Seminole Producer from Seminole, Oklahoma on July 21, 1959 · 2
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Seminole Producer from Seminole, Oklahoma · 2

Seminole, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 21, 1959
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'Toga 2 — Semlnole Oklahoma TJesday--Ju- 1y 21 1959 - evir E AvGLu ekrittnitin TELEVISION IN REVIEW 3 )era lized Vets ' ' ' Garroway Stc r Pik I Sees Ulbricht 11013 U t t r LAGUAIPI Lal )eralized Vets Sees Ulbricht Benefits Debated As War Menace WASHINGTON 1 LTD — The is- for certa in 1eterans I) nt rF in Elie before the Senate today: 1 chiding (ducat Halal gran ! s vocaShould cold wEle yeti-Tans re- 1161 rehabilitalLon training and 1 LOS ANGELES (UPI) — Frank ctiVe beim fits comparable to l)orre-loan programs IT I la rtholorn ow president of — ht Y n and th Kor 1 flours fia the coming year follow- 1 o Chi Corp 2134 off d for veterans 14 t1 ial tcrd CC oi tiittt:s cti've bemlits comparable to !lione-loan programs IT Itartholomow president of I ' 110-:e now provide 1 Other tlnriasienal new s: NE V YORK i UPI )---Jim Bac- - v in a Ir 1 ' -1 1 : ' I B ( i: rf 1:aitcd Press Intermtionat said ‘ short Shots: The Annie ()aka A ri i r a tl t vit m it I uild- Ches & Ohio 70:4 off l 1 i World W ar II e ean kus whose voice is as robust as i f t i Lewis: 10:41 L Lew gor f ' today that the b i g g e s t "real - - ohe Char ader s Dorothy Har t i - ln' NI'i ll ci:Iig Oil r Y5 3 3542 'lilt ulti: la Chrysler 6714 up lilt 1 capitui mil to :lid Ills th f threat of V exists in th? per ols aPProacn to life MondaY took returned to Pantomime Quiz in i Cole in i n N(ill)r111m0itklATInaahn con! la t 9 in son of the Communist boss Of up temporary residence on the triumph Monday night Her hull 's i al c'xoclitive If Congress answers "yes” and u0sgrtti111 de m ands f r President Eisenhower tan be a LA ::- ! creased a othrit for fh1 i Ea st f iermany i NBC-TV Today show while Dave uye per )r mance in Cl seconds as installing oftn c t as Pin tt r-KLI- l ed D Str 641 2 uP I4 unt shd to sign the me asur e to our t n -n Hot-s o shot rhw insaf Bartholonw e said that on a re- Garroway va cations The r esults i wes the best score on the ABC 1 loY I ost No llit saw the following Ford 75 up 114 of this two-wei it exerc I law it will cost upward of two Mines The 79-vcr-4At presdent ' cent trip to Ilussia he had found Ise in VCr- 1 TV half hour However iwr toam men take office: Gen Elec 81 Up Lillifin "a" ill the l'sst five of Ate United Mme Workers IA as no indication of war proparattoe b al Russian roulette should Prove lost' so Dorothy won't be back ! Ned Jarvis commander: J C Gen nxids 92 off 12 yell rs " !expected to test T ily in favor of h ra — ere wore no air - irt h I -ete' rs 1 interestings - 1 next week i Robbins vice - commander: Dill Gen Mtr 541i up 1 rven without the rIeW 1 i 1 -cgCi !SUCh legislation bt fore a Senate ! in Moscow and no air-raid rirensd Although still new to the choppy I On the same Fhow I thought Richmond adjutant S G rYons Gen Pub Serv 514 up I lion the adminktra boa's budg111r ohummitt e 1 he said Prooeedings of the morning show the all-time record for camera-1 finance officer Louie Jarvis his- Goodyr 1411ii off 312 calls for $6600000tiOU to cover 1 h There ha n ve r be en an ir- !Backus started right off by ter- I hogging was set by HOW le Mr - torian: O E Wo(dbright chaplain Gulf Oil - - 9 off Ws Civil It 1 a t si Outnumbered -s e a veerz ttns benefits and S rlf-' n d i lig in n 11 j uoici raid drill h said Nothing irr viewing a frie m ndly hotel an epea C ager I is A rt of "o n ('clog Re! and re Clance Itau7e sergeant-at- mo pac 46 off ri southerners on tih so - : " e " the new fiscal year which began Via - ' lin the ensuing badin age some me w ar d on BC TV s " N' G ood ar ye 1 a rm s Mont Ward 49 up lit d th - ' i 1 ti t i y onintittee wet e pi epare 0 i a p! NS Ill( a a ts la war s : July 1 I order a deluge of amendments to! expected The people arc told wildly indiscreet comments wure l'heater presented Tony Randall ! Following his in Corn- Ohio Oil 397i At present the men and womcn out ut witur (town every that they will be successful in il made What a way to get sleepy in his sPecialtY Be PlaYcd a f1ip-1 mander Jarvis outlined the propos- Phillips 4478 off :114 Who entered the miltary services 'point of a civii rilits bill The completing the seven - year plan ' I iewers to open their eyes An- pant shameless schm eer i this ed Pro ram g f p or the ost for the Pure Oil 4054 op 1'4 after Jan 31 19Z don u 't -uallfY Lsouthern members were :A-niA ! and the government will be suc- how Backus ended the interview time an unscrupulous reporter) coming Year in the absence of out- Reyn Tub B 5254 with SOUP 5t) amendments for re- I cessf1 in preventing war I by returning a batnmat he swiped i but Pm afraid the script was as going commander John Samples Sears 47:1'4 off ii sumptioa of the committee 1 N own peiOnal o p i n i 0 n 1 from the hotel 18 years ago ' ' id y as Tony's humor Mrs Marie Jarvis I (pith I on post aiti Arts Shill 76 off 1 Steetworker Almost It'losed door seSS ions on the eight- then is that w e are observing tin fr 1 Unfortunately Backus wasn't 1 Mulligan who advanced toward