The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 5, 1930
Page 6
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l^PAQE SIX Chickasaws Begin Practice SIEl .WEDNESDAY. MARCH _5. 1030 TO ENTER STUTE, •DISTRICT MEETS 1 H. S. Mentor Has Nuce- lus For Formidale Squad; Plans Invitation Meet. More than twenty candidates for he Chli-kasaw track leam, Includ- ;iff six letter men, nnsa-ered Coacn fcnry Hudson's call for the Initial :racl!ce'session of the ycnr ycs- ^rday afternoon at Haley PieM ami lose to forty arc exacted to oe on iand for the second round of aeliv- .y this aftenioon. The Chick squad, which was nos- r'i. out by the Joncsboro Hurricane .1 a thrilling run for district liou- „ rs last year, will enter the annual . ourtli district tourney lo be held :c Osceola late in April as;one 01 >Ue outstanding favorites, add will .'!so present a real Ihrcr.r ,:i the :.ate meet in May. Beside^ >,t.-tlci- i.-atlng In the two meet- the | .cal school plans to hold nn 'uvl- i ition meet here In April The . Chick mentor wll! v; tf :i i :rnildable nucleus of six It - men i-round wliich to build ))•„ squad. H. F. Brogdon, fast stepping hui- :.e expert,and pole vaullor. is cx- tr'otcd to prove the biggest Indl- Aidual scorer of the district inch Ilils year. Brogdon won the honor List year in easy fashion am! ranx- ;j among the leading scorers a: . the sUitc meet. ••. Other' letter men supporting .tjrogdon are the diminutive llasn . 'i'om S«oy, Tom Short, javelin station; Barnes, lanky high jump jnan, Bike Phillips, dash specialist, and; Fritzhus. broad jumper. ; Promising candidates out for the fquad include Orth Marshall and ->cte Craig of football fame, Ben Slliott, the big tackle, and J. T. wTaig, dash man. Hudson plans to put his warriors through a, steady routine of practice in preparation for :he tests that will be encounlered later and • .makes no secret 01 the facl that he:has high hopes'bf copping the .district meet and giving somebody a scare In the stale meet. .. AlUw B*bs Up Pike Cfltoly, nunois, bordered on the. west by the milewide Mississippi and .midway bet*e*n Quincy *nd .81.: lauis/. recently was i n - lorrned'.that Dave Altizcr had announced 'his candidacy for sheriff. Tp s:me .the .'ann'oiincemnet ^was Just:-, another polittejil advertisement,-.but. In; the "minds otmany It revived memories'61 an 'American AssocUtloh ^basebaU star, the homeliest and • skinniest man' in that'AA. .'circuit. There was a day when ;Altlzer was as colorful ' as Babe.Huth 'and :u belligerent as Art'Shires., ..'--• ;; American" • Association records still cirry. the name of Altizer, a p.Iayer, of. the old schoo) who rates They Seek Mermaid Title For Track Meets TESTS HIM Eleanor ,Ho!m Among Those Entered in National Title Evcnis. BY ClAIKK BDRCKY " Service Sports Writer . Fin.—Now that Madison Square Garden's second annral heavyweight jamboree is B.M aria'. of history, II yon care to call It trim. Miami's romping millionaires Ciin settle back to cnvult a ccn!e« ol beauty, Brace and skill. Ihc spe> Ki.EA.VOK HOLMS BACK STItOKK K1XORI1S ••••. 1:13.1! Crimson Tide Defeats Diike in Title Tilt ATf,ANTA, Ga.-A flashy Crimson clad quintet from the,University cf Alabama Is enrouto home rday after defeating the Duke Un- ivertity Blue Devils, 31 tp 24, to wi:i the Southern Conference bas- Kelball title here last night. The Tuscaioosa Terrors climaxed a brilliant season that was not mari-cd by a single defeat when they .-.wept through the tournament here deposing r.f Ctenupn and Tennessee before drowning the Devils. 