The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 5, 1930
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, - MARCH 6,_1930_ CLASSIFIED ADS Two centi a for flisl In- seition ond one cent a word lor each sutKtfjutiit insertion. No advertisement taken Itr Jess nun 60c. Count the *ords ai.icj send the casii. I'hoiie 30C 1*0 K UABY CHICKS-A11 varieties, from Wwen (locks, fusion) Hatching solicited. Marilyn Htitcliciy, Bly- liicHllo.-Afk. ' Ock-lf r^^^^^^^-^-I^^EVIM^iJAItK.) COUR1KR-NEWS <;O by NCA SERVICE INC \j AUSTIN*" ! ?Sg *'l.t:u KOit SALK—Corn, hay, nais, special price en car loads. Phone, 65. Ira Crawford. HJc-klf.: MoiBARdAli"! in GUARANTEED I US^DCARS i Get Our Terms-j-Siive Mont-'yi 1027 Chrysler Coupe. Motor | iri good I'Gn'lltiun; new piint ^oh. I'rice S225 1329 t|ifvro!cl' 6 Koaihltr; motor in good shape; g(jod lirjs. Price $3115 10Z7 Ciirysler Rcudsttr; new paint job. Motor in A-l condition. Price S225 til 1 - IIVITIII 'rts'."i'ngl'-. "n'lif, iul>- l-Mrtwui^lnii -Uuiihrl- t,» l-'rldn> »>i>-l:il.rll,iil*rTi :it> i 4 I.IHIIMIA, IMI.'I. l.1..,,,r- i. viitii:in-. »„- llr.. llrrki-trr net of rri>*l>r'*| »ll KIITI-. II,,. .I'MO IHMII.I1. r. Du 1028 Whippet Coach; new paint Job; good tires. Motor In yooij shipc. Price S295 Plicne 811 Corner Glh and Main PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Authorized Ford Dealers BUDDED papcrshell Pecan trees and fruit trees. P.cduccd price CD early Spring orders. Gregory Nurses-)- Company, Cabot, Arkan- £a -- 21pk-Mar. 11 urlnJn ,i, ir,,l,, t « r,.«l.j Ii illll In luir wltk '. VVt-:i.l.f U'Jiy ,11,1 Cl,>- . ir«l. i.llli llrrkili-JI IKUl.N ill Ikr Uniiiti'l-Jr <> IM IV:~-!I -I'lJK S'KIIH tllrtl'TKH I'lll /rotating. "Suppose Clorirda W/cJ /icr. FOB SALE—50 tons Numoer 1 Alfalfa and 2,000 bushels corn at " rcasonble price, S.- B. Rozelle, Route No. ], Luxora, Ark. 'lpk« OWN YOXJR HOME. We liave a fire-room house at' 125 Mo. Ave., with s'lM fcuntlallcn, bath, new Caraso, new porch floorc, new- root and newly papered and''re-finished inride wh:ch we oRoi fcjf $1600 on termc like rent. E. ' D. • Ferguson, Phone 100. •_ 3c!c-tf FOR SALE—Full Mb-ded Rhode Island Eggs, Phono 327 or 55 F- E. Fox. : - , 3 pk8 FOR SALE—Beautiful, stucco Bungalow, with 3 bcd:Vr6o)i«|,'; lirg6 Hvinj room, dining rooij»,.LkUc'heh' t bath i-coni. corner lotffn'KerflMck^!- Wcith $4.500. Can bc.b?ught,r|ght new for $3,000. Tel iris Can \bfe-'.ar- ranged, if $500. cash .-!$ pair} down. Also adjoining 5 rooin stucco bun- taiow can be bought now for ?2,500. Same Terms. Q. G. ^.Caudill, Phone 797. office over • : Farmers Bank. • ' ''• ickld FOR SALE or RENT—Pretty'Engr. li'.h Bungalow 0:1 Hollywood, right at East Main street,' paved', highway. Situated on terraced lot. 135 ':;• '°'j fe?t, shade trees. The residence contains 8 rooms, with-sewer, lights, water, bath, garage for 5 cars. 2 servant roctns, garden, j chicken house and yard. Will rent at $35.CO or sell at a bargain' and on easy terms. This is a wonderful licrac. Thomas Land Company. 5ckG ?OR SENT FOR RENT—One or two furnished rooms, close in. Apply Jjmmio LcdtoUcr. Saunders Store. 