The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 1, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 1, 1930
Page 5
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(ARK.) COUBIKM-NEWS County Cage Teams Defeated OF DISTRICT MEET Monette Downs Chickasaws, Bono Beats Leach ville in Jonesboro Touvnc The semi-finals of the Fourt district senior boys' lournamei was reached at Jonesboro Hits a lei'iicon without a tingle team froi -Mississippi county having stirvh. ed the fust two rounds of plaj Jonesboro ami Nfonette, pre-tour namenl favorites, clash in one o Ihi? f.emi-nnals tliis afternoon whil Bono .inrt Truman meet In the oth cr, witli the finals to be played to night. The Blytheville Chicks, Leach ville Terrors, Wilson, Osccola Shawnce and Lusora were onl spectators today after having bee eliminated in convincing fashion The Chicks were removed fron tile picture by Monette this morn ills after having won in hand style from Laxc City last nigh n to to. The formidable Monett five had a comparatively easy tim in eluiiinnting the Chicks by a sccre of M to IB this morning. The Mississippi county champ Ian:. Leachville Terrors, bowed t< Bono In a spirited game last nigh 13 to 8. The contest was one o the hardest fought of the tourncj with both teams displaying a rugged defense. Leachville had preciously eliminated Marmaduke 27 to H. Wilson fell by the wayside in a contest with the star Jonesboro ag- Eicgntlon 1-sing after offering unexpected opposition, 21 to 15. Osceola was eliminated by Marked Tree, 25 to 3, and Jonesboro then proceeded IT put Marked Tree out of the running with a 'IS to 3 defeat. Shawnce was a first round victim losing to Truman 28 io 14 Truman fought through to the Mini-finals by dowsing ot Marion in a closely contested game, 18 to Earle't five fell b;fore the attack of Hie Bono cagcrs 23 to 20 giving the Bono lads their place in the semi-finals, llonsttc downed Rector 33 to 13 before polishing off the Cnickas.'uvs. Lineups of the game participated ni by His Cliickasaws follows: Lake Cily 10 Pos. Blytheville 17 Wr'sht 2 1},"HK Woods 2 Morris-2 Mcncue 34 Higgius20 Turner 8 Vaughn 1 Harrell p F C c G Pos. p p c G G Brogdon craig Marshall 8 Short G Hayder 3 Blythcvilleia Craig 8 Brodgon Marshall Short 1 Hayder Sub;.: Monctte, Goss, Haynes Stewart, 1; Blytheville, caudill. The ^lillion-Dollar Gale When Jack Dempsey retiree from the realm of boxing, the million-dollar gate went into seclusion with him. The last great spectacle at Soldiers' Field, with ils slightlj IMS than 53.000,000 in receipts, e- mains not, only as a high-water marl; but a memory as well. Tex Rickani "never seed iiuthin' like ft." and judging from the heavies yon see around nowadays. Hie rest of us may never behold the lute; cf it, cither. Despite Dcmpscy's retirement however, Tex used to insist that the million-dollar gate would icturn. "There'll te some more big feller; come along that can punch like Dcmpscy," Tex used to say. "Thau what yon got to have to bring them out—the big fellers." Xot All Bis Fellers, .Though Evidently, from the figures a 1 hand, it is going to take more than men of the Sharkcy ami ficolt caliber to "britifr them out." A ton o: heavyweights presented to the deai winter public at Miami brings 0111 only a wintry response froai the "nice people.' Maybe on the nexi card, acting on the tcr.ets led bv Rickard, the Garden ought to present two tons of heavyweights m* the theory that they «ill draw twice as much. In this connection, the wires out or Chicago Jmvc been burdened ««h some strange tidings those last few days. Mr. Dempsey ha- been looking at lib knuckles aftc^ leading o lc current reirarts of the camera killings. Yon can't blame n person likn Mr. ucmpsov for inspecting (ho maulies under such conditions. If u.