The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 3, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 3, 1930
Page 6
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JygAGE SIX' == _^_Z^321[|L^ ._._.__,__ _ MONDAY, MARCH 3, J.930 Hurricane Wins .District Cage Meet Not /V Foui-A Knockout Hurricane and Monette Quintet Will Represent District at State Meet. The' mighty Golden Hurricane nf . Jdnesboro high bowled aver the Bono Cardinals in easy fashion to win the annual Fourth District scn- '•ior boys' tournament at Jonesboro 'Saturday night. The score was 31 : .to"lV . VJonesboro, with another Craig- r bead 'county team, Monette, will represent the district In the annual state tournament to be held at .- Pin* Blufl March 14. and 15. 'The , (rein-clad Monette eager: von the .'.njnner-iip' honors by trouncing the darkhcrse entry from Bono, 25 to ,».-. •• • .The Hurricane won its place in the -finals by. defeating Monette •Saturday afternoon In the serai - vfljukli.'with Bono gaining a posi- 1 Ufn In tbe flnal» with a win over 1 The gallant Bono five loomed M a darkhbrse than ever Officials Name £-_•:.. All-Star Teams JON1SBORO, Ark. — Four teams, placed men on the all; district tint team selected by Charles .Craig and Hugh Nixon, .tournament officials. Monette led with two men on the first quintet while Bono captured captaincy honors. .•• The flrst district team: Cov- ingtOQ, Jonesboro; Hlgglns, Mo- hette,'forwards; Turner, 'Mo- bette, center; Cox, Bono, guard ind .'captain, Greer, Marlon, ruant' •• -. . The. second district 'team: ftreher, Jonesboro; Massey, Wilion, forwards; McKell, Rector, center; .State'n, Earle: .Stltcler, Jonesboro, guards with latter <*pttin : .",..•,.. • '..Honorable mention:. Thornton, Bono; Hipp, LeachvUle. Oreenwell. Wilson; .and. V. Brock. Trununn. GIRLS, STELE Risko Keeps Boring In His feature contorted In pain, Phil Scott of England is shown here going down for.the last-'tujie'ln tli fatal third round of his fight with Jack Sharkoy at Miami. 'Blmrkey Is shown at ; the left, .ready-to*resume the milling 11 Scott,-collapsing against the ropes, recovers and tries to make a fight of.'It, while Referee Lou Magnolia Is preparing to examine Scott to sec if his claim of foul Is substantiated: .-•-•• v'7'y : - • whtn the -cardinals opened -the tiifcaplbaiUp, tilt'.-with an elusive : attack that almost awept 'the Hur- .rtoan«'down. At the quarter peri- od.the'Bono eager-led 4 to 1. ' <• : MCoichMtirtto' Of 'the Jonesboro twm 1 injected several new Ban into hii~Bn«mp' and the Hurricane: cheered on by .toe • frantic yells' of iU' supporter*, managed to pull in .tryct (?f itb«;Bono.lads 10 to.i ai • tto.'.h^-.wM/perlod.'.:-'., . ..' i 1 .'• The..Jdooiixiro rnentor must have • gUen his'inen^sonis real pointers tt!^&ieen'.hal»es. : The- Golden Hurricane looked like, a.rejuvenated art _j.i.»...-. • !.,_.- ij.jjjj,, yj ? floof ... , ... . and>romptly.beV Ban to hlt;U»e -basket.from'- all an-, gfcs. .within ;•coring distance. .Cap- Uiib-'-BoQ.-OOTinKtozi: gained high «c§B honors for the game when he ;hlt hls.strtde.ln tie.lajt half, mak'-. hk.M.out of 15 : poipt» In'the fln- "«J peflocV. •, .•>•'•'• •'*.:.-.•• ' •' 'WUeiMit center and. Gill, a .fpr- "iit' led-the' Cardinal- attack.. J e'.TejroTS'and'Alison Bulldogs e -Tejros.-'ind Wilson Bulldogs - f the, .only ' Mississippi county t to jurvlTe 'the first round c< play, in the'tourney and they The Land of Broken Hearts Th'e home town baud played when Lester left. Winter's cold winds had not yet abated when the local boy took the train for the Southland, but spring's ' warm breezes were in his heart; Hi snilg chance had come. Ho was going .to the big leagues. • His friends were at the depot to wish' him well. Jim arid Tony and Paul, the city editor of the paper, came down to shake his hand. He would have to make good now, after aU this hullabaloo. He'd just as toon have gone nuletly, without the blare and fuss—but then, let them have .thefe fiiii. ••He got on the train- at