for the past year ‘A' h i c h showed Sinclair 5934 up 3 k point bill drafted by an all-run lh- ' perpetration of the greatest min- given many other opportunities to the $25000 prize On CBS-TVs - more than 50 percent increase in Skelly 64ii A P e su m -' ern bcomittee tary bluff in the span of written i leap in with his off-beat n eat humor Name That Tune will have a six- mebtrship and one of the best !Socony Mobil 431's risoner Inside 1 Centracts: Gen Omar N Brad- l international history" ilev former chairman of the Joint I Bartholomew said however in I and the rest of tho show was fair- week recess before continuing years financhilly the post has had Sperry Rand 255'8 up 1'2 111 slow and dull But the man The show starts reruns next Mon- ! in some lime Stud Oil Ind 45 )r'hiefs ( f Staff war called to It i a speech prepared for delivery to tt is looking for openings so it I day The commot7r's pint- n- call-1 Stnd Oil NJ 5tN up 14 i I i H 1 tify in the House inquiry into the the Los Angeles Advertising Club -- — ed fur doubliig 'he oust member- 1 Studeba ker 1214 up 1 - Plant During Strike ' hiripg of i ot ird m litory ()filet ts that "a real threat of war does 00 1 s " om 1 The Channel Swim: Robert Sau- ship increasing a i tenuance at pest Sun 5914 off 12 lby defense industries Bradley Mu ent exist" ele dek producer pf the award-win- ! meetings opening of club room (Sunray 253it up 118 l d Lpt ' ow 66 is b a ord m chairan of the l think it lies in the person of i oing Omnibus is struggling to for mernhyrs m coplete renovation 1 Texas Co 8114 up IA ALIQUIPPA Pa 1UPP-- Ru-1 n1 u 1 ova p t sea ‘ i Lrc 1 I & Development Waltkr Ulbricht secretary of the !save the show It anpearF that and redecoration f the building i Tex Gulf Pd 3678 up 1 ft I I DUilci 11131UU 1 - i1Pr former chairman of the Joint I Bartholomew said however on- ' in ome lime in !IY slow and dui! But the man ! The show starts reruns next Al :Stud Oil Ind 45 t is looking for openings so it I day The COrlIN10 t:''r'S progrn P111-1Stnd Oil NJ 5t04 up 14 1)7hiefs ( f Stall war called to tes- i a speech prepared for delivery to ' Pl I 1 tify in the House inquiry into the the Los Angeles Advertising Club i — — I — ed fur doubliia 'he oust member-IStudebaker 1244 up 1 1 ant During Strike ' hiriog of i e tit d rnlitory orfiet rs that "a real thrcat of war does 00 1 " 1 The Channel Swim: Robert Sau- ship increasing a i re nuance at post Sun 5914 off 12 lby defense industries Bradley exist" 'Mudents Lomptele c l lek producer pf the award-win- ! mectings opening of club room I Sunray 25344 up I4 8 now 66 Is board chairrmin of the ''l think it lies in the person of i ning Omnibus is struggling to for mein by m rs coplete TOMWation 1 Texas Co 8114 up IA ALIQUIPPA Pa 1 UPII — R -1 B 1-1ulova R ea esrch m & Developent Waltkr Ulbricht secretary of the I save the show It appearF th i' at and redecoration :f the building i Tex Gulf Pd 3678 up N di'll'h Vngel 8 J(In's Ir LBug"11 Labs Inc 1 he firm is engaged in Communist Party of East Ger- OSU 1 1 a 1 iN BC is ready to se par m n ll t of the foratio of a membership sup- I T W ide a Oil 25314 off 1 i4 Steel Corp employe is ii -pi ison- !guided missile & and other tnse m e 1 any and u the Communist boss of lecn 'raining Omnibus hour to a filmed go u lf '1 per c I b formulati m- on of a earn US Rub 66 off 34 t!r by choice" in the mill at which !work i that unfortunate section of his — I show since Omnibus has not yet i paign to be jointly sponsored by US SU 10012 tin 3i Steel Corp employe loye is a p risson-! guided missile and other defense Imany and the Communist boss of Un leEn Irdming lOmnibus hour to a filmed golf per c 1 u b formulation of a cam- US Rub 66 off 34 mumst lend te lenders in warsaw ns er by choice in " the mill at whi that section Of his how Omnibus has not vet paign to intly sponsored by US St1 10012 up 3 ch ork afternoon and could mention it unfortunate s since ' be jo' he has worked since 1937 Merey fleet: Legislation waa in- nati T on" I landed a sponsor for next seas -on I the post and local businessmen US SU Pfd 1441' ' thn hree nts the from S Ile is one o aou f bt 500 superv troduced to set up gr t hite Bartholomew interviewed Ul i- - e are However Saudck believe W s he can for I o c a I residents to trade at Woolwor up th 595' '2 7' There seen: Widespread doubts :8 i a "ea wstudon radwite li emist nolte i ' t "ose " as th sory personnel who hue stayed ileet" of mercy shins mid peie b es richt in his "moth - eaten" Ea county g a sale with Fat ' - '' 1 rwike a in three week s ihorne mnthly o prize parties with tluit he h til press w e ill Ohlahoma Stat Teh Okmulgee 1 ' the hig plant- here sin re Tues- : fitted Out for hedth a n e nd relief fltrmampire an c d said he was! ' " ' ' ' - -1provided the network extends his Ithe prizee donated be local mer- CC LIVESTOCK real rtw4in for calling off the Students from 59 Oklahoma ci-I day a option widely petilicieed v 1 s i t Many d ay bef e the or Icha ids diener and entertainment nati"nwide i work in under& velopt d areas of i a curious fellow about whom 1 ties 13 other states and one for- i ietestle e began They hav e the a lter H the p os-- ease neen ng a moth for n OKLAHOMA CITY — (UPI) — Seandinavians thotight