The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 1, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 1, 1930
Page 7
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|A1V RDAY ''-. Two cents a wcrd lov first insertion hud one cem a word lor each aubsequtnt Inser-. Hon. NO Rdvertlssment lake" lor less tliui BOc.- Count 'the words auB serai the cash. Phone 30G COUR1KK-NEWS 14/ANNE AUSTIN ^ $& PARROT' ACK PKSEXX-i; ETC. FOK SAI.h BABV CIllOKS-AH vwietlcs. from proven flocks. Custom Hatctiing solicited. Marilyn liau-liery, BJy- Ark. - 3ck-tf FEED i'OK SALE-Corn, hay, oats, special price on car loads.' rhone S'j, Ira Crawford. 18ckt(. FOR SALE-Clover,~TlmotliV~br Pea Hay. Write R. L. Morrow, Oran, Missouri. • 15pil Mighty Good Cars at Bargain Prices (Jet Our Terms—Save.Money 192S Chevrolet Roadster, new •,. . paint jub, KCttd' tires, molor In A-l condition 1'riie $230.00 1937 .MouVI T Tourin B , mo!»>• in excellent condition, pood tires and new paint Job $150.00 1D2S I,ate Model A. Phaeton pic'd tires, motor (n good rendition, price only . $205.90 JSS7 Model T Ro3<Is!er, nlck- o,--, rr.o*.or in excellent condition, good' tires and good plot-up - beds', price $135.00 All above and maney others on display at corner, of 5th and Main. 1'hone 8!1 Corner 5th and -Main PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Authorized Ford llealcrs SERVlC Ih'C wheeled nl Minn. .letectlvo hnj frowning])-, 1 I <vns In9klii|> for Mr. Dick \vicki-tt," liiiiuloo de- lllllSk'tt. "110 13 i:ni l:oi C . 6 | r s rcttii iicd lo iho ci-llnr linn) w>. fir " Wlckoit! (hui :er was inh-ancliiK tluiUiilly in mm on the iliiuvin- ro ,, n , [»]„( pnmul lliu peered Ml-: ill \ui:i: IH:IHSI:M:V.>. h Hill If ymi ,!„ ^ ct , /nn wmil.i u-ll hi want to s<e him . Tho HiiMiT. ivlii vfr j. ,,,,„.„ I Mini In. 1 ' Very null, il. Int . <:t K l'. k H rrnm Ib- inn; i!i:i< lrli-;klniur [ full j,,l,,r oul lulu inutrini ,•,.. f riumOlllll' M.k N'i'i relh-l.iu wlivi «;inn'il i ia i llio lilon ill n f\n. ilrlnlnliiM lrrki-ti'.» r«ir a "<'<iuleif*rf" Illirnry. - . i;i> <» IV ITU llll- si'lllH —il Ii'ns Ctvnmta tteilittcy. sc;! Him. ami he was more than 'PI IK riniiii ID -wlili'ii Diiiulee hail nccn as.-lfciieij. n'aj on Hie ihlrrt 'loot ot Hie Ik'Tholey.mansion, ulck Herlieley, ushering him Into II, urrlrnl iiini Friday, eveuiin; OUK BOA1U)INC HOUSE PAGE SEVEN. Ill BUDDED uapcrshell Pecan trees and fruit trees. Reduced nrice tm early Spring orders, Gregory Kursery Company, C.ibot. Arkansas. •• •• 21pk-Mar. 11. "Nnliruiy tint Hie slrvnnls nrtrt me up 'tie're. I chose my quarters tor prlvncy. Sorry, hut you'll' have to use iny tiaili. old nuin. Yotir room ts -really what MinJier ciills n>y 'den, tint the coiicli'ls'conifortnlilc Mother »-antetl j-ou to have one ot the I'nrilly sliest cliamberfi oa tie 6eco[|rt rtoiir. .rulpht enjoy »n<1 qiilct Tfie trallnmm'8 oil the east, eitenillnn tlio IciiBth o( the - j linnsc: olhenvKc tliere's notlilng elenr across the front nut my rooms I don't think you'll rolnd the scrv hut 1 thought you » llule bachelor pence FOR SALE—Bmkcyc incubator/120 egg capacity,. Phor.o,677.. 