4;;f. ilclei'tivc; said. In :: A minute or tivtr rliiefs sleepy growl had c.nfte over j'Jimely." Dundee iirtiinnna-d. -" U<e wire. Dumlci'rccminn.'d Hi' ills- envoy nt Hurls Matthews' nuuilcr In ns few v/nids as possiLdo. "ilm in :it IIIMi-rcsl!" Slrawn li:li>nii[itcil early :,in -the recital.; of July; otherwise, .tt -Wickcti ihari 'ttio coil olil St resume I hvn, lain Slrawn In Ti> tiij rcliel. the meant nothing to ihe butler. L'ndmihieil- iy Wtckcil hail cmiie to flillcresl ,VU lime to read (liein now, nl- tinmen 'ie was kecu lo refresh. Uorial "Crosby case." Slrawn and his men inl'lit arrive any mlnule, and his chief must not calch liltn sobeying oi'ilcis. it was dreary waiting, with that slill. wet body oil the bench, and • Jin-iil::r mcoii. Me Isnucil -jnlers Ki-imly: "(lot baeh-or. tiie'sceiif of Mil' ci'.JKio Imined'aielr. 'and rtun't let Cfosliy out of yoH'r^leht';!!] I arrive. S'on F.iy^the uitiler's .'wjili him now?.-Good?'. See'' Hint "noiii; lrii;'s touched. and;.for. : i;fMl's :s;(kc. <!uu'l spieaii the albrih 'thioVBliahc .hoiiEC. .- .-'. Ami bay. lle;lbw".Vt'):iri in there.-sir. Vun saw.'h'cf'"f.6r"a moment last nit-lit, jfourself. sir. I'm sure you ivill ,aeree.'with us tliat 'sbo was.V—aMliiia' dar!j\ig *}j-'i ••'. '.-.";-• 1 'V'"'- iV ''?'-'V-. .' ' "•'.-'' " cs r fhe -was' ri-/Tcry Jbeaiitlfu| gjrl." puudeo aififfyrcd'.'Thiiskrtjv : 'Ycu" kaev.-^hcr/ to»i.'--Mr;'- Crosby,? FOR RENT—Furnished apartment, 108 Kentucky. Phone G83. Ipk8 FOR RENT Furnished rooms for light housekeeping. 022 West Asli. • - - 4pkll' OFFICE SPACE [or rent in "office with Thomas Land-Company. 5ckD FOR REST—Pour desirable office or store rooms in Glencoe Hotel Butane. See John Tlioinpson or n. .J. Alston at hotel. . 5ck-tt i WANTED WANTED—At once, •uninciimberert \vcmaii t-> wait on invalid. Mirt- ille-aired lady preferred. Mrs. K. o. otlom. ia3 North fifth ttrcet. liiylhcville, Ark. 4ck7 PHONK 100 .WE'1,1, DO THE RKST Received 5 ;„ payment of rent. Wliicli !ii« yon buying, renl, rectipls, ^i' n ;"fuy--t)otrce ( '.T]^. ijtay Ira.-i lot "of tieln, iusj.!!S you were In the llhodes Ilo.use rii'iirders{'.';; : .' .--."." ,'Umirtcc'.erlnftcd:\falnliy a3 he "YcS!cd".evern>Qrddr of.his cblef. H A lot of help"'' In : tlic.~Khorle» Huiise iiiiirflers,'.'-.'i!iile'edl He'd •solved .thai etiseVpractleally.single- handed,' liailn't he? And I.leuten' • r ant Slvawn- liad.'bceomo Captain Hiran-n ,i s a result! : But what did credit aiiil promotion wattcrt'-Ii was tlie game Itself lie Invoi. . . ; As lie obeyed iits clficf an,i returned directly to.thesiinjmej-house, Dundee realized, a Ijllle sliame- faccilly. that his horror over Doris's hrnlal muriier was already giving u-ay to the thrill of the chase to run dowu her murderer. * * • * T?UT tears for Doris had already i •*•* hegun to llow, Dundee discovered, as Ijo Beared the ijuitner- , house. Wickett was dabbing at hia , cyea with a folded Juadkeniler, : b n^ koew .iicr very well iniipcrt.' 'Sbe *a|-.'ray—wife's maid for.-60veral y<^ra. .Phyllis—.Mrs. Crosby—was 'eitremely fond of little 'Doris, and so'vwas .[. But—If. you'll forgive rae, Sfr. Uundcc—i don't believe I can talk" about her—yet.":",' "1'nrdon me, sir. 1 ' WIckett : spr.kc. "1-uee a special delivery.boy coming up tlie driveway. Pcrharia'-rd better C o and sign for the lotler, "!'I'J! .80," -Dundee interrupted. "I'm eiprelins a siiecfal.