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The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky • Page 3

The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky • Page 3

Louisville, Kentucky
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I NOTICESOF THE BAY. SPECIALNQTIOESJ TELEGRAPHIC, NEWS mvEii, news. BTL 15, 3 A. ipurtur iMtovllta, Ha Ulcto Itirw. M.

Leal High Zoowaiodmtio? ot TtmIxi. nl Ckkua R.R. 8.45 A. .10.00 P. i laxlaatra K.

R. M. zjo p. m. licalarllli ui Ruhvfllt Ktlirnd Faaaerger Train, lataua Trln JePtnmiffll BlMa4.

Cfolcaao, St. Louis, Cincinnati, A Cairo Ex. Pant Express for Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Ctilc yro, and the Xaat Express for Ht. LouU, Cincinnati, 3-00 A. El.

.7.00 A. M. 8.00 A.M. 2.48 P. M.

P. M. Night Chkag and tha Ea CoatMti of First and Fourth Fas'es. Police Proceedings Jeffersonville Items Celebration or Shiloh at Russellville Scientific Discovery and News Roll of Honor: First and Second Kentucky Decisions of the Court of jAppeals Novelties in Fashion Items An Eastern Story Laws of the United States Telegraphic News1 Arrest of Hebe In Owe JJonnty Cultivation of Flax Tlic Bessons of California Ornamental Living Fences Miscellaneous Its ms, Ac, ttiFMajor-General Burnside paid a hurried wisit to Connersville, last week, to see his brother who resides there. His coming was not generally known, yet he was met at the depot by a large concourse of citizens and welcomed by the Rev.

Joseph Cotton; Gen. Burnside returned thanks for the cordial reception, and assured the people that he had honestly endeavored to do his duty in defending the Government against this wicked rebellion, and that he wa3 still willing to devote all his physical and mental powers to the advancement of the cause in which all loyal hearts, -all- true friends of liberty, are now so deeply interested. He aid, too, that in the present great conflict, no man had a right to do anything would in the least enfeeble or embarrass the Government; that however much we might differ with the Administration in regard to the policy adopted, we should confine ourselves to a moderate and temperate expression of dissent; that the war, must go on till the rebellion is at an end; we could not have honorable peace in any other way; that those in the North who were most clamorous for peace, were the most thoroughly detested by the leaders of the rebellion. And every loyal heart will respond to these patriotic utterances of the gallant Burnside. He is as sagacious in council as he is energetic in war.

Ths Continental Olu Folks. If any body supposes that these delightful vocalists are declined into the vale of years, let him go and see the Paige Sisters, and disabuse his mind. One of them has a sweet face, and one of the most silvery voices that ever gurgled through tha ivory jets of the fountain of song, scattering its melodic spray with myriads of brilliants. Then, too, there is a basso pro-; fundo, the diapason of which swells like tie thunder of Niagara under the where sounds are reverberated as if from the mif hty caverns of old Enceladus, the son of earth, but still always in unison. A very agreeable feature of the Old Folks entertainment is the exhibition of the antique garments vjch have vbeen presented to them, some of which are nearly two centuries old, and strange to say, the fashions of that remote time do not look so grotesque as those of the first quarter of the present century the slouched or peaked hat of the former era being picturesque compared with the three-cocked hat and the bell crown of the latter.

Every nights programme is varied, and this afternoon they have a performance at half-past two, when the Continental Congress of sweet singers ought to have a large audience. j- Signal Train for Robecrans. Captain Wonderly has reached here from Philadelphia, which place he left last week with a signal train intended for the use of Gen. Sosecrans in the Army of the Cumberland. The train consists of six substantially built wagons, each containing a telegraph instrument, tool chest, axes, reels with five mil'es of wire, spears to be used as poles, and iron ibars.

The telegraph instruments are the mo3t complete of their Kind ever put in operation, and are much su- perior, both in the matter of economy and reliability, to the instruments now in general use. The dial instrument is used, and the elec- tricity is generated at the time of operating, and without the use of acids. The instrument la contained in a box, which can be readily carried by one man, and its mechanism is so 1 simple that it is ready for U6e the instant the I station in the field is selected. It is patented by Mr. Beardslee, of New York.

The Resrl Crv for'Bre inri-Of lf pcopl in the world those of the seceding States were the least prepared to go to war and prosecute it for any length of time. The New York Post says there is no other instance in history where a nation has devoted itself as has the South to the growing of cottonHt product which certainly cannot be psed as human food, In This respect the war is of a character eui genet ft; and the inferences drawn from other contests can not with strict propriety be applied in this case. We have the stubborn facts that from numerous places at (he South the market reports speak of flour as from fifty to hundred dollars per barrel; pork, one dollar to one dollar and eighty cents per pound, and most other necessaries of life in proportion. The New York World accounts for these frightful prices bv the depreciation of Confederate money and the inability to transport produce from one localityj to another, owing to the railroads being otherwise engaged. These explanations, hoi ever, fall far short of accounting for all the existing distress.

For at no point in the insurrectionary counfry are thq prices of food moderately low, even if the currency be reduced to a specie standard. Say the gold dollar is worth four and a half of Confederate paper, still )he barrel of flour selling at sixty dollars in currency commands over thirteen dollars in specie. et this, though more than twice as high as ordinarily, is little more than half of what lit is to-day selling for in some localities. The Southern States are certainly large enough to produce grain and wheat sufficient to feed the whole continent. But it must be borne in mind that the agricultural section in particular has been ravaged as scarcely ever before was any country by both contending armies.

The horses have been impressed into the re Del service; the oxen havabeen nearly all consumed as food. Fences are destroyed for hundreds of square miles together. The negroes in the frontier States have disappeared. I But were the laborers, the' horses, the oxen, the seeds, and the means required to plant in even such abundance; were the fences and buildings restored; the fact that the harvest may be impressed by agents of the so-called government will deter farmers from planting more than is necessary for their bare sustenanceJ We append some extracts from Confederate papers concerning the recent bread riots, which are important for their apologies, their inferences, and their facts. The Richmond Sentinel of the 7th has the following editorial: The Richmond Riot When the public peace was for a time somewhat disturbed hereon Thursday last, it was suggested to us, and to the rest of the city press, by many bitizens, to refrain from any present notice or it, on account of the misrepresentations and exaggerations to which a publication would give rise.

In assenting to the suggestion, in company with all the other papers, we felt that we were only paying a decent respect to the Opinions of gentlemen certainly as well qualified to jndge as ourselves equally interested, to say the least, in a correct judgment and entitled to deference on other grounds. Our compliance was voluntary and in good faitbj We thus became a party to the reserve. We have no repentance for this, nor have we any quarrel, or any reproaches where our hand has been given. We have not even any regrets. On the contrary, we are glad that time was taken to ascertain facts with precision, and thus to prevent errors which a precipitant notice might have assisted to spread.

It can now bo said, upon authority of the sworn evidence, that the conduct of a few misguided women, who, on Thursday, availed themselves of the tenderness with which their sex is ever treated in the South, was not due to Buffering. Themselves, and the thieves in pantaloons who took shelter in their company, simply plundered milliners goods, flry goods, fancy goods, fully as mnch as more necessary articles. It Was no cry fof bread; it was no riot, so far as they placed their action on any declared basis. It was opposition to the high prices: and upon this point they took shelter under the abstract sympathy of such as believe that speculators ana extortioners have made the prices so high, and dispose them accordingly, But it is now proven that there was no distress among those persons; that the very leader was independent, and herself an extortioner; that there has been abundant provision mad6 for the poor who may need it; and that tbe whole thing was simply a plundering raid under female impunity, An ebullition such as we have noticed would have excited no attention outside of tbe quiet South, where good order is so uniform and so nniversaL It amounts to nothing here. Under the local beading is a riot case, where Dr.

Thomas M. Palmer, charged with encouraging a riot in the streets of the city, appears before RecorderCaskie, witn his counsel, General George W. Randolph And John A. Gilmer, Esq. His loyalty to the Confederacy was Touched by the Secretary of the Navy and members of both branches of Congress.

He was a member of the convention that took Florida out of the Union, and has been in the Confederate service from an early period of the war. The testimony was to tho effect that he refused to depart when the crowd was ordered by the Gevernor and the Mayor to disperse, and made use of some language not altogether suitable to the occasion. The presence of the Governor and Mayor, the character and standing of the counsel employed, and the class of witnesses called by the defence, indicate plainly that ibere was more than tbe ebullition which the Sentinel would have us believe. Under tbe beading of Bread Destitution tbe Richmond Whig of the 8th inst. Baya: Lee Mallory, the lessee of Metropolitan has established a depot at the Ilall for the distribution of twenty-four hundred loaves of bread per month to the needy families of soldiers in the field.

