Weekly Raleigh Register from Raleigh, North Carolina on March 23, 1802 · Page 3
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Weekly Raleigh Register from Raleigh, North Carolina · Page 3

Raleigh, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 23, 1802
Page 3
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4V .'!! 1 .'1. .; - .1- VVj .'' ' Hi 1 !. ;j .'"....if ,.: ". : 3 1 fr TOTHZPUBTlCi THE SubrcHber.h3 'L Rritifh arms, unfer , the c6m ; J,nA of Colonel Bum on. the aid 0f. Decemper,, nnvcmof: made fiance, having with uncommon -i ! Tl ' ,wn -nc i the Society: Uwnr it fom. "future ito efT wounded of tbe troops and marines I tabl.fcr ' ' - i K l i : does not exceed 22 men. The;Va, TheSeaf.V wilf vety ibe arrive; when I. of the captured propcrtV a- 1 1 it will be neceflary to, attend to their ciilrW mounts to a lack and fifty thoufand rV?s he thcrfo are difpofed " iriwn; inuuuiion, to tnaice com. inunjcaiionj i men. seeds and Plants as they pruturc, io me auaicriber at RaleiEh. .-:Jt:r-.. '. odol a moa rt-Mute fe4 ronaa, trlur hrmneis tor fatty, I r''H prtpcruev j to remtinte I Wh.:! !r. niir- "A -u? T 1 T- II i - . v IvfeK A K I J. Karr -Fot which Reference may be had veaierai Attid fibbfc, now in eur Pofiel : i h rnni a. I ito thv taeur PoffeffioB,- ' dollars. ' s : - TThe ifland of Tcrnate iis the Urged ofithe Molucca jflanc'sw tno' I not more fha.n 30 macs in circumte-: ce, and produces a great quanti- ty of ipecie. j GERMANY. Vienna; nrc. iq, ; The archive! of ,the late Nether lands, which relate to the finances, rights of bvereignty0and State debts, will be delivered, -Uo the French ambaflador here, II TThfc de partment for the Netherlands which has-hithe'rto extfted, will noV be entirely iupprefled.. m DENMARK. COPENHAGEN, DEC. 26. ' i 4 i ! ' ' The neociation between Major- Oeifteral Walteiitorlf and the Eng- I' in Tmmiitry have had the naoft favobrab! jffue for Denmark. It ias Been air reed, that Denmark (hall recejvc the (lipulated indetnrities, either in Iready money or commo- ef ties. - j ,! I can ,witmnaaihrtatimeas poffible. It is defi. table that aU fuch communicatiora be accomi panied w ith a Defcnption of thei!i3t, the1 Mode ot ts Culture, the Manner in 'which it has been employed I in Medicine, and the popular, opinion ofitis yirtfies ; j:f,:M! ' . WHEATON. State of North-.Carolina, cFaycttcville Diftri&. In the Suttcrior Court of Latin Surviving Piitner of ' "'f ' ; James Fatter fon & C. and Orietnal ' John, Corrjetx & Co. : ,:, ' V 'ffy ver-fux f j 'f ' VAttachinent. ; airpfn Carver, . '' - n QRDEREOi Tnat the Defendani appear, replevy! and plead to the above Sait. withib the three fifft Djys f the iiext Term of tiis Uourt : and in Default thereof. that final Judgment ie then entered againlt 'from tke MinuteS, . ! ! ! :.- , JISLOW, Clerk. RiChmead VMeetine. " SeDtethbefr i i Chariot won at three Heats, i Plate for three old Colts eight Stone. Fillies fe Year :veL; New Books; J GALI if hU Fri, GALES reluectfullv informs iends, that a Part of his Enelifh jeoks are come t Hind, a ai are arranged aad marked dfF far ale. 1 he Remainder, whiebjihe lorpierWaeon could not brmg,is iiwM the Road from Fayetteville. He hopes therewre to nave thele alid looked over :n titie, and a Catalogue ot iheLwiiolel Iwith fuch afe before! remained on Hand, prepared J Sthtrne of a Lottery A Uthoriled My AO. of Aflembly, for rkifpie Two fTheufand; Collars to complete the main Building ot" the Univerliiy ot North. Carolina, and for ethtr Puraolet t the Uie and Benefit of that Inftaution, x: Prize of 150 Dolls. 