The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 1, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 1, 1930
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE, Q'RR.) COURIEKWEWS of "Persoiml Interest n 0 QOIETY--CLUBS Activities and News of Women From Paris Conies This pliic Headgear For Spring Wear FIRST METHODIST CHURCH | P. Q. Rwlf, Putmr Worship and Sermon U a. in, and 7:30 p. m. • The third ol the scries ol Life ! Beyond the Grave, will be thiS 1 subject at the evening hour, | Hunday school'9:45 a. m, i Junior League 6:30 p. m. I Invennctilaic League G:'JO p. in. • Senior I.eajue 6:30 p. m. I Womin's Missionary Soclely 1 Mtnday 2 p. m. Heard of Stewards Monday 7:30 p. ra. Prayer Meeting Wednesday 7:30 p. m. Choir Rehearsal Wednesday 8 p. m. SECOND BAPTIST CIIUUCU E. /.. NewKom, Pastor Eunday school 0:46 a. m. W. M. Blaylock, sui»rintendcnt. Preaching by Hie pastor 11 a. m. Subject: "Our Samaria." Tills will l;c n special service In honor of 1112 Women's Missionary society. Musi; by junior choir. l). Y. P. U. 6:30 p. m. Preaching 7:30 p. m. Subjc:: "Profit and Loss." The public is Invited to all these services. -==-==-===-==J^™ R M^ j^JiS 1 J • -Ji 30 :WEKKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON-=---==Jesus Teaching About Himself The Intcriutloni! Uniform Sun- 417 School Lesson for Match 'I, luus Teaching About Illnudl, Matt. 11:2-6, 25-30. , Hy MM. E. GILKOY, D. D. | Editor ot the Confn ;allonajist | Nothing seems so strongly 13 nark ihe uniqueness of Jesus as he way in which the world has accepted his reported references to ilmself, Saying such as "1 am the Way, Iho Truth and the Life,' "I will give you rest, "I am come that they might have !i'i! anil lhat they; ] JV. ~r. might have it mo:e ; bui'.danlly,", "I am the Life of the \Vcrld," and | various ether n juried sayings lhat wuild subject Hie man who ii'-ctl tlrm to a ch.irpc of'egotijm iccm to us natural, and In no sense in discrepancy with Jesus' teaching concerning humility, when they come from the lips oj Jesus himself. All this means lhat the uniqueness of lhc man who thus- speaks concerning himself has Its roots and its justification In the beauly of Ihe character of Jesus and in -i! ! The ladles will meet at Ihe church i Monday. The W. M. B. of the Second Baptist church will be thn \ guests of the First Baptist church Tuesday at.the First church, ! beacons meeting at the pastors ' home Monday night at 7. Farl< iends us three hats, straight from the spring openings) that prove It is smart to be pretty now and that straws have, stolen the Icad^ \ Prayer and business meeting from'fell. Bight:- Florence Walton created and mars a chic modified bcra In blue and white novelty straw, with %'blua felt bandeau, and i WednesdayWednesday • nhjlH 7:30. lor criiament she stuck a little feather In It. Left: A Marcelle Lcly hat is made of angora wcol ribbon In' black, white and . chartreuse. matching a eca'rf. Center: One of her brimmed hats Is' twkou nnd while kid, with i.palr of little flowers at the^back. " Society Calendar i Monday The - Woman's Missionary soclc- iy of-.tlie First Christian church will meet at .the home of Mrs. Gecige W, ( Barliam. •The Second Baptist church Mis- jicnary society will begin n Miles ot three' meeting's for a week of prayer to be held at the church at 2:30 o'clock. The'executive board of the Wo- man's'- auxiliary of thn First Presbyterian church is having a 'covered dish luncheon at the home the president, Mrs. George R. Crockett, at 1 o'clock. Board lias a Luncheon Electing*. , • • Fourteen members ot Hie executive board of the Woman's: cluu B ride-to Be were entertained ' by Mrs, W. Barham and Mrs. E. M. Teirj Kt Mrs, B_arlia|u'£,,home Friday, .tor p. lunche'oir'mecting. The springtime patty, iiad. in. paste shades arranged as ccnlerpieces ior the four small lables used with the color t .,scJienie of, green, toy ^•h!