The Ladies Benevolent Society superintend the distribution, which takes place on Tuesday and Friday of each week, the beneficiaries being furnished with tickets for the bread. The Raleigh (N. Standard, of March 25, gives an account of a bread riot that had just taken place near that city. A company of women, most of them soldiers wives, went to the store of William Welch, at High Pointy rolled out several barrels of molasses, and divided it. The Standard remarks on this occurrence: Welch is a great war man, and favors general impressment of supplies by the army.

How does he like the principle of impressment as applied iu his case? The same paper gives particulars of other riots, and referring to them editorially exclaims: Bread riots have commenced, and where they will end God only knbws. A letter is copied by the Standard from another North Carolina paper, giving an account of another riotons outbreak of the women at Salisbury, in that State, a place with which some of our soldiers have become acquainted. The letter is dated March 19th, and says: There was a mob raised here yesterday, consisting mostly of soldiers wives, and led on by hunger, I suppose, and hatred against speculators. They armed themselves with hatchets and congregated at the depot for the purpose of breaking in, if and getting some flour stowed away by some speculator. The agent refused them admittance, bat finally agreed to let three of the women in, and said if any more got in they would have to walk over him.

At this a large, stalwart woman made at him with a hatchet. He backed, and they rolled out ten barrels of flour owned by a man in Charlotte, and had it hauled up. Subsequently they appropriated several bags Of salt, belonging to private parties. They also marched to tbe store of one Mr. Brown, a speculator in flour, and demanded to be let in but the door was closed, and they) went to work in good earnest to break it down.

Mr. Brown, to satisfy them, told them he would five them ten barrels if they would leave and et him alone. They finally agreed to it and sent for a dray to haul it to the market house, for the purpose of making an equal division of it.1 1 Next in order they visited Dr. J. H.

Enniss, who had bought some flour for his own use. He asked them in and gave them three barrels. Next and Sprague A Bros, gave tbem all tbe molasses they had, which was a little over half a barrel. The mob then repdiced to the marketbouse, when, it being too late to make oat the share of the impressment, they moved it to W. M.

Baker's, where they are now dividing the spoils among themselves. Developments or the Trainor of guilt attached to each of the various parties compromised by Sale to Mrs. Trainor, The evidence adduced in this matter with Other evidence obtained, shows that other merchants of Louisville, I and also merchants in New Albany, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati have been largely engaged in the sale of drugB and other goods for a Southern, destination. The plans of the Government have been sadly interfered with by the efforts of the disloyal, the unprincipled, and the I feckless I at home. ence the treason of those in the cities named who are connected with attempts to supply the rebels medicine or other articles.

It matters not that their agency in such attempts is merely secondary; they I are none the iless guilty as smugglers and aiders and abettors of enemy, and are liable to the punishments provided torsuch offenders; 1 the benefit of those who are thus trafficking, regardless of law and the interests of thQ nation, it may be proper to state that therejis connected with the Army of the Cumberland a thorough police organization, connected with which is a complete detective system, Its accomplishments thus far fully attest the wisdom Of Rosecrans in establishing it. At its Mad is a man of indomitable energy. 1 Commanders in other departments co-operate with him in carrying out his plans. His officers traverse far and near, and are as likely to be fouud before the counter of some enterprising adventurer in contraband trade at Cincinnati, lor Indianapolis, as at the headquarters in this city. I The methods adopt ed to detect offenders in tiohisvillq will bring to light the Schemes df otherjs.f Crime is henceforth to be punished.

The 'day of leniency is past, and prpmptj stern justice is being Dieted out. Spies, smugglers, and Others have given their lives as tM penalty of I their offences in some of the commands I within few days. Let this facbQ I I I Estate 1 1 i i' 1 Transfers.1 The following istaite In Louisville and Jeffer-mjade joql Friday, Saturday, 'Tuesday, llAjuiJ Rial transfers of real son county were Monday, a and 14th, 1863: H. II. Sale and wife to Wra.

20 feet front by 112 feet frnth northwest corner of Madison and Hancock streets, $900 00 Murray Phillips and wife arid John A.Shrader to Frederick Roib; 33 sores mors or lose, on the Louisville and fchDherdsrill turnpike 4.. .7 John T. Iloke and wife to O. Hopeell, six acres, more or less, on the waters of Cheno- wethfs run, near Jefforsontbwii. xr .7,000 00 1,000 00 John Kennedy to Elisha Nbmnjis, grantors undivided interest, being: one-nintu of 73) seres in Hancock county, Kyjo, 400 00 John W.

Gamble and wife to Jacob Davis, 20 feet front by 104 feet deep, more or lees, to a 10 foot alley, on the southwest corner of Market and Second a i.ij.ij.,... 0,380 00 John tV. Gamble And twite; to Wm.fl. Dix, 1H feet iliv.lncbesifront.lon the: south side of Market street, by lot lebt deep, more or less, to a 10 foot Alley; beginning 20 feet from the sontbwost corner oflnMarket And Second streets Patrick Joyes And wife to! Solomon Hart, lot No. TOO in Jssp DetVolrs enlargem nt of Louisville; being 30 feet front on north side.

Main street by 195 5t deep to 30 Toot alley lying between Fourteenth and Fifteenth cross streets 490 00 Baml A. Miller and wife to Win. Mollenkamp, 3o feet front on north side Walnut. between Sixteenth mid Seventeenth streets, by 20 feet deep to A 20 foot 420 00 Theobald Bents And Wife to Jacob Mohr, 17 foot fronti on north side Market street, bet. Clay and Shelby streets, by 90 feet 2,000 00 Frederick 1 Roth ind Wife to Jensen, 28 feet 4 inches front, ujm south side the Shelby, ville turnpike Toad, running back to Bear- grass Creek, I in 1 Geigers enlargement to Louisville; also Aniuqdiyided of 60 feet ouisvlllej also Aniuqdivid inches 1 t.uiu W.

1 1 tokos to 1 Henry I frey. a strip to cos. 2,000 00 iij DMJMiB i dJWipry 1 strip xo coo taint 2)4 acre, to 1 itakn. off the most wost-witrdly end or sido bf 'the 61 acre tract con voyed to ft Hi Stoked by Benj Luat, djolnins the tfttesp Co ttaao ........1,000 00 I t-H-H-tti1- i th6Nashvile Union re-cently paid a risitjjt1 the rural districts of wh 9te fiaeaw everything looking bright and bea the songs of sweet birds, waarsfrephedTaid reanimated, and, among Other (The production of grain, potatoes etcJ, will fallfar below the average yield, jthere being So much less ground in cultivation is usual, Many fine farms are almost ehtireljl nnfbclosed, and no steps are being made restore the fences, i But few are attempting of the farm sumptipn.l Bettle foj examination of fruit that they Photo of the products than I w'ilj supply their own con-Wowtyel gtad of the chance to he fruit question. Upon fcloD ms of several kinds particularly we found llyji escaped the ill effects (jstti.

jiThe damage done them plsW they are cut off here-pect an excellent crop of tc peftcl was smallj 'aadj, after, We tna fruit. ExcnWUjr r'liwEs Ville. The Cannel-ton (opposite ilapresriltej Reporter is informed that onjTuesdiyj night of last week about one hundred ariaed men supposed to be from the and i from Ohio coun-: the neighborhood of land eQt who, (calling upon Messrs. G. W.

Mc- Adams, George jwjlliams, Robert Beauchamp, William Sterrett, and John Martin, demanded that each of tjheu pay, within twenty days, the sum jot one thousand dollars for the benefit jof ihe (widow of, Mr.j Hale, who shot byjiiiomel persons believed to be WAS DUUk VJji BVLUU JfCIOVUB UiiQTOU tu UU rebel Sympathizers op last night. What this mo ementj will result in is difficult to determine. Nothing pleasant, we fear. If demand fins beep, made without authority the mijitary commander of the district, should! see! that jpo outbreak grows out of haVeja puffipient number of troops near lawesvill'o to preserve he peace. 1 propriety and justice which are the great I of so immense an incorporation.

safeguard! of immense an incorporation. I I til Klt Is generally supposed that the President arrange all the machinery for the execntloQ (if the new law for calling out the fictional jmolitia, bat for the -present will not list it jin Operation. It is considered that if the otdi are filled up to their maxi-murb quotA by1 'recruiting, or, if necessary by will be no need for any farther Tfc arrest of John Trainor at NaBhyille, clerk in the Ordnance Department, on. a of smuggling arms, monitions, and medicines through the lines, and conveying information to the rebels, has already been noticed. The following facts deteloped in the Investigation of the case have been famished to the Nash-i ville Dispatch: I 1 1 Ji ill A careful and thorough investigation has been made in this ease, i The guilt of Trainor of the highest crime recognized in either civil or military law is fully established.

