Charles de Gaulle, as a man, there's no doubt that he was one of the greatest leaders in history, and strangely enough, no matter how great his power, did not use it in any. manner which would have hurt his native land in any way, and this is more than one can say for many leaders we have known and known of, in the past. de Gaulle WAS France, of this we are all certain. He reminded us of this in his grandest manner, very often in fact, but like the Home Run Champ, Babe Ruth, he could both 'call •era'and *do them'! He was France. . .from the time he was called up to make something of the shambles of a nation, to the day he stepped out" of office, when the French people tired of his pompous manner regarding the government and his position that if the game was not to be played according to his rules, and only his, he would retire - and retire he did, never again to return to the city he loved, Paris. However, he was an enigma; a man who loved to startle people -with announcements that were not exactly loved, he nevertheless wished a quiet burial, a simple one, and he is to be buried in the churchyard in his village. "No fanfare, no bugles, no public ceremony." However, perhaps the greatest gathering of heads of state, will be on hand to pay . their respects, among them Richard Nixon, president of the United States.. .and many others. de Gaulle was there when his country NEEDED him, and whether his moves while head of state satisfied all, it did not matter; France was once more on her way to recover some of her destiny and greatness. Things: were dim and dark for the Republic of France, shamed by Nazi .'occupation when de Gaulle lit the torch! Perhaps like the great Ruth, be of times play to the grandstand, but he could, .like Ruth; 'hit 'em out of the park when necessaryl' ANYTHING TO SELL A BOOK We have witnessed one of the SLEEZIEST ways to attempt selling a book, ever tried by a writer in our memory. The book just published by a Joe Klaas, reporting that a woman living in New Jersey is really Amelia Earhart, lost while on a flying mission in 1937. The book contends thata Mrs. Nolam is Amelia, says that she was released after being imprisoned in the Imperial Palace in Japan. . .and released after allied Retention of Emperor Hirochito. However, in this day and age, perhaps we should not be too surprised, with the movies we note, the putrid magazines allowed to be circulated, etc. Some people will no doubt take the bait. It's too bad the literary world must put up with such tripe at times. AMERICA'S FOUNDATION It was 350 years ago, on a cold November day, when the PILGRIMS SET their hands and zeal to a document whose words are etched in history. "Having undertaken for the glory of God, and advancement of the CHRISTIAN FAITH, and honor of our Kind and Country, a voyage to plant the first colony in the Northern parts of Virginia, do by these presents solemnly and mutually in the presence of God and one another, covenant, and combine ourselves into a civil body politic." As we see it, it was not just an agreement between the colonists, but between them and God Himself, the architect, builder, and ruler of the universe. B was not something new to the Pilgrims, and continued through the years. .The "laws of God" and "laws of nature" were to be found throughout the founding and growth of this great country. We suppose the Pilgrims felt that anything founded upon GODr^ .would endure.. .therefore their laws were deep rooted in the idea. In 1772 SAM ADAMSjrrote: "The right to freedom being the gift of God Almighty, may best be understood by reading and carefully studying the institutes of the Great Law Giver... which are to be found clearly written and promulgated in the New Testament." Thus, we see, on VETERAN'S