The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 4, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 4, 1930
Page 2
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' Items of Personal Interest Activities ami News of Women Society Calendar CALENDAR HEAD TODAY— Several (htirjsllnj pirtic: this wcefc continue to be the ciusc ol women'.buyiri3'"iiew . clothes' w':3' mating ntiraclivc plans for ih: itors present Including the the Re'v.'.'W.-.j. Jprca'n, Tho eong, "Help '-Somijbocly to- dnjV a prsvcr by the Rev. Jordiw nnd the sons, "Work For thj Nlglu " Js Coining", llip scrlpluj-n! spring' season. Mrs. Carrol mate-1 was (he subject more and Mrs. I'aul Smith aro hav-1 • reading Ircra Matthew read by Mrs Hood. "Changing World Sllvsllon of the nlialor. a 1 - party Thursday aficrncon for Mrs, Mildred Hancocfc Acr;o ot Hopkinsvllle, Ky., &nd Mro. Joseph Von Almen,.« rwctit bride. 1 Friday and Saturday afipmaon;. Mis.' cliarl:s U '-.Wylle' '. Is having bridge panics with,,several- tituic-s of players her guests e«ch afternoon,. Hie party o! th: Wednesday Bridge club this week will b: :i luncheon when Mrs. Elton Kirby. of Paragould, and Mrs. Mildred Hancock Acree, of Hopklnsrtlle. Ky., will te the on< ot town guests. Mrs. Harry KU'by is to b? hostess. Wednesday The Dolphims arc meeting at thj ilctcl Noble. Tne Wednesday Bridge club is havaig a IUJICJILUJI at uis home o. Mrs.' Harry Klrby. TBe Executive board of the Ju:>. lor high school I'aiciH-Tcacheras- Eoclaitkm Is meeting at tne school at- 3:30 o'clock. The; Sudbury school Paren',- Teatshcr association Is meeting at the school at 3:15 o'clock. ' '. : Thursday Mrs. Carrol Blakemcre and Mrs. piul Smith are having a bridge party at the Blakemore home tor Mrs. .Mildred Hancock Acrcc ol Hopkipsvilic, Ky., who Is the guest cf air. and Mrs. W. H. Mlnyard, • and Mrs. Joseph Von Almen, a recent" bride. Mrs. Doyls Heudsrson Is havinj thfe Young Matrons ch'.D. The Thursday club is mectln; with Mrs. Husscll Phillips. Mrs. B, A. Lynch is Having I hi Mid-Week Brlttge club. i-'rlday The American Legion Auxiliary Is meeting at the hu:ne of Mrs.,0. R. ifobley for a program on "I-'l- dac." Mrs C. G. uetunan will aiso be hostess. Mrs, Cnarlcs L. Wylie Is having o bridge party at her home in tnc Injiam apartments. The- Indies Bible class ot the First ilethodlst Sunda^scfotol'wU have a business and aockl aicetlng at t^homc of Mri-Gonloirwrlghi on Chlckasav.'fca avenue. ' ' Saturoajr . Mrs,' CharkE L. Wylle is ha\lnS a bridge party at her f.ome jnj^iiip Ingram apartments. cr closed the program, +12 Mr, and Mvs. Ben 'Sleanhtoa, 2 Not F'i -' - , Fif'Ji etreet, «ro-'. iiounclrig ,tho marriage 1 *'of.<llicj!i daughter, Mlmile, to Mr. ItowHr'-j T. Collins of Memphli, Hie wedding having been eotemubcd In tlu M. Tfrr>' spoke on "If I IJ^d a M:l- llon Dollars to Give' Away? and t!ij dlwusscd by Mrs. L. L'. . Ward was "The Emerging Church." Mrj. Fred Bmllh resigned m treasurer of the toclcly tocauso oi her leaving tuc city and a vot« 01 regret was made at her departure. Mrs. J. T. Ellis was elected to fl'.l , Efforts to effect a re-orgaulzi- Society—Personal thc"plnce. I'.LII, aitn^ new lines, ol tr« Osct- . guests ol Mr and Mrs, B. C. Dent Jr., in Blyll*-' vill? Sunday.. ^ The jr»de school Pftreni-Teach- ftc Association observed Pounders Day with.en appropriate program SLi , r reguUr m «« lin «5.' Miss Willie Lawson, county superintendent of «chool», paying "A Memorial Tribute, not Only to Poun'ders but to all Mothers." Mre, 'John Kd- rington gave a beautiful vscal rendition of "Mother Machre'e' " | and Mrs. n.' B. Jones In