His operations extend back over a period of two years. He has occupied a position which gave him unusual facilities for carrying out his designs, and he has not failed to take advantage of them to the best of his ability, Having had greater or less control of wagon trains since he entered the service, he has, if bis own statements are reliable, on several occasions attempted to place trains in positions were they might be easily captured. In addition to his own admission there is absolute proof of his treason, Connected with this case is that of the parties in Louisvillell concerned i in the sale of nearly nine thousand dollars worth of Quinine and opium to MrsJ Trainor. It is shown that those most interested! in this sale must have known that the medicines were purchased for the purpose (of being( smuggled South. Edward mlde, of Louisville the wholesale druggist from whom the medicines were obtained, is shown to bd strongly in sympathy with the rebels, He has sola large quantities of drugs since the ppeaing of the war to persons who were to take them through the Union lines.

By i his last transaction of this kind he has involved his whole stock of goods. It is unnecessary to speak of the degree PORT OF LOOISVILLX ARRIVALS YMT1RDAY. Maj, Andorson, Cln. Nellie Rodgers, Pittsburg. 1 departures yesterday.

Dlad.m, Tin. Nolhe St. Louis. Big Grey Eagle, Hend. The river continues to recede slowly, with feet inches In tha canal end 4 feet 3 inches on the fella.

It rained -incessantly all day yesterday, and a general gloom pervaded the eity. Thera was no business whatever outside tbe regular packet lines. We miftit note the movements of boats id the Govern aa.nt service were we not reminded of a general order pro-hunting onr indulgence in such matters. The Gen. Buell Is ths mailboet to-dsy for Cincin-natl.

1 8he will leeve precisely st neon. The lower Ohio, Cumberland, and Tennessee are ia moderate boating order. 1 Nearly all the boats era Impressed In tha Govern-mont service, and this, with tha present rsatrietloaa on shipments, renders business on the river extremely dull. There 1 fifteen feet in the channel out te Cairo, sad a bg river below. The Illinois river is failing from LaSalle te the mouth, and still overflowing Its banks.

The Upper Mississippi is falling, from Reed's Lending down, and open to St. Pant. There ie fire feet la the Upper, and four feet three inches in the Lower Rapids. Below Keokuk there ia ten feet in tbe channel. The Missouri river is falling from Leavenworth down, with scant four feet in the channel.

There are three end a half feet water on Harpeth Shoals in the Cumberland. The Telegraph, on her trip up from Clarksville, broke her rudder, and is having a new one pat in. The Leonora, full of freight and with a barge laden with hay in tow, passed down for Memphis yesterday morning. Ihe Glendale, foil of freight and people, pasted down for Memphis yesterday, COMMERCIAL. DAILY REVIEW OF THE MARKET.

Oman or ran Louisvillb Jockal, Wedhesday, April 15, IMS. Dalnee and depression have been the only features in tha market for tome days past. As will be observed below we have but few changes to note. Gold is stationary for once, having made no capricious moves as heretofore, and other funds also remain unchanged. Wa quota gold at 53(057 ft cent pram, buying, and cent selling There are no sales of stiver and demand notes Vt quote the buying rate of silver at 38S4S cent.

Demand notes buying at 5053. Ths bankers bar Kentucky notes at cent and Indiana notes at 2 (h cent premium. We quota tbs notes of tha three old banks of Tennessee at 56 cent dls. Govern meat certificates of indebtedness are bought At Southern currency ia quoted at from 36 to 43 cent die. Canada currency sells at a premium of 40 cent.

Eastern exchange in demand at cent discount buying, and par), premium seUing. Flour ajid Gkaix. Flour it Anil, with sales superfine at 33 7S36, and of extra and family at 36 to 36 75. Sales of 800 bushels wheat at 31 151 20 for red and 31 2(J1 25 for prime white, and market dull. We quote cern at 7075c for aar and shelled.

Bales of rye at 83c. Oats in demand at 7075o from wagons. Barley at 31 25. Sales thlpstuffa at 320 ton, shorts at 317, and bran at 313. Provisions Dull.

Old mess pork 3100:10 SO, new 313 6014, hams, bulk, JfflOYc, smoked 8 S9c canvassed 9S)0c; shoulders, bulk, C4c, smoked SHc clear sides, bulk, 65c, smoked 7li7)4c; ribbed sides i.c in bulk, smoked IV. Blttlr and Eoos Fresh butter 30c. Eggs 1314C. Cheeks Sales of 60 boxes at 14)63)150. Groceries Unchanged eager in hhds at 134 ISlC; yellow in bbls at 13414c, crushed and refined sugar at 16617c, a few barrels old New York molasses at 65c, aud new at 70c.

Sales Rio coffee at 3334o. Potatoes Sales from store at 32 753 50 41 bbl. Onions Dales from the country at 35 506 bbl. Cotton Tarns, fto. Yarn firm at 3032c for No.

600. We quota candlewick at 31 20, and cotton twine at 90cll. Sales of Cannelton batting at 56o. Sheetings flnlee G. W.

at 43c. Whisky Sales of 18 bbla raw at (3'4e. Flaxsexo Firm at the mills et 32 03 bushel. Linseed Oil Sales at 31 83 gallon. Hemp Sales of Kentucky at 3120135 ton.

Tobacco Sales 166 hhds 1 hhd at 34, I at 37 05, 27 at 31d10 75, 42 at 2IIU 73, 22 at 312(312 73, 15 at 313913 73, 10 at 73, 13 at 313613 73, 8 at 8l(hl6 75,3 at 3IT 017 75, 7 at 318 23US 75, 2 at 319 50, 3 at 320205 3 at 321 75, 2 at 322 73, tat 32l24 75, 2 at 3 1523 25, au 2 at 327 232T 75. Cincinnati, April 14, P. The Prioe Current will publish the annual pork etate-meut tonioirow showing tbe total namber parked, being an Increase over lust year of 1 0,000. 1 here is a net increase iu pounds of meat of 32 ceut, and in pounds of lard of 27 Si rent. Flour dull and pncee nominal at 33 434 75 for superfine.

Wheat in fair demand at 31 S5ftl 28 for rod, and 31 35 1 38 for white. No change in corn or oats. Whisky Not much done in provisions, and no change la prices. Grooeries steady and the demand moderate. Gold aud demand notea 13069152.

Exchange ttaedy. New Yore, April 14. Cotton dull and hoary at 66(6 9c. Flour lues active and 10c lower, tha decline in gold cansiug the depression 36 5097 for extra State, 37 20 (r7 35 lor extra round hoop Ohio, and 37 400)8 30 for trade brands, tbe market rioting doll, heavy, and drooping Wheat dull and drooping at 31 70 for Western red, 31 7291 7T for winter red and amlter Jersey, 31 V0 tor while Michigan, aud 31 93 for prime white Kentucky Uorn lower, and moderate business at I he decline; 9o6V2e for sound and for unsound. Outs steady at Mo7)4c, Poi dull aud heal y.

on sides less active. Lard s-iive enddoworat, iu eluding small lots of very choice at llo. uioi. un -i. 5(26.

Sterling exchange doll and lower, first class bills lo'-cylvu. Gold dull and lower, opening at 58 -j, declining to 54, aud cloeiug weak at 64v.V.. Slot ks quiet. United States 6s of 81 registered 104, United bliiles 1-year oortificates tnew) 9e, Virginia As 60, Tennessee 6 V0, Miesonri 6a SO4, Toledo and Wabash 2d mortgags VO'S, Pittsburg, Fort Wayne, and Chicago let llu, do 2d 103, Pacific Mail 189, NewYork Central 1 1 1M Krie 7vH. do pretsrred 97, Chicago, Bar.

ling tor, and Quincy lib's, Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana MX, do registered 103, Michigan Cential 101, Cleveland aud Pittsburg 71)4, Cleveland aud Toledo 92 Vi Cuttle Market The current prioe for tbe week at all the markets are as follows: Beef cattle, first quality, 'i loO 3, 310 50412, ordinary 310010 Common 39 25 50, and interior 36 OofcM. buses and lambs, extia, hend, 36010, prime 37 246, ordinary 36 73i 7 25, common 3e 2-KcG and inferior 23. bwina. corn-fed, heav, 48 5H(ffi0Hc, light and medium 4 Uac, and still-fed 444.5)sc. Total receipts at all the arda for the week Beeves 502, cows 213, veal calves 9o, sheep aud lambs 4,938, and swine 12,913, STEAMBOATS.