he might strik world Four members of Con-lWesterners should know as much ' Aden country are completing 12 the CBS-TV cp and at l t on r to! r" Livestock: I have eelhel off the trip for rea- Mitive of remaining in the mill or gress introduced resohitions in as possible "becauso he may' 24 month courses in specialized' roimers show that is being ex -'the merehersh:p all out effort to : I going Out and being refused re- i both the Serate and House calling I loom of increasing importance in kill Inanded to a one -hour format In promete the best Veterans Day ce1-1 Cattle 3600 Calves 200 Slow snns c't bt'ilth entrance by pickets of the Unitedon President Eisenhower to re- our scheme of things ahead" s Ithe fall Is having cast end seelle ebret ion in peet history annwill fed heifers steady cows about In Genova the Western foreign Leading the number of grad Steelworkers Union !move ships and planes from the "Don't take your eve off that t pi ()meats Tne producers 1-10Pe to toi eeY sheets November 15 and 22 I atelidy bulls-slaughter calves lit- th D d :t ' ' a es in e lest!) t pat ment with s o the me f n have chose n to n ation' s v as t " mothbll f a" leet to little num with the bitter arns E- ' ministers tiressed Andrei GromY- Mot olve everything by slanting the !and ii-i Dtncember '13 and 20 remo-1 tie change stockers hod sloseke for some explanation Out au-I due s slily in the plant to maintain blast 'create the new force tie look zind the itchy trig( 24 stu ents compl ting training er- - shoes towards youn va ger audiences ' l of all persona ro l pperty m fre I about steady some weak to eo theri'utiv so e ur c es said he re- r beh- flit-naves and other equipme nt dur- — finge °Bowing close ind are cli aft r" he warned !with ectors in the eg e Ed Kook"- the ion so BuildMg that noth-' lower good fed heifers 26 to 2750 ?IT a n y diplomats I it I Ina 1d ' nig the length of the strike J&L ' Bartholomew descsib Ul tsd brichte e with 8 an auto mechanics !Byrnes mold : ing is there t:1 at is not the pro-1 etildy - commercial cows 16 to !believed ill heelth the reason but mamed sile ' has begun court action to guar an- as a German Who has lived in the with 17 graduate s Delbeit Mann dir th ector of e perty (i f thc po)t iteelf to promote11850 few 19 canners - cutters 14 th"re w''s ''"' -'' fear the Soy t tee "prisoners" here and at two County Courl Soviet Union so long he speaks - I Commencement cxercises will bel held August 7 in the school chapel - ' io - mtt n nicture "Marty" will pro- the side ()I two to three times as to 1650 shelly canners down to I was Preled'ing ame new diplo- other mills free access to their German with a Russian accent duce and direct "What Makes many poppy iseemis as we sold this 11 utility -commercial bulls 2050! 171:ItiC tAi""Ve jobS at 8 p Ulbricht obviously regards his m !Sammy Run? for " NB C-TV The I year to 00 i:t r ibut s m e auch to 23 slau as pus ghte r calves 2050 to 28:1 f D en - Premier H C Hansen o (Continued from page 1) de nts completmg a trm-1 Vogel a machine shop foreman present position in East Berlin as Area stu nch' tw o-par tes t dramatization will be si to the Ai er n ica Legion home yearling stockers - light fee ex sse der -Inak pivd regret Monday d b ' 1 t No an A la B ek yui n en rtinv "s told United Press International by County Attorney Bill Hutchinson in ' "next to impossible" Ba th rolo- ing i ndav Sept 27 and Sun -school huildina p rogriim the for steers 23 to 30 stock steer 'salves tied Kh iehch hould attach telephone that he has only one1195s i 1 mew seid East Berlin is shabby t minole radio and te s - Se lev is icn R ay se' ( n " I - ' Oct 4 I post to etssperate fully with all 29 to 3450 comparable heifers 27 inl"r" imporl it- ire to the pre ss ietpe nbout remaining in the mill while West Berlin is prosperus ' i k d ft d uaY imp sew° a ra ing dn DuPont DPont Show of the I u Month s committe ' !e c hairme n in to 32 carrying 1 th:in to his formal invitation Seminole attorne D' P ys Dick esti and o ney Fe Ce s ll ecoetar- 1 Sweden's T lee Eriander said the for the past seven days i he said and Ulbricht can not hold Ar ostr romw le first four dramatic specials this ! out thelr progra ins and to make Hogs 1000 Barrows - gilts tin- V B Edwards were amaiinted as E "There:s nothing more dreary East Germans' under his "2" fall are: "Body and Soul" on this the best se:or the local post even about steady sows - le I i turndown was a r "painful hsurrd nrosecutors in tho trial setit'dffit'd the ec elm eieea nvrra- entrance by pickets of the United !on President Eisenhower to re-Steelworkers Union 'move ships and planes from the Most of the men have chosen to nations vast "mothball" fleet to :1 in the plant to maintain blast 'create the new force furnaces and other equipment dur- — Mg the length of the strike J&L has begun court action to guaran- tee "prisoners" here and at two County Couri other mills free access to their jobs (Continued from page I) Vogel a machine shop foreman told United Press International by County Attorney Bill Hutchinson nson in telephone that he has only one I 1955 gripe about remaining in the mill Seminole attorneys Dick Bell and for the past seven days V B Edwards were appointed a$ "There's nothing more