(e'vsed.S,^ J r ^ '^...i' ',.;,', • As thc'i?diese'njdyed 'an appu tlzlng. two course menu they discussed the business f>! the club with special emphasis on the n- nanccs. • . New Members Honored. The' 13 new members of the Wo man's club were' honored guests n a pat if Friday afternoon al lhc club house when'' Mrs. Howaril Proctor and Mrs. Ira Gray had arranged a' delightful entertainment Jur the club.--Them members are: Mesdames Ross Nicholson. T. J. Slagle, John Meyers, C. V. B=a- baugh, Matt Monaghnn jr., C. E. Criggdf jr., John R. McDanlel Jr., T. J. Mitchell, W. C. Wahl. Wilson-Henry, Ollic Foster, Marvin happellc, Earl Trcad»'ay, O. U. Babcock, A. M. Wnshburn, George Lang, Misses Margaret Merrill aim Willie A. Lawson. In several contests, llrs. C. O. Redman ond its. James H. BrooKs were winners of prizes. • Refreshments of sandwiches, individual cakes and hot cliocolavj 'were served. - In the business session which preceded the party,'it was decided in UNUSUAL ABRIDGE HANB IVV WM. E. McKENNEV Triuiiiimrnt Manner, American Bridge League Slam bidding at contract, miy b2 5]icculatlve at times, but to he literally forced Into a' grand slam declaration was. (ho unusual and IntcrrMing experience cf K,- W. Halpln, past president, of the A. B WEST H—Wwe u—K-9-2 C— A-K-J. 10-074-2 NORTH D-3-7.4-3 ' C— Hrac . SOUTH -DCHLER S-i-5-7-5 H-A-K-0-S4 C— » ' EAST S—Nom n—IQ.B. 7-4-32 0— A-J.S 0-Q-C-i 3 have the linen chsst ready ny March 15 by each member a piece of linen for Us contend. It was also voted to have-a benefit bridge luncheon for the high school tuition fund at an early date. Miss Elbabclh Khijf to Marry Sir. Thomas W. UKU Mr. and Mrs. Robstt, E. LCJ King arc Icday announcing the cn- cajemeiit and approaching marriage of iholr daughter, Eliz.itynh Fouehc. to Mr. Thomas W. Millei o[ HatllcsburB, Miss., the wedding to be solciiinlied In this city on Saturday, Uic: fifth of April. Tlie bride elect, who Is a. member ot a- pioneer Mississippi coiin- ty family, Is the great grandaugh- ler of Die late Hev. P. C. Morns, the first Presuylerian minister to work In Arkansas whose activities are recorded In Arkansas tilsiory and she Is n niece of the lale Mrs. Samuel Spencer Scmmes, also ol Osceoln. Mr. Miller, who was in charge of Ihe aviation school here, is Ui: sen of Mr. and Mrs. \V. W. Miller cl Brunswick, On. After his ^vacillation from the Brunswick Military Academy he allended ihe Sweeney school of AvIniLon nl Kansas City where he was later inslructor nnd while in Ihe aviation business was also associated with the Yellow Cab, Airways company of lies Mollies, lo\va. He I • ••'-. The Bidding The .contract bidding: South holding two liigh card hicks aui six probable tricks, bid two lieans Mr. Halpln, who held the W:s hand, now bid four clubs, with th Intention of sacilfidng if Nor! iot rult the trick lub. | .West, the declarer, now led thoi ack ot spades, North cqveral \vlt.i he .queen, and the dummy trump- d wllh the three of clubs, Souih ollowlng with a small spade. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SERVICES Services are held every Sunday moiriing 11 o'clock In'room 213 of the .Farmers Bank building over Kress' : store. Subject for tomorrow: "Christ Jesus." Golden texi: John 5:1, "Whosoever belleveth that Jesus Is the Christ'Is born of God: and everyone thai loveth him that begat loveth him also that Is oe- I gotten of him with a snnl! i Wednesday evening service, 7:45 ' are cordially Invited. CHURCH OF CimiST ' Sunday school meets at 10 a. wllh preaching at 11 a. in. and 'i:3!) . . -•-• Viilil ULCHWIU'b "v ** "• •••• —-•— ---Declarer now led the three cf;., „, al || 1C cour t house. We have hearts from dummy, South Ioll.v.i- Y 'onig Peoples Meeting each Sun- ed with ihe nlrte, declarer riiif.M | acty evening al 0:30 p. m. at 41" with the nine at clubs, North lo'.