a short. • talk paid meoioritl. to MJss Burn- i er, founder of tb< p. T. A. t Forty members were present nnd delicious refreshments were served during Uie social hour -which fol- seriously 111 at her home here for the past week, threatsned uiti pneumonia. Is able to be up again. Miss Agues Ward, who is at- Jujiwboro Agricultural col- _^_ TUESDAY,JMARCIT4, 1930 ^ ;: = ^ " ~^~"" N In the social hour tile refresh- , oja Womens Progressive club wen' lowed the program and a short menu were in keeping with the , to be made at the regular mom... bigness session At ihe uus.ATi spirit ol Snlm Patrick's Djy anrt . meeting -this afternoon. Hoitcsi->':, I seulon It was voted there ivero appropriate souvenirs i were Mcsdames W. V 'L. Moori' for everyone. . H: B. Jcncs, J. B. Mitchell, a ' ' ' ' Muiksy, S. K. Murff «nd I- L). Wclkcr-Spcik I Masjey. ;....". Miss Martha Wdker of Hayll.l Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Lovewcll «n.1 Mo, and Mr. P. C. Speak, ol Little Mr. and Mrs. Ed Qulnn spent Bun- purchase of Ifijstrumcnts for a rhythm band, which : will bs organ- izia among Ijie grade'Khool chll. di'en and dlrectea by XIlss Catherine Harwell, teacher of puWI- scliool music. Tnc Yeoman closi of the Ptrsl | .\5ctliodist Sunday school was c city Sunday evening. The cjremoiv, i i?oci: were united in marilagc here day In Memphis, guests of Mr aV was perJoiiUK) nt flvc-lbiily o'clock I Saturday, March 1, by .;he Rev. Mrs. Hugh Hiiehey. "V the Rev White E. Z. Ncwfom, pastor ...t)( the Sec-i Mrs. O. E. Bullenger was hostess 1 tcrtained with u class social -r Oues.s at the lycddiilj were Mlf, ouil Dap-.ltl church. The 'ctrcmony 1 to the lour table bridge cluo en- j the home of Mrs. Frazlcr here l-'n- •ong, Mr. Hubert eopj. | M«S i*rrormed at the pars:najc. : totalnlng at the same iimj in. I day evening, with Mrs. l-'rnler. uir. Mr. and Mrs. Speak will make following guests; Mesdames I'. Ij.! Hrlc 1'lclclier and Mrs. Dick Hill i Cielr home in Little. Rock. Mr,j I'hipps, Georse Abrey, W. f. Jlun., hostesses. Eighteen memlXTs ol ih .'jpcak IB a (raveling salesman, cm-1 O. K. Mussenglll and'.J. A'; " by a Memphis paint and I The house Miss sy James of this city am: i Mr. Ilussell Ounler. Mr. on<l Mrs. Collins nvc now a' ime at 260 Union Avc., Memphis. Mr. Collins spent Saturday hero , vimlsli "ccncern" and was accompanied to Memphh i by Hie bride-elect and Mb3 Jamej • Sunday, who returned Monday a(- i ternoon. : ! Sicthodlst Transarl BuJJnfei. . j The niontlily business sKsioji (.' the Missionary society in the Firs; Methodist ciiurcli was attended by Bits o Mostly Personal IlobMe Luttrtll and his cousin, , 35 women Monday afternooni Mrs. Thurmau Tennnnt, arrived home V. \V. Hollljietcr was in ohargo and last night from L:« Angeles, Cal., he us;d ns her devotional ported where they have betn spending the he song, "I Am Thine Own Lord" 'winter,' They made this'' trip by nfl a scriptural reference. Mrs. W. motor In five days * ' S. Mick was : a new. member en- i Mr. anil Mrs. Dixie Crawford ' Elects Officers Mrs.'' Rives Allen was unanimously elfctad president of the Beta Chi Sunday school clars of the First Presbyterian church In the annual election meeting held at the home of Mrs. Edgar Bonim Monday evening. Other officers named were: Mrs. Lucy McAdams, vice president; Mrs. L. S. Brlscce, secretary; Mrs. Louis Greene, treasurer. The : year's report showed tlmt $125 had bean given for vnrbus causes for olhers besides donations for Thautegitlng and Christmas boxes for poor families. In addition to this amount, flowers were sent a number of people si;d several gifts