'rtfS^iS;' llirsc fuur speedy iplulirrs, rr prrscnllnj tlir- N cu - York Wonii.w Swimmliijp A«H-!:illur:, ,holi! pnicli rally rr r r)- known women's -Kc^ii ,...:—,..„ niltk Th . y are _ Mi ta rl ^ h(; t , onst . ll]C( . J|:iii|r ij.y;^, en; Ms:! t strukc old mcdlpy swim marvel; Klraiior Holm, b;ick Hi l.tnustrum, frrc slylc; and Asne-i 'Ctrajlity, Olympic tltlcholdcr. among the best In the natlonul pastime. Dave played shortstop for Minneapolis in 1914 and cobbled 1023 chances, which remains a record today. He nlso reigned as a bate thief, ttenlliig 5 limes in 1910 and 8 limes two yenrs later. He topprd A. A. run scoring columus four times. At that, Dave was a bust'-in the mnjors. In D»>s of Canttllon In his prime Alt:zer furnished the papsis with columns of colorful ™py. Ho played for the late Tense" Joe Cintillan, who ,wtis tiuite a paint p^t in himself. Dave never war known to edge away frcm a fight.' Fact wns, he usually was in It. And the times lhat he came out second best were few. Stealing third base, made obsolete -in these days cf the lively ball, used-to : be a popular pastime"'la ! AItte9r' Once ho rode into, third, spikes Hashing-wickedly in | hc;un. Harry Clark, Just as rough ond every bit as ready, stood in the way (c take the throw. Tlitre was u -cloud .of dust—then flj'ing fists flllr-l the air. Believing D.ivc had deliberately tried to cut him down Clark let. Mm have It on his bony aw. • Altizer .was knocked' to the !r r und-and-for good measure Ciarlc eiaed over to paste him again. Dave. ..was equal to the occasion, however/ snd-lashed out i'ith both spiked feet, gashing Clark's face. They U£ed.lp:do things,like that, , . He Bated Umpires 1 Baseball was fun for Altizcr, but here's no telling what enjoyment jemjght have .got from the game Irad there '.been no umpires He Dili i'OU KNOW THAT— I-ran See snys that Prlnio Carncin Is a manager's dream cf I'nraclise. . . "He doesn't know how hard he can hit." declares See. "He never has admitted to me that anybody ever retilly hurt him. Above all, he never lias to be told the same iMnir twice." . . . They call Sol (Happy) Furlh, New York 0. (rack captaln.y'Dick Merriwell." ... He linisiies off his training by reading any Merriwell took he can buy, borrow or slenl. . . The day-he went up to Schcnectady to eclipse an indoor record In the low hurdles lie bad a. Merriwell bool; in his traveling bag.- . . The White Sox like Von Doele stadium San Antonio, because Hie, in- .field Is soft nnd 'springy, and easy on Ihc dogs. . . Donle Bush llkr.5 it because of the atscnc" of cold winds that make most training spots bad. liked them—Yeah. -Dave.stormed intp the Minneapolis clubhouse one afternoon nf- tcr a. rumpus with Umpire Jim Murray. - ."It's either Murray or. me." he raved to Pongo Joe. "I'll never play in another game umpired by him." "Yeah." was Cantillon's mocking answer. "Well, I'll take Murray. He wins n game for us occasionally." That was nil of that. BRUSHING'UP SPORTS Lanfei tacle of America's leading mer. nmirt:; In quest, of national championship honors. Miami. It seems yets n favorable break onco in si while in spits of Us ' "battle o! nothlni; much" ;t year ngo niut lu recent "battle of less tlmn notli- Ing." Evsn with such bfe "3-men" as Sharkey and .SlribllngT then Slur- l;cy and Scoi.1, tile program of flr.ii- cullc was not so hot, mil for the natlciml clramplonshlps March 13!G an cnlry of such ncm.iallc siaii ns Elemior Jloi-.n. Agnes Oerasluy, Lls:i Lindtti-oni, Josephine McKlm Georgia Coleman, Rc«a Btraex . Ann Kubal and Kutherine Am:;: I insures SUCCESS siwlled in bolij letters. By her