-e Primo can pile upt the; piasters In three figures bv nudging bums of the rank he lia's bs=n meeting. Mr. Dompsoy might well reason that anything would b, !? k" m M C than likely lo h^'P 011 ,^? ,, CntiCC I1le Dinosaur o! tn « Uolomltcs into the same ring with him. A match between Denipsev ana Camera would not afford a million- do.lar gate, perhaps, with the sta'- us of the Dinosaur such as it I< now. The Camera Is still mcrch n museum attraction wearing ovei' Elzcci boxing gloves. H p r i., 10 cai , push over a few g c i« 5 whose nan-e= ire have heard before, he will reach the proportions of a card, of th« In Championship Muddle njurativcly speakin);, these men in the controversy arhin; from ha vine too man champions. The Uyout pictures at ! the top, left <« right .Dick ShiLat New Vork aud Pennsylvania fa voritc; John Pestk, a would-be 1 champion, anil Gus Soiincnbcrs barnstorming title-holder. Belu« Jim loridos in a "Kock-a-l!j >" sketch, known In mat Ian suage as the head scissors hold. Boss Shawkey Sho^vs 'Em Ho^v J L 'Here's one that'll send 'em back to the bench" Bob lew manager of the New York Yankees, hasn't forgotten the rade, and here y.ou see him. left, eiving pointer-, [0 two rookie" hurlers t the Yanks' training camp in St. Petersburg, P, a . No[c that he ~ the famous red shirt sleeves which he used to count on to nio you KNOW THAT— Jimmy (Boy Bandit) Johnston's brother, Charley, in Nev York, asked broiher James ni Miami what Scott's chances were . . . and Jimmy replied "Bet your bankroll." . Which is something like the tip Tim McGrath at San Francisco gav> Tom Sharkey in New York on the Bob Filzsimmons- Philadelphia Jack O'Brien fight. Lou Little, Columbia's new S18,000-a-year grid tutor, played a game of basketball recently with a bunch of boys. Only a few minutes of play n?.d elapsed when a freshman 'teammate of Little's said, ".Snap out of it. big boy! That guy's scoring too many baskets on you " Lou played his part nicely and said, "Okay, cap! Let's go." . . The Chicago Trib's Inquiring Reporter recently asked a compositor, a credit man. a musician, a pressman and an errand boy if he would rather be on Catalina Island with (he Cubs or fn San Antonio with the Sox ... "on Catalina Island with the Cubs." answered every one. ort Tex dreamed of. Meat for the Mauler This is the kind of mini that empsey likes. Since he has retired nrt there, and to all reporters' e has been flitting around here vest ions as lo whether" or not hi would fight again, he has given out replies that were the very quimes- sence of coy diplomacy. He might flghl; ho might not—the sports writers who go to interview him on Ihe subject could get Just as definite a conclusion by "picking peta; 5 olT daisies." Jack intimates that Camera's is a skin he would love to touc'i Looking back to that other man mountain, Jessica, and DempsrVs treatment of him, U would seem to us that Jack could do worv than emerge from retirement and' sock the dlpiotfocus a couple 01 healthy bells on the mustache It might bring a million-dollar lite, at that. Favorites In Race For Dixie; Title ATLANTA, Ga.-The Southern Conference basketball tournamciu moved to the rjuarter play today with every favorite still claiming a chance for the championship Georgia Tech. while a slight favorite, surprised the dojicstcrs wit!) a 53 to 31 victory over Tulnnc in the final game of the first round last night. Kentucky defeated Maryland, 20 to 21, bearing out predictions that (he tilt would b-> one of the closest in the first day's program. Georgia defeated North Caro- 1)11,1, M to 17. In earlier games yesterday. Washington and Lee needed an overtime period lo beat Mississippi 3:1 to 29, Clemsmi.' 31 to 22, TeiincfMC eliminated V. M. I. 28 lo 20; Scwanee defeated North Carolina Stale. 25 lo 19. and L,uk" beat Louisiana Slate n to 34 Steele Boys Play Deen'ng; Cavuthersville Girls Meet Hayti Squad. CAnUTHERSVILLE, Mo-(Special (o the Courier Newsl-steele and Deering win c ,, 1En ,„ [ne ^ finals of the Pcmiscot county cage tournament here ni ¥ l the Hayti sextet «ill meet '(he local hiVi )nT . h , e Sleele boys won their wav to the finals by virtue of two decisive victories, defeating Cooler i Joe JIalbach's Brother Is Pro At Memphis Park Eddie Halbach. brother of Joe D. Halbaeh. Uiythevillc Country club golf champion, has been named professional at the popuhir Overton park municipal links In.Mem- phis, Tcnn. Halbach, one of the best known amateur goiters in Memhts. in turning professional succeeds Tommy I'rycic, another young professional, at the Overtoil links. The Halbach family is well kno\sn io Mcinpl'.iaiii including several stellar performers. The local champion was a leading player in Memphis circles before moving to this city, •>•> t,, m •"".',' "V" •""""""» Hayli J. to 18 in the first round of play Dcering's highly reputed live swept through