presented. The money went to the Sunday school. b=- nevclences. the .cliurcli v building fund, foreign missions, • Raliy Day, Eongbook fund and the Vera Lioyd home. • The bcok. "Preabytcrlanlsm— Its History and Beliefs," lias been studied by the class and devotional periods, held weekly preceding the regular Sunday morning lessens, For s:clal activities the group has met once each month for business and social meetings nnd three dinner parties have been yiven-hy members for the closj. • For this work, Mrs. Edgar Bori'im was president; Miss Edna aprrett. vice president; Mrj. c. R. Babcock, secretary; Mrs. Rives Allen, treasurer; Mrs. C. M. Gray is the teacher. It ','was decided to ^ establish a home department fo'r yciihg women who arc unable, to attend Sunday scjicol because, cf young children, and Mrs. Louis Greene and Itfiss Mary Outlaw arc to be Ir cliargc of this activity. Prospective members were discussed, j The. {hostess, assisted" bv her daughter. Mary Elizabeth.- and her mother, Mrs. Culluin Greene! servet a plate lunch ot fruit salad will' Eandwiches and hot tea. • Mrj.' Paul til Tlptob'sVvfllccrtoio. vas "Your Comrade and Mine." A medley of French, Indian and ns- nro songs was pliycd by iirsiJ.'''!', T_ Jl ^ "- J ' - • -f • i -I Mrs. Thcodore.^li^aK 1 sale? tho : :loslng prayer. Similar 'meetings arc being held this afternoon arid omorrow. Voroen Spc-ik Children of Sfudy.'thc Current Events At the meeting of the Childrci of Confederacy the 'ionic ol Mrs Marvin Bobinscn Saturday afternoon. MJESCS Martha and Charlinc Robinson ^icre hostesses. The members hnd a progran on current events with Misses Car olyn HnlJ, Sue Butt, Martha Rob insou, Ruth Butt and Charlin Rcbinton taking part. Miss Mar jone Martin played a piano s=lo Plans were formulated for th benefit' bridge parly to be given at an early date. In the. social!ad cours witli Eamlwichss and hot 'lea' wa served. - * * * Has BirtbOar Pirly unpshaw cnt^r ta.ried ?0 of hi 5 frjcnds Friday eve ning with a party in honor of hi eleventh birthday wh!rh «-« C cl» brated with gomes and music 'n^ licious refreshments were t'crv"- and-the fifts displayed. " "' Mlrstcnaty Sccitly Jlccft. •The. Woman's Missionary 5 oc:-t of Varbro met Friday.Rftemcon"a the home of Mrr"C.' R.'Etchibso ^ith ten members and four vis o , »» m , , ' Rencrts of; offlcers, circle clnir- nan nnd committees were given bcen collected for, this und, wrc Memphis'- visitors for the week-end' •'•-•' ' j. A. Leech left- tcday for Atto attend a Coca- calehdir cola convention forwcck. Tlie hostess^ for the prpgrhiii} spent ytsteraY"'ln Phillips iRTiing nusi monaay .were an-i Harvev S'cwart •ruTp" > >i n n h s r^fete^; i £-5^^ *>£? - T. E. Guard, .J. I,. GuarV,'A. M. H. Mrs El on W ; Klrhv" .r andTl, "xrdwSl Hi!mC5 ' mr " »"t *fa& "^ "6,' 1 for^a and J. L. irdwcu. _.. . brjef VJjlt , wlm M . Bnd . Mrs ° m * ;In Wftk of fny'tt. ' ^Xfri"'^ v,,i' HIII «,..„>,«,, „» iiw.-'mii." «.'.,. Mrs - J "e Nel Hill, c orated with, baskets "and 'biw'ls o: Jonquils, violets • and.-'iiitissy n yullov. Ui lasteful arrangement, and. tally . and scott, cards 'were In kcsjiini; j with- the.wtson. A.-dtllcloui { ' course • inenu Vae: sfiiiti.. "-"'-'• the game arid high Ecore High scbrp'gutst prizo.-'"wa« : Von by Mrs. p. W.-.-Masscnjil), aiM'Vrs J. H. Uovewell.'cut .consolation: Mr. and' Mrs. W.'R'.- IJSu'tlcrsou «f St. Louis, forinerly ^ol. t ville are the pa?cnt» of a-aau.. WJi at Chrlstl»n>:hospiiil-')n s:. Louis Sunday.night: Mnii'.^iaiUjr- son, wholis a'sister, of. Mrs.*:B|axon Bragg of OscPsla, was"fo?frV:rly Miss Fay'Htw.' : .'•.!-'''.''"•'•'.' ' Mr*. 