21pk3 FOR SALE-^Comfprtablc Home oil paved street.'close to school, with : 1 ro'iu tuid bath, -double garage, concrete driveway, servant's houss with 1 rooms that can be rented for S4. per week.' • .This property can be bought tor S2.COO !e:s tiian it. cost. Good cash payment, balance monthly. /;'• ' Conven'ent modern hcine close in on Kentucky, i with;. Hyip'g . room; dining room, 2 bed roofns, breakfast rorm, bath room.Jiail, kitchen and screened l>ark~~p6rcnV daVage" and Lcn'ant's house, and beautiful mvn 'nnd garden. This property is worth $5.000 but can te bought quick for $3250. Chvncr needs money and $1,000 cash will handle it. Three choice residence lots on anta They turn in la(rly early. all eicc|it old Wlckett. ttic ntillcr. ami use ihc bncksinl'rs." Koiv, as Uundec- ptoddcd ralliei wearily up the 'winding marble staircase. Ills mind waF ? Jumble of haif-fornied forehodln^ ol tie knew not ihat, snatches o! slrnnge conversation, distorted plclnres.' A queer, mad evening. .-: A niglitlliare jcaclilng iis creFrendn In tlm terrl nle rnoraeni when -Mrs. Hojfcelej"? bronii palm had Men Ms marfe ucon tliBl's cheek. FLIIIIIT. hrazen. irnpu (ICdt llitle Cigl! Hut slie had nol deserved tliai! His liaml. slipping n.lorig tlie cohl lops; eyes glowing like tlie dim . iislit trotii" the" tlrh'd hall bracket. "1 u-usn't Just l:elut: rnc^n then, hut' afterwards—Mier Aliljle— sla[>|ied nic^ Oh, i' did something iierfcclly rtreadlul! And' now I'm BO frightened, i cnu'i sleep!" 1'oor llttli!. drar Mule, dpi!" he said tenderly, and lifted the small lip.uds to his llus. "ill'I" she brealheil softly, snl majhlc : hajiistrade. suddenly ^cpunti-red B:in;ethlnE enfi nnd lly tng-and «-r-.rm. StartlFrt. he loidicd down as Illllc hroivu lingers curled ohniu hla. T «•::•. a.iriiid.i HsrSelcy In Hi,- liiiu ituj-.t her lull i jbndy was i!iin:li,ialialilo. Ami Hlio wan t-nlii^ 0 :i|. sivjiinp, „,,, tllr ,sbo u-i'f ii.arliii;. over ihc wlnc-rcd his ciiiuly, iclvci I.VU.IDIJ drew, a c <i|ie or e «!<i _ nelal trimmed ivltii dark [ur. U'ithoul forming any dcl'.-iiic i H's eyes ciulte iH.-u.-'i.miKl h> now plan, Dundee linn-led oul lino the; la llie dim ll B hc, Uninlue cuiild evru :i tlie modernistic hall Bono Vcs. tV.aiik hcaren. to boiil Ho tilnii{:cil hml djwn [he flails. Ills stc|i3 Inaudible on Hie Iliicl; velvet runner. In [lie ID minutes nr ro rlni-c tic hail BOIIC »P. 1)10 liotiso I,an t\n[>ar- ontly Bellied down fur ilia night. cmnly. "Vou kissed tiiy liaml*. j In all the bit; from linll iliere was llonrils Dundee! Just os It 1 were'only m;c dim light burning, but na Dundee crossing noiselessly to the drawing rconi lliore canio llie a grown-up young lady liko Clo-1 Dundee crossing noiselessly to rlmia! 