For Cairo and Memphis. LIBERTY master, leave on this day, the 13th Ej't3wsmat For freight or paasage ap- ou board or to el5 f. M. ERWIN, Agent. For Nashville.

Tbe ligbt-dmlt, swilt-runnina passenger fTT? a steamer ALHAMBRA, Capt. Acstih.wIU lav as above and all intermediate tlHSDwtch. For freight or passego tugs, with despatch. For freight or passa apply on board or to L. b.

BROCKS, Agent, al3 at Cropper, Patton, ft Fourth street. N. Tho Alhambra has capacity for 500 ton freight. REGULAR PACKET U. 8.

MAIL MORNINGLINR Connecting at Cincinnati with Early Eastern Trains. FUR CINCINNATI. wJThe magnificent passenger Stea Eh WbwwwM A J. AN DKB8ON, iLnasTH, ou ri fettm, BUELL, Whitton, roaster. At Ik.

eAwawaoMI Sw4 1 1 inSYO InO iKft 12 JfeEiAJ, vv nil IVK tumvm, One of the above steamers will leers lot tha ebOT port daily at 12 o'clock M. For freight or OfflM at tha WharfboiRt. foot of TMrrt at. IIEI'fSTMDTHIIE Establishment. william: pyxis, No.

3353 Main North aide, botvreon Third nnd Fourth Ma, LOUISVILLE, Manufacturer of Copper, Tin, and Sheet Iron Ware, and Dealer in Stovea, Grate, Caetings, Housekeeping Hardware, The subscriber would rerpectfullt call tbe attention of his friends tho JjNiogeo-arally tothetactthathehssopenedaNEW STOVEaod TIN-WARE A8TABLI8HMENT on tbs aorth side of Iin-I TARtt A van -j Mam tret, wen Third i fecture. COPPER, TIN, and IRON WABEof all kios. Will always keep a goo 1 Aseortmeotof all tha latest and most approved tterns of OOOKINta and HEATING bTOVJM end RANGES, COUNTRY WiDLftc. Harlnf on in and bemff thoroughly aiunted thj want of the trace and community, be leels confident that can give satisfaction to all who favor him with a cell, and hopes by strict aud prompt attention to business ra pvke THE AMERICAN HOUSE BOSTON THS LARGEST AND BEST ARRANGED HO- TEL In the New England Btateeta centrtjlf located and easy, of aoceee from all the route of traveu catoa ana easy oi aocewe iron mu iu It oontalns all the modern improvement end ewr convenience for the comfort nd accommodation the travelling public. and well ventilated, tbe sultee of iwsas DDletely funihbei wr ftmille lifW Hoe, and the honee will continue to do an vi wu TwiMwwu, vj ranged and completely furnished travelling part: kept ae a finite fehA dtely IDa TUB uuura wmrass ww "iiCTagv NEW TRIMMING STORE.

J. seTcIlin, Manufacturer and Wholesale and Fetal! Dealer in Ladlee Dress and Cloak. lOBIOr Eriv fr WSVSSSR Has removed rFRtSinfii5 old stand ON Fourth Btreet to south side of Market street. No. 317.

between Third and Fourth, where be is now offering for sale tha newest styles of PARIS DRESS 1 SIM MINGS in all colors, FRINGES. CORDK and TASSELS, BILK and BUGLE GIMP OKNAMSNTSj BUTTONS, and tbe choicest variety of LA BUM HKAD-pRESSKS at his usual low prices. marchu disSm GOLDEN SIRUP 25 bbU Boston Steam BeficWT brand in store for wls by (16 DOW A BURKHARPT. 417 Market st. Bolted meal 6C bushels fresh bolted OornMl in store fnJuRKHARPT.

SIT Market st.1 1 ad Hominy ui bbia cboioa Flint Hominy ia store BURKHARPT. 41tfarkMs. Old BOURBON wSSIoo bhls snperior eop- per distilled, uastvnfdeijvam Bftffe. OLD NELSON wSStJaeO bbls copper dla-tillad, Mars OM. in More andfor rel.y OLD CROW WHISUObbla, 3 yams old, satire fixe, for rale by W.

H. WAI4KIB 4 00, as The Latest Advices from Port Royal The Fight at Charleston Resumed. Fort Sumpter Probably Breached Preparations for Another New York to be Called fpon First, Engagement Near Suffolk Probable Nkw Yobx, April 14. The steamer Arago has arrived from Port Royal on the 11th via Charleston bar. Among her passengers are General Freeman Seymour and staff.

General Gordon, and the French Consul at Charleston. The New South of the lltb says the fight at Charleston was resumed on the 10th, bat with what result it could not ascertain. It adds: Fort Sumpter is probably breached by this time. The purser of the Araeo says the Ironsides and six iron-clads were still off Charleston bar on the 11th. Nothing had transpired since the bombardment of the 7th.

Gen. Hunter and army would leave for Port Royal the next day. The steamer Ocean Queen, from AspinwaJi, arrived here this evening with treasure from California. She was convoyed a portion of the way by the gunboat Connecticut. 1 The Arago brings the following intelligence: Tbe gunboat Washington was aground on the 8th in Broad river, near Port Royal Ferry.

The E. B. Hale went to her assistance, bnt to no purpose. The rebels brought down a light battery, and firing on her a chance shot struck her magazine, causing the destruction of the boat. Two men were killed, two mortally wounded, and eight slightly.

All of them were of the 3d Rhode Island artillery. Washington, April 14. A special to the Po6t sayfi the Government is making preparations for a draft to fill up the regiments which have been depleted by the casualties of service. The State of New York will be among the first called upon for fresh troops. i The weather is magnificent, and the Virginia roads are in excellent condition.

Niw York, April 14. Advices by the Arago state that the ironclad 'Patapsco went to Port Royal, was there repaired, and again returned for service. None of the vessels except the Keokuk were seriously injured. The rest of the fleet lay inside of Charleston bar on Saturday evening. Part of tbe land forces had sailed for Port Royal.

The design of attacking Charleston is not abandoned, and the confidence of our naval officers is in no degree shaken. It is stated that an engagement near Suffolk is not improbable, and the repulse of the rebels in such an event is regarded as certain. Gen. Keys has issued an order notifying all ersons not da the employ of the 'United States, who prefer safety to the conflict of war, to leave any town or village in the department which may be fired upon by the enemy forthwith. Philadelphia, April 14.

The safe of the Reading Railroad Company, at Reading, was robbed last night of $10,000 in money. Gard Gilmores 6tore, Chestnut street, in this city, was entered last night, and robbed of $4,000 worth of goods. Cairo, April 14. The rebels in the vicinity of Fort Donelson having been for Borne time gathering all the horses for cavalry service, it has been ordered that all the good horses in the neighborhood be taken by the Federal force while engaged in this service, Seventy of our men last Friday met about the 6ame number of rebel cavalry, and a skirmish ensued which twenty-one of the latter were taken prisoners, including Maj. filandon and two Captains.

Indianapolis, April 14. General Burnsides order relative to sending domestic traitors beyond the Federal lines, and for the protection of Union men, is welLre-ceived in Indianapolis, as it confirms tbe previous action of General Carringten. i A Union man, who was driven from his borne because he was accused ot reporting the K. G. C.s, was s'rat back to-day with an offi-tea to rely upon the civil au- rely upon i Aborities, but it not protected, the offenders are der the late order.

cer, and instructs tborities, but it nc to be dealt with urn figT-We clip the following from the Nashville Diepatch of yesterday: i A contract to supply the Army of the Cumberland with beef for a period of four months has been awarded by Maj. Symonds, Quartermaster at Louisville, at 58 35 per 100 pounds. Fifty of sixty East Tennessee refugees ir-rived on the train from Louisville Sunday night. They come here, we understand, to om CoL Robert Johnsons cavalry regiment. We are informed that all the building at Tyree Springs have been destroyed by fire.