Kansas pity" th«|t carried the rest Of'the players. They shook his .hand and kidded him along, fester was till' they called hlm'"Big Boy" during the rest of Lhe trip, and lie liked it Lester' made, friends easily; ';He hadnt' thought big leaguers wouli be such good fellows. There Wish' «' high hatter in the whole crowd 3cnipsey Would Keep Ring Title From Foreigners CLEVELAND, O., March 3. (UP) —Jack Dcmpsey, 34, and suffering from a sudden siege of neuritis, nii- lounted here today that he will return to the prize Ting if Max Sclimellng of. Germany or Prinio Camera of Italy defeats th.e best of America's current crop of heavy, weights. . - • If J&ck Stmtkey, the 'Boston sailor and recognliea heir apparent to Gene Tunney's abdicated crnm- nlonahlp. turns back the foreign invasion Dempsey will retire officially and permanently. • Pieces 'ta the Paper The Chicago 'and New York pa pers carried little items about him One-of the accounts said: ^Lester^ Henry VfUson got . aboari} the players'- special at Kansas City. He 'was wearing a hat that inclined toward the large -rimmed variety -of .he border heroes'. •'•••In his pitching hand, the right 'one, hb, carried i bag that appeared' rather small for'V lengthy 'Jourriey (that was Aunt-. Emma's bag that he had aorrowedi , but ^htn' he NOTICE OF ANNEXATION Notice Is hereby grven that th question of annexing the contig ious territory described below wll be submitted to the' qualified elec tors at the next annual election to be held on-the-1st day of Aprl 1P30. that said contlglous territory desired to be annexed Is that prop erty contlgious' and immediatel south of'the present city limits I the'area bounded in'd described follows: Begin at the Northwes Comer.'of the-'South Half of th Southeast'Quarter oj, Section Fii teen. Township Fifteen (15) Norf Range .Eleven ' (11) East,- Missis sippl County,. . Arkansas, .thenc south 850 feet,'thence-'east eet. thence north 450, feet, thenc west-1013 feet, to pblnt'. of begin ling, being Blocks 1, 2, 3,'4, 5 an of the Hollipete'r and Shonyo Ad ditlon with streets arid alleys. ' Dated this Tebrutsy H, ISM. • ' • ;•"-.- NKTL REED, • -. , • • ' ; • ' Mayer. ATTB3T:' ' ' .S. C. CRAIG,'. Clerk. : i . . '• Feb. 17-54, Mar. 1 3-10 .,-,. .eliminated. in the second round.'Luxora, _C*ceola and Shawnee^were putout of the running in the .The line-up of the championship tilt follows: Bono (17> Pos, Jonesboro (31 Cot (J) - F Dreher (7) GUI <S). P- Waide (7) WJle« (6) C Covlngton (15) Berry G Jones (2) Thornton. (4) G St icier Substitutions: Bono — Watkins, Montgomery; Jonesboro—V. Covington, vHaines. • .Officials—referee, d»lg; umpire, Itapn; scorer, Huston; timer. Mc- Duiel. F«yctteviDe Wins First District Title - - , Art.—The Pay- ettevlUe high Bulldogs took an exciting M'to 13 win over Port Smith to'capture the flrst district inter- Ktolastlc basketball title here Saturday night •The BuBdoga by virtue of their win win represent the First district in tht state meet to be held at Pine Bluff March H and 15. . that some; of the boys thought thnt he was traveling light, he mention cd that' 'he wasn't on a pleasure jaunt and that 'anyway/they have one-day, laundries near the training camp, don't they!' "Lester, appears to 'be somewhat a diamond in the rough, but he has a competitive heart, and that's about. 50 per cent of a pitcher's success. He 'Is tho young fel low Manager UcCourtney Uked last year when he pitched an exhlbl Uon game against the Wolves ou In Keokuk. He seems to be a coo fellow, with, a world of the oli courage.!' ':•' • Lester' was shown the clipping by several of the fellows and h ate It right up. Ccol? Corapclo live? He would show them) The hadn't. said half enough. Down -at the Springs he tolled, ran around the park, pitched, did everything that was asked of him —and more. He studied the other fellows' styles, worked on curve alls, flung them to batters ;n prac- ce day after day. Tills was his Ig chance and he was fighting for he job. Five days In camp and he felt twinge In his right shoulder. jetty McGoorty, the trainer, rubbed, but it would not come out. he highest and best biddervori a rcdit of Three months; ; al"! the ro'nt' door of the'Court House'-'-be- ween the hours prescribed |y law, n the City of Blytheville, ! Ark an- as, on the 3rd day of'April, 1930 he following real estate, tojjril: • Lot 16 and East half-lob 16, Block one, Highland Place'Ad- dition to city 'of Blytheyille, Mississippi County, 'Arkansas. Said sale wiil be Had {o: : &a.tUfy aid decree in the sum' of M.981.17, with 8 per cent interest from Febuary 25, 1830. ' ' .