DAY.. .a day when fine Americans made the supreme sacrifice, the ideas which constitute the foundation of mis great country! A FACT OF LIFE *" Some people say that IMPORT QUOTAS are necessary to protect mis country in the wave of foreign made products being sold in today. K is very evident that automobiles, to take one item, cannot compete in sales with foreign cars, whose workers make only a minimum in comparison with the ages paid to American workers in the same field. This seems wry logical and is true in many fields; yet many people buy the foreign Imports and thus lessen the sales by which money is * produced to pay American labor and keep industry moving. The countries are CORNERING the market really, on certain Items, all because they, can produce more economically. They also have restrictions, designed to penalize us. We cannot compete with them so long as we have to pay the. much higher wage, therefore It would seem logical for US to do some RESTRICTING also. Funeral Service Funeral services for Millard C. McCorkle, 68 of Shar- psvllle Route 2 will be Thursday 10 a.m. at the Sharpsville Methodist Church Instead of a half boor later as reported in the Tribune Tuesday. Friends may call at the Leather man .- Morris Funeral Home in Tipton and at the church one hour prior to the services. TELEVISION SCHEDULE 6:00 O (I) Dick Van D»k« O Early Report O •'9 Newt © Eyewitneu Newt ED <•> What's New 6:30 O Daniel Boone Boone helps o new friend prove he's not guilty of murder. O NBC Newt O •«§ Newt (Cont'd) d ABC Newt ED (B) Mitterosert 7:00 O Daniel Boene (Cont'd) O Early Report O CBS Newt IQ 'Beat the Clock ED (B) Folk Guitar 7:30 O Petticoat Junction Folks c««-the Shcdy Rest find Betty Jo extremely changed after her trip to Europe. 0 Men From Shiloh Tote learns that _the doctor who . saved Col. Mockeniie's life hoi bean sentenced to hang by o vengeful judge. .. O Storefront Lawyers David Hansen, finds his job in jeopardy when a client, charged with armed robbery, accuses the young attorney of having solicited a bribe from him. fQ Eddie's Fathsr Eddie becomes jealous when his father takes in a young Indian boy awaiting odoption. ED Kukla, Fran and Ollia 8:00 Q Truth or Consequences" O Shiloh (Cont'd) O Storefront (Cont'd) fQ Danny Thomas Uncle Tonoose (Hans Conried) moves' in with the Williomues. S3 The French Chef "Salod Nicoise." 8:30 O What's My Line O Shiloh (Cont'd) Q Governor ond J.J. Guest-star Joan Bennett plays o shady lody involved in Governor Drinkwater's investigation of a check contributed to his campaign by on anonymous donor. CD Room 222 1 Students blame the high school . vice principal for getting policeman Horry Collins . transferred away. * Q|) Civilisation Martin Luther and Gutenberg's printing press reform the Western World. 9:00 O Wednesday Nifht Movie "The Pleasure Seekers" 0965), with Ann-Morgret and Pamela Tiffin. Three girls snore an apartment in Madrid, and also ' share the same wish, to meet an eligible male. O Music Hall "The Kopykats," featuring Edie Adorns, OaVid Frye, Fronk Gorshin and George Kirby. O Madicol Canter Guest star Dana Wynter plays trie leader of a campus witchcraft cult that uses its bizarre practices in ploce of conventional medical treatment for' an oiling coed. £0 Johnny Cash George Gobel, Ian and Sylvia and Stevie Wonder, join Johnny Cash. ED Civilisation (Cont'd) i" t:30 O Movia (Cont'd) • O Music Hall (Cont'd) fj> Medical Center (Cont'd) fQ Johnny Cash (Cont'd) ED Nader. Reports "Red, White ond Blue." 10:00 f3 Movie. 