The destruction occurred some four weeks ago, and was undoubtedly the work of an incendiary. A rumor prevailed in the city yesterday that a rebel force, variously stated at from 4,000 to 20,000 men, was at Lebanon. The rumor did not state from whence this force came, nor whither it was going. Considerable excitement was caused in the city yesterday afternoon by the arrest of a number of citizens, who were marched off nnder guard to the Provost Marshals office, and thence to the penitentiary. One report was circnlated on tbe streets, as coming from headquarters, 'that five hundred were to be arrested on Wednesday morning, when they were to be sent to Camp Chase to be held as a hostages for East Tennesseeans now confined in Southern prisons, and to be exchanged for them whenever the Confederate Government shall comply.

Another rumor circulated, as coming from another department, was that ninety-three were to be arrested to be sent South. But nothing certain has been developed in regard to the matter. It was stated ia telegraphic despatches from Washington a few davs since that Col. Ludlow and Mr. Ould baa agreed upon an exchange of citizens, which we supposed would include all citizens held in confinement by the Confederates.

i Among those who were arrested yesterday we have heard of the following: I T. S. Marr, Mark Young, John W. Johnston, Jas. J.

Rose, John C. Wharton, Jas. J. Moore, Richard H. Patten, Archer Cheatham, M.

McClure, Thos. W. Barnes, G. W. Hen-dersbot, J.

F. Demoville, A. G. Adams, Isaac T. Forbes, J.

S. Ramage, C. J. Cheney, Jacob Young, D. Adams, J.

R. Bruce and wire, Mrs. Camp, Jess Stevens, Henry Apple, Jas. Peacoek, Wjn, Ewen, Dr. T.

B. Buchanan, Jno. E. Gleaves, Wm. A.

Cleaves, Wm. Higgins, Isaac C. Nicholson, Jas. H. We suppose there is little doubt that guerillas are prowling about the country, and, if their friends can be believed, have been in town, recently, on several occasions.

We hope that prompt measures will be taken to preserve this section of the State from the aunoy-aoces to which we were subjected last 'year by these maraudersu Their presence here will be the cause of trouble to their friends as well to their enemies. Owensboro Monitor. Scarity or Seamen. Tbe Bnffalo Commercial Advertiser of Monday says: There are some two hundred vessels that are fitted and being fitted out at this port. The Masters of these vessels are freely paying two dollars a day for seamen, and they are scarce at these figures.

Bad State or Things. Three-fifths of the adult white population of California are men without wives. Four out of every five white men are bachelors, and from necessity for while there are one hundred and eighiy-three thousand eight hundred and fifty-six white men in the State, there are only forty-eight thousand one hundred and forty-nine white women. Mr. E.

Wilbur is having the Indiana Cotton Mill put in the most complete order for that good time coming, when its ten thousand spindles shall again make glad the homes of our people by their music. Alas I when shall that be Echo answers when Cannellon Reporter. DIED, On Tufsdny. 14th nt st 2 oclock, P. st his residence (the Bowie.

House), in this city, illiaM Gth right, ia the 60th year his ago. Hu remains will leave on tbe care on Tiirtoy morning for the family burying gronml, on the farm of hie brother, John Gathright, Ksa in county, and will be interred at clock, M. On the 11th his parents residence, near Ls-g range, Oldham county, F. M. and Sarah ft.

Barbour, aged eightaea months. OBITUARY. Died at the resilience of Mr. Harry Browa, In Woodford county, on tlie 30th of March, 1863, in hia 57th year, William B. Campbell, of apoplexy.

A brief and severe Illness terminated his mortal career He commanded tlie love and esteem of many and tbe friendship or all who had fhe pleasure of hi aoonaintance. Hewasnch in a spotless reputation, and possessed in an eminent degree those high qualities which Impart a relish to social intercourse. Mr. wag for several sees tons Doorkeeper to the House of Reprewntatlre of the Kentucky Legislature, and discharged Lis duties with groat credit to himself, and enure satisfaction to ths House. He was a devo ted friend of the Union as it was and the Constitution as it is, and he has left behind him none more sealoua in the Union cause.

Hie numerous friends will regret to learn that Billy tha boon companion and clever gentleman, has gone to his final reet Frail mortal man 1 thy life how short, i A laa I how soon thy race ia rnn And thou art called to leave this state. To travel in a world unknown. di a TifaKAHES OF THR NERTOBH, SEMI. I NAL. URINARY, AND SEXUAL SYSTEMS.

New and reliable treatment in Reports of the HOWARD ASSOCIATION Sent In eraled letter envelop, free of charge. Address Dr J. bKILLIN HOUGHTON, Howard Association, Philadelphia, Fa. mltdUa M. w.

riTXut. WM. r. wtano. bcnj.

r. ivnt. PITKIN, WIABD, CO, WHOLESALE DEALERS IN SEEDS, Agricultural Implements, Machines Trees, Plants, Hydraulic Cement, Lime, Plaster, 311 WAIN BOUISVZ1XB, KY. WI HAVB IN STORE AND ABE RECEIVING doily large quantiUee of the tallowing SEEDS AND IMPLEMENTS Oar arrangements are a4fch that we bay at the very lowest prices, and in selling we are sal isned with fair Ilyina profits. Purchasers of 8eeds and Implements will find It to their In tercet, to give ua a call before boy.

tog elsewhere RED CLOYER SHED. TIMOTHY SEED, RED-TOP SEED, BLUE GRASS SEED, ORCHARD GRASS SEED, HUNGARIAN GRASS SEED SUGAR CANE SEED, MILLET SEED, COTTON SEED, HEMP SEED, 1 TOBACCO SPRING WHEAT, SPRING BARLEY, dee. GARDEN AND FLOWER SEEDS! We have in store a very large and complete aeeort-mnt of freeh GARDEN bEEl)ti. Vor eale by the package or in bulk. Our oMortraent of TLOWER fiKEPS constate of over one hundred choice varieties being oelected ae thoee which are the moat hardy and desirable for Garden cultivation.

IMPLEMENTS. Our stock Of IMPLEMENTS ie large, embracing nearly everything required iu cultivating the soil We have the exclusive control oi the CELEBRATED BUCKEYE Reaper ami Mower, axo rail SWEEPSTAKES Separator and Cleaner For this market, and desire to establish agents in all mrts of Kentnckv and Indiana lying adjacent to the )hio river to effect sales. Cstaiognes giving fall descriptions of both these Machines furnished on application. We deal heavily in HYDRRAULIO CKMKNT or WATER LIME, PLASTER PARIS, WHITE LIME, LAND PLASTER, PERUVIAN ft AMERICAN GUANO, WHITE bAND And can fill all orders at all times at manufacturers prices. PITKIN, W1ARD, CO.

m5 SPERMATORIUKEA CAN BE CURED. DK. RANDS SPECIFIC cores Spermatorrha bemmal Weakness, Impotenry, Itseitee Las of Power, etc speedily and effectually. Ira sheets are truly mogieal. A triAl of the bPECino will convince the most skeptical of its merits.

Price SI a box. bent, poet-paid, to any address by S. C. UPlTAM 403 Ouutmct strut, PhixsAdblphia, Pa. Circulars sent free.

o24 i J. R. WHEAT, S.G.HENKY Main street, opposite Louisville Hotel, Xjouintrillo, 622 AGENTS FOB CONNER TICE, 60 Pearl street, Cincinnati, MANUFACTURERS and WHOLESALE DEALERS I IN Hats, Caps, and Straw Goods: Vlens, Boys, and Youths Fur and Wool Hats of every description; eghorn, Straw, Panama, and Palm Leaf Hats; nfants nnd Childrens Straw Goods in great variety; adies and Misses Trimmed Straw Hats, latest style; 1 SHAKER style Fancy Cassimere Caps, Impreefclble, Saxonia, aou Promenade. MHRCHANT8 and SUTLERS ere respectfully invited ee call and examine etoek at 69 Pearl street, Cincinnati, and 622 Main street, Louisville, Ey ml1! WedFriftMonlm OIKTOIKTITATI Sill AID MILLINERY HOUSE. To Buyers cf Millinery Goods.