-jleiivcry lellcr myself." ••'•:•'; '• T.uckily, lie rc-aelied the iitidK'iiorJr , before the boy dismounted WANTED-Work: Any kind o r . work considered. Prefer Grocer work. Experienced. 500 Lilly street. ' ^'ntfi from liis bicycle. ,\ 3 | ie |, a ,j ^ neckd, Ihc long, thfc)( envelope was adilressed to liimself. Ho signed [be slip, and was eagerly ^canning the nrsl of tho ncwapaper clippings which the envelops contained bc- ''ro^tho boy was well aivay. "ThtEC must bo from the news, paper- morsue." Duiidco decided "I'll ,!iavo lo he careful of them' . 'iiti up. ; tiiQ- driveway anil ist to the east. . ClImlilnB-oiit jjf thc'lir«t v car, Caplain; SlraY,;n\'np[>;ircnt!y'.gave orders lo : hi« :p<)lfce >olinue.' to sit tight a;id awiiit 1 ' 1 turlhtyoj-flcra for lie was- alone as ]io"-str,o<)e across the ' ' , clipped green lawn.'- v.tWell, "' boy.; yiiat'B asked. 1 i "Any " tho lay?" faola you _-......-._ ....-.,,,.. -, Jlu ^ ulna ; .i}iiln|t tell i"n';.ovc-r.the phone?" ii Briefly,"hut omiiting no essential delafli Dundee told of seeing Clo- rljniLi^Jijrkoley. steal- out of the hf^MilUe^: nljjiu before:^ of Dick Be,ridcy'£ .: 'riroDoteil rendezvous Wjlrr.;}!m'.m(miered girl, and of ,pii;h:a .,^bscuce . from 'his room throfighobl ilic niglil, ••."Unim!" Slrawn considered, ' ' "Wonder If <mjse two facts' are connected'; -. Clo- rlniia |\v. | u some way, of tho affair between her hrothcr r.n'tl the ina'lil, had the snmo bright yon did of preventing aitotlicr mcel- ing and a possibly messy scamlnl on tio eve of her marriage- to tlie sociely'Eweil, sneaked out-lo avgne with (lie glrl.atiil killed licr duriii- Ihe quan-cl folliiSvcd —]« brotlicr being iircsent and Uicn beating it in a innlc?" * * * «pl-:im,U>s," Dunilco conceded icsiieclfully, "hut—hiw 'did in It? (Jlorinda wasn't carrying U. I'm sure of II at in her t.OST—Girl's coat, fur trimmed. Left on Central Ward school grcmid. iielurn lo Sounders Store lor reivard. 28pfc^ LCST—Courier News subscription rcccint beak, Relurn to Courier N'ews ami receive rev.-ard. MOAS'N J'C." hands, at leasl. for sbo bail nolli- li'B la them bnl the scarf hith which Doris's skirls were bound. And she was wcarini; one of those light, floating capes which don't ImVe cap.irlDus (lockets. I beliero. Althnusti the light w:is d'ni. I bail a preay clcnr (ilclnre of her as ebo desceniled- tho slalrs and 1 could swear Hie cane wasn't. \*el|;liied down at all-iloalcd about her. In fact." "Mnyhe iho nmld, Doris, hart slolen the perfume," Slrawn of- lered." • "I heard M I3 . llerkcley Bay lost night llial Doris haled perfume, that It gave her a sick hcartnche to smell It," Uiiudca ohiectcd. "And housli the fiinir n-,13 espenslre— worth $.!? an ounce, according lo Mrs. Derkcley—and Iho crystal llask was valnnlilc In Itself, I cun't Eonichow see Uorls ns n pHiy thief. Also, . i S |,o taM it- ultli her on a rendezvous Tvilll'her mistress' sou?" -." Slrnwn Blirapgeil. 1 Hut you yourself say she w, 13 killed ,wltli (|,o perfume fla',k. or at least stunned with a blow wlilrh liroko !tho- llnsk licforo slie u- a » diiniiicrl inlo the lake. U'lt lie ui> to Ihe cofoncr^o dcteriniiiB the canso of denlh'.i-nnA I supttoso lic'il better get hujs^'^s'Eoon as he nrrlvcB!"