1500 Dolls 1" . da. 500-1 . V I do. 250 (to be the laft drawn Ticket) 250 j 300 j - a ' too ! aoe $0 I 2(0 ; 2dO Stone twelije Pounds, two Mile Heats beat ng Mr. Peberall'-a bav Filly T?uttet6f, Mi W. fearce's Chcfnut ' Filly, Jy Kir.t Fergus, Mr, Hudion'a bay Filly, by Kin' Fergus, and Mr. Redley's Chcfnut Fill. Heirefs. r' j - Nantwich; Meeting, nth Jul v, i 793V h' won at two Heats, a Plate for four Years ol4a7 8 Stone 7 Pounds, two Mile Heats, 'fteatinf vir. waraic-s acchus, and Mr. White Playfellow. ; . 1 ?Newton etig, July t6. 1798, fae wot at twa Heart, a Plate for fottjr Years Ids, -j Stone 6 Pounds, and five Years olds 8 ftont 8 Pounds, four Mile Heats, beatin? Mr. lew ifon's Tartar, a Years old and Mr: Vivm'i nMihor,ljrays 4ldt ',; ;: rreitoo MeetinJuJy 54, ifo, he won, at foor HeatVIa jPate for three Years old - Stoue a Pounds, and four Years olds Stooe i l f. Fillies allowed-2 Pounds, four Mile Heais, beaurg Mr Croehpfon's bay Fjlly Drowfy, Loid Derby'r oay CoU K-idney, by Potgos. but of Paulina, Urd A HariiltoV? orown rilly pj Rockingham, Sir Hj Wllli Thomas Hujchinfbn's brown Coh Cohfii- tution. . I . J . ' -, - - t t Nantwich jMeeting, July, 1794, he wen at four HeatsL aPiate, for three Years old carrying a Feather, five Year olds 8 Stooe -wullu$. ano.agea 9 moscST Founds, four Mile Heats, Jbeafihg Mr.; Barry's bay Horf Bdrgamot, aged, Lord Donnegal's Chefnut Horl'e Weafel, and Mr, Crompton's Chef, nut Fjily Circaffian. - r , !:; . -r Chattenck Meeting, April, t?oe: hewoo. at three Heart, a Plate, for tour Years olda ; i 1i t:-'!i 10 b uunicnwri yEWTH CONGRESS of the ; ;::lt M UNITED 571 AXES, mnd&ld'kt ib City f VmJbinttot in ! tbt lt, tipry f Comliar.4H Monday tbe ' '' tf D4ctmiirt & t&4ndjikt bundrtd und mW V""t - t- ' AN ACT Ci"'IUi2L?d "peaing the organi. fiP--VJfv w wi unitea Mate. ; and for ouher purpofes. '. " Bit iaad By the Schaie And Houft of Wpnftnttivt$ Sfthe United States af America, in Cqngrtff ajfein-hUdy Tht the adjof Congirfs paf-led on the thirteenth day of Feb-. uary, pr thoufafid eight hundred nd one, iiptitled An aa to pro-vide for he more convenient orga-nization of the courts of the United States," Hbrii and after the fir ft- of July nxt, Qiall be, arirJis-here oy repealed. ; ; ; . , v ; See. 2kJind be tifurlfir nR,J max tne m palled on the 4e riheeta et at; the Ttiftees of t arejdeiired to cne;UMy,ro$naturdayrtnext.!;rt . n. nrr . . . 1 hi 1. in r 1 1 i- I, . :. - 1 'CIJ 1 I 1 ' X I 1 " TUESDAY, MaRCH23, l8 Cat MVyeth, of thfe bW Han. py Couple, Who arrived at : 1 York ini davs frrVmkr 1 11U, ninth of Robert i s!' 10 500 do. do. do. do. do. ' do. 5 i.,A.v.w, uhc mouiana ej hundred arid one. JntWl A ri for altering the times and places of hfll1inr 'lllr4I J a . 1 i Capt the iotk Altcant, ctrtam courts therein men tioned, and for other oumnfa ter the faid firft dav of fhall be, and is hereby from ind a July nexij repedled. That all the . . 1 i ; i I wnicn were paflaceotl and which hex amende carrying Stone 7 Pound(, and five Year or repealed olUs 8 Stone ji 2 Pounds, four Mile Heats, 1 1 arj, tmr. iu loo 200 At tit tb SHERIFFS S4LES. j WiLL BE SQLD, j Court- H ufe in Smith field. n th, V ... r ddy if May next, ( THE following Tract of Land not , given in, or fo much thereof as wil.tbe ftjfficier t to pay the Tut ana contingent fjiarjes lor thely'ear 1800 !5? Acresofj Land, in Johoflon County. 