••''. •. The purchaser' at' said' sale; will be reo.uired to execute : borict' w!-th approved 'security'to Jecure r: tlie laymen^ of the purchaser-money and- a llert will be retained upon caid -property as additional security, for the payment of such- ; purchase money. . . -" '( Xi£.V j Witness my hand and the sen of said Court, on this,'.the .3rd daj of March, 1930. •'-"':" . W. W. HOLLIPETEI}, Commissioner in'Charieer :-;; • : • Mar: Two Closely Contested Games Decide Pemiscot Cage Championships, CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.—Steele high's flashy quinlct and the Ca- ruthersvllle high school girls' tenni emerged victorious in the 1 finals of (he Pemiscot county basketball tournament, that ended here Saturday nlglit. The Steele boys were Imrd put to down the-formidable Dei-ring team 30 to 20 while lh< local lassies nosed out the Hayll sextette by a scant two point margin. 27 to 25. The Caruthersvllle boys took third place when they defeated Hayti, 24 to 17, nnd the Cooler ylrls defeated Steele, 35. to 13, to win third place in'their division. Seven girls and six boys were named on the all-star teams. The gills' team was composed of Cleo Long of Caruthcrsville nnd M. Ml- chie of Cooler as forwards; Ollle Mae. Anderson of Steele, and M. Coteman of -Hayti as centers, and Barker of Cooler, P. McCoy ot Hay- I and Biggert of Cooler as guards. Deering,-second. place winners, ilaced three on the boys all-star enm while Hayti placed one and Steele ' two. Tile • six pkjyers receiving the most ballots were named and they were: L. Copple. Deer- ng; .Tolbert, Steele, and Strelff of Hayti. as forwards; Davis of Deering, and Burns of Sieele, centers, and C. Copple of Dccrlng as guard. L. Copple of Deerliig led the boys scoring with 34 polnls, being trailed by Strelff of Hayii, with 32, and Workman and Tolbert of Steele, with 24 apiece. Era Mae' Mortis, Cdruthersvllli 1 forward, led the girls with 62 points \rtille Cleo .Ixmg, her teammate, scored 54.' The Caruthersville girH scored the most points getting 110 points, while holding their opponents to only 62. The Steele boys scored the most in their division getting 101 against their opponents 49.', . Tharon Stallings of Slkeston nnd Herbert Moore of Poplar Bluff ref- erced all the games, while Floyd Bliruhart and Elmo Masterson ol Caruthersville, were scorer and timekeeper, 'j i'.'.-.,' '-.- Always eager to bore in, Johnny Riskp of Cleveland gave Victorio Campolo, the. huge Argentine all tlie fighting he could handle In their tan-round semi-final bout at Miami. This picture shows Risko's tense attitude; he is at the right, ready to tear in again as Referee Kid McParttand pushes him away after a clinch. At the end ot the ten rounds McPartland declared the fight a draw. ^ *~f—^mi^—a^m^~a~~~^~~~**m~^—~~~—m~^~~— j RITZ THEATRE Monday,.Tuesday-'aiid Wednesday All Talkirjg! ; See! Hear! WARNING ORDER Chancery Court, Chickasawba District, Mississippi County • Arkansas. Estelle Capleyl PlaintlfT vs. No. 4696 Curtis Capley, Defendant. The defendant, Curtis Caplcy, is warned tn appiwr »^tlim ttiuty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Estella Capley. . Dated February 8. 1930. W. W. HOIilPETEK, Cleric. • By Harvey Morris, 0. C. Alexander and Cooper, . Attys.for Plaintiff. W. D. Gr&vett, Atty ad Lltem. . . Feb. 10-11-24, Mar. Mirthful! -'Smart Melodious! 