'Cont'd) O Four In One Conrod is forced into service c-s a pilot by underworld .figures seeking o flight out of the country. O Hawaii Fiva-O Guest star Hume Cronyn plays a master burglar of such brazen daring that he ignites a politico! inferno around McGorrett ond his speciol police unit. © Dan August August investigates the assassination .of a top labor union president. Vic Morrow guest stars. ED Homewood Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 4, performed by . the Lbs Angeles Philhormonic. 10:30 O Movie (Cont'd).. O Four-One (Cont'd) O Hawaii (Cont'd) © Dan Auaust (Cont'd) ED Homewood (Cont'd) 11:00 O Movie (Cont'd) O Final Report O Local Nawt CD Eyewitness Nawt 11:30 O Local Nawt O Tonifht Show O Marv Griffin . (D Dick Covert 11:45 Q Mavis Four "What Price Glory" (1952), with James Cagney and Dan Doiley. A World War I comedy of a hot tempered Coptain and o boisterous, brawling Sergeont. Thurs., Nov. 12 v 6:30 Q Today In Indiana O Sunrise Semester O Perspective 13 7:00 O (B) Panorama O Today O CBS Newt CD Agriscope ; 7:30 O Kartoon Karnival - O Today (Cont'd) O CBS Newt (Cont'd) fQ Kindergarten College 8:00 O Karnival (Cont'd) O Today (Cont'd) ' O Captain Kangaroo Qj) College (Cont'd) 8:30 O Karnival (Cont'd* O Today (Cont 'd) fjl Copt. Kangaroo (Cont'd) fQ (B) I Love Lucy 9:00 O 4-H Science Show O Virginia Graham O Coffee Cup Theater "Bedtime Story" (1964), with Marlon Brando and David Niven. Two professional gigolos arrange a test to determine who is the best. fD Foul Dixon Show 9:30 O Jack LaLanna . O Graham (Cont'd) O Theater (Cont'd) IK1 Paul Dixon (Cont'd) 10:00 O Lucy Show By LESTER L. COLEMAN, M.D. What "Blueblood" Means Dr. Coleman IN MY high school class a discussion came up about "blueblood snobs." Where did the "blueblood" Idea originate? Miss G. H., Illinois Dear Miss H.: When blood Is first pumped out of the heart, it is filled with oxygen and therefore has a bright red color. As blood is delivered to various parts of the body through the arteries, it gives up more and more of\ the oxygen and accumulates carbon dioxide. , This darkened, or "blue" blood is carried in the veins and makes its return journey to the lungs for more oxygen. The "blue" blood in the veins therefore became more visible and was considered. In so- called aristocratic societies, to be a sign of noble birth* The term "blueblood" itself is a translation of the Spanish sangre asitl. Brewer'* Dictionary of Phrase and Fable says that "the veins -shown in the skin of the pure-blooded Spanish aristocrat, whose race had suffered no Moorish or other admixture, were more blue than those of persons r of : mixed ancestry." The blueblood concept is, of course, a, false one. My baby, born by a forceps delivery, seems to be. in perfect health. Is it possible for him to have had any brain damage that would appear only later? Mrs. E. A., Kansas Dear Mrs. A.: You indicate that your own doctor has repeatedly given you assurance - that this will not occur, yet you are still fearful. Many children are delivered by the gentle application of forceps. This very valuable and safe technique rarely, if ever, leaves permanent damage. Some cases, of course, have been reported, but the effects were recognized early. Do not cheat yourself of the Joys of young motherhood by unfounded fears. SPEAKING OF YOUR HEALTH: Don't delay seeking the opinion of an eye specialist if your child has a crossed eye. The "this, too, shall pass" attitude can do the child a physical and emotional injustice. These columns are designed to relieve your fears about health through a better understanding of your mind and body. All the hopeful new advances in medicine' reported here are known to. doctors everywhere. Tour individual medical problems should be handled by your own doctor. He know? you "best. f3 Dinah's Place Theater (Cont'd) <3 Paul Dixon (Cont'd) 10:30 O Movie Gome O Concentration O Beverly Hillbillies fQ That Girl a a o CD 11:00 Girl Talk Century Sale Family Affair