1 or near the waters of Black Mingo, jo.in-)g W jliam UuTrham, the reputed property of Wflliam Sa.fler butfaid to be aifo claimed iky the Hell's or dminirtiators df Michael Con-a7 of the State . Tenntflec. j I 1 SAMUEL N OK. ; WORTHY, lUrcb I a 6. itoa. Sheriff WILL BE OLD. ' tie CU)t boufe in Favst .L- idt) ay if April next. THE foll.wine LANDS fnr tr,. ?3 Prizes. Amcunt of Prizes 5 oe 969 Blanks. i , . ' 1 500 Tickets at 5'bollars each. j ine Urawingot this Lott?ry will eommence in the i ity ot Kaleieh. on the fir it Stmiav m. June, .being witbm the SetJiou ol tht Federal Court, an will be cicfed asfopn tftereaf- ter as praAicaole. 1 j The Prizes in a 11 be paid by theTreafurer of the Umvcrlity at any Time atttr the Diawv. ing is c.lofed, with Puniaualj'tyriubjed tea Dedudion of ten jer cent, rlidl 1 ' . the Numbers of the lortunate Tickets will beating Mr. Armftrong's bay Filly Mufton, Mr Fowler's Chefaut Mare Charmer, Mr. Field's grey Horfe Northumberland, Mr. Creyfoo's Archer, and Sir Charles Turner's Confederacy, j :j Chefter Meeting, May, 170c, he won, at tour Heais, a. Plate, for fivb Year olds, t f Stone 4 Pount s, fix Year oids 9 Stone, and aged 9 stone 4 lbs. four Mile Heats, beating' Mr Kooertton's Tickle Tobyb aged, and Lora uerby's Sidney. ! Dumfries ft A M'Ctinff. OcloberL 1706, he lUAn . . 1 ... I 1 i ' . . . Y v V V 5 1 " w nui, nis ivfdjeiiy-s one nun. ored Guineas, free for any H.fc carrying 11 nuimiKBi lYjuB iTcais, Draiinc ir DdKer's crevjton. ! VVM GFRIaMD B That be publiftud in the fevera! Newfpapert of the tate ; and all Prizes which hall not bef de- I oueitnereon tor the Year iSJoo: 170$ Acres near Liij4h Fifhcr, given in by Tius.f)Vetton; v 1 j " ' ' 7 Aeres near Black River, giyen Tn by "urn 1 aiHIV'll A Ho jfe aidj Lot in Fayetieville, fuppofe be tit Propeity of Sarah Stanton, nol ta given in inanded within ninety Day? atter the Draw ing is finifhed, w ll.be coiifiJercd as relin- quiihed, and he id as a Donation to the u ihe loitaution. ' At, i. 'l ;;h Tickets to be had, at five Dollars of Truitecs ; of ont Gentleman or more in moft every Cuunty in the State, and ot OommiffioHcrs at llalei'h. j U. v tJ I a in I m j 1 1 1 t a .f e i JOHN H.YWUOD,! ) ?T WILLIAM POLK, V appoint. HKNRY POTTER, "eef the al. the not jdnedit'o, the Property of IfibeJla Gra. "u,,n.pt given, in. , byMariM'Sott 1 ' STKPHEN GILMORK a 1 . ,.: -Nuiu, I' ao, iXr-z.! i Th 1 rr St tie Sue of Old Ferry fDen, tyetteville. WILL BE SOLD, Court but fe in Favetttrville. ihr rid Day vf Af ii next, 1 nr. tijirowing LANDS, or To mch thereof as will! be Efficient to njiJty the Tixe due thereon for the Year lloo. j One Houfe and Lot, lying on th Worth -aeor ferlon Street, near or joining Sted-n's Lot, the Prope.iy ot VV,ijam Carrol. "ne eitto, offlihe Wtit Mieet, the Property ot Mary Campbell iiio, ivii.g m Louer f luie rout's Houre, the Pretty ot J "-U S. ( I I .1 ! e.ir . uol m uPPer fayetteville. on the -ae U l.ane thlt. leads from bov. etto A Hroadiyot's M,U, and '1095 Acrs Land, fittia on the North ti bide ot PC Fear RWej, known by the Name of " aide, theProperry of Duncan M'. uf '.4 ' ne Hofe and Lot lying the Eaft S'de weei, .the Piopirry of John O'Ouinn. ! , j uica 10 uc tne r 5 ne ditto, Effect: 5:operty of Daniel on the bouth Side of Hv uirrn Art 1K0 t. : 1 h i '" 'unji iac or dou. iirf t o ir. . . -110400 