dreary prosecutors in the trial scheduled to an old-time steel man than an to start July 27 htle mill at night" he said "and Dring on the espirae) you feel it all the more when you charge against Frank Stay Semi have to remain here" note attorney which has beer The steel veteran added how- pending for sometime in the couri eter that it is "not too tough on was passed until Wednesday Com Us old-timers" ty Attorney Bill Pipkin withdrevk "We've gone through thk be ---'' from the case and asked the court fore—I guess you can say we're to appoint a special prosecutor foi used to it But the younger fellas the case tilose guys that never did it be- Passed for hearing until Moo fore some of them are taking day July 27 were the followini it pretty rough" he said "Espe- cases: Lilly Bell Pollard druid eially those with small kids" driving Frazier Williams drunk "But even some of the old- en driving Dempsey King tailaw tim ers are nervous I gues9 m noswssion W C Stouse un the kind of temperament y o U possession hove" he sa id William I lad° fighting using obscene hinguage Vogel said that the men in the and public drunk Jimmie Edg mill range in age "all the way mon fighting using obscene tang n Iro about 23 to 65" luage Dennis A Rush driving rno ' The steel foreman who lives in tor vehicle without operator's per Aliquippa said the men expteted mit Noah Motley no driver's li to stay "when we came to worn cense nen Hai° operating ovr on Tuesday" They brought along width and oversize vehicle extra clothes The men are sleeping on cots hi Jury trials were waived by flu defendants in flu following cases their offices or in their shops he T1T W driinkor (Continued from page I) i Ulbricht obviously regards his I present position in East Berlin as County Attorney Bill Hutchinson in i "next to impossible" Bartho101955 1 rrow said East Berlin is shabby Seminole attorneys Dick Dell and while West Berlin is prosperous V B Edwards were appointed as he said and Ulbricht can not hold prosecutors in the trial schudoled the East Germans under his to start July 27 thumb forever with promises of I-refiring on the c 0 n s pi r a c y ' a bettrr life when they ran take charge against Frank Stay Semi a subway ride to the West and note attorney w h i c h has been! s" "what democracy really pending for sometime in the courtil dos was passed until Wednesday Cound "Hence Ulbricht knows the only ty Attorney Bill Pipkin withdrew l way he can perpetuate himself from the case and asked the court 1 and his creW IS with the armed to start July 27 I-refiring on the conspiracy charge against Frank Stay Semi Jo lin wuntiour NV Bor WI eityling: J it Loug bogus chee k Mrs It a iph Hall route one Valph Vaught permuting Communkt Party of East Germany and the Communist boss of that unfortunate section of his nation" Bartholomew interviewed Ulbricht in his "moth - eaten" East pimuog lor sonewoe oi me vouiLl---:- was passed until Wednesday Coun-I Hence Ulbricht knows the only (Continued from page D ty Attorney Bill Pipkin withdrew 1 WY he can perpetuate himself from the ease and asked the court and ills crew rugortied it as doubtful that alu- is with the armed minum's "Big Three" would tnke to appoint a special prosecutor for might of the USSR 'immediate-the bargaining initiative fiom the the case ly behind him or by demolishing l 0(41 industry negetu d ors Passed for hearing until Mon- Most Germany and digesting it IMeanwhile federal - mediation day July 27 were the following 1 into his own moth-eaten empire" efferts to end the steel walkout cases: Lilly Bell Pollard drunk 1 Bartholomew said continued today In New York driving Frazier Williams drunkd Th ere fnre all evidence points 1For the second day in a row en driving Dempsey King tallow-Ito the fact that Ulbricht wants! ph -- r Finnegan director Of ful posmission W C Stows( un-1 trouble and is constantly urgingi the Federal Mediation and Con lawful possession Will liar)° l upon tir Kremlin that he be al- ciliation Service scheduled epafighting using obscene languagei lowed to bring the situation to wrote meetings with representoand public drunk Jimmie Edg- ' hvad" fives of the USW and the 12 mon fighting using obscene tang- leading steel firms But he renage Dennis A Rush driving mo-monied pessimistic over the pus- tor vehicle without operator's per- NAteather Officials sibility of lin early settlement of nut: Noah Motley nn driver's li- the strike which has cut off cense Bun 'ludo operating otvr- TO Take Close Look mills tirt turn out 90 per cent width and oversize vehicle Little of the nation's steel Jury trials were waived by the AT ttle Tornadoes Finnegan said after Monday's defendants in the following cases: sessions that his statement of last D — teLaine W Sehoemann drunken CKLAIICMA CITY — (UPD yeek that an early solution of the steel e drivirg: Pt to klorrin so unlawful Weath M er ()Mt Is will give a P"Y- strik was unlikely "still possession It Stevois reckless choanalyis to the "dust devil" stands" He refused to comment driving Unlawful possession (two whirlwind younger brother of the on thv prospects of a joint movt vom ee r its): Jimmie Pk ecke ls tornad o It find out what causes its in g between the disputants Both McDonald and R Conrad Cooper driving