- [((^'.Slriivvn a'Erccd. ''''hut' Hie risk of CroEliy's tlihik- nie yoli aro luo lliick with tho |, 0 "rant you to go and have an- lice. Iriva other |oo!t In his room. Take car'o not loj spread tlie alat-fli. however, nnd iffyoung Berkeley's there, have '"in come to the siimmerbouse Immediately. lly tlie way, whoso idea v.'as the swimming party, any- "(icqrEin.-i IlentcleyV^. Dunrtco answcreii curtly. "Tliey-caU her Glai Ehe'a'only a khl—I'D." "Tlifn I' suppose dial lets licr oiH." ; Strawn conceded. -Slic'i) hardly iiivilc a pnrly down to eeo ^ discover ilone. hods- then obligingly herself. Unless tiicre's something In that old say.. — ,.,„ , "'""'t. a crlinlinil i-eiiirnliiR to the llask of perfume get r.iiicd'up' ^'"^sne of the crime. . . . Hoy. Iray! Keenyoiir slu'rt _ L accusing anyone—ycl! Hut in a c.ise like this you've cot lo tlilnk of everything. Now get alons wlib ' 1 (To Jlc Coiiliaucdl • OUR HOARDING HOUSE -TWO TAVME-M-r^ Qti-fi\e "RAPlo WERE UO/Ja ^ QVERPUE / ~^ \fte SEAi-r $j% A HALF PoiEKi MoTic^^ >'^ "To "TVlB OUjL'iS 1 CUUB AMP ~fi^EV WERE iowai?ep'. •***• OUR OML^ -rriEKJ WAS -ro -TAKE rlB RAPIO BACK qU -ifj& PART OF My SECR&YA'RV ~~i £ -He 'HAS- so MA'MV' pF FAR -TO RI AM Akl EX-tTUP&E ,-. I Pou&-f> vests' :MUcM OF i)J -TUB V riowev/eR to - . 1 MI BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES FAIR ENOUGH By Martin «P*lt ex BOOTS RMHER HM> HOT WRVTttVj, PBOOT BOY Otot OF ROM WE ?-tND DOT V'e. VOWCtt ) WAM - (MWt BEFOBE WE DECVOE 60— *IOV&6 Kt . IH EQUAL 6WAE& , Ofi >*,HOW'u. at 60 ? "7S~s: 01. l.WOM . ,\n. AD v^_ , NO H«XKX1 3M *8 ^wo ^^A I'KRSONAl. W. 3. KNOX repairs shoes BOOO .-Jo. 204 West ^Tail1. New'York Cotton NEW VOiiK. Cotton Nfar. Mnv ! July lOri. I Oct. new I Dec. old I DEC. nrw I Jan. ctd clrt futures Open HG5 unn IS17 1525 1512 1550 1541 15.5V Mr.rch 5. cJuscd easy Tr^'i lj>w HOS H47 1493 W4 1522 H98 1534 1514 1510 1503 1538 1522 1552 15il 1537 J,i45 Jan. new 1513 1543 1535 <U!'>- ciosc 1475 1500 151-1 1538 1525 1515 1535 Spots closed quiet at 1460, of! 30. E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. New Orleans Cotton NEW OHLEA.NS. !kfarch 5 (UP) —C-'lton futures closed steady. Oiren High Low C!o?o .. 1543 1453 1431' 1431 • ... H83 1483 1458 1458 .. 1502 1507 1482 1482 .. 1511 1520 1503 1503 .. 1530 1538 1525 1523 .. 1540 15(0 1536 153G Spots closed quiet at 1441, off 40. LISBON". March 5. lUP)—Ati- , thnrilles on the island of Madeir-i j; attempted loday to recover tlia l>od- • ies of 14 persons drowned when i .the sea broke in upon Rlbsiro, hear | Cape Girao, yesterday. CKMrJ I'M SICK 1 . lKu6'w)5EA,SlCK!vVHY? WAY. OH, LY'ON SOLID GfiOUUD fiGWN f] POP.WU CAWT CVC NFCCL THIS ONB ON I'OI' .S£91 LE S.ANl> HIS FRIENDS 'W/w<?fy VA.'/'&'f'//!. VOVJ'RC ILL PUNCH THE ECU- AND StND TOR THE: DOCTOR. BUT ALL I H»/E TO SAY rOR XOU IF VJEUIT By .Cowan. W^S TU£ \l 7HATS «V OOrS, 1 7HATS GK1TING NOWHERE wy OF NO!HONESTL^ DOCTOR 1.1 tito UP TO THE DOCK ML WGHT ON ACCOUNT OF FO& 1 . <fc Utosser MriVV IT-ISNT ;- ITS wine-i' U'BS RBUT.'f • H "^T 5 ' FOR'

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