-1 Bronnv .. ny an d Bible study each owing wllh his last heart. ; T i u ir<t!p.y evening at 7:30. You ar Declarer next led the eight cf' co i-di n n v invited to aUenil thes. spades, North covered wllh the !0, \ SPrv i ces dummy nidcd with the five c: ; ' clubs, South following with the ?:v- i cilUBCH OF .THE NAZAKUXC en of spades. T!)e lor> A T Dummy new leads (he four or!, )rcach bDm m0 rning and cvenir. hearts. Soulh covering wi!!i l-e;i )om . s H ls subject for the mornin queen and West trumped with th? )|our: ' .-chtUHan Influence." Sub ten of clubs, North discarding the| j cct tQr tlle evening hour: "Dis obeying God." if you are not attending Sundn deuce : of spades. Declarer no - ,v leads the deuce 01 clubs,^North discards a snialLtpac'ilsciK^djCT-hcte W e want you.J Norlh bill four spades. East five clubs, Sculh five spades. Now Mr. Hulpln, convinced, b . and-.-Aummy. .wins the- triok' u'll (he r [iu'eeii'l)f'cli!i)3. 'Soilth foilo.icd with .the eight spot. Dummy .now leads 'the FPVOJI o: hearts, Smith covers with the tlnj; and declarer trumps with Ihc Jack of clubs,- North discarding the four, of spades. Declarer now has pc*«ible losing diamond trick ii and South should bid for game, i lhc . dtamolld nnessc stnulil wrong, bul he (letliles nol to lake the finesse, but to set up the thlr- Bridge Party. Mrs: Louis Greene now" assistant supervisor o( th Hercules Powder company of th Mississippi city where Ihey will liv following a southern honeymoon. was hostess to three tables of friends Friday afternoon which'included Mrs. Mildred Hancock Aclce of Hopkinsviltt. Ky., who <s the houseguest of Mrs. W. H.. Mlnyard. Jonquils maile :>. setting of yellow lor Hit tables ai- traclivcly arranged in the hostel' livuig 'rcorn. • Powder was awarded Mrs. J. V. Lent! (or high score prize and Mrs. Aclcc received a portfolio ol writ- Ing paper- The hostess served a plate lunch of cheese loaf, sandwiches and cal- iec, ' ' Ihey were creeled with a souvenir a cupid doll, which leil the way I (he sacrificing, bids six clubs, but 'orlh went to six spades. East, to is partner's amazement, wsnt to even clubs, which Soiilh promptly oubled. This closed the conlract- ng as all passed. The Play Norlh opened with jack ot hearts, ho top of hts partner's suit; East lie dummy, followed with the deuce tcenth heart In dummy, discarding his.' losing diamond en the last heart in dummy. . By not trumping wllh a smal dill), Ihe d.cclorcr hus conserved the six of clubs as a needed reeii try in 'dummy anil successfully made his conlracl of seven club doubled, As neillier side were vul nerablc, he scores 280 for IrlcKs 50 (or fulfilling his conttart. 1000 f hearts. South the six, iui<J lha' lor a grand slam, 300 for game and declarer trumped with the seven of! 100 for honors, or a loial of HM clubs. Notice that the declarer did points. Bits of News Mostly Personal Spurgcon Patterson, who Is now In ahrevepcfrt, La., will arrive tonight, having bc;n called here by the illness of Mrs. Patterson's father, W. T. Obcrst. Ted Moss, of Greenwood. Miss, has arrived here lo live. eral days slay in-Luxora. ';Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Vail arc spending two days in Memphis. They were accompanied l>y Mrs. Vall's mother who will go to Ama'- rilla, Texas, from there for an extended visit. j Adrian Williamson, commander of Ihe Monllccllo post of Ihe Amer. : - ican Legion, wlio was un lhc morning program of the Crippled Children's convention here Thursday, rclurned home today. Mrs. J.' S. Jenkins who has Ijceii cdhie'vto' our.'Sunday -school: .