public drunk: Gran Imbertistormy temperament to act as it While reckless driving Babe Ed- d("'q the steel industry's top nego(io- wards o p e r a t i n g a disorthrir The U S weathet bureau here tor also declined comment on house Florada Wiggins unlawitil the the progress of the negotiations possession Duster Bodoni o nullity- said employes win study h whirlwind in western Oklahoma In Washington President Ei- 'senhower huid two meetings Mon- NI msessitIn !and the Texas Panhandle They i will try to get a "detailed &scat- day- dealing with the steel walk- Evart Lionel Kyle drunken driv eircula- out one with Lal$)r Secretary log t two counts) WIN drow Med- I tion Or It w a ttr ust)hurie lock no driver's liteme chrns Ition in the whirling Nortex" lames P Mitchell arid the other with Dr Raymond J Sa ulnicr Wesley reckless driving I t a' o In other words what makes a counts) Tommy Gtne spvrs i whirlwind whirl chairMan of the President's Colin-drunk on public riiad Niatshal 1o-I The 11'nifir-size storms have ell of Econontic Advisers What dere G a i n e s drunken drivin it't'en studied before but plot !transpired was not disclosed how-Fines White drunk on public road I cuthign to dukfuline what culs"iever Cecil Argo tallaW1111 DOS:t'SSithl: 1 the nigh Wind v(teitY to be r111 With each passing day of the SEMINOLE MU issued tl I ---- ---- d in --the actual paths Of the air (mi- its tost kgat phase vtthitsdity imin booth warrants were ) Visitin !the follo g Hours wing case hen tile d- If s tic they approach and enter when a t t o r n e y s for Julies & s ‘4 10-11 a in 24 7-8 30 p ntifendants failud to appear for trial: i'"° v'h("1' usm Ing gas-ttil"-1 1-)11- Laughlin Stec" Cm n the nation's Admitted 4tiwst lutilor Iliviis rec hless driv-11"1" ::mose coos m o li :it tile unirth hirgest steel producer go Everett Smith Grisso hotel eityling 1Z41141-I Toin Wood Jr puhlw '1 itirliCv WIC: lithehOd to rising bakito ntat for a hearing on their Kenntsth Keen route two eity14trunk: Liegus Ilarjo n t d k l ii 411 il')s ovrial $111oke bombs andipetition for an I1011(114 ) Wilt I I"' Pli t - - is1-1 4iifli rtv1td tr ils 1 1 ' ( 4 TLe 1A71 v i - scattered material picked up by 1 pickets from pi eventing supervithe rising nir currents Isory emp!oyes frem entering or The "devil-s" are quite common I leavinq the Aliquippa pa plant ra l'IMX in) i hi run at targe Paul L hime1 1 ne tiVVIIN ill t: (VIM L11111111 l Ittavinq Ilk Aliquippa Pa plant Mrs E patil gunmen B 0 tcreekitls driving: Theodor' 'Griffis i in " t”'I'tn ()klah"'lla I" the Tex- !The company lias ch:A)!ed that nns city onyttalg to provide for rrinor: Ruins PailhaPulle where the SUrr"ce S I r ilwrs have "imprisoned" FLPDismisAci pert I iiiinsom drunken driving i'l lc" "lid t:le" is little vcgi ta- put-visors in t‘vo plants by intimi- James Wallace 1707 !nude is- Jams WIINTi Brooks recklessi't"" dation and th le rt ats ef vionce land city: nrivmg: Johnnie Eir1 Duck reck-1 tI 1 --- since the strike Lcgan Mrs W M Dellhart Box Int loss timing iiilly G Kitchen nca for Speeding ' city ispeding reckless driving: ittileo i Mrs Archie Moore and daugh- Uil & Gii 1 CO pollution Fdeir N Anderson of Okmulgue Dnv ri tAlmio ter 1602 State city was fined Pl160 in the peace pis Births bee court of Fred Statham over : i LLLAr t Mr and Mrs Joe Dale Nelson Tulsa Man's Larceny- the weekend en a charge of speed827 West College city a daughter oft t iv The complaint against Ander-! Mr rind Mrs Robert II Macy Uttlir is A Puzzle trw utisv(1 he was traveling in p RICES Oklahoma City a daughter excess of a5 miles tin hour at night- 1 Mr and Mrs Raymond Posvies TULSA — (UPI) — 'plw ruin or bine and was Wed by a member 1 30 University city a daughter itinocenee of a 21-year-old Tulsa 'ot the S'Allirole colmlY ilutt Of the GO Out of the City mnn convicted of grand lartny highway patrol C C Denny Konaws admitted was still a question today I i to Shawnee ACI1 hospital I TiliKii county Attorney' Robert I TLie polar bear is a powerful! DOWN Leon Tipton Knnawa admitted D SIMMS said a lie detector trst swimmer It has been seen swim- to Shawnee City hospital given Robert Wayne Miiier was'ining in tho Arctic seas 30 miles1 Wutch Our Window Sign for — "inconclusive" because Miller be- from land l Our Weekly Special! CLOTIO WO nervous for the te!A tol PUBLIC RECORDS Le completed Miller was sentenced to six Tropical Fish Save! Save! IVewoka- - years in prison after he was con-Divorce Petitions Filed victed of the theft of a pay tele- Birds and Pets es 4 II Po M 8c I' - - - " Franc Cho m be r s vs TornPholle Tht test wag arranged art I NikterS (lin III twrg er the Tulsa World received nn HOWELL'S PET SUPPLY Rose lanna Thotnpson vs George anonymous letter that tiaid Miller 124 N Witsvolis Wowska Ode BIS N First Thompson Is innocent BY IERTA) DANZIG I hould be fairly diverting while Sorninole Legionaires installud of- Unitxd Prtss Internatitmal he'r around fieurs fr ll-a corning year follow Aluminum on Garroway Stand-In Appears Diverting seen on ri nday Sept 27 and Sun- school Imildiinf program for the day Oct 4 )xvt to cooperate fully with all DuPont Show of the Months committce chairmen in carrying first four dramatic specials this out thcir programs and to make fall are: "Body