Acres ot Land or ih K W JrZ? J:ape teir.k"", between the Lands wu, woitn Latt Side ofCapeFer K'ver near the; P , r" er l.f i , , J oriage, and near St. s;jhc Prp4ofthe Eftaci " jafmei plUer, decealed. i t Xr i:,1 " lhe Weft Side of stiv.r ' 1. ..jj i . v'ng oetween. - - 1 ecu anu ii rirh.aH ... "c an th k..mw l . z -r uuttau i4e ot .Laoe ' 1 ann 200: Acres! ly- trn x.c;:atio 300 Acres ditto- the " 'ne South Si.iPr .. f"nry Urouh ;"'W' perty o?hnd'tyifthe Thorough-hrrd Imported Hrfe CHARIOT, BRED by John Clifton, Ffa. who kept end; run h.m until October, r 796, when he waspurchafeu by Sir William Gerard; Bar u J Wav got kv the "lebrated Horfe Highflyer; his Dam Poto.fi, by Old Eclipfe, a Mare of as great Fame as any in Englandr - hanot tea fine bay, ftands nearly fixteen ""'" "ior ione. binew. Sviri. F.J His 'NicCpll. fe and 1., 'voC J.hrfCriffiQ. oti; tLLo ,a raye-terille. the ritJr LH we gire'i. for the (am. ''. - S :r I r ; 1 . i - , . ad .ion, isfcarcely to be equalled. Kunning entitles him to he rant-.. amongft the firft Horfes in this Country. Hit Excellence" has been diihnguifhed in four Mile Heats, and in no Imtarice where the Conteft as great, but he proved iuccefeful, having generally run four Heats to decide the Race.. s Chariot now exhibits the greateff Health and Vigour, will ftand the enfuinr'fteafAr the Subscriber's Store on Nutbufh, Granyille County, State of North-Carolinai nine Miles from Hafkins' Ferry, fix Miles from WilH. mlboro' ghv af.d fixteen from Warrenton; and will be let to Mares at ten Dollars the Le-p, paid at the Stable Door twenty Dal. iars theSeafon, payable the firft Dav of Oc tober next; and forty Dollars to infure a a Foal; and in every Inftance Half a Dollar pa id tc- the G room a$ the Slable Door j The Malon may be difthaiRed by the" Pavment 'ffitteen Dollars, if paid within the Seaion. i ne Beaton will commence the lothfTJav of Mrch, and will end the mrh Div of A In Cafes of lnfurance, the Money will be re turned, if the Mare does net' Drove with Foal ; pj-ovided the Property is in no Inftancf changed. - '"-'- ; Chariot is a fure Foaj-eetter. as adfeears from Certificates fentwith him. The Gen ileman who importea him, purchafed him in fcnglatid himfelf; and had an ObDortui?ifvof feeing his Col ts,w they beme laree. tav.' eie gant;andi"prightly, wa his Inducement to purehafe him. , Good,.ejrte .five and welLinciofed Pafturage gratis j and every Care and Attention paid to prevent Accide t s or, E fc, es, but Will not be liable for -.a nys that -may :vhappeh.;V ..Notes of Hand will be- expecled with every Nfare nut to: him, either by the 'Seafon or IufuraceC Lhanot being th IoIe: Property of the SuH. fcribets, they , have it in their Power ! to pledge ihemfelvei for potedttenfioh heiat paid to futVMards as nay bleht to himV I JAM r S. & H NKY LYN E, iubji ucHucracn warn wiin to viav ll k c-j l: rr , their Mare, ted withGrai. maVW furnifh X&ZZZZ" ? ard ra --r . . - ; i. .sv m irt m.T 1 1. t v . w , pm otw,iih seaion Famous Imnorted Hieh-brcd . . j i HUKSE Caur dt Lim Without Exception as high Ired a Hdrie s nci wji laueo in tngiand, . S i fclv Hitrriflui!' !Vn TVm . the famows Dido, bv Old Lctiftfe. full Sifter to Javeline who covers it rwemy Guineas a Mare. She was bred by the Duke of Cumberland, and fold at hit Sate ro the Prince of Wales, mth e.Bcgiunmgof the Year 1790, with Cocurde l. ion, then a Colt by her Side, for twelve Hujiirednd