1 —listen!" slio • pleaded wistfully. "If you'll kiss my eyelids I bet 1 tti/l MO lo strep!" He kissed the scala'tlcaily llutler Ing. llda very gently, but he'did nut Viss the soft. clilWfsh Illile innufi lhal quivered expectantly. • After all. she w;is ouly Vo She wailed . tlwrc, crouclicd against the slalrs, until he had ?onc Into Ills ruom and closed the door. Switching on tho lights he found Ilial a chamliQrinaid had enlivened ilie couch lino a-lie-iuiifMlli- of tlio l voiialy.(>nll!nK as she M;r.u.,l Of lilt!!. He tllk srarr slio r.-;iH rtuwii her Kentucky and Davis. Ideal sites! head, for h^mes that, w:-ll please your wile. Each of these can be hQ\u;iit half price. Phone 7!)7, O. O. Caudill, Oll'ice Fanners Bank Bldr?. 26ck.-tf. cnlchini; up bcii. and had lelt a thermos tiot- tie of :lce water nnd a napkin cov. ercd plate or tiny sandwiches on ^ tlie heihide table. Mniiclilns one of Iliie ttianglea. be went Into tic whispered, nnfl oentjibe bathroom, tried the dnor lead Ing Inio Ijlck's hedroom. and found il unlocked, fie knocked. !ind no answer, then entered. Tho lights were on. hut tiigi had been right. Ulfk Derkr-Iry was uot !n his rnopi. hul lie had heen there very recently, for a thin dine layer ot KI:IO«C faint sound ot n donr opening. I mediately followed liy iiu angry, 1m placable voice: "And that's my lasl word on the subject. ALIile! Tlicic'JI he no en sagcmctu nnanunccil here tnmnr. row nljjlii! I'll n,H have 111 >j ilnush- (er marrying u v.-lfc-nmrdercr!" "Sliul that linor. GcorKi! llsike Icy!" Dundee- hi/aid Mrs. Ucrltcley'a voice slirlllini: In llio library. "Do you want Wlrielt (o hear you? Now you llslen lo mt/ l.isl »ord~" over 10 slaro at the forlorn mile ligure In liicongrunnsly guy pa jamas, crouching agalusi the stair- "I've tiecn Kalllns for ron to conie up." she wlilsvcrcd. her voice sob. "Dick's not In his room, nnrt I to pet me ami iell n;e i BEST MISSOURI ACCREDITED CHICKS: low prices; free instructive Booklet, Maries Valley Farms, Box 15, Westphalia. Mo ipkj j FOB SALE—High class Rhode Is- • land Red, Owen's, Farm Blvain, | \vecl: eld baby chicks. 2oc each.! Guaranteed to live. Phone 377. i Ipk4 sotnehody lie heust 1 am. I couldn't sleep," -she confessed nilseratdy. Dundee rounded the and, protected from the still hung over an armchair, tint! an aatijray licsiile It tield halt a dnzen cigiiret stiihi, rteposllcrt tlicre 5lncc tl:e cliriinhpnnahl had lurncfl stalrhcarl iJown tlie coveis of the lied And ' 1 '"" °" or of 'J 1 lli': library ilnor closed, and l):iu- "dep 1 was'temporarily saved trom the 1 charge' ot cavesdroiMilns. He besiluiw), bis plnn in liitei-Icrc with Hick Hrrkelcy's amorous pursujls forj;otlen for llie inmneiit. So (JtkirRu iJerkeley suspected, loo! Or did he more tlian sua|:cct? Had he (crrelcil out, with the nld of Brlvaio dr-ioril^cB. eoino'.hln-; l hot hm! not opnc.ired at that Hranst'ly pcrfnncliiry Iminest IS months ai^o hi London? Hut wall! I'erbma lie ha:! had no- need o[! Then bo EUrnE.L'C'd. Tuninrrow hi> i would have tin; resume, uf tlio case walled, srarcclr brcallilni;, for he iluuitlji S || 0 ,,,i, 5t ( ,;,;,, Vl , rjp close to him on her ivny 10 ;lio Irout dtmi. [)ij[ flho mil not i c . 