Bewitched 11:30 O Newt O Hollywood Squaret ' O Lava of Life CD Eyewitness Newt 12:00 O Chuchwagbn Theater O Jeopardy Q Where the Heart It. CD soso ciub 12:30 O Chuckwagon (Cont'd) f\ Jim Gerard O Search for -Tomorrow fD 50-50 Club (Cont'd) 1:00 O (8) Hollywood Movia "Mrs. Mike" (1949), with Dick Powell and Evelyn Keyes. A mountie, stationed in the wilds of Canada, brings his city-bred wife ' with him. O J' m Gerard (Cont'd) O Local Newt fD 50-50 Club (Cont'd) 1:30 O <B) Movia (Cont'd) O Words and Music O At World Turns fD Moka A Deal 2:00 Q (B) Movia (Cont'd) O Days of Our Lives O Manv Splandorad Thing fD Nowlywed Game 2:30 O (BI Movia (Cont'd). Q The' Doctors Q Guiding Light fQ Dating,'Game 3:00 0 Gourmet O Another World O Secret Storm fQ General Hospital 3:30 ' O <B) Dennis the Menace O Bright Promise O Edge of Night fQ Ona Life To Liva 4:00 O Popeya and Janio O Another World fjl Gomer Pyle . CD Dark Shadows 4:30 . O Popeye (Cont'd) Q Mike Douglot O Early Show "The Hanged Man" (1964), with Robert Culp and Vera Miles. A man sets out to avenge the murder of his friend, and the path leads to the New Orleans' Mordi Gras. fD Big Valley 03 Sesame Street 5:00 Q Flintttones O Mike Douglas (Cont'd) . O Early Show (Cont'd) CD Volley (Cont'd) EE) Setama (Cont'd) 5:30 O (8) Addams Family O Mika Douglas (Cont'd) O Early Show (Cont'd) fD Dragnet . £0 (B) Mittcrogert 6:00 O <B) Dick Van Dyke O Early Report 0 Big News CD Eyewitneu News „ £3 (8) What's Now 6:30 O Daniel Boone Boone, with three friends who are r/ibre hindrance than help, travels to New Orleans with a necklace that will sove an innocent man. O NBC News 0 Big Newt (Cont'd) CD ABC Newt £3 (B) Mistarogtrt 7:00 O Daniel Boone (Cont'd) O Early Report 0 CBS Nawt fQ Beat tha Clock £0 (B) Making Things Grow 7:30 O Petticoat Junction kote puts herself in a foolish position when she becomes suspicious of her daughter's actions. 0 Thurtday Movia "Harlow' (1965),. with Carroll Baker and Peter Lawford. Drama based on the life story of screen stor Jean Horlow. 0 Family Affair The Davis family must cope with a new-born infant when their house guest prematurely gives birth while her husband is away. fD Matt Lincoln obituaries Kempton Woman Succumbs today Mrs. Audrey E. Cunningham, 78, Kempton, died today at Tipton County Memorial Hospital where she bad been a patient the past four weeks. Funeral services are pending at McMullan-Rude Funeral Home and will be announced, in Thursday edition of Tipton Tribune. The deceased was born June 23, 1892, in Clinton County. She was the daughter of Martin and {Catherine (Weese) Weaver. She was married in November 1915 to John Cunningham who preceded her in death August 12, 1963. She was a member of Kempton Methodist Episcopal Church, KW CS of Kempton M.E. Church, White Shrine and Order of Eastern Star, Kempton Chapter number 527. Surviving is one son, Edward M. Cunningham of Lafayette and four daughters, Mrs. Lowell (Betty) Clark, route 2, Atlanta; Mrs. Sam (Margie) Thorp, route 3, Tipton; Mrs. Joseph (Jean) Schmitt of Anderson and Mrs. Barbara Yeatle of Kokomo. Also surviving are two sisters, Mrs. Ruth Rogers of Kokomo and Mrs. Betty Harris of Frankfort. Eight grandchildren and four great-grandchildren also survive. Lincoln returns to Lakeview to help' a former colleague, the town's only doctor, a widower with a drinking problem. £3 Book Boat Repeat of Monday's program. 8:00 O Truth or Consequences O Movia (Cont'd) 0 Jim Nabors Hour Kay Starr is Jim's special guest. CD Lincoln (Cont'd) £0 Washington In Review 8:30 O What's My Una O Movia (Cont'd) 0 Nabors (Cont'd) CD Bewitched By mistake, Samantha is zapped back to 17th Century Solem, Mass. fQ NET Playhouse "Making Money and 13 Other Very Short Plays," vignettes by William Saroyon, paired with "A Slight Accident." 