fi ty iCiineas,! and; withont Uoubt was confioered the belt Mare in fcngland ' at that Time. . She afrcrwarl Wd t d UnW at th P"'s ale for eight Hun-J Tnrfi. Urtd Guineas. Highflyer's Die-cd and Per- lormancei as a Racer, together! with hitreai fame as a Covering Horfe, are fo well known; to the Gentlemen efihe Turf, that it is unneceffary to fay any Thing further of him. I , iii Coeur de Lion is a fine Etaod Bay, full fixtat nj ' Hands 'high, haadfomcand powerfuU rauth admired for his good 'I'caspet zai fire Bone, with the ftrongeft of Conftitutions. He was engaged by tlfe Prince of Wales (as may j be fcen by 'he Raring Calf ndars of England) in leVeral of ;he hcavieft Sweepft.kei there, f f om one to two Hundred Guineas each; but Being unfortunately hurt in his firft Performance, by nard running, he being young (aifo fid to h jve trod on a Piece of Timber, and tailed in his right fore Leg was obliged to quit. the. Turf, although acknowledged to be a Horfe of great Speed and Bottom, as may be feen in feyeral Certificates in Poffefijon of the Subfcribef . Coeur de Lioa has fignaliied htrafelf as a remarkably lure Foal Getter, as fcarcely ware mtried that he covered taft Seafon or u W- betore- 1 have feveral Certificates in Poffeffioti to prove that they are toual to any Horiesn the.Contmentdf America. Thaf. wno nave leen many of them, pronounce that n&t Mht of them was unlikely. It is ule-lefs to fay much -about them, for they fpeak ouaer lor therr Sire ihan I can expiefs, by their fuperior Size,, high Form, and uncommon good Colour; and thee can be no Doubt of their SiccefsonthlTurfw Coeur de Lion is now rifing twelve Years o'd, in fine Perfeaioji, and will ftand the enfuing Seafon at the Subfcribjer't Stable in Warren County, North-Carolina; on the South Side of Roanoke River, Half a Mile ff the main, Poft Road fro Peterfburg to warieon, two and a Half'Miles above 1 moieiej's Ferry, twelve Miles NortruEafc of Vyarrcnton, thrrty Miles above Hal Uaxi and fixt-five Miles NVtliTEaft of Raleigh ; nd pill be let to Mares at tea Dollars the Leap, and twenty Dollars the" Seafn . k- foi wler to be paid at the Time of Service', andJJ ic lacier may oe ancharged by the Pavment of five Pound Virginia Money by the firft Day of next Januiry; eight Guineas to en-fure a Mare to b with Foal; the lnfurance Money to db demandable on the Mare's fhow-ing with Foal, and Half a Dollar with earh Mare to the Grcm4 Good and extenfive Pafture, the whole of which Ife't in the low Grouhda ef Roanoke. I will engage the moft pointed Attention to every Mate Tent to this Horfe, whil ft under my Care, to prevent Accidents or Efcapes, but will nwt be refpon. fible for either. The Seafon will begin the aire or Marco and. end the tenth of Auguft SALOMON COTION. WarreM Ckty, Ieb..t tZol v " ' !. PEDIGREE.1 " Coeur de tiou waf got by Highflyerr his Dam,. Dido, by Ecliple,' his Grabdam by Spfdtstor, his Great Grandam by Blank, his ureat vrtxt oranuam, iLotd Leirs Diana AndheUjurtkernaBtdi -cn ana pafts ortti, in fcjr ef before the jiho aforefaid two acts. hV the fame were e. 4, explained, altered fhall be, and herebv laid firft day of Tulv next iev Vdid, and in jas full and complete foice arid operation as if thefaidtwoajEh had never been made. 