the BrasL'M'oc'o quintet 38 to 18 last night to gain a position opposite the Sleele lenm in tonight's finals. la the fl rsl round Dccring emerged vicloriour over the Carnthcrsville boys 29 lo 23 after a hard tout-lit and fasl frame. Eliminating Braggadocio's girls In handy style last night, the Hayti Girls won'-the chance to oppose the CanitherariJlc sextette itV In- championship tilt, tonight. The Hayti 4-j r j s „-„„ fl ] most as Um pleased over Braggadocio 39 lo 15 but were pushed hard to down Coo- cr in their first game which was hard fought despite the score of 21 to 10. The Hayti girls led by u two point margin at tho half hour but came back in the final min- utcs to pull away by a safe mar- The strong Caruthersville girls' team scored an overwhelming vic- tr.ry over the Deeruig girls In ihc semi-flnal round, 52 to 10. At no :ime was the outcome ever in doubt ".s the local team displayed prob- iblythe best talent of the meet. in their fiist game, however th- locals were given a scare by the Steele lassies, although winning by a ten point margin, 37 to 27 Ai t he half t.'-ey ] C d 19 to 7 but in he last quarter the local girls were held to one field goal while SteeJ" collected four. follow' peering L. Copple " 1C semi ' final sanies Boys !> 0 s. F Braggadocio "il vis C Gi'imtrac P" C " , C! Co,i i ,agc % .V 0 " Ie O Albright r>ailc. WolvcrtonSubs S'ton H'er= . Mastc - Stce e (30) "•orkman Hoys Po5 . p Carter . Earls. Jenkins Bishop Subs Demon coalertS) B k , T Thompson Colenan Brooks Girls C'crsvillc (52) Pos. g Deering <10i Hayti (39) Gwm C. McCoy O. Homer M. coleman F. McCoy B. Hedge Foster, Stnes Alsup, Hagcr Subs Pate, Lipscv Biscy Girls Pos. B'docio (15) P c c o G Subs B c. Davis t, DaMs past ten years? A western coiisrcssmaii declares (hat (his nation cannot cj/sl "hall wet and half dry." Will ,•/» dtstin. gulshed gentleman pleaM 1 tell nu *nat it has been dolni lor the . B.A.Will Have Its Own I riviilc Cham]); Lonclos, l j csek Waul Job. »V C1..MKK miltCKY Scrviru Spurls Wnlir c-LtvELANU, onio.—Tuc National HUMIIJ, Association, embracing sumo ^u s'.aies and several Ca- Diullan provinces, Is (JOIIHJ to «ro«n a hCiiv;, luMsht wreslinii; ciiampltm. wen, viuis. of it, .says you. u'ny not i-iinvn all ot them? Benuiujy, niuiigli. nils business Hiiiij a uiampion is w miiiu- oth proportions ebinvmhy wiiwi ing 01 heav.vwdsm \\Teilie.-s is sjtU'UM mid pnniculnrly IVJUTO U. A.s annual unlvi-ria! ropu- tatlun tui- (lums; lutle or nolmn' lor int. t ouit m me spoit is ill smm; y all nu'iins, N. 11. A. shuukl sjion- ur u umppmis king and inmni. im wnn me rifhls mid iH'lvilc llieu-o!. in considering Mr. Richard Shi- at, lonnn-iy 01 the Ociman navy .V. U. A. piubauly leli lie was IOD lii'iiiK caainpiun fur the New aim' Vcnnsyivanui commis- mill liint he n-ouldn't cure rilni himseh wnn nuouiona duties. Wnai consKienulon, II any uiey gave Mr. Gusiavins Somieii- oeig, ctiampion in jilaces like i'e- oria, must nuve been of a scorn- il nature, (.ius, Ihc-y probably leli couldivv ijcgin 10 reaca their lolt\ plane. 1'lrnly to Chuose Fruin Of course, tneri: \vcie John Pesek the Nebraska tiger man, wno says r.c fcais none; Jim Londos, cliam plon of Greece and St. Louis; Jo scphus U)i:ll) Komav, Utluiinan champton; j-'erenz Uoiuban, giiuit goulash-mansler and king 01 all Hungary's ealcli-ns-calch canneries; Georgia Porglc Calza, Musso- ilJii's best bet; Lir. Karl Saruoiis, champion ot .the dental )irofess!on an<J a dozen others. But put yourself In N. n. A.'s i»- sltlotj. They couldn't recognize 1'e- sok, Calza or Londos for tear ot eating goulash containing discarded footgear or ancient, tires conveniently ground uy mid cooked into a delectable mess by some dis- jnmtled chef al a Hungarian res- :aurant. Pnrlhevmorc. there vms the danger of having brldetwarl: ruined or being maimed for life by an enraged looth-overbaiilcr. Big Jdca-^Eliminatiem Tournament It \vas a dark moment for N. B. A. The din of bellowing pachyderms was almost unbearable. Then came an iliea -us they sonuHlmes <io. An elimination tuiirnnincnl would bring out a champion as inly elimination tournaments can. Jesldes, elimination tournaments always did cover a . multitude of dins. How many scramble-ears actual}' were Invited to participate In he crowning cercmonv, your cor- espondent didn't le'arn. When