and Soul" onthis th it yt:ar the local p(ist 11onday Sept 28 "The Fallen has ever experitmced Idol" on Wednesday Oct 141 Jarvis announced the appoint"Arrowsmith" on Monday NovIment of ritraile Goss Ben Lebarre 9 and 'Oliver Twist" on Friday and Les Jones to the post execuDec 4 Milton Berle has schcd-itive committee and the appoint-tiled fole TV appearances nextiment of the following committee season: NBC-TV specials on Sun-!chairmen: S a Burton member-day Oct 11 and Nov 1 and ship Clyde Coleman finance: Vaguest shots with Lucille Ball and:liam Bishop legal: Ted Phillips Danny Thomas on CBS-TV putlic re!ations: Charles Sims kive and rehabilitation J B Bad-get Americanin thigh Cornea1 funeral Wednesday Smith entertainment Funeral Wednesday For Mary tit Smith Al Seminole Chapel their offices or u' i their shops he tit-11"111 Ili 11 V1" F LA- 1 Thi ‘veck that tin early solution of the: 31111Pii V mg' ot -3- aaaaaa za F aid He expl ned that the ste aiel I?reilvtaligne W Sehoemann drunken I CKLAIICMA CITY — alPli "Y- steel strike was unlikely "still Pal Ih3sPital' co-hut) has these on hand allressession Ira steytnis' reckless rchoanalyis to the "dust devil" -t d " It ' Pt le Morrison unlawful Weather offit lots will give a P - on s e rtfused to comment the time for emergencies" — Rev C e c II McKenzie Wcwoka ' I Services will be conducted by on ! driVing Unlawful possession (two whirlwind younger brother of the on the prompets of a johlt mort 1 : ok Tht B Burial moll Iie in the Morris hi t 1 t fa d i t what closes its 1 t th l' Y have hcca ca'ulg mei' e omitsi : Jimmie Peek reckli s oi mu e i 1 i li - mg )c ween e ( isputants oth In cals in OW CVMetery Graveside services will McDonald and It Cimrad Cooper You el has 110 gripes about this Plant restaurant' driving oublic drunk: Or in Robert stormy temperament to act as it While reckless driving Babe Ed- doeq the steel industry's top nego(io- be he Id at 2 p m tor also declined comment on MrsSmith born N 22 ov 1879 1 can't cultil)lain about the yards o P é r a ti h 8 a disorderly The U S weathet bureau here f x)(1" he sai "T hey alway s have house Florada Wiggins unlawiul said employes w ill study the the prog of t ress he ne gotitions alenty of it hd e re Th e y kit p it in oss pe ssion Buster B itr ims I un ow- !whirlwind in western Oklahoma In Washington Presidtud Es ity south of Seminole about 2o had lived in the Rascoe commun p - the freezer" 's Mon- ' years She moved to Seminole coun- ful possessitin and the Texas Panhandle They enhnwer huid two meetings Vogel stlid that the men have Evart Lionel Kyle drunken driv-iwill try to get a "detailed descrip- day denting with the steel walk- !James P Mitchell and the ()tiler "plenty to keep us occupied I ing t two counts) w00drow modi Lion ()1 the atmospheric c Weida- out one with Labor Secretary Survivors include the husband ty from Dennard Ark There's idways something tt) d)" lock no driver's licetee chrit Ition in the whirling vortex" A Smith of th home a His wife recalled that when he Wesley reckless driving l t w o 1 In other words what makes a with Dr Raymond J Sa 'diner thess Smith Seminole two dough- P e son left home last Tuesday he told counts) Tommy Gene spers i whirlwind whirl chairlinin of the President' s Conn er Ir rtle Treasc H her "Well- e m xpect e when You c'Irililh un Public l'ad NIirshal 1A)-1 The junior-size slot' MS have ell o on f Ecomic Advisers What Kans snd Mrs u G e r t r d e Ed- see me" d er e G a i ne s &Mike n (trivia? ik'ca studied bt'l'uce but 11"t !transpired was not disclosed how- wards ts Ns My avana Seminole five gra IldchilHow dues she feel about his not Fines White drunk on public road !enough to 0111111'011e wivit culses ever dren and 10 great grandchildren having boen home for six days? Ceeil Argo unlawful pou: !the high wind vehleity to be eon- With each passing day of the a brother Carroll Watts De Ina rd "They're Just in there and that's Mrs Albert- D smith dttrovuut!centrited near the center of the ttrike howvcr lim‘sing mum Ark it she said t'When you've been evidence IAt) Padgett drunken ! VOrte X lwrs of oilers in allied hulas- Bearers 1A111 includo Pon Snyder a Aeetworker's wife for a long driving Georhe B wattrmoh! The weatht r bureau described me you learn to exPect things !drunken driving Noah !Aboticy un- the dust devil as a "near relit-tries continue to be laid off Al- Ike Cline V W Coots Dcwavne time Iready more than 30000 coal n4in Richardson Odessa Blakley Doc like this D nd preptire for them" and sad itier s railroild w or keis tr ucke r s Killingso wr th Dr D V Moshe r "Nobody feels very good about Liwful troaspornaim of intoOt Of the tornado i mg liquor: All Forest Kean Japed to correlate 1 r -a"rmatiunIGreat Lakes seamen and other Lee Wailes and Chester Gales i the strike" she added "I have drunken driving gained la the study with other satcpite moyes hve bee f ill sons and sons-in-law Who arturt James r miner no driver's li-'1 "l'it '11' its (if t"taadcws fur a louehed because of the walkout SHOOTS' CRJAZED SON working at all cense drmkun driving CI jrnce lwtter undersbuirting Of such which began last Tuesdly mid- Nrr WYORK f UPD—An 18-yearThen she said heistantly "we'rettden ('ts)k drunken dri‘ Mg Jolia!st°11115' night