1 J. H. Love veil was-'Hoifc: I o : ttie twd,' Uble brldgi ;:elub -\ to ! ler.homa-hero'Frlilay afteruoira.'. A i class were present. A deiicbu.- salail course was served late in th< evening. Mr. and Mrs. O. M. Fairley are the parents of a son, born at tliclr hcme here u few duys ago. Mrs. Harry Gwan, who lias been Bronchial Athtna Fatal To Aged Cardwell Womao - lege in JoriMboro, Ark., spent the week-end with her parents, I1r. on: Mrs. J. L. Ward In Osceoh. She was accompanied back to Jonos- boro Sunday afternoon by Mr. s»j Mrs. A. W, Bowen, Fiber Wlilto L.IS Miss Ma^y Catherine Ward, • Mr. and Mrs, George Fncnian are the parent* of a son, born a; theJr home here, a week ago Munday night, '• ' . i), city, was adinitlst', to .the 13iytl)evipc liosi)i!,i) today, BUDOER SUFFEftERS DON'T GIVE UP HOPi Dr. Bond's K and B Pre- seriwtion Brings Relief When Others Fail. mattrr how IrtiiR tram u-cub. you . i^- oi(!i-tci! bl.iildor. <ir what kin.l o[ rciu- ii(J" jou KIT? u^a, T»u woa't I* fni r |o ynnrsflf until jo? htT« Iriti |)r iiOMVS K and B prn«ripii*m.' T|>i fninous r'^^^^U'l'PttJU pr«p jytfor pnins '" '"« l':ick. . «"rs /p'rescnl'. included 'Mrs. Crnlg, : Mrs. John 'Edrlngton, Mrs. Gccrg.? ADrey, n))d Mrs. Charles' Hale. Sir, arid' Mrs. M.'W. Sfteddan cui.l ,he annual week of prayer Momuy iflcrnoon with a program, on 'The World at, Our Door", wlien I.US.T Cordelia WjlhJte-' was: leader. My Country Tls bt.Tliee" tfas sun--' . Guy jr. Mr. and Mrs.-Floyd Taylor with •&• .-Taylor's sister, Miss - XJrms ,Tay(or of Harrison,. Ark., <iml Mr and Mrs. Earl p. ~ obi, ,v.lslt |n' Bt: Cago and' other points 9! Illinois '" Mr.'Knd'Mrs. W. P. Vcazey''jr:, hove returned from Coldwaler" Miss., where they spent thc'wcck- ,ca4,T>,-|tb relatives,.^,. i .-; '.^-., \ a»nto\Ne»! MulHiW, Mr.'and'Mr'i. U. -W:') has tccti critically ill from scn'rlci fever, is better. Mkses Ailleen piejcis and Hubv> Grimes spent, t^io wjek-cnd " How One Woman Lost 20 Pounds of Fat ^ost Her I)ouble Chin^'; '-'.• Her Prominent Hips L,ost Her Sluggishness Gained .rhy^ical Vigojr ..-;'«* [iained In VivncidusrH»i',f> . Gained a Shapdy y Figure. rch\ovc tbc M "- Charles E. Brown anil two lynch. i'hey made tile trly by motor, tj- 'tintcrlalned. members ot 1117 Twenty-three Mre. E. u. Dlckenson. of Memphis, spent tne week-end here with her son, Eugene, and Mrs. DU-k- enson. . John Waterman was in New kflsslo'uary society In. the First Madrid, Mo.. Sunday Christian churoh ware r-ntcrlair.c-3 Miss Rosalie Garaidc has' rc- )y Mrs. George W. Bar ham, >!rs. turned to her home in Memphis E K. Latlnicr and Mrs. J. T. Ellis after visiting her cousin w T at the BarhanxjlKnie Monday aft- Oberst, who U ill. ' " -. ' • • ' ' ', Henry clny Patton. sou' if Mr worship lenrivr, Mrs. W. H. and Mrs..E. C. Palton, is III wi ,' Etovall had. ,; song _....„ ... prayer by Mrs.- W.' J. ICnox. measles.'' Sh= Miss Virginia Martin is 111 at hci announced that the world day of home on Weft Main s'rce" I'ttyer will bo Friday. A round tr-1 ' Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ober'st hive blc discussion of the prc-Eastcr returned to their home al Jones- wrapn gn was also held. I «*.., Ml«..'after several davs stay In- the prcsentalion. Mrs. M. | with Mr. Obersfs brother 'w T Fitzslmmons' was leader. Mrs. E.! Ober'st, and-family. Specialist 'Started Her to Using LeaVHaitr Tonic \Vhich Hani 1 ' All Traces of -Cray and' ;-.