-.aV bring your entire faintly. Sunday school 0:30 a. in. Morning worship 11 a. in. The song and praise service will tegin for the evening service r. 7:30 o'clock. Preaching at 3 p. m. Piayer meeting each Wednesday evening at 7:30 p. m. "Our place of worship is IOCAICO nt, .110 East Cherry street, known as the Church of God's building. Come and bo with us and hive r. good lime in Ihe worship of lhc Lord." FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH E. K. I-aUtnrr, Minister i Church school 0:45 a. m. Communion nnd sermon 11 a. in. Subject: "Missions, the Acid Test." Christian Endcavvor societies at 6:30 p. in. Evening devotional and serino:; 7:30. Choir mcels Thursday, 1:30 p. m. LAKE STREET METHODISE CHURCH IW. i. LcRoy, 1'astor Sunday school 0:45 a. m. Church 11 n. m. Subject: "WIm If we fell lhat Jesus had come ito Ihc world as a sclfscckcr, hat his course in life had even licse mixed motives that appear cmelimes In the characlcrs anrt arcers of very able and noble | ncn. we should nol accept ro 1 eailily Uic reference ' of 'Jesus o himself and (o his place and mission. Even in considering his, deepest claims there is consciousness cf the humility of a thoroughly unselfish man consecrated completely to God and to his fel- oiv men. In many respects we have rassed iha slage of ancient con- .rovcrsy, bilter and acrimont:us in way that one would have sup- icsed lhat all thought of the Mas- :er's gentlo teaching would have rebuked, .concerning the metaphysical nature of Jesus and Ills re- a'.iorahip to the Father. For many wcple today It will be almost possible to revive merely theoretical and speculative questions concern- ng the nature of the divinity of Jesus. But the practical effeci of that : doctrine remained a; deeply embedded as ever.' Men feel truly as before that in Jesus v.-e have the revelation of 'all that !• highest anu. liollicst, that in him we meet wllh (hat ultimate spiritual reality that we all "God." ' It was the sense cf unity «•!!•: God, the Father, that gave dtetinc tion to the personality ol Jesus h his earthly .life and teaching. I «as out of his clear conscfavisnes of his oneness with God lhat h spoke such' \vcrds as we have re in our Jcsson.^Pcrhaps^ i T«t: Mat. 11:2-6, 25.30. Now when John had heard in Ihe prison the works of ChrUt, lie ent two of his disciples. And said imlo him, Art thon he that should come, ov do V.B IC/.K 'or another? ' Jesus answered and said unto them, Go and shew John again . .hose things which ye do hear and see: The blind receive their sight, and t'::e lame walk, Ihe lepers ara cleansed, and the deaf hear, the dead arc raised up, and tiK p:or have th? gcspcl preached to them. • ' : And blessed Is he, whcscevcr shall not be offended In mo. At that time Jesus r.r.swercd anil said. I lhank Ihee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because Uiou hast hid these tliin'K fr.:m Ihe wise and- p'rudent, and hast revealed them unto babes. Even so, Father: for EO it seemed good in thy .sight. • All things' are delivered unto me of my Father; '"and no man knoweth the Son, but the rather; neigther knoweth a.ny man lie Father, save the Son, and he to whomsoever the Son will 'reveal-. Woi. come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and. I will give you rest. Jesus himself never dwelt muc upon the speculative or metaphysi- aspect of his life and mission. It is true that we have minv mystic sayings attributed to him especially in Ihe Gospel of John. But whal is particularly noScvvirthy is lhat Jesi and his claim to authority Iberly iliem t&aV'ave'HWl^'i'nVlssion'arid'"jite ". the. acceptable ' year; i)f j Impart to p('' associated his mission lhat miss Ion implied and was lay-: Jesus stands in n to authority so. c;- ing Ihe foundation of that spiritual | world attested by lin with the practical hour which enabled him to lhc . modern :S cialnis. They say are never found to be more true festations of the rcligicn of love ^^,.u.» „ .,..,..., ^ ,..