I old former mental patient m :is hoping he'll be out in one or two iWesleY Johnson di unken driving- ' Weitther Bureau Chief John 'rho American Iron and Steel days" jClyrh e Seay disturbing peace 1111111millon has made nod analyzed !Institute el-bowled that steel Pro-ihis father whom he attacked with !Smith reckless driving W m illia i111 rador olffervitions of severe' i !shot to death Monday night by i(oteton this weck would drop to a jagged piece of glass Jo-eoli Franklin Sneed drunken driving 1 btorms and employe Nel Wzird 32 eer cent of capicity the!Carpinetti 58 said his son Pao- Ho sp i tol Not Joe Cortez vngraney Jerry Pate vagrancy IJ1!:) hes mae and studied vort m ex od-t iels lowest level since the five week Fry went b e r s e r k and began es strike in PK(i smashing furniture in their Bronx Bond forfeitures were ordered I Motion pictures will be made of in raburgh the strike enters apartment Cirpinelti shirt End Viit SEMINO pc tu (1 fifth 1 s of the (dr cur - its first legil phase Wednesday when he tried to cairn his soti ing H ours LE MUNICIP tI iiiitt bench warrants were issued in s 1 ) Ow the following ciises It lit n the de- I !vbis tic theY upproneh and etiter whcn a t t o r n e y s for Jones & the youth carne at him with a — 1 re s rso SW &&&&&& wvaw —r Services will be at 10:30 a m vices Schefiled Wednesday at Sommerville-SAvar- ingen Funeral Home chaoel for I Gravi esde services I'm GLge W Mrs Mary M Smith who died Patterson Ivho (bed Monday after-Sunday night at Seminole Muniei- noon kill be held at 2 p pal hospital Hospital 1 ne'daY at Utile cemetery Services will be conducted by Mr Pottcrson born March 12 Rev C e c i 1 McKenzie Wcwoka I 1S82 was a toile-time resident of Burial will be in the Morris Okla I Seminole Ile has no immediate cemetery Graveside services will I survivors be held at 2 p m Services untider the direction of MrsSmith born Nov 22 1879Sominerville Swearingen Funeral had lived in the Rascoe commun Home will be conducted by Bet ity south of Seminole about 25 Metroe McNally years She moved to Seminole coon- I N1r Patterson had been ill about ty from Dennard Ark two xv-Tks at the time of his death Survivors include the husband at Seminole Alunicipal Hospital P A Smith of the home a son — While cs Mother oth Di Wh Liless Smith Seminole two daugh- M ters Mrs Nlyrtle Trease Havana Kans and Mrs G e r t r u d e Ed- Watching Baseball wards Seminole five grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren a brother Carroll Watts Dennard Ark !died Monday in the grandstand Bearers will ineludo non Snyder Ie:Ill'AiSit:K:12°:(11::ITEhlI''Is::::(g1('Inz11:reyPI:IIL: viouAN Leath- uni(r)tditinthrnediately Rikit:liCarldinsconV0(WiessCalgilts4k1lie(v7aDvnwe 1 knttll'ir: czdvildso KlAdolinfvsalt(t)isdha nDdrciDlestt‘I': GMats7 She WaS WZitching her son Johnny 10 play baseball Wit- SIMON CRAZED SON I nesses said it appeared she faintkr viNtillK (12P11—An 18-year- led and she was rushed to the bus satellite employes have been fur-' 1 Johnny ni play hasehan w It loughed because of the walkout SHOOTi CRAZED SON I 19CSSeS said it appeared site faint-winch began last Tuesday mid- Nr: wyuRK WPD—An 1-year- d an was rushed she wa rushed to the hos- night 'Old former mental patient w ns pita w hero she was dead on arThe Anwrican Iron and Steel Institut e estinuitod that teel s !shot to death Monday night by rival pro- father whom he attacked with (Mellon this week would drop to a javged piece of glass Joseph STUDY l'OTfNG AGE 1132 per cent of capacity the Ca navel ti 58 said his son Pam- NASH ti IIIE Tenn I UPI i — lowest level since the five - week Fry veent b e r s e r k and began Loweruet it' the minimum voting strike in PK-Ari : rillaShing furniture in their Bronx nge (min 21 to 18 will he tme of In Pittsburgh the strike enters apartment Carpinetti siiid that imp major items of consideration its first liygal phase Vednesday when he tried to calm his sonH Tetmessee's fifth constitutional when a t t o r n e y s for Julies & the youth care at him with a t-onvention which begins today El "41'00-writTtwtrrt ri d Legit-T Leader Outlines Plans For 'text Year THE ELKS ANNUAL All The Fresh Fish You CAN EAT! M!14R!''''4r4P5ITT"ier-T"cA' - ‘ ' George W Patterson laShing furniture in their Bronx fmtn 21 to 18 will he tme of aportinent Carpinetti shid that the molor items of consideration when he tried to calm his son t TetmeAos fifth constitutional the youth canle t hiln with a ronyention which bevins broken piece of mirror The fa- Niectnine deleeotes will attend ther then grablwd a rifle and thr! nvntion the second since tired two shots hitting his son in the nt ch:ater was ndorted the face 'In MO Plan Now to Attend F tri v?i1 1 J A1 FRIDAY July 24th ELKS LODGE 6:30 pm FOR FREE TICKET DELIVERY PHONE 32 or 797 or 757 or 250 prIAN tf'typqmlip I MARKETS I Press Attacks SELECTED STOCKS 01 t ted Press 13ternati!m!1 RUSSIall Lille! United Press laternational 141Mil Selected New York Stock List AM TO' SO up Anaconda 6244 uP Armco 7814 cp In Scendinavia Armour 31 up 14 All Ref 4P4 up Beth Sti 54744 up 4'4 Chi Corp 2134 off 14 STOCMTOLM (UPI) — Sandi navia's "hostile press " today de Ches Se Ohio 71P4 off 14 fended its right to criticize Sovie Chrysler 6714 up 