1vo by Hull door. Khe r ulcil tl.o slalra. llsuncil lur a ii:iimi;tii 10 the siilnliicd clash of voices Irom within tlie library, (llfii il!«in-ij down the hall luwnrd tuo Imciisialrs regions. Dundee licard ibc ilnnr open vnry suilly; 'did mil iiKir It rinse. .-\ri- parently Ulorluda waa gnnrilini; hi-r return, that tl nilj;bt be ns nr-.iro- i!c. Aflei n iiilinite or hesitation, Ijundeo tolluivnl m-i ,„ Hint'door, and llstcneil. Veiy lalui- ly came llio sninid ol a cl.alii ir.-m^ rnllledj'Ihcn still mote liio siiliud jot n boll liclnsj fhnt iiacl:. (Jlorlnla bad led (he luiiisc by llio unck ilnor.'wlileh U'irlicli imd'al- ready jinydo iaai for the nlj;hi'.' ' So JHcli llc;-l;oley i,ot tlie only, ijiciiibcr of ilia I family w|., 0 slola'out to kceii eecrei acpnlnt- 'iieills! W'lioiil was tViirlml.-i ;in;c-t- it;; 1 .',..Seymour Crosby; llalr-nu hour bier—a quailcr to lJ--;vllen: IJuiidee h;u! li.-nl a iri-iii bath to Induce sln-ii, yi-ung Dirk, at least, line! not returned trnm nlj rendezvous. Dundee r.!irnsi;nl wearily as be KOI lino hul Apparently the lovely miliy Durlr iiail lii'on nullo willing lo i>i«ci Her mistress' son clandestinely, In si:iic ikl FROM kV otdL n of CI.UB ves^reRPAV | AiOR*JIW£> AMP I AM GOIM6 1 ib souv/e -file CASE. \ 1 ( VASrtioM "~ AS I H/We ( J \ I WAS oMe dF S CRACK Vy - - ' IkJ I HAVE A I ^-v f&K MV "FIRS-f CLUE.' ^o. BURGiUAR WAUK5 • UfMP i~vrlAS SAMPV 15 LBPY A HORROR OF VoLfRe OKiE OF "Book' -TAKES -rH 1 DOOR KUoB OFF POST-OFFICE BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES IT WAS, TOO! By Martin FOR SALil^DO tons Number I Alfalfa and 2,000 bushels corn at rcatonble price. S. B. no7clle. Route No. 1, Luxora, Ark. Ipk8 FOR HENT FOR RENT- One or l\vo furnished rooms, close in. Ayply Jimuiic- Lcdtettcr, Saunders Store. -ictf. '• ualiistradc. crooclied licslde :ier. I "He ran't have sot fnr." llundce cmldllnK Hie twlsiing lime nroirii l- e aliJ to lilnuclf, and rruivued liantls ai;ain-=l bis dinner coat- ! liiuiislitfully. Suddenly his mind v.-ris maiie up. Hie more And nel klr ' 11 "' E' 1 '-" ed Ilk-: snflly l-iin iho dark dimv '•ainucrt lold Cr.isiiy tli,-,t Dnris "time Mm. "Y uu rt<) s " le| l sicfcy-sH-cei!" she i Regardless of BlgkiU'it . talnily. "Ulil you tliliiSi l v.-as terrible, u-astliif; Ah ulea rerfiiinc like that? Well. 1 wasn't! i wr^ just--" Slie tnokc oft ili» coulidcncn Uiruptly DOIV ever: '.tjcsan on a new lack, ber WANTED—Man and wife to tio milking and general H-ork. Phone 217. ' 2-lpk3 FOR RENT—Large front bedroom, nicely furnished, adjoining bath. Call phone 41!-W 124 West Ken- (0 JS'- lucky. Inc.. FOR RENT—N'.ccly furnishf d ' room, clcsc in. Meals if desired. also garage. " — - - Duean, - : DETECTIVE BUREAU tvanU inru to reiiretcnl them in this terri- Unlimitcd possibilities. NJ . Federal Detective Bureau. 704 Inland Bank Bldg., In- jolis, Ind. '- • !pk3 . . Mrs. E. A. Spiccr. 