'j-J' -i1 be UMthtr enact-eA That al atlions, ifuits, pro , eels, pleadidgs and oihr proceeding, ofwhilLnatuieor liad I j depending n ex i fling in any of the I, courts of the U. States, or in anvnf the diftriaurU of the U States,! acting as cire iit conrtr, or in any of the atiditifjni diflria coiirti, which were ettablifljed by the aforefaid aa of Conjrrefsj paffed on the thir. iccmu qay.otji'cbruary one thou-land eight huhdred and one, fhall if' 3v !?ei froi artd after .ur ,a a n it day ot July next, con- f iritjed over tohe circuit colurts, and to the diftua Courts, and to the dif- wtMcourtsatingascucuitcburtsreC brfngi intelligence that the' Uefinil uve 1 reaty was fiemed the Januaryl f h-. A letter frorn the Hon! R , if.) - --l"UvihIi . JLivingflon. dated Pri December faysi " Thi cumrV j j is theatened with a icarcityXuBread .-y uigunaineuncofn-. mon raini which have ; prevailed this Winder; will be verv Dre.iiriiriat to the Winter crop- in the ground.' Smithy Who arrived on jnfl. at Charleftori, from which place he left on th lit of 'Tanuirvi informs, that tf, E?itS,atc$ fbiP B46& capt. M NeiL 1 arrived at Gibraliar th' 1 atter erldo f! ecem ber. ifomm n r arid failed ihe ifil rif Tr,. mn!SBdorJ5 Palej who war cruiliniorlpcdi. Swedifh fleet, corififtif pf M . three, frigates and! a flriAn f , ad arrived withtR the! Strait. trt cruifeagainft thtf Tripoli ans. Severi ai f Swedilh merchantmeah-d been caotured hv th ' Tr."Ui:- within the laft yean It was re ported, that as fbon las CoW&aore -Dale appeared o ft Tripoli theS we-dim caDtains.. whn Ly 1. avet. ikcre permitted tn wlb- walk oners 1 peaively,whij:h fhall firft thereafter be holden in, krid for the refnitr flrifrs whih ira VA vived and eidablifhe-d ht,"tK.'o with the troops, had arrive a " 'ie avu II J i r . ' . . 7- - rw circuits about in the day time ai ' hri of war; !i,,: :' j . - ;! !" An arrival af Norofk! It bagb, confirms; the !accijrrttth maflacre bf all the wKiteS nit&. pie pt co juf in G.uJaloupe. f hit Ihoikine affair is faid inh . place 1 m mediat el v on the arrival" the" troopt trcfrh Fragbe off the llland. I r ! t . ! ,- ! - By the fhih Enternri mti't If Art al IfcW-york in aoiiWsfTom St. Croic we ; learn, that the Dnifli Commiflioners have arrived tUm from Martintjue; and, by agreement with the Enghfh, the Danes were, to repoflefs the Ifland the day ?h5E"rP" Tailed, Gen. vv alter itorrt, the new Governor, and to be proceeded in, injthe fame d V" f"e' uidimcr as tney would have been, had they originated prior to. the paffage of the) faid aft, paiTed on the thirtppfith1 rl j r r-k-. . ! - ,"m -y a cuiudiy one thMitrjnt a:iJu. u . . i j ' 1 ' . ...v.u.ilu v.igni uu 11 urea ana one- Ihat all writs and proctfs. which navciffuedpr may iffue befmv f,- laid firft dofjfuly next, returna. pie to the Circuit courts, or tri ai,v diftria court, afcling as a circuit court, or any additional diftriA 1 J - v. court eiUbfiihed by the aforefaid act, paffed. the thirteenth d February, one thoufand eitrht hn. dred and one. fhall b Captain Smtill . tt' U fuJ . Nabby, arrived at Wiirnington 01, Sunday the f3th in ft. in fourteen days from the Havanria, mentione 'he arrival at that norf nf a f1o ot leveri fad nf l.i-i n,: - : r- - w a unii 1 a-, iii 1 tix . rod, :Soir'of l artar. MeJiora;,by foxr his fhir Fte. l M c- ffmailer vefiels which had mU., oany With the St. Domingo fleet. : """tujicty given fo permit the entry and file of all the cargoes of American yeflVls then in port, and to dden th e nort tn k American fla (pf fix mnthj. I We underftand that the Prefident Ot the United Sfte k j the next