9:00 O David Frost Don Adams, Don Rickles and Hal Frazi'er join David. . Q Movie (Cont'd) 0 Thursday Night Movia "This Property Is Condemned" (1966), starring Natalie Wood and Robert Redford. Story of a small town Southern beauty who longs to escape to the freedom of a big city. fD Barefoot In Park Corie's man-bating Aunt Violet pays a visit and stirs up trouble. £3 (B) NET Playhouse (Cont'd) f:30 O Frost (Cont'd) O Nancy Nancy and Adam, with help from Uncle Everett, work out a scheme, to insure privacy on their honeymoon. 0 Movia (Cont'd) CD Odd Coapla Felix asks Oscar to pose for a photo layout advertising a new men's cologne. £3 (8) NET Playhouse (Cont'd) 10:00 O Frost (Cont'd) 0 Dean Martin ' Dean's guests are Tony Bennett, Gloria Lpring, and Zero Mostel. 0 Movia (Cont'd) CD The Immortal ' Ben Richards is captured in a clever ploy by a beautiful girl and held prisoner on a jungle estate. £3 Soul! Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee salute the writings of Langston Huges. 10:30 O Local Nsws 0 Dean Martin (Cont'd) O Movia (Cont'd) CD Immortal (Cont'd) £3 Soul (Cont'd) 11:00 O (B) Movia Four "Trouble Along the Way" (1953), with John Wayne ond Donna Reed. A football coach's wife leaves him,' ond his hard-taught teom- wins tha big game. 0 Final Report 0 Local News CD Eyewitness Nawt 11:30 O <B) Movia (Cont'd) 0 Tonight Show ; 0 Mar* Griffin CD Dkk Covott • Error Found (Continued from page one) victory for him occurred in his home township of Harrison in Howard County, and not in Tipton County as had been stated here originally. "Someone read off 208 and it was entered on the tabulation as 108," Stanley explained. This 100-vote increase made the final unofficial tabulation for him 16,161 to 16,115 for Nash. Meanwhile, Indiana Attorney General Theodore L. Sendak added his weight to the question' of a Roudebush recount. Sendak tended to discourage the idea, although he pointed out that ."It's up to the individual candidate." But he said "people always raise some questions about irregularities. If people have anything like that, they should bring it before the election board and to the attention of the prosecutor and the grand jury." . Now You Know The marine clam family cardiidae, known as heart clams, ranges in size from small siecimens less than a half-inch in diameter to the smooth, giant cockle, a nine- inch variety found off California. 12:30 O ») Ti (O 1970, King Features Syndicate. Inc.) FARM-CITY BANQUET 4-HCommunity Building Monday Nov. 30 6 :30 P .m. Speaker - Rev. Charles Wllley, Paoria, 01. Tickets - $2.00 Available from members of Lions Rotary - Farm Bureau Ins. Office - Local Businessmen, •Shots (Continued from page one) arrested in connection with damage to autos on plant property. • They were sentenced to short jail terms, but the Indiana Supreme Court later reversed the sentences. An injunction limiting picket activities^was issued in Madison County Superior Court a month ago, but the issuing judge since lost his reelection bid. City Police Chief W. L. Orbaugh, who heads a 13-maa department, has said, "We will arrest anyone involved in any form of violence or lawbreaking, no matter which side." Pickets continue to man the gates, occasionally with outside area UAW members helping, at Ex-Cell-O. The plant normally employs 500 and has operated since the strike with about 150 workers. TUES., NOV. 10, 1970 ADMISSIONS: Martha Chambers, Indianapolis; William Milligan, Kokomo; Diana S.Duncan, Tipton; Claude J. McCool, Kokomo; Bertha Lively, Tipton; Kathy L. Jewell, Forest; Harrell Fisher, Kokomo. DISMISSALS: Gregory Vandiver, Elwood; Suzanne Borana, Noblesville; Lori Shrock, Arcadia; David Terwilliger, Tipton; Robert Stewart, Tipton; Sally