'T h~e Happiness Bo frorrtlParis'.'In the screen's first origi- na\ musical -' romance.. .New York raved about it. See and hear the man you •love.. Dashing, daring. OTICE OF EXECUTION SALE In the ICsdssippi Chancery Court, . Chlckasawba District American Building and Loan Association, and W. L. Delony, as '. Trustee, Plaintiffs. No. 48S3 F. H. Gamer, et al, Defendants WAKN1NG OEDER Tbe defendants C. B. Garner and Ida L. Oaruer are framed to ap pear In this court within thirty days from thii date and answer the complaint of the pWntifls, Am trtcan BaUdlnt * M*n Assoda- tion, and W. L. Delooy, as trustee In wrtotM whereof, I have hereunto *et cay hud and the seal o Uw above ctmrt this 10th day Ptbruary, ino. E W. W. HOUJPETER, • CVrk of the above Court BT Harrey Harris, O. C. '(BSU.) - -. Meffi Reed, ' • Atty «d Litern. : • V*. 1MT-H Mwi "Try the steam," said Lelty. "Mayse that will cook It out." He tried the steam. It didn't work. The wlnge was there arid it golf worse Maybe he had flung too hard. He would ease up for a,couple of days That didn't work, either. It hurt him to throw. He Preferi Decatar The end :wasn't long In coming McCourtoey called him over on day and wU, "Sony, kid, but you have been sent back to Deeatur The secretary will fix you up with transporUUon. II you want to g back home first, for a while ,»n< give the' shoulder a rest, it _wi_ be O. K." "Go b*ck home first for rest . . .-It will be O. K.!" Afte that baiid, »nd Jim and Tony and Paul, the city editor, had come down to see him off? Nope. He would go on to Decatur and wait until they were ready for him. That would be the better wiy for Lester. Notice is hereby given that I ve undersigned as Sheriff, under and by authority of an execution ssucd February 7th, 1930. on udgment rendered on the I4tli day f May, 1929 in the Common Picas Jourt for. the Chlckasawba D:s- rlct of Mississippi County, Ar kansas, in the case of A. T. Earls radlng as Earls Motor Company Plaintiff vs. Virgle Dyer, Len Dyer and Dr. V. R. Fox, Defend ants, will on Uie 22nd day March, 1930, at the South door o the Court House at Blytheville, Ar kansas, offer for sole the followln described real property: The Southwest Quarter of Ih Northeast Quarter, the NcrUieas Quarter ol the Northwest Quarter and the Northwest Quarter ot the Northwest Quarter of Section 8, Township 14 North, Range 9 East. The purchaser will be required to give bond with approved security for the purchase price. W. W. SHAVER, Sheriff Mar. 3-8. MAUWCt CHEVALIER JGPENNEY 220-222 West Main St. Blytheville, Ark. MEN'S SHIRTS and Fox Latest News Reels and Review, Admission Matinee 10-35c 'iNight 25-50c HOME THEATRE Monday and Tuesday I Woven Broadcloth Printed Broadcloth^ Woven Madras ,The patterns of these shirts are exclusively our own and are the most distinctive and attractive patterns -we have ever shown I Abo White and Plain Colors. Each shirt is made to our own specifications. Tlfat means tliey are. cut without skimping, the sleeves arc long enough, buttons are of first aualitv and collars will fit comfortably. Rwu) Coulter New* Want Ads. COMMISSIONER'S SALE Notice is nereby given that the undersigned commissioner, in compliance with the terms of R decree rendered by tlie Chancery Court tor the Chlckasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, on the 25 day of February, 1930, wherein J. C. Thurmon was Plaintiff, No. 4693 »nd J. A. Waterman, ct al were Defendants, will sell at auction to his new laugh special- Good Comedy Admission Matinee and kight 10c-25c Shirt & Tie . Combination $1.77 Shirt Alone, 98c Tie Alone, 79c Vai printed shirts in color! with a nc»l tfripc p»tt«n. Cut over «ur regular sixcificalionj and well made. In favorcil colors. TJo nutch the shirts in Jirket &*ta oi the sirae Men's Shirt Woven Broadcloths Printed Broadcloths Woven Madras 1.49 Newly patterned shirts-in stripes and figures. Every shirt is a fine value that you cannat afford to overlook. Plain colors arc also included at this price. All sizes.

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