circuit court, or diflrir hTimoihv Blood wrrtk 1 i ' r - w a m m.M .a. oar. m court, or diftrict court acting as a penator in Congrefs, ) Col lector, of cntuu court, rej-eitaniimed by this acl ;and Old I be proceeded on thereJ in, in the'lfame manner, as thev could, had j they beed originally returnable tjd the circuit Icourts and dtftriacouiitsaaingasdiiicuit courts, hereby revived and eftafelifbed, ; ' NATHL. IVf ATOM Speaker of khe Houlcof Pelpreientatives-1 A. Bt)RR Viae-Prefident! of the United! State.. , it Prefident of the Senate. ! , 8oa. . j Approved, March TH : JEFFR-?ONf, 1 Prefident of the United State -UTHEREVS 'Aley, Wife, has ' eloped Ire(in my Ce'd and j Board, this is therefore to krwarnj an Perjfen or Perfons trom crediting her, harbouring jor furniming herwithany Th irfe on my Account, ai r am determined not td pay or anfwef any of her ecoum. J ; : JOHN REGAN. Kcea 4unty Marcb tb Ii86a. Notice is hereby given TAT Garrqtt Goodloe, late of fanlclin Ceiaotv. is dead, and tfiae it. H,fl.fl.ur '..J ttl- r. - r ,r ' Subfcriber is appointed Executor of his aft J.utC isiuipect- Will and leftametir, and that he has qual, CU . . 0tlle tTOm deflgn. I. . f . V... ' ! ' tuc pprt ot ; VYiImington.K which w.ii tut tunic time vacant, i' j I' " Hcnry fiiflarri, othis cdnnty who late-ly went into Tenneffee on Duiinels, has been killed in a quar. ti wuii t citizen or tnat ltate, We have not heard particulars, except that the deceafed having ftruck tlie other with his whip, he caught hold of his un, which Was ftandia? near, and (hot him dead., - " -On the 6th inft. the CdJIeae of Mto- Tarl..r n . . 0 "-j--y tii a-tinceioni was confumed by fire. About one o'clock in the afternoon the cupola was difcovered to be in a blaze The wind was uncommonly vio lent, andjn lefs than two hours the who'e building was deftroyed, the : roof having early; fallen in fo as to render alljexertioni to fave it fruii-lels.j The ; Col lege Library, and. -ixuis ui ine property in tne Uollege, fied in the! Couirt of flid CountT as fuchlU A Hot took olace in Churlelnn Therefore'herecelt.all Perfonhaving De- jlon Sunday : eveninff fe'nniffhf VX ma.ds againft tYif Eftate, to br ng them W ,nnn.rt,,J.nf ; L8 , k.. DroDeri.--Hthn&-....t ill J I conleduence of a quarrel between fome American ondSpamfli faiiars properly authenticated, within the Time pre lenbed by law, btherwife. they will netCbe paid. 1 hofe who are indebted to the f Eftate afc reoefted to aiake fpeedy Payment tp ' ! wiiiAM fx. GODDLOE. Jith March, , $So2. :. .! ! - - ! HPH E Subfcriber takes this Mcthtxi of informing thofe whei hare been. To ed es to tavour him with their Cuftom. that he hat entirely djpofedof hisStvck of Goods ;ep;Utn9d lriielfTefts (ill iuch as have open-Accotnta with hitttj to come in end eiole the fanle, either, by g. via. Note. rjrnepi,in jain,or cotton kJ4r Jakei;Tfiomp(cmUorj, him(elfi;!will give due Three Americans were tabbed one of whom died foOn after, and another is fuppofed to be mortally wounded. : j 6 Spaniards wereyef-terday committea torprifon. r .. :; v: 7ied. , -v t New-Yorjf 00 the 6th laft. is hi lath year, Mr-Johsi WatdJ Fen no, . bookrelIerr -formerly proprietor oad editor of tbe Gaztue ! of the United States, printed at Philadelphia. -; ! AS: Waihingtda City, the 1 ith inft. ; y N. Hdnter, if. the Reprcfentatie in Con-ji - - - 1 mi 1 - L- V v. fa u . Ii 11

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