<= Come unto me all ye that, labor than when tested iw v>-pei'iencc. ,hat he proclaimed: and taught, and are heavy'laden, and 1 will'. The doubter and'scoffeT tan nevsr When in the beginning of his min- give you rest." ' i knew 'the reality of the mailer Uslry in his home town of Naz-: .It was not-an arbitrary power bill lhc one who trustfully and arelh he announced his mission. It that Jesus possessed. 'Hie cxplana- honestly approaches Jesus nic was in terms of the life of pine- tion of his life is nol founri in , willingness to accepl all I hat t:ic tical goodness .is defined by lhc any mazic. place or preferment.' ^Jstet is able lo do unt.5 uicsc prcphet Isaih. ' ' The pawer of his life In unity' claims nsnp.y vindicated in his "The spirit of the Lord is upon with God was in the completeness own sail. He discovers in Jestia me." he read, "because! he luln ami fullness of its godliness. His' alike the source of rest and the anointed me to preach (he gospel life was an Incarnation of the di- power. ID the poor- he hns sent me lo vine, ami that is what %vc mca'.i There would r,:t be so many Ihe broken-hcarlcil lo preach when we speak of Uie divinily of. \vitncsrcs lo the inuh ot that ex- deliverance to the capli'vcs, and re_ Jesus. i psrlence if Ihe experience were not covering of sight lo lhc blind, lo We should never forget that his ilsclf vitally real. . . Ucally is lhc Kingdom of .Your Lite?" Epworlh league G:30 p. m. Church 7:30 p. in. Subjecl: "Je- siis is Asking—What do You Want?" Tlie jwslrn' is asking thai, everyone hcnr these sermons for modern limes. A revival will bccln at this Misses Rosa and Molllf Obfrs', of- : n,e guest of Mrs. James !!. Clark I church Wednesday. All - lire cor- Dainty refreshments weie scrvcc. Class Has Banquet The 75 who attended the banquet at the First Baptist church Friday evening v.'cre members ot the F1- Roscdale. Miss., arc here M th? i rov several days is re'.uimm; 10 bedside tif their brother. W. T. j i, er home In I'ine Blulf tcmorraw. Obcrst. i S i.. c i s cxective secretary ol iho Ar- were hostesses lo members of Ihe Mrs. Bcccnthal Enlcrtalns Club. Members cf lhc'~ delis Class their husbands : Leaders class. As president of the class. Mr.=. E. A. S/plccr was to;istniislrcss. Talks by Miss L'.ina B. Wllhchn (eacher, : 1 W. Crawford. I.ouis Wednesday I Bridge club and Mafdamcs MiUlrou Hancock Aclee of Hipkinsvilb. Ky . Earl Hatcher, J. Ii.. Garner an'.f Jack Horner were guests of Mrs. Paul H. RoHnthal Thtirfday nft- tmooiufor five game: of brirtju. . Mrs.-E. C-. Patton's score was high among the club and she re. celv'ed hoslciy.-A guest towel wca; to-Mrs.' Aclce-for 'high, among tnc guests. A picnic lunch refreshed !hc IhrtD tables ot players late hi the afternoon. Given Linen Shower. - Mrs. Mevel Whllcrwad. ncs Mis Nellie Fay, was the hoiraec at linen shower given Thursday eve nlng ^t the home of h;r parent- Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lunsiord, b 16. coupies.,'-: Alter' being entertained irtl times'for several hour, they wer UV«n into the dining roam w' Wilson. Hurschell Smart, John B Lane 'anrt T. H. llavnes were interspersed .with a hlsfory ' of the |grciip-by Mrs. Bob Barnes and uslcol niirabcr's by \Voodro«' Fish r at the' violin and Mrs. Lee Me3 in at the piano. Mrs. Paul L. Tip on and Herbert Browni/j Ki'n olc-s. lub Meets The' K. C. club which has an ncuiiccd Hint the initial:; are lo Kill Care"'club, had another'0 bn delightful scries of parlies a he .Woman's dubho;;se Friday cvc ii:ic when 32 were prescnl. Dinner preceded d?;icin? wilh miulc by Happy Jack. Jiinmle I Jr., and J. P. Kclianrt and ho:e whD wished, played cards. Hospital /Vo/c* Miss Ilia Orlansky hns rcturnci! o her- home In Greenwood. Miss'. fler a visit with her aiinl. Mrs. oc Meyers. Waller Obcrst. of Memphis. Is Isljing his brolhor. W. T. Obera. fho Is'rrllically 111. MrE. Jake Simon, of Tnnnaim. is he Eiiesl of her mutlicr. Mrs. Joe Meyers. Mr.