114 E'remior Nikita S Khrushchev Cities Serv 5278 up 18 doing more of it Some newspa Cunt Oil 5334 of 14 Pers compared him with Ado!: Fed D Str 6412 up 14 Ford 75 up 114 The fioviet Union Monday can Gen Elec 81 Up FJ1I'lAci1eV'S visits to Fin Gen Foods 92 off ti land Norwiy Sweden and Den Gen Mtr 5414 up 1 mark vith the explanation tha Gen Pub Serv 514 up 14 hostile actions bv the press mad Goodyr 14214 off 314 the viit inopportune at this timc Gulf Oil "9 off Ws The action threw Scandinavi Pac 46 off 14 into an uproar and jolted the Ge Mont Ward 49 up 14 neva f weign ministers' confer Ohio Oil 397'8 enc Sca sa ndinavians id the ac Phillips 4478 off Unit probably cost him most o Pure Oil 405'8 up 14 what little popularity he enjoye4 Reyn Tub B 525O there Sears 471'4 off 14 A Moscow dispatch said Shell 76 off 2 lIiili lill hae not been toll Sinclair 5914 up Nt of the cancellatilin but that "sorn Skelly 6414 anoncement" 1A'aS Vypt'ett'd to Soco Mobil obi n u l 4314 day Khrushchev is touring Corn Sperry Rand 255'8 up t'2 !ind thi Mosvold pigs unchanged barrows gilts vnn eveo zipout stenoy SOWS wener i Tiso Norway -- L-i 1 ar Gerhard- 12 to 15 sows 9 to 1150 medium- st- good feeder pigs 10 Inoveo relit ions Most Scandinavians newspapers aid the visit could have im- Sheep 800 Spring slrughter today saw no icss in the cancel lamhs steady to weak: slaughter llation and editors obviously re-ewes and feeder lambs generally isented 1Zosiiin interference in steady good-choice spring slaugh- !What thy printed ter lambs 19 to 21 medium-choice I 1 IClittutihehev's demand thrit the native feeder lambs 17 to 18: I t—h a th Swedish Dress OC PRODUCE OKI AllOMA crry — (um — Produce Wheat No 1 hard 1 higher $170-180 Alva 170 Bison Clinton El Reno Enid Hennessey Kingfisher Oklahoma City Viei Watonga Yukon 171 Blackwell Medford 172 Guymon hooker 173 Frederick 180 itli Tyson's Pride 'STOCKHOLM tUPD — Scandinavia's "hostile press" today defended its right to criticize Soviet E'remior Nikita S Khrushchev by doing more of it Some newspapers compared him with Adolf The 5iovlet Union Monday cancelled Khrushelie's visits to Finland Norwv Sweden and Denmark v ith the explanation that hostile actions bv the press made the Ni11 inopportune at this time The action threw Scandinavia into an uproar and jolted the Geneva f weign ministers' conference Scandinavians said the action prolyahly cost hirn most of what little popularity he enjoyed there A Moscow dispatch said the liiin l ill hale not been told of the cancellation hut that "some announcement" was eypectt-d today Khrushchev is touring Cominunlit Poland and the Moscow newspalwrs devoted their front pages to his tour and his speeches on collective farms and corn growing Khruhehoe himself has said ncthing ahout the cancellation He is scheduled to address Communist leaders in Warsaw this aftirniion and could mention it There were widespread doubts that the "hostile press" was the real reason for calling off the frecdom of the Swedish press should be 1itiih d best unveils the proposcd vtor's character and 14se" Stockholm's Dagens Nybeter Services Thursday For Admiral Leahy ‘vAsiliNcToN (UPII—Funeral Broilers No for improvcd demand FOB Mos Fay stady 'services will be held at Washing- !Ion National Cathedral Thursday kogee Oklahoma City Tulsa for FI2et Adm William D Leahy nita 15 former chief of naval operations Hens No 1 — Supplies short and World War II presidential ad-Lawton 7-15 Tulsa 8-12 Oklaho- visvr ma City 6-10 Vinita 5-40 Black- Lott MocdttY it the Navy 6-3 Elk City 5-9 Clinton Wa- Center in netutty Bethestonga 5-8 da 11ft after a cerebral vascuEggs — Offerings light Tulsa 1 tar failure 11 was 84 up 34 Oklahoma City 31 Clin- The Navy said burial with mill ton 26 Enid 25 Shattuck 17 Elk tary honors in Arlington National City 19 Watonga 20 Vinita 21 Cemetery v-ould follow the seri Blackwell Tulsa 23 El Reno I its Oklahoma City 24 Lawton 27 - Butte' fat No 1 — Steady "2232"'"11:4' '1"1411"1"13491 52 Vinita 50 Clinton Elk City El' - Test Your Reno Enid Lawton Shattuck Wa- tonga 52 " iv an RADIO TUBES froPli Its Ire r72 0 FREE! JAPAN'S ECONOMY SURCES TOKYO (UPI — The Japanese New Tubes Do It yeurself and government reported today thlt Replace with our Grmanteed the nation's economy had recov- lavel crud from the 1957-58 ree(ssion an "unexpectedly swift pace" rn91) The ireport warned however )fri that Japan "has lagged for he- - alp4i the Western nations in lit I tel )1S('' eralization of trade" and urged that corrective measure be ta- one 281 330 NMain ken immediately — — - ILMgtnSSMBU21bdgngttabMESEagIMMrarya)7asmzmmnmiIK WEDNESDAY ONLY USDA Grade A USDA Inspected From 2 to 212 pounds avg Nk:4 EACH AT YOUR THOSE TENDER ARKANSAS BROILERS "NONE BETTER" IS wilt ne me ot z of consideration fins titutional h Licvins today i Tyson's Pri fth co de will attend i the second since I rIcr was adopted 1 !?I ' L 11 -i) 5 Id i ' J i 'i ) i ' 6 ' From 2 to 212 pounds avg 1 1 It 1 f t ' : Y THOSE TENDER di BROILERS "NONE BETTER" li : ' ' -'' ' EACH 0 ' AT YOUR 1 "61111 ' 1 ''-':'7 1 ' 1 -- itil 1?! Pi S II OPEc y 1' 4 tmlept-1pqmpol:rirtektift lotgwftv ' : ' 1 11 4 ‘6 it k' '' 40' 0 2 - '!"- tt'-N LA 7:4e±1 -

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