record-breaking perform- j ances this winter, 16-year-old El-1 canor Holm established herself perhaps as Ihc greatest girl swimmer ever developed. On top of that she'; one of the prettiest, | Hardly a week pass«d during me Indoor season that Miss Holm did not clip of! a second or two from back stroke records at various distances, many of them marks sh? previously hod established. In ,ed- ley competition with her nationally known teammates, Agnes Oei-- agmy ond Lisa Lindstrom, or In back, breast or crawl stroke events she proved n sensation In indoov pools. A recent tour that look Miss Holm into Pittsburgh. Cleveland Buffalo, followecl by an exhibition In her home pool at New York resulted In the establishment of trin-j official and .one unofficial-.nurld'j back stroke records, nil In four days of competition. A world's record in the JOD-ynrrl medley relay was established this winter by the Mlss;s Helm, back stroke. Lindstrom. free style and Geraghty, breast stroke. Their time of 3 minutes 43 seconds eclipsed by mere than seven ^econds the previous mark. Before participating in the national championships, a majority of the women stars wil coimpelo in a t»o-day .meet at St. Augustine March 5 and 6. "Women." blasted the matinee Idol, "are an oixm book lo me. I understand them Inside out" "Well." asked his friend, "can yen Icll me what w;men drivers mean when they hold out their hands?"— Hummel, Kiunbin g. Frcm 11.000 brains wc:ghed Topinurd finds nn average weight of 1301 gram; -f-,i- men and V'K fcr women. FIS18IRD Grand Junction, Tennessee Field Trials Open .loclay. lly F. O. IIAII.EY GRAHD JUNCTION. Tenn March 5. IUP>—The nncst b;rd' dcgr. In the United States are here f'r the cjwjifn^ lalay ol tile National Cliampioiiship bird doj flsld Irlals. Th2 event v.-ill be the climax' of ?, of AeM ti-i»,!s held in .the South in the i:.wt several months. Tlic*cl!:uiipiciv;}il>i is the most coveted of all anrng los lovers. / An unusual number of setters id pclntcrs lisvc be^n entered Ill's year. £o>ue of these have es- lablhlied brilliant records in preliminary trial nnd others arc among the mcsl famous bin! dO3» in.America. . 'Ihe champion drg will . be awarded the Colonel Merriman Memorial Cup. Aside from the cup the handler o( the winner will re- ceJvo 31,000 to $1,500 In 'prize money. To: a. dog to become eligible to compete in the National Championship trials he must have .previously been a winner in some recognized open stake. There wa? no (ulstanding favorite on the eve of ll'.c opening. Mary Blue Favorite . Last year the winner was Mary Blue, wh.'te and liver female pointer, owned by W. C. Teajjie, New York, and handled by Chesley Har- rh.' She I:, entered again this year against strong field. Another dog that will make an nttcmpt again this season is th» setter, • Feagln's Mohawk • Pal" cwned by E. M. Tuty;i!er, Jr.. Mirmmgliam, Ala., and handled by F'trcst Dean. I : al K-CII fhe stake oh two prcvl- cu's occasions and if he can rep"at this year tJie' Memor.'al Cup \i'ill become the final property uf-l:ls owner, for It mii:.t be wen thre-- tirnt.s. ... field trial followers this year 'are n°r.-cd the Uvc-vear-ol.-.s arc a unl- fprnily good lot. but with no. outstanding dTg. Aged dees have no; made so ficcd a showing this year. The event Is held on the Ames' Preserve near here. It was scheduled to have been held. Jan. 20. Jout was postponed becau:e of the severe cold and Ice-covered fields. The dcga were brought here then and several preliminary heats run, | but poor-showing ol the 20 competing dogs because of the Ice forad the postponement. It was the third such. pcs'tp:nemcnt in the long history of the event. 