NEW STYLE SPRING BONNETS; HATS FOR LADIES, MISSES, AND CHILDREN; BONNET TRIMMING RIBBONS; RENCH AMERICAN FLOWERS. Our selections being MADE DAILY in NEW York from IMPORTERS STOCK, are such that we can present with confidence to Cash Buyers of Millinery Goods. II ENTRY J. SMITH, i J4 Pearl street, Cincinnati. Agents for a Celebrated make of HOOP SKIRTS at Eastern Factory prices not.

m27eodlm NAUTS. BOYS AND GIRLS CLOTHING Establishment, tmt Third mt ftaffMMt BVbst MMf Cmthrt; swl Sear to Calvary Church. Mrs. rauts keeps constantly on hand a large stock of goods for the making of Boys and Girls Clothing, and also has Ready-made Clother for Children in stock, such as Boys 8uits, Jackets, Pants, Cost, nud Watateoatt Girls Dresses, Infanta Backs, Bonnots, Cloaks, Ac. Childrens Clothe fashionably cut and made at ths shortest possible notice.

Patterns received regularly from Tarts of ths very latest fashions. I Pinking of most elegant styles done. Mrs. Hants also keeps an assortment of Articles for Ladies Toilet, including Fancy Soaps. Powders, Rouges, Combs, Brushes, Mrs.

Allen Hair Itostora-ti vo. Ag. j-march 13 eodlstm SEEDS! SEEDS Implements! Implements! THRKSHEKiT AHD POWERS, PLOUGHS. STRAW mTTEHrt. in iitor and eaia at lowest CAIf f) itsl in atnre and sale at lowest CAIH uricee by KKARSLEY CARTER, SaccoMor to Carter aud Buchanan, marildtf 4U Main at.

SBED. tobacco LARGE IOWA, BIG GREEN Parsley carter, cessor to Carter ft Buchanan, 4X4 Mata Spring Barley, Hungarian Grass Seed, Millet Seed, Tennessee Cotton Seed, Northern Oats. In store and for CARTER. Successor to Carter ft Buchanan, jnarll dtfls 414 Main st. MILITARY GOODS, Watches and Jewelry.

Anew and large assortment of swords and SABRES, SASHES, BELTS, SHOULDER-STRAPS, just received. PRESENTATION SWORDS of ths most tasty de- DIAMOND JEWELRY afid aU other kinds. The celebrated AMERICAN WATCHES, GOLD PENS. Ac. 1 i I Ho.

323 Main ek, oua door above Third et. mlftdtalm NOTICE. I OTWXB MY WELL KNOWN TATEKN Stand, in JTiederiektovn, at Frivato bale. There attached thereto a good btorehonee. tor dry goode or grocerte Bait Btaod le-eitaated in Washington county on the Bardstown and Springfield turnpike, 9 muee from Bardstown and 9 milee from Bprlugfield.

Any one wishing to obtain a oargain in this deeira ble property would do well to call on the undersigned oujh. promises for FxxnrxicxTowx, March 24, 1883. dlmftwt Louisville Theatre, Corner Fourth and Green streets. r. Bimsm Taos.

J. Caul. Stage Manaaer. Treasurer. WThlTd night of the engagement of Mi-e Ah4H th IHAAI 8 MENKEN, living age.

greatest wonder of the XfTTPNESD VT EVENING, A vt. IS, will he nreoent-If 1 the grand E'nieetrianHpectacleof MAZEPPA Marepea, Mia Adah laaara Menken Perfbrm- an-e will commence with the Farce of tho WIND MILL. 1 SVPrlvate Boxes S3 and 8. Press Circle and Par. qoofte 75 rente.

Seoond Tier 35 cents. Gallery 12 cents. Colored Boxes S5 cents. riooe oven at 7 4 and Curtain rises at oclock nHTTcr perti enters see small tills. Woods 4 Theatre, C-orner Fourth and JeOenon streets.

Manager, Qko.Wood... Stage Manager, H. B. Phillips. H95Tresa Circle and Psr-ju-tte SO cents Reserved Seat 75 cent; Private Boxes S4 and 95.

NVThlrd night of the engagement of Miss DOHA SHAW. -TXTEDNE8DAT EVENfNd, Anril 15. fhe perform. 1 anoe will commence with Knowles celebrated Play of the HUNCHBACK. Miss Dora Shaw.

To conclude with the Vs roe of the LIMERICK BVGrand Matinee every Saturday afternoon at 2 oclock. Admission 25 cents, MASONIC TEMPLE. Triumphant Success or THE C0HTH1EHTAL OLD FOLKS, Who will eontfnoe their grand old-fashioned CON-rEKTS EVEBY EVENING THIS WEEK, assisted by tbe i PAIGE SISTERS. A GRAND MATINEE TO-DAT (WEDNESDAY) AT ZH OCLOCK FOR THE ACCOMMODATION OF FAMILIES AND CHILDREN. ISrCHILDBENS ADMISSION TO MATINEE TEN CENTS.

25 Cents. Reserved Front heata ttS Centa Extra. Can t-e had during ibe day at Messrs. Tripp A Cragg Musio Store, Fourth street. Doom open at 7 oclock, alt d5 Commence at 8 oclock.

THE PEOPLES FAVORITES. lS .3 1 1 2 a A SAM. SHARPLEYS MINSTRELS BRASS BAND, BURLESQUE OPERA TROUPE. rpH MAMMOTH TROUPE OF THE WORLD, JL TWENTY bTAR PKKFOUMERS, the Monitor of Miustrelsy, whose tour tbrmich tbe Etera States haa been a Mucomioii of hiiliiant triumphs, pronounced by tho publics being tbe omy prhet and 1-gUimute organization In existence, ana lauded with ibe st flattering encomiums by tbe Press wherever they have appeared, will introduce their great challenge programme as above. Ker thing uewand original produced in that inimitable et)le peculiar to these Eihiopuxn Iron-Clad.

Tickets 50 et. Children and bervanw 25 eta. BDoor open at 734- To commence at 8 o'clock. Change of Programme Each Evening. KB'S.

M.mmnlh icwters nnd Doaoriptiva Programme. BAM. BHAhPLEY, Manager. all J. D.


SPENCER. EXECUTORS SALE OF REAL E8TATE-130 DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS, ADJACENT TO THE CITY, ON LIBERAL TERM8, AT AUCTION. 4-XN THURSDAY AFTERNOON, April 28, at 2 4 o'clock, will bo itild, ou tbe promisee, by eider of tbo KxecuLomot Col. Lemuel CburcbtU, deovased, Lots, each 3ii feet front by 17oieep to 20foot alleys, and fronting on Seventh, hnrclul), Oldham, ami Oak etrvere, in subdivision of Hullitt's udd tion to tLocityof LoumviUe, anl iu rear of and atljoiuicg the Mt reidonro of Col. Sam 1 Churchill, corner oi fceventh and Kentiu hv streets lota are ftenutlfully situated on high and level ground ard on the in.iin thoroughfare from the con ral portico ot tbe city, and therefore valuable tor hotue-sfends or for profitable mvcHtuicnte Mr.

Zue, raiding on tbo old Churchill homestead (corner of Kentucky and Seventh streets) will take pleasure in showing tho sltovo lots to nil who iny wish to examine them. A pi At of the ground cau be aeon hie resident And at my Auction rooms. No. Main street. Omuibusee will Rave my Auction-rooms at 2.18 and -flu 1 M.

to convoy purchasers lice of charge to the ground, end return at from 6 to 6 P. M. MTiu property is to be sold peremptorily, and presents an unusually fluo opportunity lor safe and profitable investments. Teum cash) balance in 1, 2, and 3 years, with interest and lien purchasers having the puvUoge of paying all cash doau or cancelling their notes at any time before due, paying interest only to the time at Which the notes arc paid. C.

C. al5 dtd Auctioneer. IMPORTANT AUCTION SALE By Catalogue (450 Loti) Xl. Xo. 40-1 Slain street.

ON WEDNESDAY, April 14, at 10 oclock, we will sell, as above, a ory expensive stock of very desirable Goode, G0nietiDg tollowe: Large Hue of Hose end Half Hose; new invoices of Clothe, CAeeimere. Satinets, and tottonade Can vat, Marseille, and Trimmings, line of Ladies' fine DrceaGoods, fewiBee, and Liters large mvon en ot beet quality Prints of tbe bot known brand, case end bales of heavy brown blioetDg, do fine 40-mch goods; a large line of bleached Shirtings. Checks, Ginghams, Irish Linen, Linen and Cotton Handkerchiefs, Gloves, buspenders, ad a large line of Notions. Country and city dealers will please call and see this stock ana attend the sale. Goods sold without reserve.

Terms cash. L. KAHN A CO. al4 (12 Auctioneers. BY S.


on the premises, we will bell that valuable and well-located BRICK DWELLING-HOUSE AND LOT the late resilience of Col. Wm. H. Davidson, deceased, on Sixth street, west side, between Chestnut and Broadway. Lot 33 leet front by 2W) deep.