- s -'.SloppjcJ It Falling ;" •'•' " _. HAIR AS YOUTI IFUL AS WHKN 20 YEARS O »TIS ten years ag) a spell of sickness caused my iinir to o;si« failing out. awl turning gray and at th»t time I was (old lo begin using Mrs. Lea's Hair Tonic. It is wonderful what I! will do for the hair and an occasional application scalp.has kept my hair..perfect ev>a-..staci; then." declares Mrs. Agues Marshall, w 113 like thousands of others have found Lea's the finest preparation fcjr the. ,ha1r that money can buy. "Since gelling such jplendld results • myself; I have often urged others to try It, and they loo have cb'Rined the same pleasing results. Even seme of the beauty shops u.'e It since they learned of what it ily 5 hair actually icoks like I 1 bid when I was s girl of twenty and not a sign of gray," continued Mrs. Marsha!! of Rraiulus. Mich. Thousand* of mei ,iud womci use Lea's though oven an cxpcr cannot detect it. Lea's w:iks so nicely anil gradual. Ihc day by (m\ Improvement, and. disappearance o Cray : ls seldom noticed by friends buf in n few wwks time" f.ic use is amazed .id note tl>c closest scare) shows no gray 'luir. The ha: and scalp. »ppear healtliicr and growing out thicker and ir.ore beau llful. If the-reader wishes li ir Lea's Hair Tonic, let them ob'.ain 8 bottle of local dnijglH. or stnci dollar bill, stumps, money order o cheek to Ihc wrll known Le.i Tonii :'—;J my tlearly see hew VI11 no. from me. So you Eec^ljCo., Brent wood, Md. They that you would ttie « ion y^'^w oiil i'r.'n^mHwlv'"^^'.^ dc' I am for you would never believe It. lighted " your may' antee absolute, sattsfactlon cr mon air Is. f>- refunded if In six Veeks yoi \A\ :n:<l B^ttiny up iup>j|s. If yoq ^ n«r of ihtK syraploms.' «-tt '!|IN1)'S Ii .vifl II today. , Dea't w I'cict, (Xk or SI. 20.— Adr. . Sold in iilj'Uieville, Ark.,' b>' Rob- itison ipnig Co. conducted Friday aiternoqn Ot;th3 Liu»-ood cenietery at Piri'gauliI, 'b/ the Hev. Davidson. Burial wao m . Mo.—Mrs. Eliza-1 beth Shepard dleit Thursday uu- ernooji of bronchial asthma. She was seventy-two' yjars of age, unc Is survived by one son and oni •'"•-'"-- Funeral services ' were . which she .- belongs,. entertaining delicious salad ' cSurse' '.V™ lollpu'ing the game '' cJ club. rXlze. awarded Mrs: J. L. Wurd. Mis. Hugh Craig : won- hlEh E'l^v Quests b'esides the duo m;m- '' ' . the mineral salts your bc:iy organs, glanda and nerves must have to iincllon proj>ei'l.v, i When your vital;orea]in foil ill lerform their work' correellyt-jyoiij-1 joweis and kidneys can't (lirow dfr h^iE, v^aste material—before you re?.)irs II—you're growing! )ild»6us- ly lat! : '. i Try cue half leaspoonful «f KRUSCHEN-SAUTS in n gloss of lict water every morning—in 3 weeks get on tile scales and note low niany pounds of fat -have vnnlshcd. . ' 1.' Notice also that you have s;Sined in energy—your skin is clearer— ycur' efes • sparkle ivltli • g Idrlbus icalth—yon feel youniier In hcfly— keener In mind. KHUSCllENi will give any fat person n Joyous'.sur. rlse. . Gel on S5o liMlc of KRU3CHEN SALTS from Klrby Dnn Co^ 'or any leading druggist nnywhere in America (la'its 4 weeks). If this tat bottle doesn't convince you'thls s the easiest, safest ami- iurfcst way to lose fat—if you don't fed a Eilperb. improvement in health— so gloriously." energetic—vigorously illvc—your, money gladly returned. Klrby '-, Adv Ordinary pains— hend- aclie and neuralgia, muscular pains, functional pains. the headache and congested feeling of a cold in Ihc head— how quickly they disappear when you take, a tablftt or two of DR. MILES' Dr. Miles' Aspir-Mint is the new, itabl«, mint-flni-ored tablet that Is making people i:ll over the country "Sjniie at '.h« Atlw" Jour (iniBKist his thua. 15c »nd 25c Packages ISOOAMNTEEB Wi'l Slop Pain Instantly And Remove Corn .or Money Refunded '. WAFERS FOR lOe NOT LIKE THK REST If ycii've trW all sorts of corn •cmedies without getting the relief 'xpcctcd, risk a dims and try •O-Joy Corn Wafers," the wortder- .'