1 Besides Teagle and Tutwlier other prominent ownert who have dogs entered Include John Hirsch, Chicago; and Bernard Baruch and Harvert Bayard Swope of New York. Estimates of the age of the earth range from the Scriptural, of ley thnn 6000 years, to 1,7!0,000 years a. suess cf Barrell, bantu wi laui,- activlty. Hello Fellers! Back Again! I am associated with Cecil Dim in the .White Way Barber Shop, located in the Ingram building on Firrt street. One-half block off .Main and «-e want one thousand mm with, whiskers at, mice. J. W. CAMPBELL fc *^ < T »^*^V^ l/R** v -* o V- ^ -. "^ •• . ^-O ; ^. ^ ^^P^^^^.^^*»v^* ^^l-l§MS4v/ $* 1 ',,,-OH^Wp.MJ*KX«)Nfe.<.. '• g^ >'\\ I ^T;mt>*e«VRsrCMA), - ^'<\&\J ,-vA^du^^si-"!:..^ :^?:^^^:*;\V/ VANCE PITCHED r7^GDNS6ct5Tiv; HfKESS IHKUN6S First Waitf Boys Trim 7th Graders In Soccer Contest A picked team rcprcsDntin,; ih*^ Sntlbury school defeated the seventh grade junior high team In r. soccer football contest at the First Ward school ground yesterday afternoon. The score was 9 lo a. The Bishop team won (he soccc,- tournament.-at-.the-Sudbury schoo! between students of the upper grades, defeating the Chllds team 13 to 11. Soccer football has proved a popular sport nt the Suiiuury schoo' since ihe sp'orl was InlroJm:;:! tliu winter by Charles Stnbbs. -jirinci- pal of tile school. A committee of French ami Dutch Jewelers, appointed by Riza Kahn. in 1929. valued the Persian Rcyiil gems tit $179.000.000. not including the Darya-l-Noor diamond, which experts say is beyond price. CIGAR WISE "Now yon fello-.vs ;io',p yourself to the clgnrs." said Hie host. 'They're a present my wife [save me i:r my birthday." One by one: the guests vowed they had sworn off smoking. After the party his wife snid: "Wlrat made you tell such a fib? I bought you slippers for your Dlrliday?" "These cigurs cost me $10." he replied, "anrt I can'l afford lo give them away "—Tit-Bits. WERT He Makes 'Em See Royal C. Mills Pn!>lic Accountant nnd , Auditor Speclallilng In Income Tax. Bookkeeping Systems, Fhone 52 Ingram Dldg. Blylhcvllle. Ark. Challenger \\feek >\ •4'i we it YOURSELF... no lesser car can satisfy / In Fast Get-away—against any car regardless ox price or size. ID Speed —pit itagainstthe cars most famous for speed. In Hill Climbing —the hardest hills in yourcommuniry—and in America. In Reliability —in Comfort and Operating Ease. In Economy — Note its even greater advantage. You ure invited to be one of the drivers to prove Essex' right to Challenge. We want you to drive and ride in this entirely new Essex Challenger. This is a "Drive-it-Yourself Challenger Week". A week when motorists everywhere will pit the new Essex Challenger against every performance that makes for driving enjoyment. Nearly 6000 dealers in the U. S. and Canada have standard stock cars to turn over to motorists for this Challenge. These cars will prove Fast Get-away - Speed - Hill climbing ability-Easy Driving, Easy Operation, Luxury and Comfort. The Challenge is to all and for all to prove. . . . Ring us up or call on your nearest dealer now and say you want to be one of the many thousands who this week will prove the right of the new Essex to Challenge. It will convince you that Essex represents the greatest dollar for dollar value in car satisfaction that the iudustjy offer*. Blytlievillp, Ark Monan-Cunniiighain Motor Co. Opposite Glencoe Hotel ; New Singleton Building on Ash Just East of Second Caruthersville, Mo.

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