125 SALESMEN— Enrn S4,000 to JlO.flOQ" 28ck3 FOR RENT-3 riom flat with hath. 1013' West Walnut, t'honc G78. FOR RENT— Furnished apartment, 108 Ke'niucky. Phone C83 ------ WAjVlED a-year easy. jcprcsciitiiiii dollar mnnnlaclnrcr. No cash <lulr«1.;Blg sami)lt> outfit FREE. R;;i j guaranteed paint, varnish, roafln,: at factory prices direct Lo user. No j cx|x?rieiicc necessary, position. Exclusive territory. Scn'l J |to<lay. The Adams Taint-Co.. Dept. 1 AI-7. Cleveland, O. Ipk3 fact Hint Dick was Ills host, and lhal iitg host's love affairs were none ot his concern, Dundee- knew thai if he could prevent It Dick llerteley should not riirlhcr nnnoy torla AI.iltlii. ing room. HU H'ial was the butTel in the tlinlna ronm. It Dick wasn't there, be prolnlily wasn't In the house nl all. Halfway across Ui« room a llsln from llio iii;ilng rouiu made the ^oliiL; erislcr. VV|cl;eii. Hie butler. Elood al the very .happy in her cuftfscincni to Ariioid. llie clKinffi'iir? Tlie next ijucMlnns lliiinire tskcd wccc- srol;eu aloud: "\V!:;'s there? la It?" It was broad i!a,yl|>;lii nr.d smiio- one was poiinilini- on hi; duor ami nlslit. The plrl l-WMWY/TWiV D\Q 10OVL X^«.t UER.: \ •MOM'.N I'OJ i AOKNTS WANTED fnr hlgh-grailc lilO OHIO CORPORATION r,?eks i i||-, c i art i cs i,™,liful underwear, manager [or open territory. Op-1 popular prices, factory to ivcarrr. portunily to earn S3.SOO. £5.(KK1 and j Liberal commissions. Address Armore yearly. We fnrnisii evcrythlns. | line Turner, 014' Sc:tl, Little Experience umiccefsary. l-'yr-ryler: Rock. ' - 27n(-3 Co.. 1004 Fyr-Fylcr Bldg. Dayton: f . • Ohio. IpkS Jags— PHONE 10 0 i PKOUKASmATFO.N' IS ' ' THK THIEF OF TIME, i DON;T LET IT STKAI/J YOUH FUTUKU HO.MK. f Sec us at oncu. ' '• E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. I ADDRESSING. CARDS AT home. ,- Pleasant, .spare lime-work. Good pay. Everything furnished Irci\ l Particulars for Manned envelope. , Western Company, Box 387A, Albuquerque, New Mexico - lpi:3 i —.~ _ ' I.OST—Men's hats were exchanged by error al First, Baptist church [yesterday at morning wcrsliip. J. c. ! Hargct'., one m:;e cast of Blythe, •viilc. - 24-1 I LOST—Oirl's coat, fnr trir.imod. j Left en Central Wnvd school , ground. Return t3 Saundcrs Store i for Lbcral reward. 23pk4 f'ERSONAL W. J. KXOX repairs shoes Mo. WA West Main. KOLSTK1N BULL FOR SER\'Icr; —r have a thoroughbred Holi stein bull lor public service at i Chicago Mill barn. C. O. G:c.ves. I 24pk3 do scooris Into a vel IHfiM.S A i''AST 0'.-;!y;OOLTJ WU. Et JUST nr.'D 1l>'C« iiR vinn voo l . DO XOU MEfrM TO SIVV VOO V_tT TVIttA V1OVE WO Oil FOK WM-C- VJCf.KS ! WV.AT TO WC'C GET f\LL THE TH1MK IHtUf=, LIT TLE. WHO'S- GOING VO Tf\v\C c.v>e or MJOOT BCCIDuB TO note ^o w". COUV.O VOW' IF YOU OVCB VIC'D HiV/E LOVED UKVI11G WfY XtS.OF COURSE HOM dUT IT'S SO KAS AV.V-C. TlfEM WE. TViO'oC'.n 5Ut'2BC WITH Hit COLOViCL BUT- LC.VV-. THA. TO 1.1 E ASK XOU 10 PLfc,Y ' NUH5E-MMO KIDS VjHILE ND TUS FRJPVW OV I)rS«RACK! Vooa DOG TO TUC VUEU., ^UKT \JJG Of Ho Ut 6o£ HIM &31SS6 DOS DID AliY To YOO <=• CCUi.0 co axu A FIRST. uis UF OSc>B.FINOS .DOT WST IT •' ISTbToSS IH UlS SLEEP good.

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