•-il new remedy guaranteed to stop :w!n at once aw! quickly remove ccrn, callous, roots and all or -:iicncy back. . No thick 'doujlmut'-shan^d pads or burning acids—Just, a tiny, thin us paper wafer. Press one on the com with linger and it sticks there. Away goes pain, shoes don't hurt, a'ance if .you like. Ho inconvenience, worry._or .bother. Six O-Joy Com V.'a;ers /or a dime at drug stores. /.dv.-6 rongements were In . Vnarge '«f : - Howard-Andetton, . - , Amazed! Tanlac Relieves "Rheumatism'' For years the remarkable results obtained from Taiilac in the treatment of general rundown jco.;Uitio:;5 have amazed its urer.T, but most surprising of all is the rjuiek relief this remarkable medicine gives in cases of "rheumatism" and stomach ills that yield to nothing else. ' ••.-.. Ken lad worr.tii wto tbaug'al them- •civra bt)'or.*i hun.aa who /or ye»t4 with piutu from stfjmicSi mid IMJ wt I tfcablti, ncurjtto, chronic hi 1 .-.'- ubcs, diiztnc»,&]c(i>ltunt», constipation, who o2vr I hen*.: fives daily K^iny fawn into « sickly early oM «(,•<* h«v« tJ|rfl'lch tt:« tniaiins ilim'Jlatintf and cleansing it-tioi; of ihts REAr,' MEDICINE. Tanl*c. found tfceraseli'c* ooce more in the rc.vfiion of * frtrone h^-illhy lioniach a n J P bojly (roe frccn r«fn. One user says, "I ruJF^ntl.lnr- (urei from tnusc'jlir F>'ii df(*r tR^inar Tatilac for a eoiipJro'f ir<rl-.s I WM over the rhe'imathnr, my ki-ln^v* actfns riiie, my rifrfstion '(n • tupin-i/r Orrler." TrT it— ret <i butt!*- tn-y\ t* v r^srcst drugeiit. S*Mifact|on ruir.inL*-'! or money back. Aec«pt DO tuUi'iuu Coming events their shadoWs before' AVOID THAT PURE SHADOW* By refraining from over-indulgence Men who would keep that trim, proper form, women -who prize' the modern figure with its subtle, seductive curves—eat healthfully but not immoderately. Banisli excessiveness—eliminate abuses. Be moderate—be moderate in all things, .even in smoking. Wheh?' tempted Jo excess, when your.eyesj are bigger than your stomach, reach for a. lucky instead. .Coin-' ing events cast their shadows before. Avoid that future shadow by avoiding over-indulgence if you would maintain that lithe, youthful • figure. LucVy Strike, the finest Cigarette a man ever smoked, made of the finest tobacco—The Cream of the Crop—"IT'S TOASTiiD." Everyone knows that heat purifies anj so "TOASTING" not only removes impurities but adds to the flavor and improves the taste. It V toasted" Throat Protection—against irritation—against cough. *Be Mocleratc!... Don't jeopardize the modern form by drastic diets, harmful reducing girdles, fake reducine tablets or other quack "anti-fat" remedies conUemncd by the Medical profession! Millions of dollars each year arc wasted on ihcse ridiculous and dangerous, nostrums. Ij e Sensible! Be Moderate! We do not represent that smoking lucky Strike Cigarettes \yill bring modern figures or cause the reduction of flesh. We do declare that when tempted to do yourself too well, if you will "Reach for a lucky" instead, you will thus avoid over-induleence over-indulgence ,|, * j . -•—•••« f.v*T\f ILIOI.VUU) JVM ti»" nt uij (iivjiti U VCT'luQUllTcum m things that cause excess weight and, by avoiding over-indulgence, maintain a modern, graceful form. . . TUNE IN-rTlie Lucky Strike Dance Orchestra, ev«ry Saturday night, over a coast-to-coast network of the N. B. C @ 1930, T):t Asj.ritjn TobJCco Co., Mlr«.

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