omplctc returns were In, however, careful tabulation revealed thaton- y Pesck, the tiger man who snys ie fears none, and Londos, the St. -ouis Apollo, deemed tlie N. 13. A. -hamplonshlp worth a grim!. That none might question any move in the coronation, N. B. A. decided to auction on* the whole ournamcnt and its one match to ntcrestc'd promoters. Mr. Herman I. Hainer of Columbus, O., won he promoting privileges by bld- Hng S20.001. Londos Cun't Sing "Sillsllwl" Latest reports indicate that Londos does not fancy the arrangc- ncnt which makes I'esek's stipend 12,00! \vifii Jils o«-n dispensation nly $8000. Something undoubtedly vill be done about this before the wo exchange grunts and growls March 12. Wherj it's over, wrct'iling fans lay find that a rcapportioiuucnt of hecrs is necessary. A fair distri- ution, your corrcipondenl believes, lould be CMC boo for Shikat. one or Sonnenberg and one for tho ^- B. A. champion. Outboard Club to Race at Big Lake Tomorrow The Blytr-evlllc Outboard club 'ill hold its initial meeting of the eason Sunday afternoon when six f the speedboats, piloted by local nthusinsls, take to the water at lig Lake for trial spins over a one nile course. According to Eric Bollard, one of he sponsors of the club, the s;x>rt s rapidly becoming popular here. Several new members have secured -oats and will take part In the rac- ng contests, which last season at- ractcd considerable crowds at th' 1 akc. The chib proposes Io reek i«r- nisslon to race at the Armorel lake also, and if possible have a mile curse laid out and cleared ot nags. Jono and Jonesboro In Tournament Final* •SIBUIJ-IUWS otn ut uoouia sun £[ o) H ucmtt-ij, pou.viop a pun 'er oi ot OHOUOJV MBOJ op ojoqsjttor 'itUitio) sjButj ot[) I pom u|.ft oaoqsotior puc ouosi Read Courier News Want Ads. and Three Hundred Dollars 1 owned it brood now tind A Kill. Last raised a litler of pi« s . The pi«.s had the run of the pasture and soy bran field. Slop from the house- and a little corn was fcd/Rt" t-i-nlly the. farmer sold all the pig, except the sows Jir >d 'gilts for $.,70.90. It miiy have tost this farmer $70.00 (o raise these pi ffs to market.^ §300.00 of the sale price was his profit. " — . Is There Any Better Way Of Making Money Than to Have a Hog Root For You \ A Farm Girl » Chickens - $643.00 Last year n little fourleen-yrar-old Mississippi courtly f«rm girl cleared more than $600.00 from a farm flock of chickens .she raised. This money eame in a little O vcry day in (he year, rain or shin,. Is There Any Better Way Of Making Money Than to Have Hens lay Around For You Cotton Continues Downward! 'I'hc cotton trade seems to (akc no stock in the campaign being wised by thejcderal farm board for cotton acreage reduction in 1930 1'rlces continue downward. A h w acreage ln mo „,„ ,-„ ull pro[mbili(y mean tenant cotton. The farm board frankly states that it will not attempt to establish a minimum price for cotton in 1930 unless there is a material reduction in acreage. Kven the federal farm board is ur K in K farmers to . at-IIome" program which so many Hlytheville farmers have proven fool, Proof. A program which provides the family with food, the .livestock with feed, and farms the cotton land for profit. You can't go wrong with this plan. .. ... * You Can't Break a Farmer Who Grows His Food and Feed Bankers Have Learned That the farmer who does not grow food and feed rror* is n poor financial risk and arc not loaning money to this kTirf Of ZJVt «Tf Wh ° HilS PlCnty ° f m °" Cy is "»' ^"-ed i,ou on ern o him ™* It's Better to Be Safe Than Sorry The farmer who raises food for his family, feed for his livestock, hogs, chickens, keeps cows, and has something to sell every day in the year FS SAKE. The one who does not is usually SORRY to find (hat his cotton crop has not given him enough money to buy the things his family needs and should have, Let's Make Our Own Farm Relief Ask Your Banker About the Blytheville Plan First National Bank Three States Lumber Co. J.C. Penney & Co. E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. Hubbard Hardware Co. Farmers Bank & Trust Co. Chicago Mill &Lbr. Corp, Ark-Mo Power Co. Browne & Billings Hubbard Furniture Co. Farm Equipment Co. Joe Isaacs Agricultural Committee Hlytheville Chamber of Commerce

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