-anri Mrs. Tom OL.T.-l of Joneslown. Miss., were calloJ hcrr because of 'lhc illness nf Mr. Obcrsl's brother, W. T. Oberst. Mr. and Mrs. Powell Juhl nf Petersburg, Mo., Mrs. Carl Zirn ot Chandlersville, Mr.. Mrs. Allle Slru- blc of Greenfield. Mo., have returned liom^ alter a week's stay with their brother. Dr. Carl Nle->, and Dr. Edna Nics. Among those from on', r.f town who attended Ihe funeral cf Mr; MltllG Disiuger here 'I'hv.rcclT, were: Mr. and Mrs. WiUimu Wyat" and Mr. and ilrs. Ward DC FlcK of Charleslon, Mo. Mrs. C. S. IX Field. Miss Teresa DC Field, Mr and Mrs. Clyde De Field, anrt Mrs Annie Wyalt alt of Essl Prairl;, Mr., and Mrs. Aha Pishon. of New Orleans. They hive al! rclurntxi lo their liomrs except Mr. Plijion who will probably go tomorrow. Mrs. Leonard W. Holt and son. Junior, have rclurned from sev- k-snsas Sociely for Crlpp'.rd Children atxl was here for the conveii- Clarksdale, Ark. Rinkle \Vellinkamp ' went {•• Memphis Friday nftcrnoou for th. diaily invited. MUST n.VPTIST CHUUCH ferry F. Webb, ,Pastor j Sunday ,'chcol 9:4. r i a. in. A school ion Thlirsilay. dcpailineiiUMd and graded. A cla« ,..„„,. i lov everyone liotn it:c linicsl *c. • Miss Allecn Booker is S peii:li l51! , 0 t | l( , 0 , (le st, man or woman, Cam.'' he week-end at her home ,r. lhol| .,„,, sUi(iy wit]l l|Si Preaching at 11 a. in. and 7 p. in. I B. Y. P. U. 6:15 p. m. Youn| people arc mgeri to attend toiuov- 316 W. Main BlytheviUe, Ark. wcck-enil. : 10 . v ,,|,,|,t Exccllcnl programs have Mrs. Clarence Volhnor anrt lior b arranged for all union. An- slslcr. Mrs. W. J. Wimrterhch of • , ;ou , lcc , llc ,n about B. Y. P. 1>. | Plckens, Miss, spent Insl night in Luxora with thrlr parcnUs. Mr. and Mrs. James Cook. Clarence Vollmer, by W. J. School will be made Ihe nimbly vxrlod. Special music at bolh service's ; ^ I'ndcr dircclion of Mrs. Paul L. Tip its yesl Wmiderlich ol Pickcns, i [^ . C i 10 ir leader , " " • L.I u | Str.i nycrs nnd visitors hi l;*c nr/llv I . *• »*.P*V-U.*J- Studentsuiid House Patients admitted tn the Blythe- :ll= hospllal since yeslcrday were: Mrs. M^gie Jclvnson, city. ! arc invited to aUcnd nny cr all 01 j our services. iJMfH'T SUFFEfFROS^ mn iu s J| BLABBER WEftKMESS ,. rlriMJs of the Yankton high school j ,. , .. ~ ., _,,!„„. .„ by i:iidcrlakiii; lhc cor.stmction ot \ J$?.,l ^'\\.^^ Tl- r:«s ol I .1 house. The project is a full! ,.^ lr ;,'„.,;,;, i, .,.n',; t .c rliroiilr. At i sized residence, and tho students ( f-'rst sl;n of i.nin* -i: ilip b.irk. h : rl Now YANKTON. S. D. fellow blue prints ntul designs worked cut In the class rooms. MATERNITY HOSPITAL-Secluded, private, low prices. Babies for adoption. FCT information Falrmount hospital. 4011 East 27lh. Read Courier Netvs Wanl Ads. 'Kansas City, Missouri. Adv. Tablets I Relieves a Headache <v NruralBla In 30 minutes, chocks a Cnld the first day. and checks Mal.iru in three days. 668 also in Liquid. ;™. -r llr. KOMI'S K «nfl F l-!y for ^-f'nttiTnal'on or itrilt-' r>f Mi* Mjilitcr. and itn m'M r- off,r!> j t f l,-:l.lllv Wt will 1 .iv >i™r". llr. KOMI'S I! Wlil.l! Ti»-.r.!t^fr*i sucrf.'.-'fiil prf'Crip- I nr-l nirf^llr OC TllC bl*'MT. m- cr Sl/y. Prrinml >«• i ITo-i,;': 1'; r.iroacy Co.. Littl* Kock. ' Sold in Blythevlile, A:k., by Rob- I h'-son Diug Co. Men's- Women's--Chiidren's Apparel-Shoes-FufnisMogs At Less Than Half Cost

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