Immediately after sale of House, a second hand Rockaway and Harness ill be sold also the entire lot of Parlor, Dining-room, and Chamber Furniture; Tapestry and Ingram Cnrpe Oil-Clotlu; large and other articles contained in said building Terms of Sale of Dwelling-House and Lot cash bslan. in I end 2 yearn, with Interest; the purchaser have the privilege of paying in cash. Terms tor Rockaway and arums and Furniture Henning A Speed, Execu- 8. G. HENRY ft Auctioneers.

cash. bale by order of Messrs, tors. al4 di BY C. C. SPENCER.

TWO TWO-STORY BRICK HOUSES AND L0T8 AT AUCTION. ON THURSDAY AFTERNOON, APRIL 16TH, at half-past 3 oclock, will be sold on ths premises, Two Two-Story Bnck Houses, having 4 rooms each, with kitchens, cellars, and cisterns, situated on the esst side of Twelfth street, between Magarine and Broadway. Lots each 15 feet front by about 154 deep. This property is well worthy the attention of those wanting small homeetoads. It-4n perteot order, hv-ing been just repaired, piunteU, piprred, ana rent tea up" The Houses will be sold eeperetelv or together, ee purchasers require.

Title perfect. Terms, half (-odh, balance in 6 and 12 inontne, with interest aud Hen. C. SPENCER, Auctioneer SPECIAL THREE DAYS BY THOS. ANDERSON On Tueedav, at 10 A.

will be sold 350 cases Boots, Shoes, and Brogans, mostly fresh stock, and embracing cases men's fine calf Boots, ladies', misses, and children's fine sewed and pegged work: mens kip koat .1 vn ins n. Aolr goods, embracing nearly every variety of Lrv Goode; also 50 dozen paraaolemnd aun-ombreHas; also 75 doren ladies' beet hoopekirts. At 12 P. loo lota summer clothing to cioee a sale. On Thursday, April 16, at 10 A.

will be told without reserve, a large stock of staple and fancy dry goods, consisting in pert of cases, bales, and lots of brown and bleached muslin, osnaburge, ginghams, lawns, jaoouets, bareges, drees goods for travelling; white goods. Swiss mulls, plaid and check Swiss, coe imoros, satinets, jeans, prints, handkerchief, hosiery, small wares. Ac. At 12 350 lots fashionable ready-made clothing, embracing line of the most desirable seasonable slock. At 2 P.

100 cases boots and shoes for city trade also an invoice of hats and Terms cash (bankable moDey). THCW. AttDMflOH A OO.t 64 Auctioneers. WILL BE SOLD. WITHOUT RESERVE, ON FRIDAY, the 1st day of May, at auction 30 HORSES, sound and serviceable; -1 13 MARES, SO SPRING WAGONS, suitable tot form or city porpoees; 10 TOP BUGGIES.

Wagons and Bngglee made by first-rate workmen, and ere etual to any offered in this market, and war1 rUte1' GASLIN ft BRAWNER, Market, bet. Sixth and Seventh sts. BVSalo every day. 13 dl7 M. -Arm strong, tbe great clothier on Main, opposite tbe National, has gone East-bat did not take his store with His customers will bear that in mind.

1 The large auction sale at Kahn Co.s commences at 11 oclock. 1 They received a largo variety of goods per express which will be included in the sale. Merchants should not fail to attend this important sale. Wholes alr Millinebt Goods. We wil open an entire new stock of millinery goods this morning, consisting principally of plain and fancy ribbons, American and French flowers, ladies hats, and straw trimmings They were bought cheap, and shall be sold accordingly.

OTIS A CO-, al5 dtf 516 Main street, Louisville, Ky. I -i. Asthma. Any medicine which will alii viate the Paroxysms of this dreadfal dise; will be hailed with joy by thousands of sufferers. The certificates which accompany) Jonat Whitcomb' Remedy are from the mos reliable Bourccs, and attest to its wonderful power, even in the- most severe cases.

al5 jbl flOne of the latest and by far tbe most besntiful accomplishments of the modem sewing machine is that of executing the most elaborate and elegant embroidery. No machine will hereafter be considered fit iof family use except it embroiders as well as sews; and no machine but tbe Grover Baker pretends to attain to this perfection. dl Valuable Hint to -Bour-lier Cochran have jnst received a new assortment of housekeepers kitchen articles. City and country easterners are invited to examine their stock at 208, Pifth Btreet, between Main and Market. al4 d2 Headquarters Post Commandant, 1 Louisville, April 10, 1863.

Special Orders No 82. 1 extract. Vll. In compliance with orders from Headquarters District of Western Kentucky, all Misses for citizens over the Louisville and Nashville Railroad will be issued at these Headquarters. Passes granted between the hours of 11 oclock A.

M. and 2 oclock P. M. By orderof Col. M.

Mundt, 23d Ky.Infantry, Commanding. C. C. ADAMS, all d6 Lieut, and A. A.

A. G. Wholesalo Millinery Goods. Wb now have in store tbe best stqck'of Straw and Millinery Goods ever offered to the trade. CANNON BYERS, alQdlm Main street, bet.

Fifth and Sixth. Table Mats. Sea weed, oilcloth, and sailor mats; also a fall supply of feather dusters, just received at J. Sness. Baby buggies at Suess variety store.

NEW DRY GOODS. The newest and most desirable stock of ladies dress goods for the Spring and Summer, and the best assorted stock of domestic goods are to be found at G. B. ABBS, I Corner of Fourth and Market sts. Notice.

Strangers visiting the city with a view to purchasing goods will find it to their interest to give this noose a call. Confederate (Rebel) Monet. Send 50 cents to 8. 0. Upham, 403 Chestnut street, Philadelphia, and get specimens of his fae-tiimle rebel notes with list of prices.

a6 figp It is said that a baby in a bonse is a well-spring of pleasure, but a lady who has had ample opportunity of testing the correctness of the observation suggests that if tbe writer bad applied the remark to a Wheeler Wtleon Sewing Machine instead of a babv he would have been nearer the troth, for those who have used these labor-saving machines all bear witness of the never-ending pleasure derived from tbem, being adapted to ever kind of family sewing. Messrs. Sumner No. 1 Masonic Temple, are offering them at last years prices, and warrant every machine sold. Yon cannot, therefore, make a mistake in securing one of them.

jan5 deodfim United States Revenue Stamps I have on band, and will constantly keep, full SU pi arsons ordering by mail may depend upon having their orders filled by return mail. Office to Custom-honseA PHILIP SPEED, Col. IntRev. 3dDis. Ky.

all kinds of lumber, dressed and undressed, sash, doors, blinds, mouldings, boxes, Ac- call at Alexander, Ellis, A laning mill, sash, door, and blind factory and umber yard, on Fulton, street, just aoove Preston, fronting the river, or at their lumber yard, corner cf Walnut and Preston streets, or leave your orders at their warerooms on Main Street, nearly opposite the Galt House, Louisville, Ky. dtf A Chascr fob All. CoL A. J. Alexander wants to enlict one company more of picked men for the Thirty-sixth Kentucky Mounted Infhntry within ten days.

As no officer for the company has been designated, they can choose all their own officers from the members of the company. Call at his recruiting office, on thb south side of Maim near First. o22 dtf Hills Gold Pxh Manufactory Is tho place to buy fine Pens, Cases, Ac. can suit any hand. Gold Pens Repointed for 50c.

Pens Bent safely by mail. i will pay 60 centa (each) per dwt. for old pens 14 carats fine. i N. B.

Stencil Brands cut as usuaL B. O. HILL, 29 atf 407 Main street, below Fourth. Arhy Medioal Purveyor's Oftich, i Louibvillk. Kyn Nov.

24, 1862. Persons having business with this office, officers of the army, and citizens, willplease call between 9 and 10 oclock A. M. The office will hereafter be closed on Sunday, i A. P.

MEYLEBT Burgeon U. S. Yols. Medical Purveyor. n25 dtf SUTLERS JSUNDRIE3 A largo snpplr of fresh can Brandy Fruit-e, Jellies, Preserves, Pickles, Sardines, Honey, Sirup, Candy, and a general variety of good, in this line, in end forsale Lew liy ad TAIT, SON, A 324 Main st.

rnEA-J- JL lnO half chest. Green and BIsck 1U) caddius do do do: for sale by a I CA8TLKMAN. MURRELL, A CO. rpOBACCO-- JL ISO boxes Bird. Sweet Leaf 50 do Dupuy A Co.