Hammock, Kempton; Arthur Indiana extended outlook for Friday through Sunday: Mostly sunny and mild Friday. Partly cloudy and mild Saturday with chance of late afternoon and evening showers. Partly cloudy and a little cooler Sunday. Lows upper 30s and low 40s. Highs in the 50s north and central to lower 60s extreme south Friday and Saturday upper 40s to lower 50s north and mid to upper 50s south Sunday. •Viet Casualty WASHINGTON (UPI) - The Defense Department Tuesday announced the death in Vietnam of Army Pfc. Joseph B. Brittain, son of Mrs. Gloria J, Mack, Vincennes, Ind. The department said Brittain died from causes other than enemy action. Thomas, Atlanta; Wesley Carpenter, Kokomo. CsU No. 47S Chuter No. 749S National Bank Region Ho. 4 REPORT OF CONDITION, CONSOLIDATING DOMESTIC SUBSIDIARIES, OF THE CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK of TIPTON in the state of INDIANA at the close of business on October 28,. 1970 published In response to call trade by Comtrotler of the Currency, under Title 12, United States Code, Section 161. ASSETS Cash and due from banks (Including if unposted debits) H U, S, Treasury securities.. Obligations of States and political subdivisions-... ... Other securities (tacludlng }15,0O0.0O corporate stock) Federal funds sold and securities purchased under agreement to reselU.....—. Loans ... „ Bank premises, furniture and fixtures, and other assets representing bank pn- mises „ Other assets (including %9 direct lease financing) M TOTAL ASSETS . LIABILITIES Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations ' Time and savings deposits of Individuals, partnerships, and corporations „ Deposits of United States Governn".ent. —.— Deposits of States and political subdivisions Depoeits of commercial banks... 1,357.232.58 2,631,227.30 1,195,451.34 15,000.00 900.000.00 5,528,657.33 187,710.36 28,347.98 11,831,626.89 Certified and officers' checks, etc TOTAL DEPOSITS ™._™_ (a) Total demand deposits (b) Total tune and savings deposits.. Other HflhniHa«, , , ,. . TOTAL LIABILITIES „ 079.661.99 ,668.783.96 111,410.44 .092,415.22 25.010.99 98.649.24 $10,075,931. $ 5.204,214. S 4,871,717. RESERVES ON LOANS AND SECURITIES Reserve for bad debt losses on loans- TOTAL RESERVES ON LOANS AND SECURITIES- . CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Equity capital-total- Common Stock-total par value- No. shares authorised 4,000 No. shares outstanding 4,000 Surplus Undivided profits- Reserve for contingencies and other capital reserves- TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS- 279,764.98 0.355,696.82 83,040.83 83,040.83 1,392,889.24 200,000.00 300,000.00 879,874.30 13,014.94 392.889.24 ,831,626.89 TOTAL LIABILITIES, RESERVES, AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS———., MEMORANDA Average of total deposits for the 15 calendar days ending with call date. 9,809,662.11 Average of total loans for the 15 calendar days ending *Uh call date 5.511,156.18 I, Phillip E. Smith, Cashier, of the above-named hank do hereby declare that this report of . condition Is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. Phillip E. Smith . ' -We, the undersigned directors attest the correctness of this report of condition and declare that It has been examined by us and to the best of our knowledge and belief is true and correct. R.S. Martin ) P. A. Schmlth •) Directors George E. Snortle ) L-J5S NOW SHOWING If ewer this mad,mad,mad, mad world needed«if> mad/ i ad ITS NOW/ STOKER TRACY MICKEY MONEY BU00Y KACKETT TERRY-THOMAS ETHEL MEfStAN JONATHAN WINTERS STANLEY KRAMER prtM«nta 'IT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD. MAD WORLD DURANTE qJiBTnu NOW l*m Times! SATURDAY; 9:45

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