In store and for mI. by aft OASTLKMAN. MURRELL. A CO. Bagging 190 pieoo luu Hdo as for sale by A.

RAWSON A 27 4 Main between Second and Tbird. EXTRA FAMILY FLOUR-aonbbl, Extra Family Flour, choice brands, for sale by I HIBHTve a ROM. Old Java coffee; Old Rio do; Superior Green and Black Teas The beet brands of Family Flour Constantly on hand and tor sale by a7 J. SMITH SPEED. CATAWBA WISE-11 casks superior on eensign- ment and for sals by a7 I J.

SMITH SPEED APPLES Lets of prime NewYork and Michigan ar riving doily and for sale by aA I TAIT, SON, A Main at. 200. KENTUCKY WHISKYWu bbls ronng Bourbon in store end for sale by ax W. H. WALKER A CO.

BOG. SUTLERS GOODS iresh Peaches, Cstchnps, Tongues, Smoking Tobacco, Bntler Blacking, Ink, Twine, in store and for sals cheap by I W. H. WALKER A CO. Beef CipLDIM SIRUP In whole and hall bbls and kegs VT for sale hr I A.

RAWSON A 214 Main st. HIBBITT SON. WHbLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERS, FLOUR, AND TEA STORE, No. 233 Market etreet. between Second and Third, smith aide.

a FISH 150 pkm Mackerel, Hake, and Her ring just received and for sale low by Vi TAIT. SON. A 334 Main t. WOODEN-WARE Cedar Churns, Tabs and Buck-v eta, Keelers, common Buckets end Tubs, Wash-Boards, Firkins, a fine assortment, jnst received and HIBBITT A SON for sale by atj CODA 250 kegs Bicarb Soda for sale bv A. RAWSON A i2 314 Mela bet.

Second end Third. UTTER 2S tubs and firkins choice New York and JLf Western Reserve Butter in store and lota arriving daily. For sale by a6 TAIT, SON. A 00., S34 Main st. gUNPBIEfe- 0 dosen Lyons Kathairont 50 do Barrys Ti icophorou.

30 do Mr. Winslows Soothing Simp: SO do Woods Hair Restorative; 1 50 I do Browns Troches; so do Radways Relief: for sale hr EDW. WILDER. SI4 Main st. Sundries Pine Apple Pickles, -e Cbeeae, Chow Chow Gelatine, Cocoa.

No. 1 Chooolate, Ca- Sauce, English Club Sauce, plain and mixe I lcklee, Tomato and Walnut Catchups, Fresh canned Tomatoes and Peaches, bardines. Cove Oysters, Ac. hand and for sale by a4 HIBBITT A SON. JJOS1N BOAP 12ft boxes I lb bare to do lit do; for sale bv at GARDNER A CO.

QOFF.EE 800 bag Rio; 50 do Lsgnayraj for sale by I OASTLKMAN. MI MURRELL. A CO. POTATOES 100 bbls choice Seedling Mercers, front Rochester, N. in store and for sals bv a i TAIT, SON.

A sst Main st. 1 Our readers are cognizant of the fact that almost every item of military news that would be of interest to them is contraband, and outside of military operations there has been a signal dearth of important news for several weeks past. The city is never without its thousand and one idle minors of what some unknown person reports through unknown sources, has been done, but when the truth is disclosed and these rumors are proved to be lies, no one is found responsible. They were only telegraphs. Rumors equally false and unreliable come to us as to what is to be done.

Great deeds are to be achieved, say these astute reporters, and thus the public mind is misled as to what has been and what is to be. We have refrained from giving publicity to many such rumors of late, and time always proves the correctness of our policy regarding: these flying sensations. Louisville Theatre. The old song says of the faithful lover, Rain could not keep him sway, and so it was last night with the admirers of Adah Isaacs Menken, for despite the falling deluge, so acceptable to vernal vegetation and the farmers, the house was well filled; Her performance of Mazeppa is a wonderful piece of daring acting and graceful posturing. Home may object to her dress when brought out to be lashed on the steed, but it is as true to historic fidelity as it is to nature, and we look at her, with implicit faith in the motto of the order of the Garter, os wo would gaze on the statne of the Medicean Venus.

1 Mazeppa will he repeated this evening. tT Capt. J. S. Drum, of Gen.

Gibbons staff. Army of the Potomac, has been ordered West for duty, and has been assigned as Post Commissary at Nicholasville, Kentucky, Burn-aides army. Capt. Ben. F.

Reed and Acji W. W. Sleeper, also of the Army of the Poto mac, are his assistants. Capt. Drum was very highly complimented by the Department at Washington for promptness and efficiency while Quartermaster of Gibbons division, and we feel assured that he will sustain his well earned reputation in his new department.

1 Another Raid. A squad of rebel cavalry, under Capt. Harris, made a dash into Franklin, Kyn Monday night, and captured the telegraph operator at that point. After appropriating his Instruments be was released They broke open aome tranks in the depot and rifled them of their contents, after hich they left for parts unknown. Hon.

Roisirj In announcing that this gefitleman is a candidate for re-election fo Conrisa from this District, the Frankfort Commonwealth pays: rie madei'toost excellent and faithful Representative, ppd: his re-election will give great satisfaction to the loyal me 4 of the State esidea being pne pf the ablest and truest men in the State, he has been peculiarly attentive to( the not only of his immediate copBtituentcj, fiptof pill Kentuckians who visited the Capitol on business. He stands square upon the platform of the Union party, and tfie experience which bp has already had, as well as the zeal had ability 1 which he has ever displayed in all his relations as a Representative, recommend him ip the highest terms to the Voters of bis district. 1 1 1 1 (As a I general rule We do not meddle with the (affairs' pf 1 other districts, but in this in stance, Vra cannot, in view of Mr. Mallorys eminent) Ifofego an expression of a desire to hate bim-again at Washington. lid iy iiwif 1 ttSTA (graceful (and well-deserved compliment is bCstotjre by the Boston Post when it says the Jicirredtj pnd expeditious manner in laughable Irish farce will succeed the play, in I Nib68 th Baltimore and Ohio which Mr.

Fiske appears. I I Railroad -id transacted is attributable mainly I I to the efficient Services intelligence and ac- ier The New Albany Ledger says the re- I tUy-of ftgl master of transportation, Wm. port of ab attempt to seize the State Arsenal I 01 smtfi( Esq. at Indianapolis, to which we referred on day, is a slanderous imputation upon alty of Indianians, gotten up for purposes by fanatics and falsifiers. AVe make the correction with pleasure, on its authorit; IQT The only evidence of cheerfulness the city is presented at the different places amusement, which are crowded every evenin Woods Thiathr.

The third night of the engagement of Dora Shaw will introduce her as Julia in Knowless beautiful play of the Hunchback, the most effective, in our opinion, of all that excellent dramatist's works. A CE luumulvu IQ VV M1VU 4V VV VV UU VU141K) of Baltimore. He is a gentle-for his important position I jj promptness, and patience, great advantage in having a man. of (j intellectual cultivation, as well as Uher to control such important affairs, Ui Qualifies him to perform his labors with a proper estimation of what is due to and from afijCjasBes Of men, and to maintain that I I 1 il I I I I I This isln strange contrast with the gloom that I tL It. in pervades the city throughout the day in con- sequence of the decline in business.

ie proper authorities to several pools of stagnant water accumulating in the It la essen tial that they should be drained before weather eta in. tOWe would call the attention, of 1 Mr. Wm. Kaye, the Mayor elect, be inaugurated oa Monday, the 27th but -'A Bread Riot in Petertburg, Pa. -The Suffolk correspondent of the Baltimore American writes.

7th instant, as follows: I am just informed by a deserter that on last Wednesda the women of Petersburg, soldiers wives an' others, rose en matte, and visiting the stores of the mercenary speculators who nave been enriching themselves by holding all necessities of life at an enormous price, helped themselves forcibly to what they wanted, pitching out goods to the poor and needy as they went. My informant left Petersburg on Wednesday and, si6k of the war, is trying to get to a ian of peace and plenty. He is intelligent, and says that the great mass of the people or Virginia, soldiers and all, are heartily sick of the war. tgJThe fkrmers of Southern and Central Illinois are going into the cotton raising business in earnest. Six car loads of seed were sent from Cairo last week to different points on the Illinois Central.

i 1.

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